Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1912
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THE lOLA REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 73. Succ (tk .-r to the leU Dally Reglittr, tha Ida Ua>.> Raeord and th« tola Daily tndax lOLA, KAS., JAN. 18, 1912i -THURSDAY EVENING. Daily Regiiter. Ettabllitied 1897. Weekly Regiiter, EsUbilshed 18«7. SIX PAGES PAieON ENJOINS THREAT OF DEMIXO ((INrERX ttETS CASE INTO rOlHT. MOST N01 WRECK PLUNT rOSIMERS OBJECT TO SICH A( TIO-V inXHOUT .\0T1( E. Jndire Fonst Is Askwl for Inlnnotion RcstralninffCoinpaiiy from Taking Drastic MOM: The threat of tht» Natural Oas Company, th»» oi)pra!;i:? ccrioiTn of th>' Dtming Invfstm-1:: ccmiMny which controls th»» gas silant at Gas City, to wreck tho jihint aial c as«' furnishing gas unl(»8s jiatroiis v. ill a^ine to a rate of 30 r'Tits I'-r fh 'iusanii anj tho usual J5 di"! L'sit, has l)io'.i>;h! a crisis in the controversy b >iW '-.-n the people of Gas City ami the company. Through his attorn<'vs. Kwing, Oard * Card and naxtr-r Iv MoClain. S. K. FleromiDg. brought suit in the district court loday. asking J UI IR.' Foust to Issue an injunction rt-straining th»» company irom carr\inc out its ultimatum of wrecking the plant unless the consutnvrs a;^ri—<1 ;o nTtain terms. Mr. Flemniins afso seeks to recover J.', deposit-d v iih ihe Taylor Fuel, Ligh' and l*o«ir <o::iiiany w !:••« that concern was ojiTatlng the pas plant. Judge Foust. wa.= busy all day today with the trial of liie cas>^ of the state vs W. E. Mal-^y. charged with felonious assault, and !u' crjii 'd not be reached by the a;;orn<-ys for Mr. Flemming. Just as soon as the court has a leisure hour, however, the lawyers for plaintiff will ask that a i^-m- porary writ be issued enjoining the defendant company from takin? any drastic move until the case is finally adjudicated in court. It is the contention of the plaintiff that the -Vattiral Gas company contemplates a raise in rates to 30 cents per thousand feet for gas. He also charges that th^ company disclajms anjr responslbilltr for the J5 dej-osfled with the T.iylor company and ;ha; ii has notified the consumers that another $5 must be deposited with the new management. Failures to coir- ply with these conditions Is to be met with a shut down of the plant, the petitioner asserts. Mr. F'emmlng contends that, having deposited $5 with the Taylor company the money should pass to t::'- .N'aiural Gas comriny as the successor of the Taylor company and th.-ft there is no necessity for another d*- poeii. The advanc':d rate is also objected to and th'- rilleged threat of the company to susp'.-nd operation cf the gas plan* is ciaimed to be utiiaw- ful unless den" imaer certain conditions. The plaintiff, on behalf of th- people of Gss Ciry asks that th>' defendant be required to give at !»afi .•3" days notice, before going or.t ct business. The outcome of the case '^ill b. wiitched with g>:nral interest. Th< ••ontroversy be:u"fn the new n-anage- Tnent and iho consumers of G AS ("i'y has been in progress for some Unit snd masf :i:'»>tlngs of the ^a.-ron;* have b»>«n l.-Id to discu.^s the si'u.i- tlon. One cf the chief obj»>c;io:i/ raisf^ by Lrmsuiii'-rg is tl;- T' - ^jnireraent that an addltiotial d<'po.-;- of $& be posted. The consumers sav they do no: f'^*-l '."tat th'^y shouJ'l 1- required tc jiut up $10 to secnr-- o continuation of p.-s seriire and 'lav- .det<rmlnfd to take th" Jiu-^tiot; tJirouch th'^ lou'ts. This Is th" s<<- ond suit Di'd to r'-co-vr $5. th.- original ri°|'osi-. Mr^. C. K. Bat-s b.'ing the plaintiff in the action fil»-d yest»-r- day. if the c f 11 jitiTiers can securr- tl. refund of ti money put iii) ;:h tl;. Taylor con< "-rn th^y prob.