Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 18, 1912. A LITTLE DANDERINE WILL MAKE YOUR HAIR LUSTROUS, SOFT, FLUFFY, ABUNDANT Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and Forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching Scalp and DandrufT If you Wish to Double the Beauty of your Hair in Ten Minutes surely Try a Danderine Hair Qeanse Your hair becomes li;;h:, wavy, (lutTv, abundant aiiJ appears ai iuft, IiiiUoiii and beautiful at a youn^ prl'.s after a Daniicrine hair dcznse. Just try tliis - iiioistrn a cloth with a little Dandrrine and carefully dtuw it through your hair, t::kiii^ one small strand at a time. This will cleanse the hair of dust, dirt and excessive oil and in just a few moments you have doubled the beauty of your hair. A delightful surprise awaits particularly those who have birii careless, whose hair has been neglected Dr is sciaggA-, fadeil, drj', brittle or thin. BrsiJes Iwauiifying the liair at once, Da:idcrii.c dissolves every particle of dandruff;>, p'.irifiei and invigorates the scalp, furcvcr ,:;i'pping itciu'ag and falling lair. ' Try as you will, after cue application of Danderine you canmit f.'id any daiulruff or a loose or falling ;ha:r, and your scalp will never itch, but wlut xvlll please you mf.::t will be after a few weeks' use when yoti n'.il actually see new hair—tine and downy at first—yes—but really new liair spmufiiig .ill oyer the scalp. Danderine makes the hair grow long, heavy and luxuiiant and wr can prove it. If you xare for prert}', «oft h:;ir and lots of it surely get a 25 criit boillc of Knowlton's Danderine from any dru^st or toilet counter, and just try it. Thm lola Daily Record and tola Dally Index. TBE BEOISTEK PL'BLISUIXG CO. Entered at the lola Postofflce as Secoud- Claaa Uatter. AdvtrtUlnK Itutea ilade Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrlar In lola. Cat City, Lanyon- vllle, Concrato, LaHarpa and Battstt: One W.«k 10 c^ntu Ona Month " ornt* BVMAiL:: One Tear. In!=ld*, county K-00 One Tear, outalde county »S0<> TEL-EPHONE8: Bflkines* Office Jf BocU'ty Reporter i» Job toJd Blndeo- T>m "1 Official Paper City Onielal Paper of AI ^Sf Bauett. lien County. lOLA DAILY KEGISTER «'i-intendent or these Sunday schools, ilie i(-;i<li<r of these classes and the leader of these clubs, but she is In tlTect the Pastor of the p.-ojile for v.hom the Huilders Chapel has bt;- eome the reli);Ioi)s atlil social ceiifer. When ilii'v are in troubli- tln-y si'tid for her. wheilier tlir troiibli" may In- phy.sleal or faniJb" en'~TInjiiirial or what-uol. They eX|iecl her to visit them In sickness and when death <oines they turn to her firs*, of all for comfort and nil the nilnlsterhiR services that are needed at such a time. It Is touching and wonderful and beautiful, the extent to which a whole community lias come to lean upon nnd trust and look up to and •ove this one woman. But she is just one woman. A rath- < r frail one at that, and not a wealthy woman. She lives in a modest home and her husband, as caretaker of the High School, earns a very modest salary. She has her own household to look after, and her four children are yet young and unable to be of very r;reat help. And the queslJon this article start- rd otit to ask is this: Are we, the peopl" of Tola, justified in laying all these heavy burdens upon the should• Ts of one woman? They are our burdens as much as they are her's — Mic most of them at any rate. It is .s much our duty as it is hers, for •xamjile, to visit tha,Blck, to see that I he dead ara decently buried and that • he living are comforted, to answer he call of the distressed in mind and 1 ody. But we have contented ourselves, the most of us, with saying: •Oh Mrs. Jones will look after that." ;nd we have quieted our conscience hy giving Mrs. Jones a. few dollars now and then to buy medicines or delicacies for her sick (our sick), or we have sent her some cast off clothing which we were glad to get out of the way for her poor (our poor). But is that quite fair? There are some of things, of course, that Mrs. Jones will prob- ; bly have to contlnui- to do.