Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1912
Page 7
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•V, • • - —I —f •--7 T FELIX AND FINK—"Chickens go Home to Roost, and so do Horses," says Felix to Fink. I u WANTS-ALL KINDS. WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WOM- an to assist in nursing at Sanitarium. Dr. Sutcflffe. Phone 616. WANTED—RAG CARPETS AND. rugs to weave. Call and see samples of work; 912 N. Chestnut street. IVXATED—fcLEAJi JVaiXJi RAGS. Trot pay. 8 cents' a poimd.- Begistfer \ WANTEa)—GOOD LAND. WELL ^mproTed lying near lola. Will buy half section or more If worth the money asked. Give price and full parUculars for reply. Owners only. ^ Meshew & Company. Tul^ft. Okla. D WANTED—TO RENT 5 ROOM * modem house. Address Box 302. pa _ S WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH bttxz saw. Phone 461. rf.' WANTED—BOARDERS AND ROOM lie ers; sooi rooms; modern house. Ti Phone 206. th K: Pl; no WANTED-TWO LADY SOLICI- to^- , neat in appearance, for work in lola. Easy seller, big cotnmJsslon.s. Kansas Sign & Advertisink Co., 209 S. Jefferson. FOR SALE—FOR^LE. FOR SALE—STOVE WOOD. TELE- I)lione 1049. FOR S.VLE—ONE BEDSTE.VD, MAT tress iind sprlnpi; one jrood giis runpe. .Viiot !)<> sold ot once. S(l.> & Bnrkeyv. riione 2>i4. Vi. R. Sparks. FOR SALE—NUMBER ONE HmGE posts. H .UnderhiU, Geneva, Kans.. FOB SALE—SO ACRE IMPROVED farm, by owner. Box 7S, J. W. Stevens, Humboldt FOR SALE— Two CHOICE PURE blood Mammoth Hronze Turkey Toms. some Barred Uork Cockerels. A. 13. Morrison, lola Unute 2. FOR SALE!—SOME BROOD SOWS and male hog; good stock and cbeap for qnick sale, ^fst bouse south Electric power house. JJ. K. Black. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE— Stevens 22-caliber rifle; 10 guage shotgun; box of tools. Address M 140, ciire Register. FOR SALE—A GOOD SIX YEAR old horse; sound and gentle. Phone 104. Residence 704 B. Lincoln. J. W. Primmer. - FORTY ACRES AT BARGAIN, quarter west Kincaid; ail kinds fruit; excellent water and location; good soil, house and bam. Write or call. Frank Dougherty, Kincaid. fHE OUTS' NEWSATUIIIIIIPE The M. W. X. Rjiltbit Hunt Sup |Kr Is to Bf (iiti'n Tumorruw .MghL thi iLlOtA '.S G.4IX IS L.4 n.i«PE'« W).S.S cla'< IX THE M.VTTER OV «AS. th !• Ui tlM ba p«) pai ba­ bul LA HARPK. .Ian. IC—Sinc.> Siilur- »•••«• day niglit'llu' lola gas tonauiiier lia.s •is* been receiving fuel from llie main Mia Portland line. La llarpe whlih uUo •"'•^mrtly obtains from this line lias been liaT greatly affected by this turn of the bar wrench. As a result of lola"s KuciesH, of 1 furnaces one and two ut the east is smelters are on dead fire and the coal of' buckets In the private homes are being mo worked over time. All parties con- Pre cemed are making arrangements for an a better supply today, rom _p g j^g,^, jj Oculist. ppn Miss Beulah Adams of Lawrence i Is visiting Mrs. Anna aBiker and Miss ' Dollie Adams this week. (Ml * —We have a large number of rolls mill of wall paper that we will sell at 20',; ou« discount all during January.—Waters "j & Danforth, Drugs and Jewelry. thM The city council will meet tomor- mat row evening in regular session, and Miss Beulah Adams of Lawrence is tata visiting Mrs. Anna Barker and .Miss tafii rK)IIle Adams this week, "eel J. M. Hair went to Rich 11111 yes terday on a short business trip. N. L. Metts, G. W. Harding and R. C. do> fowler who have been building a fine ttto lew barn on the J. R. Wade place car north of town, returned yesterday to ^Ht their home in LaMonte, Mo. iiifti Of all the talk of the social gather- fon logs, the big M. W. A. supi>er tomorrow night is creating the most gossip, triu It wlllne remembered that the supper dec! is aiVesuIt of a rabbit bunt last month, tnw The money received from the sale of "11 rabbits and assessments made from of I the losers in the bunt will cover all w'lit expenses. itai The following shipments were made clinASBm the La Harpe yards last night: niiU Two cars of stock by C. E. Pennlng- cl*' ton; Wilson & Son car of stock; t^ Woods and Stephenson, car of stock, ^ undtiie Dickens Brothers, car of stock. Charlie Wilson went to Kansas City was on busine^^connected with the sbi])- _^ ments, • *v J. W. ^\^lgus went to Bangor. Kas., : yesterday for a short visit with his son Elarle. Fred Wood Is recovering from a se^ vere attack of the grip. He was aide frvB„jb be la the bank yesterday, heldf V. M. Nesbitt spent Sunday with his frojiojrenti la Colony, »nd r Tb« Mullenlx brothers and their land c-mQ]]l^ and a few neighbors gave Mr. ™Vnd Kra. Oliver Croley a pleasant sur'";''*^»Ue Sunday evening. Musical Insini Oiti were provided for and the blg- ,i ,4t part of the evening wa» spent In ^iB]oyinK the musical selections ren- and by the Mullenlx brothers, itr. Wallace went to western Okla- jhM yesterday to enjoy a visit with [t. brother: ^ Perry Zentz Is assisting-In the Gra- "efaidrug store. Mrs. E. P. Graen Is reported on the lek list A number from this country will at^ «ind the twenty-third annual Imple- ^^yjtment Dealers' AssociaUon which will "i*"\ibmTene In Kansas City this week. The °^ ^^oarentlon this year will b© dlfferetft ^^^/nju ABjr.past as thiere jriU be no ad- o-cl^ ' IRA B. FRANTZ REGISTERED OFTOXETBIST Humboldt, Kas. Moran, afternoon of Jan. IG and all day the 17th. LaUarpe, Jan. ISth and 19th. dresses. In their place will l;e ills- ciissl(ms In wlik-li ;iny person 1 !• i -ni may participate. John Kohler. .\. 11. Mines Walter Wilson Walter, f) 1>. Hartley anil other.* from l.a llarpe and vklnlty will ntlond. Hurl .Marshal left yestiTday for IM- Salle Illinois, where he has secured a ti.iotl jiiwiHon with the Illinois Zinc Work.s. The 1. O O. F. lodce put on their Initiatory degree for three candidates l.nst nighi. XO KE.lSO> F»K BOIBT. .V Stutement of Facts Bucked by a Strong (•'nnrautec. We guarantee complete relief to all .sufferers from ecnstipaiion, or. in every case where we fail, we will supply the medicine free. Kexall Orderlies are a i;entlp, effective dependable, and safe bowel reg- u!ator strengthener and tonic. They aim to reestablish nature's functions in a quiet, easy way. They do not cause inconvenience, griping or nausea. They a:e so pleasant to take and work fo easily that they may be tuken by any one at any time. They thoroughly tone up the whole sj-stem to healthy activity. Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable and Ideal for the of children, old f( Iks an<l delicate per.sons. We cannot loo highly recommend them to all sufferers from any form of constipation and Its attendant evils. Three sizes, lOc. 2.";c.. and ".Oc. Remember yr.u can obtain Rexall Remedies in this conmiuniiy only at our store—The Ilexall Store. Burrells Drug Store, West Side Square. —Mrs. A- R. Tabor of Crider. -Ma. had been troubled with sick headache for about five years, when she began taking Chamberlain's Tablets. She has taken two bottles of them and they have cu-ed her. Sick headache Is caused by a disordered stomach for which these tablets are especially Intended. Try them, get well and stay well. Sold bv all dealers. FOR SALE>—FIVE WHITE OR- pington pullets and one cockeril. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. GAS CITIZEN'S MEETING ACTS von sAhK-MV COI;NTUY HOME West of lU).--|iital, 17',-i acres Kround, G room lioMse. the finest barn in Allen county, godd cislprn, good cellar all bricked u|) good, an Ideal jilacc to live. Reason for selling, am located In the West where 1 liave business Interests. This place will make a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. .M. Kcioken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR S.M-lC-rifl ACftRS OF NO. 1 bottom land within 1 mile ot lola at a bargain price; J500 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Uoalty Co., Evans Bldg, lola. 100 ACRES OP IMPROVED LAND in southern Mis.'souri and good large fuur room house in lola to exchange for land near lola. Trade with owner. Address 1024 N. Cottonwood lola. MOXKY H.\S BEKX R.USKO TO yiXKV. MKTEIl TEST (ASK. Many Xews Xolrs of (ireater or Less Impurtiince Conceruhig Various Tlilns's. Dc Spencer and Free Libraries. Ruskin's dislike for public llbrariei was shared to the full by Herbert bpencer. When the trustees of the British Library of Political Science asked Si>encer to present his works to the library, bo replied: "From time to time I have had Tarious applica- tlona akin to the one you make, and have in all cases declined compHanoe. I disapprove of free libraries altogether, the British museum Included, believing that In the long run they are mischievous rather than beneficial; as we see clearly in the case of local and municipal free Mbrarlei which, instead of being places for study, have become places for reading trashy novels, worthless papers, and learning the odds. I no more approve cf free libraries than I approve of free CAS CITY. Jan. 10—The citizens ineetlnn held evening In (he city hall wad well attended and within u few .iollacs Ihe necessary tiinil for the ineter test cusir was raised. The various committees m.ide thi-lr reports wlilch proved Very sntt^faclory. it Is probable that a test case will be iiroui; K 111, today or tiinorrow. After whiit seemed to him a trl|i to the north j)ole but in reality was only eleven days, over three states 11. O. Adams reached his destination Rupert, Idaho, the fifth. It is true he was snowbound' a few days in western Kansas, but it was not "our" Adams that lost both le»!.-r us was the rumor that reached here so^je few days ago. The card received this office was written the 10th and Mr. .Adams says it is snowing hard and also states there is an ISInch layer on the ground at the time he is writing. He says It is hard to see a buggy or wagon In that coun try at this lime of the year as all the traveiinjf l.s by means of sleds and sleighs. Mrs. .Adams and sons, who have been in Garnett, left this week to Join .Mr. Adam.s and make that their home. F. M. Connett, formerly of Gas but now of lola, was in town shaking hands with old friends yesterday. Willie Scruggs arrived yesterday from Bartle8\1lle to visit his father C. V. Scruggs before going to Old Mexico where be has work. Mr. \. Brown returned yesterday from Pittsburg and announces the arrival of a son at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Troop, formerly of Gas. Charles, .Jr., will no doubt make a good carpenter. Guy Roberts, Jr.. has recovered from the grip sufficiently to re-enter school. Norman I.owe and family of Yates Center are moving to property on North Hobarl street. The trial of the .Natural Gas Company ver.'