Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 20, 1962 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1962
Page 2
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editorials Page 2 Garden City Telegram Saturday, October 20, 1962 Conscience Of A Conservative Careless, Political Talk "D EPUBLICANS, especially those running for office, are hitting hard at the Kennedy administration's handling of Cuba. They are criticizing the lack of firm policy or action. But most aren't specific about just what action this nation should take. We share the concern of every American over Cuba and the real possibility it will become a strong Soviet military base. But we also fear any action which would precipitate a new World War. Many fail to realize that the Soviet role in Cuba is the same role which this nation has been playing in eastern hemisphere countries on Russia's doorsteps. We holler in righteous indignation about the Russian military aid to Castro while at bhe same time we send similar aid, along with advisers and troops, into Vietnam on the doorsteps of the U.S.S.R. This nation has only itself to blame for the present situation in Cuba. The present administration, along with past ones, must come in for criticism, but there are ways of .'dealing with Cuba which shouldn't erupt in an all-out atomic war. There are rebel forces m Cuba now but they lack strength. William Ryan of the Associated Press reports that many would-be rebels are not joining in resistance to Castro because of this country's acceptance of the Batista exiles who fled to our shores. They fear that if Castro was ousted, and a U.S. supported government restored, the Batista elements would regain power and a situation similar ot that which brought Castro to power would exist again. This is not fantasy of fear. History has shown that this nation will support countries with corrupt leadership rndw the jrjnse of hpilmner a friendly government. Let's a lesson from the Communists and feed a successful rebellion in Cuba. WE READ this modernization of an old favorite : "Once upon a time there was a Tapa Bear, a Mama Bear and a Baby Bear by a -previous marriage." + * * AND AT THIS TIME in this town, two puppies '(Border Collie-Cocker Spaniel combination), six months old, need new homes. Their present owner, who lives above Royal Recreation, must get rid of them. If you're interested call Royal Recreation and ask for Virgil. * * •*• NOW BACK to the Telegram's "Friendliest, Most Courteous Employee Contest" (these topics die hard, you know), we are just informed of a correly employe who, in clue course, was nominated for the honor. The night her name appeared in this paper, she had a call from her employer (a nseudo Simon Legree) who growled, "Well, I see by the pacer you've been friendly to some one. This has to stop." * * * AND AT THE coffee counters, they are telling aronnd that the .Telegram photographer will be around to take pic- ("rc-! of the three ( or maybe four) em- njovra in town who were not nominated. And then there'll be interviews to learn the secret of their surliness. * * * TUBERCULIN SKTN-TF.<5TTNG In on the agenda for Pinney County-school children ... An oral vaccine polio clinic is being planned by the local N.i.HonaJ Foundation committee . . . The nex< Red Cross Bloodmobile unit will be here December 19. cbh. Published Daily Except Sunday and Fiv. Holiday! Y« a rly By the Tel«<jr«m Publishing Company _____ ._ _ _____ 117 E«s» Ch»5tno« Bill llroivn Marvin smith _ By carrier a month in Unr.lan CH;, $1.55 Payable t () ciiVrifii in advance By carrier in oilier cltifi» wrsre service Is uvallnblr ;lOs por week By nrnll to other ad'Jresscs in n.iney Lane. Scott VVlphitn. (}jw>ie.v fTamllioii Ketrny Orar.t [laskell And Urn-; counties. $76<> rmr year elsewhere $15.00 jwr yfiiir. Seconrt rla™ n,.stai;e iwni -it (lanlun CHty. Kansas. If Telegram motor ran lei .icrvlRc is required to have puoliitation-d.'iy UP- llvoj-y by mall in pities thai hove local carrier service local carrier rate* »pp)y. M*mkei ul I'ht Aitucltted fn»» 'ln« Associate!) J J r<-.i« la «nt>t)eo exclusively to the uee lui reuroriuctlon Ot all tlie local IIHW-- in-linen In Uii;< iiHWMpajiei as w.'li :\s all AP news and 4lapat<:hea All i-lni t.