Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1974
Page 11
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Mirsday, October 31, 19?4 C (ARK.) STAH CourtDocket 117.' ;ITV DOCKET Lonnie Ray Brown, Larry G. laynes, speeding, forfeited 7.75 cash bond Donald M. Bustin, passing on •How line, forfeited $17.75 cash ind Roland A. Hicks, expired tehicle license, plea guilty, ined $17.75 LeRoy LaLumandier, jazardous driving, forfeited 117.75 cash bond Janet Poindexter, disturbing .ace, forfeited $32.75 cash >nd Juanita Phillips, Shop Lif- jing, forfeited $57.75 cash bond j.D. Roach, possession of ixed beer and intoxicating uor for purpose of sale, plea guilty, fined $357.75 Charles Stuart, Rachael lith, illegal cohabitation, plea _ilty, fined $57.75 Oscar Allison, Elzie Rayborn, llegal cohabitation, tried on i of not guilty. Motion for icted verdict of not guilty .•anted Larry Muldrew, assault and ittery, dismissed at cost of •osecuting witness LeRoy LaLumandier, no irkansas driver's license, jmissed Marjoie A. Beard, drinking m highway, dismissed Robert E. Beard, drinking on jhway, dismissed JATE DOCKET William Ronald Davidson, blic drunkenness, forfeited ,.75 cash bond Martiz Mizzell, Inman [ontgomery, Gilbert G. Vega, driver's license, forfeited 129.75 cash bond The following forfeited $29.75 :ash bond on charge of leeding: Robert D. Andrew, James i,McKinley Cooper, Judy A. iven, Charley Estes, Craig L. jerick, Ervin A. Edwards, [ary F. Elledge, William D. Ireen, Sandra L. Griffin, Ictoria R. Harvey, Aleta G. Ickey, Paul F. King, Kerry D. •ell, Donald L. Marcum, r oody McFadden, Robert G. lettles, Jr., Geo. A. O'Dell, •en S. Rowland, Maurice J. |Tanis, Charles Whitley William Dixon, following too [close, forfeited $29.75 cash bond James Richardson, driving [left of center, forfeited $29.75 cash bond Lindell B. Gibson, failure to yield right of way, forfeited [$29.75 cash bond Leon Booker, Jr., Carrying concealed weapon, forfeited ($74.75 cash bond Polly Hawthorne, Dorothy Showden, violation of Arkansas Hot check law, fined $5.00; check and cost paid Wm. E. Wheelington, minor in possession of beer, forfeited | $74.75 cash bond Danny Bridges, Gary L. Bridges, Parnell Deloney, Elijah Evans, possessing over legal amount of beer, forfeited $239.75 cash bond Parnell Deloney, possession of beer for sale, forfeited $239.75 cash bond Cecil Stone, transporting over legal amount of beer, forfeited $89.75 cash bond Henry Edgar, possessing over legal amount of intoxicating liquor, forfeited $89.75 cash bond Panell Deloney, possession of intoxicating liquor for sale, forfeited $239.75 cash bond Delores Rodrequez, possession of Marijuana, forfeited $524.75 cash bond The following forfeited $274.75 cash bond on charge of Possessing Marijuana: Clarence Everett Harris, Tommy Hale, Elbert R. Moncrief, Joseph McDonald, George Fisher Pitcock, Troy Michael Tate, Paul Tippitt, Randy Steven Yaberry Kenneth Dixon, possession of illegal deer, forfeited $139.75 cash bond Augustin Salazan Martinez, failure to pay registration fee, forfeited $29.75 cash bond James D. Rush, failure to pay registration fee, forfeited $34.75 cash bond James Thurman Liner, failure to stop at scales, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Austin Lee Reefer, oversize at night, forfeited $49.75 cash bond Adam Company & Kelly Doyle, improper lease, forfeited $297.25 cash bond The following forfeited $49.75 cash bond on charge of Overweight: Almond Trucking, Bornhoft Truck Service, David Butler, Bradley Dunn, D.P.D., Inc. E.T.M.F., McNair, Carl L. Sch- matjen, D&G Trucking, E.T.M.F., Great Western Trucking Co. Industrial Rental Service, Murfreesboro Lumber Co., McNair, R.W. Matthews, A.D. McBride, Southwest Wood Adam Co. & Kelly Doyle, Kenneth Cooley, Roger Edrogan & David Martig, Jr., Russell Trucking, Inc., Larry Thrasher, no Authority with ATC, forfeited $197.25 cash bond Coastal Contract Carter Corp., D.P. Gallimoe & Sons, Inc., no Authority with ATC, forfeited $497.25 cash bond Henry Edgar no valid driver's license, dismissed Larry G. Haynes, no Arkansas Driver's license, dismissed CASES FILED IN CHANCERY