->.L!y would not obj-rt -1 lostiag the s^rae nio:'.-y with the new concern. THE WEATHER. Forecast for kanxiis: (•enerally falr tooifcbt and Friday; rold^r tonight Data recorded at U. S. Weather Bureau office: Temperature: Highest yesterday at t p. m., 41; lowest this morning at 9 a. m. 29: excess in temperature yesterday 7 degrees; deficiency since Jan uary 1st, 271 degrees. Preciiiltatlon for 34 hours ending 7 a. m. today 0; deficiency in precipitation since January 1st, .22 Inch. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today S6 ;!er cent: barometer reduced to sea Itvel ;<().09 Inches. Sunrise today 7:36 a. m.; sunset .'>:29 p. m. FOR COUNTY POOR 15,000 DEATH <iK .MRS. BARVHAKT. Rnidcnt «f AlJon County (her Thirtj Year* Died Yesterday. Mrs. Adaui Barnhart. of the country six ntii'S northwest of this c.ty. died yesterday afterno«jn at 4 o'clock of pneumonia, with which 8li»> hjic" been ill bifive days. Mrs. Barnhart, who was a woman of eigtity- ftve years <1 age. had been falling i' health for s-o:iie time as the result of stomach trouble, but had been {•^--'.In-^ in better .<-.=r;t> un'il iT^t Tli-rsdav when she complained of illness. Or FViday, thor.-u ill. .-he was up and a.'-pund a*; '..snal. ijut in tiie after- tuwn she suffered a fainting si>ell T-nd Fince "a' time hart been in a dangerous condition. .Mrs. B-^.'—• :!rt was among thp very prominent old settlers of the county, having co: here over thirty years' ago. She is survived by her hus- )>onrt. .\t»r • Barnhart. one of the prominent farmers of the county besides the foiiOwsng sous and daughters: Eiim ; Ids. John, Ed and Simon, all of i^iom resid<» at the family home, •'-d Walter and Lonon. who are now living In Oregon. The funeral will be held tornorrov. lifternooD at two o'clock from the M. K. Chwrch in Piqua. Pr. .S. HiK- oher tjfllclaiing Interment will be iu the Piqua cemetery. Irisb fVc -ram FI K M Home Bale. Belfast. Jrelaad. Jan. 18.—Flf'y thoustmd wPTjen mfrabers of the Ulster lfalonli>t«\s»sorlatlon» today Issued a flerv maclfeito to th«lr sisters in Great Britain t<[ aid tbem In de- COM.MI."<«*IO\ER ARK VMS I'REPAR. EI> ANMAL REPORT. >Vi!l Re «iHl»M;i:i»Ml to Cimiily i\>iu- iiii»Nioncr« at lliiir Xext .Mi-etlnir. County P.ior t'oiiiiiiissiDner .\I Ah- raiiis lia.-! eonii'Ietecl his arn:ial report and U will lie subiiiitt.'d to the county lotiiliiissionerii at thi>Ir ne.\t melting. T;!i're are some interesting detail.' in tile rei)ort, b-it Coiijmls sioner .\liri;us fee;s that the botird is entitled to the first hearing of the facts aid file tin- dociiintinl utifil It !i >g been iirf-.-^'-nied to thi cotnniissiDii.-rs. Some of the i!)at>>rial facts contained In the r»'!)ort. iiowever. are available. lJurii:g the Vfjir Just clo.sed ibotit $.'•. • was (•xi)endi'd in caring for the piii>r m' th<- coun'y. This sun. iiiclii'lr.-' I hi- .•^•alary <if ihe poor com- tiiis.-'.'ont.r. !l!>> sujeriutendent of tin ooor r.nai. tJio county physician ant! .>l!!er J';\>d i liargt^s.«*.lt aim includes > ry it>nn i;f assistji'iiee rendered if the needy of the county. The su-.n I»VJ,,.:;,!P1 i.^ much lowei than was niiilcipatfd liy several otfl '•iai.- w'r.o are in to'ich with the sit- Uition. !.a.-t ycr.r was a time of .muc! 'ndustria! depression locally and al- hq-.ic:) ;• was but temporary It was <!.tf;o;ent to drive many worthy rer- sons to the county for aid. The re: i-ent severe ro':d weather was also expected to make deep inroads on thi '•ounty's poor fund, but Comniission- •=r .