Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 27, 1949 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 16
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EDITORIALS G. 6. P. Prospects Better in House Than in Senate T HE republican conference held at Sioux City Friday was aimed primarily at gaining seats for the G.O.P. in the middle west in the elections for congress in November, 1950. However, the middle west alone cannot turn control of either branch back to the republicans. The present alignment in the senate is 53 democrats, 43 republicans. But soon a republican, Baldwin of Connecticut, will resign to take his seat on the state bench. Democratic Gov. Bowles will appoint a democrat to replace him. So even if Senator Dulles, republican, retains his seat in the special election in New York this November, the alignment will be 54 democrats, 42 republicans. This means that for senate control in 1951 the G.O.P. will have to retain all its present seats and gain 7 seats now held by democrats. Fourteen democratic seats from outside the solid south are to be contested, as follows: Arizona (Hayden), California (Downey), Connecticut (McMahon), Connecticut (?), Idaho (Taylor), Illinois (Lucas), Kentucky Look Out Below! UNFAIR TO ORGANIZED LABOR" It's to be hoped that the gridiron season doesn't bring a logical sequel to that recent Canadian news dispatch about hailstones as big as baseballs. IT'S BEEN SAID: Public sentiment will come to be, that the man who dies rich dies disgraced. —Andrew Carnegie. Forgetting our troubles in the presence of others is another good way to make it a more cheerful world. V One wishes that motorists would become imbued with the Boy Scout spirit: "One good turn daily." Charity begins at home. True enough. But currently it's making quite a few trips abroad. In most divorce trials the "what's whose" is of equal interest with the "who's whose." Memo to Housewives: Chairs, boxes and tables are dangerous substitutes for ladders. On the average college campus there's more hair oil than midnight oil. Pros and Cons Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned From Our Exchanges Discrimination Needed Eagle Grove Eagle: We see repeated reference to "professional politicians," even in Iowa papers, in which the term is used to denote a feeling of disgust. To see the term used in that manner, and also used indiscriminately to indicate all politicians, disgusts us. We, in Iowa, at least, ought to be mighty thankful that we have some (Withers), Maryland (Tydings)i Nevada so-called professional politicians. Men who are /TW,,no W0 ^ rkVlaVmrnn CThnrnac*V Penn- willing to give up greater remuneration to devote (McCarran), Oklahoma (.inomasj, renn- their % me&and abilit i e s to running our govern- Sylvania (Myers), Khode Island (Leahy), ments as a service which the people should ap- TJtah (Thomas), Washington (Magnuson). predate. , , _„. . Willing to Listen O NLY one middle western state, Illinois, Spencer Reporter: Our American democracy ;„ i« 4-l, Q liof TViorA a rlprnnnrat Douc- was forged because men were willing to listen is m the list, inere a aemociat, uoug- to one | nother . s po j nt of view and-bring some las, was elected to the senate in 1948 with kind of a compromise into being. If nations ever a majority of 408,000, even though the state ffJiVpoint 1 ^^" JnfattSn^^comSromSe gave Truman a majority Of only 35,612 that will result in a peaceful solution of problems, •p> then they shall have to answer for the conse- OVer uewey. quences. Man is only too apt to turn to another As for the other states in which the recourse—brute force. republicans will have to gain- seats in 1950 R U «edge Estate for senate control, only 4 chose senators in '"1948. And in all 4 the democrat won—in Idaho, and Kentucky by narrow margins, in Khode Island and Oklahoma by wide margins. In the remaining non-southern states voting for senator in 1950, the total votes for representatives in 1948 were democratic Observing Philadelphia Understands can imagine that the peo- ! pie of Philadelphia are now aware of the good business involved in maintaining an adequate fire-fighting force. That city is one of the 22 demoted by the national board of fire underwriters. This means a higher rate for fire insurance. Calling Philadelphia's fire bureau seriously inadequate for the protection of the city, the fire underwriters outlined 4 major recommendations to bring it' up to standard: 1. Restore the high-pressure water system to its former, state of efficiency. ; 2. Put the repair shop under direct supervision of the fire department. 