Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 12, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1943
Page 2
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HOFI STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS I,.!,'.'!', . ..,...» 'V i '...«...- ••""lope Star For Rent FURNISHED HOME FOR RENT. Apply Middlebfooks Grocery. ll-3tch. ihtPOI^.^Atex^H.; ^.^ra^Tir-isouThwo.nut J>* «w»f, Hop* AfK. BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH and private .entrance. Carl Smith residence, 319 North Elm St. 12-3t,pd. OS second .ctoss mottar at the » ot MOM, Arkansas, under th« I of Match 3, 1897. (AP>—Means Associated Press ji-Means Newspaper Enterprise AM n. t«m Rat* (Always Payable In By elty tattitt. par week ;15c; rf, Nevada, Howard, Milter and courrtUts, J3:SO per y«ar; «l5«- $6.50. PRACTICAL NURSE FOR AN elderly invalid. See Mrs. Roy Mouser at Cox Drug Store. ll-3tpd Hollywood SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Wash Tubbs One Thing After Another By Roy CfdHf Re*s published herein. ional Advertising lUprtMBtollY*—• Iodines, Inc.: NgStt&Jlfik * Building; Chkago, 400 North Micn- >u>mu>- Now York City. 292 Madison jSnort', Mich., 2842 W. Grand Bh«l.; cmo City, 4U Terminal IBdg.; New te. 722 Union St- s on Tributes, ftc.: Charaes will be df"tr,butes; cards of .thanks, teso- ints. The Star .dis> the safe-i'.eeping elicited manscripts. or tetum .oi any Classified s Ads must be \n office day before ! publication. All Want Ads cosh in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2= word, minimum 30« f'Six times—5e w.otd, minimum 75c Jhree times—3V 2 e word, minimum fOc One^month—18c word, minmium $2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only f'THE MORE YOU TELL JHE QUICKER For Sale By ROBBiN COONS Hollywood — The film biography ! George Gershwin will feature many of the late composer's real- ife friends, including Paul While- man and Oscar Levant, who will day themselves. Jesse L. Lasky ic producer, is convinced a "new ace" is in order for the lead. . . The set of "Without Notice" ad a notable visitor the other day —one Gary Grant. Grant came over to wish Bill Carter good luck n his first film. Eighteen years ago, when Gary was a stilt - walker named Archie Leach, Bill was a kid who hung around to run errands for his idlo. Archie, now Gary, brought six-foot BUI an ice cream cone by way of reminiscence on the old days. . . MOTHERS LOOK ; ^VJ^h/ AAA.*^**.-' *~.v~--- jx- for the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Kempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3 " Nigel Bruce's worthy collection of pipes is about to be dispersed. He gave away heveral recently to service men he was entertaining at his home. Nigel used to smoke 25 pipefuls a day, but has been taken off tobacco entirely by his doctor. He's taking it hard. ... Standing in for 17 - year - old Donald O'connor on "Angela" is Fred Browne, seasoned trouper of the same vaudeville world that produced the new jitterbug - and jive star. It's no ordinary star-and--- stand-in team. SAND BOXES I Browne knew and worked with WHO'S X CAPTMN GA*y., FIRIN6 \SURE6ETTIM6USdLIT FROM THE OF A BLOOM*! 1 HOU6 TOEItt LINES FROM A HIUUTOg Popeye "A Fickle Dame" Thimble Theater I tUr-K. iy»J HT nt.* StHVI^L. inv. I. m. new, v. -*. •»-•..—••• d l; T ^_^_^___— i . i .1 — "Now thai John's been awarded a medal for bravery, you'd Letter buy a new suit—this serge of yours is too' shiny for a hero's father!" VI* Donald Duck Victory Salad! By Walt- Diiney FUNNY BUSINESS IRED CHOW AND COCKEB if. Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded fr by day, week or month. Padgitts 20-lmpd Kennels. ?O:RD PJCK-UP, 1937 MODEL, 4 'A-l tires. $375. See Mr. Wilson, Victory Pool Room. 9-6tpd. [CREAM SEPARATOR. BBLAVAL ' snake. Sell oiled. 