Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1974 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1974
Page 9
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hursday, October 31, 1974 HOPE (ARK.) STAK Nine Dr. Lamb Too much bunk about lecithin Lawrence E, Lamb. M.D. [DEAR DR. LAMB - what }e we supposed to believe hy more? For several years have diligently watched my (take of certain foods. Ex- Ipt for foods such as cakes, bokies and pancakes, I have becifically avoided eggs, heeses, butter, and whole Ink. I Now, I read in the attached bwspaper article that these fe some of the very foods |at would help to control Jiolesterol because of the Icithin in the egg yolks, lhat gives? What is lecithin? lls it any wonder that the liblic is all mixed up where jets are concerned? One bctor advises to "count calo- es." Another says to "avoid arbohydrates. Another junsels "drinking eight [asses of water a day." Dr. amb, what are we supposed j believe any more? (DEAR READER - There k-e many commercial in- frests in the health field, there are also a lot of com- lletely unqualified people Tnd plain quacks pouring out steady stream of misinfor- kation to the public. I agree he public has ample reason b be confused. [The best I can tell you is to Jiok to the person's qualifica- lons or the qualifications of Tie source he quotes. As a ase in point, the article ad- ising lecithin you sent is ased on ignorance. It is true, lowever, that cakes and ookies can be a source of fat nd cholesterol. Years ago it las shown that you could infect lecithin into the llopdstream and it helped to llear the fats and cholesterol j the blood. Note that it was [ijected into the blood, not vallowed. . In fact, our own body man- |factures lecithin to put into tie bloodstream for these lurposes. It is manufactured from different basic food tlocks. Now that is far different Irom swallowing things, lecithin that is swallowed, hot injected into the bloodstream, is digested and by Ben-ice BedeQ/oi JFor Friday, Nov. 1,1974_ ARIES (March 21-April. 19) Much can be accomplished today if you limit your associations to those with whom you share a kinship of progressive ideas. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Take the time to really shop around if you're in need of having special services performed for you. The savings will be considerable. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Don't be hesitant about assuming a leadership role now among your immediate circle of friends. You're the one who can get things moving. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Open up a little more. Get what's bothering you off your chest. Do it with one you feel free to discuss your innermost secrets. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Information of value will be passed on to you through an acquaintance. It won't mean too much until later, when you'll see how the pieces fit. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) This should be a profitable day for you business and career- wise if you rivet your attention on these areas. Analyze partially visible advantages LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Don't put off doing something that needs doing now, even though it may be a bit distasteful. Surprisingly, it will go rather well. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Do a little more detective work in a situation that you have your suspicions about. Something can be uncovered now. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dec. 21) You're in a better position to bargain today than you will be tomorrow Dont dilly-dally about getting arrangements tied down. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Conditions are favorable now for serving your ambitions. Be persistent and deliberate in what you go after. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You tend to view things more philosophically now This will work to your advantage. It should be a pleasant day. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) A challenge will be thrown at you by an antagonist who questions a position you've taken Stand firm and you II win your birthday Now. 1, 1974 Take 3 hard look at joint venture-type propositions thai tome your way this year One wi.'