Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1912
Page 2
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THE IQM. DAILY BEGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING,..JANUARY. 17, 1912. A Prayer meeting for women and girls will be held 'tonight at the Trin Ity Methodist church.conducted by tlie I<oyaI Women's Bible Class. Men and Boys will attend' the union meeting at the Baptist church. * « o The program which pupils of Geo. li. Walte will play at the Christian church tomorrow evening will begin promptly at 7:1S, to allow the audience to hear a portion of the entertainment and also attend the levture course number. The pupils will be assisted by the Apollo male quarti-tle. The program for the orrasion will be: Polish Dance (4 hnndsl, Scharwenka Ethel ShultB-Anna Seevers Valse Op. 70 Cliopin GeneWeve Heryl Uowman Tales of Hoffman (transcription) Offenbach Aita Moore Air De nallei Op. 41, ,.C. rhaniinade Anna Seevera Sailor's Chorus (male quartettel Joseph iVrry J. W. Reynolds Kdpar Conyprs C. C. Park Geo. L. W'alle 1. Polonaise in A. Major Olimilii 2. Fragment from Conrerlo in 1) Minor W. A. Mozart Rthel Shults Lily of the Valley S. Smith Alta -Afoore Dance of the Winds A. J. Peabody Anna Seevers The Fauns C. Chaminadi" Alta Moore • Scottish Tone Picture ...Mcnowrll Ethel Shuits Hunting Sonc Mendelssohn Anna Seevers Levee Sons; (Male Quartet) Arranged J. W. Reynolds Edpar Con.vf-rs C. C. Park Goo. Waito * + * The rnity Club will meet next Mnn day with Mrs. S. A. Coffman. The lb- sen play will be finished and Greic music which belongs to the play will be rendered. * + + Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Scott and son, Charles jr., wen« to Emporia iliis • When Syringes or anything else in Rubber Goods is wanted you'll find the best at the rig}it price here. BURREirS I ^^E Tbc Dexall Slor« West Side of the Square pianists, and a group of vocal solos At reciiils given this year and last some magnlficont concertos liave been played and any one of them no doubt would be hiippiiy received. Till' club had a business meeting last niglit at the liome of .MTB. Waucli nnd llie. K'lnpram was sent immediate ly aft'T adjournment. The window cards, newspaper cuts and Madame's uropram .TPO -.wpectod Friday or Sat iirday. Madame North pleased a very lar.i;e audience last spring when she san.c at thi- Metliodist church here with TI)eol)aldi the violinist. The enter tainment which she helped to give at (Iiat time was an invitation affair and since everybody liked hor so well, it is only fair that they help the clul and buy tickets this time. Madam Xortli's iirccram will conclude the club's artists' program for the seas on. • • -> —Fred ItoirdpD, Period Decomtor. Phnnr ;S«. fl. O -^• afternoon. Mr. ScQtt will attend the j Jlrs. Xan Mitchell-I.efller, of La Good Roads convention tomorrow and Salle, Illinois, came in last night to Mrs. Scott win b2 a guest of Rfver- visit her mother, who is at the home end end Mrs.. Henry Coe Culbertson.: of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Jamison, jn * * • Mrs. A. R. Stroup will po to Kansas City late in the week to si>end a few days. . , 4. ^ 4. —Dr. Lnej- M. hnll, Osteopath. T«lepb'jne ISO and 661. * * * The Music club last night telr- Sraphed to Chicago, to the manager of Madame Xorth. soprano, asking for an engagement for the singer for an evening concert on the first, second or fifth of February. The date will be designated by the manager as Madame Xorth Ig to sing uf St. U>\ils. Lawrence and Llndsborg earl.v next month and her engagement in lola will be made for the most convenient date. The club will present Madame North at the Mftt.hodist cliurch. If the consent of It's directors he obtained, at the vcr>' reasonable admission price of fifty cents. Some of the members favor a varied program, with numbers by some "it iho club's ^ ft tffF Wheeler Heights, and Mr. and JIrs W. S. Goodin. -> -> • On January twenty-ninth the local Relief Corps will have a partv in G jA. R. hail which will be a birthday I celebration for all who had birthdays In October, Xovember and December ! of last year; an obser»-ance of Kani sas day. a tribute to William McKin• ley and a reunion