Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, J ANTJARY 18. 1912. ^Saturday, January 20 Beginning^ at 9 a. m., and Continuinif All Day npHIS SALE of Ladies' Skirts is one that should ^ interest the ladies of lola immensely. This fine assortment of skirts consists of 175 pretty styles in voiles, panamas, serges and fancy mixtures, running in price from $7,50 to $20. We expect this to be one of the greatest skirt sales, as we never have included such remarkable values. No skirts will be laid away. All will be given an even chance to secure the best bargains. Some of these skirts' are now on exhibition in our window. Pick as you will, use your best judgment—Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, one day only, choice only mm JosiicEs SGOAED GOVJvKXOR WANTS "FBIEXDLl' 0 .>E TO TR\ J. E. UUUSE. Attoney OrnernI ' Dawson lotltes Slultlis to Choose-rLaw Blocks 113 EAST MADISON 113 EAST MADISON [PBSONfliS I "Bob" Hyde came In yesterday from 1 Geii«,ira. for a short visit uiili friends. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co , Kress I Bld^ Orrice rooms 22 to 24. P. MPII relurnf-d yi>st<>ril;»y from t«va tlie I 'nndlton ol Ills wITi^'s Ijer, which lius been d:iiij;i'inis. liav /Improved. Mr. Poultrynian: If y.iu ixro not tUng eggs, don't blame the clilckf'ns.. ielp them alonK by fpedins Conki'vV ylng Tonic. Morris & Howard has it. !• CherryvalP UepublJcaji: w. H Aii- derson of lola, and E. H. Ksiill of .lop lin'stopped in town this ariirnuun lu visit W. E. iJaldry on ih.- way to lola. —^Do not allow your kidney and bladder trouble to develop beyond the|"r Kivf liini ov.r to tlu reacb of .medicine. Take Foley Kidney Pills. They give quick results and stop irregularities with .'iurpris- ing promptness. J. D. MumlLs A- Co. Copies If you liavf an old jiiioto wliltli is fadiiiK. hrUiK it U> us aiiil wi" will iiiakt! nico new prints from It. ('Iiarnt-s it-asoii- ahli". Gibson's Studio IIu >VukitIni:ton. Ma]un of TliotoN That i 'lcMC. liy siM-iial iuvitiilioii a man who lias luMiid .'^I 'Vi'ial jiwcliy stoii'S was "(iiii'sl of honor." Tilt* jcwdiTS lii- viti il hiin liy an ad\crli-ii'dKnt in tin- lia'.i'Ms and lii> acci'iitcd, the jfwcliTs inoini.sint; not to IL'M'.'II his i<J<'ii!ily Hi ImrKlar pruiiiisinK t« IKiliii! and rcforii). —Scalshipt Oysters, best on the market. City Meat Market Phone SIS The county leaders of the suffrage s„eakin2 of the advantage to farn.- Dvement will convene at Ijwrenee ^r.^ <-,f «ood roads, abilitv to haul porrow where the Second District ,,.i„, ^renler ease, a elation plans a meetuiK to map si.nta Ke otrioial offered these inter- campaign, esiins railroad facts: On a grade of — 1 per cent an ordinary freight en- Sealshipt Oysters, be?t on the gine will haul thirty-eight cars; on farket. City Meat Market Phone SIS. i a urade of 2 per cent it will haul — j twenty-one ears; on a grade of 2 per Prof. Connaway. head of the veter-, cent, fourteen cars. binary deparUwent of Missouri Tni- j — verslty, advises farmers to kill offj —Ch»ire County Butter at City Meat thfeir pigeons, as the birds arc ac-, .Ma.-ket. I'hone S18. cused of carrying hog cholera. The Register was told today that .\t KIgin. 111., price of butter i where the market lixed, to a large ^ during the recent cold spell an lola) extent, for the entire countrv the woman took a hot water bottle to bed; price was recentlv advanced 'to 40 with her and during the night thei cents a j.ound. a new record In temperature went so low that the " water froze in the bottle. That is certainly "going some." F«Iey's Honey and Tar Compomid. —Is a reliable family medicine. Give it to your children, and take It ToarselT when you feel a cold coming on. It checks aud cures coughs and oo}ds and croup and prevents