Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on May 22, 1975 · Page 5
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 5

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1975
Page 5
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GENERAL REVENUE SHA General Revenue Sharing provides federal funds directly to local to encourage citizen participation in determining your governmc discrimination in the use of these funds may be sent to the Office of Revenue Sharing. Wash., D.C. 20226. PLANNED EXPENDITURES •V '.TA'tGORiES (8'CAPITAL - *>•».,: S»'tr» s 2, COG : ^-^r^ is ; ru ? </-=-*-cs s 3,002 * ----- s • C:;C:4 " :s is f . f ^ £ < s 5-\*N~4» * ViVi/4//y.*- 5 * s? $ (C) OPERATING / MAINTENANCE $ S s s S 2,000 S 500 S 430 S •••••:••"«. . :;.-.. I- ••.' = •.- $ vl >,"-• :: .£.;-v:s- S •; -::.-.: v * " £ . t „ J -'.'£*." x ••.,;-. "i • - c 1 "On S , C b 2 HJiiiii* S 2,580 RING PLANNED USE REPORT f(*\ and state governments This report of your government's plan is published \^^J int's decision on how the money will be spent. Note: Any complaints of ""^ THE GOVERNMENT . Zs OF ' j {LiHi"':>i iuH'1 1 = ANTICIPATING A GENERAL REVENUE ^ "g SHARING PAYMENT OF -f :^ i.JT-,-: ug FOR THE SIXTH ENTITLEMENT PERIOD JULY 1. 1975 THROUGH JUNE 30. 3 S 1976. PLANS TO SPEND THESE FUNDS FOR THE PURPOSES SHOWN V/ ACCOUNT NO j ••'• : C' '-"•'; : .'iJ''.'j 1 1 1 Ij.' 11 ,-< i t_ t l Jn .• ; , - • • ID! Submit proposals fnr funding confederation hy | TO - L-ityL-i^rK A copy of this rpport and supporting documents jro open (or public scrutiny a ,Counr:-.l rtor, City ilr.H, Titonk", lo 1 :-^ (E) ASSURANCES (Refer to instruction E) 1 assure the Secretary of the Treasury that the ncn- discrimination and other statutory requirements listed in Pan E of the instructions accompanying this report will be complied with by this recipient government with respect to the entitlement funds reported hereon •/ /• / i i/'T' • •'*•'. ^-* Vl n j^l-y V f*t^S • / f t i ( .^ // . '/ /y £} .V. ffb'J ' It ~\ Signature of Chief Executive Officer f L-lter .'.':n:Ji: - ,"nvor ^T - / ~ J , - 7S~ Name & Title — Please Print Date Portland News my Mn. Yletor Fttefe Verities Tv.urs^av, N'.av 14... Mr. iaJ Mrs.' EuCl^irc Mey ; coo artcnd- Mr. 02.: Mr-. V Cvi the Ni::.-ni'- ::c::rr Society induction ~c:c:--.^n /. Terr/ Meyer WiS cj-.o-sc- :^ bo i rriember of the Society. Mr. or.-', '.'irf. FrinX Ryerson of Bun '••• ore Friuav ~: err: ing callers a: the Bern^r- Me liter home. The Frionclv Four Club me: Tuesday, May 15 Li the home of Mildrev: ErrciJinc. '•.rrenviir*:; v.-cre Grace Ac-.err.an, Viola Cunning':-. a:-, Myrtle Jonas, Leona Lovsta-', Irene. Milljr and Maxine V.'alker. Roll Call: "What '.vc J.id on V.Diher's Day". Program: Oection of Officers, old officers holdin- over: Mildred Erpeldin^, president; Srene Miller, vice president; Viola Cunningham, secretary-treasurer; Myrtle Jones, card committee. The next mcetins v.'il! be held Tuesday afternoon, June 10 in the home of Mildred Mescher. Mother's Oay guests in the Francis Erpelding home v.ere Mrs. Amanda Erpelding of the Good Samaritan Rest Home in Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Friders and Diane of V.'est Bend, Mi. and Mrs. Frank Brecka and family of Plymouth, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Erpelding and family of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tigges and Carol of Burr. Mr. and Mrs. P.W. M allow and Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Meister \vere dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Linda Meister. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister were also supper guests. Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Marlow and Lisa were supper guests in the Wayne Eckels home near Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Meister were supper suests of her parents in Garner. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Erpelding and family visited her mother, Mrs. Martha Hellman, at Bancroft the evening of Mother's Day. Mrs. Roger Olson of Titonka v.'as a morning coffee guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zwiefel, on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Z'.viefcl were dinner guests in the Louie Huber home Mother's Day. They also visited his mother, Mrs. Galena Zwiefel, and Orlo. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larson •.vere Saturday callers in the Jack Thompson home. They took the Thompson children fishing in the afternoon. Mrs. Earl Zwiefel and Mrs. Victor Fitch drove to Forest City on Tuesday to consult a doctor, and ware coffee guests in the ne\v home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wheeler. Mrs. vVheeler is the former Ruth Henken, a former Portland resident. Mr. and Mrs. Donald White o£ Topeka, Kan. were Monday night guests in the Ray McWhorter home . Mr. and Mrs. White v.