Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOia: DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENtNG, JANUARY 16, 19li —OF^ lOLA and "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental vrork done by others call upon us. We are In our LaHarpe offices EVERY THURSDAY. . OtDce hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 Evenlncs 7 to 8 THE COGHILL COMMISSION GO., lOLA'S I'KODUCE MARKET Buying every day—always paying best juiiTs for 1'0UI« BrXTtn, l-:(iGS ana mui-:S. Call us up. Phcne STG. We al glad 'to talk to yon. Thalte what we are here for. (Successors lo lola Produce Co.) Phone .17fi West of .SiinLi Fe Tracks lolii, K; HAS REVOLUTIONIZED COOKING Famoua English Chef Who WorkeiT Out and Perfected Popular System of Paper Bag Cooking. readers ot this paper nill i>e Interested to learn that we have arranged to pablish a scries ot articles on the famous Soyer system If paper bag cooking wiiii recipes that ha\'e been carefully worked out by M. Soyer and J/arthu McCulloch Williams, the well known American looking expert. The system of paper bag cooking, once understood, has been eagerly adopted by housewives and cooks all over the country. Some months ago M. Nicholas Soy sr, chef of r.rooks' Club, Ix)ndon— Iiirgself one of the v>-orId's most noted living chefs, and grandson' cf that Soyer, "the immortal .Vlexis," who has CRIir Mill IKES YOy LOOK OLD and Your Gray Hair Will Quickly Vaiiisfi, flmy hsir is n nark of nc. nml nothing that caa lio s.iM .ns i<i iis iicniity will offset thp (li>n(Ivar;ir.;-<if this mark of ttgo n-t npnn ymr l.r .i -v. Wyrih 'H Sii?i> mil) Suliiliiir TT .iir Tlrm- pily d.nrkcns tin- ii lir iiinl ri'sinnvs it in itN youthful l «'.Tii !v. Diir CT "'ifiiliiioiliprM (jr-iii . propensities liave iiermittoil it io~l.t? I lird." It will b<> rsmombtTcd tliat Xl.f 1 "'saiutaiy clla ^•.i !•pnlent'• was umlov- • taken Eouic iV'.ur years latpr. I Tlie seconil IUI;-H is tilled with e '.ii^chit fly war news, from Kuro- pian ni 'WHi (ii|n'r.-, anil with "news: somewhat nvcr a i.inntli o!il from fJos ton. Piiilar >l ]ilii :i llaltlir.ori; and OR;' or- two otlif r t';i.>-ti-rn citii-.-;. On thu Use Wyeth's Sage and Su]pnur ,i])i-rf ,.:iNe oi.,.- an- iw,. o.- liii.-.. •' ° 'i;ni? of !():al iicw.--, ime n'l'ortiii!; tlie conv!r-Lion and .-i-otiMU 'inj; t<i deKtli of two lo\va' Indiana lor ni iitior and another stntir." that the Osaucs Iiave lately (•(luiiuiii .ii t ^o many oinrages oa !ju' lini-di-r lliHC tlie KO ^errfnient hfis ju'ir.iil.rd the Hblnwares S'liawane I \l .k:iii.; :-. ele., et,-.." ir> «<> to war wfl-i tlie. II. .Mo .-t (If the space on Ihl.i liiiii! pase however, is t;lven .oa n- y .iv . .1 a KiMirlh of .liily n 1 mtlot 'i, :)\ ,«o •iiliniins licin;; -ciii'.rii ti .II- . of (oasis ! 1 1 iin .l and their (rrnaiiiiirithi-.