Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 3
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THE JOLA DAILY REOfete-PRmAY E^HP^^J/^ARY lOLlfe. ' lllRhesl Jiill, t- nouier o iniut!, I^Kr ,itr)io«i love would follow mr f^^'ftotjier o* mine. were dro-w^ed In the doepest sia, MoOBr o' mine. Bow wbO«e|lbve would" come down to me. i'l Moti^r o' mine. fere dami|^d of body and iioul, Hothler o' mine, ^Bow whose prayers would m me whole. Mother o' mine. —Kfpling. _^.Jfi88ionary society of the Prrs- ^•rian church had its January so- ^Bjibur and program yesterday af- H^tm' at the home of Mrs. Frank lie. After xoll call notes th-^ les- Was interestlnRly analyzed liv J Alice Crosby, Mrs'. W. S. Burdiek (^9. K. Hblcomb. Mrs. O. T. I.a- ' and Mrs. S. S. Hilscher. -society has v6ted to sugRPst HoBlQes of Mrs. H. A. Ewing and B.!^ &. Qilscher to the board of Hkms as eligible to the honor of Koftemjtership in the Missionary so- V^.of .Presbyterian churches. H^(a. beginning its membi'r.sliip H|uU|^ several we <>)t8 ago the im-ni- Hblp bt the society has been in- •iied from £2 to 104. le annual, praise service ami of- ig for foreign missions will 01- I'ftt the church in the mar fumr. If. Riddle jind Mrs. S. R Hurr.ll. entertained with her, servid al- ^bdjoamnent. Br. JleMinim. Pbtaei se and SK. t^f V - + + + I. Ray Taylor, Mrs. E. Waiitli Jimy Meirlll and Frederick Fr>- iMve gone to Kansas City to n- —^iiirtil totaorrow. They will her Hfjnne, the pianist, tomorrow MIMI •ellk. violinist, today. • + + of our Pretty Pattern llai=. lii- H|ag our Pltime Hats, fine tailon il B. are selling briskly at half tin ked prlce.-iRlchardfOn's. -7 • * • ni. Itobart. of Abilene a state Sui; Jcbobl worker, arrived this :'ft--'»- iito visit Rev. and Mrs. >V. H. ilU of the Reformed church. To- afternoon at three o'clock wlU addreip a meeting of Son -school teachers of the so^t-ral l/^^ K»£es of the city on the advan- I of the graded lessons for claps All Siinday school teachors an ftiad.,to attend. •^n Ifirt, Onteopatb, Tel IS". 1» "* • •:• ^_c.L. T. L. club, the children'.*- Klfary to the W. C. T. V. will mcei •^oW afternoon at two o'clock at li*8t rooms. - hi. * + * ie A. T. T. thimble club assem- -fcat the home of Mrs. A. H. He- I ^Eesterday afternoon. In addition le club members Mrs. S. 1... Jack^ Mrs. R. M. Cole and Mrs. Cum- [g8 were^gnesta. The hostess serv- Take Home a Box of BARK'S SATURDAY CANDY A pound box of an as- soi-tment of fine Chocolates—regular price 40c Special on Saturdays BURRELL'S §?^& Tbe Rexflll Store West Side of the Square -The Uichird.-on Dry Goods store glve.s a liif; special sale Saturday on i-'idie.-;' Iiress and Tailored Skirb;; 17."> liretty styles to seltrt from. Values up !(i $2'"i.('(i. riioice only $4.yr.. See win- i!ii\v (II.KpIay. •:• -:• • Til.' Aid society of Trinity cliurcli is fxp-rtini; lo K'*'' an «ni<'ri;iiniiiciii ill 111'.' iK-ar rmiir'' al tlie iliiirch, pro- fi'i'ds of which will bi- added lo the expense fund of the cliiirch. The pro- Kiain will be furnished by younj; peo- iile of till' cliiin-h and Siiiulav school. •> • —Fred Rowden, I'ertod Decorator. I'hone 786. * * * The k\ Home Club lind the follow- •iic pniirain y.-nterdny al the lioini' of Mrs. W. F. Hixi'-r: Itoll Cnll -Flowers and Fictitious ;ia?nes of Stales. Devotional Seriicr Mrs. I'^iller. I ,e >:si!n- Mrs. Keilinoiul I'api r "Inland I 'ossesHloiis," .Mrs (leorKe Teals. .Musie-Mrs. T-nls. Miss Clili.e S'luui'. <)uery Uox—Mrs. Harnes. The followinK members were present: Mesdaines Harnes, Hi.xler. Heard Cofllelil. roffman liedmond, Seymour. Sajiner, Lacey, Tiats. Watson. Fuller llosner. Wilson, Taylor and Kirk. —Fvpry lady should attend the hip «5iieci :il Skirt Sales Saturday. Read ad In today's jianer.