\br?.n;.': staf"= thft the nun.ber cf calls for aid was n<;t as great as hf had oxpected. Th-* commissioners will rec'fvo the report wi'hin a few days and follow 'n^ Th:'! 'he p-il-.Iic will bp given th" fi:r.5.!"t» ii'>r?.!!s. FiRE (T BUS PRIME WESTERN . WILSON IMS NOIWO SAY REFISES TO DISrrSR STATEMENT OF HEXllY W.VTTERSOX. ttIS FRIENDS 0ROPFIN6 Hlf HARPEirs WEEKLY EPISODE IS HAVINt; FAR.REACHIXCJ EFFECT. It Looks Very .Hncli as if the >ew Jersey .Mjin's Boom >Ver.' Ahout (u Ct>lliii»e. •".aze in Oitiip iit >oon I);d About #iihi DamaLC. ^ Thr- Register re-.-eived a telej^aon*- :'.es.-a;;-' iro.'i Gas City a; noo:.' today .hat -Th." Prime Western .-luelter !.- nlire and tiie fir.' derartiueiit his beer •ali^d o';;' Th'i sho'.k of thi.s an- .oumv.!.- r;i was n-.uch assuaged in ; ihrr' ti!;>> t'V furtl'.er that t^ Ire v.i- <.i;t and that little daiuag' v:is •1on>'. .\ def.T-ti^B fit;.> in li.' «.:'h "Rd if !ho ofr.ce biiilllng cat:.-^- cd a small blaz". hut the fin- 'x?t by J!r lir.inz. the book keeper, and tiie sir.clter (Ire brigadi respor, l»'d «;i;:ckly to tiie alarm. Thi • Ity i^'^partii-.-nt was also called at;'' h>» f.vo forf.'s co-oii<^raied and I'.v- •i:icui-!.id fhitues, whii'h inflict- ri] about $1'"" dainag" fully co-.ert-i' li • ;i:;'ni'>'. MVHKEU PART>ERS' tJRVVES. tdiii !'!ei!ce hn<thin-.r I'hree Oid-Tin:< Ida Ptopi". Xe^Uns Tbe Home Bole bUL 1 1-:.. C'liin. i<',- III .'s ar" not so tare as ti 'ii- a.-t<;::i-hing. hut the strange variri- t.on in them i.-; certainly astonishing. J. C. Coffield one day recenti.> .•nter-U an or.ier on his 'lOoks for :> t;'on;i:!:ent o;'-r ilw grav" of (he lau W. H Kichards. and in tiie afteriioi.- of M'.e saui- day atitiioriz.'d L tives to plac one over the grav-- of Isaac Weicii. wliose «if>- wa< hui i'd be~i<I" h.tti las; -veek. A quart'M 'f :• iiptury ago "IJill" Itichards ar>! !k»-" '>V-'(',i wt-re partners in tl-- irof-Tv busiaes.-- in lola. and "Clark Coffi.-id ktiew them well. Thit h> -hould !;\e to rr;ark their grave.^ i:-;-.;'' h:m thi;t;i,htlul and that 'he n.on' • lent o'-d-rs s!io-j!d be booked on ti.f,^o day. a (juarter of a century after tii-y separated was strange. MCHOL.SOX IS PRESIDENT. IJe-elated >le;,.i of the Dlxli- Plant h; the SlcK-khoJder"!. .-\ tf'egrai!'. v :!S r.-cei-.ed here fh'- mornitjg from South Pitlsl.urg T.M'- •i^Tsee. to the nffee' that Mr. Georgi I'. .\iciio;-"n was ri—elected i.resid­ ent of the liixie Portland cem-^nt i.laii: there at ti.i' annual election of oiTicr.-i and directors held this week. The' Dixie jdant i.« credited wi'h trade ( ne of the best showings for '!<n of any plant in the field. Quite •> tt'tiiilHT of !<;lans v.ent down to at- 'end the meetings and there was son » 'alk that Mr. Nicholson might not succ.-ed himself. D-troit. .Mich.. Jan. —'xVoodrow A'ilson upon reaching r >etroit this afternoon po.=:itlvely refused to diactis.-- tlie statement sent out last night by Henry Watterson cono-rning the Col Harvey case In which Watt»-rson saio :lial ,U'ilson acleil leon- like a schoo!- iiinsier than a staii-siiiitu. WU.-on said i:e taight iirefiare n stHtenient later In a long letter given to the Asso- ciatL-d Press la.-l night Col. Watter--on Slated l.e was present at a tonferenre bilv ei-n liovernor Wilson, '."ol. H.irvey. edltnr of Harper's Weekly, and that he has since then talk;'d with both of U;o!ii as to what oc- vurred. "Their stateii ents " he --aid. "do nm laateriaUy differ an«l they coinoidt- witii my own reco'l.j.tloii. .Notliiii- of a discourteous kinii—ev.'n of an unfriendly kind—passed during an interview of more than an hour. From he til St, however, therf wa.s a certain constraint in Governor V.'ilson'- manner, the absenc of the cordiality nr.'i candor wJiich •should mark ?Harty. <'o.T/;d<>.ifi.':l intprco'-rse. intl- aiati'tg i:ie existence of some ajvers" 'nfluerioe. , nian;;er wa.