—that sh." vi'ry likely wishes (o continue to do. There are the Sunday schools, for examiile, and the (-luhs and dass- <.i that have clustered arounc! it (She fried to turn one of IKT Sunday school classes over to another teacher not long ago and the boys got up and walked out, sending word tliat they would not come back any mort- if Mr?. Jones was not to teach them I. And there are some of the ministries of comfort and counsel that she prob- r.bly would not lay aside if she could. But a whole lot of the hard physical work, such as that connected with the Associated Charities, could br THE COJf-WMTI 'S DUTY. So far as flie Register has been able to .,leam,—and it has made diligent inqniry,—there has been no real suffering in Tola during the past two weeks of severe weather. A great many people have been uncomfortable, of course. One of the wealthiest families in town was obliged temporarily to abandon its beautiful home because of bursted steam radiators and little things like that. But nobody has actually suffered with the cold, nobody has been without sufficient clothii:^ anc nobody has gone hungry. That this good report can be made is due partly, of course, to the efficient work of the County Poor Commissioner, Mr. Abrams. But a large part of It is due also to the personal work of the R'-esident or the Associated Charities, Mrs. E. X. Jones. Upon her has fallen a very large part ot the work of distributing the clothing and other necessaries of life contributed 80 generously by the people and she has given practically her whole time during the past three weeks to the task of relieving distress. But the distribution of the bounty of others is a very small ])ar( of the work tliaf Mrs. Jones has done, and is doing all the time. As nearly everybody knows she is superintendent of the Little Builders' Sunday school, as she has been from Its organization. This school has grown so that It has been divided into two sections, one meeting in the forenoon and one in-the afternoon and Mrs. Jones superintends both of them. She teaches a class In both of them. She is the SUidIng spirit of the Mothers' club which meets every week,—^an outgrowth of the Little Builders" work. She teaches a Bible class which ' j'trformed by someone else and ma- meets every Wednesday evening, and 8ta» has the general direction of a iiy other things that Mrs. Jones now does could be done by another. The tlooB of police matron and city missionary and who could lie placed upon a salary to be paid from the city treasury? ' If the commissioners do not think they woultl be warranted In paying the full salary, possibly the women's clubs or the churches might assume part of it. But the work which Mrs. Jones has been doing, very large part of It. is public work and the public treasury should bear the expense of it. It Is hardly necessary and .vet it may not be amiss to say, that this article ha's not been written at the solicitation of Mrs. Jones'^or at her suggestion. The writer of It simply knows the facts that are here set forth, and he feels that It is not fair for this community to load off upon one little woman all the work wh'ich has been shouldered upon Mrs. Jones. Wc hare suggested a possible way of relief. If anyone has any better way we should be glad to hear It. If the women's clubs would take the matter up iTor discussion at their meetings, or if some of the church societies would consider it, and a conclusion .'^hould be reached, this paper would like to hear what that conclusion is. The community certainly has a duty to perform In this matter, and ft ought to do it promptly. TOO M\y\' HKPlBLir.VX l'.\RTIKS. The Rpgisler's comment on the late l.-'.mcnted result in th«i Seventh dis- triet appealed so strongly to a well known citizen of that district that he addressed to the editor the following letter: '1 wish to congratulate you on the very Fea.-ilile editorial In the Register .r the 11th in.-;tant on the result in •he T'h Dlsirl!'