Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1912
Page 3
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GATARRH THIRTY YEARS. Ex-Coiig:re8sman Bfeekison GiTes Praise To -na THE IQLA PAILY REQISTER> WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 17>.1912. ANOTHER MNIIIS CLUB GIISE HARPER'S iraEKLY WITHDRAWS SUPEORT FROM WILSON. The GoTPrnor S»yii Thorp Ix no Truth in the RpoMon!! Adianrpd for the Thangp. New York. Jan. 16.—Tli<« current number of Hari)pr'8 \Vp«>kly ron- tninR the follouing editorial announce juont: To Our Renders: We mnVe the fol- lowInK reply to many Inquiries from renders of Harper's Weekly: The name of Woodrow Wilson as our candidate for President' was taken down from the head of these columns In response to a statoment mado tJi- reclly to us by Governor Wilson, to the effect that our support was attoci- inc his candidacy Injuriously. The only course left open to us in simple fairness to Mr. Wilson, no less Ji than in consideration of our |own self jOW rpspect, was to cense to advbcate his nomination. We make this explanation with grt^t reluctance and the deepest re- Bret. But wp cannot escape the conj elusion that a very eonstderabic num- I ber of our readers who have co-operat ; ed earnestly and loyally In advancing a movement which was Inaugurated , solely In the hope of rendering a high public service, are clearly entitled to this information. the EX-COMJllKSSMAN MKKKISON CUM.MEM)S PK-Hl-NA. - "I have u.^eil several bottl.-s of I 'lUiina and 1 feel nieatly beneQted thereby from mv catarrh of the heiul. I feel emouraRid to believe that if I use it a short time longer 1 will be fully able to eradicate the dls- e of thirty years' suuidlng.'—David Mcekison. I « I'KKIWA HESTOKED HEALTH. •Mr. O. \. PeleriKDia. i:?:: Smilli Main St . Cotmcil IJluffs. Iowa, writes: "I cannot tell you how much pood I'eruna has done me. Constant lonliuement in my store bepan to teli on niy he:iUh. and I felt that 1 was gradually bre9k:ing down. I tried several remedies but obtained no I'ermanent relief UDtlJ 1 took Peruna. 1 felt better in:mediately, and li \e bottles restored me to complete health." A -Sl.XKKE IIEt ().>IMEM>ATIO\. Mr. D r. Prosser. It. \i. fi. Shelby. Oieana Co.. MlehigHn writes: "Two yearB ago I was badly afflicted with ratarrh of the stonia<h. 1 liad had a run of tyiihoid fever, was very depleted. 1 could tind nothing 1 could eat without causing distress and sour stomach. I-lnally 1 came to the conelusUm thajf. I had catarrh of the stomaeh and si eing I 'er \iiia advertised, began to take It. It helped me soon, and after taking three or four bottle.s I was entirely cured of stomach trouble, ami can now eat anyililng." Ask Y'^our Druggist for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1912 u • iPERSONfliS I coming year will be held. —1 have opened up what is known as the old Star I>!irn on West street I and will .1111 a S.ile and Feed Barn '-'jjind e.\peet to have public auction lies every Saturday and will hold my ,^ . I ^^:^!es everv Saturday ano will noiQ my O. B. Montgomery has gone to Wich. ^j^.^^ ^3,^ January 20. Saturday af- Ita on business. -—The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress Bldg. Office rooms 22 to 24. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Uorrance of "West of the River are the parents of a girl born this morning. —Sealshipt Oysters, best on the larket. City Meat Market. Phone SIS. W. S. Hurlock returned this morning from a business yisii to Ft. Scott. —Sealshipt Oy.sters. best on the market. City Meat Market Pljone SIS trriioon. Will have for sale that day twenty head of horses and mules, so if you want to buy o'r sell, it will pay yoi: to attend tliese sales.— 11. C. Con- sline. Charles Bishop auctioneer. The library board held the regular monthly meeting last evening in the library building, the meeting having be.