Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 22, 1962 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1962
Page 2
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Ike Urges JFK Critics To Hold Fire WASHINGTON (AP) — Former : Uule of the nation toward its President D'wight D. Eisenhower whole position in (lie world, says political snipers should hold "Any pronouncements he may their fire while Presid Kenne- make respecting an impending dy is tryiim to deal wi . an inter- crisis is almost sacros....Jt as far national crisis as l am concerned," Eisenhower To subject him to campaign at- said. "If anyone argues with him, tacks 'while he is attempting to and the bigger the following this cope with a current foreign pol- opponent gets, the .lore it has icy problem is to weaken and di- divided our country." vide the. nation, Eisenhower said Eisenhower's comments came in a taped television interview-- in the wake of congressional cam- ABC—Politics '62—broadcast Sun. ! paign cross-fire over the Commu j... : nist regime in Cuba a I the Ber- At the s;ime tim ( . the former lin crisis. Last Monday, in a Bos president stout!v defend the Re-, ton speech. Eisenhower joined in publican party'"s right to discuss the fray, criticizing Kennedy for poliev matters that ; history conducting "•> •'-•»>-» f ™>»™ ™>'and the general long-range atti- markets .33 .31 .28 .25 .18 .40 LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs Extra Large A'* Eggs A's Large Eggs A's Medium Eggs B's Large Egg* C't 1st Grade Cream 4-Day Cream Heavy Hens Light Hens LOCAL WAGON PRICES Wheat $2.00 unehg. Milo $1-55 uneng. Rye .80 unehg. Barley $1.65 unehg. CO-OP PRICE* Wheat , $1.98 .unehg. Milo $1-55 unehg. R V , .80 unehg. Barley SI.60 unehg. GARDEN CITY LIVESTOCK Total receipts: 3,095 cattle; 140 a dreary foreign pol icy ... too sad to talk about." In that stinging attack, Eisenhower termed "a strange departure from fact" a quote he attributed to Kennedy that "during ei«ht years of Republican administration our foreign policy drifted aimlessly about." Eisenhower said Sunday, "I think that »probably we have heard the last of it. At least I hope so." Eisenhower said it was the Democrats who first brought up .45 foreign policy, accusing his Re .13! publican administration of drift .05 ing for eight years, and that he had responded to this in his Boston remarks. "I do not believe we should fail to discuss things that are ^history," Eisenhower said. "A loyal opposition has got a perfect right to discuss it without rancor." At the same time Eisenhower brushed aside as "none of my business" a request for comment on calls by .some Democrats and Republicans for an immediate invasion of Cuba. Of the last Cuban invasion—the April 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco- Eisenhower said he 'has never ex- No Supreme Court Hearing for Hoffa WASHINGTON (AP)—James R. Hoffa, Teamsters Union president, wa s denied today a Supreme Court hearing on his complaint deprived of a fair grand jury "through the conscious and deliberate instigation of propaganda hostile" to Hoffa by officials of Page 7 ftarilnn City T Monday, October 22, 1962 that President Kennedy and other the federal government. government a officials had pre- deaths H. V. Lee « Word was received here yesterday of the death of H.V. Lee, A statement made by Kennedy | father of Gordon Lee, 9M Pat's judicod a grand jury against during a presidential campaign | Drive. him. ! debate Sept. 26, 1960. was offered Mr. Lee died yesterday in the The grand jury, sitting in Or- in sxipport of the dismissal re- j Coffeyvllle Memorial Hospital at lamlo, Fla., returned an indict- quest. Kennedy's statement, the i Coffeyville. He was born Sept. 16, ment charging mail fraud against I comiplnint said, in substance was | 1877, to Jasper and Allie Lee, and Hoffa and Robert E. McCarthy j "I am not satisfied to see men j was preceded in death by his Jr., Detroit bank employe. j like ikoffa be free." wife. Sarah Alice, who died in 1944. In addition to a son here, he is Justices White and Goldberg j Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, took no part in consideration of i the complaint added, "has been the Hoffa appeal. j deliberately fomenting inflamma- survived by a daughter, Mrs. Counsel for Hoffa and Me-j lory publicity. Mr. Kennedy has | Harry