Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 2
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2. THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUAR^9, 1912. Hlf I vere Mother 0' MInr. hanged on the liislicsi liill, Mother o' mino, Icnow ithoBc love would follow inr still. ! Mother o' mine. |]X I 'were drowned in the doeiiesi si';i. Mother o' mine. iMmow whose love would eunii' down to me. ^ Mother o' mine. |tf>I were damned of bod.v nnd soul. Mother o' mine, I know whose prayers woulrl make me whole. Mother o' mine. \i —Kiidiii.i;. Take Home a Box of BARK'S SATURDAY CANDY A pound box of mi as.<()i tnient of fine Chocolate^:—regular i)rice 40c Special on Saturdays _ I, :;lve.- •-) • The Missionary society of ilic Pns- j E rt«rlan church had its .lanu.iiy co-; U hour and uroEram yestenhiy rnoon at the home nf Mrs. Kriiiik Iddlc. After roll call noi<s lo-;was. Intereslinply nnalvzed Ii\ •UiW Alice Crosby Mrs. W. S. Hurdlck H. K. Holeomi). .Mrs O T. I.i- iQrange and Mrs. S. S HIIKCIH r. The society has voted to fsu'.;;;'';-; names of Mrs. H. A. Ewins ami KMn. S. S. Hilseher to the hoard of mlXBlons as eligible to (he honor i>l' life membership in the Mi ss oiiaiy so- leletjr of Presbyterian cliurclif "Since bepinninp its ni-nibrrsliii' . |eunpalgn several weeks ajro ih<' mem- j ' ' ihlp of the society has bi en in- '" Teased from 52 to 104. '"-The annual praise E:ervi(o . TI '>1 tif- Sering .for foreijfn mis.sion.<; will nc- ir ^t the church in the ni-nr fti;uT' Kra, Riddle and Mrs. S. R. Hi ;rn I!, 'ho entertained with her, served af- ir adjournment •J- <- •:—Br. VcMnien. Phnnes S? and 252. + •:- •> Mrs. Ray Taylor. Mrs. P. K. Vm-.pi Amy Merrill and Fred, rick Fr. • •cErt have gone to Kansas Cily ro - BlUlln until tomorrow. Th< y wil! \\<;\': hevinne. the pianist, tnniorrow ;;n ' Inbelik. violinist, today. + * • —All of our Pretty Pattern H .n.s. in- •duding our Phime Hat?, fine t.ulor' ! ^Hats are sellin^^^brii^kly at lialf t: ' rked price.—nichard ?<ms. <. •> -J. .-Mrs. Hobart. of Abilene a ptai.j school .worker, arrived this it ^oon to visit Rev. and Mrs. W. H. ^Bhults of the Reformed ehurth Tn- ^^qn^ow afternoon at three <i "cicH ;K ewjll address a meetini; of S -n- y" school teachers of the .? wra' ^^orches of the city on the ; I,:V::P ^igeis of the graded lessons for <•';.-.'•L All Sunday school teachir.- ;;r iTlted to attend. • •> •:• • —Dr. Wirt, Oiitenpath. Tel 4ST. s-*- BURRELl'S STOKE The IJexall Store West Side of the Square . i:ir'i; 'I -i'H l);y (;< (-,,1 • Htiire \t'.:- .- ;i. . al 'i SaHi; .;:iv • i: 11.. -.s aiiil T ::il ..:ca Skirts; IT.". :yl. >• M U i -r 'r.iiii. Vahi. s u|. ' CIL.V r (•n!>- ? I.'.i.".. Sii' wln- .A i I f.iri. \ \ of Tri!ii!v clnivi!: I i •(! •;!'