bron- cbltis and pneumonia. J. D. Muudis Co. New York the table necessity is 42 cents wholesale and T,'2 cents retail, the highest in twenty-eight years. If we all didn't hate the packers so dreadfully, we might even consider olt-o kindly. Many who took advantage of the in- j crca.eed gas pressure to overheat their liousos, did so to their sorrow being troubled almost immediately there- aft.T with bursting water pipes. This The wholesale jewelers of Chicago; they cannot understand. It appearing held a banquet tie other night and | logical that the pipes should burst, if Dodors Use M for E^ma Kv*ns.ExrCoinmlssloncrof Hcaltli. ;iTescrlrtlon for »>czema and absolutely 'TiiKTr ia Kliuuat no relutiutv IK-I ;.'uarantee tliut li will take uway the B -and the tUouvl." Tbc' Itch the Instant you upply it. If you art; niff-rln* from any form of Bl ;ln trouble wo would like to have you come to our Rtore, for we have had the oKtncy of thin rein<»<3y for so many years that we can tuU you aJl ai>out D.D.D. Prepcrlptlori and how It cures ecxema. Tn fnet. we are surp of what li.lXD. will do for you that we will ^ glad to let yuu have a }1 bottle on our tniarantee ttiat It will coHt you nothing unlcKK you find that It does the worI<. For that matter a trial bottle for 25c ouKht to be <<notigh to absolutely prove tnu merits of tho remedy. Drop into oar store ansnray and we will tell you All about tbU great remedy. akin dt must be cured throiisb the nkln. _ throiiEli M («ms must be wsabeU out, and su b»Pe Ion* a«o J>een found worth- .TbcMSloct advanced physicians of tbbeoiuitryarenow agreed on this, and •t* preacclbinE a.wasii of winterkreen. ttaynol And atfaer inaredlenta for ecxeoa and all other akin dlseaiica. This com- ponx^MliMaiown oa DJJ.D. FrescripUon "Dr. (Holmea. the well known skin spe- eialist .writea: "Ijun convlnc«4l that the S.DLD . Preacription is tut niucli a xtiecidc for< ccaema as quinine for malaHo. We lurtre ttBtaortacrSbiag the D.DO). remedy lor years. .TP^ ouraalTea- '•onA tor the DJXD BUBBEIX'S OBJCG STO££—W £8T SIDE SQUAJtf.' at all, during the time of the most in- Icli .so cold. The jiiiKst rea.-^tjnable explanation yet advanced is that the pijies did Inirsl during IIM ' freeze, but that the fact did not liecoiue evident until the melting ice caused a leak- a.m-. —Choice County Hutter at City Meal .Market. I'hone SIS. .\n oil Iniiucr is to be installed in till- .\ortlirup Hank Mock and if I provi's abU- to uiaintaiii a fair li-m- ilieiatiive il will lie s.lli.'-litiiti'd tor the ^il ; llMller. .An rilil man | M ildling leaf t<ilia<'c< on the Ktreeis iiiTc aflorilcil an uii- •iMiiil sif;M ye .'il.Tila.s. lie saltl In L ;r< w II on hi^: land in liiitiaua, and ilial it has been iiiring for two yearH lie disjio.^ed of niiiin-riMis Ininehes of NMM'S to pipe Miiok ''rs. Colder wi'itlier is prediileil by llii' w>-atlier man. but oiu' good f«'alurt' .iboiit the kinil of Arctic weather we h;i\>- had is that anylliing above zero : eems perfectly all right. Ilunucwell, famed for its woman mayoress and its Town Uow, •unifreil a $It!.(MMi lire yesterday niorn- iig. which will iirobably be charged (I the mulisliiicss of the councilmen. .\ deaf mute from Soutiiern Kansas olicited funds here today to iiay his iiition at tlie Olalhe sciiool for the le;,f. where he hopes to become a "igar maker. —tfr Money. R. H. Cnnplngliam. Atchison Globe: How about those fighting editors that were converted a year or two ago at Mankato? Their ajiparent change furnished a subject for a wagon load of dull day newspaper stories. But the editors are at it again, pulling hair and throwing rocks at each other. The Monitor refers to the opposition iir the "manure spreader,"' and says something about •"The Man with tlie goatee, the cud of natural leaf, the haunted face, and the eyes of the canton flannel elephant." —It will be to your interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumann. 