3. Adopt modern personnel practices. 4. Give the fire chief more authority. The recent suryei|jtoutting Philadelphia into a lo'we^riass will result in increased fire insurance rates on almost every type of property unless remedial action is taken. Philadelphia's facilities are to be reviewed in January, 1950, prior to revision of rates. The only other cities of more than 500,000 population that are in class 4 with Philadelphia are St. Louis and Cleveland—the latter having been demoted last year. Among other larger cities that were put in poorer classes last year were Atlanta, Chattanooga, Dallas, Miami and San Antonio. Those boosted to a better class included Knoxville, Tenn., Greenville, S. Car., Rochester, Minn., Sioux Falls, S. Dak., Kearney, Nebr., and West Haven, Conn. New Mexican Highway ; am informed that shortly after the first of the year a modern highway link- The "Life of Reilly" have it on the authority of the World Book that the expression, "living the life of Reilly," had its origin in a comic song which was popular in the middle west in the 1890s. Reilly was a saloonkeeper in a small midwest town who prospered so much that he was able to raise his saloon to the dignity of a hotel. Being the owner of the impressive establishment, of course, gave Reilly the privilege of ordering and commanding-whatever he wished. The townfolk took note of the fact that Reilly was "really living." The song is called "Is That Mr. Reilly?" and was sung by the original Pat Rooney. The chorus goes: "It that Mr. Eellley, e»n any on* «*»T Is that Mr. Hellly, who *wn* the hotel* Well, If that's Mr. Bellly they speak «f so highly, Upon my soul, Keilly, you're d»lnf quite well." As a result of this song,, "living the life of Reilly" became a popular American saying. 50-Pound Cabbages .recall that in the early i 1930's a large number of farm people from this general area moved into Alaska's much publicized Matanuska Valley. A prodigious fertility was claimed for the soil in that far- off land. Current reports of 20- pound turnips and cabbages weighing up to 50 pounds seem to bear out those earlier claims. Information, Please! 1. For whom was Pike's Peak named? 2. Into what does the Missouri river flow? 3. Which of the 2 kings of England named Charles was beheaded by his people? 4. Is Rio de Janeiro the capital of Brazil or Argentina? 5. What .poet wrote a long poem to commemorate the death of a dear friend? lowan, who died recently left an estate valued nf. S473. His funeral expenses totaled $468.10, which would leave a balance of $4.90 in the estate. This would not indicate that service on America's highest court is any great prize financially. To Your Health! By Herman N. Bundesen, M. D. COUGHING BAD FOR ASTHMA Roving Reporter By Hoi Boyle A-BOMBS AND THE COMMON MAN TVffOST patients with asthma are inclined to TVTEW YORK, (AFj—Naturally everyone today 1V1 oou gh a great deal. Some even cough on prin- i\ | 3 wondering what he should do about the Nobody Defends Present Council Council Bluffs Nonpareil: It begins to look as if the Oct. by a wide margin in Arizona, Maryland, du bi 0 us'about turning the city's affairs over to .Utah; democratic by a narrow margin in " Nevada; practically 50-50 in Connecticut, Washington. Only Pennsylvania (by a narrow margin) and "Calif ornia (by a wide margin, but one man, but there is practically no public opposition. The reason is not far to seek. Everybody is disgusted with the present city council. Our Own Fault . Sac Sun: Some say we are drifting toward cough a great deal, some even cough on principle, feeling that it is a good thing to bring up secretions which they believe may be a factor in ——— making their condition worse. It just happens that where asthmatics are concerned this is the wrong principle. Instead of helping, coughing may make matters worse, even to the point of bringing on an attack of asthma. This is true despite the fact that, in general, coughing is a protective device—both a warning that something is irritating the breathing organs and a DR. BUNDESEN means of getting rid of the of„ . , « Bi <,x- ,.