•' all <'iii.r 'aii ;'iv !r :i' .'.' 'iriM'.' •:' t !:i' ciiiirr-!!. |"<))! ' •.icli "ill ai!'!- '.) li" ixii.'i'H^ fiKi.) of rlmreli. 'Ph.' (.ro- :-r ;iiii >il! li' lu 'iii ^h.ii l.y NOIIIV:' i.. •'• oi'" til" thiircli ami •^:^u^..;ay iiooi —Fred RoT^den, Period Decomfor IMionc ;S6. >> • • ""111- .\' Hoivf ciiil. iiad the follow, 'lu vr"i;i ;'.!li \ "si. r(!;:y al l!n' hoiiii^ of Mr.s. Y,'. K. n:\! r: Viol! fall- i-'o.v. r-; aii .l I'ii t ;;;(ui !;:i-'i: oT ?T;ii' 1 ).-..) ioiiai S rvj.-r Mis. rtill' r. I'aj.f r - -"!; ;ar ; 1'.);:^. s^lcuis." >;r? f'-or^:.- T .:>ii'. Mils:,--Mrs. T-nts. # C].;,. i-li-ii-. Dii.fv VON I '.anns. '1 li • rolicwiiir mc tiibir -J «.Ti' nr.'S- ip!: M"-;iI.iiii.~p lit '.Mi.'S. r. Hear.' C.iTii-U'. roffi!!:iii K. dnion!.. S.yrnriir i^.'L';!. r. i.:!r.-v. T.-a'v. Walson. !•'•:::. r Host!' r. Wilson. Taylor and Ki.k. —Kv-ry lady -I'.niild a;;'?nd the bv_- ••?!>€(•':-.• SI-!r: .^.I'.s .=aiii -i :ay. Ren." sd in today'.^ r—t'.lc''s. Mr«. t;Tirs.- I^ry r\\u-\-•\ v .-j;!- r; c.iril larty y.;;- rd.ay afurnooti •••hicii was an • n .iny;;lile .nNri..;:- •'•Mt for' tlif Ti'.'irsrlny .••ffrnoo!! fl ^iti : .-I ii'iml,. r of .i,:;' i I 'lu 'i T:-.S V,.].. 'O rirs. f The L. T. \.. ehib. n'. •mziliary: to the \V, <\ T. i". v .jti „•,,- Bpnorrow afternoon at two o'.Io' k a' rest rooms. The N., T T. llilniM.- tin!. a>;'i "r at the hom-- of .Mrs. .\. H. H.- yesterday afl«Tnooii In ;:.!•!!! Ion the club memlifr.K Mrs S I.. .la. V: 1, Mrs. R. M. Col., and .^'rs Ciiin Halhg^ were giH'iit.'i. Tin Im.s. s- .i. i . 1 tea. •> •> —The RlthardH<.n luy Co..,;. .v -or tnaking remarkat>!y - i.r KU Winter Coa's. Puit-. Fni.< .Millin- and all Winter Goods The vesper service :it tin Y W C on Sunday will he luld ai f iiti 'clock, instead of tsl h;ilf-past four was oripinallv d-cided. Ucvcrem: will talk on "Prayer.- Th. iii-:!! fefaool girls will furnish mitsic. Hiss Edith Curtis, who ins li.. !• Bteiting her sisic r. Mrs. F H. Fir!'.;i is been cJilWsi licin'. to T'ittslinr:: liy ie serious illness of lif>r nioth.-r. ••- -:- • —A big line of Warm Illankets cjiiiu^ ,t_a big discount—I'.ichards.m's. •> •> •Jiie Music* club ha.- nc ivfd ;i frl-- from till' Cliic.-.uo Taii.i^cr i i l^dame Nortli s;!>inj: :!:.• sin;;, r \\\V able to give a i^-'^v.-'-r- l:,;-, r .u is B |¥«Jing of February fif;li Th- ertising matter will nrriv.. touii;'.-. or tomorrow and th<> club "\-iH (.r.i t,, ii, . selling tickets n< v: w.l; Tii.- •rocert will be giv.n in ti:,. I '.o- ^ist church. + -> + Miss Alfa I)iim.!:i v ill .i:-.:,!:: . Bmall comijany of liinurr j-m.-^-s o- M^t. favoring .Miss Va' a i".;'!;.!- o^ (pnneapolis. wiio is visitinj;' M -.^ \-, i. • ••• ••• ••• 1 Sleeper. ^Dr. tnrr M. II nH, Osteopath. " "lone 120 and C6L ^ * * * ^he Glinker Club men will ujvr •\ tonight in their r.