—Uichardson's. * * * _^Tbe Richardson Dry Goods Stort Kiakliig r<emarkab1y low prices on ~^nter Coats,'Suits. Furs MlHin- alL WIntep Goods. • * * l^w-vesper service at the Y. W. C Ion Sunday vill be held «t four k. Instead of at half-past .four W originally decided. Revet-end >;wiH talk on "Prayer." The high ii girls will furnish music. + .> Edith Curtis, who has been •Ung her sister. -Mrs. F. H. Finnell. |^*een called .home to PittsburK by .^rlous iiln^B of her mother. • ^4- + •Arbig line of<Warm Blankets golnc big discounts—Richardson's. s Music clufi has received a tele- b; from tbe Chliapo manaKer of ^ Blame North saying the singer will Bablfc to give li concert here on tli' •nihg ^f February fifth. The ad•using matter will arriv.- tonipht <.r ^lorrow and the club expects to lie- selling tickets next week. The .jrt will iM? given in the .Mrilio- «btii?:h. — . • + + BOSS Alfa IDuncan will entertain a Bidf company -of dinner ^mests to- favoring Miss Vava Hackus. of ^ioeapolls, jwho-is visiting Miss Vel^ * <• •;- ;^eeper. \ LiKT *. Hall, Osleopatii. 1» and ML - --• ]• + * * cite jCllnker Club men will Rive a i^':%cniicnt in their rooms in the :^fiping. Mrs. Georfie Fry entertained with a card party yesterday afternoon Which was an enjoyable entertain- VjJiMit for the Thursday afternoon AvWst club and a number of other triaests. Club prizes went to Mrs. C. vr. Shields and .Mrs. A. \\. Campbell nnd the suest favor to Mrs. Alterman. An elaborate supper was served to the company. G-jests of the club were: Mrs. Alterman. Mrs. S. A. CofTman Miss Cora Klein. .Mrs. Vene Fry. Mrs Charles Frv, Mrs. J. G. Stadler. Mrs. H. H. Howard, Mrs. 1.. P. Ktovor. Mrs r'rank Server. Miss Helene Potter. Mr^ J. T. Reid Miss Florin? Wheeler. -DB. 0. I. rox. Oenllut * ^ The Current Kvents club will meet A'ondav afternoon at the home of Mrs. T. F. Zeigler. The .Tames Whitcomb Riley program which was postponed two Weeks apo and the discussion of inventions will occupy the meeting. + + * Clare Kerns, of Baldwin, a member . of the basket ball team which wiP ^ play here tonlRht. is a mii 'St of ICarH^ .Tohnson, at Trinity parsonage durini; his stay in town. ULiei . leeler. M •^The co?t on our Pretty TJne of Mininny is not ronKidered in our '•!^an l .'ji Sale,—Rlchard.'-^on's. :ind Mrs. W. K. Meylmun will i<t a narty tonight for their fiv liun club. .> Iss Adelaide Dewev. who has been jint.' lier brother. Mr. W. F. l)ewe .#i ^or several months, left Wednesday for New York. * •> * Mrs. LaGrani;c, who has been vislf- itii; li'T son Dr. O. T. l^itiraiige for s/'j'eral weeks has returned to hi-r home. Franklin, Indiana. ^ CENT are caused by iN;'due to some error Jwliich we guaran- ^ ji •• it will pay you »>oaa» fit for a test Fe I»K\TH OF -HKS. IHILCOTE. Ased Lady of >ear Carlyle Died Ves- lerday .Vfler n Sliort Illness. -Mrs Catherine .lane Chilcote airrd rislily-one year?, rf the country three miles norttiea.'^ of Carlyle. died yes^ier- dry afternoon at four o 'clock as the re '-iilt of a Ktom !i :.'li trouble with whicli sl-e l;ai; suffered but four day.