Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1954
Page 3
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Thursday, March 25, 1954 \ HOPE STAR, HOFE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY J*bcWire 7-34$i Between I A. M. «nd 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday, March 25 , A Gub Scout meeting- u-ilJ be held t seven o'clock at, Garland School gjjlhe niijh't of March 25.' •• [sure of Mrs. Warwick , and her daughter, Mrs. W. LHobison*. Mrs. Nunn Hostess To P, E. O. Sisterhood Chapter AE of tire P. E. O. Sis- torhood met on Tuesday afternoon, March 2'!, -at three o'clock in the home of Mrs. C. V. Nunii, Sr., The hom Monday March 29 was decorated with ^ [bc.'uilifiil arrangements of spring The Wesleyan Service 'Guild of I flowers. the Methodist Church will have a Sirs. -Tim' McKenzio, president. pot luck supper on Monday even- presided over the business session. ing, March 29th in the horrii; of Mrs. Elmer Brown on East Fifth street. At this meeting, Mrs. H. E. Patterson, misionary study secretary lor •Mrs. Roy Anderson and Mrs. Le.xi'-h 6 Woman's Society, will conduct lelms. Jr., will bo hostesses at the "ojpc Country"' Club Luhcheon- Tridfie to be 'hold on Thursday, 25, at 12:30. This will be an hvilational luncheon - bridge. the first half of the study of Jeremiah. Nazarene Church Young Adult Class Has Meeting Mombers and boosters of the Bod-1 The Young Adult Sunday School! aw Improvement Club will have]Class of the Church of the rone held their monthly busine and social meeting in the home of, 1 ™' " Ml- ...Mr! 1\T..« T~.,l_ C-: „ „.. UUi .">. moetiriK at seven o'clock on Thurs .-.night, March 25, The meeting be preceded by a pot luck super at the high school. A film on Driving and Driving Safely" will e shown b.y two slate troopers. At lis time driver's license will bo ivcn to those who passed the lest iven last week, , Mrs. Leo Wood, who is the pre- mil ^ T ,,., ~: '• ' , Isident of the class, conducted the Iho Friday Music Club will meet business session. Mrs Norm-ill hursday,'March 25|' : iit 7,:30 in the - - - ome 'of "Mrs. Garrett Story with The members votrcl to contribute to tin- Bertha L..Sounders Welfare and Trust Fund and it. was announced that the P. E. O. state convention would bo held from April 23 to 24 in Blyhevil!.?. Delegates to 'the convention will be Mrs. Jim McKen- zio and Mrs. Jlejir.y Haynes. Alternate.! delegates will be Mrs. Franklin Morton and Mrs. E. P. O'Neal. The chaplin. Mrs.' C.. V. Nunn, S)\, /lave (ho devotional using the Na'yTi twc ' nly ' !binl Psalm - Tht> exempli- . ^-jficution of the ritual was present-s e:,s oc j | tyii-t;. McKon/je. Mrs. Hayncs mp nt ! vi , .. .... -- -' _ Hope, announce the arrival of a baby girl on March 23, 1954. Julia ChestS!* Mr. and Mrs. James R. Kin.C, Saratoga have a new daughter, Mary Kathryn. weight 7 lb. and 8| oz. Born 11:40 n. in. Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Powell Palmos have a new daughter, Pamela Lynne, weight 7 Ibs. Born' 6:37 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Barcntino Hope have a new daughter, Jo Buth weight 7 Ibs. Born 3:55 a. m. March 24. oyle Continued from Page One . . . , for a !ot ot your Mr. and Mrs. Jack Simpson on Tuesday night, March 23, at 7:30. Miss Jackie Simpson was hostess. The Simpson home . attractively decorated with Wiilter Siins, Mrs. Ferel Ba- jkcr Mrs. Nunn, and Mrs. Herebcrt I Stephens. Hofresiurients were served from was 'a lea tabln covered with a hand- rangemcnts-er white spring flowers ai "jmado cittwork linen cloth. Scven- : U H!n and one visitor. Talbot Feild, Jr. as co-hus- Mrs. Thomas Cannon Will br- ng .the program on "Italian Muc." Saturday March 27 The Hope Country , Ch-tb Dance Stark led in prayer. The secretary, Mrs. A. B. Goodwin, read the minutes of the meeting preceding this one, A visitation system was discussed with Mr. and Mrs. Wood being appointed as official visitors for the month of April. Mrs. Leroy Land was appointed R " J ' "Dress youthful. Get out of that old business