-n deferred from last Tuesday, when it could not be held on account of the cold. On account of the increased gas pressue it was decided not to make any change in the heating apparatus at the lihrarj-. — The Clinker Club is r.rranging to _^ . give a dance for its members at the j , club rooms Friday niglu. Money. R. 3L Cannln^ham. Wm. Gates has returned horn" from business visit of several wt -ks in ^^."ebraska. E. O. Rruner, who has l )e <n on .1 Jarm in Bourbon county for s.\fr ;i! ^f»nths came in last nirlii for u visit vith friends. —Choice County Butter at City Moat Market. Phone SIS. Attorney Chris Ttiiier reiurmd l.>st evening from' JnpUn where In- has been, on legal business. _.T. C. Thomas of Ytes C .-ntcT wjis .'i business visitor hero yesttrday. B. B Br^nnan of Piqvia, was in the city today on business. —Adrian Newens at M. E church Thursday night. Mrs. James Hull of .'24 .\orih Jeff-' erson street is reported to W v.iry «erioufely ill with pneumonia. ' Grand Sword Bearer Babb, of Frc- donia. wiil be here to olTiciate as in- ^pector at the annual insi>ection o lisdraelon Coiir.nandery. which v.ill be held tomorrow night in Ma- tiinie hall. At the meeting the Order of tlie Temple will be conferred on C. M. Wood, of Humboldt. Vernet Seotf. of Independence, la.. a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bush i;. IIS. arrived today to accept a posl- li 'in with the Marr bakery. —Mr. Poultryman: If you are no'!ns eggs, don't blame the chickens Heli> them along by feeding Coukey'.' Living Tonic. Morris & Howard has it Governor Wilson then dictated following statement Januarv- 5: "My attention has, of course, been called to the fact that the last two numbers of Harper's Weekly have made no mention of ray name, but that Is certainly not due to any breech befttcen Colonel Harvey and myself. Colonel Harvey runs Harper's Weekly entirely on his own judgment." ^Tien Informed the next day that It had been definitely reported that at a recent meeting he had said In the presence of Colonel Harvey that the advocacy of Harper's Weekly at this time was damaging to his presidential aspirations, the Governor speclflcally denied the truth of the report. "When I said that there had been no breach between Colonel Harvey and" myself. I meant it literally." he added. "There is no foundation for the story whatever, as I never made any such remark as that which you say has been attributed to me." The Governor also said that he (ailed to rieall the occasion which could have given rise to such an Impression. Douglas Marsh spent yesterday visiting with hl.x sister. Mrs. C. C. Kessler. and family in HIchmond, Kans. Glenn Fl.ike and Wallace Bale will each go to Kan.«as City tonight with a carload of cattle for the markets there. F. F. Fulwidor Is making arrangements to reopen the Majestic theater. The show house will probably be open for business Monday night. Ernest Row who has been here for some time for a visit with friends and Telatlves will return tonight to his employment at Des Moines, Iowa. W. E. Lyons and Paul Irwin will each accompany a car of cattle to Kansas City tonight. Fred McKenna Is down from Colony today for a brief visit with friends. The civics class of the Juniors o"i the high school attended court this morning for the purpose of getting some pointers on the practical side of judicial proceedings. • The street force has been busy today and yesterday using the street scraper to scrape snow from the gut- ers, to allow of the free passage of the water into the sewers. .\ttorney Frank R. Forrest left thi.<; afternoon for Denver. Colo., to be ab- icnt about a week on legal business. At the close of the regular weekly iible class at the Y. M. C. A. tonight, the annual meeting of the Board of Pre-Inventory ai FOR 12 DAYS MORE [d Jaiiiiary Oeailiig Sails — See Monday's Register for Details Las! Cut on Fancy Silks and Safins! g^^Sr ^St High grade imported Dress Patterns—4 to 5 yard lengths at price as follows Price 1 pattern, 4 yards, black with flowered border, was $15.00; now $7.50 1 pattern, yards, brown with green border, was $15.00; now $7.50 2 patterns, 4V^ yards each, black with grey border, was $2.25 yard, now. .$1.13 1 pattern 41 /2 yards, green \\ith green border, was $2.25 yard, now $1.13 1 pattern, 41/2 yards, amethyst with two-toned border, was $2.25 yard... .