Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
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lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 74. Succtu.-r to the. tola Dally Register, the lola Uai>> Record and the Iota Daily Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 19, 1912—FRIDAY EVENING. Dally Refllster. EsUbllshpd 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1867. EIGHT PAGES VERDICT IH IHE MILE! CI18E I)!SA«KKK.HKXT AFTKK nFl .lHKU- ATIXJ ALL M(iHT AM) l»AY. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Knnsiix: Inrreustni; finudiiicss foaUrht iind Satarda;; n.-iriiier (onlaht. Pata reoordod at IT. S. Hiireau Office: Temiirraiure: HiKhest yes-terday at 3 p. in., 2i>; lowe .st today at 8 a. ni., 11; (!.-flcli'ncy In teniiierature ypstorday 3 Jf KH"' ; di'fi(:len<y glnw January 1st 274 i'(';;rri'S. Pn liliitution frir 2t liinirs tniiluK T .'. '11. toil;'>. I'; (Ii fl.'iimy Blnot" .lanu- II JUR0!1 WHS STRIGKEIJ ILL (ASK DLLAVEI) TOllVV MIIILK Vf. A. Lo .xJ WAS in;viVKn. .i.v Isi. 2.". Imli. i:.-l ;i !lvc hui.'ildlly 7 |i r i-iiit; l);:ri)iiirtcr •.-v. 1 ::r..l2 ln ;-!..'.s. ;-i:nrln' lo(!:iy 7:.'!ii j .'i;;;!' )i. 111. a. III. tiiilny 71 rtdiu'i'd t" lit-a a. 111.; sunset lliiiilh AN>aiill Case and ( aM- Acniiisl K. It. KMtll Wcr<- ContiinHd I'ntil >ext Tcrtii. The most important ;-riniln:iI lafe <in the docket for tl;e .laniiary term of court ended in a "hung" jury. After l)eing out all last niirht and a jrrcr.ter imrt of today .the jury in the tase of. the state vs. AVill Malry repoitod late this afternoon that an agroeirent was impossible and .luilce Fou.^t discharged the members from fuilher con sideratlon of the cau.^e It was said at the court house that the jury stood seven for acquittal anil five for conviction. The consideration of i\\v by the jury was interrupted for a liu'e this morning by the illness of \V. A. l/onj;. a juror. Mr. Long: had served continuously as a juror since last Tut.-day and siio:tiy "nefore noon today lie was i suddenly stricken ill. "He sent a re- <Iiiesl to .iucge Fou^t lo be allowed to visit a physician which request was • Slanted. .Mr. l-ong wa^ soon revived and returned to the Jury room. Maley was charged with attaekins mm KOI yET cEBTAiNiy THE ma <I:MI \T IJEAL IS NOT WHOLL'. (t>\^r.M>aTi:i). CoiifiToitros arc lo Coiitiiinr iind Vr»s lH -c( oi 1 Inal Airrccmfnl is Itriirlit. Thr^ Kir.p.^s City Journal has the following ro s:;y this niorninB which probably pives the exict status of the •negotiations over the cement merger: Thp .<!ilualion rclr.tive to the tnuch discussed ni^rjier of fifteen cement companies in the pas belt of Kansas and Oklahoma is somewhat unsettled according to Charles H. Apple, president of the Greit Western Portland Cement Company, who wants it con- pummated. n:ust brins about this merger or evi -ry coipii^iny in the western '^elt; v.Ui i)!i(> the hands of a re- .'M'iver wiU'.in the next six months," li"> ?a;V "A' the s^anic time I am not sure t!'.e companies can be Iiroticbt tof-etli-r. We cannot accept III., toviiis wl<:('.- w.-'re first brought up. .nnii if the«;" cannot bo amended John Htider with intciu to kil!. On: then v will to abandon the December Hi last, the two men met at .Ma!cy"s and an arp;iment ensued over a note wiiich Malcy had gi\en Mrs. Heiurr in i aymoni for a horse . During i;.e controversy. John Heider was struck in the left temple with a hammer by Maley. The prosecution alleged that the as- .-aiill upcn , Hefdor rWaji unprovtjked am! i!ta ::,-ioa8 whlJe the defense con- I t-nrkd that it had been planned t« hine Joi;n Heider Ci ;ll at llie .Maley ' «lnckho! wi!! A StIO MEN N BAIILE KKVOHTIOXISTS l> ECIMIXHI SIFFEU «'KrSHI.