Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1912
Page 5
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PElilX AND FINK—An episode of the Boxing Academy. / WANTS-ALL KINDS. WANTEn—UAG CARPETS AND rugs 10 weave. Call and see Eamt>les or work; 912 N. Chestnut street. WANTEIJ—GOOD tASti. WELL fmproved lying near lola. Will buy halt section or more If worth the mooer asked. Give price and full parlJculars for rci>Iy. Owners onlj-. Meshcw & Company, .Tulsa, Okla. WANTED—TO HBNT 5 ROOM modern house. Addrcaa Box .102. \V.\NTl:n-.\ V T () .M O B I L E OR iiiiyht .T oHjcr iirniwrty a.« part Jiaymeiu ,>n n«nv lf>-r()oiti, nioaern Ix'arciinp ;inri romiiinK hoH.'!*^ in Sapul- iia. OkUi. l>,.srrili,. fully nntl give l>rtpp.^ of what you have I<> Jrade In I,.tt,;r. Adre.^.s Hox SSS Coffey- viilc. Kansas. FBOVKJSIOHiJ. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 461. WANTED -HOAnnKHS AND ROOM orp; Rood rooms; modem house. Phono 206. WANTED—TWO I.ARfiK CONNECT Inrr rooms in privato family. Must have runninj; water oU'ctrlc iijrht and heat. Addre.«:s Miys X, Ropi.stor office. FOR SALE-FOR SALE. KOR SALE—STOVE WOOD. TELIC- I>;ione HI-J:». EIXE It;o LdCAN COt'NTY KAN- v:'-;. «.'!>r Oaklty, 100 arrpH cull., i^'nall lirms.>. KIWA ham well nnd wind nil!. K.'nfi'd. A fine wheat (iwai'l 'T r. aily to movo nn. Can deal for lola proirorly. lOI.A LAND COMPANY. PILES CrBED rSf SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money if PAZO OLNTMENT fails to cure any ca^e of Itching, Blind, Fleedlng or Protruding Piles in 6 to U daya 60c FOR SALE—TWO CHOICE PURE hlood Mammoth Bronze Turkey Toms. Also Eoiue Harred Rock Cockerels A. D. Morrison, loja Route 2, FOR SALE—SOSIB BROOD SOWS nnd male hog; good stock and cheap for quick sale. First house south Electric power house. JJ. K. Black. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE^- Slevctis 22-callber rifle; 10 gwage ••fhotKun; box of tools. Address M 140, rare RcKlster. FOR SALE—A GOOD SIX YEAR old horse; sound and gentle. Phono I<i». Residence 704 E. Lincoln. J. W. I'rlmmor. FORTY ACRES AT BARGAIN, •luartcr west Kincald; ail Itlnds fruit; oM-t'lh'nt water and location; good !="tl, house and barn. Write or call. I-Vat:k Dougherty, Kfncaid. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITB OR- plngton pullets and one cockeriL Dr. .N'eusome. Phone ^24. FOR SALE—MY COUNTRY H03IE west of Ho.spUal, 17% acres ground. 6 room bouse, the finest barn In 'Allen county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked up good, m Ideal place to live. Reason lor selling, am located in, the West where I have business Interests. This place will mak» a nice chicken rapch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR 8ALB-39 ACRES OP NO. I bottom land within 1 mile ot lola, at a bargain prlee; ^500 down, bsUnce on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans Blrfg.-Iola. 100 ACRES OP IMPROVED UAND In southern Missouri and good large fuur room house in lola to exchange for land tjear lola. Trade with owner. Address 1U24 N. Cottonwood lola. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, m two story modern residence, 219 N. CoUomwooil. Reasons for ' selling, leavlnr :'(y. Terms or cash. A. E. Balltet. FDR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—EIGHT ROOM, MOD- ern house; 516 S. WalnuL Inquire Mrs. Chastain. FOR RENT~160 ACRES 5^ MILES northwest Colony. Ed Hennlnger, lola. Phone 121. LOST AND FOUND. I/)ST—WATCH, BBTWEEX U. B. church and skating rink. Initial 0. E. F. Reward. Phono 90 or Register. FOUND—WATCH. AND FOB. OWN- er can secure same by paying for this ad. LOST—A LONG FlIR COLLAR boa, some where between 41S N. Sj-ca- moro and Burrell's Drug Store. Phone 651. BcfdafM Mmi Ads Oet tlia Bis. THE DAYS' NEWS hi LWPE FOR EXCHANGE. 