$1.13 2 patterns, iyo yards each, navy with navy border, was $2.25 yard, now. .$1.13 1 pattern, 5 yards, light blue with light bluie woven border, w^s $2.50.. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, Nile green with green border, was $2.50 yard, now. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, light blue 36 inch Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard $1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, pink 36 inch Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now $1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, white 86 in. Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now,.. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, yellow36 in. Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now.. ...$1.25 BIG SALE ON BIACK TAFFETAS—$1.10 a yard for silks worth up to $2.75 yard. We have just 8 pieces and now is your chance to buy a big bargain. Closing Out Our Stock of Portieres, Couch and Table Coyers We need the room—we must have it—therefore the prices are the very lowest ever sold on this class of merchandise. You can buy them singly or in pairs. 100 Portiers at 98c each Originally priced $4.50 to $6.50 a pair. (These curtains will keep the cold out.) 5 Table Covers were $1.98.. .50c 6 Table Covers, were $2.50.. .69c 15 Couch Coyers were $2.98 .98c Choice Dinnerware Is always desirable e.'^pecially when it can be bought from from open stock —at popular prices See our stock today «K(>. n. EDG.tR. SR. The death of Mr. Geo. B. Edgar, Sr.. which occurred at his home, 320 South Stale street In Ida, Tuesday morning, January 16th, marks the first break In n large and most remarkable family circle, remarkable for Its loyalty, love and devotion between sons and daughters and parents, such ns is seldom witnessed in tlii.^ day of greed and selfishness. Mr. Kdgar leaves a wife, the constant companion of almost sixty years and Directors and the active members will be held. The most important business to come before the meeting will be the election of si.\ new directors. Mis.s Grace iJrackenridge. the Register's l)(iok-kei'per. is confined to her home today with a .severe attack of grippe. The .Mien Ciiiiiily M'dieal Society will Imlii i'.^ i'S'ihir nioutlily meeting tonight, ill the re.<t room at the court house. Mist T.i:'. r. a ?;radi!ate of the St. l»nis t:::iiiini; s:hool lor nurses arrived hero last night to accept the po.=itlon of superintendent of the sanitarium. Miss Tanner has lately been employed at the Post Graduate Hospital at Kansas City. - —.\driati Newens Thursday night at M E church Harr.r Ross postmaster at Bron- soj» came in this morning to attend the funeral of Arch Walters, whicli •was held from the Baptist church at 1:30 this, afternoon. —Adrian Newens at M. E. church Thursday night. The Ottawa bovyling team came in this afternoon and will play a series of thirty frames with the Record j^jam tonight on the Record alleys —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market. Phone SIS. Charles P. Scott went to Emporia this afternoon to attend the State Good Roads Convention which he is to address this evening. Mrs. Scott accpnjpani«»d him and will be the gaest of Mra. H. C. Culbertson. The board, of directors of the Y. W. 0. A. met this afternoon at the as- -soclation baildins to decide upon the date of the regular annual meeting 'ilhe vmlMni and dfrectora, at Thb bits oi choice white com, first cooked, dien toasted to an appetizing brown. Post Toasties —with Cream Oae of die most ddiciouf dishes imagbaUe. Convenient, ecoDonacal and pretty sme to please. A ready -cooked food —to be served _&ect from die package. "The Hemoxy Uelen". Port ToMlies are soldi by Grocos BUaiy a family of five sons and two Uind e .vcept one daughter living in {daughters, all of whom are married, 1 Colorado, have until recently resided in lola. They never found it a hardship nor failed to visit the home of the aged parents at least once each day and with words of affection and acts of kindness lighten the burden and brighten the loneliness of declining years. Mr. Kdgar and wife