Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1912
Page 3
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8^ Every Coat, Suit, Skirt, Furs aiid|fiU^ win go ' "ess of the CQSt price ---w less than cost price. Great %98ttii^Perfe^MNvy ^M. Soyer, F^cas i.otiiloh'l^f.'• For FEBRUARY now on sale at our pattern counters. MSAYS -j—r Dr. A. "W. Cox,' of Pawhuska, Ok., In thB city for a visit with his fam- -^he W? C. Teats Realty Co., Krcas ftldc Office rooms 22 to 24. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Morse are visit- jng a few dayri with frieuds in Kun- MB «lty. i -^ealshlpt Oysters, best on the liarket. City Meat Market Pbone SI 8. Wa. Dixon, of Rich Hill, .Mo., is iu [he Icily for a visit wilb .Mr. and Mrs. Pert Bunbam. —Sealshipt Oyster."!, best on tlie liarket. City Meat Market. Phone 818. B. T. Barber made a flying trip to & Scott yestarday. in an auto. He rted at three o'clock in thw aftvr- 'ooo^ returning at ten laat uight. ^ lfeM7> B- CiBplngltaBk ^°^s. raiiabqth" lnl«. .of I'iiisburB. be In yesterday to attend tin- fun•il of her nephew, Jndd rari ).Tiiir, ^leh oocurred this afternoon. ^''-^drian Newens at M. E. clmrcli ^f^owdajr night. bon Lowdermllk wIlK leiiv,' Thurs- Jay for Seattle, where ire has si -curwl ^poaltiap. —Choice County Buttfj|- at City Meat iartcet. Phone 818. i| ^Vhcn you want u reliable medicine for a (oiigh or cold take Cbamber- B liiin's CuuKh Remedy. It can always be (Vpended u|X>n and la pleasant and oari' to take. For gale by all dealers. I — I \V. S Hurlock, Superintendent of ilii- Inlon Urick I'luni, went"to Fort Scott this morning on business for tilt' romjmny. 1.<'vl S(«-<-I<.- of thf Shannon store weni to Kansas iCty today to ullcnd the annual convention of the Kunsas- IniplemiMU Ot-altrs' As.sociation. —oealshlpl Oysters, best on the market, City Meat Market Phone 818. The regular meeting of the Court of Honor will be held tonight in the M. \V. A. hall. Sam Cummlngs formerly of this city but more recently of Uberty, Mo., is in the city for a brief visit. "Cures in Erery Case." —Mr. .Tas. Mctfaffery, Mgr. of the Sciilit2 Hotel. Omaha, Neb., recommends Foley 's Honey and Tar Com- podnd, because it cures In every case. "1 have used it myself and I have recommended It to many others who have since told me of Its great curative power In diseases of the throat and lungs." For all coughs and colds it Is speedily effective. J. D. