Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1912
Page 6
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' - 'Hon in Full Blast! Every Overcoat and Suit in the House at COST! \ RCLAY-SHIELDS CLOTHING COMPANY . _ "The Houseof Qualifo^ ^ , :: ; : i \kmt ItOTAL 5EieUB0RS jTiI<L<i)FFICEBS. fag Brought to a CI ORP Tvltb >ter Sapper and a Pro. of SpeecheM. if •-jr > \ if - een the custom for a great •B ftjT Ida lodge M. W. A. Id Royal Neigbbors Lodge bold a-joint Installation of d tthea .to serre an oyster -which <tlie families of both invited.. The custom was last' night and tbe event -bf onerof the very pleas- the annual reunions of tb<> 8. ' There must have been or hundred persons present vening was thorough iy en' all- of them. The officers iNnr» the. following: W.Hf. JL Officers. ^ E. Etherton. =-P. O. Benson. jST, A. Cowan. M^athan Bornside. jBn-^ames JoUitfe. f—I?.-Wi Ammennan. In— O. Shadwick. Id •NclgbborB' Officers. fia^ O.^W. iAdams. ficle—-Mrs. Fred Coffleld. Jor— Mrs. Laura Bishop. ^Irs.-Robert Davis. r-iMra. a B. Stebblns. >—Mrs. D. Sarver. entine]—Mrs. J. O. Mundon. itlaol—Mrs. Felix Casey. Mrs. J. H. McMurray. ins^Dr; Mildred Curtis and ^ilton. ... 77^^Jdam8, as the repreaenta- i Head Camp conducted the ft ceremonies for the Woode Mrs. Arlie Bement, of Ot>to Deputy, performed the » for aift Royal Neighbors, e assisted by the very effi- •well drilled "teams" of the the exercises were both impreuire. a Tery feiw minutes after latteM vera over long ta- -apread in the spacious ball Icioiu lunch of sandwiches, 1 oyster soup was served to L that by this time was ngrr enough to enjoy tlx'm. nainder of the evening was jipeecb-making brief ad- tpicad^witta plenty of funny dng given by Mrs.- Bement. ^•Prataer, Rcr.-©. W.-8hep- ict Deputy Adams and Cbas. Mr. R. H. Bennett served as ei-, performing the difficult it that poaition'Vith a readl- Fltfands-wealth of stories the crowd in high good bu- Vhole,' therefore, the evening jpleasantly spent and the ^ioetned hare every reason r late themselves upon tbe tbe3r "'latest riennion. kriLL liEW BOILER. RtettarlteOHies. at tbe •neater. Oraad theater will be com Thursday evening musical production Is inrasteted by Cecil Floraacsfiolbrook, and com asBiired today when work- the installation of a new lt^<^bicb--the house wiU be the iuture. The work will ,..„'late tonight and the the- be' kept t^^ a cozy tempera- Princess " which had — to appear at the Grand raa cancelled. Manager Ije- •ne^ to. allow two musical appear with but a few days^j liv ilssThis •tupp\y *or 60c: Savtng You J Quickest Btt Thing You jUMd. or Monsy Refunded. -pt and positlre rMults fivra j»Sp«iwlr« oough medidn* have •tt be used in mort home* In tbe d'Csaada than any other eonrb Jt |lMa >insUDt relief sad will rt|ia>Mt the iboat obetinatc, deep- 'iiorfdeoflMhouia. Itqoickry ^la wboopiof conxh -asd '. bottle «^ PloeK, when mixed rt^tie •iniikr' armp. makes a lUEBttivtf cootfa t^tttir that "ff'H-n Mviny «f $2. —-five Bjoutet^fnil In nackact. iessmmtx Oonjfh Syrnpwill- ' tutes good. )t atunu- v^w* aKcfctly Jaiatlve .Pliant fMtur«& Splendid for throat tickle, bronchitis, etc.. apt %ueeestful remedy for is- i^.a special and blebly concen- npofOM of Imported Norway Me extnct sad is rich in guaJsr IfoQier nsttiral healing pine ele- mix it with sugar syrup ley, in t pint buttle, and it /for use. ;o(t«n been imlttted,- bnr !«/a»y. for ootMnjt else will r sine results. Tbe genuine is to gfve absolute satisfaction fOBded. Certificate of guar- 4/|a each mciutgt. Y ««ir R-nOex «r will gladly get it .^.ilM^snid-to Tba i>inex Co.. r THE MOST DA JUNG HOLD-UP. T San Francisco. Jan. 16.