moved to Tola at the tamest solicitation of their sons who' had preceded them fronj Lawrence Kansas. Up to the time of his removal from Lawrence he was a prominent member of the G. A. R. and Odd Fellows, retiring from active participation only with advancing years. He was also a member of the first Pr<»sbrterlan church 6t lola. Born at Dayton, Ohio, in July 1832, hence at the time of his death be was almost SO years of age. Although a great sufferer /Jiirlng the past year he did not complain, being always eheerfuJ and resigned with clear heart and mind to the last hours. The funeral services at the grave were conducted by the Odd Fellows lodg*> of lola. Services at the home by Rev. S. S. Hllscher of the First Presbyterian church. Li.ST >rOHT W.18 .1 W.IRM OXE. >'ot One Time Darlnir the Mirht Did the JTercnry Go. Below 88 Degrees. Last night was warm for any night during the winter, and in contrast to the nights of a week ago when the only qiie .'stlon was how far the mercury hud gone below zero. It appeared as a real harbinger of spring. The minimum temperature. 3S degrees, was reached this moniing at seven o'clock, and the snow and Ice which liave been on III ground since tho first of the year, were melting all night. .Marshal .lames Frederick.son, of Bassett. and Officer Tom Christy arrested three Me.vlcans at the Santa Fc passenger station this afternoon. The men were taken into custody on the belief that they are persons wanted by the police In several other cities and when searched at the police station were found to be C3rr >'lng revolvers. A charge of carrying concealed weapons will probably be made In the city court agalnat the prisoners and In the meantime their record will be Investigated. Wonder EUTE Edison's Latest Electric Wave Talking Motion Pictures ,THEY TALK, SING AND DANCE! The Theatre Actually Reproduced! The Grnitest Mnrrel of the Age In Motiou Pictures! ' You can't help but laugh—you can't afford to miss it This May Be Your First and Last Chance to ilver See or Hear Apytlilng Like It. Secured at Large Extra Expense—^For 3 Days Only Ow Last Night at lola Prices of Admission Children 5c; Adults 10c Mr. D. G. Hobby, of Albion. New York, arrived in M^ran this morning, hoping to attend his brother. J. E. Hobby, who was believed to be fatally 111. He was met at the train by the news that his brother was deail and continued his journey to lola. wltli Clark Thomas and H. V. Adams, who were coming here to arrange for the funeral. AGENTS MAKE BIG MONEY SELL ing our line of teas, coffees, spices, etc. Big inducements. Liberal terms. For particulars address Grand Union Tea Company, 610 Kansas Ave., Topeka Kansas. Physical Impossibility. •|Olve u« the bald facts In the case." "Yew: ttien we riin't i>ptU.liairs over ...... . _ • $1 Liberty Lanterns 7Sc We are overstocked on this high grade cold blast Lantern and will make this price for this week only Brigham Hardware Co. Highest Market Prices For HIbE§ and FURS -afc- L. KRUPrS JUNK YARD Phone 314 THE COGHILL COMIVOSSION CO^ lOLA'S PBODUCE MARKET Buying every day—always paying the best prices for POULTRY, BL'TT^R. EGGS and HIDES. Call us up. Phone 37G. We are always glad to talk to you. That's what we are here for. (Snccessora to lolu Produce Co.) Piione 376 West of Santa Fe Tracks lola, Kansas £.YrLOYS EXTRA RELP. completed and the theatre will be cosy tomorrow night the manage- Grand >S*MVj ^ti5rf j ^ Manlgef Lvan this morning ;re. «o„o„„ H H t*^van^f the Grand ceived contracts for the "Heart fteak thS?e 'Su ^^rn ^remployed ™ V. .era" the Galtea musical show which is erlfmed^b a«StL re'gular stage • P .ayinjjhe Grand i^^^ this week. The production given here on a date in March. hands in placing the scenery and handling' tMe Jbaggage tor the musical comedy "Bright'Eyes" which la giren 't«morhrw night The regular crew la 'nttt «iiual. to the work which I. vir.Hi a»»»i« i ». . ^ - wai be Inrolved in handling the Wg' Jf^^l ^i^tltl^'SH''*!'^*^, .Sbow •• " ^ty^ to attend the atmual cpaven- :. Tfio BOW Batter <y >tTOi4as;i^^^^^^^^^ ^>9^

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