Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on May 15, 1975 · Page 7
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 7

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 15, 1975
Page 7
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Portland News *T Mr». Victor Ttfafc Written Thursday, May 8 The Portland Progress Club will meet Thursday afternoon, May 15 in the home of Florence Koestler with Eva Shipler as assistant hostess. Boll call: "Something new I plan to try in the garden. " Program: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryerson will show slides. Fun Time: Francis Smith and Grace Trenary. Mrs. Jesse Harms (Alleda), long time Portland resident, passed away last Tuesday night fax the Kossuth County Hospital, Algona, after spending four weeks in Rochester and four weeks in the Kossuth County Hospital. Alleda is greatly missed by her many friends in Portland and we wa^it the Harms family to know that our many thoughts and prayers are with them in this time of sorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill have a new grandson, a baby boy was born Sunday night to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trunk- hill, weighing about 8 pounds. He has been named Chad Allen. Chad has a brother, Andy, three years old. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leerar of Britt. Andy Trunkhill has been spending the past few days with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Trunkhill. Christine Peterson of Whittemore has also been visiting her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Peterson and family of Whittemore were Sunday supper guests in the Mennet Trunkhill home. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill and grandsons Andy and Mathew Trunkhill were Monday supper guests in the Jerry Peterson home at Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shipler and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Westling of Burt drove to Fort Dodge to attend the funeral of Mrs. Frank Messerly. Mr. and Mrs. Arden Hovey of Algona were Thursday dinner guests in the E. C. Schwictert home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reynolds of Burt were Wednesday evening guests. Mrs. Mattie Hertzke and son Maynard of Lakota spent Sunday afternoon visiting in the Schwietert home. Mrs. E.C. Schwietert entertained her bridge club Tuesday afternoon. Attending wise Mrs. Elsie Dugan, Mrs. PaulDrem- mel, Mrs. Ruth Carman of Algona, Mrs. Esther Bahling, Esther Sorenson, Mrs. Hilda Gross, Mrs. Grace Trenary and Laura Sewick, all of Burt. Mrs. Sarah Stewart was unable to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thompson and family attended .a party Monday evening in the Harvey Larson home in honor of Harvey's birthday. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ii.1- mund Larson, Mrs. Effie Teeter, Mr. and Mis. Bob Arend and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Broesder and family of Algoaa, Mrs. Gladys Christensen of Wesley and Ross Buffington of Titonka. Mrs. Jack Thompson attended the U. M. W. Wednesday afternoon. The children from Peter Pan entertained them. Around 30 attended. Fourteen members attended the Ruth Circle Wednesday afternoon in die home of Vera Ringsdorf. Mr. and Mrs. RoLurt Weber and family drove lo the Phil Meyer home Monday afternoon to see the ns\v boy horn to Mr. and Mrs. Meyer on Sunday, April 20 in the Holy Family Hospital, Esthervillc. lie weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and has been named Nathan David. Mr. and Mrs. Weber went back again Friday evening to visit Mrs. Bob Gatton, Mrs. Meyer's mother, who is assisting in the Meyer home and helping care for the new baby. Mrs. Hazel Carroll was a Tuesday evening coffee guest in the Mennet Trunkhill home. Mr. and Mr*. Richard Trunk- hill and Mathew, Martin Volght, and Mrs. Dennis Shipler, Denise and Kirk were Wednesday morning coffee guests in the Mennet Trunkhill home. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Murphy of Des Moines were Tuesd^r overnight guests in the Lawrence and 'Vincent Govern home. Mrs, Robert Weber and Mrs. Linda Meister drove to St. Paul, Minn, on Tuesday to visit Mrs. Weber's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Art Sousa. They also attended the John Denver concert at the Civic Center, staying overnight and returning home Wednesday. Lynn and Karla Weber, daughters of Mi. and Mrs. Donald Weber, were confirmed Tuesday morning, April 29 in St. John's Catholic Church, Bancroft. Mrs. Robert Weber was Lynn's sponsor and Mrs. Donald Weber, Karla's mother, was Karla's sponsor. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Carlson and family ware Sunday guests in the John Carlson home in Whittemore in honor of Brett's confirmation Sunday morning in the Whittemore Lutheran Church. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carlson of Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Carlson of Algona, and Mrs. Hilma Carlson and Carol of Burt. They were all Sunday afternoon luncheon guests. Other friends called during the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Shipler and family drove to Waverly a week ago Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. David Stewart and family and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis and family. Roxannc Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Davis, is spending a few days with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis, rural Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Discher and family were Sunday dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dearchs and family at Algona. The Four Corner Social Club of Portland met Tuesday afternoon, May G in the home of Bonnie Rike. Attending were Viva Ringsdorf, Emily Larsen, Bonnie Rike, Hazel Carroll, Leona Haase, Karen Ruse, Vera Fitch, Jajiicc Moore, Marian Spear and Margaret Phelps. After business was discussed, the afternoon was spent visiting. A picnic has been planned for the first Sunday in June. Margaret Phelps is to furnish ice cream and kool-adc. Others to bring hot dishes, salads, etc. Viva Ringsdorf and Janicu Moore received a birthday gift from their secret sisters. There was also a plant, bulb an<1 seed exchange. Maxine's Circle of the Burt Presbyterian Church met Wednesday evening in the home of Avis Christensen. Ten members were present. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Christensen and family were Sunday dinner guests in the Roger Schmidt home near Titonka. They attended the liumaiiuel Lutheran Church, where Susan Schmidt was confirmed that morning, and along with 55 others^ were dinner guests in honor of the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sar- cliet and Mark, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sarchet of Burt were Sunday dinner guests in the Walter McCormick home at West Bend. The kindest word in all the world is the unkind word, unsaid. NOTICE We are receiving patient inquiries. We do not discriminate on the basis or race, color, or national origin. Admission is not restricted to members of any group, order or religious belief. Financial arrangements, rates and availability of accomodations are made available to all without discrimination. CALL: 928-2600 TITONKA CARE CENTER TITONKA, IOWA Redenius Ins. Agency Phona 928-2263 can tell you about. . Titonka, Iowa The Arithmetic of CROP HAIL LOSSES Mid««»t format \ $150.00 P/A to plant CORN Invest - (isfc) ) $117.00 P/A to plant SOYBEANS and RISK LOS/NO- PAOFfTfrom *1<HOO-Meo.00 P/A more If «w crop \* LOST TO HAIL. M«it; p (y ike* r few** fc,*• u/hatk Your Rick ? number often* you pUntpgnm.,, f»liaiJ> TOUr KI*K. Isn't II worth a few dollars per tore to protect yourself from not only losing your crop and your lncome...bul even your farm. • All IIQUIOS based on Ihc last two yeai avur ages loi yioid planting cosls anil gram prices Written Monday, May 12 Mr. and Mrs. John Ree and family were Mother's Day dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Leora Ree at Buffalo Center. A sistai 1 of Mr. Ree, Mrs. Charlene Franklin and daughter, Tim of Minneapolis were also there. Mr. and Mrs. Ree and family were afternoon visitors and supper guests in the home of her mother, Mrs. Louise Hansmeier at Forest City. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trunk- hill and boys ate out last Friday at the River Road Golf Club. This was in honor of Mrs. Trunk- hill's birthday, which was Thursday, May 8. Mr. and Mrs. Jody Cunningham of Burt were Sunday supper guests in the Richard Trunkhill home in honor of Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boetchcr of Burt were Sunday evening visitors in the E.C. Schwietert home. Mrs. Irma Barton of Algona and Mrs. Wally Woods and Jennifer attended the Mother's Tea Saturday at the Plum Creek School put on by the Plum Creek Elite Girls' 4-II Club. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woods of Shcfield were Mother's Day dinner guests in the Wally Woods home. Tony Woods was one of the Burt seniors who left Friday for Houston, Tex. fur their class trip. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Peterson and family were among those entertained at a supper in the Edward Grimes home at Whittemore. Thirteen were present. Mr. and Mrs. John Rath of near Algona took her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and Randy of Burt, and his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rath of Lone Rock, out to dine at the "Aloha" in West band in honor of Mother's Day. Mr, and Mrs. Robert Wood and Randy visited Mrs. Christine Von Hank and Mrs. Lillie Wood of Algona in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Trenary and Becky Sue were dinner and supper guests in the Bill Trenary home on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch visited in the Ai«.kti.r 1 lix home near Fenton, Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker of Swea City and Mre, Grace Trenary and Kenneth dined at the Fireside Cafe on Mother's Day. Mrs. J. R. Thompson of Burt left Wednesday from Forest City with a motor home for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She returned home Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Zwiefel and family attended the Quarter Horse Show at Algona Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Meyer of Cedar Falls were weekend guests in the parental Eugene Meyer home. Mrs. Robert Weber and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer of Fenton, and Mrs. Jim Antoine and girls of Bancroft spent the weekend in St. Paul and attended the First Communion for Joseph Sousa, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Sousa, Sunday morning at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Thompson and family of Lone Rock were Sunday evening visitors in the j. R. Thompson home. Mother's Day dinner guests in the home of Mrs. June Sparks were Mrs. Guy Dimond and Mrs. Marilyn Dawson, Melanie and Paul, of Britt. Mr, and Mrs. Vern Shipler were Mother's Day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Westling. • Nona Jensen of Milbank, S.D., a neice of Mrs. Virgie Smith, arrived last Thursday to spend awhile visiting here. Mother's Day dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Virgie Smith were Nona Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith and Joe of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hamilton of Fort Worth, Tex. and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frambach of Algona. Mrs. Boyd Shipler and children visited Mrs. Eva Shipler and Mr. and Mrs. William Madsen of Burt on Sunday afternoon. A dinner was held at the Lone Rock Legion Hall Sunday in honor of seven graduates, all cousins: Colleen and Jeff ary Jent/., son and daughter of the Mcrvin Jentz's of Burt; Robert Farrell, son of the Ed Farrells of Algona; Cindy Alt, daughter of the Melvin Alts of Algona; Randy Greinert, son of the Fred Grcinerts of Ringsted; Judy Countryman, daughter of the Richard Countrymans of Titonka; and Susan Lampe, daughter of the Harold Lampes of Burt. There were about 30 people in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spear To the End of Tun* the Spirit Lives Though life ends, on lives the spirit. It is this thought that our services express. WINTER FUNERAL HOME Phone Collect: 582-2858 or 562-2731 |; If no answer call 562-2309 » Buffalo Center, low* 8 ««»ssss$s«»«» Get a load of extra profit Get a load of extra profit at Farmers Co-op Elevator with a load of CO-OP Swine Feed. Farmers Co-op Elevator can supply you with a complete farm mixing program or complete feeds. Delivered to your bin. CO-OP's complete line ol swine feeds lets you pick the one that suits your needs most. Let's you maximize your profits. Energized rations provide maximum response, minimum waste during each phase of the pig-to-pork cycle. Get a load of extra profit, CO-OP Swine Feed at Farmers Co-op Elevator today. Best Deal In the Country. "NAIL DOWN EXTRA PROFITS" with (COOP) FEED Farmers Co-op Elevator Phone 928-2515 Titonka INC. THE TITONKA TOPIC May 15, 1975 — Page 3 — and boys, and Carol Behrends of Burt were dinner guests in the home of Mrs. Hazel Willis in Titonka on Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hall and family of Grundy Center were also there. In the afternoon the Spesui and Carol visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spear. Mr. John R. Harms was also there. Mrs. Johnny Spear and Dare 11 attended the Pops Concert in Burt Thursday evening. Mrs. Henry Smith visited a cousin, Mrs. Ray Black, Sunday afternoon in the Good Samaritan Rest Home in Algona. She also visited Floss Leason, Fred Gebkin and Mrs. Barney Franklin. Michael Mawdsley spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Mawdsley, Jr. Mother's Day guests in the