Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1912
Page 2
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^1' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 18, 1912, HIS HAPPY HOUK. de sews the biiUons on iiip s-liirt. And darFR his sock.'; wIUi oar)* nev«r fails to bo alort His cvcr>- woe to sliare. phe lays^ bis night cloft;«s on »?;<• l»r(i And tarns the covers <Io\vi;, (1 M ; never fills his heart witii lin-ad a suspicious frown. Jhe gives iiim what lie lilt's to oat. , l^nd never makes coiiiiilaint; Id there is never when fhoy iin"! A hint of cold restraint, ler faith in hini is «1 PI '1> ami j;r"'ai. She courts his least cares?, hen he g'ets home to dinner late There is no bitterness. he nei-er scolds U'ecaiise th'> folk -Xext door have nioro than tli< y. 3li him she pauses i.o invisku God'« blessing day by day She strives iu every way lo i-a.-f The burden" cf his lift-; Ifou may have ?;ui::-c(I ere tliis that — she's His mother, not his wife. —t'hicairo Kernril-llorahl ' ' The Sorosis club has over ilimt DOhtbs of work to lio I-ifor.' i!;. eoBon is camplotcd but alpiidy J I K iiion of 1912-1.1 is bi'inu <:.):i:;:>ii'rfd Jfllceri were eli>ctf-d ai .1 ni!(iin>; :ii he home of Mrs. S. S. Hi 1:. i v. c- erdav afternoon. Mrs. J. T. Price who wj-.s cliosc!' I succeed Mrs. W. 1). Wclff. as iins- lent .^has been ill n croaicr iiart of tfine since hrr i -lection last fal! ad has been unable !o into cfftci B ^ny of her ideas for tli" ixvniliv. " social' welfare of the ohib. K U 1< T precedent which sa.\s a |)r<sl(itni oay serve only one year WIMV - ipnoriM ircBterday and Mrs. l 'rici> was ilicteci T>r €«lde for another irrni. .\.s8i .ii g hor will be .Mis. <>. 1.. tlarlinn tioiiflc, vlce-presldxnt; Mr.s. IV ('. Mor V, secretary; Mrs. K. I). Shiild.* usurer; and Mrs, rii;:rli s 1''. Scoii tic. Durlni; the bu^*inoss m<<'iin>; iin bhib also voted to !-,i >nd .^'i to Mrs C Honson, of Paola, to be added ir |lhc second district .scholarship fund The club will have a Kansrs Da; ( program next Thur.sday at iho hon; or Mfs. J. M. Brown. _The first week in F. brunry, ih" an nlversary of the club's orpmi/.aiicr wMl be celebrated with a )>;>rty ut ili home of Mrs. W. S. Kauirm .Ti:. .Mrs (Siarles P. Scott, Mrs. IX C. .Morrow and Mrs. L. P. Stover will assist .Mrt Keiufrmar. to plan the cnlertainmer.; The supper will be planned by .Mrs. K Shields, Mrs. \V. S. C.ooilin an' Irs. C. K. Taylor. Husbands of th< members will b^ tli(> guostv. After tJie business and i)roi:r;ini yes l-terday. Mrs. Hllsi-her sorv. d riins:! lisents. X 'lP program was: "Boll Call—.Menu Sugg^^stione. Paper—"The Dcvc.loiji :irJiT of fook- Ing." Mrs. Frank Riddle. --"The Relative Nutritive Vahie of Foort Stuffs,"—Mrs. II. C. Ford. ."Choosin? Food=! Which .uo Tou-o;!;- |^"-^Ir8. I.. H. Wisbard. Disciission—"IMnner at .N'non or iBinner at Xight," Leader. .Mrs. 1.. AV. Mayberry. •J- * • —Dr. BcMfllpn. Phones r and 2«i * •> •> The Phllathea cla.=s of the First Baptist church had a delijrhtfiil pnclnl last night at the home of Mi?? Ruth l -Hassengale. The gir's enjoyed music by the bKJstcEs and Mis.': Nellie Shcrard •and a supper which the hostp.^s ."-ervod to, the followin;:. irirls: Mi.->rs Klla "VTezie, Nellie Shepard, .luanita Herr. Best Druffs at Better Prices—if wo can. Best Drugs in any case Y«u can be sure if it ccmes from here it is BDRREIL'S §?S£E The Itexall Store West Side of the Square [ Angle Kile, Wilberia Kenner Hertha 1/ •!••:••> _Wise.' Joy Hershber'cer Hazel BalVT^ Mr?, n'lrTock h;; and Mrs. Ellett. • %^ •:—Dr. Lnry .H. Jlnll, Osteopath. Telepbone ISO and 6«1. •> * • Tho Loap Yfar ilantins ivirty civ. n for the Montezua Itoys niphi by the girls who havi- frciiui'ntiy been their guests was ili.- mcrrl.yi thlnu of the kind the yoitns; |'"opI. Ii:iv.> pro- flnotWl this winl'"-. flf ( uius" it the I^-ap Year siiiril -.^lifcli timd - ihi dance difrer»'ni from .i:iy F.:-iiil ;'r '. Of the year l»ti' ih" (iriL'iii :i1 wiv th. girls did tliiiips was (inili- aa d'lit'.'il- ful. • Kono of the KUcsls li::d li.i 11 itld jOBt how th»- iMirty was to \\- rcm- ducted ^and the evniiin; i'lll of surprises. Each pirl ralli-d !li<' rliome of her gifsi in a (•:'rrias;' :.tnl lipoh arrlvnl .jit tii" ball ^avo him a "box of flowers.' SonV' of itii- tirls made up a bunt'1 of art'ljrial flow. ,->.- :lHlt-lhe most of th-m bnucht re:! I'oi bouse blossoms, f ^iw or two nf th- -Ijoys carri»Hl the ei\«iro boqnet in the ^^^^rand march and evry on<> of lii- iii •wore at bast one flowi r. |_ The colors of lav--iider and wliiif ,d«corated the dant'.iic roo-i-' VITV .iprettiJy, aiiMiiifn b'i'c ::iv- the punch tablr. l;i!iy Hirrir- liservcd piinch for tlie girls. TI KT • was :i forma' march i< d by Mr. and Mrs. I'liris lUack. after which the girls lilli'd the iiro.ur.inis. The covers of 'he p IV, sr.!:11s wiTi' paiiiJid by .Miss Vi lina .s '.M 'inr. Oni' of tl: ii.ivi'l danci's was a "dia- ni'tnd special." In a ji'wel luiso inii- 'ation dian;nnd riiic? wen- di-posited. •ach one wrapped v.itli a slip of paper •oiiiainini; .-i tirl':; it .iMie. The boys w(>ri' sivi'ii ihi' rin^s and their parir tiers for the d.iiici' was ibe one wliosf \v:<s rliachi'd to llicir favor, i'h" re wi r" s "vi -ral i xtra iintnber.': vliicli Win- ••.ci'ntlemi'ii's choice" lanci's. No iirmiflon was niad^ for su;iiior I the JKiH 1)';! ali "M- the dan;'o luatiy )f the couples went lo caf( s for sui)- t r, Tl'os" who atti'ndfd t!i(> dunce vrri-: M.ssrs Hen \\'lll"nl >i -rK, (luS Vii kly. I'lydr Tlion'.pson, Hci) l )e- lavrii. drorci' D.lnarito, .loi- llevl- iiun. I .I-." Ilovvlii.-i, Harry Ilisliop. iniiard Miitidis. Frank Arnold. Ilcr- •ehel Cox, Mi-rl" Mitiic'T, Vi 'riioi! •Ii.orc. K.lvle C.illiatt. Foster (loss, larry llayinaker. .lohn I'rtiilt, I-oiiis >rak<> KarnesI Searlntr. C. A. Uuas, Villiani Heylmun, Ralph .MaxKon. •am Knos. l.loyd Youiii:, .loe Mur- hy. .loltn r.nvoci. Chris Mlack, Ueo. Icrdon. l.rtlrando Cox. Misses I.,et- i< Wooiiin, l.ucy Wilscn, Alfa. Diin- an Ha/<^1 ''cos. Ruby Heller, H.;it)i<' ''r^nk. A'lna Vezie, Vi-lma Sleeper, nrz Potts. Vica Sraslwood Kate 'i< \ T. .Apnts Cannon. Kate Stpith. •"rean l.owdonnilk. May Bripham. Van Huskirk. Grace .Aloore. 'iva Russell, Cora Kb iti, Vava Cack•s fJretchin Moorf. .Mad.2;e .Joyce, Jo:<:i;ire Riddle, .Vary Nonhrttp, Xenia ;c 'S. Dorotliy Foiist. Ha.Tel Drake, lary McK .i on ani' Mrs. Chris Black. •I- •> •> —The try lino of Millinery every •!'^n;r inl-.tlr:. d .cors at ."lOc on the dol- ar.—Rir!.ar(lf(?:i'?. •> •> '\' " Tl'.e Art club \\?.