suit when you come home and slide into a pair of! slacks and a sweater or sport shirt] Look like a high school kid yourself. "If you buy a new car, get a convertible — and your worries are just about at an end. It's a good thing to have even'though you may never gel to drive it yourself. Teen attended the meeting. Coming and Going ,y of Whitesboro, agcrs Jove convertibles." i.,-. i,,.. ' . .; , , —-x,* ^^ jjunw w«o aptJUJi, yill be held from nine til twelve on! to fill the position of assistant Inflll'ffnir M i r»Vi t U"rt»-4 r. ,i,!ll Kj-k TV/T« j_ i . aturday night. Hosts will be Mr. .nd Mrs. Bill ,Routqn. and Mr. and lies. E. P. Young,"Jrl ' THe.'ivIalgtfy.MaTas Will meet with <jjpt wtcKenzie' at ten 6'clock on aiurday morning. je, Lynchburg , Virginia is spending a ten day spring vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hays, at their home in Oakhaven. Nancy is accompanied tertainment chairman, resigned by Y ," v ''' £• lll £ um P a " lea Miss ..Tniln «,,«,„/ TVT!: ,f, ,.^ by her room mat <-'. Mlss ^ancy Ann No tell-tale signs on her face because . cramps, jitters, bather her no morn Why look older, worn out, jittery for 2 Inyn encH month? Why Jot ovrrybody your "timi!" is here? Thousands of smart girls and AvoiiK.-n take a little Caniui each-tiny'to help build new energy and resistance; They look, .net, sleep hotter, feel less and lews misery each,monl.h. Some even go 'IhrougH iierioOs without pain after a while.. Stay loyely all month 'HI ask your dealer for-Cardui. (Say: '"cimf'iiou-ftic"). • MofifflLV CRAMPS [£ Ward is the entertainment chairman. Following group singing, refreshments wore served by Miss Simpson assisted by Mrs. . Norman Stark.. During the' social hour games were played. ot Suffolk, Virginia. They will ix'-sumr.' their studies at' college on 'March 31. the . Mrs. Dora Mae Cogar and twin daughters of San Pablo, California are visiting in the home of Mrs. The ne:<t meeting will be beldi^Ko™"^ ^ "' in four weeks at the'home of Miss j -fl±±!! Mrs. John Kobins, who has just recently returned Irom a- trip to Dallas, has had- as her guest lor the past ivo clays, Mrs. John Barrow of HeU-ha. in Julia Sutton. Mrs. Mattie Warwick Entertained At' Louise Rebekah Lodge Meeting On Tuesday night, March 23, the Louise Rebekah Lodge met for its regular session. After the business session, 'the members entertained their'' oldest member,. Mrs. Mattie Warwick, with a card and handker-, - „ „ „.„. chief shower on her 90th birthday, j Mrs. George Gilbert^^Fulton '*Mrs" .Refreshments, were served and K. G. Harr.iltpn Hope, pictures were made. The drill j Discharged;' 'Sandra Hollis, Hope I Hero ;ire a few tips by Rand I on how to rejuvenate your • out look: "Forgot about Charlie Chaplin or Mary Pickford, or at least don't speak about them in the presence of thu young and hopeful. Learn and try to memorize the names of the singers and movie slars pop ular in the teenage, set — Perry Comb, Stewart Granger, • Eddie Fisher, Tony Curtis. .: •• "It somebody mentions Shirley Temple, say you're too young to remember her. Don't talk about how things "used to be" Those comparisons are sudden death. "Know the latest dances. Forget about the waltz. Don't even say the word out loud. • ' "Keep up on teenage fads and approve of them heartily, no mat ter how ridiculous they seem. "Pick up a few teenage expres riotis such as 'this tears me up' (I really like it), 'cast an'eye ball' (road), 'glurpy' (really grcatl or 'petunia'.(sissy). Hospital Notes Branch Admitted:'..Mary Lou Moore. .Hope •CHANGE OF LIFE learn.presenled a diill foi the pled-' Mi and "Otherwise you'll be •square,' and that .means tabbed you're "kind've not loo goodish,' or bad. Bui don't try to learn too much teenage talk. Kids resent your in truding- on their privacy " ' : Everything clear now, dad? To understand your teenage boy you Albeit Hi own of'just become one yourself. This NATURAL—Once, the "blonde bombshell" of Hollywood, Lana Turner is now -a brunette. She says her husbimd, Lex Barker, likes her ridtuiully dark hair, iso she has given up bleaches except ior movie roles. WALGREEN AGENCY 'We Give EaqUe DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 Real Money-Saver , 60 C Aluminum ; TUMBLERS Anodned,' AQc Iridescent., "O Hold 14-ounces. Don't Miss This Value! SAVE mi $ 6.S9 HAIR DRYER BEAUTI-AIRE with Stand. Removes for hand K""Q! use. 