-oms iti the Bbuohic building. n^--- - t «0 PER CENT of headaches are caused by |:T-^!YESTRA 1 N . duo to some error *'^<qi refi^ptlon Trhicb we giiaran- " ' ' "• It \rtlJ pay you if. Sir. ' • nrl t'. • ^n <•!:'. • iiniia: \ •..I..' It: :• .-t f.ivor to ^'ii A]' • • -III! r 'las i .TVf:! ... i}: '• I.;. • Mr.; S .V ('. iv ,1;,. V.l: s C K;. - . Mrs V. i;c Ft; . M- ''iia'-Ii •, Frv. .1 »;. ^'t .-, .Ml ft. il ..v.;.-:!. M;- ! . " r. M r:^ • -t.:.!; I-.-. -v. V. .- tl.l..;,.. IV.- • Wrj. .1 T It ••! • r -r,;. A :.. I . O. I.. rn\. «irull<». m iH.;Torin;o loi.v. Great System Perfected by M. Soyer, Famous London Chef. INSURES ECO.NOMY OF FUEL. By Martha McCuMoch Williams. Paper bag ccol:ing cconomlzos fuel— the fact is il ^monstrable, beyond a doubt Particularly if tho fuel is gas. The figures to follow aro given for gas. but aro easy of translation info coal heat or even oil. The oven of a gas range turned on full, burn.^i twenty fret of Ka.s an hour far cnch flame-bar. Commonly there are two bars—thus, the hourly consumption at full head is forty ftct. The g;ant burner on t.ip iikekvi.te, nt full hr-ad. oonsiimos twenty feet an hour, the small burners, e .ich ten feet. Thus a stove in full commission for rot and pan cooking consumes ainety f.?et an hour. Now, for paper bag cooklns the oven mu.'^t he li.^hted and turned on full for eight minutes before any- tliing ;z.)es into it: it must also burn full stien !;!h for.^even minutes longer. Thus, it consumes ten feet of gas at tho outset. Turnin.>? out one burner tr. reduce the heat one-half at tho enti of the seven minute jieriod reduce.- ciinsuinjition to fifteen feet for thi rest o' the hmir," n;aV:i:i::j a total ol tveiit.\ live fci-t nuainst forty. I'.a r. is;!! T doo:-, not di 'iiiand tt: it a htir ni r '! ft^l! —I'.triiiv.,,' ii uo-.i. r. \-A\ .-•j .vc- livij ic <'t i:i the iiotif. 'I'l-.ij^ il .i n -l hi '.ir-sa\ lit'; of gni-. i:.;; account i,s ten l.'ct. tluT" ar--. ctaer arfo;!n»F., I'.y .. he!n of paper U-fi--, you can not iiuri- ly rca^r in the o\e!i. but cook at th.; same time a <-ai:p!e ot vetr^.tatil'S antl l;:ike a y'..' or ptuld::!'.;. V.'tli a smM 11 'iHt yy. i.ay even C<-."'K three ves;- ;aijles, "tM ;>rc ly Ictiv'ug niili '.Thted ' .ree .iiT''.'' j":'. which woiihl ni'ai. .1 of thirty I'oet of p.-s an IKV.IP. Coo!;;:i^ th \;s .'•o'.eiy in the f.ven , ir .'ar.s a saving o! lifxy fczt of gas an licur. Knr is thin even all the story. Mys- - tcrioaily. t!::iv.<s cool; more qnichly :i ba;:;; than . Jt of ih.oin. The sav­ in;; in li:;;e ;J onetifth ;o one -.M .xth. I 'li ^tinir this at the lowe .=t, and o.'ti- in .iiir.^ Tile v.-;;r '.e ra.n.-ce cDiisuinp'i-n ..• gas .