\({ DEFEAT. TERRIEFIG FISH! I» TRIPOLI IT An LOOKS LIKE HEAL , UAll I> lUti'U IIE.MLSrHEUES. Italian Joliiniii lUals (»ff Mx .S-;:!!ant^ OHJT Afler ai; AIJ i).iy i'onllirt. fBv the A .ssiu-IatPd Prews) Guayaquil, Jan. ]!t.--Over one tlious and men were killed and wounded in a terrific battle yesterday at Yagu»- che, northeast of here. The army sup Iiortini; the Quito government, under command of General Julio Andradc, former Ecuadorean -Slinister to Colom bia. defeated the army of Guayaquil troops supporting the Provisional gov ernment proclaimed by General Montero under command of General Fla- vlo Alfario. Alfario was wounded. General Alfario has now br-i-n appointed commander in chief of the Guay;.<iiiil army. All Day Battle >car Tripoli. Tripoli. Jan. 19.—A tcrriiic attack was made yesterday by a large body of Turks and Arabs on an Italian column on the march about ten miles from here. After all day fighting the Italians were victorious. The loases are unknown. KIINS.OEfilOCRilTS COLLOGUING V .:i.-.O .X FAl'iHJNS IS 0.\. "We h:iv;> betn putting out cement pt nli ki"'.'.<; of iu'ic--s. In many in- Ft .-'nees \>" h .avc iilaced cement on the | market .?t h ss than cost. There is an over i >:T .di':ction of cement at the pr-srnt tiire. "The merger the cnly thing that will s^.vc- i ;sj ^^tjll, whiM we -aid "y .s' •o the proi'n.5i;ioi: there was ;i string on it. We want to know that our bo protcct'-d and CrKKI) CHILI) Oi" I'AKALYSIS. .NEW M1>EKS' {'ONSTITLTIO.N. {JtUhiff lit (Jompers iind .Mltoliell Through Civic Federation. home and "fix" the bnyy—Will anii ] ilial th. Ch' r T ;-a la;t T as.-erted In UU ] I'C d 'Te :'.^<d." teslim<,:iy il-at the Uddf.-s wee ai-! A nuii'b-r of n.|.rrs <Mitat ives of ih. tfinpilng 'o rstranae his wiie. i.- ire -vnt iinltHt rir .Hccliaalfiil SIniulaJioD Ilie lienicd.v. Cliicago Doctor Says. Chicago. Jan. I!!.—Inlant.le paralysis, long classified aiiiong the deadly •lisease.s v.hich :.eience v.-as power!'-'ss, has b-.-en c:ired, it is at.- serled. »gnes Kiley. 2^ ycira old. ha? hi-eii given health anil the aldlity to r:i'iii'-' of their stock will not I ''">•'[> almiif liKe n.'Iier chlidrnti iUiioagh a disc(r,<'ry by iJr. Hoy C riir l>:itf of (lie Convention Will i Shou «hlr»i Crowd Controls i Stall' Coniinlttec. FORANDIIGIIINSIGOII.WILSOIJ TENNESSEE ItELATIVE CO.MES 10 (iOVEUNOU'S DEFENSE. (By the Aswoc-tiited Pri-.-a) Indianapolis, Jan. li».—No member of the National Civic Federation shall be a delegate to a convention of the United Mine V.'orkers of America, ac-ljjut (in. (Jmprnl Verdict Swius to It cording to the provisions of the newj •onstiiution for that organization John Holder's slrter. from hliii. Tliere was much fonlrr.Jiclory e\idem e and the ctmrt rcom frt <iuin • teore.l anain when t!.ey pue.-s tli:ii liie jury \\<Mi !d "liang." The case will be tried ?;;ain at !<;•' nc.\; !• rill of court. T:ie ::iis au:rn-! lJu; :'.i:d i!.') BoiiMi. ciiav .irri wjili a, tackinc l',(>l>ert ncanian with inien'. to kill, aad !•: H. Kslin charged will: obtaining m.iney undFr fa!.-e preten.-•e^ were centini;. i ii> iV.e next term. Tiie (liiekct was taken up f''r trial liiis a 'Ternor .n. Tin-re ar(- ll'^ ea.^es <iii tii.- d (U ket but only a few (if thtui are for trial by jury. V iTf iii''<rview--il v. loni- V \I! of them said that not!) ill" dfCniitf- htid tiM -n d-ciOed upon. .M ir"' i'.):!i"'r tiff's are lo he h^dd ibi<! wiei; a-'d r.( Nt as the eenieni com : tii ;li 'S ar" ;:mi<i;:s to kii (>w on what IVIJIR ihey -.