Keith, Coffeyville; three Carthy asked dismissal of the in- i made public statements that he other sons, Alan and Robert, h °S s ' I pressed an opinion about it at all. Fat Cattle Market was steady! Commenting on Cltban p rime to strong with practically no high . Minister Fidel Castr0) Eisenhow- choice cattle available. High i er sak ,. , <while u is t^ ^ ac . good to low choice steers sold fa actions Qf ^ . mm from $27 to $28.80. The average { w real gituat|on good to low choice sold mstly , . * ' { j ntent ion S before I from $26 U> $27. Standard and low left off . ^ fact _. ^ ft goods sold readily from $23 to | was jugt omething a situation we $25.50. Choice heifers sold on a were stm t ing to gave rathef by diplomatic means than any- steady to strong market — selling from $25 to $26.85, with average good to low choice from! $24 to $25. The standard and good | Last Tuesday, the Republican sold mostly from $23 to $23.50. : campaign high command declar- Cow market ruled generally > cd that foreign policy—Cuba in steady to strong with canners , particular — is "the dominant is- and cutters mostly from $11 to i sue of the 1962 campaign." $14. Utility and commercials sold A formal statement, issued at on a steady basis from $14 to $16 GOP headquarters, declared: "If with a few fat cow and heifer- we were asked to state the issue ettes up to $17. in one word that word would be Our* market on light weight, Cuba—symbol of the tragic irres- stockers was steady to strong, j olution of the administration." 300 to 400 1'bs. sold $29.60 to $33. Rep. William E. Miller, nat'mal Heavier weight calves brought Party chairman, was joined in the $26 to $28 Shapely Brockels and , statement by Sen. Barry Gold- medium kind $25.50 to $27. Bull ; water and Rep. Bob Wilson, calves $24 to $25.50. Holsteins $19 chairmen of the Senate and to $21 on weights 350 to 600 Ibs. i House GOP campaign commit. Heifer calves sold steady to tee.i, strong, $25 to $28 on weights 300 Reached Sunday night at Niag- to 340* Ibs. Shapely and medium ara Falls, N.Y., Miller said in Copeland Royalty Telegram Photo Hoyalty at Copeland High School's homecoming celebration Friday night was this attractive trio. In ths center is Sue Ann Button, a junior who was crowned queen during half-time ceremonies. At left is Chloe Garstson, sophomore, and at right Camilla Reed, also a sophomore, both Helping in coronation activities were Steve Henry and Jennifer Menzie'. kind sold from $22 to $25. a telephone interview there is no Mrs. .Quentln Nelson District Meeting Here Tomorrow Mrs. Quentin Nelson of Chan- ule will deliver the president's Yearling steers sold steady, to Republican disagreement over j message during the Kansas Con—„ ,. ,.™ ,^_ _i— e.n, ?r> r,,v,«>,, „!.,„„ ;„ *v,» „„rr,n.,;nn «ress of Parents and Teachers strong, 500 to 650 Ibs. steers $24.50 i Cuba's place in the campaign, to $27.40. 650 to 850 Ibs. $24.50 to $25.80. Medium and shapely quality kind sold from .$22 to $24. Hoi- steins and plainer type steers $18.50 to $22. Yearling heifers sold steady. Choice kind 550 to 650 Ib $23 to $24.50 with heavier Retired Rear Admiral Slain by Gunman CHICAGO (AP)—Paul Joachim, 50, a retired rear admiral, was weights $23.50 to $24. Shapley : slain today by a gunman who and medium kind sold from $19 pumped four bullets into his body in an apparent holdup attempt. Baby calves sold from $20 to Police said Joachim, a Chicago conference of district 16 tomor row -in Garden City. Mrs. Neison is the president- elect of the state organization and will replace Mrs. R. W. Sco- villo, Kansas City, next year. The conference will be in the youth room of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Crawford Blake, director of the district, will preside. Activities start with an 8:30 today... Hospitals ADMISSIONS At St. Catherine (Saturday) Glen D. Taylor, 1210 Hattie Randall Lee Mader, 1301 Conard Mrs. Benny Saiz, Holcomb . Robert F. Katz, Holcomb Mrs. Wallace Bascue, Rt. 1. Mrs. Lee C. Burton, 302 N. 10th. At Leopold (Saturday) Dale Koehn, Montezuma At St. Catherine (Sunday) Charlene Fowler, Eminence, Mrs. Robert E. Cranmer, Scott City Dixie Lee Froggalte, 408 Davis Dale V. Morgan-, 534 Steven/; Mrs. Albert Fecht, Syracuse At Leopold (Sunday) Wilson E. Miller, St. John DISMISSALS At St. Catherine (Saturday) Bonnie Lofing, Holcomb Mrs. Donald