The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 10, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Friday. November 10, 1961 From Our Readers Foundation Of Feathers Serious thinking is being provoked as to what motivates our city commissioners in their firm stand: that, there shall be no vote by the electorate, after more than 1,300 citizens of Ottawa asked to vote on a matter involving more than three quarters of a million dollars. Our city light plant is a large utility and a valuable asset to Ottawa. It makes money and thus saves all of us tax dollars. The Citizens Committee is vitally interested in saving, maintaining and improving this utility. We advocate long-range planning. We are opposed to the present and seemingly projected stop-gap policy. We are opposed to any future purchase of experimental equipment. We advocate the purchase of proven equipment of proper size that will take care of our present and future requirements. May we define stop-gap versus long- range planning: stop-gap policies are usually construed to mean a short period of time, say from three to ten years, while long-range planning takes in consideration anticipated needs for many years, in our case probably 30 years or longer. . The possibility of our city commission- To Your Good Health ers purchasing another experimental engine to set along side the experimental engine we already have is unthinkable, in our opinion. Taking this as a projection would be like building a foundation of feathers under our city light plant, and, as we all know, feathers are for the birds, the same as experimental equipment. Especially so when tuned to a frequency of more than three quarters of a million dollars. — Gilbert Robe, Citizens Committee. A Little Praise I just want to say "thank you" to the city of Ottawa for the new lights that glow so brightly at night on East 2nd, and also 1st. Up to the time the lights were installed, I didn't care to be down on 2nd street. It was so dark at night. Now it's more like daylight than night. I'm hoping that in the future Ottawa's Main Street will be lighted as well. I fully believe it will help to bring folks into our city to have streets well lighted, especially our shopping areas.— Maude L. Walker. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Friday Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Prevent Heart Attacks By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: What can be done to avoid strokes and hart attacks, if preventive measures are known?—A.R." A big order. Since these aren't germ-born conditions, we can't rely on vaccines. This doesn't mean we can't do anything — but we have to do entirely different things. Heredity is important, but there's not much we can do : »bout that. It's an old scientific joke: "The best way l\ to avoid strokes and heart attacks is to have parents who! didn't." Heredity determines the quali- Hy of our arteries, our body chemistry, and to some extent our temperament. If we come from a family that has had Dr more than its share of troubles in this regard, it will pay to be careful. Some such families have higher-than-average quantities .jrf fa^si (including cholesterol) in the blood. Some 'terid to have certain types of hardening of the arteries. All of us can expect to "sit and listen to our arteries harden" as we grow older. This is na- tur»l. But some types of hardening are preferable to others. If the hardening (or thickening) takes place inside the hollow core of an artery, and is a sort of internal coating, it is more conducive to strokes or heart troubles than the type that occurs right in the wall of the artery itself. This does not reduce the inside to the same extent. We can't select the type of hardening we prefer. All we can do is take more precautions if we have the "wrong" kind. What precautions? Well, so far at any rate, I have small faith in any "easy" ways of "reducing cholesterol." I have, however, considerable faith in avoiding obesity. If you've read any insurance company literature, you know that overweight people don't live as long as those of normal weight. Why? One reason is that the overweight means there is more body to.;vbe" provided with blood. If the arteries are hardened, it's still more difficult. And blood pressure consequently becomes higher. And there's more chance of trouble. So one rule is to lose weight. If blood pressure is too high (and overweight is only one of many contributory causes, it Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollingsworth, 703 E. 4th. Snoopy, a bird dog owned by Mary Terrill, 205 E. 13th, was struck and killed by an automobile. Mrs. Lowell Jones, 220 S. Walnut, was ill with scarlet fever. 