!. Yon analyze the sit- latior very clearly and point out the 'inpci^v'iliility of Republican candidate!; • ticcr eding wlien they decline to ."••tand 'or Ifc publican piinciples and pnlicit's. ••.Iiidije Martin I.s a good man but he • ecaiiie sens-llive over the charges that le un.< a •Standpatter." So he began n p'ny 'Insurgent.' It was not a suc- •cys. Me may have secured the votes •)f sosne •lnstir;'ents' bnt the 'Hegulars' lost IntereKf In the campaign and made no effort to get out the Republican vote. The trouble is we now have two Republican parlies, which Is one more than we need." boys" club and a girls' club—adjuncts i Register has wondered, therefore, if It of the Little Builders. But Mrs. Jones Is not only the sup- •Aould be possible for a woman to be found who might combine the func- ITo married vomv's happiness ia complete without dilMren; she yearns with thie deeper Jonglngs of tcr nsturo fcr the Joys of mot:ier tcoi But women who bear chlldrer chooid prepare for the ccsslng o. baby by piopcxly carlnjj for the: Ikysieal ^stoss. Mather 's Fricn. is the expectant mother's greatest hclr. It is a remody which pieparca th. mnades sad tendons for the tmuaual sV.aia, readers the ligaments snpple an- •dutic, aids in cx ::sndi2 >s the skin szJ. flesh fibres,-aad strengthens all it: smnbranes and tissues. It is e3peciall7 via-.:able where tho breasts are tronblc- SNDW from svtClJix Vid coneestion, zzi its rcsuLur use will lessen the ptl3 aid danger when Via little ono The time has come for the Repnln 'Ican imrfy to fake note of the progressive thought of the day and embody In its fundamental law the principles of progress.—Lawrence Jonrnal. Would it be requiring too much^to nsk the Journal to be a trifle more specific? Just what are the "principles of progress" which the Journal would have the Republican parly "em body In its fundamental law" that are not already there? And just what is '•the progressive thought of the day" •^hich the Journal would like to have :he Republican party take note of? Those qucFMons are a.sked in good faith, and not by way of controversy and we hope they will be answered In •hat spirit. George W. Perkins, the New York financial magnate for many years associated with J. P. Morgan, severed that connection some time ago and gave out as a reason that he wished to devote himself to the study and discussion of the Industrial problems of the day. A New York man who is i)retiy close to the inside of everything that transpires in Wall Street, told the writer of this that the real reason Mr. Perkins retired was thai Mr. Morgan caught him In a lie,—and h.-it is .something the Old Man will not stand for. BAKING POWDER TbafMakMths Baking Bofftr Failures are almost impossible with Calutijcf. We know that it will «lve you twtter re^ullx. We know that tbe baking; will be —more wholuoao. We know that it wiU be more evenly ' raised. And we know that Calumet is more cc<momica!. both jn its use and cost. We know these things becanse we have out the qnalitjr into it—we bnvo seen it tried out in every way. It is •Lsed nmvin milUona ot homes and its •ales «re srowinB daily. It is the modem bokine powder. Have you tried it? Calumet is highest in guolit moderate in price. Recoirnl H !(be .t Award— WcM't Pure Food Ftporition. Senate and give the Governor a clear Held. The perspicacity of the Journal is iH'vond praise. Wc don't want to knock on Col. Golden, tho Boy Scout organizer who spoke to Ihc high school boys In loin the oilier day. But It has always been our understanding that the men who were with Gen. Custer in his last charge in the battle of the Little Big Horn are there yet. GOMPMY M. TO FT. RUSSELL^ We are beginning to suspect that Cliarlie Scott of the lola Regi.ster is iinfrienii'y to Uie governor of thi.s .state.