Matejcek, 807 Anderson Mrs. Clara Minnis, 211 N. 4th, Marshall dribble, 2301 N. 7th. Eldon Leighty, Gardendale Mrs. Juan Rodriguez, Decrfiekl Mrs. Robert Flynn, 1608 Ave. C Dcwayne Lee Brungard.t, 010 E. Maple Mrs. Jennie Derby, Sublette dictment on the ground they were wants to see Mr. Hoffa rot in jail, that he has enough evidence Mrs. Haflich Is E'scfed PARSONS, Kan. (AP)—Morris D. Hildreth of Coffeyville is the new president of the Kansas Baptist Convention. He was elected Saturday to succeed the Rev. Jacob Zimmerman of Pittsburg. Otiher officers elected were the Rev. F. Lowell Cormack, Prairie Village, vice president; Mrs. Victor Haflich, Garden City, second vice president; William Wheaton, Lewis, third vice president; Miss Ph'yllis Jackson, Wichita, fourth vice president; the Rev. David W. Bishop, Topeka, recording secretary; the Rev. Orlie Wilbur, Wichita, historical secretary and Ralph W. Goodh, Topeka, treasurer. The convention approved a $710,000 budget for 19G3. both of Manhattan, and Walter of Parsons; 17 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Funeral will be at 3:30 p.m. Funeral to convict him." U.S. Dist. Jiulige Joseph P. Lieb in Tampa, Fla., refused to dis-; Tuesday at the Ford miss the indictment. He quashed Home, Coffeyville. subpoenas that had been issued for government officials, and ordered trial of Hoffa and McCarthy. Lieb found Hoffa hadi failed to prove the contention that government officials had prejudiced the grand jury. Hoffa and McCarthy appealed to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, La. That tribunal granted a government request to dismiss the appeal, on the ground orders quashing the subpoenas were not "final decisions" and therefore were not ap- pealable. In appealing to the Supreme Court, Hoffa and McCarthy said if they 'were correct in arguing that an indictment "secured through deliberately engendered, inflammatory propaganda is defective," trial of their case would be futile. Mrs. S. A. Mills LAKIN — Mrs. Pearl Mills, 77, died early Saturday morning in the Kearny County Hospital following a long illness. She was born at Monument, Colo., March 20, 1885 and moved to Lakin from Cimarron in 1937. She was a member of the First Christian Church. Survivors include the widower, S.A. , of the home; sons, Milton, of the home; Arthur, Glcndale, Calif.; brothers, Ben Simpson, Lomita, Calif.; Cleve Simpson, in Wyoming; sisters, Mrs. Dollie Wlsoomb, Colorado Springs; Mrs. Nora Freeman, Monument, Colo.; Miss Ada Simpson, Idaho, and a grandchild. Funeral will be in Colorado Springs and burial in Monument. $GO per head. an dealer since his retirement ! a - m - registration. Three leads of choice Colorado from the Navy, was savagely Slx countiec — Greeley, Kear- calves sold from $105 head. Bull market was strong, selling from S16.50 to $17.50 per cwt. Hog market was active on a ...™..v iu „>, — .,v...«- «.*., . r ._, 25c lower market — top $10.40. i Joachim when he resisted, then ma , n ,; . an " Mrs - 15ert f razler . Court Denies in Garden City Mrs. Lee Tresner, 2021 N. 3rd. Mrs. William Kesler, 613 N. llth.< Mrs. Nora Recknor, 623 N. 13th. Mrs. Myrtle Weaver, Rt. 1 At St. Catherine (Sunday) Jesse F. Vulgamore, 1308 St. John Mrs. George Roth, 511 Chesterfield Dr. Mrs. Lloyd Keeling, Scott City Mrs. Gene Mitchell, Imperial Mrs. John F. Walters, 11 Crest Rd. Randall Lee Mader, 1301 Con- arc! Mrs. Robert John Bowe, 1208 E. Chestnut Miss Inez Barbee, 513 N. 9th. Mrs. Susanna Linnenberger, 520 N. llth. Mrs. Michael Guadian, 201 S. 1st. John Bicket, Gardendale At Leopold (Sunday) Loren Cronin, Pierceville. BIRTHS At St. Catherine A . daughter to Mr. and Mr. Pete Marqirardt, Imperial Rt., Oct.20 at 9:45 a.m. 7 pounds, 13 ounces. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Irvdn Pfannenstiel, Cimarron, Oct. 20 at 10:16 a.m. 7 pounds, i ounce. A son to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bascue, Rt. 1 Oct. 20 at 10.43 p.m. 6 pounds, 9 ounce. WASHINGTON (AP)-Thc Su POLICE Bonds Posted — Mrs. Jack Gomez, 706 N. 4th, failure to yield right-of-way and no driver's license, $10. Refugio Archie Gonzales, Gil E. Santa Fe, running blinking red light, $10. John Ed- .u.u i,....