=. Mrs. Chilcote. previous to her final illness, had been in very cood health for one of her age. and her death "funec as a shock to her family and friends. The deceased was very weT known .over Allen county having resided here for over thirty years. She Is survived by several grown children The body will be shipped to Clinton Kans.. tomorrow morning, and the funeral will probably occur in that city tomorrow afternoon. Great Sysfefn Perfected by, M. Soyei^ famous London Chef. INSURES ECONOMY OF FUEL. By Martha McCulloch Williams. Paper bag cooking economizes /uel—the fact Is demonstrable, beyond a doubt. Particularly If the fuel Is gas. The figures to follow are given for gas, but are easy of translation into coal heat or even oil. The oven of a gas range turned on full, burns twenty feet of gas an hour for each flame-bar. Commonly there are two bars—thus, the hourly consumption at full head is forty feet. The g!ant burner on top likcwine, at full head, consumes twenty feet an hour, tho small burners, each ten feet T1 )U8 a stove In full commission for pot and pan cooking consumes ninety feet an hour. Xow. for paper bag cooking tbe oven must be lighted and-turned on full for eight minutes before anything goes into It; it must also burn full strength forseyen minutes longer. Thus, It consumes ten feet of gas at the outset. Turning out one burner to reduce the heat one-half at the end of the seven mlnuto period reduces consumption to fifteen feet' for the rest of the hour, making a total of twenty-flve feet against forty. But roasting docs not demand that a bur ner goes full—turning It down mighi sate five feet in the hour. Thus the net hour-saving of gas on the oven account is ten feet. But there are other accounts. By help of paper bags, you can not merely roast in the oven, but cook at the same time a couple of vegetables and bake a pie or pudding. With a small roast you may even cook three vegetables, thereby leaving unlighted three iipiier Jets, which would mean a saving of thirty feet of gas an hodr. Cooking thus solely In the oven means a saving of fifty feet of gas an hour. Nor is this even all the story. Mysteriously, things cook more quickly in bags than out of them. Tho saving in timo is one-flfth to one-sixth. Putting this at tho lowest, and estimating tho whole range consumption of gas nt ninety foot, there is a saving of fifteen feet Add them to the tlfty feci_ already in credit, and tho sum Is nattering, Indeed, to the paper 'jag. A Little Story of Pie Baking. I had baked a pie a la Soycr and found it good. Notwithstanding. I resolved to show myself exactly tho worth of the bag-cooking. I made up puff paste enough for three pies, rolled out the crusts and filled a pan, using cooked fresh peaches for a filling. I put It on to cook. In Its naked majesty, noting the time accurately. It took ten minutes to roll crusts, fill, and put in a greased bag the second pie. The oven was so hot by that time that I slacked the heat a minute after put- A Wcwk at Erie Caaticd Hncta Dam a^e' ^Bt Xo Faialfty. Parsons Sun: Yesterday morning at"d:5l> o'clock engine C33 on the Katy, drawing the first section of the southbound freight train, crashed iAto a Santa Fe freight drawn by engine T42 in charge of Conductor Katon. at tbe crossing of tbe two roads near • >e Great vVostern refinery at Krie.- The engine struck tho freight train about in the center of It. sLxteen car lengths from the engin''. The second section of the Katy freight drawn by engine CO!) was not far behind, but stopped in tinio to avoid further mix-up. Thi' morning was soiiiewluif foggy ( and it Is possible that the Kaiy engineer did not see the Santa I''e train iinlll too late to stop. The engine hit the freight at the coupling between j two conl cars, totaily disabling two; freight cars and knockiiic out the' 'rucks of another car. The engine stopped with n front jixle lirnken. one cvllnder put out of ertniiDlssion the pilot knocked off. and the cab and other parts somewhat damaged. The morning Katy train went up to Krie and returned to Parsons, going around to Moran by the way of C'iia- nute and Tola. \mVK\S' LECTIIfK W A.S A HIT. " V .Message From .Mars" Interested a l.iinre .