-s liiTure iheiii nse<l B.nse nnil siiltdiiir T' T ilnrlieniiiB their hair. Xmhiii;: has evi-r hceii fmind more effective fur this piirim -ie these twi> liaii 'Inmoreil reiiiedi-.^, r 'Ut Wyeth, a iii'"li -rn elicni-i. lias eoin- biup<I t!ie tv .i> with ulher increili '-ins, whirh liiaki t di-liiiln fni dressin;; i '<ir the hair, ! whi<h n 'lt only reni<nes ever.'" trace • t cir.iiiiruff l >i :t proTiinti -s llie criiwth iif the li.ii-. U aU.> st -.j^s the h.-iir from falliiip oist. .".iv! it . "l^.Tllliflll. ,\U druipi^ls nro autiiorlr.ed t.> r«'ftind the niojicy if it f;;iN ..'o e.\.ni!ly as ' reprcsenti'il. Don 't nepleet .vniir h .Tir aii ^i '.'<ii't r<-- .«^ort to rilil-tiiiif h.-iir dyes. Iti-t ;i l.<.iiii . of W>eth's S:;ce and Siilidmr f.-.^m y.i:r drUFRiKt 1 <>-d;iy. ;mi| imtire tin- diffr:- enee in your luiir after a few days" ii -i-. This jirc-pariition is i.ffcreil lo I.iihiii- at fifty cfiit- a i *ttlf. and Is itK-.nmmeiidi-d ;i;nl .--ild liy all drll«gi^ls. anecial Agent—S. B. Burrell rREJ.iG OF mm mi The ThInKs That Were in a X»'«>pai!tT . -More Than Kid Years .Vgo. Mr. J. \V. Hclapiuin. wlio has a weakneE!; icr gettint; jiold ot and hanging onto a lot o: interesting eld things has favored ilie llegister with an opportunity to examine a lopy ol the "Mi.'^ouri Gazette.' puijlisln .-d ;n "St. Louis, I ..oii ;siana,"—noiiee "Louisiana,"—Tuesday. .Inly •>>;, ]s<-s. It Is a 3 -column, 4 -page paper atii .iu the size of a half \i:vjii oi' ilie Ki 4- ifiter but tlie pai ^er is of good (lualiiy and t !ie priniing is excellcn. On the first i>ape tlie r;rst thins Is the business unuounveiueui of tlie paj >er H.-^elf, teJlin.u where, by whom and at what prli-r it is piihlislieil and '"hje charge for adveiti.'-ln};.—whii -ii latter by tlie way, wa-- i;n>- ilnllar a K 'luare and fifty icn .s lor (• mih- se(|ucnt Insertion. is the r;iie allowed by law in kansas now for legal jmidlfaiions ; whieh shows that t;;e iTintevs lia \.n't profited any by the aiJvane 'e in jiiices for more tiian a linndred ; ' Kollowin); the bu .-lni?.-s linnoiine,'- mcnl ilie wliole o! the rii'>; I'.me is -filled with a letu-r fr./iii I/m /ion I April IStli.— t':ie pape. was 'nini 'd .luly 2G renn iiiLii'i-.— L'l ^ini; ; MI officers account of "Sir i.Mv'kworiii 's crui.-e " t.ut! '.•:;::5e i L;V:I;S IK i-n taken as jiatt cf t ';e war t: . n '.vc.uink' ' H- tween Kngland and I'lanc. Knsland way ai ;jeac> with the L'ni^dl Sta '.is at that lime, but ti ;at th.' :<A ;V\Da ht- tween the two nations w:;:, noi e--- peclally cordial may l.e 1:111 -.-ei] fro !r. some pBSspge."-- in tlii .s letter. Kor ser eral days, for .exaiii ;ile. tire .-hips of the Britir -'a Equartroa lay off :t !e Ciie.-a peake cajifi but "no a -.ti .'-r wiiate-. r of supply could be (ditaiUMi hy ni:r Admirr .1 from the inIio^;)i;3tiIe and lios tUe .Americans." .