— ------ , ------ — - - . . some candidates had both- designations) people who live in the United States of America fender. The patient with asthma, who is subject to went republican in the total 1948 vote for house members. The conclusion is inescapable: A great shift in voters' sentiments will be needed to produce a republican senate in 1951. T O gain control of the next house, republicans will havi to gain about 50 seats, net. from democrats. But 59 democratic representatives were elected in 1948 with less than 55 per cent of the vote. The inescapable conclusion is that a slight shift in sentiment will suffice for a republican house in 1951. The middle west alone, however, couldn't do it. • The 12 non-southern states between the are standing on pretty firm ground and if we do d | moc to sqme other less desirable -' form of government, it will be our own fault. Editorial of the Day LOUIS JOHNSON'S ORDER M ANLY SIGNAL: When demands are made by economy-minded persons that our national budget be cut and that the administration reduce expenses in the interests of sound economy and the future safety of the nation, the stock answer ***&% repeated attacks of spasm of the tubes in the lungs, already has a good deal of inflammation in these passages. Continued coughing will cause further irritation and prevent rest and healing. According to Dr. Prickman of the Mayo Clinic, the patient with asthma should not be permitted to cough continuously if the asthma is controlled. The inflamed lining membranes of the bronchi cannot heal if they are constantly irritated by coughing. A careful study should be made of every person with asthma to determine just why his coughing occurs. Then the cause for the cough may possibly be removed, proper medication admlnis- and healing of the membranes atom bomb. The best possible advice to follow is —don't buy one now on a rising market. Why have one around the house at all? You can't tune in a baseball program on it like you can on a television set. It's too heavy to throw at a cat and too big to fire at a burglar. And the resale or trade-in value of a used atom bomb is practically zero. Nope, you might as well turn the whole matter over to the international diplomats of the United Nations, whose theme song is: "You Show Me Your Stockpile, And I'll Show You Mine. I think the average man will be glad to let it go at that. For he has become bored to death with the atom bomb. He is annoyed at seeing what •was to be the century of the common man turned into the century of the big firecracker. And he isn't happy to know rtiat the $64 question of his generation well may be, "where do we blow from here, boys?" . The plain truth is that the atomic era to date has been nothing but an affront to the dignity of man. It has been a goose-pimply period ever since the mortal mushroom shadowed Hiroshima. It has been a time of scare, fear and crisis—east and Have the Russians solved the secret of the atom bomb? Well, there is good reason now to believe yes. But what if they have? People weary of fear, and mankind is running out of goose pimples. Abraham Lincoln is reported once to have Jng El Paso, Texas, with Mexico What is its name? ^•i_. —!ii t-_ ;_ .B..II —j:—,.„ fr.* Answers—1. Zebulon M. Pike. its discoverer. 2. The Mississippi river. 3. Charles I. 4. Brazil. 5. Alfred Lord Tennyson, "In Memoriam." THE DAY'S BOUQUET To MRS. -JAY TUBBESING-^ dt.v. \jmm\j V*M.v*.v**»j| +-r « »• --•-—• —• -— — •*• ** *i*—.VW* -•• «\_-i 7 expected to mushroom once the for accepting the responsible role , *-\ . >j_j ' _J5_l- — ?_.*^t nf. «-F -4-T-i *> T«F^\mrt a.v\^e *^ITTI_ highway is completed. Some of the most colorful sections on the North American continent are opened to travelers, by the highway. From the Mexi- con border city of Juarez, the road winds through 5 Mexican state capitals, to health resorts, fishing and hunting paradises, and quaint Mexican villages, many as yet unfrequented by tourists. City will be in full readiness for travel, an important link in the proposed Hemisphere highway from Guatemala to Alaska. Already a few tourists have traveled the unfinished highway. Detours are necessary from Parral, in the state of Chihuahua, to Durango, capital of the state of Durango. Otherwise, the entire road from Juarez to Mexico City is completed. Major concern of tourists thus far is the lack of suitable tourist accommodations, but these are of chairman of the women's division of the Community Chest campaign. This division contacts a large number of residents in their . homes and is therefore a most important group of the Chest organization. Mrs. Tubbesing has chosen as her co-chairman Mrs. T. G. Peterson, who will prove an able assistant in the leadership of this division. Do You Know? Today's Birthday done." Where the coughing is the result of breath- The answer to this synthetic question was j ng in sot v ie substance to which the person is sen- given a few days ago by Louis Johnson, secretary s iti v e, it will continue until this substance is iden- of defense, who made sweeping reductions in the tiffed and removed from the patient's surround- defenses which he estimates will save the govern- ings ment around a billion dollars a year. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson declared that these reductions * * *** _ . -, it. I* „! Jrt-P *•»*-» no WO ULUi C j J.TA4. » «JW*.-"»«J^**» -wn." -—-— •— — J J» TJ would in no way cripple the national defense. He ., n -, • , \e 11 added that the cutbacks- reflected his determina- Alleghenies and the Rockies went as follows £°J e Vot to tolerate a defense WPA." in the 1948 house elections: 76 republicans, 55 democrats. J, i.l\J \l \I\J In WAV. A. M. V%- •-• •— — .-_—. , . - - ^ Most of the reaction to Secretary Johnsons action w3s favorable, especially that of economy- minded statesmen in congress. The views of the New Deal, however, were reflected by Senator " " Pepper of Florida who agreed that there be no WPA in national defense but ex- Sometimes the coughing may be a habit due to nervousness. In other cases it may be caused by an infection of the air passages, and in such cases the cause must be removed. 1 For example, the patient may be suffering from a chronic sinus infection. In these instances it may be necessary to drain the sinuses because __ Recurring colds, acute sinus infections or the GOP obviously can't gain 50 or SO pressed"fewT that"the "cut"in the defense de- bronchitis not only will bring on asthmatic at- tne \ ouyiuuaiy ^ K nartment taking 135,000 people off the payroll, tacks but also make coughing more severe. house seats m the middle west next yeai. might create a WPA elsewhere^ He added that To avoid these infections, the patient must at But it ought to gain some. Eleven dem- the economy move would hurt not only those all times keep warm and dry, get plenty of rest x. i. ? 4-<u~ \, n ,-, oa f™™ fhe. mirtrflp who lost their jobs but would affect the corner and stay out of con tact with others who have ocrats sent to the house irom tne imauie ^ the mercna nt and the landlord. _ colds or sirni iar infections. Colds should be prompt- west last year would have Stayed at home rr. n j s wou id seem to be taking the stock view ly cared f or w hen they occur. The patient with •f i K ™,Y. nnnf n-F HIP vntpq for them had that instituting government economy and cutting . asthma should go to bed at the first sign of a if only 5 per cent ot the votes 101 tnem nau ^ federal payroll is « b ad for business." it is cold and stay in bed until the cold is gone . gone to the republican candidate. Here S all too true that many believe the way to keep the lineup in that regard: the country going* gv*™?™*^ more Four in Indiana; 3 in Illinois; 1 each in £ nd more mon ey. With them private enterprise seems entirely out of date. Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska If there's a republican trend—and certainly that's a possibility—a change in these marginal states would not be difficult of accomplishment. Do You Remember? QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS R. M.: Is high blood pressure considered hereditary? Answer: There is some evidence that certain types of high blood pressure is known to run in 10 YEARS AGO Ar Dudley Decker of Mason City won the North Iowa-Southern Minnesota skeet tournament of 'the Mason City Gun club here yesterday, with a 94-bird bag. Emerson Decker of Mason City was second with 92 broken targets, while R. L. Ab- UT of the republican victory in the spe- b ott of Cedar Falls broke 90 to lead out-of-town cial election in the 