—One of the most daring train holdups in the history of the state occurred when Southern Pacific train No. 16 better known as the Oregon E.xpress, was boarded at Red Bluff by two unmasked men, who bound and gagged the mail clerks and rifled six pouches of regls- lered mail. The bandits did not leave tbe train until it pulled Into Redding, when they made their escape. The above photo shows Peter llenrlch, the mail clerk's helper, who was due to leave the train at Red Bluff, but who was forced to return to the car and ae.eist the hold-up men in binding thi; mail clerks and cut oi)tn tbe pouches of registered uiall. IntervenInK and the Princess company insisted that tliiy would come In ahead of "HrlRht Kyes" or not at all. BrlKht Kyes" being the blKgi«t, new est and the mont highly commended show of the two "The Kllrtlug I'rln- cexs" was cancelled. There Is but one Brl(;lit Kyes com- The Dnnger of La Grippe —Is Us fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure your la grippe coughs take Foley's Money and Tar Com- |M)uud. R. K. Fisher Washington, Kas., says: "I was troubled with a severe attack of'la grippe that threat ened pneumonia. A friend advised mere is nui oue unnm. r.^.-n iwm- . T :.., u „. . pany headed by Cecil l^ean and .Ml.s.'! : Foley's Honey an<I Tar Compound and Holbrook and lola gets that cr)in-11 got relief after taking the first few pany. After playing here the com- ; doses. I took three bottles and my la jiany ^oes to lAwrcnce to oiien the ; grippe was cured." Get the genuine new Howersock theater and then goes in tbe yellow package. J. D. Mun- into Kansas City for an engagement dis Co. at the Grand theater, j , The press at Coffeyville, Indepen-; . . dence Parous and other Kansas cities TUP UkU tM A DIUIT CUIOT where the production has been given, '"^ IW A inini is declaring the show to be the very l of H» kind that had appeared on • P'^ya Stiff Qanta of Pokor, Hunts this circuit in many years. "Eden to Paradise.' • Good Deal and Is Familiar FIflura at Ball Qam*. The telegraphic story of the events James H. Cole, of Brooklvn, X. Y..' T;"^** 'f^o the fire in who speaks at the A. O. U. W. hall, ^^^o and storted the war over lola, Kansas, Wednesday evening Jan- ogaln. mentions a man In a pink shirt uary 17. 1912. is lecturing under the as the one who led tb© attack on auspices of the International Bible Jnaree. Having touched the spark Students' Association and is making a i to the powder magaxine Just as tbe tour of the states speaking in the belligerents were shaking haada for principal cities. The text-book used peace and reformation, the mnnln the by this association has become so.pjn^ ahlrt passes out of• the tele- ~ erapblc narrative and out of tbe hls- J.iiME.S H. ('OI.K. popular that it is exceeded only by tbe Chinesti Alnianae and the Bible itself thus making it the third book in tbe world. An exiiait from a newspaper retK)rt states: "A large number enjoyed the privilege of hearing tbe subject, Eden to Paradise," discussed by James H. Cole. He handled the subject in the most thorough manner, harmonizing reason and the Bible, and explaining fully the substance bis subject conveys, backing up all bis statements with liberal scrliitural quotations to prove his points, while at times be seemed at variance wiih some things that are called orthodox today, yet all were familiar enough with the Bible to recognize that his application of tbe Scripture texts were correct, and his deductions logical, sound and reasonable. Just what a reasonable mind should expect to find in God's word. Mr. Cole Is an able speaker and Is a frequent user of potent epigrams, all of which, makes his addresses more clear and Interesting to the audience " tory of Mexico. Unless this man In the pink shirt is an exception, those who live In a country town know him welL The pink shirt lUelf was bought at a racket store for 69 cents. Tbe man iflays a stiff poker game, hunts a good deal without reference to the game laws, and Is a familiar figure at ball games, country fairs and foot races where betting Is tolerated. WagerlBg money on the outcome of a ball game Is too slow for hiniL He bets on whether the next throw of tbe pitcher wll^ be a bail or a strike; whether the batter misses or breaks his bat; whether the catcher runnlag for a foul gets or Is cut on the barbed wire fence. It is disturbing to know that a man In a pink shirt could overrule the gen* eral of an army and scatter death and destruction as at Juares; doubly dU- turblng to believe that be could change the destlnlaa of a nation. Hsr Lunehton Bag. While calling on a business friend about the luneh hour yesterday I was greatly surprised