in recognition of tlie twenty-fifth anniversary of the organization of the local Corps. The hostesses have invited the Yates Center Post and Corps to come ovr and siiend tlie day and a basket dinner wil! be siTved at the hall at noon. Of cnurs-' tlie orcasion would be incom- pleie wjilioiit a program of some sort and a speech or two and a cominittec Is at work to s.'iure the necessary f nl'-rtalnnient. •:• V -DB. 0. L. COX. Ocnllit. Dinbrellas See our large assortment of Gents', Ladies' and Children's Umbrel- als, priced at aOc, 75c, $1.00, $1^5, $1.50 to $5.00 • RAMSAYS Tliere will be no meeting of the Y. V. B. Rocieiy tomorrow niglit, I lie of- Jjeers .having decided to postpone the nic'ting until next week, in favor of tlie lecture course number. •> * -> C.iiitiiin L. P. Siover will ask Iht Company M boys to vote on the question of the annual military dance at the next meeting. It is the opinion of ail concerne*! that the dance will be piven according to precedent on the twenty-second of February, but a vote will be taken at the next assem- , biy of the company. 1 * ^. * —Dr. HcMIIIen. Pbnnes t? ud SSS. * •> •> Friends of Miss .\eilie Colborn formerly of lola, have received an, nonncement of her marriage on Dei cember fliirty-flrst. at Spokane Washington to Mr. Ackers of San Francisco California. The couple will reside lu San Francisco. Mrs. Ackers is known to many lo- lans. having s ))C '.-il the grftaler jiarl of ; iKr life here, it was her mother. Mrs. lola Cqlborii, v.ho gave lola it's and Dress Boots In white buckskin, black and tan velvet, giiri metal and suede- all the new features in up-to-date footwear- high ^rch short vamp and hi toe. 15, 16 and 17 buttons.' A strong line of Ladies' $1.50 and $2 Shoes. We Honestly BelieTe That if you knew how well we really do watch repairing, and how much we really know about watches, you would not think of taking it to another plape to have it repaired. We are watch experts—we know all about 'em and know the mission of every one of the many little screws and springs a watch contains. We can tell at once whether any of these are broken or out of order and our charge for repairing same is moderate. Runs Light Sews Right See the White lola Furniture Store name. Mrs. Ackers will have the cordial good wislies of all her old friends for n happy future. The W. C. T. U. will have an ex- irhange sale of food on Saturday at the Pefly millinery store. .J. The Woman's Relief Corps will ireet Friday afternoon at the usual iiour in G. A. R. Hall. * * * It may be true that it is a difficult thing for a woman to keep a secret— hut there are exceptions to all rules >(>u know. The girls who are to give I he Leap Year dance in Masonic hall tonight are doing such good work proving themselves to be "exceptions' (li.Tfno reporter in this office has sue ceeded In learning enough about iliiir plans for even* a brief paragraph about eats, decorations, flowers etc. The girls have been beseiged individually and collectively ever since they had their first meeting and beyond the fact that they will have a dance tonight there is not much to be said. Programs wore printed In the Regis ter 's binder}- but the printing was only a small part of the work on them< The cover is of tteavy white paper, on which is embossed a bunch of violets. The flowers were tinted by Miss Velma Sleeper and ornamented with Fome sort of a Leap Year reminder. Shields orchestra Is to play and there wii; be some refreshments—may-ba. The girls would not s/y n word on the "iiliject hilt the S. R. has a hunch. The boys wlio are going are members of the Montezuma dancing clnh. Tlv>y have entertained the girls with lortnightly parlies for several months and the dance tonight Is a reciprocity affair. The. hostesses will be .Miss Letfie Woodin, Miss l.ucy Wilson, Miss Alfa I'uncan. .Miss Hazel Goes. .Miss Ruby Heller. Miss Hattle Fronk Miss Anna Miss Velma Sleeper, Miss Inez Poit.s. .Miss VIca Eastwood, Miss Kate Geyer. Miss Agnes Cannon. Miss Kate ^tnith. Miss Tfean I^owdermllk, Miss May Brigham, Miss Blanche Van Buskirk, Miss Grace Moore, Miss Elva Russell, Miss Cora Klein, .MIsS-Vava P.ackus. Miss Gretchen Moore, Miss .Mary MeCune. Miss Madge Joyce Miss