{vr m do burltti 'SS. It is tell !!,;it inerKiT nilcht b" economy in-l ('lit 111 fii'i to 111 • cement wars in thio part of t !.e eonn'ry. Nevertlio- bss no pM!".;iiii lit or^iitiiztition has !."'>n I'ro 'ml:; about. miNG ON ROM PLANS yi:\\ TEK.M BEtMNS TOMOHKOW. j WnrK Will Conitnenred in .Mien County Soon. T :i "inr. (i.tiinis'-'iiMiers are only 1 iriirt f'f founty Survey- OMT Korly l{ecruit> to the Han!.> the Hitrh -Sjltnol Studetits. Toiay is !:e !:i--t day .'f Hi 'j-j ,^4^^ t.nitur :e:iii <•:•, '-••..<v,\. and now t':»*|,,r !i r,nr;'.tt bef.:re htarting the ;v\o Mi.,-; prrinnent ird ; of tlie -Mi- , ,,.].; ,,p ;i p „. v ; vslein of rovk road- d.i'i-^- v.:-;:!>:i!ar!es are •-.x::!:.!-' an.; : ...r A!'.n co-iiiiv. At the meefins; of •flunk" d:<'ad:r.:z t!-.e loimer. i.n: j t „;n-d earlv this tnimtb it was de- hopinz. for Tljnt. t ::a -t i:e w,;!!'; do; ,„ rte;ny no longer In iraprovc- tlie Ia;!er. .Mond.ay the new te:n'. work an/I ICngineer Bartlett was wh'ch. like tUe firpt will consist oi | .,..^,,,1 .,. ..j-epare plans^nd specifica- foiir and a half niontli.'^. will besin. anil about i'lir'y-fivc students from the eightii Krade of the ;;rade sehools '.vii; lipeoiii fu:l-fleil^e(! freshuu-n of the !iii:h .••.-;:r<)l. Six oi '.er stuilea.s, al-o. will inter the high s'-".:(ol fo: t!;e new i. r.i-. these betas some t^'at !;avc renuni ,! ro this city ri .'(-tntiy and o;)-.ers froiii r.-'ar-by oo'.int'-y. Tiie Sept- :ilber ieriu wi::.-!i <V ,.s .-i: ti-iiay. has l" i n a very siiee.-s: fii! on.- to;- ti'e lo;;; :. honlg frotll I 'M -i-y \i.-v.-! li'-int. T!ie :';tendancp eonirar--; w^l' w!;)i that <{ any former y<ar in ^I.e hi.-tory of ti:.- school, and the -ueress of tiie tudiiiis In their studii s am' school o:f :aiiizatlon6 has been sur- liassd only 1 v their success In athletic-:, the i 'a ba.-ket ball team having shown state c'laniiilonshlp me.tie. :ion^ r .M- several miles of rock road at '';e <(;;'ie:-t possible time. The eiisineer is working hard on :!:e.-e p'ans now and will probably ::ave tin ni ready to submit at the next meeting of tlie board. Bids will then 111- a-ked on that part of the work that the weaMur makes possible and .-lapioy -.Meiii will be furnisiied to as :f.-!ny i<''e men as e;in le convenler.t- •y eiiiployid. I>EATH OF C. W. SPENt EK. ACIJIES HAVE lOLA TEA.H. AVell KiKMvn Citizen of IJenevn OieJ today after Lonir Illness. Mr. C W. Speni ^r. son of Mr. C. A Spenc-r. ac',! about for'y years, d'l 'd today about iir .on a' Geneva, after a long illness v.| h a iiialiKiiani ai -d in- curalde dis :iS". Mr. Spencer v. TV well kaowti in (5eiiev:i, iind ihrnuKluiut Allen rounty n nerally, I | |f-ijis oni> .f the old aiid substan 'ial fainiUi -s. of comiiiuiiity. and haviii}: ••'renter Part of the Frexhman liusket Kail Tettni at .Maulmttun lotunN The pre-eminence of lola in basket bail has not only be'ome evident in tl'.e e\. ellence of the high school bask et ball tiam. but in tlie ability at the game wiil.-h lolans. or former lolans are st .i -.wing in their piay with other I teams. In the flr.-^t place lola seem:: ! to be an ideal iilace it) grow basket ] tiall players, and in the second place ' :e .-ePiiii to be no lack of good eoaciies here. Word has been rcelviil here that Alta Tanner, Kd iell Jones atri Kiank Uoo: lola boys, have st- cared places on t !ie AgL 'le freshiiiaii ti 'aiii l.eini; [I'eked from a large number of aspirants. C.ienn Lawyer, also, would undiiiibted.'y have made tlie team, had It not been that he was be.-a born nrl rais.d in the eouPty. : ^^^^^ j.reliminaries on ac- NeJshli'Falls, i '"".nt <'^'i••? ""'l"'"'' •.'."•^'r..'!:^,'' :irs :mo Mr. Geneva to Sev-ral ; move,; fro:-' ^.eaeva .o .