to see his fair stenographer eating and drinking from what had the appearance of being an ordinary hand bag. Invited to tospect the article in qoestlon. however, I was amazed at the clever maaner In which the "buffet" bag was arranged. K eon- Ulned specially made places for sandwiches and pie, besides a flsskJIke arrangement with a screw top for the coffee. To ca^ tbaldUmaz. aalt. and pepper shakers were set in the sides. "It's a little Idea of my own." explained the yoong woman. "T. bad the bag, that looks Just like an ordinary hand bag when you carry U on tbe street, made from my own drawings." —Boston Post TEIHELL'S PUCE IS niLED Teachers' Committee Recommends SelecUou of Edward Harbangh. The teachers' committee of the board of education, at a meeting held Saturday night, decided to recommend the selection by the board of Professor Edwa>d Harbaugh, of Topeka, to fill the position of manual training teacher at the high school, recently vacated by the resignation of H. E. Tewell. Prof. Harbaugh is well qualified to fill the position. He is a graduate of the Sumner County high school, has taken the course in manual training at Pittsburg, and has for some time been instructor in manual training in the grade schools at Topeka. He will arrive here Thursday night to take up bis work at the beginning of the second term, next Monday. Professor Tewell will go to linid, Okla., where he has secured a position in the schools. DOUBLV PROVE.N. lola Readers Can >'o Longer Doubt the Evidence. This lola citizen testified long ago. Told of quick relief—of lasting benefit. The facts are now confirmed. Such testimony is complete—the evidence conclusive. It forms convincing proof of merit. Samuel E. Vaughan. 6U1 South St., lola, Kans., says: "For years 1 was afflicted with kidney complaint. I did not believe there was any hope for my recovery and thought that death was only a matter of time. The kidney secretions deposited sediment and the flow was sometimes scanty, then again profuse. I had severe attacks of pain In my back and often was hardly able to get about. On lying down, my back bothered me more severely than ever and the only way I could arise was by first getting on my knees and gradually assisting myself up. I was very nervous and often had diz/.y spells. 1 tried a number of remedies but never obtained more ihnn temporary relief until 1 used Donn's Kidney Pills. After taking tliem 1 fell like a different person. I was completely cured and all the other symptoms of my kidney troubles were disposed of. Another member of my family has used Ooan's Kidney Pills and things ns highly of them as I do." (Statement given June 7, l !)U .'i.) RK-KNDOIlSEMK.\T. Wlien Mr. Vaughan was Interviewed on April 27, 1910. he said: "i gladly confirm my former statement regarding Ooan's Kidney Pills. I have bad no recurrence of kidney complaint." For sale by all dealers. Price .'.Oc. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. .N. V., sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. OKVILLE HUNT NOT (UILTY. Hnmboldt Tonth Acqnitted of .Stealing Harness. A jury in the district court yester- d.iv afternoon returned a verdict of not guilty In the case of the State vs. Orviiie Hunt, a Humboldt young man who was charged with petty larceny. It was 'alleged that Hunt had stolen a set of harness from the premises of a Hnmboldt farmer. Attorney L. T. Cannon, of Humboldt who defended Hunt, brought out evidence to show that tbe harness bad been taken by another person and bid on the premises of a man named Jeckson where it was found. There was only circumstantial evidence against Hunt. TO CUBE A COLD ITT ONE DAT —^Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if It fails to cure. B. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c. —It win be to your Interest to buy your Flonr and -Feed of H. Klaumann, 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. Try the Register Want ad way. A Monkey and • Knot. The monUey'M Iiiielllcence has never been able to arrive at a |K)lnt which enables t.'iat aniiiiai to vbleve the untying of n knot. Vou may tie n moukey with a coril fa^(euell with the simplest form of <'(ii:iii:uu Uuot. and unless the beast can break the string or ;nmw it in two he will never get liwse. To untie tbe kuut rcir-ilres ob^^frvatlon anil reason'r.; fower. and. iliduch a monkey may i)o<'so>is Imtb. Ill- has neither in a 8t!:ll( U-ni de-.'ree to enable him to overcome the diifitully. Koi V'hJt She Meant He— >0 '.v. don't yon-hotlier to help mo -on v.i:h i:iv <-i ):ii. She—It's no bother. •• •' - • '"••n-n Tonics.