\ndience Liint Mulit The ai 'aire .^s giv« n by .-Vdrian M. Vewen."-" at the F!r.«t .M. K. churcli last •!g|;t as the third ntimber of the lo!a '.ecture Course is proniMine ^d hj •!iose who heard it as- one of" the best if its kind that iia^; ever been d^Iiv;T- 'I in this ciiy. Mr. .Vr-wn-;' Mibjr • •as ".\ Mcssape From Mar?! " in vhic'h he told of how the cliara irr of ' man wa.'^ changed by a dre :Mi. Tl:e ';an to wlioni the (Ire.nn: c .-inie riginally selfi-^^h and a.i -.r: •••ni.. In le I'reani there aiipeared l .ef<?,-e l'i!;i an inhabitant of Mar.<. tlie rolu.ii;': of w^to.e finger at one cfMiii-.i II'- ' iuii ii 'ii otrd.ence. He cau.'=< d l!ie driaiuer tn do I'llnp.s wliich were ve.y iriie 'i against his instin is or;.'r<"il ;ind ."l- fi-hr"'ss. and wlien the man iiwuk" c'iaracier w ;is cii .in.ned. indeed aliii" i ('!an ;eirical ;y alieri il. T'le ;i li.i .-• not .'eeiii e.spe<'i;iny iini:sji;i] no.- >ti -;king but .Mr Newc ns' i:::iiiis 'i ::inne:- cT delivery and :iis i;ri:\l .•iptiii!'' iliiper.scmation, lielil tlie Minlii n' e -iie 'l l.oiind ihroui-'Mou;. .\'v \.-.' wn • gieeleil ultli llie ]ia k.'d <• )•!• I'l !-irvi:l. and eve '.yl'iulj \v ;i.- (!.!ii;li !ei! v.lili :jie cii.eri.'ilniiiir: ROMEO CAUGHT IN CHIMNEY Curious Antics of a Breton Lover Arouse E-xcltement in Village In Brittany. Chfs story conies straight from Mor- lalx. a very modern plMce in Hrlttany. Our Itomco. like Chuucor's hero, was caught In the chimney, lie was going to bis sweetheart, instead of running away from her. The pretty Juliette was .a distance of some seven miles from his home. The enamored Romeo tramped it on foot all that distance. At night ho reached the house, and called, but got no answer. As the door was shut ho decided to try tbe roof. On the roof he found tho chimney, and it seemed to hlni that was quite wide enough to let him , down. He descended for some dis- ting in pie number two. After twenty j tance. but then, as ho came near the minutes—thirty minutes from putting In the first pie—I looked In the oven. The naked pie was cooking creditably enough, yet was pale-faced, and the crust still dentable to the touch. Further, there were bubbles of syrup along sundry spaces of the edge. I turned on a little more heat and left the two pies to cook fifteen mln- tes longer. The naked one was then pale, delicate brown on top, with rather a bard undercrust The bag was brown all over and so crisp tho coraeti crumbled at the touch. But from it came a pie beautiful to behold—light not pale brown, crisp and flaky as to crust, ready to leave the pan at the first tilt for a plate. (Copyright 1911, by the Associated Literary Press.) allou Heigele, who for the past •>vo years has been physical director "1 ihe Y. .M. C. A. at Newton, Kansas, nturiied iiome today, having resigned liio position M-verai davs acn to assist Ms fallier I'hili,, H'.lgele, in his busi- ne.Hs here. Hallou has made a great Micess as n iihysical director, and b-en very popular among ihe Y. M. C. A. boys at Newton, who pre- .-etiie*! him with a beautiful KI"ln •: ;cl' as a token of esteem on his dc-; (lit: t II re. fireplace, the chimney narrowed. He slipped and got in a narrow neck. Here he was caught, unable to move up or down. Before long he felt a suffocating sensation. If the thing lasted much longer It would be the end of him. He could stand It no more. After groaning he yelled, and he bellowed so well that not only was. bis sweetheart disturbed in her slumbers, but ths wholo village was excited. The nearest chimney-sweep was called, but he could not help him out. The gendarmes woke up the mayor, and be. with ail the notables of the place, went to look. They consulted among them, and the only way to liberate the captive lover was to pull down part of the chimney. This was done by some masons, and he was presently released, but before being allowed his freedom a police report was drawn up, with a vk>w to inflicting a series of fines for breaking into n private Inclosure. damaging other people's property, waking up the authorities unnecessarily, and causing a public scandal. Poor Uomco was very sad when it was all over.