\nd il '.e lullow'ng rather shrewd opin :(;n evprtssrJ: "We fear 'hat the'hifitd sovern ment of the I'uited States has so far .resigned itself to the baleful Infmence of the ,Cirt!inet of the Tuilleries that nothing but salutarj- chastisement will bring It to a da^- f^nse of the pernic- • lous error Into which its unnatuj^l xo;;!!!;- .-. 'riiere isn't v..Til saiil al.ou; liie-.-va.kers, lifi. ri/ y.iuiiili';; 1)1 ^olI•.l of the loa^is ii:.',' 'I: "T • day ue ceielj.-..'.. . :.:.\ it ever 1 I' Ueld sacred by .\iiierlcans." "T'.;.' p. oiile iif the rnitid States: .>^<)vei eiirnlN -and siretitiii a;>- thel'... ami i;.-ui'l iiMoii rliall l .ou' Ij.lo.i- liiei;;.' "Till! con-'iliitiiou of till- I'niti'ii States:; Our enirrn.hnient. Ii.: useless if we defend it not." "Tlie -Aiiieri.'iin Fulr: May they cv,:' lie"prt;ilen'. maiils, loving wives.'lender mnjiicrs ajid exemjilary iiiairons.' iT!n. was ;:;e recuiar 01!': ial loa.-: !;u; soi::i!(!(;y tlioiislu it did ni:t ;:o 1 r.f.i;s;;i i.r in the ti.uhl direction, ir .il Ml I'.i-. p;"oi»a .-<:ii t"is in ::d<;itii.ii: "Tiii^ i .au l''a:'r: .Mny llicy their iuisonis none Ijiit Vreeiuen and .•.imrn from their i'iiil>r;,.-'^s t!ie loi- lower.s of v!;-e :.nd <'orriii>tion."l "?.ln.v .Aniciii'an lir::very he o ;i- pnreil to Uritisli knave.y." •'rfur'L'e.c.- to !ho.-e wiio sped ti.e plouvtli and" fiail." io on and so on and --o on. Tl I-'oiirfa of .)nl\ in those days wa.s evidently a Very solemn und serious oc- ca=!oi:,—a.s i; ou^ht to be now for litt tnaiter rf t :at. We .ijricve :n .state tliaf the adverti.'"e iit .nts in taper were but two ir. number one ! .in^: r!i«.' anaounceiuet ;:f ;.n attcti. r.-i ;• iuaf tie woBhl sell a lot of hoii.-ei.rld i.'nod.':. anions wlii(' we noiire r i;';anti-.y or Cisinia. bra-a!:d .-•e,i:e 1 .xi-elI .Ti; fii.Mvinir (uha en. The rthiT advei tlsi-r .I'lPounc-•! tiu '.t i ;e \v:is pr.-|iared. to give casli for biil.- of exc ".ianj;f en tlie j;overn!ii: f... All told the advi'-.Using in the was woitl) perliap.- iliree doJla:-~an.; we fear t!iat tl:e .MisMitiri Oiir.i lii.i not brint: it owner a fortune. But how in tlip world ilo you s»i>- |io ^e .f. \V. Uclaiiiain goi lioid of a .•oi'y of it? Foley Kidney I'llls —always (.'Ive satisfaction becaii rhey always do the work. .1 .1. .-; ;• nut nreiiien, (la., sajh: "1 have us<Koley lii.lney IMl.-: with great ."alis- faciloii and found mrir re'iif frcini llieif Ui-i; liian froi;i any other kl-Jn; y iiu'dlclne aiiil I've tried .!.•;,o-t ail !;ini.'s. I (.an clicerfuiiy r« • omiiieiid '.!iem lo all ^v.ff^•rrr.-• tor kidney at:-! bladder trouble." .1. D Miinrli.s Co. A Cor .-ip "T)n>rt y .i. • soaie!i.iiv t:; :. -ri-.w-;'- of (•>.:... . . .' -:' i'-a;;. :::\ .a.-l;-;" L"i .•'.miT- riiiej's llctiiy ;ii:»J 'lar f naipcjund. —i.^ a re'ialile ftiiitily medicine !j:ve -o your ei.i.'