- At Foantalns & Bsewhen Askfor Hi» Orifiul and BMrahit MALTED MILK ^n* {FMd-drUi ftr U Ipb Al restaurants, botdi, and fouDtama. Ddicioai, mvigacaiing and imtiiiinfr Ketp ioa your stdnoatd at home. Don 't travel widioiitiL i qnck IMA jWBmi JB « MMte.*«7'i8RUcri'' Waija AnyMtik TnSmi When you buy an autoihobile get all that belongs with it. Don^t pay enough for a ^Ully equipped** car only t6 find that a Top will cost ypi $75 eitica; a Speedometer $25 extra; a Magneto another $75 or thereabouts; a Wi];id- shield still another $25; and so on until you are "in" or "out" about $260 more tinan you expected to pay for the car you saw advertised or read about in the catalogue. , ITie beauty of purchasing a FORD, aside from the high standard of excellence in that Vanadium Steel marvel, is that it comes "fully equipped"—the car without "Extras." There is no hOkas-pokns about U KOKD deal. You pay tbe regular advertised price and you get a whole automobile—not pie<'es of one. The net saving to you on Kquipnient alone Is, at tli6 lowest, 12^4 per cent of your entire investment. You can bank this saving. What a satisfaction the FORI* plan Is! Price mentioned just once. For example, when you are buying that snappy, 4-cylinder FORD .Vodel T Torjiedo, the salesman tells you it will —- cost you V>'M complete—no e.xtras; when you buy a FORD, F. O. B. Detroit and there is no time spent in haggling over the equiiunent that today.should be a part of every car. There are no misunderstandings. You just fill 'er up with gasoline and oil and drive away in a happy state of mind, with the positive assurance that you have received the greatest automobile value in the world. Of course, FOHD gives you a double advantage by purchase In such enormous (|uaulllies that the price Is the lowest possible. FORD (carries all that Hnanclul load for FORI) buyers, and the cquiiMuent for your FORD car comes to you all paid. Immediate delivery. In addition to tlie Ford Model T Torpedo, we offer for immediate delivery, the following- models: • $690 Vimi) .Model T Touring Car-.', passengers- loniiik'lely equipped K. O. H. Detroit, prlie - FORD .Model T Delivery Car—capacity TT.d IbS. merchandise, completely equippeii; Q7nn F. O. H. Detroit ffl UU passen- $59D FORD .Model T Conimerclnl Hoadster—3 gers—I removable rumble seal)—completely equipped, K. O. B. Detroit.."FORD .Model T (I.andaiilet) Town Car—6 passengers, coniidetely eiinippi'd, F: O. U. OOHA Detroit; price «paUW (.\o Ford Cars Sold I'nequipped.) Allow us to give you a demonstration. Take a ride and know for yourself how smooth Model T runs and how easy it is to operate and control. Catalogs and other new literature- descriptive of quest. Call, write or telephone. 'ORD cars on re- Barber & Smith, Apiifs i6t,A, Office and Salesrooms: 118 East Madison IXV.ASIOX OF RABBITS. Newton PaiK>r Teils Terrible Story of the Intasiou. Newton Republican: "An enteri»rig Ing correspondent at Hutchinson sends out dispatches all over the coun try stating that the jackrabbits are raiding the tend lots and farm yards in western Kansas and are robbing the cattle and other live stock of their feed. Why don't tbe enterprising young man -go on and tell the whole truth? Th" jackrabbits are not only knocking down the weok wobbl.v cai- tlo and eating the oil cake iind hay the farmers attempt to give the stock, but they are making attacks on the farmers and several Instances are reported where farmers have 6i<-n licked to death by the rabbits •'A dozen farmers are missing in western Kansas and It Is believed ih-y have been carried off by the rabbits to their dens In the sand bills. The shortage of vegetable foods has caused the .jacks to become carnivorous and~-it is feared that many