home of Mrs. Maybelle Becker in Algona were Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Mawdsley, Jr., Michael and Merrill of Burt, George Becker and Susan of Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Thocs Schiiaken- berg and Mr. and Mrs. Henry SchnaJ<enberg and family of Lu- Verne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Becker and family of Burt, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker of Swea City. Mrs. Roscoe Mau'dsley and Mrs. Frank Becker attended the shower Friday evening for Barbara Batt at the Burt Lutheran Church. Several Portland families attended the Farewell Pot Luck Supper Sunday for Jo Raska in the Burt Presbyterian Church. Mrs, Duane Mawdsley attended Virginia's Circle in the home of Mrs. Ruth Patterson last Wednesday afternoon. There were eleven members in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Jay lillis of Emmets-burg were Saturday visitors in the Ernst Nauman home. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Nauman of Augusta, Wis. wjrc Friday supper and overnight guests in the Ernst Nauman home. They came for the funeral of Mrs. Alleda Harms. The world is looking to America, and America is looking at TV. Use Topic Classified Ads ANTIQUE and TOOL AUCTION AT Y.F.W. BUILDING E5THERVILIE, IOWA SATURDAY, MAY 17 GLASSWARE Aladdin mantel lamp. 5 antique lamps. Buffer preif. Butter plate. 3 crack jars. 5 gallon blue glau jar. 1 sugar and creamer teti. 3 creamers. Old fruit jars - dated. Juicer dated 1909. 8" cut glass bowl. Carnival glass butter dish. Milk glass-ware. Thousand eye glosi-wore Depression glass. Antique dishes - miscellaneous. Bells - antique. Old beer bottles. Bowl and pitcher wash set. Salt crock-ware. PRIMITIVE Naughty Nelly (boot jack). Wall lamp and antique lamp holder. Antique money register. 3 old trunks, 1 camel back. Kerosene stove. Cast iron kettle. Cast iron fry pan. Sadering irons. 2 lanterns. Hog scrapers. Cream cans. Ice tongs. Corn husking hooks. Hand corn plantar. Hand potato planter. Stove fork and pokers. Hot water jug warmers. Cast iron alligator nut cracker. Old horse shoes. Old knives. Shoe repair horn -cas t iron. Foot scraper - cast iron. Old cool bucket. Bread mixing pan. Wash tubs. MISCELLANEOUS 2 hay knives. Blue and green telephone insulators. Old Schmidt and Wood beer COM. Wire parlor chair. Swivel antique chair. Old National Geographic books. Old Readers Digest magazines. Wood handle monkey wrenches, sizes 6", 9", 15", 16" and 18". Old socket sets. S wrenches. Ratchet sets - old. 4 monkey and pipe wrench combination wrenches. 1914 ratchet wrench. Grain drill markers. Many antique tools too numerous to mention. Hundreds of modern tools of all descriptions: Carpenter saws, new socket tits, pipe wrenches, crescent wrenches, hammers, etc. GUNS Savage Over and Under 22 rifle and 20 gauge shotgun. 12 gauge Star Loader single shot shotgun. 410 gouge single shot shotgun. Martin 22 rifle bolt action repeater (clip). Gun rack. Terms: Cash. No property removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents. ESTATE OWNER ARNOLD BOEVER, CO-ADMINISTRATORS Marvin Boever, Estherville - Darold Soever, Eitherville Clerk: Iowa Trust and Savings Bonk, Esthervillc, Iowa. Auctioneers: Charley Quinn, Bancroft, and Clair Clark, Ceylon, Minnesota. Where you save does make a difference. Home Federal is a proven, federally-insured savings institution that can offer you the highest interest rates allowable by law. Accounts are insured up to $40,000 while your investments are automatically reinvested to give you maximum earning power. Stop in for details. When you get your tax refund, open or add to your savings account and select a valuable gift. Minimum deposir $JOO. Larger gifts also available for larger deposits. All interest on savings is compounded daily. FSLIC HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN - Algona - Garner - Britt 5M%- Yields 5.39%~ ON PASSBOOK Doy-ln. Doy-Out Passbook Savings Any Amount — No Minimum r -i 6 3 A%~ Yields 6.98% -'CERTIFICATE On 30 Month Certificate! $1,000 Minimum - Yields 5.92% - CERTIFICATE On Three Month Certificates $500 Minimum 71/2% - Yields 7.78%~ CERTIFICATE On 4 Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum 6V2%- Yields 6.72%- CERTIFICATE On One-Year Certificates $1,000 Minimum 7 3 /4% - Yield* 8.06%- CERTIFICATE On 6 Year Certificate] $1,000 Minimum All earnings Automatically reinvested on March 31, June 30,'Sept. 30 and Dec, 31. A substantial interest penalty is required far early withdrawal on all certificates.

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