AND CIVIL COURT Trans Continental Steel, Inc vs Zodiac Industries, Inc, et al Clifford Thornton vs Rosie Lee Crochran Thornton Julia Sampson vs Fanny Carrigan & Lee V. Nard William Marvin Hall vs Catherine Ann Hall George Wilmer Morrow vs William Marvin Hall, et al Bank of Delight vs George Dishong Sam Journagan vs Debra Ann Journagan Jack M. Revels vs Patricia ' Revels Mary Genell Howard vs Tommie Lee Howard Lloyd D. Mobley vs Jeanie Smith Mobley A.A. Gilbert Pipe & Supply Co., vs Zodiac Industries, Inc et al Sharon Louise Haycraft vs Clyde David Haycraft William H. Byrd, Jr, et ux vs Laurence H. Watkins, et ux In the Matter of the Incorporation of LaKerail Inc. \. Opal Quillin vs M. Valjean Echols Percy Alexander, Jr. Receiver for Peerless Supply Co.,>vs Zodiac Ind. Inc. MARRIAGES Earl Gourley, Prescott to Mildred Nash, Prescott T.G. Nannie, Washington to Lola Craig, Hope Larry Gene Daugherty, Hope to Lisa Ledbetter, Hope James Charles Bradley, Hope to Lynette Marie Graves, burg. race* Wayne Mauidin" Hope to Sandra Kaye Miller Hope Winston Franks, Hope to Janice Carol Stuart, Hope Paul Murphy, Hope to Janice Miller, Hope Rodney D. Jones, Hope to Carolyn Sue Journagan, Hope Billy Don Stewart, Emmet, to Brenda Gail Munn, Emmet Horace E. Smith, Emmet to Mary Lee Brazell, Emmet Max Combs, Hope to Peggy Wood, Rosston Jimmy B. Rowe, Hope to Diana Rowe, Hope Fr. DeSalvo new abbot SUBIACO, Ark. - Father Raphael DeSalvo, 55, a native of Center Ridge, was elected Wednesday the fifth abbot of the New Subiaco Abbey, the only Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery in Arkansas. He holds a doctorate in sacred theology from Catholic University of Washington, D.C., and has served as rector of the seminary at Subiaco for 15 years. He also was in charge of the abbey's mission in Nigeria for five years until the mission was disbanded due to a civil war. Abbot Michael Lensing resigned last month, effective Wednesday. Candidates for abbot are not nominated, but become cand- dates because of their "permanent commitments to the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, stability and conversion of morals." The abbot is the sole leader of the Benedictine monastery in all its aspects. The abbot also serves as president of Subiaco Academy, a boarding school with 300 students. Rope Trick When Kwakiutl Indians ot the Northwest coast traveled, they carried a long coil of rope smoldering at the end so they seldom had to make fire with wooden utensiles. Legislature's right to override federal bank law is questioned LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Pat Abshire, assistant minority counsel to the Senate Banking Committee, questioned Wednesday whether the Arkansas Legislature could override the federal legislation President Ford signed Tuesday that allows Arkansas banks to charge more than 10 per cent on certain commercial and agricultural loans. Until Wednesday, most Arkansans familiar with the bill, originally authored by Sen. William E. Brock, R-Tenn., believed it would allow state legislatures to override the federal law. The law says national banks and federally insured state banks and savings and loan associations may charge up to 5 per cent more than the federal discount rate in interest on commercial and agricultural loans of more than $25,000 until July 1,1977 or until "the state enacts a provision of law which prohibits the charging of interest at the rates provided in the amendments made by this title." Abshire said the federal law does say that a state legislature "could pass a new usury bill that would not be pre-empted" by the Brock measure. He questioned, however, whether this would apply to a state legislature that did not already have the power to enact usury laws. Arkansas' General Assembly has no such power. The proposed Amendment 57 to the state Constitution will give the legislature that power if the proposal is approved in Tuesday's general election. Dr. Charles Venus, a part- time economic consultant to Worthen Bank and Trust Co. of little Rock, Said it was his understanding "that legislatures in the states could override." Ally. Gen. Jim