50 YEARS AGO Clyde Wallace was wearing a patch over his left eye and bandages on his head. An automobile in which he was riding in Topeka ran into a street car. Fred Hay purchased the Bamsdeli Barber Shop on North Mam Steet, just south of Tecumseh. J. R. Porter, who was learning to drive a car he had purchased, said the barn was giving him some trouble. The barn reached over and smashed one of his headlamps as he tried to drive in. Prayer For Today Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; in whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord. (Ephesians 2:20-21.) PRAYER: 0 Father, hasten the day when all nations will be one family within Thy love, when Hie knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In His name. Amen. should be controlled. In the last decade or less we have found drugs to help in this regard. Some doctors, and count me with them, believe that excessive use of tobacco is harmful. Most doctors, and again count me with them, have observed that over-fatigue, emotional outbursts, and pent-up nervous tension also are harmful. So is excessive physical activity. Bui that doesn't mean you should park in a chair and wait for trouble to catch up. Moderate or mild but steady activity is good. So be active but don't overdo it. Stop well short of exhaustion. If one has had a heart attack or stroke, anticoagulant drugs (to prevent formation of clots) are important and useful. In cases in which there are clear signs of approaching trouble, these drugs may be advisable. Detecing the signs and giving the drugs both are difficult matters and must be handled by your doctor. But all in all, there are things you can do to protect your heart and guard against strokes. Some require your doctor's help, but some you can do yourself, if you really want to. "Dear Dr. Molner: Does having a goiter operation tend to make one more allergic to different foods, etc.?—T.G." No — although it is possible, at times, to de- velope allergies as time goes by. "Dear Sir: What is your opinion of using simple glycerine suppositories to aid in mild cases of constipation? I travel with my husband, and food and water are not always the same as when I am at home, sometimes causing slowness or difficulty in evacuation.—Mrs. A.G." That's a sensible method to initiate difficult movements. NOTE TO MRS. D.: I didn't mention any particular drug expected to "be a boon to heart and diabetic patients." I did mention a general class of drugs — diuretics — which are useful in discharging excess fluid from the system and hence of considerable use in some heart cases and other conditions. NOTE TO MRS. M.G.: Yes, plastic dentures cause soreness of the mouth in some cases. What are ulcers? How should they be treated? What can you do to help rid yourself of ulcers and stay rid of them? For answers, read Dr. Molner's helpful new booklet, How To Heal Peptic Ulcers And Keep Them Healed. For your copy write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Molner is happy to receive readers' questions, and whenever possible uses them in his column. However, due to the great volume of mail received daily, Dr. Molner regrets he cannot answer letters individually. Laff-A-Dav Saturday "i like you. Biff, but i,,.i M 1 nml . who is strong in math." «:S5 5—Moment of Meditation 7:00 5—Farm Reporter 7::)0 5—Postmark Mid-America 7:15 5—One-way to Safety 13—Lean) to Draw 8:«0 4—Bleep and Sam 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 4—Pip The Piper 5-13—Captain Kangaroo »:00 4—Shan Lewis 5-13—Video Village Jr. 9—Farm Hour 9:30 4—King Leonardo 5-13—Mighty Mouse 9—Whizzo & Crew 10:00 4-5-13—President Kennedy 10:80 4—Liberty Memorial 5-13—Roy Rogers 9—Whizzo, in.-i Crew 13—Junior Auction 10:45 9—Learn to Draw 11:00 4—Special 5-13—Sky King 9—On Your Mark 11:30 4—Special 5—My Friend Flicka 9—Magic Ranch 13—Theatre 30 11:45 4—Film Feature 12:011 Noon 4—High Noon Cartoon.