\ a lu-ograni yrster- i-Tv afternoon in tlv Y. \V. C. A. parlor. Roll call respcnsf 'S revealed so-.ii^ technical and artistic Ideas on figure painting. Artists discus.^ed w>rp Charles Warron Kalon^ Charles Frfdirick Katon and Maude Wyatt 'C;\-on. •> •:• •>• —.\ ':ne of Wrrni P.Innkf;? goinr it a his discount.—lUchardson'.-. Th" Kiii.scoi'aHan Guild will me'^t It half pas! two o'clock tomorrow afternoon at till- home of '.fr.,. T. S Stov'T. Th;x 1 adii s" Auxiiitiry will tn( ^'t at four o'dook. Is s &L us , • \ : and yoji'll .<^ee mcttor. E FCS Tested and Fated by np-to-date metbodf. d the Kntn- .N'o'i? club v'siiTdtiy aft' rnoon for 111'- fortni'.;!ii ly thimble jiarty. Her •.'U"sls were her sister. Mrs. .1. H. Ay- ddotie. of Fort Scolt: .Mrs. .loe Ur.iiitit, Mrs. Harry Sifi-rs, Mrs. Tira Can.vts.'v. Mr?. F. H. Finn.-ll. .Mrs (" Mar.«li. Mrs. ICarl \V.-,.kly. Mr^. \V. 1! fain. Mrj". \V. K. U'df arn. .Mrs .laiiii s fs.irt''It. .Mr.?. Scv.ard llixby, .Mrs. KUis .lobiiSdii. .Mrs. Ward Johnson, y''^ X <• —The nic''a:d-(.n Dry Good? stf>rc •-•iv.': a liii; ^pl•c•la^ -aU- Sati>ri':iy mi '.iT iM-.v" anil Tai'o <d .'^kirt?; I?:. iir'Mv -ry'i • to KI I IT I fr 'H'!. VnliifS iiji to .'L'lC'ldi-f only J! See win- 'Vnv t:i?p)ay. •)k T'l"' ':n;:rd of Din >tor? of the V. W. I'. A. !i:'d a busin »ss Di'i 'tiiiL- yesl 'T('ay :ift.'rnoon. J.iir.iary 1 winty-lirib ill' Hildc iliisi; comltKM" lia.d a •r<.;ii .L- :'i .'ivc o'clock this af(<'rnooii to fl.-ir ih" v.-pju-r s'Tvice to Iv bOd ,•'! !ia!l I 'riFi four o'clock Sundtiy af- 1 If i^ii in as?ofl:;tion tiarlor. ai^o 'ij I':'••'•^|.;s .-ic:hiti'-s of 'he class for till- r. main!'r of the wlni-^r. •{• <• —Kvery Ir.ily shcjuld afcnd the big .S;"'i."l .'^l;:; ?a}ii- .^aii'riiay. Read ail in tij'iay'.: \ri\.cr —Ri'Iiaril.'-on's. The description of Uie furnishings ai'd cfstoirs of a Chinese home, inter Icstlng'y z'lven by Mrs. P. O. Hanson, was a much aiipn.ciated feature of the Moihrrs' club in" tine yesterday. .Mrs. Hanson gave her hearers the privi- "lepe of asking questions about things she untnten'ional'y omitted and at the flose of the afternoon the club had a very ('ori:ect id'^u of ti well-ordered Chim-so household. After the program a half dozen wo- r^'n tncludiP!' Mr?. H. H.'Shcrman chairman of the refreshment commit, t<-'0, served tea to ib? club and its tBM '*'•-' m ^^st- Twenty-five members of the J**" fPP" club were present. The A Y. L. I. thimble club was given a delightful party yesterday af- teriioon at tho home of Mrs. E. P. Slack. • • • —All of our Prei.y Pattern Hats, In- eluding our Plume Hai?, fine tailored Hat? are selling briskly at half the marked price.—Richardson's. •:• • %• The I'nlted Br-^thrcn Aid 8ocl «;v is having a meeting this tifternoon at the <'hurch. •;• —The co.?t on oitr Pretty Line of Millinery is not considered in our Clean Up Sale.—RIcaaidron's. MiK?t>s H"7<d Keiin. Fsthcr Dlng- mnn. llaz'd Butcher, .Mary Furquhnr, Ida .Veil, Bfrtlsu Br-nncr, Kinlly Oep I" P. I.illti' .-"irlains. .Norma llcssler and Garncttji Doniudl wi re guests of Miss .Mae C ;i :illlr'.'I last night. Tlie girls are iiKnibirs of the II. T. M.cliib and (heir hostess served a dainty supper to ili'ni The club will ir.eci next week with Mies Hazel Ilul'li'-r. •!• ••• The Triple Tie lodge will not have a meeting tonight but on Thursday. January iwrtiiy-flflh. their recently cierled oliicers will be Installed and a ba '.Kiiti-: will follow. •> •> •> —'I'iie Riehar.i.