-us C. A. Tarr Is being tried In Judge Potter's court In lola this afternoon. The Gas Company is suing for a meter, which Mr. Tarr holds. Frank Frase yesterday sold his pool hall to two men In lola who are today moving the tables to their hall In that city. Mr. Frase Is undecided wliat to do. Mrs. Julia forns who is visiting In IJttinsun this week writes that .Mr. and Airs. Everett Norton are the FOR SALE—-AT A BARGAIN. MY two story modern residence, 219 N. Cottonwood. Reasons for Belling, Icavinir c'tv. Terms or cash. A, E. Balliet proud parents of a son, born yesterday. J. W. I^)wer received the sad news yesterday telling of the setlous 111- ne.'-s of his brother, P. S. J^ower of Coliiniblnn.i. Ohio. .Mr. l.,ower ts ex- pectini? another message today and if liirt lirotiier's condition Is unchanged he will leave immediately f"i" 'hat lilaee. II. .s r .rry is repoi'ted on the sick list. Notice to Parents. Tlie second term of school will be- Kln nixt .Monday, January 22. I;il2. anil all children who have ne\er at- ti'nded school before and who will be six yi'ars of ajje on or before March 2.". 1!>12. win bt^ permitted to enter, pr'ivldi'd they enroll during the llr.-'t two weeks of the term. T. K OSHORN, Superintendent —Charles Durham, I-ovlngton 111., has succeeded In finding a positive cure for bed wetting. "My little boy wet the bed every night clear tbro" on the floor. I tried several kinds of kidney medicine and I was in the drug store looking for something different to help him when I beard of Foley Kidney Pills. Ater he had taken them two days wc could see a change and when he had taken two thirds ot a bottle he was cured. That is about six weeks ago and he has not wet in bed since." J. D. Mundls Co. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—EIGHT ROO.M, MOD- ern house; ."ilC S. Walnut. Inquire .Mrs. C.liastaiu. FOR RENT—1 fill ACRES r,u. MILKS northwest Colony. Kd llenninf;er, lola. I'hone 121. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—TWO YALE KEYS «E- tween Register office and postofflce. Finder please return to the Register office. LOST—WATCH, BETWEEN V. B. church and skating rink. Initial OE. F. Reward. Phone HO or Register. FOR EXCHANGE. ICO acres north central Oklahoma; 9.') cultivated, meadow, pasture; all fenced; 100 bearing trees; 3 railroads within 1^ miles; station 50 feet from corner farm; R. F. D. ;raral telephone Will trade for good inside residence or business property, lola. Price $7000. Mortgage $1600 3 years 6%%. Write ott-ner. Lock Box 255, Cbetopa. Kans. LOST—IXGERSOL WATCH. GUN- metal case; leather fob; bronze lion head on job. Finder please return to 21s S. Cottonwood. Reward. FOR SALE, ALFALFA FARM Efn^man Connty, KBJIS. 160 acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair Improvements; 100. acres alfalfa land; only about 12 feet to water . It's a bargain at $50 per acre Mortgage $2000 6%, due In 4 years. Can exchange equity for good lola property at Its cash value. lOLA L.AND COMPANY. [ .\rfH0R riKXS .UIVEKTISEK | * * One of the "40 Immortals." .lean Rlche|)!n, lia.s just found a new outlet for his literary effort. For years lie lias devoted Ills life to poetry and lii-Ilon. but his sreafest success came when In- wrote a descriplinn of .