.L-f a. take It your^'-'f v.;.eii yon f.^ol a co'.d cujiinc in. It cV.ecki and cures couc'i.s and co!ds and croup and prevent.-; bioit- ci;itis and tmennionia. .1 1). Mtindis Co Smeller, Tips. First W;-.;:i"—•I'li-V-.ijuper the wrist co'itai- five and t'.;- Waiter-Vv, ,' "boues" i :T ! ! man. s t:-.:l:t Iv'ties. tljc> p:ilm •:.i-:t.-i r .-iirtfv:J. Second I i:.'-..'.- found five • |:.;:!•!. -YiMikers States The crcatcit czisis U a xromaa's li.". Is when firsi she becomos a motl:cx. ^^Jfjl/^ ^ ^ oatnre is demoidcd at such times, Kvl cad It Is ncccEsarj- that hor systc.u I »I K^rl *I a. I iS-ini S ^« thjroBjhly prepared lor the cvett, iM •mUMa'B safest rcUaucc; It Is a. acdic !:'.o for cstcrail m:r. coaposp-i oi oils Bad other Ixigrcdlcnts wlach aatliS cztnro la r.ll nccczsx.y r-'r.j^::3l c-I>ar:res of tha STstcsL Its rc .T.'Ir .r v.:o boiors t:.o comJu-r 01 bahv nrj:,.trcr _iascJr-t aad teaCcut fcr tea rjir.£v:-J strai-', cj--3 ia crpandlrg the r.ii'n and ilr.tji fjbrrs aad streatrtlicns t!l t :>3 nemrrstics ar..; il ^.i.'.:';. SloOir 't 5 "...::i j tic jS -r no. CMSga =.« tha F^.TI?. rpi loa^-: ^ ^ (J •»-»- «-*~--.T TTTT^ t!» tafftbcr fa suca J:e2:tl'5cl r: ditioa tiat her. tccovrsry a!wa -..5 ranld itaA. nstoniL Msttcr'n rrl /ru-t f 3 Boid at drug «'«?!!. vmtc r • ..c_r lroo:look' for fit^'ixnt ;ro.'.-", ZZJCSSSTSiSi EaC-JT-*'-"? V. -."O., M. Nichaiji Soyer. been called tbo \r.:\~.\.:<^:-i".\.\ rc-fciief.t- tor of tho Nini teciitli Cci.t. j—work ed out nnd pencned a sjBirai 01 cooking In paper biigs. After years of •••.tiidy niul cfTort lu did this—and then lio ti ;ii! of his sys torn and Its nuvantagoii over the oh pot and kuttlo in.'thod. M, ijoyor's ly.sti'iu of I'ap; r b.i; coahcry i.s tauinestloual)'.' i,..-.l re\o'.,i tionizins hoiischfid coM 'tiiig in I,";'.land, for a ti !oi:.':a :icl y «a,^ nnicd fo; its ultra ronscrv;:ti';m, .Mi c:.-:.-;scs c housewives arc hi'.ili:;,!;; it with c'c light; and, to ct^p tlie clitiiax cf iiraisr wi'ich has rii^en aboiit Soyor".- ears, his fellow chefs have pro no-iinced his pr.pcr bag system o conking a practical success In everj way, and h.ave adopted it for much ci their cooking. r PAPER BAG COO.KING CONVERT Martha McCulloch Wiliiarrs Dsclarer Soyer System I5 Latest Gift to '^ Woman 's Greatest Art. Mrs. ilartha ^IcCulloch Vv'iliiams one of America's ior<'iaost conUi;;," authorities, is a stmng advocate o paper bag cockling. Siio ha.-; ;::\;'arei a number of recipe.-; for };nod di .--hcJ that will be priiuod in tl'.e series o arficlcs on .'I. .-'oyer's t ^imons By; toi-i of pp.i-er b^i^ r-t-ci'-ln-^ t 'l .tt \\. have nrri.ii;.^ lo rim. • Mrs. Williiuiis pro .-i .".ims hc-rsc^ joyouL-iy a s--ifmade cooij. and mishtj iJroiid of iicr a'.iiiiiy in that iir.e. It' deed ihc says she thinks it r. S'I.IIIM liiat .so many million.'! aro wtisteu i; li):' i-iido-.viiic .Tl cf cnlicg's. llbrtiri'"; and EO OL— tif itirtrey would briiit FT v.. V*. Martha McCulloch V/lliiarr,s. so much .Krealcr i::r rcrr.' n: "of hapri'' ness and human c -imfort wcra ciie endowed ]!i;er:J)y enough to permit of iier ccokirg ail the time, and all i-'ie thii'^i: liiics. "1 an kcc-iily Interested In public affaii-s—almoHt as mucti ."-o as in paper bags. Ihit you couldn't chase iii:? with the ballot—lo give It to women would mean tha spoiling of two o.-t- cellent-good things. The profession of woman' I regard as the finest in the world—.Ttd sufTcIent to snti.':fy the most supreme talent. Hut In cooking Ilea, niy real euthusiiasm. It Is the one art that might tempt mo Into capKal letters. And paper bags are tho last best gift of It." Mrs. WllllamB keeps bouse, and delights In dinners for six—vbicta she rooka and serves herself. Thus what she haa to say In this series ear> > in Ilea the w«li^t of expeH '-Mj* Home Health Club By Dr. DiMitl if. fiVadcr Lnpuric, luil. -J tn.''ormai:oji coines by telegraph that Si' .Meningitis is .sweeping Te.xas and- other parts of ilic i;o..ntry and tiiat many .soiicois are t!(;sed oa ac- i couni of Ihe epidemic, hence tl!i.-> arti- \ cle concerning tiie disc;i-:e Is .seru out by the Home Health Cltiii. { Simial Menii.Rii.s iielcngs to' that' iiuzzlii.'g class of disea .se.s thnt con- itaflly L >e-.v!li !.'r l!ie piiysician iind de-• :y hi.11. 'f i.i* tl .-.•tiiieni by drugs i.^ Tci 'erally i -.Ms .tti.-faetory a".d. .so far, io mcdiciT-.e ha 5 !;eeu l '<ii::;d tiiat at .y- ; .v|:cre lu-ar apprt-i-.i !;es ;i pai:;:cea. .\ irtii; pre .scri;!t 'd by oi ;e physician \A 'Uiculed liy r.i 11 \ ! l. nliLeiit liy i .'U ^s is tbcri fo '.e iiii>ri iy !-.:titc.liv.'.; I 'iiey simply'.tti' syiiii;;oi ..; and., ail to reiiiove ire i;i;;si )r. •this for I !ie ro:ison liiatiii eaiisi; ]iiis not been j ntireiy eslald'- in -d in iiuiiic-'.l inform-1 itton, e:<ecpl-in getti t.-ti way cf; .eariy di .--rt !=rs. iiis .t .iii .iti .v:. The "uet 111.' t'xe <ilsen>e v.-catly tx i-imir -s i •pidvlric n'.ider co ; i ;t ;[)ns of In 1 ; lr :nki;i>; v.,i<-v. and i;ir. less hy .!;ic i<- j ind i;: .--ri.i '.d .i at '-.i; aik;--. is h |lt .Ii hi r evideaco "!' oua >\bal;i.''c. viiiilever Ii.. ' '\-'.--fT .-e ci I.'- '.lii'^r 111 hi' .01;,; 1 1 lien; :': sl.-iai;i ;% n'l Tnk'-.ii; for gi .• .' ;ig aad ius: iit'M.i::! •aris ot cn;iis.-. l!:, lo ilr; ; is i'> •;(.= !• n dar.,-'r of iii! . • ^i'l ;i liU'ei-,: ! ; •o in iO r-ivi' I 'ase.-. Til' : ..liri, :, :i: •(-iiil. • i;; iir •"Si 'i;'. , i>'.-11 I o...';i;)':i' •• '.i ''i ! r. ci/. ; I.-; : >:;s ;ii :h.> ru; d co'i' ••>:. Tl t;.. All .1 i!;.-.,niir'.t!>..a,ai!. ;'.s t.l'.f I in\ -•• t.'e :'.!.-• < ' .-1 i-s-siu i'lid l,;!nil.-^. sl.iii:;'.cli: vi riii'l i:iii':i" li es.' sy»i:|i i.Ii': ( i;,v t'l th • i,,.-ii - •..1 I- I'l ,.M- I ,,i its ii- • - ai; 1'. i w 'lii :i 'le '; .'id-! 11) tl »af. r. liie mn.-ii . r, • M -.i u: 111 ii. liie uniii-;--. .Mc; i | ••iilfii ,ii i •'>ysi .-i:ins rof .ijii.' 11' ic"--! v. • ."i-:,;.' '•ejy Ih;. u :,-iM |,.i!!;. . ':!•;< n ;ir ,d >.'r'.i . n.-'V 1 • '••;.] •y ;:;'i> f 'lil >. IMI!; :• ] >r .L ;wi' - of ill'v.t '"1 (\'';rf!'\;!!re', i 'it ;il'fr,vin;r li; r to ii or :j 'r ...ii i,,i!irti-•. liai -^ng \Mi .i li li:.' i.-.; .ati r is addr 111 as io biiir.: t '.i" "."'[ii 'fjttllj" r>l' II'K- V Itji o •"• 0/ diTreep. ;• e ;>li| !i )i .r ,ireEs l .i-'-;': IS. if ,1 ••;<nwfit/iv (-n fl," li'a(? Ti-• -riii'tf is ttmn liitvd o -.u place" h .-d and <:•.• ;v .( ,v:f?i b'-l"-! Tin nt !.-t; ;.; lull': ••vii',> to i/ii. .-Vs ri -ii'ir ti-c t .-i- •-T itiir-- . ' lie biMiy is lo <vi '-"ed of bi-in--' aised a"! o -ie would siipjK^si-.. T'':-" r -nti 'erit is rci .eT -e 1 w:\r'i during ti,-' 'ay. !>\:t not:at i ):-Iif. Seine ai! .'(jiiiiil:!: of !l,e cirer.- ation. a fr-e .-MTio:! m the skin an-' •oW "!s. witiio srj'id l <,o :!s .T 'll r. :-' •ouff tit. The iiowi \.i c ;ia bc:.-,i i;i' mad-etivc: ir SIC!' 1- hy ;. hiiiiiir-•cri;. • inly, liiniie o.' i"'cties:,!. Tl;-' :erat ',ir.^ of tlie ioo-,i ii ,-.;st b ' U ".i veil and tl;'.' air fi "i -h. in v. 1.". . • ;;oi .'d >!o>i li.f;.':5.-.> li.-l! s 1' ..^I 'fi I.'-.' air jillie. I ly; r:;-,iil ;i ;'iit" (> >n IviS ^notifi 'l do.-,.-s "^vi :.v \\<.r-< •iii.y v .ill leiieVH t'.i- ^ .'..iiiti;;:; v .ui!',- n !;-;."-i 'oii (enetiuii .d ill i ;i ;";isio "i f !l ii '•.•;"•.»;; V."'l ^--op tiii^ i'I>! a'sio!,.:. 'I'ii!' en-':: :'. .•iho ::id Tie ,•• >.ineil i:s iim-. TLS J --i-ihl.'. X'.-iy li; InsfrirmeBisi EVERYTRING in MUSK m PIANOS—discontinued case designs,^4 rentals, re-pos::essions anii shopworn Pian^^^ must go within the n^^xtfew days'^at'about hai$^ value. In fact, will^^Ugood Pianos for $125i^ 3150, ?1S0 io $230, and,;Some of the older sty]e§^lj ill $25, JiiiO, $45, etc. ORGANS—With high tops and fancy mir-^| •013, at .SI5, .SIS, $20, §22 to\$38 in all the fanc3fl| roi carved cases. Your Chance io Get"-a Talking Machine." We have bought out the entire stock of, I&r§ R. Hanna in Phonofrrap.h.s, Talking Maehiiies^f Vieirolas, all lands'dj^^ecords—and will sell at^^ a big discount off th,e'.'i'^g:ular price. Violin.^, Mandolins^Guitars, Banjcs, willall-l he sold at a big reduction in price. 'j;^ Sheet Music at. ..5c, 10c, 15c, 25c ^A All Pianos, Organs. Victrolas and Phono-j| graphs, can be bought on payments if necessary;^ Bo Not Delay--¥M Know What This Offer Means^ J. 9 lloberts Music Go Ida, Kansas IT YOU CAN'T CALL, WRITE i .od le 1 1V''d. ' 'irc'' o •>d 1 ;r ( f be ni :'f ,i' .^y.iier.i is endeavniin:? ^• ," t;t .-">^io 'so:is of the (lis.-as. :;"t liifl',''-'- for f .iod ."^ip! if" i.i't w;.: -r. in teti.-iio<-"'. .