more fatalities -will be reported of lone travelers being killed and eaten nut the worst of If Is that farm houses have been attacked and the women and chiljlreu ill treated by the rabbits while the men are away with the Hre- •irms. "In Stevens and Reno counties jack rabbits carrying bags of human scalps have appeared In the offices of the county clerks and requested that th€f scalps be bought at ten cents each. If the people of the east are tp know of the ravages of the jackr>i<nts why not tell them all the truth? Why keep part of it back? The devastation and horror, the suffering and terror following in the wake of the raids of the jackrabbits have been equalled in the history of this country only by the raids of the.deviish Indians who formerly massacred our settlers." —Do not allow your kidney and bladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine. Take Foley Kidney Pills. They give Qnick results and stop Irregularities with surprising promptness. J. D. Mundls & Co. Trees and Wind. When one travels through the parts of Belgium bordering on the sea he sees a striking example of the influence on trees of strong and constant winds. The trees are in general beut tow:ard the Interior of tbe country. It was provetl some lime ago that the trunks of trees hurled in the peat bogs of Holland nil lie In a southwest to uurtbenst direction. Cape Horn's Lighthouse. Probably tbe nuxt desolate, dreary •po^ in the worid Iiihal.ite«l by white men i.-s Iho IlKblhouse maintalLed 1)\ the .VrKenllne ;:overnmpnt at <,'aj>€ Horn. This i> clnlnied to be tbe south II;:litli"U'.e In the wVirld. Our Art Schools. Over ?ll..".(iO.(XX) is si»eut annually In tbe I'nited Rtutei for education in art. STOPC ITCHI.Xl SCALP OV£R>'IGHT (•'uuranteed by ('. B. .Spencer & Co, to STOPS ITtliING StULP OVERNIGHT Dundmff. itching scalp, keeps you scratching and feeling miserable all the time. Wash your hair.tonight with pure soap and water, rub on a goodly quantity of i'.VRlSIA.N SAGE and the distressing itchiness will be gone in the morning. I'ARISIA.N' SAGE Is a pure, refreshing and Invigorating hair dressing. I!i...<Ides putting an end to scalp ltdb, dandruff and Falling hair it nourishes the hair roots and puts a splendid radiance Into faded hnd unattractive hair It should 1' by every member of till- family to ketp the scalp free iroin dandruff germs and prevent bald nes.s. I.arge bottle .'.U cent» at C. B. S |ien <er & Cos. and druggists every- wiii'ie. I Economy. Knicker-.Are vou lutting down ex- I'eiist-? no<la.r-Ve.s: I am paying only half tbe liIlN.-Pn<.k "Oor Personal Ciip-airtec to alt Sldb Sofierers'* S. R. Burrell, Druggist. '^e have been In business In this town for some, time, and we are looking to build up trade by always advlslne our patrons xiglA So when we teU you that we have found tbe eczenui remedy and that we Et»od back of it with the manufacturer's Iron clad piarantee. I>acked by ourselve.s yon can depend upon it that we plve our advice not in order to sell a few bottles of .'medicine to 8l«ln sufferers, but l>e- canse we know how it will help our business If we help our patrons. We keep In stock and sell, all the well known slcin remedies. But we will say this: If you are suttering from any kind of skin trouble. ecz«ma, psajriasis. raab or tetter, we want you to try a full size l>ottle of D. D. D. Prescription. .And, if It does not do tbe work, this t>ottle will cost you nothing. Tou «]ene to Judge. Again and again we have seen bow'« few drops of tills simple wasb applied to tbe sicin. takes away the itch, m- stantly. And the cures all seem to be permanent. O. D. D. Prescription made l>y tbe. D. D. D. Laboratories of Cblcago. Im composed of tliyrool. glycerine, oil • or wintergreen andu>ther healing, soothing, rooling ingredlAts. And if you • are Just crazy with itch, you win feU soothed and cooled, the Itch absoIufUT washed aTiay the moment you appHed this D. D. D. *. • We have mads fast fHeada ol meift than one faaiUjr by reconunendlnr tbia remedy to a skin sulTerer here and there and we want you to. try U now on our positive no-pay guarantee;

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