-on Dr.v C.'oods Store '•? riiak.'nv remarkably low prices on a!l Winier Coat?. Suit?. Furs Mlllin- erv and all Winter G.iods. _ * * •:• —nr. Wirt. Oslfopnih. Tel 4S7, X8S. —Fred Itonden. Period Decorator. I'hone ;s«. •> •'• '>i Miss Dorothy (;iL-?(in, daughl«;r of Mr. anil Mrs. L. 1). Gib?oii, was six years, old yesterday and a few of her idavm.iies were enterlairied lo crb- braie the ocoasioii with her. At ihe suipc r hour the Utile folk V.-.TI - f-at- d at a table decorated daintily with white and pfuk and ilelieious r'-fresdi- inents were served. .Miss Nellie Sliockey assisl<'d llii' hostess. The guests were Dorothy M<'Faddeii, Helen Ray, l.eona .McPh'-rson. Dorothy Fr< eman Flor-nee Day. Jaunita Day and Mildred McKlnuey. ' •> -> •:• M.r. Nostrand and Mr. .Mat Iteahm and their families living wist of town are to leave soon for Colorado, wliere thry will make their homes netir Grand Junction indefiuil dy. Their farms here have been rented but both raniilli's expect lo il'side perinan^nl- ly in Colorado if they like the loca- tloi>. I.OC.M. -VMI PK11S(»>AL f'ltawa Rrpiiblie: Airs. Rosa Shannon of lo!:i. Is making a visit lo her iiariiils, Mr and Mrs. J. K. Gov-r. ^'r.?. Geors" White who litis been dangerously 111 for Ihe past several •VI !;s, Is reported to be conv 'aleH- ceni. A travrling man here today staled, not for publication, that "Bright Kyes" Ihe show h;re tonight . Is excellent and ilis'incuished among other things for beiuE tibsolulely free from questionable jokes or situations. \. illiam Gr.-ir. of Cliantite. w:is 'ound diail, sluing besid.- a stove whiih was red hot from a roaring gas fire. The improperly burned gtis ca.uscd asphyxiation. The many friends of C. W. Graen. th'- widely known druggist of La- Htirpe, will be sorry to learn that he is critically ill at his home, and that the chances of his recovery ar« considered sliglit. He has beerr'ill since the first of the year. In digirict court this afternoon a •ne*:on by the attorneys tor the defer;?? in the case of the state vs 1-. B. Ksiiil to make the. inform.-ition more definite and certain was sustained by Judge Foust. Mr- Kslill is charged with obttiining money and property under false pretenses. D''>. . •.•:;v \m CHH TO COME HEKE. Vcvl .Se*>}on of I'ni<(»e Organization to Ite Held in lola. " "ic .\Ti Club of Kansas, an organi- •n of photograjihers. will hold its annual meeting in Icla. This was ch'osen at the recent mceiing r'::e i lub held in Salina and attend.'I i'y Photographer Art Gibson, of this .•i;.V. who is a n.nnber of the club. .Mr. iin i: also the club's secretary by •.!:;iie of this city being the next ni-< jilare. 'I ..e Club is a unirjue organiza- •( a. .McJiibetship is limited to twelve ini! a vacancy is onl.v created by death tiiiioval from the slate. The new i?<t'ilifr is elet-ifd by the remaining .i:< t:;lier-. The pur )K >.--e of the club is to loa.-li tlie acme of idiotographcr'? .\; annual nieelln>is 8i >eel- i.'i:i ..; the lie.-t work of tlie mem- :ie! tire on display and the work l.s .:.'-<•'!. .Any innovations new int'th 'li iir i>':in.- ll'.ai have h.-en Introduied ir ti.e In proceps of development af i!i--ii-.<ed ;ind as niiirh of tiieiii as 11'lieficlal ailojilcd by the members. Only plioiographers wlio^ie work I? !:1>: t Ititi'Iy cla?.'