Josephine Riddle. MBrs. C. S. Miss Xenia Goes. Miss Mary -Vonhrup, Miss Dorothy Foust. * • * Monday night a party of girls enter fained at the home of Miss Gretchen 5?eigler, with girls of the first and second basket ball teams as guests. Progressive five-hundred was played iftcr which supper was served In three courses. Miss Gladys Lanyon md .Miss Margaret Levan assisted the hostes?. Hirore cards which were used at the eard tables were representative of football boys, with suits of white and red. Pennants were used in the several rooms and paper napkins for the supper were ornamented with a loving cup, symbolical of the trophy the keeping of the teams. One of the features of the party was a song in which the hostesses Included compliments upon the football victories of their hosts. * * * The Senior Philatheas of the Christian church, who expected to have a bob-sled party last night, were awfully disappointed when the snow disappeared yesterday but their part>- hist night was an enjoyable one after all. The girls invited the boys to be their guests for a Leap Year sleighing uaity but since the sleighing was Im- pnsible. they went to the church and had a merry supper , in the upper room. The party was planned favoring .Miss Gladys Coughlan, who is going to North Dakota soon to make her home. She was presented with a handsome s |M >nn,.a gift of the Philatheas. The boxes of lunch which were prepared were Eold and the proceeds were $7.90. Tlie party was attended by the following young people: Leia and Beatrice Lester Elva Rusaell. Hazel Feath erlin, Elitei Dennis/)UT7 BUett, Hasei: VcGiUre« Olcdjra Oovgbtao -iStmee Sta- ders. Gertrude McNeeley. MesBTS. Ollle Steele. llcGuIre Will Moore. F^ank Tpmiillnr ^tt •Bnibfe'.'WlrtliyDenMa. Will Heylmun.. Leo Coffman. Lawrence Nelson, Reverend and Mrs Moomaw Mr. Palmer and Mr. Walte. -^Dr. Wirt, ofteopKk, Tel .487, 188. + * • ,. Th P. E. O. chapter liad a very pleasant afternoon yesterday at the residence of Mrs. C. A. Bnrck. NVbeeler Heights. The chapter has not been together since the nineteenth of December and the meeting was al niosf a reunion. In two weeks there will be a charity-sewing party at the home of Mrs. P. E. Waugh. Mrs. Burck served a pretty and appetizing lunch eon to her guests, who were: Mrs. C L. Evans Mrs. Frank Riddle, Mrs. P. E. Waugh Mrs. W. W. Nelson, Mrs. L. W. Mayberry, Mrs. D. P. Xorthrup, Mrs. J. W. Bolton Miss Olive Hanklns. Alberta Munson. A prettily written synopsi.<! of the .Japanese romance. "Heart of Hya cinth," prepared for the occasion by Mrs. O. R. Bushfleld, a member who recently move* to Oklafhoma, was read. * * * The ladles' auxiliary of St. Timothy's church will h»ive a meeting Fri day afternoon at four o'clock, at the home of Mrs. T. S. Stover. IIIKI.IL AT >EOSHO F.\|-LS. f.'od.v o/ .TTr. .\plirhharirrr <o Iir .Ship jied Tomon-nw. The burnl of George W. .\ grr will bp made in the cemetery at PI Neosho Falls and the reninins will be shipped to that town tomorrow ;i no(m. Friends wishing to view the body may do so by calling at the residence, 209 Sputh State street, lie- tweet 10 and 11 o'clock lomorrov.- morning. Mrs. Neighbargcr who is sultTlng from an attack of rlieum.itism may be nnnhle lo accompany the remains to the cemetery. I K (Jrrat .WunN Diiiiirliler. Tlie Wichita Beacon says: " I.aurn Harlan, daughter of th • late .Instice Harlan, deprived of her means of support by her father's death, goes to work to earn her living. "That sets a fellow thinking. "Evidently .Tohn Marsliall Harlan died poor. "Every brave man In on< way or anotlier givs ills life away, said Carlisle. Justice Harlan a brave man; his life didn't 'pay' in the ordinary meaning of the term. He might have made millions as a corporation lawyer In private practice. He might have enjoyed extraordinary ot>- I'nrtunities for 'investments' in the thirty-four .veiys that he held a place of tremendous power over tug business, buti died poor, "Do you know, we have an idea tliat if, .Tustice Harlan looks :Iown from alijve. he is Hot a bit ashamed to %vf his daugliter earning her bread. Isn't it a title to high respect—very high respect indeed—under tiie circumstances?" PRfIltlE II.XLI.. Jan. Ifi.