Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1954
Page 2
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\~"f<, ::"-• ' •",• ; Hi its Ii6 itHifiiMi ddl highway dept ahe& fettte State Bflfird of ' My that --If the ptes tit? retlferheftt r&t^ why off on th> 'largest Is Ml This detft *rf 11)0 million Atfettttti! Jtt «4i, ,ft 2f million dollar instidd dut-ing the fhtmet "dov. Me dbHgation IflGj) of 1961 , final' ma. f^d 6f Plnahcp yesterday with a that the pur- IMlfWr.a s *«s erf tnc P^|^fj^|^igh^ HOPE iTAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f liursday, MatchJt$, } E C E E E/'YOW-*-*'lorence Ensley flhds that evetjjthlng is big in 'Texas, including-the spiders. Florence made the tye-openlng discovery shortly aftei; m6Vlng to Ft, Worth from Maeon, Mo. Russians Claim Continued Wom^Page One' who repm-ldd finding, the documents, wrote of Hie finders: "It they- arc ,by any chance members of the American dlplo- tialic mission in the Soviet Union, fley should be expeljed for abusing the hpspitality of our country." 'The .American embassy said u had .received no formal 1 communication from the Sivifct government on"the alleged find and no request o send the attaches: homei For the 51-csont, the embassy - said, there was "no comment." Folehlin, Ma'nhoff and. Wil- lnms> are still, in the embassy tere, McKinney is somewhere else In'.ftni'Opa'j probably 'In Germany, haklng tip flying time. — CUSTOM ' — SLAUGHTERING Anytime You-'Wqfit. '• i Beef Probesseq' f&t* Your ~! - MOtOREMfRQS. Dial 7-4431 .. ^jj_ y t , .V > l • W , Velde Faces Another Revolt of Committee , WASHIN.OTON (UP) — Chair man Harold H. yelde (Rill) wcs confronted today with another oppn revolt in his House unAmerican Activities committee. The .latest, challenge to his lent ership was sparked by Rep. Ber nard W. (Pat) Kearney (RNY who ranks immediately behinc Velde on the investigating group Kearney told a hastily summoned news conference yesterday that the committee's staff setup, Is "rotten and Intolerable" and ought to be "cleaned up immediately." He demanded a quick showdown with yeldpv but the chairman, who is campaigning for reelection in Illinois, arranged to stall him of] at least until April 1. Velde WHS Iiot available for immediate com ment on 'Keartiuy's action. " c It was the first blowup within the committee slrifee' Velde abrufH ly fired Louis J. ^Ussell, the com rnittee's $11,600 £ year chief investigator, tsvof-montns 4go. At that time Kearney and'. Rep; Francis E. Walter (DPa) protest ed that Velde .-had blocked a need ed 'reorganization of the staff • by Ladies. 'Lovely) Spring Hats America's most' beautiful styles at budget prfces. 198 to $3,98 Drew.Peorson Accused by McCarthy 'UP) Sen. MARKETS Sf.LOU IS LIVESTOCK NAtTONAL STOCKYARDS, in. ._., Josph ft. McCarthy (R-Wis) as- — Hogs ,500 sctive rrows and gilts 1025 early; higher fclfciJii * j*»TiT « >< i • V U I Darrows anrj Kms 1025 higher toEL ttL]^£olummst Drew than yesfordav - s HVetBge later ^» «L*»!» gB V- y' ol ? tion , ot s1ow, with advance partly lost; the espionage act" with two for „— „* .1.. »„ «* li..^. i...i,l met government employes named Mufray. McCarthy [ made the accusation '™£ OI slow, with advance partly sows steady to 25 lower choice 180230 Ib 27.0010 several hundred he.id mostly choice No. I on the He, Baid one of the unifoim lots under 220 early; 240170 Ib 26.00 r> * * .i 85 few to 270 ° "H™ 311 lots 17 - 310 Department. lb 25.2526.00 150170 Ib 26.0017.00 "Mr. Mur tays" is a formei- employe of the Munitions Board and the other a former Justice Department em- p]rv"P 25.2526.0Q sows 400 Ita down 24.0075; heavier sows 23.0024.00; !boars 17.0020.50. modcr steers salss Catllo 2,000, calves 600 atoly active demand for and hoifers, with initial McCarthy said he did not know f™ TT' *T '"T 1 sa!:> 1 .e first name of either, but both ful y s ' ea . dy to(sl ""S few good ; . _^ * ""v utji.ii. nnr ] nhrttr>n JTrtrift* fin^I nntVrtrl the had giVert Pearson "secret" formation at different times. McCarthy said the Murray who worked for the MUn'iions Board testified before his pernament investigating subcommittee. He said this. Murray said he had given "Drew Pearson's representative , . . secret production figures" and had been.' "induced to violate the espionage act" in so doing. McCarthy quoted Murray; as saying, ''Pearson's man threatened to publish false figures and choice yearlings 20.0021.00 and mixed cows relative ly slow; some early sales steady at 1 -canners and cutters 8.50 11.50 bulls and vealers '.'ncttanged; utility and commercial bulls 13.00 15.00 cutter bulls 11.0012:50 good and choice vealers 21.0025.00 in dividual head prime to 27.00; com mcrcial and low good vealers 15.00 20.00. Sheep 200 trade active and strong; not enough woolud lambs about our production" unless Mur-] to . full - v tcst .. maikct small tot ray gave him the* real ones. "He 'said he knew hp was violating the'espionage act but felt he had to do it," McCarthy said .Murray told the investigating group. $30,000 Missing, Man Indicted LOS ANGELES, W) — The fed erar grand jury has indicted Wen dell Martin Ringholz, 47, on a charge of attempting to extort $30, 000; from Max Factor Jr., wealthy prime 27.00 scattered sales good and choice kinds 25.0026.00 short load mixed utility and good 38 Ib woolskins 23,25; small lot cull and utility 18.0020.00 few choice to prime spring lambs 27.0028.00, including six'head lot 102 Ib 28.00 cull to pood slaughter ewes 5.00 7.00; aged bucks 6.00. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March 25 W —h Stock Market edged lower, today i its third day of decline. Prices were mixed at the ope manufacturer of cosmetics. v !»« a " d the y gradually worked Ringholz was ordered held under lltu ,° lower on balance mto lh $10,000 bond yesterday for arraign \ ea ^ ly ^noon. ment in federal court today. Pnce changeseithc r way lan t Ringhol? is^ accused of threaten ing, by phone and mail, to injurs Factor and members of his family unless the money was paid. Union Newspaper Folds in Missouri SPRINGFIELD, Mo., tf) — 3aily NeWs-Digest, a publication in^nced, bv the International Typop graphical Uniqn duiing a prolonged pi inters strike he,-e, will suspend publication tomorrow. between 1 and 2 points, but b far the greatest of gains and losse were in minor fractions. Railroads were lower togetho with steels, oils, and most chem cals. POULTRY AND PRODUCE j CHICAGO, March 25 Ml — Liv< The poultry steady; receipts 207 coop f.o b. paying prices unchangfi heavy hens 24-26, light hens 18-1 fryers and broilers 222G old roos ers 1618 ducklings none. Butter unsettled/ receipts 1,327 Mrs. Ethel Stramchance,_ editor, 0 41 wholesale buying piices un aid the need for the publication Changed to V 4 lowei; 93 score AA has ceased to exist with the 04 92 A 63.75 90 B 61 75 89 C abandonment of the ITU's three and a h alf year strike against the Springfield N e w a papers, Inc., qiildren's SANDALS Leather/ sandals in red, brown, myl^ipolor and. white. Jl,98 SKIRTS ng skirts of glazed cottons, Penim , .' , ,, LAPIES PURSES ;rpUrji$5 for spring The finest iJprs^nd' styles in ladies purses Spring The finest selection es in Fadi* I and $3.98 .98 to 3.98 Plus Ta* E?"^&>™<^ * Sff-Hj! ^> i&V^vj'Vi ^, &^j&a Ladies Spring and Eoster Men's Dress Slacks Fine quality, wrinkle resistant, large gssprtment of colors. 3 .9* to $9.98 in sizes 3 to 1$, A?sojtted pants t ^^^^ $2.98 which publishes the Press and the News. Leader and taking matters into his own hands and firing the- top man. Velde, however, won a majority vote of the committee upholding his ac tion. 5(?2i cais SO B 6225; 89 C 58 Eggs barely, steady receipts 12, 952 wholesale buying prices un changed U. S, laige 39405; U.S mediums 36.5 U.S.