-.t n :::..ty I'.x-t, tluro is a sav- ;.K of 1'. ', rv. feet. Add tUria to ii.-y feet a'r".-; ;y in erc ;iit, and the •:in is ..ria.;;, indeed, to the A Wreck til Kric CiU'^ed lli'ch Damage But \(> Faiallly. r,i:-so-b^ Sun: Yost.-rii.iy i .,.)rnin.? nt -.^-^klori enKir.: i.','; on the Ka-* ty. drawin;? tjio t!i-.--t .-c.Uon of the sot:lhl:oii:-<l f ^t •i.^!lt ti.itn. cia .s .ie' i "t^^ ja .^a .nta Fe fr. ight <!r:iwn by ei'.S'''"- TIU in "firiif^f. of : .Ic.iur i;it"i:. at, the crossing of the two rontlR U'-tir • (..•,•:•' \','..-'t:ii II- '•'.•i;- :it. Ji Thi- eneine .struck t!'.- freiciit ti.i!:'. i.])'):;t in tl;e center i-.r it, ^jMecv. car !.-:i!tt s fro,.-! the Th.- s,. .ind' ruction of the K.''y tr. !.;-'.; li 'i -iv. i liy I eufvnc lif.a wa-; iu>' i:.r I . icil. I.iii sKiiiped iti tin.e ti) :r. fiutherj inlx -up. 'I he itKiininr' wns : y. :'..::i'v i:i(' it i.'- i.o...sil)l(' tt.a: ; •• •. y .-.i- •;'r.''f I '-.'i rr)i ^-.-.c th i ••.•.>••:• filtil too Irt'.. li; • ';>j. 'il,. . . '. it i'rci:.'hT .'I 'l:f <•( . '• r ' *• ' •" .CO eo:;'. ('.'••.-*. '.o: . t. (i'.-' ' • |-,.i • 'i'^-it ;'s K k :. . ' o-; ; 1 ':i'...-; of MiOih .'r c;.-,- Ti (-•";•.(.' - o; 'le.I with a fn-- t f • . •••••\- ' ;v':-..t.>r l"" o'" of ' ri.' •• l;ncc:;...l ..if. ; r.! ti • • . ; ::t ,.i ; oilvr parts soniewh: • rh.r.ia.-' Tie :';o !-),tc ..r ^:\'.y i>-r\\i v o' • i'. ' o ' .•iri • att.l rrtorn d n n-?::. <:•'•r'l-^ i-ro.ind to ^''lran h.v^i!:.' -.viv . •.' ('!ia-• niite and Tola. ' MM\K>s' i.rci!";'- v,\-: \ riT, | •\ '•'i-^-'iyri' Kj-.M'i rv'" Te'; .-•td ill !.:;r-e '•;;;ir-;e '.'-h:. I r V. : •<. n • .\;. • Its a; :: .• -t y • •:. \ :. . tl-:,.! l-i-: •; . • • •. i .... .... £ A^.-^' DTSHl* iFl- •'%i |"4 ^l^g<' Values cx<'eed anytiiin;!: vc have ever jrivcn. We siiH have a lartre ni-i-vx^r of Coals, iiu\i< Fur? to dispose o:\ and in order to n:a:;e a dean svv^-ep ;>r (hem \v:> have '.:fM:e n ::\..!!;h .ihe >v^oIosl':'ck and n:adc rir'-ictions :hai a.- ?-ei".-rs —cv-'n icr i: r-u:*-sv <'o .::I'P, K"':.vy ;^armerl wi 'vri'v vodu'^: n. • r Va!u:^s up io Ji;20. Thi:l v,-:;rc formerly SI 8 to r'l:!-. i ' he t. ':. C •• :vr. • J :.-bir- :•' I.! \;' ••;ri .!ne 'i!. oi •'•Mi ie f":- (1.^; ]>•••'.• ^•fiil •.: !S S N ( ill. . . !•':!;:;•' ROi/iEo CAUvriT ::i c: -•••ft • i '-.n Lover fro.11 Mor:. i:tittan.,r i.iv.j. w: . •;i .i f! n,^-t: sin.;., d 1 i- n ; i' r... iie V. 1-. e:i i; 'lit. i.: i iM. o.- (i.o.i:;. !;••:. • •••to b':bM...« o; cyru:, ! ;:u-To-ati, - U, •• I:' • I • I'- t 11 • ; Mr.- T F .>l;.!. •. •I '•<! ••• ••' • ion of 'it\' 1 te.'tin^;. . 1 -s : tJollS ' • t 111 «tt. ' . > -l.. l-o.; •• .r •' ! • .!.;r. s .Vi.i' •.V-.t !, ;.s i 'OS' . •,:••) tt. .!,.-,.^. ill f.. i!in\ r fitir. K' r- =. of 1 rf l!;.- I,-..