>eu»uo | ^ ,,„«.ever, the majority b;„ some - ago his '^^^^ \ ^"^^ teatu-three men -are lolans, f^/^^l^rZ^uZ^. ';:5::re';'e^:^; ' and nobody co^d I'Hr 'jx'^^:,^^'"^' bi 'i 'ti atitli vi -ry n -cently. j;;'"^;.- i ^.j—f^l^ll^'^rVormer lola high school players, are now a iiis(-ov<'ry itert'ard. "luiaiitiri' !i;iri'!v:iis." Iioetiir Beii:- ard '-aid. "is an Inflniiitiiatton of tbe atiteiior h'lrns of the ^ray nititler of the (d.-'inr It is u itertii. jiint tlx; same as pneumrmia or typhoid fever. It is deadly in its work and enir-es t-;e .ietiii! til lo-e all of Hit;li .-iii. 1 liRve been e.ti'-"lin <'nti >ii,' six ten yi-ars with flip di8eii .sp. I fnutiii iiy dissection that the infantile paralysis germ centered in the sjiinal cord and destroyed the nerve cells vbica rontrtd tin- power of motion. "By iiiiji -ying a mechanical stlmu- '•ition to ll:e siuKie nerve center ! fotinil that ,11! equalization of the Mood which goes to the gray liorns I ould be obtained. This is the sole -U 'cret of the cvre."' siibmittod to the convention here to- 1 I djy by tiie constitution committoo ,. ., . . . „ iThe pioposed new constitution also T.'oel ,''Ka- i-it?" •rh''e',„-elin. ' •"•"vides that the. election of offlceis •.nifr; r.v li t.«lay i i Tojiek.a. The men'.- ' '.•en; of the li.-ini'eratio State eouioilt- lee were to ai.ree ujion th • date I'ot t.'i • eotiv: !;riii;i. The Wih.on a.lii.'i- I'til.s favor.-l boliling the convention I'e '.in' iry I'l;. ihe dnte upo:i which Wilson will speak ill To'iieka. The Claik |ieop|e waiit.'d a convetitloti about ;:'ii /iist e>f .April. Indications -^v••re tn .it That His Boom Has CoIIanscd. SEOALIA .MrUDEHEU CONVICTEO IIOO.STEKS INSPECT NEAV PLOW. :io (Irtrk people were in the majority on the Stale Coiiuiilttee and would ;ar:v tlieir point. The vote will be taken after S o'ciock toniglil. KISSIAN FEASANTS STAKVINO. j!i OretaJinru Parenls Are Selling the Children to Nomads. Model of Indention Iiy AV.'A. l)aw>on IJeing Insperled Tlii> Afternooii. In a''',-o;-dance wilM- a request n;a!*W some time ago. K. Thompson, cbair- mnn of the aurif-iiltiiral eojunilitce of th.- Booster club, called a meeting for thi.? afternoon at his office of the cotn- iiiitte'e to instiect the model of a plow invented and constructed by \\'. A nuwson, oi Horse Shoe Bend. -Mr. Dawson reijupstcd that the Inspection be made believing that the favorable opinion of t;;p -committee would faeili- tate hi.= securing capital for the manu- factarp and marketing of his invention. The agricultural cominlltee cf tiie Booster.s is comiioscd :is follow.*: I?. 1. .Tiiomp.on. T. B. Shannon. I.. K. IlorviMe, F. K. fc'aiitli and Chark'f' Bolln .Mr. liawson.secured a jiatent oa his plow about two years ago, but has found no means of getting capital behind it. Recently he has had It on display In this city an<l those who •hou'd know seems to think the Invention has great merit.'and that there Is a great future before it. The Uia- chine might be termed an "auto-plow" as its motive power is a gasoline en- i:ine. and it combines the work of the dtsc-sleil and the idow. havlrg shares In front, and ('l.=cs behind. The model disip'ayed by .Mr. Mawgun was constructed by himself and is a piece of wotkinanshlp. London. Jan. IS.—The terrible conditions lirevaillnc among the peasantry ip .'Southeastern Russia are depicted in a telsgrpiii froi.i a doctor in f):"n'ini;-:r, which is pi;blislied here a.- a speci i! aiti(-Ie. The doctor says liiat the starving tiea.«antry in the covcrnnient of (> rem burg, on Ihe I'ral Wiver cn -ii.'i i,, p.,( btivin;': rej^eived any a.