! have considerable value; not apparent at first glance never absorbed into the body, let alone into the bloodstream as lecithin. Meanwhile, untold numbers of people read the kind of thing you sent me and waste their money on pills that could be better spent on good, wholesome food. The limitation of fat, cholesterol, and calories to avoid obesity is the recommendation of a broad group of well-recognized scientists, including physicians and nutritionists. Their recommendations should be considered as from the best available source, as opposed to some untrained individual's unscientific opinion. We have no method to control the kind of material printed and available to the public, as we do in the control of products, such as foods and drugs. That is the problem. Within the medical profession and associated disciplines, we have scientific journals. To publish something in these the article must be reviewed by a competent editorial board. For this reason you will not read in these journals on nutrition or biochemistry or circulation any statement like you sent to me. The board will recognize at once the errors in such statements, and it will be rejected. Unfortunately, we have no way of doing this outside our scientific journals. To dp so would involve a form of censorship that might be worse. You may be interested to know that those people who have popularized no carbohydrates or eight glasses of water a day, or swallowing lecithin pills have never been able to do work of sufficient quality to be suitable for publication in a scientific journal. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on balanced diet, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Balanced Diet" booklet. Berry's World in i/90, tne population of New York was 49,401. In 1970, the population reached 7,894,862. "My dear, I did NOT compromise my principles in getting this coat. Mink is NOT an endangered soec/es/" WIN AT BRIDGE Half-a-loaf better than none NORTH (D) 31 49 ? AQJ7 4 A972 *AKQ3 WEST EAST 41073 4KQJ85 V532 ?64 + Q10654 +K8 *J9 410754 SOUTH 4A642 ?K1098 + J3 + 862 Both vulnerable West North East South 14 Pass Dble Pass 24 Pass 3* Pass 6f 14 Pass Pass 2¥ Pass 2 N.T. Pass 34 Pass Pass Opening lead—3 V By Oswald & James Jacoby As one of our homespun philosophers said, "There's more than one way to skin a cat or develop a squeeze." South went right up with dummy's ace of trumps and took stock. If he could just keep leading from his own hand he could ruff out three spades and score seven trumps plus five side-suit cards. However, he doubted if his opponents would let him do that. Could he ruff two spades? Yes, he could, provided he did not run into a 4-1 trump break. So South proceeded to lead a spade to his ace; ruff a spade and play ace and another diamond. • East won and led a second trump. When West followed, South breathed a sigh of relief. He held the trick in his own hand; ruffed a spade with dummy's last trump; led and ruffed a diamond from dummy; cashed his last trump and smiled happily at the world in general. East had been forced to throw a spade on the third diamond. Obviously the last trump was going to squeeze him in spades and clubs. It did and the slam came home. What were the other ways to make the slam? Clubs might break 3-3 or with slightly different distribution, West could have been squeezed in the major suits. The bidding has been: 31 West North East South 1* Pass 2* Pass 2* Pass 24 Pass 3* Pass ? You, South, hold: 4AK84 *K2 +Q54+AQ54 What do you do now? A-Bid six diamonds.' Your partner is showing 5-5 in the red suits. Ypu_may_be,.inissing seven ' but'a bad break might beat him at six. You can't have everything. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three diamonds your partner jumps to three notrump over your two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Send $1 lor JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge," (do this newspaper), P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. 2 held in $ 4 million heist STILL A BIG FIGURE in the movie world and still getting around Hollywood, Mae West was a center of attention on a recent visit to the Universal studios. Would you believe her birth date — 1892 (according to The World Almanac and Book of Facts)? Train derailed at Kingsland KINGSLAND, Ark. (AP) — Nine cars of a 94-car Cotton Belt freight train derailed near this Cleveland County community Wednesday. Cotton Belt officials said no injury was reported. The officials said the derailment occurred after the train's engineer applied his brakes to avoid hitting a gasoline truck which had pulled onto the tracks. Marshall Hamil, information officer for Cotton Belt's office at Tyler, Tex., said the tram was traveling about 40 miles per hour at the time of the derailment. When the engineer applied the brakes, Hamil said, a box car jackknifed, causing eight other cars to jump the tracks. SE HABLA ESPANOL? LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) The first white men to visit Arkansas belonged to a Spanish expedition commanded by Hernando de Soto. CHICAGO (AP) — Two men sought in connection with a $4.3 million theft at the Armored Express Corp. were arrested Wednesday night on Grand Cayman Island in the British West Indies, the FBI said. An FBI spokesman here said Charles Marzano and Michael DeFonzo were apprehended by British authorities on Grand Cayman. He said he had no further details. Marzano, DeFonzo and Marzano's cousin, William Anthony Marzano, were charged Wednesday with the burglary, believed to be the largest cash haul in U.S. history. The spokesman said agents don't know where William Marzano is. The three were accused of the burglary in a complaint filed with the U.S. •nagistrat.p Television Logs «f L.