2UG S. Jefferson. Phone 259. Uid you ever notice at a moving picture show how freauently. when the hero has coiiijdeted his arduous labors and is apparently about to take the heroine In his arms, ihe daggoned film breaks? Nearly all flliii reels are now ten.sond, as the films state, and the question arises whether the censor has not seen fit to cut out the interesting osculatory details. lola friends of C. P. Hale, former lolaii, now right hand man of George Gould at WlchltJi. will be plca8e<l at this story from the Wichita Beacon: "C. P. Hale, local freight agent of the Missouri Pacific, believes in Colorado land as an Investment, lie received a check for $G today as his pro-rated share of proQt realized on hay which was grown on his six -acre tiatch near Moffat, Colo. His taxes on the property amount,to %2.C,t. His profit on the deal amounts -to $4. Don Lowdennllk left today for Seattle, where be has «ectired la position. A good many people have watched with Interest the development of the clash between Governor Stubbs and E. House, the Topeka Capital reporter who published that beer was sold openly in Kansas at the unfortunate time when the Governor was boasting that he had made the state dry. The Governor has been seeking to put the reporter in the "nine hole" ever since and now wanls him arrested, Interro gated and sent to jail for contempt he is silent. Uets are In favor s ultimate victory, and It Is not likely that the Governor has been so furious in years as he was when he found that the state law protects House froiu decapitattun sentence to dungeon or other imnlshment save legal one. A Topeka dispatch of yesetrday -•••ays: •lohn Dawson, attorney general says he will bring an Inuulsltlon he foie a Justice of the peace In Shawne county to see If .lay IC. House can be ciiiuiM'lled to tell wliern he saw liQuor .sold over n bur In ii club In a country town. But the attorney general asked Governor Stubbs for more siwclflc In BtriictlonK today In a letter, in his letter last night the governor urged that the attorney general select justice who was known to he friendly to law ehfoicemenl. The attorney general says he <Ioes not know any of the Justices. A serious legal question relating to the in<|uIsItion before a justice of the lieace aiqiearcd today. The law i)rn viding for Imiulsltions requires that they must hi; ligld lu the county When the alleged violations of the law ex Isted. Iloii.^e has .said that It did not take pla<e in Shawnee county but li wont tell what county It was. There is a que.-;tion whether a justice of the peace in this county could lake ii] the case and send House to jail if h wanted to do it. The attorney general may hold In quisitions wherever he pleases, and, If witnesses fail to testify, he may bring pro'erdings to/scnd the, wilness ]to jail, iliit the law specifically provitle Ihe jtistico must reside in the county wlieie the violation took place bi-fon he can send a man to jail for con tetnpt. In his letter to the governor today tlie attorney general says: This House controversy is. yours and not luine. and. as ailmonished by tli' Supreme Court. 