160 acres north central Oklahoma 95 cnltivated,'meadow, pasrtnre; BU fenced; 100 bearing trees; 3 railroads within 1% miles; station 50 fleet from corner farm; R.F. D. ;rural telephone Will trade for good Inside residence or businesi peoperty, loU; Price t7000. Mortgage $1600 8 yean S%%. Write owner, iJook Box 2B5. Cbetopa. Kans. LOBGK KLKCTlONS AM> OTHER MATTKKS OF (JENKKAL INTEREST. But for the Mo.^t Part the Town is Quiet and Little Boing. w w Sf 3r K -r S rjr 3r 3? rjr 5r w 3^ rjj 4" # rr * %• %- %r w * Fresh and Fr.iRrant—t-lioicc and .lapany—,Tre the Teas we offer ynu . Made from fresli, tender, yoHiiff leaves c.TreAiUy prepared. We make a sp«'ciahy of fSfas and Coffee; the more you buy the better you will he I)lf'a.«ed; ami wijal. is true of our Teas is eriually true of Coffee."! and .'^|li(•es. and many other good iliiugs to oai, PAUKlirRSTS. LA lIARPK .l;in. IT—Tiif- Inistpos of ihe I. O O. F. and Masotii'- riuihiinp (*(>i))p,7ny njrt .VoiiiI;iy iifiernntin In tit'tr hall and clerteil !h<' f'lHowini; officers: Pre.=idont, r>:iron; \i<e president G Moll; srcoml vii o pre.*- idont; J. W. ."^pangler; sotvi't.ii-y anii trt'a.suror. .1. T. Tredway. .Some flme aco the H. 11. H . a M<ili <i dist Sunda.v sch(H)l rlas .i; t.Tiij;lil hy y\rf^. S. L. Chase, riivldid its mfnihcr- :\nd the side haviPK tlie Ixsi IRA B. FRANTZ '^--i^^ BEGISTEREI) OPTOSBTIUST Humboldt, Kaa. .Moran, afternoon of Jan. IG and all day the 17th. LaHarpe, Jan. ISth and 19th. S. Ciiitcraft of Bonner Si-.-iu^s, Ii:ins,i( led l >usinos3 hero yesteruay. O. K. Rol'ins wa.'; a businots tailor in Jola yesterday. — F. S. Halm M. D.. Oculist. Ci. i;. Diik of southeast of town, w.iH in ihi! city sUoppinp yt ^sVorday. The i:a.s supply is luuch better than i! ii.i.s .Moiidiiv. ,1 M. Urix'.iT. left yc.-icrday for Fort .X'yiT.... Klurida. on hu.^incss connecled %>. 11 h land near li.ere. 11. O. Su'piiensoa is in Kansas City t ::i.s Wii'k. — ho y(i!i want a waich that keeps ^ jod tiiii"'' Tiu n m -i one of those .-(Mitli HtniJs, K\ery on<' Kiiaranteed. - WauiK A; Danfonh, Iivu^s and .)ew- .Mi.-s Winona ./ones cntcitained the l'.iiiliii.;ii»'ry riiiK lati Saturday instead II .Mi^.^ liiCfJ a.s v\,is bUitcVl i|i thC V. r.ii!!i .-tay at tlit- Hints home, v.UU-ti ."iri-ouui.-i lor the error. ^•<•ars. of Kansas ('liy, came In }':-,:fnlu\ to ciijoy a »).-it wJUi his V.nijH-. .Mr. und M•.^. 11. S. i^tars. < iry. GAS Cin CASE POSTPONED IT WILL RE HKAUn HKKOUE .IIS. THE mVCAV SATIRDAY. .Vany Rjis fliy younir Ppoi»le Snrnd Eu-nlnjr on tlie Ico H ( Electric I'ark. A LIRKRAI. OFFER equally attendance was to he (ho jjuest rif tlic: . . ., n i other side at a big banquet. The los-} !V"A?"..!':r. V.' "r.'.ll'.I.'l .i '^r^?!''^- inc side has licen detirniiiied nnd tin jjHihering will he held Friday 26!!i at I ho home of one of the lueHihiTs. Tht^ class is the larpest In the church and a pood time is asMired. Ralph Skinner left yesterday for Endpe, New Mexico, to .».fciire worV. Don't forRPt to mall a postal view card of some kind to .'ionie of your friends In another slate on the 2f'th. This is Kansas Day and also given the name "Kansas Vfew Day" for ffie pur pose of sending catchy cards to your friends, advertising this grreat state. Westley McVey. of Unionlown, was a pleasant cailer here yesterday. L. Stockdale, of Pa.'sons. was a pleasant caller on H. Mjvr yesterday, Claude Stewart and father .of lola, were in town shaking" hands with old friends yesterday. Ralph Jfarlinp. of .Aforan spent yesterday with .^pent R. K. .lones, .Mrs. Otis I.,aGrar35re of lola was the guest of Mrs. ICd Danforth yesterday. C. W Griffin, of Chanute, was a bu.*1ness visitor here yesterday. •mil Jruy has returned from Fort Scott after a pie^sant visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morgan, of lola were the guests of Mr. and .Mrs. C. M. Morgan yesterday. Miss Hattie Wood ot Kansas City, is vi.