-' • ti-laiMit .v, or W' > ^tiT si|.l-d in ll:l- ».,v. if ;r.f ill"; ;;i If'lp 'o re!,'\. 111.' .-v.ieio (! oioiis :'iid •' little hot :, v.lii-i- ver i:.i' iia'.ictii I.'- ipiilti'-d Io ta'" o;;i i-'.i 'lM '.il will .i.rol..-.l'Iv ,1 . f'lL-. ,1, fi , : t V >-1 • c:i:inl-i! Vii'., (> n .viy c -l'i;|. to i| ; 're ,r: 1. i.-l' •r 'lr i-> ieiln; • riy -i' 'li'ii •.V ll'- ••. fi . '1 ..I.M 1. On. > itiiitii I .• .!.- I '•• .ov. i'l I.-iOM !>.' '.: • i :. ... i-rin e t.-i o... -'. • —:,ive -Iia.f v- r; ! .'-i'l-. r..-.- !i. !.t i;'. i .i' I.'ir;; .1- f no! I'c .' 11.-.-l atter s'M'i'ii ' i- foies :i r.;ii.^'-'i (I ' r .diiv; a«l!:i''. h.- i',.'",-;!/i' 'l.-'v.-.': isl 111' Ld-'eii d;tr I 'll- ,i :'(i.'Mt hi.- 1 i,r ;-'ii li;.' '•• • ' • .iii::i'- (.1 1 ; : 1 ,i:u; o...;- >'• -1 '11 lil tie- ' :i ;• • • I o- i;" .1 • '' •. •• ->• .V .rMe. : • '...J • . r. i •' : :di.:M" • . 11 i , '.in-1 .-111 ; •' 11.":' •ml 1. i: ll.'' Of V .itii .;i.'.> : ie.i-; ..'1 i. .'C y I ..iii.^ tl • i \i ..i: : yoi:;- i'.',;'. .iiK! w;iei' wliiie yuii .;'•....';. c',.;';t i;"!'. t.ic:i. ril.) them VL'fy i.;: uty i'altt tiie :ubbiug very tho ;o ;if,i: so, r.::: ti .y b. jjin lO fO' ! warm and red. Tir a dr.-ss and tli.'..- v ^'iii SDi.;, :.-'i Kei j) bolii liiese ..f.ii lie; ;- i;;', lill I .' :: iroiii.;- yo 1 wiii b:- i:., I- .\i' tc:-...';•; !li'. n » I' .'..'ii 1 ;.r.l iiionniiK tor . I 't .iiJ; ;;'.'t tl- "t '.I iieaitU fo .ll I. 'Ji' in ; I '..s ' :;•.!<.itioa ViV: • til i :i.:;;, .tiiiii p.-r- I'j- ' . < I ' • a!i!; at titiy '.: !• •!.:(.:: .1'. loiis 'i.i ;i ' :.r;:. :^\• i>r. •. I.: !',..;••. lli.i.. Altll ; :,i flili .. ;'l a; I 'eaat I\!)H .i :>UO> VilM- VA.M.-^JI. l)i;.'-o:'.('( o.r Sinm-.r'.t- r'-.-iiltiferf in I'ae .iitiHti'. if' a i.lii!e jie; .i'l. '.;:•. !'• ' • • - :r ''i".' .-''••M• ; . i!' it ii.'"' '-!!.>", . r r .::n ;-r ;i of T. i-i: 1' .. I • 1-1 1. • i.itr i> 'I' ^' 1 . 1 • I an.i ;.. - Oi I'a 1 ' I • tt 1 • t^. "Vit..:!! '',- -i;ii?i' your v.i'i: ynii Io iilr.t to op.-n • s l.;;,i;','p.-;n -•;i;ti Tr-a:!; i' •: 1 Ti .iniiti- • I. fiitiii 'i ;.' I' no -d r- to [li'* r.-t* t f.'.v i 'li :.s i i-:so;; ,:i'!" .\fi'i- adiiiini''. i ^i.- 1'. Ih 'cc tin s . 'i.'i-'o- ; fl.'ii I,''; f.i af -d \ rv ! ' ' (• r!i-n p::!!'".! th • .:!ienT f.^-i- liv..;. :iril. Iti'ii tt iV'.v l.<:i. 1 ss'-. if f.'-'f lonir t'l" s'Mtii> til. ' ! • -n •:• 1 r waiir '!" -I- ;io k. '• ! o • > !,i -Vf. Th.' '••a •" .'••'•• - :::r - ' r ;;,i 1 r ' :t v.':i. I • lf.»f 'r': : • • ; ! %•• :•' 1. :'ltlc. ": i/,->-ni;i' ;ct;.'. Ill" li'i!F.-r.'< s '.-ft III.- idiii ;nd Ms ;):.iVn' • iei'"\-.-red. I 'n,-.- ioi...- o 'ri»j )rt and lie- ii '..'ii !ier of 'i'.;! v. i-.d:;.it. rt,-r. d. >;::'sf I"- ('Oler'''n-d li; ill - condi'ion rf the iiat'. i^.t itui t|l-^ j'li;I:::::cnt of Ihe alt;-nd!!i(r T':.'