1 shall comply with \our instMictions and follow your di rei ii-iv' to the letter and in good faiil ;ind will subpoena .Mr. House with al cotivenlt'-nt !;peed before some justic< r the peace tn Shawnee county, you direct. I notice, also, your adinon IIion tl>.at 1 should bring this proccec lug before some justice of tlie jieaee friendly to I ho enforcement of IIK ;:li)itory law. I liave no personal ac(|uaint:inee with any justice of tli< peace In Sliawnee county and would bt il:id to have you name the parilciilai justice of Ihe peace wlio enjoys yoiii rollfiiien.e iir ftlitlts!! me with a lis! of ihi- justices of the peace who arf not in fa\or of the enforcement of tlii law. so I can avoid them and select one of (he otiicr.s. There Is SOUK ioiibl as to wlii'tlier Ihe judge of tie court of Topeka has Jiirl'-illetlon, hut I will livin;,' the pioceeilings before him if yen so direct. I tiiank you. also, for your kindly (lis poyliii.ii to appoint :illorneys to assist me in this important matter aud I as sii;<- you that iliey will lie aci-oriieil by nie 1 viiy piissible courtesy and upon your .^.I'ecifir ilJuclion to that'effect 1 will give ihem nil the power that itii po.>-Kil)!e fur li.e to cciifer upon them. Permit iiie. :;Uo. to that it would Le h< ijiriii to me if yon would ai>point I'.ie-c at'.orneys in tiie first instance e- ih:it I may. have their as- Ktance :o ti:M 1 may havethelr as- i(m. I iiariicu!avly urge this because of certain possible difficulties of no small magnitude which are likely to arise "at a very early stage in these proceeelings. —Flannel and Corduroy Shirts on special sale at the Mo<lel this week. Lawrence Gazette: "You say Governor Stubbs always mentions Lincoln. I will go yon a new hat that he next Interview he gives out, Lincoln will not show up in It," remarked a friend to the Gazette the other day. The bet was taken. We win. The governor's next interview after that was when he end/)rsed Herbert Hadley for vice-president, but he was a close call for a winner. He brought ^Incoln in to close the last sentence of the interview, but he landed him all right, as well as a new hat for the office. From Wichita comes news that the Southwest Plaster Cement Company of that city has been Uivited to join a merger of the cfement plaster mills of the country. These have been ojieraled under three organizations. nd now al! three and a few outsiders are to be rolled Into one concern. At the regular monthly meeting last night of the Allen County Medical society. Dr. Jewel of Moran, and Dr. W. S. Hendricks of this city werS oted in ns honorary members. You Employ an Expert In food selection when you eat Grape - Nuts Read the "Road to Wellvllle," in pkga. 1 ^. . , V Our ibmoal January Qearanee Sale Begins ^Saturday, January 20th 5>ee Ad Tomorrow for Prices. Protect . Your Horses Against this raw, cold damp weather. We have splendid BLANKETS— and they are priced right too. See us today. i;%B2SISilW |0N TO .lILr.\<; IVO.MK.V. I.itlle Sound .Idtirr Will Help .Man) n Snfferer lu loliu .\n woman can be healthy and weir If'tlic kidneys arc sick. Polson.s' that pass off in the secretions when tlio !f!(lii( y.-.- ar;e well are lelained in the "viy when t'lie kidneys are sick. Kid- :ieys and bladder become inflamed '.nd swollen and worse troubles qulck- )• follow. Tlii.'i is often the true cause if bearin;'; down pains, lameness, back •clie etc. Trie jiol.HonIng also causes iead:iclics, dizzy spells, languor, nerv )usne.-s and rheumatic pain. When suffering so, try IJoan'.s Kld- ley Pills a rcjnedy that has cured lioii:-ands of siK'h cases. Yon will get letter ns the kidneys get better and iicalth will loturn whih the kidneys ire well. Let ail lola woman tell you iboii, Doa'n's Kidney Pills.- Mrs,. Harry O. Scott. 14 X. Fourth :n rt. Io!a. Kans., says: "I had weak iiiiii', v.- and suffered intensely from ia( I:ache and pain.s in my loins. Spots iften appeared before me and there .vere puffy s)iots beneath my I 'yes. 1 :aii di/.zy sind nervous spells and fr'.t iii.-i.rable in every way. Nothing 'cliied me to any extent itntlT I used •oau'.