^sistaiice irom the authorities are seilitig »i :t -ir children to t!:e Khir- i-vse. iiomatls i-i the govrrniiient of Parato\. .Many of tie- jieople in the vicinity .'lave died froai hunger and typhus, and pore 7ft [ler cent of the children are st;!ck"ti with a fearful eiiideipic it! some of the villaees. and in otlier districts the distrers Iretiie. is ex- flne NATIONAL CO \ V E \ T10 N ^ C .1L L E I). Oeniorratle Cluilnnan I^MIOH Formal St.ttenieiit Outlining Pian«*. Buffalo. N. Y. Jan. 10.—The official call for the netr .ncrati'.- national cnn- vfutlnn 'o be he 'd at Baltimore June- 2'i was Issued by Norman K. Matk. chairman, and I 'rey Woodson, secretary, of t!-.e P.^nincratlc n.-itional com mittee todav. The basis of/representation and th." I'.'etl .od of naming delc- gale< ts outlined as follows: "Delegates and alternaios from each state" of the Ciilon shall be chosen to the niimbrr of two delegato '-i for every .-enator and two delecates for every tri -.-e.'ot!taIhe from Ihe .states, re- tit -'-*i 'i!v in tlie conL-ress of the f Tlie Crime Was tl:e Oiilroine of ; Quarrel ther Labor Troultlrs. • By tl)f ^\.'Jm-lati-<l I 'rcsMi Sedalia. Mo. .Ian. l!t.—A verdict of Irst degree-»;urdor with the death licnally. was returned t( day by the jury in tlie case of John l.titlier Joie s who murdered Akins Mackay !ast .\o\ ember after a quarrel over labor troubles. This is the first de.ali penalty verdict brought in by a jury ih this county for a quarter of a century. IIOOSEVELT IS SPEECIILES.S. At Any Kate He Will Sfkoak Only When Neces.uarj-. New York. Jan. 19—Colonel Roosevelt has decided to curtail his speechmaking to the lowest possible limit.. H.'nceforth he will make tio siieeche.s that ho can avoid. He makes thicj doc'aration in a letter declining an invitation from the American-Irish Historical Sot iety. Me says: "I wish it were jiossilde for niy friendf to realize my position, not for my own Kako. but becauap then they would understand just why it is that I cannot accept al! the invitations that com? to ine. From now- on I wish to avoid making any siieeches that I liossibly can avoid; and. greatly as I appreciate an Invitation coming from such n body as the one yon represent it really is not possible for me to accept. 1 cannot go Into anything further of any kind or :-ort now." (Tly tli.' Assifiateil Pr.'-ss) Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 11).—Jud.;.' Robert lOwing. a representative of t.if; State Woodrow Wilson organization, and.related by marriage both to Wu- Hon ana Col. Wutterson l.ssued a statement today conccrrl'ig the . WilHt .a- Ilarvej Incident in v.->ilcb W11so:i ;i >i:- cd Harper's Weekly to stop suiipori- ing hini as its support was piovii .i; an injury. Kwing said that Wi!!«)r.'t. statement hail been made agairst he dictates of personal frlend.->hl)> f ;i' OEHmilDS riBCrLAB LETTER 8E>T JO POWERS BY REITHLirAN OOVEBN EDS HY THE >EW BEPUBLG. MORE FI6HTIN6 IS EXPECTED Mai'chns Threaten a General Massa* crc if the Throne is Forced to Yield. (By the Asnoclated Press) Nanking, Jan. 19.— The Republican ? government today sent an appeal to the powers for recognition. This took tho form of a circular which was 8«lt to Washington, Tokio, London, P*H^ Berlin and- St. Petersburg and W|j|l , signed by Wang Chung Wei, forei^ • mintstor of tho republican cablrieii..;' Tho terms of the circular are as fol- ^jj lows: "The Manchu government having entered into negotiations with the Republic of China for the purpose of abdicating its entire sovereign rights, powers and privileges, we ferventl/v^ pray for recognition in order to avoid a disastrous interregum." "WANG CHUNG WEL! , ^ Foreign Minister." FIchting .Hay be Reiinmed. It appears certain that fighting 1)6- Iwcen the revolutionists and Im^^^ iaiists will be resumed January 28tb unless Premier Vaun Shi Kal cotl- cedes the demands of the Repnbllcaii government. Th -3se demands tele^ graphed to the Premier today are aa follows: Abdication of Throne. No Manchu may participate in the provisional government The capital o fthe provisipnal government cannot be at Peking. The Premier cannot participate.