-- Iic-t prfven;ative are t .vn -dtti" 'iV) noc'i food. <:ri!i!ii;':.'. an liiiitM •ip.ce of imre v: :'.<-• i- an.i keeping th' lio'vels active K:;po-iire :4 of .ill Icfii..' ••t»"'!nllv colds sliotiid be {t'tard d against. CLiri' .\oTi:. II- TVjetnrt— ' ; "!i a yotinf: l.i.iy tinrl .-nt Tr .iuhU -d v.i'h cfdd feet while doiiip i 'o 'i -.'worl^ often in the mornim,' and in In d lo"Hid mornfnp. I^fuve |d >'nty of -«Mf erel'-e iiiid fres'' a!^ .Tid atv. fpinr- enliv well. tUo'.'-.'tii .=iir ..-v'"it P'rvon- !--i :b3CVil)''- l*«ory nlrht Jnst liofr.r.' rc »i''ln-i; i/tke it c!p*.>:fii! of sweet n.'f'k. ndd >•< |i an noiii »rouhn1ily of boilInK w.-'ir Kocrt it hot. by plflrJiie thf ro.ifp.ine'' hot .watar. Sip all of It slowly i -i '•..OK is ' .11 C\'"; '. tii-i.icn — i ^r 'ic^- '• ' .' ;:; = ;r'. '.;1., I.'). It. : -..v. ,1. \ i ;:v ' IT led i.': ii : jtli'.i.. ntAts'ea, ll .. tni .e. ;:. -s u^ - t rr-iible lod .-on: in;:; •1 w <".>k. e; yi,t;r :ind yoi; "1 pe'.l: , \ r 'itt: 'LS i:; i'ilf; I •-• '•. .u!;. '"'S-C «s>. '-;'.s. biiion.-n.-.-s s' k liead- :i:ii-.\ diziiine.-s or f.iany . :• symptoms. I. : :''"t;if is fickie an,I no;'-^ '.;;•- y or you Lrlch ;;:is. n; r: ..> : 1 "••att-.l after eai ;"i!. o; yoi;:- 1 fr-i.] iii.s lil.e a lump of ii-ad (.n your j'.;, yim can n.ake tip jcur mini;" that at the rjoitcm of al! thii ;' ..r..- i .-f I but one cau.-e—fermenta'iou of undi- ; sestrii ("ood. I I'ro'.e lo yourifclf in fiv.- m'niite.-i ' Galveston "fronts^ the Giilf oii Mexico, "W^y down South" ih| Texas. W^lteK"ffies and olean-| ders and palms ;f>?rcrtv outdoors ifi| January is a good place to wintef in—that's self-evident. ' . (inlvesttxn, too, ha&JjItftiKi Qalvez-—'ji new niillioEbi^ dolli '.r edifice, located -near tha beach and seawap^ You will like Hotel Galvez, -ojicq you ent/er iftd; doors. A charming southern hospitality is suppl^l mcnted by all the luxuries of Fifth- Avenue. Ga to Ctlveston this winter on ,.iHe Santa, JL*,!;^^^ The trn'n service is convenient. laWlie excursioill fares arc low. „r..vt.;.i For boo'.;!ct afiJ 'iulI information ask W. E. RALSTON .V.JEM • Phone 375 Iola,Ks. ' ••••^m tie' t!;u? yuar .-t-.'maeh i.^ as -KO <id as anyyf ti:a; the-e to. nothing really wrong.! -S- |. tltis feimentation and begin eat-j: '.\!iat .Mill want vvit'nout fear cf dis ] comfort or misery. .\!ijiOFt instant rclitf is waiiir:',' 'or: you. It is meiely a matter of 1 soon yi.ii t.kB.a little D;apep-in, '.I VI.., T ^ C'-JR Br.n-ER KAJVRC lit - S't r nature in lu cx'A i over ' j.n'.atton as a :sal cf il5 d;.!.-.; y. I'.Irti :,-7r :ng wilh a deep.-r joy lo man a lifeboat in a tapng tea lhan they (eel at the thojj'ht of a rleasuie voyage.— Her.ry Wilc'er Foot?. Highest M^itket Prid .yiinb L. KRUPP'^ toNK YARD PhoiSei314 IT Tell your Wants to 20^00 'People throngh The

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