- auto- •?ratlc if mt tyr'.nn.ius. "I did not take this to niy-i^'.f. hit- thought !t relateii to Coioml Harvand when Colonel ifar'.ey. api-rirer'- 'y rvercome by Go\er:ior Wl'sor':- lusterit.v. put th--> direct c .uPstio:\ tt Governor Wilson whe''nor ih-^ P "p|! o:' of Harper's Weekly was doing hii.- in injury, and r.ece'ved from Gove.-- tor Wilson the cold rejolner that it vas. I was '-oth surprlse.I an' shocked. "Colonel Har\ey!: •.vom:d«d. He had been fighting Gov "rnor Wilson's battle for many y.-at and had idealized his chief. "1 was hoping 1 might fi.'id i. Governor Wilson another Tihi'-.i. '•' noint of intellect and availahiiiry. i v.:f tliink Colonel Harvey' n< tisiake in his choice of a candidati : '>ut the circumstance leading to tif :nfort,inate parting of the ways be- 'ween ihein leads me to doubt whither in character and temperanitnt— it may be merely In the habits of : lifetime—Governor V.'ilson is not rn- h'-r a schoo':::aster than a scaf? m;iR." The program for Woodrow Wil-on • •.isit in Detroit today eti:'.ra<-ed ; ';inch<on t-^irrlered by the FJoird o' '.'ommerce at noon, a dinner this e'. ^nlng under the auspices o' th Michigan Press .\Bsoelation ati-l r •nass meeting arranged by the Michi laii supiior'ers of Governor Wllsim': candidacy for t'ominailon for \ire;^^ dent. During the afternoon Govi-ri or Wilson was lo iftend a c.)nf"ret!i of Stnto Peniocrats. It was annoum fil that lit 'h'' luncheon and th' S'ress A: soclatlfin hanqiet th'"' •.••iMild he no I'Olit(i-u! v;eeche.i>. p-l • |c-, bi-Ing regprvecl for the evenin; ::.ass mc'lng ZERO WEATHER AT OYSTER BAY. COBiS GEni^G TiiCEIHER iM'FARLA>D MAKES ST.VTEMEMT. OllXIXMHS AMI INCOASTITC- TIONAL l.AW.s <<> RL REPEVLEI). They EUdeiiily Realize That Tliey .Must He l>.cent «r I.o^e Their Re|i:ib!ic. THE RE'.TH (IF J. E. RECK. Wrll Kno;\n TruTellu:; Salesman DW Sunilav lit His Home in Liiwrcnre. Word has been rcelved here of th- •Jeath Sunday morning of .1. K. Heck a t-.aveling salesman .if ahcut thirtj- years of age. whr, is very we" kniun to the niprc!;an's of thi.s eit) -aving v!-ited h.^ro every Tiie.-day fo: tl'.e last two years. Mr. Beck was o a very genial disiiosition, anil was we! 'inowQ and we!! liked wherever his i!ii- l\f< called hlni. .\ week ago today, while at his home In I.awrence. .Mr Keck complained of being ill. and thi ne.\t day he was dangerously ill wit! typhoid fever. The body shippei to Sheridan, Iowa, for burial. Mr. Beck will be recalled in connection with the account of tweh; traveling men who were at the Kelley iiotei recently whose average weigh: was 244 pounds. Mr. Beck weight i :'T" (ounds. He mzde his last trip tr tliis city about two weeks ago. aci' was in his usual good spirits. FLIE CAISED A FIBE. Early Meriilnpr Hun for Ihe Fire He- parlraeot. .\ defective flue at the residence of W. J Woodside. 709 East street, caused a portion of the roof to Ignite early thi< moratng nnd the fire department was summoned. The damage to the house wag ullghf, 'he firemen being able to check tbe flame befote It gained any headway. It is estimated that |25 will corer the lOifc • I A PETERSON'S AITO ACCIDENT. CollMnn Whh .1 Dear ResnltN In Considerable Damaice to His Aato. C. J. Peterson was the victim tlil morning of what he claims is one cf the "doggondest" accidents he ever heard of. He was driving west on the West i-reet read near the Ice plant In his auto this morning, going at a si)eed of about twenty miles an hour when he had the misfortune to collide with a dog which came Into the road to bark at liim. The shock gave the front wheels a twist, turning the machine Into the ditch, and causing It to coUtde with a telephone i>ole with such force that one of the front wheels •«as torn from the machine, and one .' :.'