—Lawrence Journal. He is just as" friendly to the Governor as the Governor is to him. .Maybe if the Kniporia Gazette would order Its paper from some oth-' er house and cut out that yellowish int it might help some. •J« AS OlIIEItS SEE THLXGS. The Topeka correspondent of Ih" Kansas City .lournal calls attention to •he fact that while the Republican candidates for Congress in Ihc Second and Seventh districts were both nominated at primaries, the Democratic candidates were nominated at conventions. Which would seem to show that the newspapers which so vehemently declared that "the people would no longer stand for the old machine method of naming candidates" have another guess coming. .\n lola householder whose gas bill was 118 last month, when the housi was cold all the time, and none of the stores was showing half the gas pressure that would be apparent In warm weather, wonders what It is that makes the meter go .-ound nnd round whether there is any gas going through it or not. Can anybody read him the riddle? ooaes: \.'«scn who csa Sfotber's Wtad are aui-nrei cf F3 .tr "~g tis trItiM wiJi {Afct .v. It is i-t Bsis at Ovg rores. Wr;«o fcr frao boci for e^eetaat mothers. inuixFiBXj} csouzAToa co^ Woodrow Wilson: (Before stung by the Presidential bee). "A government must have organs; It cannot act inorganically by masses. It must have a lawmaking body; it can no more make law through Its voters than it can make law through Its newspapers." The Lawrence Journal is not officially advised to that effect, but it thinks It Is reasonably safe In saying that' Governor Stubbs'a idea of party harniooy would be tor Senator Cartis to withdraw from the -raoe tor the . Some Simple Fnrls. MutcIiitiKoii .\t ws: Some very plain acts are now si-en above the politiisil horizon. The gre.-.t jiublic, which ha;! biijn assured by Kepublicnn authority! 'hat the Republican party is all wrbng, makes no distinclion when voting time comes and swats the Republican nomlnei'. Insurgent or Regular. The political thing for nepiibllcans In do ia to see If tlii-y cannot agree and not be hunting for opportunities to fight each other. It doesn't pnilii an in8urg >'nf to b(^ belter than his party. .Nobody remembers his claim and nobody believes It. The farmers of Kansas seem to think they are getting too high prices for their products. The memory of the last Democratic administration is growing weak. It is It; years since we h:id a low cost of living and nothing to pay with. A new generation has come to the front which w:'nis experience of. Its own and Is not willing ro read history. A gnat many of the worklngmen want to compete with the jiroducts of men who work for fifty cents a day and think they will still get good wages. The primary system of making nomi nations looks nice and fair but a convention arouses jiariy enthusiasm. When, a voter goes Info a booth he has a rljtht to vote as he durn pleases. It Is impossible for a divided party to win unless llie other fellows are divided. We got ours in Kansas and the Democrats will get theirs In New York. ./ • lOL.i MILITIA WILL GO TO WYO- mya SEXT SU3I.\IEK. .U Result Interest in Mliltjiry Affairs Is Picking Up Lorully and Eu- Ustuients Are Eiisy. The affairs of Comjiany M arc be ginning to ••look up" nowadays. The militia boys, who had begun to think that they had got into a rather mo notonous rut,-have been much bright ened by thf recent order of the fed eral government directing that the national guards of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, the Dakotas, .Montana and Wyoming, shall bold their annualen campment nest summer at Fort D. Russell, Wyoming. The annual en campinent at Fort Riley has heretofore been something of an attraction hut it had begun to get a little stale, and the new order comes at a time when it Is especially refreshing. The iiieiiibers of the company are much pleased over the order, and recruit Ing is much easier than it has been for several n-ontbs past, eight ne members having enlisted within the !)ast several days. .4dded interest has Infected the company, and the boy Hre already beginning to make care fill preparations for the annual gov eminent Inspection, which occurs on March 27th as a poor showing that time might result in their being denied the trip to Fort Russell. ALL STO.MACII .MISERY END.S. ludiiarestion. Heartburn, (las nnd Dvs I»;i Hill Go.In Five .Hiniitrs. The question as to bow long you are going to continue a sufferer from In digestion, dyspepsia or out-of-order .I'tomach Is merely a matter of bow •;oon you begin taking some Dir.pepsin If your stomach Is lacking in di je.stive power, why not help the stom eh to do It .s work, not with di!is:ic ;lrngs, biit a re-enforc -eiiieiit of ilige.s ive agents, such as are naturally at work in llie stomach. People with weak stomachs should take a little Diapejisin occasion.