««* J*at* Captain Kangaroo 11-12 inursaov a-isMm^ 3 Thursday Night 6:00 Villa Alegre 2 Truth Or Consequences 3-10 News 4-6-7-11-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Heroes 8 6:30 Arkansas Game And Fish 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Addams Family Halloween Special 4 FBI 5 Beverly Hillbillies 6-10 Gomer Pyle 8 Jerry McKinnis 11 Lucy Siow 12 7:00 The Way It Was 2 Odd Couple 3-7-10 Sierra 4-6 700 Club 8 The Waltons 11-12 7:30 Audubon Wildlife Theatre 2 Paper Moon 3-7-10 Congressman Jim Wright 5 8:00 International Performance 2 Streets Of San Francisco 3-7-10 Ironside 4-6 World Football League 5 Birmingham Vs Florida Movie 11 "Escape from Fort Bravo" Movie 12 "Cold Turkey" 8:30 Clear & Free 8 9:00 Talent Profiles 2 Harry 0 3-7-10 Dean Martin 4-6 Teach In 8 9:30 Environment And You 2 10:00 ABC News 2 News 3-4-6-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:30 Ark-La-Tex Sportsman 3 Johnny Carson 4-6 11:00 Wide World Special J News 5 Perry Mason 7 Baylor Bear Show 8 11:15 Movie Eleven 5 "The Road to Singapore" 11:30 Bonanza 8 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 Wide World Special 7 12:30 News 5 12:45 Meditations 5 Captain Kangaroo :15 Movie "Julia Misbehaves" 8:30 Fury- Arkansas Dennis The Menace Not For Women Only 5 7 8 10 Friday Morning 6:25 Devotional 6:30 Texarkana College News Sunrise Semester 6:40 Moments For tion fi-45 News RFD 6 fi-50 Your Pastor fi:5b Morning Devotions 7:00 Today Slam Bang Theatre Cal Dring Bugs Bunny Ark-La-Miss CBS News 7:15 Colorful World 7:30 Mighty Mouse 7:45 New Zoo Revue 8:00 New Zoo Revue Bozo's Cartoon Carnival Bozo Gilligan's Island 8 6 8 11 Medita- 5 5 6 12 4 4-6 5 7 8 10 12 3 8 3 5 7 8 10 9:00 Name That Tune 4-6-10 The Monsters 5 Movie 7 "The Road to Hong Kong Hazel « Dinah! 10 Joker's Wild 11 Sesame Street 12 9:30 Winning Streak 4-6 The Meg Healy Show 5 Father Knows Best 8 Gambit H 10:00 Split Second 3 High Rollers 4-6 The Saint 5 The Courtship of Eddie's 8 Now You See It 11-12 10:30 Brady Bunch 3-7-10 Hollywood Squares 4-6 The Gourmet 8 Love of Ufe 11-12 10:55 CBS News 11-12 11:00 Password 3-7-10 Jackpot I 4-6 Perry Mason 5 Andy Griffith Show 8 Young and the Restless 11-12 11:30 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes 4-6 Split Second 7-10 Flipper 8 Search for Tomorrow 11-12 11:55 NBC News 4-6 Afternoon 12:00 All My Children 3-7-10 Little Rock Today 4 Noon News 5-6-12 700 Club Part I & II 8 Eye on Arkansas 11 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 3-710 Cartoon Carnival 5 Jepoardy! G As the World Turns 1112 1:00 Newly wed Game 3-7-10 Days of Our Lives 4-6 1:00 Movie 5 "The Ust Sunset" Guiding Light 11-12 1:30 Girl in My life 3-7-10 Doctors 4-6 Manna 8 Edge of Night 11-12 2:00 General Hospital 3-7-10 Another World 4-6 It's A New Day 8 Price Is Right 11-12 2:30 One Life to live 3-7-10 How to Survive A Marriage 4-6 Bugs Bunny 8 Match Game 11-12 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3-7-10 Metv Griffin 4 Popeye 5 Somerset 6 Uttle Rascals 8 Dinah! U Tftttlestales 12 3:30 Movie 3 "Dracula" Speed Racer 5 I Dream of Jeannle 6 Bozo's BlR Top 7 HazeJ 8 I lx)ve Lucy 10 Merv Griffin 12 3:45 All About You 2 4:liu Mister nogers 2 Bonanza 4-6 Fllntstones 5 Father Knows Best 8 Star Trek 10 4:30 Sesame Street 2 Gilligan's Inland 5-7 Andy Griffith Show 8 Mod Squad H 5:00 ABC News 3-7-10 Truth or Consequences 4 I Love Lucy Rifleman Star Trek News 5:30 Zoom News NBC News Dick Van Dyke Dragnet News ii 12 COM* Br THf Dairij Queen ^^•^^•r Anytime between now and Halloween night and pick up your FREE Halloween bag. Also on Halloween night pick up your FREE HALLOWEEN TRL\J DAIRYQUHN 917 E. 3rd Reg. U.J}. Pat. osr. Am Urp 1974 Am. O.C. 6 8 12 2 3-10 4-6 5 7 .1-12 Jimmy Dean Lucy Show . 7:00 Washlfiitoft Week In Review Krarg Ftt Sanford And Soli 700 Club Planet Of The Apes 7:30 Wall Street Week Chico And The Man Rifleman : 8:00 Masterpiece fliedtn Six Million Dollaf Man ' Rockford Files ! Family Affair Movie "The Graduate" 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies Spring Street 9:00 Aviation Weather Night Stalker Police Woman Movie "Double Trouble" Bob Harrington 8 9:30 Minor Key 2 Encounter 8 10:00 News 3-4-5-6-7 Big Valley 8 2 3-M0 44 ft 11-12' 2 3-7-10 5 11-12 5 8 2 3-7-10 4-6 5 5 11-12 3 Night 6:00 Villa Alegre 2 Truth Or Consequences 3 ' 10 News 4-6-7-11-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Heroes 8 G:30 Black Perspective On The News 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 4-6-10 FBI 5 Gomer Pyle 8 10:15 Movie Cont'd News 10:30 Movie "Eye of the Cat" Johnny Carson 4-fl Movie 7 "Shane". Wide World Mystery 10 10:45 Movie ' 11-12 "Coffee, Tea or Me?" 11:00 Friday Night,Movie 11:30 Movie Eleven "The Neon Celling" 12:00 Midnight Special Wide World Mystery 12:15 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1:30 News 1:45 Meditations 8 5 4-6 7 3 5 5 ••»——•—- w '—'— watch it! "Jansson is superb..." 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