.e lamps was shatter^.- The dot; efcaped with his life, but went away howling dolefully. JIatthcw Fausf. of r,32 South Sfnt. street. Is lying In a precarious condition at his home as a result of i severe stroke of (laralysls, wblcb he coffered Tueadajr moraiog: I • . • . I r.y i!jr ..^hS'K.-iat-d Tressi Havana, .ian. 1~-.—An official statc- .ncr.l givcD ot;t today rigarding the -onferL-nce last night between Presi- ler.t Got:..-.: ami repres»?ntafives of all poIUIca'. tactions and the veteran^ .ays: "Tr.o tiieeting teriiu'iatcd witli very one iireati.i.ig paeu.s cf i-a;rl- :t;.-i... a .'.u r w'ikli riUed the Presi- !e:it Ailh oiitiuiism bi-cause he found •n his,old coitipcnioiis in arnis and •n all otliers pre.^i-i:t a firm d'-ter- ataati' n *o save :!:at repu'uiic. as igiit III- »-xp.'C','ii iMiiu iho'e pro­ 's.-r.g il:.-ii- love for lj-<- C.lan fatherland." I'lHi;;:!- of the t---riiis of the agree rtient r'^alii d at th? (."ttference have •ot bi-en giv'>n out. It is proliable h-)t one 'vr H'c first action.<; >akt-n in l.f t!>- !i;!s.-^a,i'>' by t'ongress c i 'n ait ri-v.ikil;V tht- tinaiiHinetu of t;:r "ivil service law. thus prtiing an t to^he perniclouf attempts of the veterans to divide the Cubans into classes contr;iry to the constitution. It was exc.--cted this afternoon tl.r.' 'he reply of the Cuban govrrniiier.i •n tlip nme of S'- T iiiy Knox inti- uatiltg tha' the I'niled' States gov- 'rnuii-nl inicht I>." comp-'lli-d to inti-;- en' I I ; Cri-n-i t'.^.i'rs. would pfol.a- • ly be ipaih' L't" today. Minister Accused of Murder Declares ills lunorrnrt- of the Cbjtr^e. (Bv the Asso.Mat.-il TYe.s.s) Greenville Tenn. Jan. 18.—"As to my Innocence or guilt, my friends will iiave to Judge from uiy i>ast record" declared Rev. W. D. McFarland today waiting In jail here for the arrival of an officer to take him to Pittsburg on the coroner's charge that he Is respon-^ siblc for the death of his former secretary. Elsie Dodds Coe. "I will tell ray store to tbe grand jury. So far as I know Miss Coe was •a good girl. She was like a child to me. I loved her as own daughter." Confinement here nas affected the minister considerably. He Is aervoi^s, hsl jailer says, and sleeps Uttle. IHs wife was at the hotel here reaidy to accompany him to Pittsburg. CHINESE JHSIICE IS SWIF THREE BOMB THROWERS WTAtl. OFFICIALLY STRA.XJLED TODAY Yuan Shi Kai >VH1 Not Attend ("n- ference Calledto Olscass Abdication. HEYSURN mm BOMPERS Idaho Senator Questions Labor Lender's American Citizenship. 'JOKERS TRIAL EXPEOITEB Ew'ii with All Po>»niIr SpeiMJ It .May Last .seieral .Uoiith*. 'I'.y ih.' .\si..<-.iit .1 iTi^-i f'hicago, .!;.n. l^—Sti'ps •.v./" t.-. :eri timiy tn -xp'd te tin- p.-rkiT.- ri-.!. The takin;? '•' tes'iiiintty ln- [)'>(--t.;iii'r I'l -'tt imly r.:v." wit •lesses have !.. nn h'ard. In P .ddi- tioD to thiir fe.^titiiony fig!;ty vi.tuiii- inous statistical doc-.'tner.r.s bave '.lei'" offered in e-.idi-me. At t!ie jiri'si-at •. tl- it is I'st 1! at'-,l that it v,- = ;i inki !)•' gi.-.enniien' itnii! .\!ay 1st to com- >\''t'- the pr.'Si-ntatliin of its case, as •)is:ric« .Vtlnrti.y Wilkfrson still has ibout seventy more witnesses to li< -al'ei'. The di-f' nse expects ri> cai' ine inir.dni! or lueve v>iint-ss-s. T)is- rict Attorney Wiik-r:-oa tnd.y ch-ik- >d O'er the !i.-t of go,erumont wit- lesKes with a \:C'x to shnriening th' hearing. THE .STARS FAIL TO SHfVF. RriL'lit nil-! SMii::.g L'ghfs Fail Ih- I>em«cri«*s u1 South Dakota. I Ry til - .v-s.