-,!,-.: i-hiy ]i T.. tofiL-ht. : '•ihiisi :i. til T; itii-y i .r •:tn-:-j I 'y sit V ill i"^. •I.' • i:;. ti 'P -iul- 1. ::r> : v' < a :;:.'Si of i;.-. t 'i '.'i rt - T- r. Miilin. : . ":< nn i't [,.., .... , . Dr •md Vi \V K }• i' v'nil!;. Wil '-•iv.' ;i II : rty :o..ii.'i)i fi— ;.iiir !i. dred f-ah. h..ii: 'Tiss .'.1. 1 >i vfsftii, : ! I i ' • i -y for S' . • •' lay f.jr .\". - Vt.ri Vr? T .:.n-:.i-- . V.' i ;m !!• r -.y '.r i s.-wr::' v .-. ks ••<< r, • t:-.::.o. Fr;.! h^iti. Ir -iiM. htis 1. v. r iii'u- Wi.iii.r- T. I .."r-r: to Ij. Ju;».Ti; av Mas. (iin.roTK. \sid l.;.d< (.1 Near (arlyle Kic? Ve> ('•rdtiy After :i Short Illiii-»s. M- r :;li t ,,!;..>.; V-O",. , nii'ts n.-ir-'i-'a •i-y r. :., . re-itli (•: :< M '^s. Cl-.i i;:ness. i ad hi. 'i- f'jr OTie n;" \;^r a',;- frier.'.Is. kro'.i •! CuriTus At'» CI cf .- ArciJsc i.: y :••. . in ' .- y A Little Story of Pie E.iking. r .y .inr I iiai bti'rcc-d a pie a la Soyer and l-''-^'. ' Vciy rnc-i. rn - ., iird it good. No-withstandin.^, I re- "i"* Ko;::cn, iih.-j c:.:;; .-•;iv(d to show iny.'^clf exactly the c .ijghf i;. tii • (I;i .;;i-.y. worth of the bag-cooking. it^^ l'> hi.^ .-,'.'.ci .'.it -it. ir I made Viji pni"f pa^t.-. •nougb for n'n.r; av. :;y i:.-:: hreo pies, roHet! o-:t the mists and Jr-.V.'.'.f v.;..., , , .'led a pan, v.iing cocked fro-=h : I 'W..-. :.-...-.i h\s !, aches ior a filing. I i ut it on to 'l;-.:r..-o li-.;:.-.-.^•! i. , . •ook, :n i'.r nakod maje.= 'y, r.utiu.rr the .\ :.t-.!,' 1. itrie C .CC urate!.v. It tc.k ten ;;;;n- h '.'i .'so. (•.•.::-l. • .-i .••:s to r.iil crusts, fi!I, and p'-^t i'l a tl.o <; ".• . „ :. -:reased bair the Eerond pie. The t.-.- i rc.f. On l .> • iven "as .^o h.ot by that t;:no thrit I i'.o (hiir.tfv. ruil '.: l2cke(' ti ;e he-it a tiiiauro :.ti'r :.t:t- (:-t ..a;; i;":'-' ^\ i,V >• in pie nitnilu-r two. Aft.'r tw. r .'y - ("-.nvn. i!.;- c :i • tttiiiiti th .i .ty r .i :ntite« froru putt; trie.--, b\:t th-•.. r..-; • c: p •.h:- nr< — 1 icttk^u in th.' •:i. _ p. r.; lire-, t!:.-- ri .iri'../ /:. "lie ntihcd pie was <-vio !^i !i:; cre .ii .t.iiiy ' p.oitgh, yet v.r.s p:>ie-f.'.. .-;1. and t;.o ri!.-,l di r:a !i!c to t;ie !0'.ir ;i. FiT- h.T. tp.r Ion? .uudtv tpac-s of c-i^o. • ,. ,,, I tt r .T .'d en a !'tt!.» mon- li.-;,t .ind • ,,f l.i .i. .'i !•li'.. lu-o ; to • ()i)l< !• -..i. ]• , .\:....•. .s loiij'.. r. trikc 'i n.o -.v.'i.^ • l ; , Pj..!,...-,. ] : •:..,] : ;t p. ill-. .i "li ":i'.• •'• ..-.-11 oa I'.-.. v.;-'i j,:.,- j. ^ r:t i, a !..;rd •:: ru-l. 'I i:.> !:.;;" p. ,rs. hut th» \i:<--j • 'a •« b.-j-.( !i '!••. r i;::.l so •'•::.•,> •; •.• , ,,.,[ • ' cri .n;!,;. d ft .•).• p.t:. ::. I; .: "•,.,.[ ., If til it i..::.'- p:-.' ia-t; i'ifii! to !• • 1 •:d---lt:'hr. i|. I , r,-. ;)..,v.i.. <-r:" . ':;;! ;' tiy ;:y to crait. roa.iy to ii'-iv .f ii ;fj ptm :tt til.