26th Pennsylvania contenders. families. This is known as essential hypertension. They'll Do It Every Time 5 paces." His opponent wisely dropped the matter. Today a duel with atom bombs could be as mutually deadly to nations as shotguns at 5 paces would be to 2 individuals. Atom bombs can be delivered by plane, ship, submarine, or rocket—every way except by parcel post. All nations that took part in any such merry warfare would suffer, and the casualties would be measured by entire cities rather than platoons. Imagine the communiques: "A joint force of allied bombers today attacked and wiped out Minsk, according to plan. Our interceptor fighters engaged an enemy flight over the eastern seaboard and shot down 50 planes. Boston is missing." Four years ago I toured stricken Nagasaki, a black scar in the hills. Room by room I explored a shattered concrete and steel modern hospital in which every patient had been killed. But the dead had been carted away 'by then, stacked, doused with gasoline and burned. What impressed me most were the windows—the glass had melted and run like dribbles of candle wax. There Is much wise talk about how to protect yourself In the event of atom warfare. The experts afree that dispersal Is fine. But they don't explain how » man who owns a delicatessen store off Broadway can move It to a cow pasture In Wisconsin and still sell enough sandwiches to make his living. Actually about all the ordinary ctllien In any country cnn do about the atom bomb la to dislike It—and pray that nobody blows a bugle. The Haskin Service EDITOR'S NOTE: Readers mine this service for question of fact—not counsel—should sign full name and address and enclose 3 cents for return postage. Address Ths Mason City Globe-Oaiette Information Bureau, 31t» Ey.e Street N. E., Washington 3, D. C. When was paper money first used? The Chinese were using paper money when Marco Polo visited their country in the 13th century. As early as 1273 A. D., Emperor Kublai Khan issued notes printed on mulberry paper. Each was stamped with the - red seal of Kublai and signed by his treasurers. The oldest known specimen measures 8t by 13J inches. v ' How many miles of shelterbelts have been planted In the midwest? In the Great Plains area there are some 25,000 miles of shelterbelts and farmstead windbreaks. These are rows of 5 to 10 trees with taller trees near the center. These conserve moisture and save crops from scorching winds. Please distinguish between a jeep and a peep. The first small reconnaissance car used by the army during World war II was a i-ton vehicle unofficially called the jeep. The i-ton car was unofficially called the peep. The 2 models were later standardized into one vehicle, officially known as the command reconnaissance car and unofficially as the jeep. Why are London police referred to as "bobbies?" After Sir Robert Peel founded the metropolitan pp- T.S. ELIOT THOMAS STEARNS (T. S.) ELIOT, born Sept. 26, 1888, ui St. Louis, Mo., son of an industrialist who was vice president of Washington uni- v e r s i t y. Now famed as a British poet and winner of the Nobel Prize for literature last year, T. S. Eliot moved to England ( in 1917 and became a naturalized Briton in 1927. His ancestors had emigrated from England to Massachusetts in 1670 and his grandfather was a Unitarian pastor in.St. Louis. Eliot started writing poetry in his schooldays. His poems were first published while he was at Harvard, where he got his master's degree in 1910. He is recognized as the founder of the school of unromantic verse and is a critic of renown. to the veterans administration concerning payments of dividends, as it will only delay matters. It is hoped to begin payments early in 1950. Do all European countries still ration food?. In 1949 there are only 6 out of 27 European countries which have abolished food lice force of London in 1829. its ration i n g : Switzerland, USSR, Bel- !_.___ .... n «m nnllncT *'r-»O/ll/lT*C rtT* . _T^ * i *"« _- 3 AT By Jimmy Hatlo of the purcha se of the Damon-Igou store, 197 North Federal avenue, by Harryj. WNieh^s and assoc.ates o£ st^ LOUIS And It Paid Off 0 district has come a decision by GOP leader- 20 . ship ,to do two things: Make a frontal attack on President Tru• \V3S JIlclClG vcauct uajr» •*• *•*•*- >j«.v*» *- •• -— > *.