« at iiu'illrailon of siiwfal dispatches are also ressrvwl ftnvwiy or (Ktil in etinm thx. have )atai canier aeivlua. lacM can-lei raid I jy^r l/v^r L At f ~* Drew Pearson Reports Diverse Views on JFK WASHINGTON — A newspaperman's mail is as diverse as politics, the weather, or the whims of Barry Goldwater. It can contain pearls of information or brickbats of abuse. One well-known .columnist throws it away unopened. Mine is always opened — and if merited — answered. While not always re warding, one of its values is to serve as a barometer of wha: the nation is thinking. Right now, judging from my mail, people are verring to extremes. The middle-of-the-road- er, the moderate is being squeezed from the radical right and Uie radical left, by the rabid racist and the rabid race cha/ri- pion, by the Kennedy-haters and the Kennedy-lovers Here are a few samples or the mail which has crossed my desk •ecently: Ned Touchstone, Sec., La. White C i t i z e n 's Councils — "Drew Pearson should not be permitted to speak at Louisiana State University and Southeastern Louisiana college . . . While our sister state Mississippi lies prostrate but proud bcneatn the crushing heel of liberalism and tyranny, we foolishly court s;ich handmaidens "of disaster as Drew Pearson and Dean Rusk." The Washington Afro-American - "Drew. Pearson has la'iuchea one of the most venomous campaigns ever printed against rtep. Adam Clayton Powell. He lipped his hand after he had 'ex'^-seif 'lie Powell junket to Europe Not content with exposing Rep. Powell, Drew Pearson went oo to attack a proposed plan the Ilariem congressman has drawn i'p to convert a hotel into a home for the elderly . . , Why do you thmj' Pearson is so mad with Adam Clayton Powell? Because h-j made thut trip to Eiirop"? Beci.tis(, one of the ladies accompanying him was white? Because hx* is helping to 'change' a ueigh br.rhoot 1 to In- ;ome more valor- ed? Hull uh. Drew Pearson like many white people in the power striictuie,-f(;".rs Adam Powell.' Hious, iJetroit — "Sny,. punk, what business it is of yours that Mrs. Kennedy did not meet the Ecuadors (the president of Ecuador and his wife.) Perhaps she lad valid reasons for not going, which reasons need n"t concern you. If you and your iik would cap your prying pet's for a while and let the Kennedys live their own lives, it would be good for everybody." Reader, Washington, D.C. — v "How much of papa's money are you getting to dsfend the Kennedys' You don't mention the 5>7 (XiO.OOO Papa Joe paid to put nir son m the White House. ^Sft.u had better look at the record and stop your lies." Bill Pcssat, Hanford, Calif. — "Thank God for th e fact that we have so few Drew Pearsons. Hail the chief, Kennedy." A taxpayer, New York City — "It is obvious that you are engaged by the 'planned Kennedy dynasty' to whitewash the sins of the administration." Erwin M. Lewis, Mt. Holly, N.J. — "I am tired of you slandering the Kennedys. You lying, o'lhcr news commentators. I biased B-—. You and a lot of hope you are all killed soon." Mrs. C. E. Silver, Philadelphia — "You have glorified the Kennedys of late beyond measure — You have never mentioned Joseph Kennedy, Sr.'s background — in particular 1920 or that when he became ambassador the affection he had for Hitler and his cohorts ... It would be nice if you wrote in a more kindly way about others, let us say Adams and Golcifiiie." . A Reader, Sandusky, Oh'o — "Will you please stop riding Mrs. Kennedy? Is't bur hard-working 'young Preskteut overworked enough without you casting aspersions on his lovely wife? I'm surprised at you. Even the Cleveland Plain Dealer which went Republican on FDR's third term writes the most flattering editorials about Jackie." Elizabeth Rrr.sell, Morenci, Mich. — "You have been doing siKih a oolossfl job of bootlicking I csn't believe it. You have consistently chewed out everyone who disagrees with anyone named Kennedy, no matter which one of the elan is involved. You take tfce stand tfcat if President Kennedy wants something he should have it... I am heartily disappointed in you. I wonder what they are pa'ying you." Anonymous, Cambridge, Ohio — "After spending so much time dredging up much on Dixon- Yates, it is a joke the way you avoid the facts staring everybody in the face in the Estes case . . . The mystery to me is why you cover up for the Kennedys. Is it because they have something on you that makes you stout your eyes to the facts?" Mrs. C. A. Holder, Honolulu — "Your inference that Hiram Pong of Hawai, having voted against medicare, is no longer a friend of the Hawaiian people is all wet. Anyone who is truly for the people and a friend of the , people would vote against medicare." Mrs. Len Swain Byibee, Los Angeles — "Of course I don't like anything you say at arty time — but it is incredible to me that Mr. Kennedy and all the writers who 'gabble' for him can't get it through their heads that we tlie people — the older people — sinnply don't want med- icare . . . AJl tlie frontiersmen can do is cackle and gabble with sub stuff to cause a reaction among the ignorant to further their socialistic schemes." Thomas C. Pe-gram, Durham, N.C. — "I certainly appreciate your writing the article • pertaining to the medicare bill. I have observed that insurance companies that will write a policy for a senior citizen (over 65) make the policy almost of no value by eliminating clauses if one has any symptom of a disease. Your articles are splendid." Bertha M. Bridges, Nashville, Tenn. — "WeD, our medicare bill just fell through, but we will try again ... I wrote to the editor of the Nashville Tennes- sean and told him I was taking his paper because of your col- urn."

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