-? lir;,'. tilt, for a jd'ti.?. VJapyriK:.*, i!Ml, by th.- A liberate Tito capi i.'!» 'i "Ctwn r art of th:.- rh'-; • A : - It.i:;.-.-. -ir .j.-no by so-,-,, v.p.-- ! . t.-.i I: v-. - 1 1 il- .- :• T !..--:•: I .i:--i-i . lec'^oi *iy r <'.r-'r(-. ! :t 1 <• r-; 1.' t; . •!. . 'i V < .\. :•• \. K: ;i- . • .'i'low- d l;i., f-fe.;.,.-i :. .'A. • v t-oi •; • •••\. .< .• • • ••<i. : v drawn up. vitii u v.-. ».» : . I -• L . • . .', f . • . • ; it':-: a jerirs o- ;.a< ; f- i-. . i;tt • ' . • - i '' i ' ' !. ' • •- !. i- . r pri.ti-e itu -ir -iiri-. li".: -im-; o''. ; ^ h ••• '•••^i''- • .s = . ---.r J pr„pl..-s :-.p. r-v. v.-al;iir^ t;-, r.t. •:.-:iS'- a;^ t! ] : ysi. :il tlir.-< lor. t.r:.! ,p,,rit,t.c j.......;... ; • '(•' v" '••'\,'->!!n'''v''!''^ -I' KcatKlal. Poor'l :o:<..r, v.-a.: v.rv .. i" .. ,.• ;r ,.'i' 1.-'... i *.'d wiion it v.a.s all --ner.—i'ari.s Cor• - ' n of r Strom on his dc- rebpordenco, London T^ictTraph. . 1 <-.!':'.i:: !• • h.- i Ti!.. ;;.:;(i: : ... : a'd 1 c, v.iqi ai! t! pia'.-c. w -.t t'j !o. 1:. ., "••/^^^^••'"^ ':-no:,: th.-m, :trt ,l ti. 'i. 1 i- T : y 'lotf !!it ' - r \. >••!::: r-i I dIsSJ t •> ...;?i - . . .' ih' i^?.-ji .J •1 tj.^i;-; t >• ^ t; i"- t 6» in .«1 I. -til - () • l —K.:; • : V .'.t,t. . --• ' •_' litai. wj!; c in' VI- r 'uoJ hltiins. hit fi. -i..^1 to i .-r tie •! . •_ 'lod hi a !'h ar..i i 'T •< .-'io; !>• to lier tn 'itiiy -.t i *i"i.e '!i (.-I'.ii-.'.l wti.*- vi-'v .* .*t;,.r; courty ha\iii;r t •:ii!i-i i-nrf •-,).• i\ir tiilrty ye.n;-- S is by s..\cva! irro'.\ n li'ii it - :i Tlie 1 edy will I.e -iifoiped 'o ("!ln;. Ii Kans.. totforro-.v moruiiig, ai.d 1: ftini r:i! will probably o^etir In thtil' <liy totnor.-ow ."iflirn. o" K. K. Ixing cai.i.. fn from (.•hiuiiit. this morning for a vi.sit witli rel.-»- f-vpft H,. v:i. iic.'>i?i|)anl(>.i b>-.tji(« daiighters. Misses (Jrace Marie and jRfhplj wlio will vi.-ii here Ibr several days. " I \i:..-<.- it. I. ! : :, -Vlzic ::i -.. C.-M M •; . .t :t:!,.! ! • i:".!ly . • . .1 - .M! t . 1. ; iii;>..' V. II ... ^ l .:ti: ' I.;.". . Tl -t . •I.- •'..( r •..II 11 !> t] Sl ;ii I -."l 1 lOc at All Grocei5 V-- £v ^A^^S'^:?.'!, .-...ty ' I • •• 1..; - • • - Vi.-i hi.!. I ; I ..'.tl .! 't .... .. t 1,.'.. ill .i. tpit; v' •': :.l l:v ..n tin.l !.•• -. -,t -.. i,- ^^l.l". We Pcy Car Fore SamplC ShOC StOrC •.. ...I 'M--- Sll:..M -.ti'C t^' ' h :l!i t;.-;: iho !.'".iv)fi--. ( . ii I 'C: aci'Ot;:- • '.DC ; -• • Ol. :.:]. • • t ,. 1.. . • \.: . S-.'.!(s 1. ill •:'••:•> Stl.i'l : . tan -iirl •.'-.•ek . . :- ;;i Io .i!. .• ; \ , -t|.!)s i.-l. v, i 1 .1. ! ai-.| -,: I'l.-.- • . i .ill.! U.'ar, I' •'• '. .;!ll.;, !»-(• G. W. Reeves, Mgr.

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