.y are eligible to tiietn- be:sU!p und the meeting Of the club In any lowii Is ot :;.urh valtie inasmuch .1? till picture makers usually spread i!:e .-vite'^ fame botli by jilciure and I.;. worAlj Mr. (Jbscn was fortunate to secure •):e club meeting for tins city and no loiihi the viiitor? will be royally en- .etr.inrd viien they come hc:e next rail. I MEW YORK STORED Pre-Invenlory and Janiiary Qeariiig Sale FOR 11 DAYS MORE — See Monday's Register for Details Last Cut on Fancy Silks and Safins! S^ST P S High grade imported Dress Patterns—4 to 5 yard lengths at ^ price as follows Aviation All combination colors Price 1 pattern, 4 yards, black with flowered border, was $15.00; now .$7.50 1 pattern^ 4i/<> yards, brown with green border, was $15.00; now $7.50 2 patterns, 4^^ yards each, black with grey border, was $2.25 yard, now.. $1.1S 1 pattern 41/2 yards, green with green border, was $2.25 yard, now $1.13 1 pattern, 41/. yards, amethyst with two-toned border, was $2.25 yard $1.13 2 patterns, 4I/2 j'ards each, navy with navy border, was $2.25 yard, nov/. .$1.13 1 pattern, 5 yards, light blue with light blue woven border, was $2.50.. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, Nile green with green border, was $2.50 yard, now. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, light blue 36 inch Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard $1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, pink 36 inch Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now $1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, white 36 in. Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now $1.25 BIG SAIE ON BIAffi TAFFETAS—$1.10 a yard for silks worth up to $2.75 yard. We liaVe just 8 pieces and now is your chance to buy a big bargain. Closing Out Our Stock of Portieres, Couch and Table Covers We need the room—wo must have it—therefore the prices are the very lowest ever stild on this class of merchandise. You can buy them singly or in pairs. 100 Portiers at .98c each Originally priced $4.50 to $6.50 a j pair. (These curtains will keep the cold out.) 5 Table Covers were $1.98.. .50c 6 Table Covers, were $2.50.. .69c 15 Couch Covers were .$2.98 . 98c nisiior .Mi!,Lsi'U<iii II.L Ciiitdiliiiii lEi 'irardt 'd Serious by ilo>^. pilai i 'li}«l«-Iiius. IMKiii'ii Mill I'Miiuli, \vlui=e rri'uiient vls!;.>: o 111! Iiieal K|d-ii)p;il parlsli •I I K; W ' o.-e it i|ii:'.liii :.lli<' ill till.- elly ha. lii.ule iiKiny iriind-. \.- very III in 111 |;-t:i! .-li k:i. Tin re il."'- .'J.'.•l.^y n);/) .•-iri.e; ely lin.'ie thai the llls:!i'ii M :;iy reeiucr from iiis illne.-'s. T.'llitii; of ilie oondliion of the >U: I'ji. T!ie Tojii'ka Capital says: Tiie f nnditioii of the Ul. Iter. I'"rank R. JkUlh'pau.c;h, bishop of the diocei;e of Kansas, who f!:r ;!;e ;i:is: six weeks has been confined at Ciirist hospital is iinchtinsed. P.ishop MIllstinpRli in sufferin?: from .ir.r:;o .-cii r'l.-i.'; la .• that caiis- •> ;.ari.<iiini; of ttie arlerie.^) a val- .iilar (M>-e:!.-c ami a di.'iorder of the kianeys. Whrn lio wap ordered to the hospital by his i.;iy.=^icians six weeks a.ijo i! v.-as thQug'.ii liiat Bishoii .Milis- j;tiii;h needed . T test cure as much as .n;. liiin.i else, lie lett ihe hospital a^• Christina^ and spent the day with T I F family, but returned the following day. i:ishoi» Millspaugh's physicians •.'