-i:itm] Pr.'ss* Fari:o, N. D. Jan. IS —With Wi' '•am .lenninss 'Jry^n unable to coiiie ^overnor Nor;-'-, of Nebraska, absent 'Ddge .M. J. Wide ill at his home ir 'own. .-nd Gti-."-nor Harmon .of Oliii aving returnei! to his home las' Tight, tiie liantpiet which was ti 'ivf> been 'le fna'tire of the "get- •ogether" meeting of Northwesterr Democrats hT.-- loday was some<vh-' 'f a d!'aiii-o;:5tmont. It had beer •>xnec>ed that Governor Harmon anr ''ol. l;ryan wi-.uld meet htre. CHICK E.\ TRIE YES .SHOOT FARMEK They Are rnder Arrest and There I- Talk of Lyncblne the Prlxoner*. St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 18.—Posses r farmers and police today are searc*" Ing the environs of St. Joseph for th' -..-,*arpr. ot \v. C Sykens. a young farmer who waa shot by'two negr chicken thieves this morning. Therr are strong threats of lynching. Uter—William .^teffens and Eno- •'torvr. ex-cpnv1ci.«, were arre">te<' "teffens rohfesi^ed. tiylnr that Stoner ".red the shot that kUled Lykina. The pritoaera an closely (oarded ber«. fRy thp .A-'sopiMftl PTPSSI Washington, Jan. 18.—A sharp attack on President Gompers of the American Federation of Labor was made in the Senate today by Mr. Hcy- hurn of Idtiho, who protested 'hat a i-oa!municat'"on from Mr. Gompers should not be received by the Senate. He said no communications should he accepted from that source after the revelations made In the McNamara case. Mr. Heybiirn had a coUonuy with several senators who insisted that tiny citizen had a right to address aii> communication to tho Senate. Th' Idaho Senator demanded to know If •iny Si'iiaior could vouch for Gomp»r's citizenship. There was no reply but whi-n It was explained that the letter was only to transmit a protest agnliis: poiv^r im-Kses in the bureau of cn- cravlng and printing. Mr. Heyburr. uiihdr'-w )iis objection. "1 h.ive d voloped the question as ;'.ir .ts I r:ir»» to at this time," he said. Sin.i'or Ui'.<d of Missouri criticized Mr. Hiyburn for attempting to shut out a communication from the American F-deratkn of Labor. Later he replini thtit he referred to Gompers, individuall.v. "Would you sit here and receive a communication. from the McN'amara brothers?" demanded Heyburn of Jlr. Reed. ••Inhesitatingly yes," replied Reed. "I Would receive it from the best or the meanest of God Almighty's creatures." •(By the- A.ssoclnted .Press) Peking Jan. IS.—The foreign legations were Informed today that Premier Yuan Shi Kai has refused to visit the palace tomorrow when the question of abdication of the Throne will aj^ain be discussed by the Empress Dowager, and the Piinces of the Imperial clan. It is stated authori.a- I tlvely that the dynamite bomb oat- rage against the life o>f Yuan Shi Kai seems to have been the work of a Manchu faction. Y'uan Shi Kai today attended t'r' memorial rites for the captain of h.'s escort who was killed by a splin.ei from the bomb. The premier has been granted three days' leave, ostensibly on account of Indisposition arising from excitement caused by the attempt on his life. It Is thought, however, that the real reason Is that he dce.<; nor desire to attend the conference of the Dowager and the Princes of the Imperial clan on thf que-tion of the abdication of the throne, which has been called at \hf Imperial palace tomorrow. Seven ol the Mongol princes persists In their determination to oppose abdication. The three men arre.sted after the h rowing of the bomb at the carriage if Premier Yuan Shi Kai were put to ieaih today by strangling. lUn DiN HIE miM OITED MTXE WORORS SEFCSE TO COMMIT THE OION. TRE VOTE WHS THREE TO ONE RESOLITIOXS DESOOCTSG GOM- FERS A>D MITCHELL DEFEATED. The fonrentlon Passed Radical Res. ointions Demanding GoTernment Ownership. VIOLET lU'EHLER'S RECORD ^\D. TMIRTY-EKJHT WERE DROWNED. Rritish Steamer >Veat on the Rocks —Rut Two Were Sared. fRy the A.