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S 2.98 Rattan BACK REST Lightweight 3 79 but rugged . I """* Tight-woven cone HAMOI, Indochina (UP,).—Wave: of French C47s 'and Flying Bo> cnrs dropped 12,500. gallons blazing jellied '<asolme at low levc .ovei Red Uoops beboiging Diu Bien Phu in an attempt to bun them . to death in their trenches | the .French high command said today, French aulhoijties said the raic which was cnined out yesteiday was even more dovastatrog than the big napalm laid staged Tues day. > Scores of fi-^ht^rs and fighter •bombers escorted the transpotts if) malu> the mission one of the greni cst of (he Indochiha war. Fiench cieumen slid cans of the jollied gasoline out ol the plane doors down specially built.• trough's The bombs woie =;et to detonate just over the' heads of the Bed rebels. gets the problem ott' your shoul der, but leaves /nolhe'r the task of denims witn tvo teenagers in the family. one new and one second lirnd. Hoi clue th-n is to ciy, "Oh pain oh dfiony " Thai's teen talk ior. 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While we do have to manage carefully to take care of them, we ai-e able to provide everything necessary. I am very Ured of the ridiculous comments people make. Frances K. Answer: Wouldn't it be a fine world it people would only refrain from making thoughtless or unkind remarks? Most of the comments you've been getting can be put down to envy—sour grapes, in other words. Women who haven't children envy —;. consciously or olher- a blessing from God and its upbiing Ceitamly there is Ho better job, no tiner career, than to mother a brood of fine youngsters., Each child is a blessing ot God, arid its upbringing is your acknowledgement < of God. Right Means Might Perhaps at the moment you are unduly serisilive to the reactions of those around you. Just remember that you — not they — are in the right that such critcism would come only from rude inconsiderate people and that your family compensates for everything. If you can squeeze a bit of reading into youl- busy day, Starving Cancer Is Possibility KANSAS CITY, I* — Tho possl bility of starving out cancel- through the combined attack of dietary control and chemicals harmful to the growth was report ed today before the American Che mical Society. ' The procedure was described as having a "Promising possibility" b y Dr. James B. Allison, who said studies now Under way at the Rutgers University Bureau of Hi ological Research show that the life of a turmor bearing animal may be pro-longed through diet ooH do about the s tight with hint. too. . but -hive < attotit , rtiake # justmenfa , ,. Answer? told that you ***, « this irofted outv Yott reach a soluflbh With chtifencsi ges ' case Ute'.c^tnplete religion family eliminate tibn. i , , , bom> w "Cheaper by 'the Dozen" lfrom your »br.ary and see how Well , a I4eall y bi « braod b y lwo intelligent, uhd^rstartding Parents. Knowing yourself to be a part of this mothers-bttarRe-fatnilies sisterhood should give you a decided lift. Dear Miss Dix; I'm a junior in high school and like a boy the same age who attends another) school. He seems to like me he walks me home from dances basketball games etc> but the trouble is he treats me more like a just won't" take me Seriously. \Vs sister than a gird friend, ' ftc have lots fun together but he's always joking and kidding. LINDA Answer. You are very, lucky to be accepted by the boy on this basis. A boy likes, above everything else, a girl who's fun; v by cultivating this side of the friendship, you sUmd a very good chance of Winning the boy as & steady. Don't try to change him or your status. 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