-illy and there will be no nwre Indigestion no feeling like a lump of Icati In th( stomadi. no hearibiirn xour rl :;lngR as on Kfomach oi- belching of tindi sjested ffiod lieadaehes diz/.incss or sick stomach, and, besides, what you at will not ferment and poison you breath with nauseous odors. Ail these -ymptoms resulting from a soiir, out- oflorder stomach and dyspepsia arc generally relieved in five minutes after taking a little Diapepsln. Go to your dru.ggisi and get a .'lO- cent case of Rape's Diapepsin now and you will always go to the table with a hearty appetite and what you eat will taste good, because your stomach and intestines will be clean an dfresh, and yon will kno^v,there are not going to be 'any more bad ntghts ind miserable days for you. "They freshen you and make you feel like :ii'e is worth living. The lola friends of Mrs. E. C Champion will be sorry to learn tha she has been critically ill since her removal to the new home at Hudson N'ew York. For a time it was feared that she might not live. —Here is a remedy that will cure your cold. Why waste time and money experlraenllng when you can get a preparation that has won a world- vide reputation by its cures of this lisease and can always be dependeJ ipon? It is known everywhere a.- Jhamberlain's Cough Remedy, and is 1 medicine of real merit. For sale by all dealers. The Register erred i:i s^tating that .Mrs. Herman was operated n\ for cancer at the hospital the other day. She is suffering from a tumor, and this is her third term at the ho.spital within a few years. —Mrs. A. R. Tabor of Crjder. .Mo. ':ad been troubled with sick headache ••'or about five years, when she began raking Cliambnrlaln's Tablets. She nas taken two bottles ot them and I hey have cured her. Sick headache is caused by a disoniercd stomach for which these tablets are esi)ccially Intended. Try them, get well .and stay well. Sold bv nil dealers. R H. f'olley, of lola. lias bought the Mildred Ledger and \vill |.f his son run it. The Register wishes the nev.- brother success and joy. —Charles Durham, Lovlngton 111., has succeeded In finding a positive cure for bed wetting. "My little boy wet ti;e bed every night clear thro' on the floor. 1 tried several kinds of kidney medicine and 1 was In the drug store looking for something different to help him when I heard of Foley;] Khlney Pills. Ater he had taken them'! two days we could £ee a change and when he had taken two thirds of « bottle he was cured. That Is about six weelcs ago and he has not wet In bed sines." J. D. Uondis Co. Qjiickest, Surest Cough Remedyjver Used stops Even Whooping Cough Quickly. A Family Supply for 50c. Money Refunded if It Fails. If some one in your fumilr lias an obstl- aale. deep-sented roiiph—even whooping rough—wliirh hns yiel,!p<LslowIy to treatment, buy u ,".0-i-cnt bottle ot I'inex and watch thot <H5nsh vanish. If it fails, money bark promptly, .ind without arirument. A COcent bottle of Pinex. when mixed with home Hindi' syrup, makes a full f lint—a f.nmily "supply—of the most effect- re cough remefly (liat money can buy, at • naviDi; of $•— Gives instant relief and will ununlly wipe out a bad couch in 24 hours or less. Easily prepared ID five minutes—oireetions in paekace. I'inez Cough Syrup lins a pleasant taste —children take it willinely. It stimulates the appetite and is slijhtly laxatitre— both pood fentiirra. .Splendid lor croup. ho.