The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 4, 1998 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
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Thursday, June 4, 1998
Page 5
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THE SALINA JOURNAL NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1998 The Associated Press With a crane, rescue workers lift part of the wreck of a high-speed passenger train that slammed into a bridge Wednesday in Eschede, Germany. At least 76 people were killed, and many more injured. Mystery train crash kills 76 Locomotive driver kept going, unaware of devastation behind By TONY CZUCZKA The Associated Press ESCHEDE, Germany — Hurtling with a momentum that telescoped some train cars and piled up others in twisted heaps of steel, Germany's fastest passenger train derailed and jackknifed Wednesday when the lead locomotive somehow broke loose. Workers pulled out 76 bodies; they expected to find many more. Traveling at 125 mph, car after car slammed into an overpass, bringing the bridge crashing down upon the wreckage and the dead and wounded. Houses just 150 feet away were unscathed, protected by an embankment. The Munich-to-Hamburg train, carrying mostly business people, was nearing the Eschede station in northern Germany when the accident happened at mid-morning. Passengers felt a rattle, then, soon afterward, the jarring crash, one survivor said. "I held on and ducked down because you had the feeling you'd be thrown through the air and then, thank God, it came to a standstill," Wolf- Ruediger Schliebener, a passenger from a rear car, told SAT 1 TV. "Then I saw in the distance to the front where all the cars were chaotically laying all over." The locomotive driver, oblivious to the catastrophe behind him, kept driving through the small train station at Eschede, 35 miles north of Hanover. The station master finally hit the emergency brakes, bringing the engine to a halt more than a mile from the overpass. The cause of Germany's worst train accident since World War II remained unclear late Wednesday, and officials were even unsure how many people were actually aboard Hamburg-bound ICE 884. Joachim Lindenberg, a police spokesman, said 76 bodies had been recovered and three more spotted by late Wednesday. Lower-Saxony state officials expected the final death toll to top 100. The accounting of dead and injured was hampered by the severity of the mangled mess. Rescue workers picked through the wreckage with a crane, and pried open the metal siding with blow torches. All 13 cars and the rear engine derailed, and splintered glass covered the scene. The gravity of the accident brought condolences from leaders worldwide. Chancellor Helmut Kohl, informed of the tragedy after arriving in Italy for meetings with Premier Romano Prodi, appeared shaken by the news and called his visit short. "So many dead ... It's a tragedy," Kohl, his face tight, said in Bologna with Prodi at his side. The accident was the worst on Germany's premier high- speed ICE line, inaugurated in 1991 and prized for both its speed and safety. The worst previous ICE crash was on Oct. 12, 1991, when a train ran into six workers repairing tracks who did not hear its approach. The account of the lead locomotive decoupling, given by chief regional rescue coordinator Klaus Rathert at a news conference, conflicted with earlier reports suggesting that an auto had plunged into the train from the overpass. Police said an automobile was crushed beneath the wreckage, but it was unclear where the car was parked at the time of the accident. They said it was probably sitting along the tracks, not on the overpass. The ICE train connects all major cities at speed up to 175 miles an hour. At top speed, the train requires 1.7 miles to stop. T U.S.-CHINA T SOUTH AFRICA Apartheid killer turns on ex-boss Commander of death squad accuses former general of selling out By The Associated Press GEORGE, South Africa — Death squad commander Eugene de Kock did apartheid's dirty work, killing and maiming those who sought to overturn South Africa's system of racial separation. On Wednesday, he accused one of apartheid's generals of selling out the foot soldiers. Testifying at the contempt trial of former President P.W. Botha, de Kock was asked by a state prosecutor how it felt to be in prison for apartheid-era crimes while top officials remained free. "They want to eat lamb but they T JERUSALEM don't want to see the blood and the guts," said de Kock, whose ruthlessness earned him the nickname Prime Evil. "They are cowards. They will remain that." Botha is on trial for refusing to appear before a panel investigating apartheid-era abuses by all sides. White-run South Africa's last hard-line president, Botha has denied knowing of — let alone approving — killings of black antiapartheid activists. Prosecutors sought to undermine his defense this week, rolling out evidence of his alleged complicity in atrocities. One of Botha's accusers is de Kock, now serving a 212-year sentence for his involvement in assassinating black activists while leading the Vlakplaas police unit. De Kock said he never doubted his killing spree was approved by the highest echelons of government. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has submitted dozens of previously classified documents suggesting the State Security Council, which Botha led, sanctioned the killings of black anti-government rebels. Meeting minutes describe how opponents should be "neutralized" or "eliminated." Botha and other top government officials say the terms meant only that people should be detained. Speaking softly but firmly, de Kock said he interpreted the words more harshly. "In the terminology that they used it means killing," he said, peering at the packed courtroom through thick-lensed rectangular glasses. Now Available... Glucosamine Sulfate The supplemental glucosamine your joints need. Glucosamine Sulfate from PhytoPharmica is the ultimate glucosamine supplement. It's 98 percent absorbable, so more glucosamine gets to your joint structures. armica. B&K PRESCRIPTIpN SHOP People Helping People 601 E. Iron • Salina • 785-827-4455 Clinton promotes China trade ties Recent controversies make hot China issue even more contentious By The Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Clinton urged Congress to renew normal trade benefits for China, saying good relations with Beijing are crucial amid fears of a nuclear arms race in South Asia. Failure to renew trade privileges would "sever our economic and, to a large measure, our strategic relationship with China," Clinton warned. Always a contentious issue, the China debate promises to be even hotter this year because of controversies about exports of American satellite technology to Beijing'and allegations of illegal campaign contributions. "I' think the current circumstances make it a very difficult vote," said House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas. Nevertheless, three senior Republicans — House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, Rep. Bill Archer of Texas and Rep. Philip Crane of Illinois — wrote Clinton that China's trade benefits should be treated as a separate issue and deserves support. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said normal trade with China "is the right step for business and consumers." The congressional debate opens just three weeks before Clinton heads to China, the first American president to visit since the 1989 The Associated Press President Clinton, flanked by National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, discusses trade relations with China in the Rose Garden Wednesday. Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy supporters. He will make stops in Xian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong between June 25 and July 3. Clinton said China's participation in the Geneva meeting was evidence of "constructive Chinese leadership" that will be "essential to the long-term resolution of issues involving South Asia." Moreover, he said "trade is a force for change in China, exposing China to our ideas and our ideals and integrating China into the global economy." MAURE WEIGH Auto - Home Insurance Phone 827-2906 115 East Iron CARROL HAMILTON Roofing Company Since 1962 Free Estimates, All Work Guaranteed 1.800-864-4637 * 785-452-9224 GREAT STEAK SALE* FEATURING... Sirloins at the price & size for any appetite! 8 oz. Sirloin - $ 4.99 12 oz. Sirloin - $ 5.99 16 oz. Sirloin - $ 6.99 All dinners Include choice of potato fit bread. plus A Trip to our Dessert Bar FREE with every meal! 2351 S Ninth Salina (Central Mall) Jewish group stakes claim to Arab Jerusalem By The Associated Press JERUSALEM — Yellow stars spill across an aerial photograph of Jerusalem's Old City, beachheads in a Jewish settler group's long campaign to "reclaim ^Jerusalem." Each of the 30 stars •marks a building in the Muslim 'and Christian quarters taken over by the group, Ateret Cohanim, and now occupied by Jews. Ateret Cohanim stormed back into the public eye last week when it set up seven tin sheds just inside the Muslim Quarter's walls, setting off scuffles with Palestinian legislators. City workers demolished the unauthorized sheds, but a Jerusalem city planning commission on Wednesday heard a proposal from Ateret Cohanim to build high-rise apartments and a school there, Israel's Channel Two television reported. Leading a tour of American sup- porters on Wednesday, Ateret Co- hanim tour guide Bracha Slae called the Muslim Quarter "the new up-and-coming Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem." Palestinian leader Faisal Husseini called this week for mass street protests, saying diplomacy alone was not enough to block Jewish settlement in Jerusalem. Over the past 18 years, Ateret Cohanim has moved more than 65 families into 40 to 50 buildings scattered throughout the Old City's Muslim and Christian quarters, according to Slae. The group, heavily funded by Florida multimillionaire Irving Moskowitz, says its goal is to restore the Jewish presence to parts of Jerusalem where it disappeared following Arab riots in the 1920s and '30s. In the 1980s and early 1990s, Ateret Cohanim received secret funding from right-wing Israeli governments. fFREE PIZZA!] • Buy ANY Large Pizza and ' | get one of equal or lesser | • _ value FREE! Prices good at participating locations. I Offer Expires 08/31/98. • Not valid with any other offer. • ^=*F£C N0 • ^ w*i Limit one certificate i [FREE TOPPINGS! 1 . I Buy Any Large I I Single Topping Piiia, I 1 Get Two Toppings Free! I ,« "p ONE DOZEN DONUTS • I AT $3.49 I ' GET 2ND DOZEN DONUTS J | FOR $1.79 | (DOW OM bKMt OwtM Flip, 1 Prices good at participating locations. Offer Expires 08/31/98. 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