Guy Tucker said he had a similar understanding, but he cautioned that he had not seen the legislation. A spokesman for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors said at Washington he also understood that "if a state doesn't like the law, it can override." Tucker said he assumed that if Congress had the power to override a state's constitution, as the Brock bill overrides Arkansas' Constitution, then it also would have the power to delegate authority to a state legislature to override a federal law. The spokesman for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors said he did not believe the Brock bill authorized legis- latures not already having that authority to pass usury laws. But, the spokesman said courts tended to probe legislative intent and to rule in aecor* with it when possible. The spokesman said that although the actual words of the law may not give a state legislature power to pass a usury law, the legislative intent of Congress was to let states override the Brock bill. Venus said Abshire had raised "an entirely new legal point" and predicted that It would have to be settled in court. State Bank Commissioner Harvel Adams predicted that no state bank would charge an interest rate above 10 per cent until the constitutionality of the measure had been tested in court. No unduec ji's-V ;--;-'':%'¥i*-' found in u */ UWLtS ROttf (AP) - Of. Shelby J. Smith, an economics professor at the University 6f Arkansas at Little Rock, slid Wednesday the state's 30 per cent usury law does not unduly constrain the commercial banks of Arkansas. Smith said in a report the removal of the usury ceiling will not stem any capital flights from the state during periods of tight credit. Operations of Arkansas banks would not be appreciably affected by removing the interest ceiling, he said, proponents of Amendment 57 to the Arkansas Constitution have said Arkansas banks have lost capital to other states because of the usury law. Smith made his comments in a report, "The Arkansas Usury Celling, Commercial Banks and Capital Outflows," which covered the period WMy 1973 through September 1974. i«iMifo!!£.; ~'^IA^ i- -:>fM^»-|SM| ,m <"%*,(-,' ,*'"' i '« "The «r^u! tf atr* £$ loans in Arkansas banks dufiftg , the petiOd df Uitt* StUfly -l^re^ -%>• above both those a! the nation 1 , . as a tthble and also of the Ccn- tral Mississippi Vtfty," *ltf Smith. "This ia aft foeorfewct ^: « we would not atpecWf, in _ Arkansas banks are being . nalizccl by large capital flights , t from the state. Hie deposits !, most susceptible to interstate •; flight, savings deposits, ^,tW»e< growing at a rate in Arkansas which was twice that of the national avefage." , Two per second As of 1974, according to the U.S. Cohsiis Bureau,'the world's population is estimated to bo 3.8 billion. With ; births outpacing deaths, the world's head count is going up at a rate of two more persons a second, nearly 200,000 a day, more than six million a month, and about 76 million a year, Switch to l»i Brands PRICES GOOD THROUGH NOVEMBER 2, 1974. ••' "i»m re N^^^^^^^B^X ftAJIAMK. ' ._ • ' ':' ^^^^^^^^, ORIGINATES TURKEYS CHUCK ROAST A&P BUTTER BASTED 10 TO 22 IB. AVG. LB. BONELESS 'SUPER-RIGHT" GRAIN-FED HEAVY BEEF LB. 99* SLICED BACON ALLGOOD 1-LB. PKG. GROUND CHUCK $•09 EXTRA LEAN 3-LB. PKG. OR OVER LB. "THIS WEEK T.V. FEATURE' ROAST ONE PRICE ONLY CHUCK STEAKS"" SSI WASHINGTON STATE APPLES EXTRA FANCY RED DELICIOUS ••••••••*••••••»•••• O9 BOLOGNA A&P SLICED 1 Lb.PkgJ 89A BUFFET HAMS 99 "SUPER-RIGHT" BONELESS HALVES FULLY COOKED SAUSAGE 99* "SUPER-RIGHT" COUNTRY TREAT WHOLE HOG MB. 2-lB. PKG.*I' 7 PKG. PERCH FILLETS CAPN' JOHN'S LB. 1-LB. PKG. FRESH GOLDEN KERNEL FLORIDA I YELLOW CORN: CARTON TOMATOES - —°° FRESH MUSHROOMS »99 ** IVORY LIQUID DETERGENT A&p VAIUES A&P A&P CARNATION COFFEE MAT VEGETABLE SHORTENING F~»« mi* tis< JAR 3-LB. CAN TOMATO SAUCE A&P IONA TOMATOES WHOLE 1 6-OZ. 1 COUPON BEIOW AND COUPON JUG SOFT RINSE F ABR/c SOFTENER 69* MIXED PLNJAPPI P -- .- 69< ~ 49 < 89c FUNK & WAGNALL'S WILDLIFE ENCYLOPEDIA ON SALE NOW VOL. 1 VOL. 9. 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