-M.>-i»tnl Pr»S!«) Aherdrtn. Scotland. Jan. 18.—The "IritJ-h steamer Wistowhal was wrecked today on the rocks off the -Vberdeen shore. Thirty-eight of X\e crew were drowned. Thirty-five went down with the ship. The other.* dun?' to the wreckase, but only two reached ;hore. BANKS MIST OBEY THE LAW. Hereafter the Leeui Reserres-Mnst Be Strictly Maintained. tBy the Associated Ptvss) Washington, Jan. IS.—Comptroller •f the Currency .Murray today took teiis to compel all the national banks if the country to maintain their legal reserves. The law regulating the re- -erves, the most drastic in the national bank act, never has been strictly nforced. It Is said. RATES WILL XOT ADVANCE. 'tailroads WHhdraw the Proposed In. rrease In LlTe«toek Rates. • Hv »h» A-'*ocfi »tMl Pr .fs») Washington, Jan. j IS.—The voluntary withdrawal of the proposed ad- anccs In livestock rates by the South vestem Railway lines induced the In.- terstate Commerce Commlsalon today *o vocate tbe order auspendlns In- :reaaed tarUfs. i tlic Runaway Heiress Will Be Put in Charge of the Hnmane Society. tRy the Associated Press) .Vew York. Jan. IS—VIoU-t Buehler •he youiig girl who ran away from t'.er home in Chicago and came to .Vew York to earn her own way and see life, will be given in charge of the •Chicago Human Society, under the decision 'of Justice Olmstead of the t'hildreh's court here today. When !:e case came up for final dispo.sition Detective Sergeant Koerner, of the Chicago detective bureau, submitted a -eport furnished by the Chicago Humane .Society, statin? that the child :ad a bad- record in that city. The girl pro'oably will be taken to Chicago to- dav. STEPHENSON IS EXONER.VTED. Committee Makes a rnanimons Report In Favor of the Aged Senator. Washington, D. C, Jan. 18.—The fleybiirn sub-committee which has heen investigating the election of Senator Stephenson, of Wisconsin, todav unanimously agreed on a report holding that the charges of corruption and bribery against Stephenson had not been proven. fBy the Associated Press) Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 18.—By a vote of 515 to 155 the convention of United Mine Workers of America today refused to adopt a resolution committing that organization to the Socialist party and approved«a aiib- stitute measure declaring It.'Would be "Well If all workers would-unite In political as well as Industrial field*." The resolutions committee had reported that It would be unconitltuUoa al to endorse any political party. The Socialists in the convention, after eucceeding yesterday In putting it on record favoring "Govammeat ownership of all industries." had determined over night that It would he prejudicial to their cause to preaa today the resolution endorsing the Socialist party, as the "Political party of the laboring class." "We decided." said John H. -Waiic.- er, president of the Illinois Miners' and a Socialist leader, "that It would be iinpolitlc at this time for the convention to attempt to bind the three hundred thousand miners in the Unlt- •d .Mine Workers' ynloti to the Socialist party. Republican and Deino- cratlc delegates expressed resenttnent against the plan of campaign and we have not purposed to. antagonize them. A resolution providing for secession from the American Fe49ratlon of Labor and charging that 8ama«l Gompers, John Mitchell and other lit- iKjr leaders were "in the graap of th^ capitalist