^ ICii!;iey Pills. This iin-iiaration iirii cted iii\ trouble proving of liene- il in every way." For sail l:y all deal'rs. Prii-e .".r 'C •'oster-.Milburn Co., Huffalo, .V. V.. .)leai;enis for the United States. Iteineiaber Hie name—1 loan's—and 'ke no other. FREE SOUVENIR Saturday, Jan. 20th Pfates, Iridescent TLmblir^, Gre£n Bowls and Cups and Saucers l.\ AliDITlON TO USUAL CllKCKS WITH rOFKI -K rVA (IMKOLATK .vr .VlM'II KXTK.VCTS (OUOiM T miW SV.Elt (;KI.ATiNK • H .viuj vi .NS TIMS WI:I;K. I.l HIS . hcKt Ciiiie .Sitjrar _ ifil.lll) Hot Japau Uice, 1 Ih. cotton btii; . ."ie lies! .Seeded Ifaisiiis, per packaue . Ill- Three jhs. Carolina Ulrc . . '.Mc .mill, I'cerless Hniiid, Hordcn'* lull can . - lie .Milk. I 'c<Tlc?ts Hriiiid, Hordeii's small can Kiigle llriiiid .Milk, Iliirdi-iiN large ran 7 North Jefferson Phone 336 ItlVIM; IMOVKU OF .V\ ACHE. Idea It: Ilcri U II \i w SlalNUcal Modern FiiiiUKe. On the fjiee of till' rilurns and sn l';ir as evisliiif; records go. Hie y l!t(i!i was high water mark for agri- iiKure In llieriilied Stales. Taking iir chlif crop, the Deparliiient of Ag- Icullure liiids that the product of an vi;-a);;e acre was then worth more hail in any of the forty-llvi> yi-ars of .vhich it lias slailHticsmore than In s'lii. Hie low mark by nearly el^hl (oliars and a half, or one hundred nd seven p. rcent, and eveyi a little note than the inllated prices that )llowed the Civil War. It was liigher than in ISHO by mor' ilian s'-veii dollars an acre, or nearly iglity per cent: and from that year inward Ihe dejiartnieiit has also re:!il prices in many localities in the real list of article's that are conimon- y jiurcliased by farmers. It thus deuces that Hie purchnsing power of n acre incri.-ased (ifty-four in.-r ceiii n tlie decadi—in other words that, with the jircduct of an acre, a farmer c<iuld buy fifty-four per cent mere of he things he commonly needs. .Vow IS'J'.i was not a positively bad year for gricuUure. Most farmers, then, no ioubt, jiurchased the things they real, neodcd; and we might jump to the flattering conclusion that In 1909 the farmers had a net surplus equal to about half their total income. Of course it never looks that. way. -N'et surplus tends also to vanish. The tables show those necessary or strictly useful articles that an average farmer might have bought in 1899 and ugain in 1909; but no possible tables can show what he did buy. The plain kitchen chair that cost 72 cents in could have been had for 82 centa n 1909; but, in fact, the farmer bought an upholstered chair at two fifty. The yard of calico that cost five and a quarter cents in 1899 was not only bought at six and one-half cents 5n 1909, but silk ribbon went 1th it. otherwise, what would be the use of jjrosperlty?—Saturday Evening Post. The Danger of La Grippe —Is its fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure your la grippe coughF fake Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. R. E. Fisher. Washington. Kas., says: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ned pneumonia. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Compound and got relief after taking the first few doses. I took three bottles and my la grippe was cured." Get the genuine In the yellow package. J. D. Mup- dls Co. Andrew McSpatton, colored, of Bas L^ett, dlt^d last evening about' seven o'clock of pneumonia fever,' with which he had suffered about two weeks. He w^as about sUty years of age. had been a resident of Baasett several yciirs and was highly esteemed among his race. The funeral was held this afternoon, interment being In the lola cemetery. Jerry BedweU left: last ,nlght for P ^Kai^ City tor a ttrieC.basiiiess vislt.1 Mr. ,C4'cK Lean and m^s Florence lloibnioii, who lill sleilnr roles In the liig musical comedy—"Ifright l-yes"-at the Cirand TonigbU I VYOIW NAiM{OWi;|{ ROADS. Aansas Mav Fdlimv luwa and larni ;{IKi,l»(H» .More .Icres. .Manhattan, Ka:-;.. .fan. IS.