Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 14, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1943
Page 2
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•tfS > i e * >*S', * j'\ I ' , i < ' rOE H Of I STAR, M 0V I, ARKANSAS ipe Stir r^vw»s» i- Ca Inc. B Wrtmif o«d AtetH. Washbum) ISte* WtfWfrwJ. 7t23U South Walnut Mirtt. Hope Ark. fl^ttft&ftfi^MIM for Rent FURNISHED HOME FOR RENT. Middlebrooks Grocery. ll-3tch. os second elo» matter at the jlfUe at Hop*. Arkansas, under th« kt March 3, 1897. A(AP>—Means Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise npimn R«f« {Alvwys Payable Ih efi'By elry tarrler, pef week 1Sc; e<xJ, Nevada, Howard, Milter ana ifte counties, $3.50 per y*of; «lse- ,46.50. B ,« *» -The Art»«fcrt«» Vnui : The fAsioeloted Press is exclusively entitled to 13*-I)M ftir republkatton of all news discredited to rt or not otherwise in this paper and also the local «5 Y publ!*hed herein. . • Adv«rtb!«fl Rtpr«*rt«o«lv«— ,n4 Domes, Inc.: Mjmijhb. .Tenh., •IrHuildlng; Chlcogo, -400 North Mleh- Avenue, New York City, 292 Madison Detroit, Mich , 2842 W Grand Blvd.; Ama*CI«V, 4U Terminal IBdg.; New .OrlSins, 222 Union St.. BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH and ptivate entrance. Carl Smith residence. 319 North Elm St. 12-3tpd. SIDE GLANCES ByGafbralth COOL FRONT BEDROOM. MRS. Guy Card. Phone 561-J. 302 South Hervey. 14-3tch. LARGE SOUTHEAST BEDROOM. Adjoins bath. G a r a g e. Mrs. George Snndefur, Phone 122, 320 North Washington St. 14-3tch. Wanted 'PRACTICAL NURSE FOR AN elderly invalid. See Mrs. Roy Mouser at Cox Drug Store. ll-3tpd. Chhrqei on Trtbut«, Etc.: Charges will be ' for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning -the de- oorted Commercial newspapers hold to'thls in the news columns to protect their from a deluge ot space-takina.me-; The Star disclaims responsibility &£r The safe-Jteeptng or leturn ot any 'liSsolicited mahsinpts. Classified ,<kds'mu«t be in office dayrbefore f*,"* publication. 'All Want Ads cash in advance. 1 Not taken over the Phone. tv v| On« Utme—2e word, minimum 30c If ^Slx, 'times—Sc word, minimum ;7Sc *•*," Three times—3V'je word, minimum SOe c '*10ite month—T8c word, mlnmlum S2.70 " Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER •> YOU SELL" For Sale SMOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES Efor the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand., <>Hempstead County : Lbr. Co f . «^ Q< Phone 89. 3tt RED - CHOW AND C O C 'K E R ' Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded 4 by day, week or month. Padgitts .'Kennels. 20-lmpd '' FORD PICK-UP, 1937 MODEL, 4 '"'"A-} tires. $375 See Mr. Wilson, , Victory Pool rRoom.. 9-Gtpd. CREAM SEPARATOR. DeLAVAL '"make. Self oiled. See Owen M. Clingan, 801 South Main. 9-6tpd. £,1935 "CHEVROLET, FOUR GOOD "'itirep, Cheap. See Monroe Smith, 'Washington, Route 1, one 'mile offiHope and Gdlumbus iroa'd/on vGuernsey-Washington road. . Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — Capital observers feel there are some aspects of the appointment of .James F. Byrnes as supreme director of the new Offic"> of War Mobilization, the establishment of the office itself, and the naming of Fred M. Vinson as Byrnes' successor as economic stabilization director, much more significant than have been pointed out. To me the most interesting of these speculations is that the President apparently has turned the vital home front job over to "General" Byrnes, his five man OWM staff, and the flock of lieutenants headed • by -such men as OPA Director Prentiss Brown, Rubber Czar Jeffers, Manpower Commissioner McNutt, Interior Secretary Harold Ickes, and that man of many titles, Commerce Secretary Jesse Jones. Why has the President done this at this time? Certainly the home front is passing through its most important crisis. Besides, the President was never one to turn over any vital job to anybody un less he had something more im portant to do. The inevitable conclusion is that he does have something more important at hand and the only thnig that could be is the war effort on the battlefronts. Some months ago, when the bat- | tie of Tunisia was just getting started, the President pushed aside us war maps, locked the door against his military and naval advisers and plunged into the task of straightening out 'the home front. The collapse of the Axis armies in Tunisia came much sooner than expected. 'War doesn't wait for (home fronts to untangle. The home'front .had to^be turned over to some one else. The natural Wash Tubb* Delayed Action WHAT'S "T *OMfffHtt«*: Hefte'S tHB'ROAP WHERE I'M TO ONE 0' TH6 UM0 H0« HE SHOWS UP SOON-! AM EfAPTV 'TOMMY6UfJ ISN'T MUCH IN HO TIUE COUNTRV T. MJItO. U. fl. PAT. OFf Popeye "A Gal Can't Bee Too Fussy!" Thimble Theater "I'm glad Iherc are'two girls to see 'him^off, 'dear—if -he hasn't made up his mind, welll-still have him for a -While ; 3 PP£ME UJlLL. UJAKE AE'S ABOUT TO LOSE * 3eti 8&&%&. Ci Cl c, Cl <; , when he comes home! FUNNY BUSINESS io-etpd ^AIRPLANE STORE FAN. MID [|? ^/dlebrpoks Grocery.- «ll-3tch CUT- FEOWERS, ROSES, GLAD- •ioli, and others Phone 236, Hemp- J stead County Nursery. 12-3tch.. *v 4%I PJANO — COME AND SEE IT. f «• Priced at $125 See Tom Ellis, 904 West Fouith. T4-2wks pd. selection was a home front cabinet that so many had been clamoring for. With the exception of Ju,dge Vinson, the cabinet was already, at hand, already, {unction-1 ing. The new setup won't change things very much. Byrnes has gained some new prestige and the chances are, no matter what his wishes, he can' no longer continue the' "anonymous, behind the scenes" role that he loves so much. He also has gained some new authority, 'but not much. He no longer will have to operate ... ™ through the commander in chief .furnished apartment. :Conven-| when :he wishes, to crack down on •* .* ,iently located. Duplex .preferred,! the Army and Navy for activities ? Pbone 768 before 1 p. m. Satur- that-disrupt the home front tnn day, 12-3tdh Cliff - dwellers, formerly believed to be a vanished race on the TWO RADIO TUBES, 12 -S-A-7 AND *™*£» '^ "g™ »™ a ™- Donald Duck 'J '-' Horse Sense! •<P tota IH>. VJ! Diwqi FioJjrt'uM rTtJ ,. AAETAL w . JUMKMAM HIGHEST PRICES By Walt Disney. Blondie Water Cure for a Drip! By Chic Young , -W • '::.;,.iE!H^;>'.y 1 y-.. / ' ''''••'''^ : '^;:^'^\§^^' : ''^''- \ ,''//,.' '/,',, •'iiti!!si',con!