..p ll;nt by Itis .i^oins to the hospital :ii .I'.e time lie did and receiving iinme- \'.;:'A- aiteniion that they will iireveiit more serious complication. i'TBOM EDEN TO PABIIDISE" Let-lure on Lift' anil Hie Soul by .Mr. Cole l,ii>l .Mithl. MM METERS WERE RUINED i oiivuniers I ried lo Tliuw Tlieni Out and Kuriicd Them. in the city ware room today there is an interesting collection of gas meters, buuio are burned out and some were b.'oken. in each case the meter wa;i damaged or utterly ruined iiy the consumer who attempted to thaw it out during the recent soverc cold. When the freeze came on, the con- suiiier iimde desperate efforts to se- •lii..' ga.i. He wanned his pipes, bor- I 'd out the mixers and finally, thaw(.•d out Ihe meter which he ascertained was frozen uii. Hut in the latle: operation lie was. in most cases, iinsiicce.-^sriil In obtaining; relief. He not only' thawed out the meler but tun red It out. ICith-jr the torch held ..lose lo the machine or the (Ire built around it was allowed to get loo hot .uid the result was thi.t the delicate lueeliiinNiti wilblii burned. W.irkiiien from the gas de|i;trtiiienl liave be"n busy diirlng the past few days collecting ihese luelers and Installing new ones. Y. .>!. C. A. UOAll^.S .MKKTING. I'ollowing the regular weekly meet- Inr of the .Men's Mible .Cl3s> at the Y. .M. !' .\. la>-. night, the regular annual meeting of the Hoard of Directors and the aclivp nieiitliers of the Association wa; hrlil. The most important buslno: •• to po.nie bofoin the meeting was th e:''ction cf six new members of the tjoiud for the coming year. T. FJ. Shannon. O. C.aiiinghouse. K. C. ile.msberg and U. 11. Bennett, whose •erm as directors expires this year, weie n-elected, and the itlacc of H. A. Snyder, retiring, was filled by the i»ieetIon cf liert Fryer as a member >f the board. Charles Funk was elected to fill the place of E. W. .Myler re-signed. The boa-.d decided to hold 1 nieeting at the Y. M. C. A. next Tues;!ay night tc elect officers for the com •ng year. .No other business except that of the ^egular routine rames before the meet ng. The annttal report cf the asso- ilaifnn will be made to the Board- by Secretary Bersy in the near future, and pltbougb its compilation has not yet been completed, the indications are that and unusually good showing will be made for the past year. r om l-Mcn to I'araillFe wtis the siib- j'^-t of a lecture last night at the A. 0. C. \V. hall. A: tjio clnse of the lecture all were inv;ied to hand the speaker their ad- ilri.-.=; or write to 1" Hicks street, lirooklyn, .\. Y., and receive free, a journal on the .subject ot Hell. T:: C .speaker. .Mr. Cole, based his remarks on Romans 8:22, "The whole creation groweth and travailcth together in pain" Nearly all .-igree that this statement is surely true evidenced everywhere in the doc- toi.-;' signs, drug stores, hospitals funeral iirocessions graveyards, that the >vlio!e world surely still groans going dov.nward on the way to. death. Was it always so? We bear confusion for .-.n :in.