—In 'suite of llie cold weather .-vnd bad roads finite a number got out to Sunday school and church Siinda.v. Ilev.t Miller preached a fine sermon and conducted the election which resulted in the old officers being re-elected, showing that their work was so satisfactory that the members deemofl a change unnecessary. The ofllccrs^are, Mr. Venable snperintendent;. Clarence. Anderson assistant superintendent; Maud Andruss, treasurer; Lizzie Duggan. secretary; Blanche Boyer, organist; Lizzie D'lggnn assistant organist; An- nabello Andruss, librarian: Walter Myers, assistant llhrarinn; Mrs. Williams, ctiorlster. Charlie Keller is on the sick list Rev .Miles took dinner at George Andruss's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hediand have tli" sympalhy of this community In the death of 'heir infant baby. .Miss Lizzie Duggan was fho guest of the Misses Bo.ver Sunday. Mrs. Franz Keller is expected home from Iowa this week. Mr. and Mrs. Keller and son Cliar- Ile spent Sunday at Frank Myers. Joe Adams came, down from north of IjiHarpe Sunday to visit his brother, Walter Adams Myers. We are glad to not© that Mr. Davis was able to be out Sunday after being laid up with the rheumatism for a week. Mrs Smart returned home from her trip to Oklahoma last week. She re- norts tly;; wather cold there as well .iR heie. She also reports the birth of a little daughter to her sister at that place. ^FRISHMAN'S of SPB. Coi>l and Fur in Sf oek Values exceed anything we have ever given. We still have a large number of Coats, Suits and Furs to dispose of, and in order to make a dean sweep of them we have gone through the ijKhole stock and made reductions that are remarkable—even for a clearance sale. * Every garment has a new redaction upon it today. $10 100 COAK al . . Values up to $20. An assortment of stylish Coats that is remarkable for the price offered in this lot. The materials are Reversible Cloths, Fancy Mixtures, Black Broadcloths, Polo Cloth, Serges—those that have been for the best bargains of the sale will be placed with (^-IA these, at . ., vlv FURS GREATLY REDUCED We have taken our entire Fur stock and have reduced prices to the lowest ever placed on Furs of reliability. Yoii can not afford to miss buying a Fur Set at the prices quoted. A few specimen values follow: $3.00 Brack Muffs, now......... .$1.75 • $3.00 Black Collars, now $1.75 $8.50 Mink Muffs, now $4.95 $8.50 to $10 Mink Collars $5.00 $15 Grey Sets, now .$7.98 $22 White Wolf Set for $12.50 $40 Jap Mink Set for $22.00 Tailored Suits $10" That were formerly $18 to $20. Positively the most wonderful val-' ues you have ever seen at the price. Attractive styles, made of excellent materials, such as Serge, Cheviots, P\incy Mixtures in every new color and black. Most of them lined v/i'fch Peau dc cygne, some with guaranteed sateen. Beyond question the best Suits ever ^| A mp offered at 5>lU««ef All Waists Must Go Practically every Waist in stock is on sale at great reductions. $3.00 Messaline Waists reduced to $1.98 $2.50 Taffeta Silk Waists for $1.89 $5 and $7.50 Silk Waists $3.50 $1.50 white linen Tailored Waists $1.00 BEHING REIIDIf FOR CONTEST Fort ,ScoH Hijth Schnol .Making Keady to Meet lola. Ft. Scott Republican: Preparation for the annual contest with the iola high school are being made by a nutn her of pupils of the local high school, loin has won several times, partly on account of the encouragement given the contestants by tlie sciiooi piitrons. It Is said^hat very large umbers of the iinrenis attend tlii-| prcllmlnarirfi nnd tako an active |mrl i the drills and rciiulHites n ''ees :iary o Instill Into ih" sind 'rit a getiulii" ependencv and cnnfi'iing al.ilily in i the work at hand, it iiiis been :sus- g <'8l<>d by u very prominent i-drcator of tills city thai witli nion- iiit-n-Kt taken in ili'-so annual litir.iry lon- te.sfs .on the i-ait of Fnr; Sc-iti |';iiroiis ictory would I 'milil irs; r< vi.rd tlii> fffons of ilif Forr .S !^!t hiyj, .md girls who li.iv" i'H(<-!l the fislr. The con*. -St comna off ;>; !oIa t!:- Iphi Friday in March. NOT .\ "IVIMJ CIT" ( ILtirANV. »1 HER FRIEND'S GOQD ADVICE The Results Made This Newbur^ Lady Glad She Followed Suggestion. Xcwburg, Ala.