'See Ow.en M ,Clingan, 801 South Main. 9-6tpd Donald's -parents before Donald was born. After the boy's father died, Browne unofficially "adopted" Donald, taught him all the ricks he iuiew about show busi- ess, and performed other invalu- ble services such as getting him acquainted with Coney Island and he New York Yankees, persaud- ng his mother to yield to his clamor for long trousers, and presenting him with his first "man watch." His job as stand-in? It's so he can keep on - 5.1335 CHEVROLET. FOUR GOOD tires. Cheap. See Monroe Smith Washington, Route 1, one mile "off Hope .and Columbus road on ^Guernsey-Washington road.. 10-6tpd ONE GENERAL ELECTRIC 'Attic Fan. Phone'259 for installe estimate. Harry W. Shiver, ^'Plumbing. 10-3tch. Donald and serving father Browne is actress, Barbara being neat- as second married to Ruth, and they STORE dlebrooks Grocery. FAN. MID- ll-3tch. ,CUT FLOWERS, ROSES, ,GLAD ioli, and others, Phone 236, Hemp' stead County Nursery. 12-3tch. Jive two blocks -from the home Donald has brought for his mother. . .Mona Maris won the role of the Empress Eugenie in "The Song of Bernadette," but not without a -struggle. She put in her bid early, stating how many books she lad jead about Eugenie, submitting photographs to prove that she could look like Eugenie, and other photographs -to show she had a [lair for fashion herself. By plain persihtence she won a screen test, which was.approved except in one respect — -her accent. **• la r ( I'tll *,!! tV«.J P,W)MI H Wanfed to Rent ?J,THREE -OR FOUR ROOM UN furnished apartment. Conven Blondie Dry Literature! By Chic Young he built V had to give iip'flolf on account of gas rationing so lilt somc^dds and ends of furniture with lus clubs'. • iently located. Duplex -preferred. Phone 768 before 1 p. -m. ^Saturday. 12-8tdh Today in Congress By Th« Associated Press Senate May -complete action on anti strike bill. Wanted to Buy TWO RADIO TUBES, 12-S-A-7 AND t-'v 35-Z-5. Also one baby stroller. Call Sgt. Neil at 565-W. 10-6tpd. I'- 2,000 GALLONS OF SORGHUM. "* 'Cash. Stuearts Store, Hope. ll-6tch. House In recess until Monday. Th e French island loupe is only about half of Rhode Island. THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^V William Ferguson Olive trees reach full - bearing maturity in seven years or more. Notice ! FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIR work, lawn mowers and gas stoves. Call T. B. F e n w i c -k • (Oscar), phone 180-J 10-6tpd MACHINES. .BOUGHT sold, rented, repaired. Parts and accessories. Adding machine. See ' James Allen, 621 South Fulton J Street. Phone 322-J. 11-lmpd DID ANYONE ELSE? IN HOPE ' order a suit of clothes from A. A & Wright, 4408 Jefferson Street New Orleans, whose tailorin house is in Rome, Ga. Report t Hope Star. ll-3tpd Lost REVER SABLE RATCHE wrench. Beward. Telephone 44 ll-3tp GREGOR 0 WORKED OUT HIS PLANT EXPERIMENTS AND FOUNDED THE FAMOUS MENDELIAN LAWS Of- PLANT- GENETICS IN A PLOT OF GROUND ONLV AWD 2O ...SO DON'T BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU HAVE ONIY A SMALL. Hold Everything GET NEXT WINTER'S FUEL SUPPLY \,, A/OW.' NORTH POLE POINTS MORE DIRECTLY TOWARD THE SUN ON... B MAR. 21 P JUNE 21 SEPT. 23 LJDEC.2I Boots and Her Buddies By Edgar Martin j > *s^vr\?? : fm^ cW^-6 ^aajjj5^i^£fa^^F ^t^i XOO 60T ^00 Red Rider All Is Not Silver That Weighs By Fred Harmon ""Wish I could "think of a good ending lor this!" OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Willioms COPR. 1KU BT NEA SERVICE. INC. ROCKS/ V BUT 1 DOC,\s!E.'VE/| REDRXDER. VPACK.THE SILVER TRICKED/ Alley Oop Whoosh! By V. T. Howlin ANSWER: June 21. HOW COME VOU DON'T EVEN NOTICE TH' (^OOW NO MORE? WHY, BEFORF- XX) WAS •»OU USEP TO <3USH AN' GURCaLE, <SUR<3LE AN' GUSH.' WAT'SANWTER ? SA.ME OL MOON, &UT NP dUSH- MO GURGLE.' HOW COME? WIUL VOU PLEASE SHUT WHV MOTHERS Freckles and His Friends Eavesdropping By Merrill Blosser IF LARD AM ") FRECK DONT SOLVE THE WILLOW ROAD ^^T 1N A^lT%7' FRO^A LEFT TO RIGHT. jusrr WWAT COPS CAN'T DO ANVTMIM6 TO YOU.'

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