—Paris Correspondence, London Telegraph. E. E. Long came In from Chanute this morning for a visit with rela- tivfto He was accompanied by his daughters. Misses Grace. Marie and Ktbel. who will visit here for several days. Persii 1—Run cold water into a tub, ns- ing one tabIcsi)e>onfuI of PER.'^IL to a ;;allon ofAvater. Let the ganiuiit .S '>ak fn>ni one to two lioiirs, or until tin; spot is fnc, tliiii ni!j jjcntly witli the hand. 2—Rinse in coIJ water. 3—Place in vessel on stove in cold water, add another tablc- s^jii .onfu 1 of rF.R11. ct 111 gradually Liiii^ to a li'iii. 4 —^^Allow t'> 15 iniiintc.s, rinse well in warm water and The Self Acting Oxygen Washing Compound is tiie only washing powder that will remove ink, fruit, coffee, cocoa, grease or blood stains. Iiang out. lOc at All Grocers A Sensaflonal Clearance ol Every Soil, Coat and For in Stock Values exceed anything we have ever given. We still have a large number of Coats, Suits and Furs to dispose of, and in order to make a dean sweep of them we have gone through the whole stock and made reductions that are sensational—even for a clearance sale. Every 'garment at a new reduction. 100 COATS at . Values up to $20. $10 An assortment of stylish Coats that is remarkable for the price offered in this lot. Tlie materials are Reversible Cloths, Fancy Mixtiires, Black Broad- c]-.)th.-;. I^ilo Cloth, Sei\iros ami Plush at $10.00 Taflored Suits $10" That were formerly $18 to $20. Positively the most wonderful values you have ever seen at the price. Attractive styles, made of excellent materials, such as Serge, Cheviots, Pancy Mixtui'cs in even- new color and black. Most of them lined with Peau de cygne, some with guaranteed sateen. Beyond nuestit)n the best Suits ever (t| A 7r offered at ^1V .I «I a- Coats $5.00 Women's and Mi.sses' Coal.-; in all sizes are to .sold tomorrow for .S-O .UU. Black, brown, fancy nii.\- tures, misses' black plush ami cara- cuf included—coats that are ma/'k- c(l from $7.50 to $10; clearance [)rice S5.00 GREAT SKIRT SALE TOMORROW CI.OTII SKIRTS, HALK PRICE! .$.-) and $G Skills $7 and $8 Skii-ts $8 and $9 Skirts $2.88 $3 .94 $S .90 One lot of season's Wool Skirts, choice 98c Women's $22i0 C | /S 0 ^ and $30 Suits . •PiTT .^J lJl)wai'ds of fifty Tailored Suits from high make)'.'--, principally one of a kind; suits C il Q ly. worth $oO; on sale . Ti Uu SI2.50and $13.50 ML Tailored Suits lor <I> • J Panama, Serge, Fancy Mixtures, Tailored Suits t!iat are jiositively woi'ih (loul)le ar.d more than we ask for Ihem. Fach Suit means an actual savinfi: t)f %~t to $8; worth $15 ,at xiiuaii.-i till $7.9& Dress Goods I^ess thian HALF' One lot all wool Suiting in plain ,ii iai.'-v, 52 and 54 inches wide, old $1 to" $1.50 yard. ' See C lip window display. At uUu All Furs Reduced to Half Price! , firf c.-:oaprs and vtntilation has been ^T»7C HOC IMCDCPTiniU UCDC' ''''- T '''' ^'"^ owners abnat proposeil ; :.>:i,n^,! many limes- and these frequent DIAI L rlHL lllOrLUMUIl nLnLl -'i-nKts. jdianKes money. I do not com- I Thtie is a sreat deal of cninii .aint i ,,>,.:n l :eL -aii.-:e llie ^•tate is an.xious to I Ironi rv.iH !•.'-- that law soverninj; ;,„•(,.p^t iieople. Rnt 1 do want to see ; fire c.