- 5—Jack Mitchell 9—Sheena 13—News 12:HO 4—Accent 5—Studio Five. "They Were Expendable" 9—Dan Devine 13—Accent l:M 4—High School Ball 5—Studio Five, 9-13—College Kickolf l:lfi P-13—Football 1:30 4—High School Ball 5—Studio Klve. 9-13—Football 3:00 4—High School Football 5—Studio Five 9—Football 3:31) 4—High School Football 5—Studio Five 9—Football 13—Football 3:00 4—TV Teen Hop 5—Championship Bowling 13—Football 3:3U 4—Insight 5—Bowling 4:00 4—Wrestling 6—Twentieth Century 9-13—College Football 4:15 9-13—Scoreboard «:3» 4—Mr. Magoo 5—Qame or the Week 9—Manhunt 13—Game of the Week 4:00 4—Bullwinkle 5—Game of the Week 9—Mattys Funday Funnies 13—Football i:30 4—Jetfs Collie 5—Mister Ed. 9—Cimarron City 13—Your Question Please 5:Ji> 13 -News-Weather 6: III' 4—News 5—News* Weather 9—Cimnrron Ciiy 13—Sportsman's Friend 6:11 5—Sports with Humid Mack 9-13—Football Scoreboard 6:25 4—Comment • :3U 4—Wells Fargo 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Roaring 20's 7:00 4—Wells Fargo 5-13 Perry iMason 9—Roaring 20's 7130 4—Shannon 5-13—Defenders 9—Leave It To Beaver 8:00 4—Movie, "Halls of Montezuma" 5-13—Defenders 9—Lawrence Welk SsIJO 4—Movie 6-13— Have Gun Will Travel '.'—Lawrence Wells 1:00 4—Movie Spectacular 6-13— Gunsmoke 9—Boxing 9::li 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13—Ciun.smoke 9—Boxinu ! -9—Make that Spar,. 10:00 4—News and Weather 5-13-News - Weather 9— Straightaway 10:15 4—NcHb-Weailiev >—Movie, "Ten Tall Men" * 111(1 4—Picture of the Day 5--Euri) Show B—Popeye 13—Huckleberry Hound 5:80 4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Scope 5:40 13—Sport* with Dev Nelson 5:50 13—Business News 5:55 5—Sports 13— Weather with Gordon Jump 6:03 4-5-13—News 9—Man Krora 6:10 4—Sports 5—Weather with Johnny Yates 6:15 4—News, Huntley-Brinkley 5-13—-News with Douglas EdV'&rts 6:30 4—Sen Hunt 5-i:i—Rawnirte 9—Margie 7:00 4—National Velvet 5-18—P.ii \Miide 9—Hathaways 4—Detectives 5-13—Route ti6 9—Flintstones 4:00 4—Detectives 5-13—Route 66 9—77 Sunset Strip 8:::o 4—Bell Telephone Hour 5-13—Father of the Bride 9—77 Sunset Strip 9:00 4—Bell Telephone Hour 5—Third Man 9—Targe. r-Corruptors 13—Twilight Zone 0:30 4—Bob Newhart 5—Eye Witness 9—Target Corriipotrs 13—Eye Witness IU:'IO 4-5-U-18—News 10:10 4-5—Weather 10:15 4 J:icH p.iar 5—Studio Five, "They Were Expendable" 9—Peter Gunn 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sports 10:30 4—Jaok Paar 5— Studio Five 9—Peter Gunn 13—Seasons of Youth 10:45 B—Big Show, "Her Primitive Man' 11:00 4—Jack Paar 0—Studio Five 11:80 4—Jack Paar '> H—Studio Five ! 13—Movie. "Secret Beyond the Door" ! 12:00 MldnlKht 4—Reporter's Scratch Pad 9—Unity Daily Word 13:20 5-13—Late Show, "Leather Glove 10:110 4—Movie, "I Was a Male War Bride' 1 5—Movie, 9—Movie, "Casablanca" 13—Bonanza 11:00 •1—Movio 5—MovliB 9»-Movle 13—Bonanza 11 ::tfl 4—Movie 6—Million Dollar Movie 9—Movie 13—News 11:85 13—20th C. Theater, "The Man in the Trunk" 12:00 -Wrestling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Big Show, 12:4(> 5—Late Show, "Island of Last Souls" Sunday 5—Light Time 13—Oral Robert! 8:15 5—Davey & Goliath 8:30 4—Scared Heart 5—Christophers 13—Industry on Parade 8:45 4—Christopers 13—Christian Science 9:00 •1- Imfu.stry on Parade 5-13—Lamp Unto My Feet 9:15 4—Americans at Work U.-30 4—This Is trie Answer 5-13—Look Up And Live 9—Dirrf t.'mv 2 10:110 4—Catholic Hour 5-13—Camera Three 9—Womens League Bowling 10:25 5-13— News 10:80 4— Fxllli tvi fmlnv 5—Liberty Memorial 9—Wnnderama 13 -This Is the Life 10:.13 5—Special Torch of Hlr.lory 10:55 13—News II :00 4—This Is The Life r»-- i'-nfilc 9—Wonderama 13—First Methodist Church II -1(0 4—Builders Showcase 5—Washington Converstaion 9—Metropolitan Movie, "Great American Broadcast" 12:00 4—Bowling 5—Inquiry 9—Movie 13—Washington Conversation 13:15 5—NFL Highlight 12:81' 13—Learn to Draw 12:15 5-13—Football Kickoff 1:110 4—Pro Football 5-13—Pro Football 9—Movie, "Wallflower" 1:15 5-13—Football Kickoff 9—Theater Nine, "The Return" l::;o 5-13—Pro Ball 2:0(1 9—Acjlai Stevenson 2:.'til 5—NFL Scoreboard 9--Pro Football 2:*:. 9—Pro Scoreboard 3:110 4—Football 9—Football 13—Football 3:30 4—Football 5—Football 9—Pro Football 13—Football 3:511 4—Community Bulletin Board 4:00 4—Lets Get Outdoors 5—Movie, "Ten Tall Men" 9—Pro Football 13-Amateur Hour 4:30 4—CliRt Huntley 5—Million Dollar Movie. "Ten Tall Men" 13—G.E. College Bowl 5:0(1 4—Meet The Press 5—Movie 9—Football 13—Twentieth Century J:I8 9—Pro Scoreboard 5:30 4—Best of the Po*t 5—Movie 9—Maverick 13—Mister Ed • •CM 4—News 5-13—Lassie 9—Football «:13 9—Pro Scoreboard 6:30 4—Walt Disney's World 5-13—Donnif the Menace 9—Follow The Sun 7:00 4—Walt Disney 5-13—Ed Sullivan 9—Follow The Sun 7:30 4—Car 54 fi-13—Ed StiUlvan !