-. , Two witnesses said the «unman, chairman of arrangements; Mrs. about 18 to 20 years old, shot clco McGraw. hospitaUly chair- Most butcher hogs sold from $!G fired three more shots into his to S16.40. Light weight ho^s sold from $15 to $15.50. Sows $12 to $14. Boars and stags $8 to $10 per ' cwt. Baby pigs $5 to $13 per head prostrate body before fleeing. publicity. of his parents and sister. The killings were in 1958 at the sault and battery, $100. Harry Edward Ebaugh, 1208 Hattie, failure to maintain proper look! out. S5. ! Robert Raymond Reed, 901 Andrews farm home in Wyandotle Taylor, improper muffler, $5. j depending on size and quality. • turtles. Sea birds sometimes cruise on th e backs of big pelicas and j easily propagated for use as fish ing bait is the golden shiner. County. Andrews, a Kansas Uni-' Leonard Earl Morton, S. Star Rt., versity student, and his sister, driving while intoxicated, $100. ! Jennie Lee, were home for the Russell Lloyd Fulton, 1607 E. In Florida, the minnow most i Thanksgiving holiday. • Fulton, speeding, $10. The youth contended he was Fined — Alice Ramirez, 706 E. mentally ill at the time and com-. Fulton, charged with driving plained that he was induced to without a driver's license for the confess by a family minister who . fifth time Fined $50 and 10 in "assumed the role of police in- jail. Committed, terrogator." ' Manuel Rarreh Venegas, '1513 The Supreme Court on Oct. 9, j N. 8th, no driver's license, $5. 1961 refused a hearing to An-! Joe Contreras of Holcomb, no drews. He then began habeas cor- driver's license and no registra- pus proceedings and appealed a tion, $10. second time to the Supreme Court when those proceedings were rejected. Andrews was scheduled to be executed Sept. 11, 1962 but was granted a stay by Justice White pending action by the full Su- preine Court on the second appeal. Car Reported Stolen From VFW Post Home A car svas reported stolen Sun- Scouts Honored Telegrai Photo Two Boy Scouts of Troop 95 — Kent Shaw and Roy Falke — received God and Country awards yesterday at Christian Church ceremonies. Pictured, from left are M. E. Dellin- qer, troop scoutmaster, Mrs. Howard Shaw and son Kent, the Rev. ArthuV F. Fleming, Roy Falke and his mother, Mrs. Kathleen Falke. Bond Forfeited — Frank Van Haeys. Traffic Accidents — Friday at 2:40 p.m. at high school parking lot. Cars driven by Ronald Elswurth Huxtable, 312 N. 1st, and James Dorsey Patterson, Rt. 1. Extensive damage to both cars. Friday at 9 p.m. in 900 block of N. 9th. Car driven by Henry Edward Ebaugh, 1308 Hattie. hit' parked pickup truck owned by Paul Francis Hoffman, 919 N. day about 11:55 p.m. from the' 9th, and parked car owned by Veterans of Foreign Wars post Harold Gene Shiflet, 920 N. 9th. home west of town on US50. Extensive damage to Ebau»h car The vehicle, property of Ken- and to truck, minor damage to neth Way, 1405 B. is a red and Shiflet car. white 1959 Chevrolet, bearing li- Saturday at 12:35 a.m. at 4th cerise number FI-5088. and Fulton. Car driven by Coy Albert S. Simon, (ilO -N'. 10th, W. Farrc-ll, 405 Hudson, and reported theft of a tire ami a truck driven by Tluirman Doyle wheel. He said the items were Morris, Daniels Courts. Exlen- takcn from his yard. sive damage to both vehicles. Michael 1). l<hoa<!«>, 307 Elm, 1 Saturday at 6:25 p.m. in 100 reported theft of his billfold Fri- block of N. Main. Cars driven by day. He said no money was Mrs. (!i'or;.'t I'rhau, 705 Inye taken, but that the billfold had; (moderate damage), and Linda his driver's license and other K. Russell. 1509 B (minor dam- identification pipers. aae). ARMOUR STAR Boneless Ready to Eat CAN. PICNICS Lb. Can WHOLE FRESH FRYERS 29c u. SAVE 40% °"VO A G M U? US STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE ON TH,S WEEK'S SPECIALS Reg. '5.95 4-Qt. SAUCE PAN sna«. $3.69 Reg. '8.95 CHICKEN FRYER S«C,AL $4.99 COLO. GREEN SWEET PEAS 2 Cans 25C BAKERITE Shortening 3 c^59c VAN CAMP Grated TUNA 2 ! c s £ 39c ASHLEY'S TOMATO JUICE •9 «•« «,. MOTT'S PURE SWEET APPLE CIDER X 79c IDEAL ENRICHED FLOUR 10 % 59c STOKELY'S Bavarian Style KRAUT 2 Cans 29C MIRACLE WHIP ?»• 4O~ CREAM OR WHOLE GOLDEN CORN 4 II 3 , 49c CHEESE LOAF VELYEETA 2 ft. 79c HART BRAND CHERRIES 6'£.*1.00 i MANDALAY Crushed PINEAPPLE c '- Lb - »i nn Cans Jar Cans COLORADO DELICIOUS APPLES JACK O LANTERN PUMPKINS Lbs. 49c Be Present in Our Store Wed., Oct. 24th 2:30 p.m. Cash Day Drawing Prize $400.00

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