-ip the provl.sional government until .^e Republic has been recognized ,\Sf foreign powi-rs and the country l|iu ~f been restored to peace. Fifteenth V. 8. on Hand. Peking, Jan. 19.—The Fifteenth Harvey and with the realization t :::ii. Rpgi,r.ont of I'nited States infantry. Harvey's support ha;l brouglit him '.o |g to act as guard for a section KOAI) CONVENTION A SCCCE.S.S, Tile iiiggest and Rest E>er Held in the State of Kansas. ICniporia, Kas.. Jglii. 19.-^The most Kucces .sful convention In the ten yoar.>" liiatory of the Kansas State Good Hoads .-Xssoclatlon came to a close here this afternoon. It was agreed to have a>i evening .session, but a.^ many delegates left for their homes on the alternoon trains the move was reconsidered. Two hundred tind forty delegated registered for the convention, and llll !i. embers of tin" p:-oi:;:neiit good roads DYNA.MITE IN PCEHLO. in a eral will o-'-ur tomonov.-, ir,cnt will b " at Geneva. CHANtii: KATV TI.UE CAKIL Two Tniiii" .Irrlve Earlier —Kan- Kaji City Train Due There The following changes in the K:Jy ti:; e card will be of interest to patrons of the So. 73. vttibound which arrives here now ri 12:20 will leave ai Ut-i beginning Sunday. No. 24. which goes to Kansas f"l> and is due here at 1:2".. will leave a' 12:55 begtntilng Sunday. This trii:- will arrive In Kansas City at 4:'>0. according to the newly arranged fche- dule and iiassengers will be able to connect with all evening trains. proving themselves to be the reliance of the Wichita high school team, and without them Wichita could never have made their good showing this season. HOLD, TEACHERS' EXAMINATION. I Tests Will Re GWen In Superlnten- dent's Office. Countv Sutterintendent of Publi? Instruction Jtfrs. E. W. Myler this afternoon announced that she would hold an examination for county teachers In her office January 26 and 27. It is probable that quite a number of teachers will take the examination. NoH'i'niou Laundry lilown i'p Terrilie Ex |ilo<iIon. 'By the A .MstiH'liitcd I'n-ss) I'ueblo, Colo., Jan. 19.—A terrific dynamite exiilosion today partly wn-cked the Colorado Laundry, one of the largest In the west. Later a dynamite fuse was found by th-i police in- the alley. The laundry was non-union. One theory is that the act was In connection with the numerous recent explosions over the country on structural steel jobs. A steel lank had been erected on the •aiindry roof. The owner oCihe laundry said It was merely an attempt to put Iiim out of business. The Jury in the Maley case, which w - s .out all night last night, was forced to take a recess-this morning alMut 10:30 on account of the Illness of one of its meniliers, W. A. Long. Mr. Ij)ng,was up all Tuesday night as a juror in the Johnson cas3. and was immediately thereafter engaged the ci -nst!- of IHlc. T!-p District Cnlit' ,I'i :i AInsIa. the I>!il!lptdnps. lla wall ai'.d Pr)rto KIco are each allotted .•Iv lii :e'.::.tes. • It. tie ( hofce of d^'egate.-i anil alter iiates t!.e Demceratic state or tertl- toif"! nil niiitpp may. if not otherwise dirf'-^ed 1 y the law of .