>—The Lawmu, 8:00 4—Bonanza 5.13—G.E. Theater 9—Bus Stop 8:30 4—Bonanza 5-13—Jack Benny 9—Bus Stop 9:00 4— DuPont Show 5-13—Candid Camera 9—Adventures in Paradise 0:30 4—DuPont Show 5-13—What's My Line? 9—Adventures IP Paradise 10:00 4—News, weather 5—News, Weather 8—Way of Thinking .'0—News 10.18 4—Movie Spectacular, "Viva Zapata" 5—Twilight Zone 1:1—News 10:25 13—Weather 10:30 4—Movie Spectacular 5—News 9—Open End 13—Father KDOW« Best 10:45 5—Five Star Theater, "Tale of Two Cities" 11:05 13—Movie, "High Tension" This And That by |ph Strike Over Editorial Policy KUALA LUMPUR — We left the company of Felix Abislieganaden, Mushtaq Ahmad, Agha Babur, U Sein Win, Majeed Nizami, Santosh Ghosh, U Thaung, Jatindra Mkherje, Ashmed Ali Khan, Syed Mobin, Teoh'Thy Moh, U Aye Pe, and others with whom we have been conferring over common newspaper problems. We accepted the invitation of Othman bin Wok to go down and visit the Utusan Melayu. The plant of this leading Malayan language newspaper is down a lane with deep chuckholes, past a tent under which half a dozen pickets (the strike has M been going on more than two months) are playing cards and listening to a radio while a fresh pot of tea is brewing, and through a high, barbed wire fence. The newspaper, mechanical ly, is strictly modern. Eight line-casting machines built in England of American design. A hydraulic mat-making machine of Danish Manufacture. A Japanese copy of an English rotary press. A German press for commercial printing. A Japanese copy of an American machine for setting headlines. Norwegian newsprint. Italian adding machines for the business office. Swiss typewriters for the reporters. The works manager, or mechanical superintendent, showed us around. He was promoted to his position from having been a successful reporter, and his mechanical training had consisted of changing typewriter ribbons. He introduced us to the young Malayan who runs the rotary press. He had learned all he knew by .sign language from the two Japanese machinists who set up the machine. After the inspection of Utusan Melayu, bin Wok took us to lunch at a Chinese restaurant. It began with scalding towels, to wipe off one's hands JPII and face, and glasses of hot rice wine. Then, served all together from bowls in the center of the table, sharkfin soup, prawns with hot and cbld sauce, chicken (shredded) in a basket (made of dried noodles), mixed vegetables, a separate serving of bamboo shoots, and, of course, rice. All the diners reached into first one dish and then another with their chopsticks (except us. We chicken, too, and asked for a fork) for first one. mouthful and then another. They were very agile with their chopsticks and in no time at all the bowls were empty. After the luncheon, which was really excellent, as we sat picking our teeth, we recalled th« pickets and asked our host about the strike. "It still is going on, but it is breaking up," bin Wok explained, complacently. "This morning three more of our workers returned. But a hard core still remains. Last night, despite the police guards inside and outside the plant, they threw another rock through a window that almost got in'o the press." This one has been a most curious strike. It has nothing to do with wages, hours, or working conditions. It amounts to a protest by the editorial staff against the editorial policy of the paper. The strike is one in which the mechanical employ- es have joined. All but four walked out, but somehow publication continued. "We are an independent newspaper and uphold the freedom of the press," said bin Wok. "V.'e criticize the government freely. But it happens that our principal shareholders are members of parliament and their associates. One of the Sultans is among them even. So perhaps editorially we are inclined to give the government the benefit of the doubt. "The reporters and all the editors except the chief wanted us to be more liberal. The Communists among them wanted us to be more liberal still. So they struck. But some of them have come back and others we don't want. If they should have it submitted to government arbitration, I am not worried about the outcome." This Evening's TV Highlights 6:00 Channel 9 — ".Man From Co- ,8:00 Channel 9 — 77 Sunset Strip." chise." Three murderers escape j There is real precision and tim- from prison. tors." Some big-shot gamblers are attempting to fix the outcome of college basketball games. They should be ashamed of themselves, or Channel 5 — "Third Man," or Channel 13 - "Twilight Zone." 9:30 Channel 4 — "Bob Newhart," ! 