\I>- XOTICE. We have an excursion on the 16th of this month to our Florida lands. Also an excursion on the 15th to our Sacramento Valley. California, lands. Call and make arrangements to go. CHARLES & FOTTEB lola, Kansas. Farm and Cliy Loans KANSAS AA'D OKLAHOJfA Low Kate; Annaal or Scmf-Annnal Interest—PrIvHcgp to Pay In Full [{educed itules «u Eire lusiiranee! R.MXunningham Old Tonrt noase Hldir. lela. K M <JtAN dill iianiids jewels preparatory to tiieir being sold at auction. His efforts were so successful in the advertising tield that they brought him more than $1,000,000, and Rlchepiu holds the distinction of having prepared the advertising copy for one cf llie largest single sales on record. Hoi' SpHngm, Mrk, Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Spriosi, Ark., with return limit of three months from date of sale, with stop-over privilege* going and return on sale every day In the year, for S18.60 The one way fare Jls 912.M. E. E. MUNGEB, ^ Klorenre Ifolhrook In Jo*. M. Gftllest' Stupendous Xuotcal Coniedy Snc- VVI.S, -Bright Ejcs" at the Crund Theatre Thursday, Mgbt Januar) IS. Carre vcd Too;-.:. WIieue\e;- y ri I' .; 1 ;) I i jot down in a sin:ill lil.i:ik h :,.t:: l;ei.t In 11 «-on- vetilent pln'e in,- ili:it iiT ;rp :)--e the dale, the ii.-iiiie oflln- person to whom the biM >tc is lent ;im! the liil*- of Uie l >oi !k. Tbis -.•.ill j.i.ive a safeguard UKalnsi lo .i.i;; b • :>;;s cir forjf ^ttlng where they iire to the l^ersou Who allows m :in ,v. boiias to !>e taken from his library. —Persons troubled with partial paralysis are often very much benefited by massaging the affected part.s thoroughly when applying Chamberlain's Liniment. This liniment also relieves rheumatic pain.s. For sale by all dealers. 1I0.NKV TO LOA.X O.V FAK.HS: * II yon are wanting a Farm Loan 11; nie tell you about my terms and rail s. 1 handle j)rlvate and Eastern i:.oney. 0. BOLLINGER lolu, Kiins. FOB SALE! 3 room house and acre ot ground on car line; $600 mortgage; $250. 4 room house and 1J4 acres, same location; $700 mortgage; $350. 2 room house and 1% acres, sam> locut!on; $350 mortgage: $75. The^e properties are ail on car line water line and gas line. Fine gardei and chicken propositions. . Monthly payments will be allowed, but nr, trade considered. Fruit trees, and small fruit in above places. FOR KENT. 7 room modern house close in; $18 .S ;oo'ii i:.odern house close in, $20 .". I' on. iM 'vse, close in not modern, $b Whitaki-r Je.DounelL FOR >sai;e,! M HEAD HORSES and MULES I have jui^t shipped In 2r. head from (."offey Co.—some weaning nmru mule colts, some ytf rliug mare mules. One pair ' of inules live and six years old, weight :;."oO lbs. One pair of ' marcH six and seven years old, • weight I'.-.oo lbs. Several other mules in the bunch. They are all well broke. Several head of ' horses and nmres, all young ' and good farm stock, some aln- I gle drivers, city broke. Anyone wanting to buy, sell : or exchange, see me at once at ' lola Horse and Mule Market ''Ibloek'west Santa Fie' • J. C Batcher Ptaoae'SM lOLA R. R. TIME TABLE? Ju T. Jk S, ¥. RIJLWAT ' South Bound. No. 201—Dally Passenger 1:05 ik. a No. 208—Dally Passenger 2:*S a. m No 207—Daily (except Sunday) Paaaem' ger 8:60p.m No. 215—Dally • (except Sundaj) Way Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Deport 1:06 p. m North Bound. No. 202—Dally Passenger 2:2S p. m No. 204—DaUy Pusenger 2:20 >. ni No. 208—Dally (except Sunday) Passni- ger •:S0 a. uf No. 218—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. De I >art 12:01 p. a> Prelghtt—West Beun4. . 491—Local (daily ex. Bun) Iv »:45 p.» 4S1—Ccdo. Red BaU (daUy) Iv...S:38p.m Freight*—Bait Bound. 458-Red Ball (dally) ar. lil«a.ii> 492—Local (dally ex. Sun) ar.....t:«Oa. a Pauengere—West Beun«, 407—Kansas cily -Yatea Center Mnfl an« Express (dally) Iv 4HT p. m 40»—St. Louis-Wichita UaU and Bxprew (daily) Iv 8:83 a. m Patsenoara—East Bound. . 