-wer. Many say it is the way iloii takes us to Heaven; the Evolution ist states it manifests develojunent on our way from Monkeyhood; the Christian Scientist replies, no such thing exists merely a delusion of which we shruld be rid. But, the siJ^aker said the proceediirg verse states, man was noi always thus, but has been made subject to frailty. In Genesis. God says he m<Jde man In his own Itiiage. ai.-:o placing him In the Gart'en of Eden as King, telling him to go forth and imp- ulate the whole earth, instftid. man fell a prey to,Satan, beoaming his slave under sin and death. Thi.s does not mean fiod was tiowt:If .-3 to iire- veht his capture, nor has he abandoned man, or chnnged hi-- orii!inai purpose as previously staLcd. to fill the earth v.-itli iierfret men. .Not desiring his crfcaturo ;o be a mnohine. CJoil in wisdom loresccini; e-tracie- raeal from his cioatcr, wouM teach' liini how terrible ii sin whicli catuses groaning travailinc iiain. lieafh. allowed hliii rn take hi.-; own - DM :sc. not however without l !r.-[ telling iiim that the "wages of sin is death." When till.-: lesson is fM^y learnrfl and man on i nioie .•;iroi;:rii a iram- ised resurrection |- :v .-,.i 'n plac-d as King r.pon t'ae lurlii. aii'l n.-; Ctn! |>re- yliiusly salii.-•:f!liiiig tl'i e.-.ith." he ivvl!) never jmain l •iv^•.;e ,:. wander liWi.y from X:is I'r'jni.or eii. (.1 .he path.- of ri;,iri.ii:i;-ne=.i in.o .In i;ad death. .As our le^l rta!.;. .".ii .'••lill c:o:ins under the eiirre of I'IM .';. ki-rning his les.-on; but in Ihe •,neanii::u- flod is perfictir.g his arrangcmi lus as .stated 16 Wbrahani. to "blei-s till uie fRiullies of the earUi." To this end. "Christ .gave himself a ransom for all." and thoiigli he wfi.< raised from the grave, .Adam, nor any of his children has as yet • come forth to iniiabit the earth. The scriptures teach that this is to be done at Christ's second advent; the reason why the time is extended till then, is for the selection of the bride who is to share In this work, called Restitution. Acts 3:19-21. Utterly JVretched Herveus Prastratfen Long Endurad Before: Remedy was Pound. Miss Minerva Reminger. Upper Bern, Pa., writes: "For several years I bad nervous prostration, and was utterly wretched. I Uved on bread and beef tea because my stomach would not retain ansrthlnff else: I took many remedies, but obtained no relief until I took Hood's SarsaparJUa, when I began to gala at once. Am now cured." Pure, rich blood makes good, strong nerves, and this Is why Hood's Sar«a- pariDa, which purifies and enriches the blood, cures so many nervous disaases. Oct it today In usual liquid form or chocolatad MblcU • eaUed ^rsataba. The.bilde. like .the Ix)rd, must suffer iirtl die with him as a sacrifice and is lo be glorified with irlm In Heaven as spirit, beings. Wiien the IJrIile and i!i Idigrooiii are made one, "with all liorter lioih In Heaven and In Earth," "nitiivel not at this all in their graves shall hear his voice and come forth." F IT what purpose? As God originally staled to Aihim that nov,- having inul- thilled to fill the earth." The reign of one thousand years though. Is to de- tetmine who will be worthy fi)r no one will be allowed to live in sin as was their former brief existence but now all who desire to reform may do so, having learned the awful lesson of sin to iirofit thereby. They must make amends of their usages of the pasf, for "every idle word" must be ac- counifi! for. Under dit^'p'o • •' our Lcrd and Itrlde for the on: t;:(,u.