- -man's domestic policies and use organizers under the name of Damon, inc. Paul Davis, who and trained precinct workers to get out the has been ^^^^^{^^^^"^g^^n, vote. tified 6 with the' store since 'its establishment 20 Three fulltime organizers were busy - years ago, will retire. throughout the campaign' in /the Pennsyl- 30 YEARS AGO . imuujsi u seventeen years in the harness business yama district. { . thio cit ^ B Bushgens has sold his entire The success of the organisational work stock of harness an d his shoe repairing business, was Shown by the fact thatUhe heaviest including ithe «jceUent good f will he has^curnu- percentage of balloting- produced in any stock Mr Bushg ens has long been a familiar fig- election in recent years was recorded. U re in the businessjworid of th_ejaty, ™A M* The total vote' was l(tf,358 jca _ _ only 5,700 short of the vote, in the presi- a t least. dential year, 1948, and was 16,000 higher 40 Y EARS AGO than in the congressional election two years ""-- T - ' previous. More than a few believe that if a like program had been pursued last November, the results might have been different. V neighbors on -East State are sorry to " will retire from busines for some time han building on Sixth street, which will be oc- Bndw put in sock groceries in one. The others are residence properties. TUT.AVPEAR! JUST LEAVE THIS ID MB WHAT CO I INVEST IN GOOD TOOLS FOP? WATCH HOW A CRAFtsMAN HIS STUFF FSEE?!T WOBBLES.. IT NEEDS JUST A LITTLE TAKEN OFF ONE LEG. BUT BE GAREFUUTIS VALUABLE ANTIQUE LASTRERDRT HEHADLEVELEE PRACTICALLY TO TnlE members were called "peelers" or "bobbies" after his first name. Whose initials first appeared on a UnHed States coin? The initials of a designer were first used on a coin in 1850. J. B. Longacre designed the double eagle in that year and his initials appeared on What animal is known as the clown of the woods? The North American black bear is sometimes referred to as the "clown of the woods" because of its amusing antics. The cubs are especially amusing. Black bears can run very rapidly, and are skillful tree climbers for their size and weight. What Is the origin of the term Palomino applied to a horse? The word Palomino is derived from the Spanish, and means a yellow or cream-colored horse. Will you please tell me how to remove the government stamps from parachute silk, without injury to the material? The National Bureau of Standards says that the color will be removed from the parachute silk by immersing the _ . . A_* __«!_ E _.1^ i _ _<• A w» v«n*l •! V* r\ Q gium, Poland, Greece and Albania. Is there any truth in the belief that when there i? ft sudden complete silence in conversation among a group of people the time is always 20 minutes past the hour? This is but one of the superstitions that is associated with the sudden silence that comes occasionally upon a group of people. Mason City Globe-Gazette An A. W. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by the GLOBE-GAZETTE PUBLISHING COMPANY 121-123 East State St. Telephone 3800 Entered as second class matter, April 12, 1930, at the postofflco at Mason City, Town, under the net of March 3, 1879. LEE P. LOOMIS Publisher ~W. EARL HALL, Managing Editor ENOCH A. NOREM - - City Editor LLOYD L. GEER Adv. Mgr. Monday, Sept. 26, 1949 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS which Is exclusively entitled to use for repub- llcatlon of all local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dls- portion which is stamped m a 3 <<iiw per cent solution of hydrogen per- patches. oxide at room temperature. After- SUBSCRIPTION RATES ward the area which has been treated should be thoroughly washed in a solution of soap. Will the beneficiary of the insurance of a World war II veteran receive the dividends due on his policies? Beneficiaries of deceased veterans of World war II will receive dividends due on the veterans' Insurance policies. It will not be necessary for them to apply, and all are advised not to write In Mason City and Clear Lake (Carrier Delivery Limits) One year $13.00 One week 25 .Outside Mason City and Clear Lake but Within 100 Miles of Mason City By mall 1 year $ 9.00 By mall 0 months 4.73 By cnrrlor ppr week 23 Outside 100 Mile Zone by Mall Only One year |12.00 Six months g p,o Three months 3.59

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