—If. l,y lario.ving the public roadway.i from •W to 40 feet, Iowa can t;ivo ba<k to the f::riiiers :;0().tMjo acres of agricultural land valued at :w million dollars, why couldn't Kansas, with t;ii-foot roadways, save neaivly a.s much? Gov- '-•rnor Carroll, of Iowa, proposes to make that saving by reducing all the| highways in that state to a uniform 40 feet. A big saving for Kansas cr,i:Id be made in the same way, .says W. S. Gearhart st.Tte highway engineer at the Kansas Aericnltural College. .\ 40-foot road is plenty wide for iraflU' anj'wliere in the state. In- says. A-.ty Kansas road. Mr. Gearhart says, if properly graded and maintained, that Is 30 feet wide between the centers of the ditches on either side of, the ro'hd. will accommodate any kind of traffic so far as width is concerned. But the ditches should b-- well formed with' the bottom level not more ''han 3-1 to ?,n inches below the crown of the finished road. mmm To Darken Ihe Hair and Re• store Gray and Faded Hair. to Its Natural Color. , It is pns'"r to i. r -rrve tbo color of •hf h;ir {'.. :n t'> r'~t.,re it, aMioiish it ,'; f<i si:,;'- !o ilo i?-.!h. Our graiel- l:iefhcis umbT '^tood the seer^t. They iiKi 'te a "s.-i-.-e t:'ri." nni! their dark. }rh >s:-.v hriir b .a^ after ini.Mle life v.-as i!ue to tin's Our mothers have gray I'.nirs before they are fifty, but: lUr -y are be^'inrin;; to .nprrceiTte the wimhim <">f our .cr.inr' ia using "sage te.-i" for fhe.'r h.'iir niid are Tr.^t following suit. The present gener.ntion the advan- t.Qge of the past ia that it ca.n get a r ".Tl .v-to-Mse prejiarntion called Wyeth'.s Sage .Tjid ."Sulphur Hair Remed.v,' A.s a ficnlp tonie and eolor restorer this prep- rrntion is vastly superior to the ordinary '•s.iw tea" niaile by our grandmother.^ This reine.iy is sold under guarantee j that the money will IK > refunded if it fail-: to <I" exaetly an reprCBcntcd. If yotir h:iir is losing color or coming .Sprrire al SL Timothj'.«!. There will bo a. service at St. Tim- thv's church at half past seven vclock Friday night. At ei^-ht o'clock „ "le choir will meet to^iractice for the i ,„„. s,.,rt using Wyeth's Sage and lunday service. i Sulphur bedny, and see what a change Tbe .Mien County Meilieal Society he'd Its* regular monthly niieting In •he rest room of the couit Imuse last night. Dr. F. H. Martin l-( ;\d a paper in "KheumallHin: .Med'cal and Surgical Treatment." which was afterward dli=cuFseil by the followinc physicians who wire prereni: Mlllen, F. L. P.. Leavel'. .1 G. Walker, I. W. Tlolton. P. B. Mitchell T. field, \. J. Fuiton and F. 11. Martin. —If your children are snbjec ,'acks of croup, watch for th iymptora, hoarseness . Give Oh iafn's Cough Remedy as soon zhMi becomes hoarse and. the tnayJ be. warded off . For sale de»J*ra,' il will make in a few days' time. This pre|iarntion is offered to the imblie nl fifty cent.s a liottte, nncl in leiuuiineuded and soM by all druggiHts. Special Asent—S. R. Burrell I rTlTT or OHIO r>, { or TOUEDO, I _ I cot.vrr. ( »*Fi '.cK J. i;iir ..N<T m.ikn oatb that lie k tmtat tanner ot the arm ot K. J. 1"UEXKT ft Co., doUic It .V Vw- ! Hmrii-w In ttip City of Totfiln. CoanCy ami H(at« tJurit^Hi, hntl ihrji pv.M firm will pay the nun nt O.NK ICfNliRl.n UOIXAU.S for racli and cvrrjf rx-v ot C'ATAiiKfi that cannot oe cured by tho uae ot »L*U.'H CAT.\IUai CVHE, FRA.VK J. CHENEY. .S;rom Co beto^c mr* an<l subsrrltKd ia my presenoflk •Jita otli cay ol V "«iobrr, A. ix. I88«. i;^t A.W .Ca .EASON. >jr .^l NOiAiir PDBIIO. Ilaira Catarrh Cure a taken' hitemally ana adt dirccily uva lb- krtxxl nrd mucous mutteea at 01 •ysl*"!!!. Sena lor tettimouLtto. frw. ,R J. CUKNEY 4 CO. •Meaa, t Sou Inr all Dru3SW& i3&

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