«itingber parents. Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Wood. Clarence Chaney is assisting in the Myer grocery. .7es!«e Floyd arrived yesterday from Eldorado Springs, Jfo. to enjov the weeik^wltb Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mc- Ginnls. He is a brother of &trs. Mc- GlnnlB. Tlie Epworth League of the M. E. church will bold Uefr regular moa'cbly cocUl Frtday weaitts 'hf the lecttue J I >Ve Fail the .tfedldne Co.Ms .>othint,'. To »niiui.-.-iionahly jirove to Uie peo- 1 •.•! liiat indigestion and dy6 ])cpsla can be permanently relieved and that l.i:<:'ll Dyspepsia Tablets will bring Btuiiu Uns re,=uU .we will furnish the i.j.iJicine absolutely free if it fails to jiivo satisfaction to any one using it. The remarkable success of Resall ]iysjit'](sia Tablets is due to the high cejrree of scientific skill used in devising their formula as well as to the care exercised in their manufacture, \. hereby the well-known properties of lUsmuth-Subnitrate and Pej)sin have 1 een combined with Carminatives and other agents'. Uisuiuih-Subnitrate and Pepsin are constantly employed and recognized by the entire medical profession as invaluable in the treatment of Indigestion and dyspepsia. The Pepsin used in RexaR Dyspepsia Tablets is carefully prepared so as ro develop its greatest efficiency. Pep:-in supjj'.ies to the digestive apparatus one of the most important elements of the digestive fluid. Without it the iliRestlon and assimilation of food are impossible. The Carminatives possess properties which aid in relieving the dtsturl)anc- es and pain caused by undigested food. This combination of these in- .iredients makes a remedy invaluable for the comijlete relief of indigestion and d}-spepsia. • We are so certain of thla that we urge you to try Rexsll Dyspepsia Tab- leu on our own personal gnarantee. Three sizes, ia cents, 50 cents and $1.0U, Remember, you can obtain Rex­ sll Remedies oalr at OQT store-<Th» Rexall Store. Barr«U'» DruK Store Weft eideSftuan, The 2!iih day of this month is our .'Stares birthday and in addition the Gnvoriior has designated it "Kansas View i>ay" which translated urges you to send some postul viev cards of your city from any place In the state to a friend residing outside of (ho state. This Is .1 inighty good <id- vortising scheme for your city and the state. The case, of the Natural Gas Com- {lany vs G. A. Tarr which was to have been tried yesterday afternoon in lola has been postponed until Saturday. This case is well known by the readers of this column. Mr. Tarr says the company m.illed him the note, which ho gave to the old company In l!>li> as he could not make a full payment on the meter. He was Rurprlaed to receive the note and is anxious to learn tlie ouirome. The trial will he hoard bcfori> Judge Duncan as Judge J'otter is out of town. The city council met yesterday af- (''rnoon JH (he cicrlt's ofllre and at- irnded to the regular routine busi- Hcss, Tho new gas fnmrhisc before the council will not be considered until the next meeting,^ A number of parties went to Electric p.irk Jnst ovenlng to enjoy the shatin.s: and another party spent the evening on tho cement pond nortbcnal of town. Sam and Charlie Remsberg were in town trading yesterday. Frank and A. L. Casey of .Toplin were called here yesterday on accoun» of their mother's illness. Mrs. Casey is spending the winter with her duuphier. Mrs. John AppJegate. She is rejiortcd some improved today. Charlie Martin of lola was over shaking hands with old friends yestor day. —Flannel and Corduroy Shirts on si^ecfal sale at the Model this week. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. KInman write that they arc comfortably located in CoHlnsville and are more than pleased with the town. Seeing so many familiar faces on tho street makes them think they are in Gas. Otis Pitts was transacting business in lola yesterday. Miss Beulah Adams of I.awrence Is spending the week at the Adams home south of town. LEOALS. (First Published January 10, 1912.} suaiMo>.s. FiiANk SANDERSON and SA.NDJCRSO.N, first name unknown, his Wife, and each of them will take notice that they have been aued with others as defendants by J, E. Wert asj for a fall and final settlement of said estate, JNO. F. OOSHOBN, Administrator of the Estate o£ Jesse Roenberger, Deceased. lola, Kan., Jan. 3, A. D. 1912. (1)-3-19-17-24 To Organize Lcagne for Medical Jrec- , doio. plaintiff, in civil action No, 0597 in ^s law abiding, loyal, American cltl- the District Court of Allen County, j zens, believing in reporting ot con- KansaB. awl wnless tliey and each of tagious diseases, that quarantine regu them answer plaintiff's petition filed lations may be complied with, also be- therein on or before the 2Srd day of jieving in sanitary law pertaining to February. 1012 said poUtion will be cleanliness, and that cleanllnesa is taken as true and judgment and de-j conductive to the prevention of disease cree will he rendered and entered,an Hherty iovisg people are Invited to attend a meeting at the Farmers Room in Court House, Thursday eve, January 18th at 8 o'clock, to perfect a local organiaztion of. the National League for Medical Freedom and elect delegates to state league, and transact any other business that may . seem advisable. By renuest of ,Secro- ihence north 978,8 feet, thence; t^ry of State League, Major T, J, Anderson. Bound'Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., wltlk ireturn limit of three months from dst* of sale, trlth stop-over i;rlvU «cM SolBg and return oo sale arerr day In the year, lor 818.60 The oaa war Care Is |U.M. e. E MUNGEX. 111.' •.^••m^'Hai'Ifnt therein setting aside and cancelling a certain In.v deed dated September 4, l!ill, and covering the loUowing-de- -scribed real estate in Allen County. Kansas, to-wit: Beginning at the northeast corner of tlie Northwest quarter (%), thence south 1326.5 feet, thence west 997 feet east, feet, thence north 348,2 feet, thence east 681,25 feet Cleas a tract of land containing 3Vi acres and less a tract of land containing 10.08 acres I containing 14.49 acres in Section Thlrty-jjve (.•?,'•), Township Twenty-four <1ML Range Nineteen (19). whicli deed was made by Allen County, Kansas, to defendant Frank Sanderson and was filed for record and is recorded in Deed Book 60 at page 43'> in the Register of Deeds office of said county, and excluding them and each of them from any right, title, estate, interest in or lien upon said described real estate, except that defendant Frank Sanderson may be adjudged to have a lion upon said real estate for the amount of consideration paid hy him for said deed, the sum paid tor ri 'cordiog the same and subsequent taxes paid by Mm together with- interest on said sums as provided by law; and quieting the title of pJaln- tiff to an undivided one-half interest in said real estate and for such other and different relief as to IJ^e court may seem proiier. and for coits, CAMPBELL & GOSllOHN. Attorneys for Plainliff. A ((est: JOH.V W, BROWN fSEAI.> Clerk District Court. (11-10-17-24. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty ot aelllng Allen Ckiunty Farms. We also write Insurance ot all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate buiilness. We represent three ot the best loan compaQiet iloing ousl* ness In Kansas, and- solicit s share of the loan buslnesa. and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had any- whersi . . The Alien County Realty Co. B. JL. Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES BVATia BLDG, lOI^ farm srnti Giiy KAK8AS AJn> OKLAHOMA Low Bate; Annna] 6r Senil.Aannal Interest—Privilege to Far in f ul Bedace^ Bates on l?lr« InsnfaBoel R. M.Cunningham Old Coort Hoose j^Idft-. Jiola, lu. (First Published in The lola Dally Register Jan. 3. 1912. Notice of Appointment* Administrator. State ot Kansas, Allen County, ss. in the Matter of the Estate of Peter Wedin ,Istp of Alien (^unty, Kansas. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. Notice Is Hereby Given. That on the 28th day of December, A, D. 1911. the undersigned was by the Probitte Coart of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified ae Administrator of the estate ot Petefr Wedin, late of Allen County, decesseid. All parties interested in said ^tate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. DORA WEDIN. (tj-3-10-17 Administratrix. (First Published in the lola Daily- Register Jan. 3. 1912) I Jfotlce of Final Settlement The State ot Kansas, Allen Connty, ss. In the Probate Conrt in and for said County. In the matter of the Estate of Jesse Rosenberger, deceaaeiL - Creditors and all other persons interested la the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probata Court, tn anA fSr aaid County, Bitting ai^the Conrt Honae la Tola.. Coaaty of Allen. Stat* of Kansaa. on tha m Aajr (tf Vtoniair, A. J>. XBUr U .VIQI7E yXXE. Xnuj People Cannot Pronoanrc >8mf of World's Famous Catarrh Bemedy. 1 ligh-o-me—that's the proper way to pronounce HYOMEL the, old reliable remedy, that has rid ten.<i oT thousands of people of that vile and disgusting disease. HVO.MEI Is made of purest Australian eucalyptus combined with thymol and other effective anflseptirs and is gttnranteed to be free from cocaine or any harmful drug. IIYOMEI is guarsnteed to end the misery of catarrh, asthnm croup, catarrhal deafness, bronchitis, co"gh^•• or colds, or money back. Breathe il. that's all. no dosing th< atoniacb. ("ompletc outnt, includlnr; indestructible Inhaler. $1.00. BxtRi bottles of HYOMEI, if needed ."lOc at C. B. Spencer & Co. and druggists everywhere, li II " 'ii' • 1 iiiia III • Ill MOXEY TO L0A5 OS FASXSl If you are wanting a Farm Loan let me tell you about my terms and rates. - I handle private- and Eastern money. - C. 0. BOLLDiGEB lola, Sans. kliEAt HOBSES and MtXiKS I have Just shipped in 25 head from Coffey Co.—some weaning mare xnule colts, some yearling mare mules. One pair ot mules five and Ux years old, weight 2500 lbs. One pair of mares six and seven years old, f weight 2500 lbs. Several other mules In the bunch. They are all well broke. Several heaft.ot horses and mares, all yonnK and good form stock, some single drlversi city broke. Anyone wanting'to buy, sell or e:fchange, see tne at once at lola Horse and Mole Mariict FOB SALE! 3 room house and acre of ground on car line; $600 -mortgage; $250. 4 room bouse and acres, same location; $700 mortgage; $850. 2 room bouse and 1% acres, same location: $350 mortgage; STC. Thos4 properties are all on car line water line .ind gas line. Fine garden and chicken propositions. Monthly payments will be allowed, but no trade considered. Fruit trees, and small fruit in abo\'« places. FOB RE.\T. 7 room 'r.ijiHrn house close in; $is s looi.i modern house close In, $20 0 lomii toiixM, close In not modern. $6 Whltoker & OonaeiL FAUX LOXySl CHEAP MOSEf: We represent one of the best Farm Jjrni Companies doing business in the State of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere In Eastern or Central Kansas. Our rates are the low- cst~and our terpas are the "best Call or;write us when in need ot a i^arm loan. Phone 97. THE PETEBSOJf 1A>T) COMPAJfY Old Conrt House Bidg. BBOySOX. January 16.