<^uoh states, or territories, prmi'ie for the direct election of such tielegates or alter- anfps if in t!;e opinion of the respfc- tlvp cm'raittpr.s It is deemed desirable an! I iisible to do so with proper and sufficient saffcuards. Wiiere such provision Is not made and where the state laws do not provide specifically the manner of such choice then the delegates and altercates to the said .itational convention shall be chosen in ! the manner that governed the chcice of delegates to the last Democratic national convention." Frison IVrefk Kills Two. J fBv the A <woeintcd Pres^i |Vittenburg, Mo., Jan. 19.—Two men we(re killed and thrae injured, one dangerously, anfl two locomotives and nas ...... twenty freight cars were demolished as a juror in the Maley case, and the when two Prlwo freight trains col- strain proved too much for him. He iWed head-on here today while both was able to return to the jury, how- were running at full speed. Fireman ever befwe mou. _ . . joiarfc and Engineer Bird are dead. I -H-. ,l'.^'i\|f- .Older the congressional I organisations. After a hard f.ghl be•.i ' efdi .trlct.s based upon: twven Topeka aad Ineepeiid .-nce for till- latter town the front. ".Many not knowing the real :i :d-- pendence of Col. Harvey." the state- tuent declares "and seeking to hurt Wilstfn, indulged In all sorts of co;i- jectnre concerning the editorial cliain- i.ionship of Wilson in Harper's. As a result severa-l of Wilson's real frien<l.=i liegan to he of the opinion that perhaps the Weekly's earnest .<;uppo.-t was after oM militating against Wilson's prospects."' Harvey, according to Judge Kwing. requested a frank answer from \yil- son as to whether the editorials were injuring him and Wilson, thougii embarrassed, was forced to say tin-y were. Harvey then said, according to Kwing: 'Til hav.* :i; put on the S' f pedal." KansaK City Leatlng llun. Kansas City. .Jan. 19.—The expose of the true side of Woodrow Wilson made by Col. George Harvey of Harper's Weekly and Col. Henry Watter- Eon. of the Ixiuisville Courier-Journal, comes as a shock to the few followers in Kansas City of the college professor. Some weeks ago they organized a club in the. interests of Wilson., but it was seldom lieanl of. What little life the club had wa.s knocked out of it yesterday, and there a rustling of the members to get into the camp of some one who showed at least some symptoms of life. Has NehniMkn CnessiBp. Omaha. Neb., Jan. 19. —A atate-wide meeting of Nebraska Demqerats has been called by Mayor Jamw C Dahl- liian of this city to confer on presidential possiliilltles. The-meeting is ca'Ied. following yesterday's conference regtirding the action of George Harvey on the candidacy of Govern ir Woodrow Wilson and the statement of Col. Henry Walterson. (ONI ENTlUTE AR.MV AND NAVY. of the railroad from Peking to the coast, arrived at Chin Wang Tao to-" day on board the transport LogHn. Captain J. H. Reeves military attache ot the I'nited States Legation, waa on the qtiay waiting to greet the troops. The Princes of the Imperial clan, several leading Manchu officials-And several members of the government had a protracted conference today with the Empress -Dowager but failed to reach a decision on the question of abdication. The leading princes fav-" orcd-unconditional abdication. Three of th'! younger princes agree to the' court's retirement. Nobles (.'ottine Heady to Letave. London. .Tan. l!»—An Imperial edict issued today orders the authorises of the Peking railroad to send-, all available rollLng stock to Peking. Alt exodus of ^he Nobles is expected shortj:'. according to a dispatch ffom Tien Tsin. TAFrS NAJIIE FILED L\ NEBBASXA t , The Formality Required by Primary Law Compiled With. (Iiy the As.<!ociatrtl Press) ^ Lincoln, Nob., Jan. 19.