\tii IT Mt*'»Vyiei:INC.•' Wanted to Rent IS.THBEE OR FOUR ROOM UN- Wanted to Buy "He's .cot a :box^of cookies from 'home again!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD fly William Ferguson 'l^Ss™ 5 b^-^rol^ ^nized as early Pueblo Indians. ' Call Sgt. Neu at 565-W, ,0*tpd. | ^^ ^^h^g 4 2}000 GALLONS OF SORGHUM. Cash. Stuearts Store, Hope. Notice ?^, V^ 'OR ALL KINDS .OF TiEPAIR work, lawn mowers and 'gas f( ' stoves, Call T. 'B. Fenwack (Oscar), phone 180-J 10-6tpd. , "DEWING MACHINES. BOUGHT, A. sold, rented, repaired. Parts and .'accessories. Adding machine. See James Allen, 621 South Fulton' Street Phone 322-J. ll-.lmpd. ! DID ANYONE ELSE IN HOPE; I Border a suit of clothes from A. A- 1 Wright, 4408 Jefferson Street, | ' New Orleans, whose tailoring house is in Rome, Ga. Report to Hope Star. ll-3tpd. *3b % Lost 'REVERSAB L E RATCHET c. wrench. Reward. Telephone 442. fc f • 'll-3tpd. 6-lt 1VICE. IMC T. M. «tC. U. 5. PAT W "Hey, Cecil! Don't walk so close to that factory entrance— you know what happened to OUT OUR WAY By J, R. Williams A FINE SOAP SALESMAN! YOU'LL BE —OR ARE YOU COIrJO TO EXPLAIN THAT YOU'RE. TOO BUSY SELUM& TO TRY YOUR OWM 'PRODUCT f TQ SHORTAGE.SO PBDPI-E OUGHT TO BE GLAP TO BUY SOAP,' HAD YOU BEEN LIVIN6-DURING THE. GREAT ICE AG»E, YOU COULD HAVE WALKED TVKff/VTV FROM CITY; NEW JERSEY, BEFORE REACHING*THE SHORES OF THE ATLANTIC, SINCE A &REAT AMOUNT OF THE WORLD'S WATER. SUPPLY WAS. ' ~ COPR. 1M3 BY NEA SERVICC. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. J ^i*,,V«V.*»": v *.»'"^>v.' i *- j °>tK«tjjK!ty;.^'ta^ ;-1>: . •••:.< .'.<!'A•.,•.-.:!•.!,..^. ,,:.. J::..::,.-',: Cap.. Ull. K.«l r...mS)~to». l~. ««" u«hi m.i«J Boots and Her Buddies No Green-Eyed Monster By Edgar Martin l> MEXICO GETS ITS NAME FROM /fhs-xy/z., RlgAU WAK GOD OF THE AZTECS, ^ ^f «. ^ \ II Red Rider 7 Playing "Patience" By Fred Harmon JUST KNOCKED OO1 WHEN 1 FELL TO LOOKrUfA HOOF PRINTS E TRWL "A NOSE GETS REDDER THE MORE IT'S BLEW," Says JACK /VNOfcJAHAN, . /H/rtfifo/to/ij fe/jfrsy/wna. A Blowout NEXT: Ant miners of New Mexico. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople „ - .pi •iijil MICE VJE^TVAER. TO . ..._ HOTTEST SIMCE 1874, BUT BETTER LIGHT /X TO <=>PMe NOU(2. FEET FROST/ /TT'<=> A c.TO^E'6 THKOVi TO THE FISHINSG SPOT/ - SPUTT-TT // AND ITS SUCH VJEf^THER. FOP- TO SOOR. HELICOPTER. 6UCH A ShAOR-T VAOP 4 OLP/ YOU'VE GIVEN S.06CAR BOOM, NOW IN ANCIENT S\aL"/*'AND HEADED W l: FOP- SYRACUSE $< TO VI6IT \NPTH A.RCH1MEDES. A ABOUND HOSTILE ROMAN OUTPOST GAEB.I6ON. * BC 215 By V. T. Hfimlin Freckles and His Friends A Neat Sidestep By Merrill Blosser IMTO JERRY AMD BUD DURING A -VER/ INTERESTING FlMD A GUV NAKAED \ OME * LEFTY"— AMD MA.YBF MORE HE CAN Tea-YOU, YOU / V A/nDn r,ov ER -STUFp ED --; A WORD KNOCK YOUR BLOCK OFF/ ?C f*eV M£* «ERVICC-~NC''

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