—"For more than a yesr," writes Myrtle f^thrum, of this place, "I suffered Vlti terrible pains In my back and head. I had a sallow csmplexlon, and my face "was covered with pimples. Our family doctor only gave me temporary relief. A friend of mine advised me to try Cardul, so I began taking it. at once, aad with tbe best results, for I was cured after taking two.botUcs. My mother and my tont have ^so nsed Cardul and were greaUy benefited. I sball always praise Cardul to sick and snffering women." Cardul Is a purely vegetable, per- fccUy harmless, torilc remedy tor women, and will benefit ronng and" old. Its Ingredients are ffitld herbs, having a gentle, toific efteet, on the womanly codstitutloa. Cardul has helpied a million women hack to health aad strength. . Have you tried it? If not, please da It may b« ]nst what yon neod. II.B.-Trri(t«ot 'woviAMkiMCo.. jkrWMs.'raM Brlffhl Eves Conijianv .\]i);i ':»rri Kan.'ia'H Cifv nnd Lawrenr;-. Some people liav. i:;iiini rt the impression that tiie "Brieht Eyes" com pany wliich appears at thi- Grand on Thursday eveninir. i.-. a "•.vlld oai" torn pany bsarlng no reiaiicn and tjein.g much inferior to ri-,p roinf.any of that name whieh play? !n Kansr-.^ City next Sunday 'ind whirh ontns the Bovversock the.ntr.^ at Uiv.renrr Saturday night. .As n matt -T of f :K-? the company whirh .-.ppears liTf is the Identical one wlilcii is to apn '-nr in Kansas Cffy and Ijuvrcnre and the cast will not 1)'^ in th" least curtained nor th" sr-nrry itiminish^d. Manager Levan siatxs that the en- gagr-ment fo rthe "Flirting Prineess has been rancellt-d ov.-ing to the fact that the manager of the show wanted to play lola just preceeding the date on which the "Bright Eyes" company Is scheduled here. This was not satisfactory to Manager Levan hence the cancellation of the "Flirting Princess" at least for this month. Mr. Le van says the company may. however, be booked for a date later in the season. A new and much larger boiler Is being Installed In the heating plant at the Grand to Insure against a repetition of the "freeze out" which occur- re dat the production of the "Servant In the House," the full capacity of the boiler failing to keep the house comfortable. Wrong Piaoe. Parson (to youngster indnlgtng In Sunday moruiuj; tlKhiug)-! am surprised to Una you Q.xhiiix here, my l>oy. Boy-Why? I»'ye* knoy auy place when? they bite iK 'ttcr, gtiv'nor ?-rhll- adelphlii Bulletin. —It wUl bs to your Interest to buy your. Flgpr <«Ba Fesd ol H. KlaomaaB. FreeBiWelecture at A. 0. U. W. HALL lulii, Kausax. Wednesday Eve, Jan. 17 BY .1. H. COLE SUB.IF:CT "Eden to Paradise" Not £u.-;-r!5sd. "Whaf? l!i ;;t :<•'.•. e in voir hand'/" a.slLiHl .Mrs i;i:'.i!ft ..f lii- Ijij.s banri as iii' liuau- n roil of -riiK. ••nraiiis. niii(i;:ni." ii-inried .Mr. Oim- let iMjmpt>:i.s:y: ".Xre .vi>U .surprised at the fa'f'" "Not i:i till- :iMs(.""<'ii' ri 'i>lied. "1 knMv yon ditiii 't ij'.rry tliciii in your bead."' 97 PKU CE.NT I 'EKFKCT. .Vn I 'nusual Rrrord for n Pile Remedy. When Dr. .1. S. Leonhardt, of I.In- poln N'ebr., located the cause of piie.s and found a successful remedy for piles, he had it put on sale under a strict guaranty of satisfaction. In ten years only 3 per cent of HiO.M- Roid users have asked for their money back and It speaks well for thi.* scientific moilern remedy, (let a guaran teed tl package from C. O. Spencer &. Co. lola Kans., or any druggist, or write to Dr. Leonhardt Co.. Station B. Buffalo N. Y.. for free HEM-ROID booklet • • -N. Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. ADJIISSIO.V Kvinlns; lOc Skates 15c .\iternoons 5c Skates lOe SMOKING MEAT THE NEW WAT. You dont need • smoke botue. Apply WRIGHT'S BM0iC£-a Uqnid—giving two coats, which wDl Impart the rich aroma and delicate flavor of hickory smoke to the meat, keeping it sound, sweet and iasect free indetlnitely. Bold for 1£ years all over U. S. and Canada. Get the genuine. Fully Guaranteed. Bold oidy in Bquaro ouart Iwttlos with metal cap. Aak yiurdnigghtfor "WRIGHT'S SMOKC." Ilade only by &U .«iU (niTCO., . - KANSASdlT, MO. Sold aud Q uoronteed br —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market. Phoae 818.

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