<irsenea». throiif tii-kle, incipient Inns tmiililes, arid n prornnt. tuc('e:isful rem- id.v for whoopinc roiiL'li. PInei li n Foei iul and hichly oonren- tm«e<l ixitniKiund "t .Vorwny White Pine exfrnrt, mid in rU-h in Kii.iiacol nnd other elementa wb 'rh are so healine to the momhranes. Simply mix it with auRar lyriip or strained honey, in a pint bottle, snd it is rp .idy for use. L's»>d in more homes in ihr t'. S. nnd Canadn than any other roiitth •iiipily. Pinex lin-' nfirn been im-'tafed. bnt never aiirfe>sf:illy. for nnthinj else will prodiii-e ill" 111111" n-siilH. Tlie genuine ia tuaranlfml "> ::iv<' nin-ilTite i>:iti.'<fartion '•>r mmiry r..'n-nlcd. CertiJiiaie of pnar- «i'tve U "•-!. iH.l In enrh paeknie. Youi rfriiyyisi l>i>« P'-fX or will set it fcr yoti. If not. >utu} -u Tha I 'inez Co., FL Waynt. Ipdiana. South it )k;!(^ 01? Galveston fronts /the Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms grow outdoors in January is a good place to winter in—that's self-evident. Galveston, too, has Hotel Galvez—a new million- dollar edifice, located'near the beach and seawall. You win like Hotel Galvez once you enter its doors. A charming southern hospitality is supplemented^by all the luxuries of Fifth Avenue. Go to Galveston tliis v»inter on the Santa Fe. The train service is convenient. The e.xcursion fares are low. For booklet anil full information, ask W. E. RALSTON -Vf .'K .M' Phone 37.5 lola, Ks. $1 Liberty Lanterns 75c We are overstocked on i hi.s high grade cold blast Lantern and will make thi.s i>rice for this week only rmham Hardware Co. Highest Market Pnces For HIDES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 \ THE COGfflLL COMMISSION CO., lOL.V'S PKODUCE a.VKKE'r Biiying every day—always payii-.r; the best prices-for P0UI.iTRY, BlTTKIl, Kt;i;S and HIDES. Cull us up. i'hone 370'. We are always- glad to tallc 10 yon. That's what wt- lire here for. (Successors to lola Produce Co.) Phone 3;6 Wvst of Sniila I'e Tracks lolii, Kansas IE NORTQRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, Jv v>8AS , OVKK KOKTY YK.VKS OF CONSlKVATIVE HA-NKIXll IN lOLA Dciiu.silory for Ibe I'liiled .s:iiti>>, Stiile of KiuisaN, and Allen County OFUCEKS: L. I.. .N'OUTIIKUP, I 'rcRidcnl 1). P. NOimiUUP. 2nd V-Pres. K A. .\01iTllllll>, Vicc-l'ro.-;idei:t MKI.VI.\ KJtO.NK, Casbler. li. J. COl'FEY, Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Depo.^its Safety Deposit Boxes for Bent youK UUSIM:*S SOLICITED. WEST OF THE KIVEK. til. .Ian. IT.—We are glad to see father softening iiu some, l.ulii Ling visited Kdna Il.-aty .Mon- iay while the imi •>( the faiuily amended the sale at .\ostrand's. C. P. riarlt iiad a sick cow and ent to Dr. Howell for medicine that :iel|ieii her right away. Mr. Clarli wa.-; looking at a tefiiii of .1. .^1. Pr.-.'^ton s he has for sale. Elder J. .M. Thonijison «f Indiani preaclii'il at T. l)aw.-;on"s .Monday nisjlir apti at .f. .M I're.stoirs Tuesday r.fternoon. isaai- ileafy bought tlie hhitk pony tediii a* the .\'ostran;l-i;eahm sale. George Culbertsoii is hauling cora to .\rzie Have.-; at 6t>e per bushel. C. P. Clark i> living to buy soiv.i alfalfa bay to feed his cows. We ougiit to be thaukful it was as well with u.- as it was when we read how much h.inier the storm was in other p'.aces than here. T. L. Dawson. .Io.«ie .Tones. Mr?;, iinrris and son Cliarlio. .Mary Be.ity. Eider J. M. Thompson and .Ie-:se lliggs ?cok dinner at J. M. Preston's last Tuesday. There was a fruit, tree agent looking after the needs of our people the; first of the week. J Jeaea Jeoaon attendetl tbe Adam-i son sale Tuesday in the hope of pur- .,(i;i-sing a good cow. We were glad to see our former friend becca Pearson, in lola Sunday rvening. Mr. and Mrs. Eidridge are both -oinewhat indisi)Ose<l at this writing. —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market. Phone 818. ticket AT FOUNTAIN5,HOTeLS,OR ei3CWHCIIi: ^ Get the Original and Genuine HORLIGK'SV MALTED MILK^ The Food Drink for All Ages f RICH HIUC. HALT GRAUI EXTSAa. n rOVSEK Not in any M3k Trust Ixuist on "HORLICK*S" Take « paokat* heoM .1.

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