6:30 Channels 5-13 — "Rawhide." j i There's trouble when cattle and j Channel 4 sheep try to use the same trail, '• should be one of the'really great ing in the robbery of a chemical comedy show. Roger Williams, firm. pianist, and his group are guests, i or 8:30 A special that j Channels 5-13 — "Eyewitness." Channel 4 — "Sea Hunt." Aj i speedboat driver injures a girl, ' i and Mike goes after him. or j I | j Channel 9 — "Margie." Margie | ; joins the Campus Queens sorority ! Late movies include "They Mu'sic'of'RichardRodgers,'" ^^^^'li^'^^ 1 with Ray Bolger as host, and with many stars performing, or Channels 5-13 — "Father of the and figures on a better social life 7:00 Channel 4 "National Velvet." This one deals with tonsils, or Channel 9 — "Hathawavs." , Bride." Plans for a "small" wed- j ding get mixed up when the wom- i en begin making up the guest I list. 9 This, by coincidence is tonsils, too, about 9:00 Channel 9 — "Target: Corrup- Montgomery, Channel 5, 10:15. KEEN TV SERVICE 114 S. Slain CH 2-&490 7:30 Channel 9 — "Flintstones." Fred does just pretty well in a poker game, but has trouble about doing something with his winnings, or Channels 5-13 — "Route 66." People of Hester, Md., are surprised that Tod and Buz look so much like members of the Colby family, or Channel 4 — "Detectives." Forty thousand dollars isn't quite all of the loot from a bank. Quite a sum is still missing — $100,000. COFO SehedBle Ottawa Herald 106-108 B. Main Published dally except Sunday and Holidays. Second cla» postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—B; mail, one month .85; three months, |2; six months, 13.76; one year, 17. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mall, one month, 11.50; three months 14.25; ili month!. 18.00: on* year, 115.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Pros t» entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed In the news, paper u wall u all AP newi dispatch. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights, 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 Attention Hunters SHOTGUN SHELLS All Sizes and Gauges at DISCOUNT PRICES See Us /or the Lowest Price in Ottawa SATURDAY 6:51 Sign on 7:'00 Top of the Moniini 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Agricultural Markets 7:50 Top of the Morning 8:15 Ottawa Schools 8:30 News and Weather 8:40 Top of the Morning 9:00 Morning Devotions • :15 Church Notes 8:35 KOFO Serenad* 9:30 News and Weather 8:35 KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather 10:35 Lyndon Show 11:00 Bulletin Board SUNDAY 6:58 Sign On 7:00 Easy Melodies 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Easy Melodies 8:00 Church Program 8:30 News and Weather 8:4'0 Easy Melodies 8:00 Family Worship Hour 8:15 The Christophers 9:30 News and Weather 9:33 Easy Melodies 10:00 First Baptist Church 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 11:35 KOFO Serenade 13:00 People's Exchange 12:10 Noon Tune 13:15 Farm Show 12:25 Noon Tune 13:30 News 12:40 Noon Tune 13:45 Noontime Weathervtfie 13:50 Noon Tune Time 1:00 Football Time 1:15 Football Game 4:00 Football Scoreboard 4:15 Football Time 4:30 Jack Mitchell Show 4:45 KOFO Karavan 6:00 News, Sports, Weather 5:15 Sign Off 11:00 First Methodist Church l'J:00 Music from the Masters 12:30 News and Weather 1:00 Panel Discussion 1:30 Music from Mt. Oread 2:00 Sunday Serenade 2:30 News and Weather 3:35 Sunday Serenade 3:15 Serenade In Blu* 3:30 Sunday Serenade 4:00 Panel Discussion 4:30 Sunday Serenade 4:45 Outdoor Sports for Kansas 5:00 News, Weather, Sports 5:15 Sign Off NOW SHOWING MATINEE SATURDAY 1:30 P.M. Tonight — Box Office Opens 6:45 P.M. Shown 7:00-10:00 Shown 8:35 Only FULMENGTK FEATURE CARTOOR THL CHE/XT! COLOR .« MAGISCOPE COLOR Starts SUNDAY BOX OFFICE OPENS 1:15 P.M. Feature at 1:30-4:05-6:40-9:15 LCM.IC MAURICE CHARLEC CARON'OHB/AUER-BWER-BUCHHOLZ fee** • TECHNICOLOR* •(«* WARNER BRQ&.

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