-ere Monday supper guests in the Frank Becker home. Mr. White is a nephew of Mr. Mc- V.'horter. Linda Becker of Des Moines and Mrs. .Alan Lemker, Kristy and John of Breda were Wednesday and Thursday visitors in the Frank Becker home. Capt. and Mrs. Merwyn Cunningham of Wichita, Kan. are visiting relatives in Iowa. Mother's Day guests in the Floyd Huisman home were Mrs. Lenore Johnson of Meridan, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Huisman and family, Mrs. William Huisman and Maria Huisman of Algona. Mrs. Johnson came Friday night and stayed to visit until Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson of Buffalo Center were Friday evening visitors in the Floyd Huisman home. Mrs. Goerge Buttes and Chris of Fresno, Cal. visited one day last week in the Huisman home. Mrs. Buttes is the former Carrie Jaren. Mr. Lloyd Bartlett visited last Sunday afternoon in the Levant Moore home. Mr. Levant Moore and Leona Haase attended a supper at the Titonka Methodist Church put on by the Junior M. Y. F, for their mothers and father?. Evelyn Moore was one of the members serving. Mrs. Bernard Phelps drove to Fort Dodge the afternoon of Mother's Day to visit her mother, Mrs. Minnie Sperring, who was spending the day in the Lester Hacker home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walton of Rolfe and Mrs. Luella Johnson of Forest were also there. The four ladies are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf, Sr. of Lone Rock, Mrs. Frauka Schadendorf of Lakota, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hurlburt and family of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kinne and family of LuVerne, and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf, Jr. and family of Algona celebrated Mother's Day and May birthdays in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harms, rural Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harms and family visited in the Herman Harms, Sr. home in Titonka Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harms, Jr. ant 1 family, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Hansen and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Moore and family were afternoon callers Now! Maximum Load Carrying Capacity at Sustained Speeds. CARGO CARRIER Series 78 Heavy Service Highway Truck Tire Meet* the necessary requirements of the sma truck industry for maximum performance on all wheel positions. Five rib tread design provides excellent traction and lateral skid resistance. New buttress design makes lor a coot running tire long tire life and high recappability. Stop in soon and see this outstanding tire! • Premium Anti-Skid. • Round Shoulder. • Wider Tread. Five Rib Design • Variable Pitch Sequence • Nylon Construction Farmers Co-op Oil Company Phone 928-2614 Titonka, Icwm in the Herman Harms, Sr. home on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mis. Maurice Bilsborough were supper guests in the Herman Harms, Jr. home on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Boeckholt and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Boeckholt and family attended the Johnson-Boeckholt wedding Saturday, May-10 in the Ledyard Reformed Church. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Harms and family were dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thompson, at Algona on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ringsdorf of Burt, Mrs. Mae Lattimer of Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ringsdorf and family of Eagle Grove, were supper guests in the Wendell Ringsdorf home on Mother's Day. The Jolly Neighbors Club met Wednesday, May 14 in the home of Vivian Dutton. Attending were Julia Thompson, Neva Thompson, Gladys O'Donnel of Lone Rock, Lorene Vollmer, Neva Shaser, Ella Johnson and Veda Me Arthur of Bancroft, and Luella Cherland of Algona. The next meeting will be held in the home of Luella Cherland. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Written Monday, May 19... The Portland Progress Club met Thursday, May 15 in the home of Florence Koestler with Eva Shipler as assistant hostess. Attending were Thelma Meister, Eva Shipler, Grace Trenary, Myrtle Zwiefel, Marie Parson, HUma Carlson, Sarah Stewart, Either Shipler, Vivian Dutton, Francis Smith, Vera Fitch, and Florence Koestler. Martha Fuerstenau was a guast. Roll Call: "Something new I planted in my garden". Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryerson Burt showed some very beautiful pictures, "Flight from Time", which we enjoyed very much. Mrs. Ryerson also read a poem, "No Time For Living". Grace Trenary and Francis Smith were in charge of Fun Time. Grace had a flower puzzle, Vivian Dutton won a prize, and Francis had a question and answers quiz, Mrs. Frank Ryerson won a prize. Arlene Wood, Margaret Govern and Eva Shipler received a birthday gift from their Secret Sister. The annual club picnic will be held Thursday, June 19 at Smith Lake, north of Algona. Hilma Carlson and Vera Fitch are hostesses. They will furnish dessert, coffee and Kool-Ade. Others to bring a hot dish or salad and their own sandwiches. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse were among the many relatives and friends that attended a reception in the Edward Harms home Thursday evening, May 15 in honor of the graduation of their son Douglas. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker, Franklin, Norman, Janet, and Linda, Mr. Ray McWhorter of Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lemker, John and Kristy of Breda attended the wedding of Timothy Johns of Tarkio, Mo. and Janet Arheil at North Band, Neb. Timothy is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Johns. The young couple is going to California where he plans to attend Fuller Seminary this fall. This was also a sort of family reunion and celebration of Ray McWhorter's 85th birthday. Mrs. Mary Collett, John, Chester and Mac of Colorado, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Johns, Mike and Deb, of Tarkio, Mrs. Albert Goodwin and Caroline, Mrs. Christofer McWhorter of Fort Collins, Col. and Mr. and Mrs. Donald White of Topeka, Kan. were also a part of the family gathering. On the way home the Beckers and Mr. Ray McWhorter stopped at Omaha to visit Vera McWhorter, a sistar of Ray's. Vera is a resident of Haven House, but due to the tornado, she is now at the Doctor's Hospital there. Linda Becker is spending the weekend in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank THE TITONKA TOPIC May 22, 1975 — Page 2 — Becker. She came for her brother Norman's graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harms ' and Douglas, Sydelle Harms, Cindy Harms, and JoLynn Harms of Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Amand Dangelser and Brett of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hix, JoAnn and Janet, of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. David Hix, Ashley and Chad of Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. George Hix and Cherity of Lone Rock were among the many relatives and friends attending a reception for Mrs. Duane Hix in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Chrischilles at Fenton. A reception was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Boeckholt Thursday evening after the graduation of their daughter, Angie, from the Titonka High School. About 50 relatives and friends gathered in the Boeckholt home to celebrate the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carlson and fa nily of Burt attended a reception Sunday afternoon in the John Carlson home in Whittemore in honor of the graduation of their son, Randy, from the Algona High School. A large crowd of relatives and friends attended. Mr. and Mis. EuClaire Meyer attended graduation exercises Thursday evening in the Titonka High School. Terry was an usher. Mr. and Mrs. Harris Harms and family of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carlson and family of Algona, and Mr. Jess Harms of Burt were Sa'.urday supper guests in the Leroy Davis home. Mr. and Mis. Richard Trunk- hill took her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jody Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cunningham of Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Merwyn Cunningham of Wichita, Kan. out to dine Wednesday evening at Ventura in honor of Mrs. Trunkhill's birthday. Mrs. Joe Beitz of Buyck, Minn, was a Thursday morning visitor in the Bernard Phelps home. Mrs. Beitz is visiting relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill attended the baptism of their grandchild, Chad Allan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trunkhill last Sunday at the Good Hope Lutheran Church, Titonka. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foy, Jr. of Cedar Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. Allan Aldrich of Algona. Tom Trunkhill was a Sunday dinner guest in the Mennet Trunkhill home in honor of his birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Thompson of Knoxville were weekend guests in the Roland Chafee home. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sorenson of Algona were Sunday evening visitors. Junior Girl Scouts On Monday, May S, the Junior Girl Scouts had their meeting. We made our mothers presents for Mother's Day. We practiced for our Mother-Daughter Tea Party which is May 12. Diana Wibben and Kim Bengston served lunch. —Lori Hues man, reporter. SUKRSIAKrtRS Only SOLID STATE LAWN-BOY gives you this exclusive starting combination: _ri_, ^T^-___t^ (A) Solid State Ignition for Quick Starts because it creates a hotter spark than conventional mowers. Pivoting grass bag support rod (B) New Simplified Carburetor for Sure Starts because it has 1/3fewer parts logo wrong compared with other mowers. Fixed-jet carburetor never needs adjusting Fingertip levers adjust to 6 cutting heights Snap-on grass bag nils from back lo front Olfset tronl wheels' permit front/side discharge ot grass Patented* sale! 1 contour and deflector bar in discharge chute Under-the- deck muffler for quiet operation Rugged auslempered carbon steel blade 'Farmers Co-op Oil Co. Phone 928-2614 Titonka, Iowa We're in the same boat Everytime you go to the store, the cost of things is higher The peas or the peanut butter or something. It's the same with us. True, we may shop at a different place than you do, but the costs still keep rising just the same. For example, we remember when coal, with which we generate more than 75 per cent of our electricity, cost $5.83 a ton back in 1962. Today the cost is $20.31 a ton The cost of equipment, such as trucks which are needed to provide our customers with good service, has risen In 1962 a half ton pickup frock cost $1,900 Today the same type truck sells for $4,480 We paid $40.70 for a 40 - foot distribution pole in 1962. It's $103.75 today. A pound of copper wire cost $0.33 in 1962 It's $0.67 a pound today. Even insulators which hold the wire on our transmission lines are up from $3.15 in 1962 to $6.55 today. And taxes, both property and income, plus wages have gone up correspondingly. So you see, we're all in the same boat. Caught in the rising cost spiral. We've economized, grown more efficient, and tightened our belt. But, sooner or later, everybody runs out of notches

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