410—BL Ivoula-Kansaa City Mall and BB press (dally) ar « 408— St. Louis-Kansaa City Hall and Es press (dally) ar. 8:88 a. n K. K. * T. BAILWA7 South Bound. •No. 571—Way Freight, (dally eaeept Sunday) 4 :S5 a. m No. 7.V-Mte«d (dally) 4:«Sp.m No. 73—Passenger (daUy) 12:18 p. m No. 2&—Flyer (daOy) 5:50 a. m North Bound. No. 24—Passenger (daOy) 1:25 p. in No. 711—Mixed (dally) 2:80 p. m •No. 672—Way Freight, (dafly except Sunday) U:lf p.ia •571 and 67$ win cany pawwniers. . ^ The Allen County Realty Co. Make a .BB|9iaIty ol selling Allen County f^ma. Wo also write Insaranco of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-resfdent^r and do a general real estate business. W«:'represent three dr (tie best loan companies doint; tiusl- nesa In Kansas, and solicit a share ol the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates aud quick service as can l>e had i^oy- whero. The Allen County Realty Co. K. L> 1 'hoMiptiou, .llgr. OFFICES RVA::ii r.i.uo. IOLA FAK.M M1A>S! CIIIIAI' .MONKl'! Wo represinl of the best Fariil I,oan V.<n.\\v.\n\i4.!i\u\\\i', lni.sJiie .M .s In tbo Sitato of I\an^. {We can loati on farms nnywliero In l!:;iKtern or Central Kansas. Our rates are tlio lowest and our terins are tin; best. Callor write > ik when in need of a farm loan. Phone S17. THE PETKRSOA LA.\I» rO.MPAXY Old C «ik4 lipase llldg. •nWhqi |aa- H !> « * V •> « V • i « Boyal Typewrfter Agen«r •! % Controls Bxclnslve fialo ol tb« • a Boyal Standard Typeirdtoi W » In Allen Connty • £ E. B. Bnsdng^ Ag«at • 4 Northrup Building lola, KaiJai • $ Typewriter Bepafrs and SnppIIei • S Dr. C H. Bnss • a DEKTISX ^ % Boom Ko. 1, Kortlinip Bldg; 9 Extraction without pain by tha • 3 nse ot Nitrous Oxlds Gaa > S Phone—OfflOB 653; Bes. 861. • •S WHY KOTI I a ^ Have Tour Piano Toned By aa j a •S Experienced Tuner—Ona UT - a It ing in your henna tomi. • « T. 0. «A5AT8 ]iT a Ptano Toner nil Sspahnr a {« Roberta Mnslts Co. Vhona 4n a •!r«»»a«»«eaa«««aaaa « F. L. B. LEATELIi, M. >. •8 BpeqlBltlos— B PkonoM^n ^TsOk 117. r« lOLA STAtB BANK BUM- fl - • « e « a a e s $ a a a 9 a a a fli f-a S * + V • • • • «V 4> Satlsfactlab g>^'l*WL'VW»aof f > PlK« ^.:ggg &ta«.c I 't lates Center (h«rCo]B.BHk • {14. • • * * * i • •.•.#'*-!• 1. rmLZiIF HEIOEXiI ^1. Ub^ south St •L HJ LSNESS^ AKD S.VODELBT \ Geaaral Bepalring, AllJOUg •> * « • « • * .• ' > HONEY TO LOAir > on all kinds of household geofB' •>T ,or Jewelry—anything of Tahtew •> BiguB 'Pawn Shop. Eaat Qlttii^ •> Square. Office In Fruit Sttm. > -> AU transacts strlcUy coaS- • deatlaL » • • * * I- $-i-ssasa55«**»aa a:*£ Office Bes. a % Phone 18.^. Ffcone I85 >T. 9 ^ DB. J. 6. ITALKEB. « a Kress Bldg. a -S Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffmau '•1> Special attention to Obstetrics >: "5 and Disease of Children. - 9 •s 3-1£ $ » « « % a a a a a;a a.a a Ncpolion'j M'-Jsl Library. NaiHde»'n 'Ui «• ! r: ;l:e a list of '.. all tbe bi'oks I'l.tlje wldoh were worth |ire-.vr\ i:i" iTc 1 -.ic^cd whon '.vt \ sat di'wii tKlii-i II thoniittud VolUUies •M -.i 'it sl.!.fe. ln;t the llSt grew iiini>M- 'i.-; li. i .cl-< :,;'.(1 uUtniatKly Inrlinlcij ei. l/.i-n so. hov.'- ever. II n I 'e <'l:^".-. I :!K of which K(lin <iiiil <;>•...•;<•. .v>:i the general re.-ider. v. •: il l ;'_'^n 11'.; fly-to com- - pl;iin. W I—1 i:.' ei -ii -.'i-or came , to-~ look over fir-t l'«t found that , he bad iu:> •(••••'.;;r.".b !.T left oat the Ilible. In his .'.e -'iin'] l!:t he foi^it to mention imt only Vev'-ii and Shake* ; spearc. Ii;;t. very . liiftuts!:.-. Mollere.— ; : \Ve.stluiii.-!ter i ;;'.;:r ;!o.. ,"

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