—Taffs dame was filed as a candidate for the Re-' publican nomination under the Nebraska presidential primary law to-, day. The i»etition asking that hte name be placed on the ballot was signed by forty Omaha men and pre- tj sented by Franklin A. Shotwell. of t" Omaha. . rr f/; ENGLISH STRIKE SETTLED. 1 It was Over Open Shop and Affected tH 300,000 Men. • Washington. January IS—A sweeping change in the administration of | the army, embracing the abandon- | Ihe next convention, v.'on out. It was agreed to lioM the next lli'ei!tig during tin • first week of Dc- ee -'.ber to avoid fiituv coiiflii-t with the conference of oiiiily coii:-!iisslon- ers and cl'rks. at:<l to allov; for In- strrctioii of legisljtois ii-t;ardiag good roads laws le-'fore 'l.e meeting of the legislature. The next conveiuion will j ."hp War Department accortling-to a ' reornt announcement of .Major-General Lombard Wood, chief of staff. The announcement of General Wood follows that of Secretary Mpy- of the Navy who recrfUtly told the IJiv the AH-t 'Klatcd Press) Manchester, Eng.. Jan. 19.— The 0» pute In the cotton trade which culminated in a lockout affecting about .;no dOn m<n on December 7, has Iwen The question at issue bect'j ' ^""as ^o''rAES>S ^-"'ir :"remJloyes;ncl workers, wa. the eniplovment of non-union labor. All the mills will be re-opened on Monday. FREEDO'W HELPS MORSE. occupv three days instead of two. The' bosrd of ofPcials was re-elected, and a new offlcer, assistant secretary, was established. The officers of the Association are: H. G. James. Independence, president; H. W. McAfee. Topeka vice-riresident; W. S. Gearhart. Manhattan, secretary; W. F. ment of practiea'ly one-half of the 160 posts now In itse. is proposed by | yefU Hetter and MnjI ge ^ to German Health Resort ^ tBy the A .-iaociated Pres-s) , Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 19.—Arrangements to move banker Morse whoso sentence was commuted yesterday, ta er. ccmmi"e? on expenditures in Sanitarium were delayed today the-Navy Departinent that he intended ; .^jjjjjj arrival of Mrs. Morse* lilt: ..t,.,- j.^..!-" - - 1 jf ^"^ M*...—. — .- to abandon all but three naval s.a^i ^^.^^ AVashington who is due tonight- Trowbridge. Kansas City. Kas.. ricns on the respective coasts of the ' --- — ant set;retary and treasurer; R. H.]rrited States. F.axon. Garden City O. M. Wllhlte. Emporia, and Georee H. Hodges, 01a- the members of the executive committee. Attorney Chris Ritter went to Great Bend this afternoon for a snort busineES- visit. Col. C. E. Birdsall went to Neosho :B'all3 yesterday to attend the funeral of C. W. Neighbarger. which occurred th.ere yeateirdajr afternoon. Concentration is to ne the watchword in both the nayal and military establishments. The danger attend- in" a possible foreign invasion has Morse is bright and may go to German resort. And Here is Another Fatal Wre<*. <Bv the A.ssociated Press) St. Joseph, Mo.. Jan. 19.— An xm- prompted the na%T department to con j known" "car "repairer "waa'kllled and * ? slder the concentration of naval»^^^^^^t B j^^^^ HydetataUyli strength. The mobilization on the .prushed when a Rock Island fregSt *^ Mexican fr^mtier last year^ or ra^her|,ra{n crashed into the rear of a S the ditnrult^ m bringing fcbout an ef- J ij^gton freight twenty-five • nillMl' tecttye mobilization, is befcmd- the j «,uth of this city today. The vn^. c^r>.M,Mon of the cxptrts_of the War gge caught fire burning the nnfaown Dcpartiiicnt that a number of the; niaii to death. Dannahyde's legs wer«- smaller jpsts should be abandoned. 1 ^j^^ cru ^lied, _* ^

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