-and years of his righteous reign all who de."ire life in perfection must fight against their weakness developing finally perfect, pure holy characters, thus becoming perfect men in every re>)>ect. .'V'l will not do so we are told, some being Incorrigible and as gop.ts are destroyed, as "God will have nothing to hurt in all his whole Kingdom." Al tbe end of the reign, the earth is perfect, "the earth to blossom as a rose' 'enjoj-ed by perfect man who nov,- fills the whole earth, enjoying what God says that no ear hath not heard, eye hath not seen, it hath pot entered into the heart of man "world without end." This is Paradise. Thus has God been leading man from one garden to the other garden. From the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Paradise. From the Garden of. Eden through this great and long willerness of sin and death for six thousand years; One thousand years under the direction of Christ and Bride upward out of sin and death, the 'ncorrigible destroyed, the others per ferted. the earth is i)erfected also, and ihey to enjoy it throughout eternity. CHANCJIXJ HER FACE. (From the Household Friend. .•\ny woman not satisfied with her "omiilexion can remove it and have a new one. The thin veil of stifling half-dead cuticle is an encumbrance ind should be removed to give the fresh vigorous young skin underneath a chance to show Itself and to breathe. There's a slm"ple old-fashioned homo rrniedy which will always do the work. Get an ounce of pure tnerco- lizi'd wax from your druggist and aii- !ily It at night like cold cream, washing It off In tbe morning. The mer- collde will gently absoi^b all the lifeless skin and leave a healthy and brnntifiil complexion, as fresh as a child's. .Naturally it takes with It all such facial blemishes as freckles tan. moth patches sallowness liver spot.--, pimnles. etc. It Is pleasant to use. effective and economical. The face so treated immediately looks years younger. Several night ago the program for Bright Eyes " which appears at the Grand tonight, was published in the Register. .As far as is known, this is unprecedented here and is a rcraark- ,able guarantee of the excellen:-e of the Iiroductlon, for' as .Manager Leran says: ".\ .show can go back on Its advertising on the bill boards, but It can't go back on Its program." Atchison Globe: How much would you bet on the matrimonial happiness of Harry Stevens of Colorado City? Miss Marion Morton asked him to marry her. He accepted. She bougttt the marriage license, hired and paid preacher, and In the arrlage license Harry Stevens promised to OBEY HER. -Si:. Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and J Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. 1 ADMISSIO.V ^ Ercnin? lOc Skates ISe, Afternoons itc Skates 10« Runs Light——Sews Right See the White lola Furniture Store CANCEt anil tnmnr can l>e cored witbnnt m siinrical opermtloK \ or barnine pliu-Wr. Wa lia >0 •accaiitiUl]' UMted tb(*e iliMun fo* th« iiast vmati ymxm. ObfCiMt hnmrlike, well oquipptcl unlUrina. BmAnOt^ mtlartol pntirnU. Prices reuqiuble. Writ* for FREE B6O K. Addr««. MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM, ATCUISUN. KANSAS —PB. a li. COX. Otollst.

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