- standards. 36.: cm rent receipts 36 checks an> dirties 345. " NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK, March 25 W) L! jquidation brought a lower marke* ' the striped BOY shirt by BOBBIE BROOKS 2,98 A djrllng 5le?v»l«» version of the popylir nw shirt theme.., 4oo« h«n&9tn«ly by BOBBIE BROOKS in wlfle^Ulpad sanforized 9 t<U5. *«."VJI , •* ,t >' In cotion futures today. Lack of aggressive tirade demand for contracts and slow sales of Cotton textiles turned traders to the selling side. Late afternoon prices were to 25 cents a bale lower than the previous close. May 34.44, July 34.58 and Oct 34.04. •GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, March 25 Firm ness in corn stood out in an otherwise shaky grain market on the Board of Trade today; Corn started out higher and escaped the relapses experienced by other cereals. In contrast, wheat and new crop soybeans lost early advances while old crop soybeans had their early gains reduced. At one time old crop soybeans sold at the best price for any soybean deliveries since 1948, May reaching $3.71 and July $3.71. Wheat was bogged down by ro- ceipt of more moisture overnight in sections of the winter wheat belt. Wheat closed %-l'/ 2 Iow3r, May n-'lVi highei, lower to cor May $1.55V 0 , oats higher, May. 75 -',2,' rye (/P)-% low er, May $1.09b, and soybeans 2"/ a lower to 1 cent higher May $3.67'';, $3.08 ' ' Cash wheat' None. Corn 1 No. 2 yellow 1.57>4-58 3 4;No . 3 1.54-5G"j! Murda Hopes to from Pasr« aide until he was drafted last fall. MeCaithy and Cohn have denied the charge, 2. Return accusations by Me Carthy and Cohn that Stevens ard his associates tried to "black mail" the committee into droppirt its inquiry into alleged Corhmun nists in the Army by using Schlnc as a "hostage." Stevens replied that the charge Was "fantastic/' Mundt told reporters he is think ing in terms of five busy days of taking testimony, declaring, "1 can't see anything in the picture now that would take longer/' fii^ said unexpected development^ in the testimony Itself could pHtngjjr [he subcommittee into a mucu^-i longer job. ' fw| Piles Hurt Like * But Now He Grins-; h6w ltd TM Pile Olhtfnta tmin, burn fctid Itch rap titkd by doctor* of That ntort Minor Hoijpltil; ffcmoiii tot <J i«f*te«l »t«tt*" Jutlerttl.j Wtok« wondtts tof tt«fyd»»* Clint tfrt TM (ThoKilon «(f* Miner) Rectal Olntffltnt Dt,, SdHDoiltbTtH »t dfUBBHt'ff .OO Iub« dr J)M. , No. 4 ].4853'/ £ 1.55'/ 4 56!/ 2 Oats: sample No. 1 grade extra heavy white 81'/i No, 1 heavy white 80-81; No. 1 white 78-79 No. 3 heavy \vhite79 .Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1.2062 feed 92-1.14. Sield seed per 100 Ibnominal : W hitc clover . 10.5011.00; red top 57.00-58.00 alsike -17.50-18.50 timothy 12.5013.50 red clover 27.00-28.00 The famed ancient Colossus of Rhodes was a 105-foot "bronze statue of Appollo. 1 le Ic Ir |yt< |n\ Best selections now from, Remember those near ; ; '*'", '•"' >•'' Visit us and see the complete 'sele'ctiob £ of' latest magazines for the, entire-fqrfiily. See^us for all your smoking needs. • \ , %' 4 i ' ' • DELICIOUS ICE-CREAM • JACK'S NEWS STAND 100 S. Main Phone 7-2110 Your Arkansas Democrat' Dealer io. S 1 vil -at nc Ox. S ! A" A MEANS BEMER BUYS FOR K)U I EXTRA SPECIAL WITH CASSEROLE DISH Macaroni 2 GODCHAgX SUGAR PURE LARD Its NEW! TRY tlQc&L liGIIFOOD i CAKi MIX 55c PRODUCE ® » GOOD GRADE RED POTATOES RED GRAPES HOME GROWN TURNIP GREENS 2»h. 25c NO i SWEET POTATOES b lOc FRESH, LARGE SIZE COCONUTS YELLOW RIPE BANAJNAS GOOD MIXED ALX'MJAT v SAUSAGE 3 * ' * RATH'S JQP QMDP BLACK ' BACON FRESH DRE5iD FRYERS FRESH DRESSED BUFFALO FISH • j|9c •^•I'-'J

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