class through the,ln}Iij£i}C^ of the National Civic Federation" waa defeated. John P. White, of Oskaloosa; lo^, was re-elected president .i^f. the ynltr ed Mine Workers by a niajdlfty of 45.424 <i over his opponent Thomaa L. Lewis of Bridgeport, Ohio, according to the report of the tellers made CO the convention this .afternoon. Frank J. Hayes was re-elected rice- president. Secretary-treasurer Edwin Perry was not opposed for reelection. The delegates elected to the iimerlr can Federation of Labor conrention. !S announced this afternoon weV^ as follows: .Tohn Mitchell, Netr York; John P. White, Iowa; Thomas U Lewis. Ohio; Frank J. Hayes, John W. Walker, and Duncan McDonald, lUI- aois; William Green. Ohio. / MISSOL^I BOOMS ROO8BTEI4T. The City Committee in St Lonlf Will Endorse Him. ^• <By tlje AswiK-lntod Prts*) ' ' ,'.' St. I^uls. Mo.. Jan. 18.—Tb«' eeo- rolling forces of the Republican dt/ oniivittee that meets tonight are •horlty for the statement that <h« neetltig will result In an endorM- men of CoL Roosevelt for the presidential nomination, and that a tteta wide movement in Roosevelt's interr est will spring from the endorsement. Governor Hadley Is favored by •he committeemen for the vlce-pren- idency. Every member of the committee, it is reported, favors Col. Hoosevelt . but some are opposed to the endorse'-, ment at present. The Roosevelt' movement in Missouri was started af- "r E. .Mont Reily. of Kansas Ctijfm President of the Republican Leagtia Clubs of Missouri had visited Got Roosevelt and discussed the pq^itlcal ituation with him. The RepobHe^iB nlfy committee at the suggestloq'6C the then President Roosevelt waaltb^., Irst in 1908 to endorse President Taft T 'or the presidency. MORSE MAT LEAYE PRISON. On ArcoiiDt of Hi»i Pfa.Ti«ic8l Condition Bankers' Term May Be Shortened. tTiy the As-soclated Press J Washington, Jan. 18.—The President it was l>elieved this afternoon would, in view of the serious physical condlton of the prisoner, commute the fifteen year sentence of Charles W. Morse, the New York banker late today. Hodges for Rock Road!). (Br the Associated IT«w> Emporia, Kas.. Jan. 1*.—Addifessing the Kansas Good Roads meeting here today. Senator G. H. ffodgea urged that while the roads were being Improved, the work should be made permanent by Installing rock' highways. .The body of G. W. Nelghbarger who died Saturday, was shipped to Veosho Fails where the funeral occurred this afternoon. COMPLETE CHAOS l.N TURKEt,;^ Neither Life Nor Property Is Sah bi the Empire. -i' (By the Associated Press) - • ,7 London. Jan. IS.—Unlesa peace •& =oon restored between Italy aifd^TuVf key a condition of complete diij Turkey and Macedonia Is pr Reports say that conditions In BI|tejt* donia now are even worse than "tibtjt were under .Abdul Hamid. TNlr «T complete absence of security foi 3nd property. The authorlttef. pear unable to stay the tide of'towi 'essness. Similar conditions am 'iie^ ported in Northern All>anla. " ' '--v FORT SCOTT MAN HONORED. C. F. Miller Elected PresMent •fltte T»ipleinent Assoelatloa.'-' • (By the AssocJatvil Prmf ' Kansas City. Mo, Jan. 18.—rC. P. \filler, of Fort Scott, Kansas, .wa'a elected president of the Western |t«- tail Implement and Vehicle DMla^ Association at the closing the conrention here this aftemfl D. Skinner, of Braymer, waa vice-president and H. J. HodjM^tur Abilene. Kansas, secretary and'^tflftl urer. W. E. Haynea. of EmpoiUC-HMi named for the board of dlre ^tmf ^^J> Prof. Edward Harbaugh. of T who succeeds ProL Tewell m ' •mining teacher of the hlgli Arrived today, and wlU take duUea Monday.

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