^c-aiic.-. ventilation, etc.. i.< b.'ini;; ,„i^ tandard e.'^tablislied and main- V \ni:i'.'«r of '.!».'•:;! Jtiiildinirs .Mnst i so cunsianily tinkt-rcfl wii!i and ; i.^jnp,; so tiiere will be no constant lie \rH!il-'«'«l. I rd liiat liipv hardly re'uodcl to con-! ehanfiinR." ; t" inspection until they find i .^j,,, ;„ .j^,. ^p^ares that the trou M (CI ri n. :i :r: i- •. • • "f ! work all over af:ain i - - • ... : 'n ' -H - > iiHd- I • ' .inc- a- r I '.eid i;,-'n' i liil-i > !;"lels in :.!.-. O'Si^ii Ti':- vi^itini; ' uiiirni;-. in;;.- in w; TlT:itiT<:. ar- iii:!n:!r(' lis' ar-i a n'l.-n tt'rrd ,".n': r. li.i lll>'lll lip to ti. il'- s'tii- !.-.v.-. Mr. Of.ri. !•. :> . I pariiiicni .\i • :': :y .' C'l,lln^•^•'<)r 'icy I'l of huildin-;.-! t : ..!ti . r.t ; <;f till ill I.111.-; al- 1 :, (I in ;• o ! ;ir.,-' ; ;ini: il 1 <i,::r d liv ..• I).i \•^•.\•. Ciiy 1 .(1 ••ciiipiy wiili law. i -I wi.-h tl!" state legislature would , ; p:i-s a law tli .Tt meant t !ie end of all \ \ '\.\< ctmfiij^ii n." .=iaid owner tliis af- ' , Krnoon. "I wisii the legislators would : •,;-< pare an act tSiat would enilxidy all i I iiiipiov luents possible for the J ; saO'ty of tiie public. Tlicn I wisii i ' .111 y \Miuii! !ii lis liavp tliat law.; ' c!;ani ,'i' o'lr I:iii!(!i'nKs to conform to it i .'.nd tii" n :< I us rfcsl a wliile. This law ' ble in .some cases is that the owners ; nr liui!(Iin;;s have never fully complied i witli the rf (Hiircments of the law. It j is iir(i !>::ble that changes are ' made iere as directed by Mr. O'Brien, tiiat prosecutions will follow. \v.\.\Ti:i)—TWO wiiiTi-: AN^'A.V- dotle '•(ifkerels. I'lione i ;4T. • I ills ri« 1 —'I'-i-' pretty lini' of .Millinery every I •, irtiVi -.arlv Ihe s.alon r-latin^-' to \ included «oc.s at .'Oc on tlie dol-. lar.—Uicliardson s. The Best Proofs Of the a;lvanuu^c> of trading at the Sample Shoe Store is the fact that the volume of bu .siiiV;.- (lone l-.v this store during 1911 far exceeds that of anv other shoe store in L!H > city. Wi; can only keep this trade by treating the public b^^tter than it is treatcr! el.-^-.-.'\viiere. You can depend uponit that we^ will deliver the goods. A trial will convince the skeptical of the great saving that can be accomplished by buying your shoes at the Sample Shoe Store. Here are a few prices: ladles' liiRh top liMiutlon Boots in Ian, patents, gun metal, suede and velvt. regular $4 and %'•> value ?ii.."»0 l.;idies' Shoes in patents. Kun iitetal and vici kid button and lace regular |;i and \alties I«';dies' Slioe .4 In jKiteiits. vici kid, button and lace. reg. $:i..".u values if\M\ Mi.-KHs' lii};'ii top .loikey lio'^-ts in iiat- ents. ;.'I:JI metal and vici kid button and luce, regular %1, values sizes U' to '2. !|!I.a.S Sii:.s s'-j to II-i - . *l.7.1 Si/e.s G lo S _ . .^I.TiO Misses' .School Shoes in patents, gun metal and vici kid, button and lace, regular values $1.4H rliilijri'n't: Slioi'S. Iiutton or iace. regular $1 v;!lues - •'iOc .Mi'us .<lioi's in pat cuts au^i sun metal. billion and lace, ret;. %\ values. .Men's Sho".: in tan caif. giiri metal. Iiiilton a!!d lace. r-g. values $iJIS .\If-n's Shoi-.s in sun nif-tal and bo.v calf regular .values . iJl.Uif .Mens iiied. weight Shoes, regular $2.:"0 values . - _ - • il..")0 i solid work -Shoes, tan and black reg. $:! and ?:'...'.o values i^I.9S Sho.s ill jiatents, gun metal, button ar.d lacA. reg. %\\ values ^LiW Hoys' Shoes in gun metal, vici kid and box calf, reg. $L '.r .O values *l.i50 Little Cents' Shoes, good solid wear, sizes up to 1. reg. $i.r,0 values_-a8c Men' Hoys' We Pay Car Fare SamplC StlOC StOrC G. W. Reeves. Mgr.

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