-7-Wf !ght|' Ireland *^Co, and Love Bros, i Co. are both holding: special sales this week. 1 Attorney Pred Bayless and sister, Mrs. Ella Tripp and: little daughter spent tlie week end with relatives here. Vise -Mary Evans is here from Mis- soarl for an extended >lsH with her sister, Mrs. Arthur.. Hlnes. A number from here are attfending the Implement Dealers* Association at Kansas City this week. : Krs. M. Hampton la rapidly improving from flight attaisk of pneumonia. iHlaa Lucile Dillard, teacher In the hl^.school, spent the week end with her parents at Ft Scott" 'Miss Maude Hines will soon return to her home in Montana after a setreral weeks vtalt here with her parent*. ^Tha B. T. P. U. gave a leap year party at the home of Jake Fbraier Friday night;' A jpleoaant timairaa re- PSJJS *? ~ ........^.•.•»..^.L„ ' a Boyal 'Typewriter' A»«'B «y * • 9 Controls Kzolaatve Sal* t>r-M» 4 Boyal Standard Typewrlirf • ' . In'Allan Oaa «9' "'• • • £. H. BoMfaift • * Ko'thrup Bntldlng law.'Kana. • ^ Typetrrtter Kepalrs and'-Su)tptte« • yi • -H » e % ft f ^ « « 9 Br. C a, Basr >- • BEIfTIBT.*' • Boom So.'it Korthruv Bid*. « Extraction witboot naln t >j cft« • • -use of N'itroos Oxftfe Gal-.' • Phone-^fflce B5S; ^ Ata. 8SI. • WHY MOT! " ^ • Have Tou^ Piano TMaad by aa • Experienced Tunef-^^'OBe -JJr- • Ing In your heme town. • T. 0. tATHtam • Piano Tnner «st BapalMr • Roberta Maaio jto. Mma «U. • ;—- II .1. n rrr.fin • i..,' * tfir |-I ^ lOLA BXAin BiJK BU «r 9 * Seal £i t • * phone at'cay eau^BwjNr' * Yatec Center SMTCBM. PHIULIF SBIiOaUi X UO\k Sontb tt.- - X t EASXESa AN9»A39JSLM1 1 fieBend Bepaldn|^ iH MtiHt i • ... « «> jroiTBT TO loijr « « on all kUds •( kowelMld CBods « ^ or jewelry—aoythisv of valae * « Blgus Pawn'-'gka*, Biat-Me « • Square. Ofloe la'SVult MoM. 4 • AU tovuwaotlaM atrlettr eMK « • denMal. " « « Ottlee ' Ba*- ^ • « Phane m nrnta lia-i; • BB. J. 9. WALOA • -Km»|atB .v..^ » Bncceasor to Dr.*-A. Special ,attaBtloato 'Ok«tatrtea « » and Disease ot CMldr«a. • * $ $ £mmm »-»9 «9»99«• ft FEIXTEBTS OBBiT AXD ENDS §1111 The Register baa in stock akaat 800U odd» and ends Statements. Ta clean np our stock room we WHI print and tab In £00 loU (or ..„|UO larKer qnantles at atlll less rat*. 70(10 Pay EnreldpeSr Aeary MaplliV jtommed, etcn not printedi pec 't^w and . — ,i 9TM Odds and ends of Xllk Tfcket»-anr rolorM— per handed, prtotd^, : whUt they Inst Ma 450 >o. 8 Uhlpplag Tag tnnlo^ to a»c as a shipping ta«r with bill sealed on inside ^ WO^i'nvilopes, patent card elaap^ at : .Me 1000 dark bine ruled Letter Head*, printed 9tM 700 No. «94 odds and enda Eatal- oyesi some linen* ete.r printed..S1.00 Some Card Board sad heavy Cover Paper at alJB «ftr>yeiir owtt*prIetk • •• THE BE6ISTEB PVBLISHErff C«r< 3nLLI0SS OP FOLKS PSE 01«1Y CASCIBETS They Sever Have Beadaehe* BtUvaa* ness, Siiifnrislt'£h«r or Bowela er a Sick, Soar Stemmh.'' ' No odds how bad your liver. efimacH or bowels; how mQ(!h yoar-bead aehee, how miserable and nnoonlAftabliB yon are trbm conatipatibn. Ilidlgeetrda ' bH- oushess and sluggish intt^^ea—you always get the defllre<| Watllte^wlth Cascai-ets andqtilckly'ttKt'""^-. ' Don't let your stomach, liver and howelst make yon mfserAle another mtmient; put an end tccthe^eadatha. biliousness, dizzlnesa •'vetrmmLwa. sick, sour, gassy* e&>mac&. hadc&che. and all other dlatress; cleans^jodt to:side organs of an th^ poison aitdaCf^te matter which is prodt;di|B''.tltj|rtiiili> ery. " . ''\ " , V„-' ' Take a Cascaret now;.fl5B" til bedtime. In aU this.iJr no remedy Ilke'thls^ X' meansi health, happiness bead for months, fio mo; gloom and'distresa If yoti . Caacaret now and then.' AUHMVUI)^^ sell Oaseai-ets. JUmt torSt^iim- dren —tbair UtUa lnaidi 'a.l\Md k':M«d, jeaU6 cl«8MWjj, too,' '

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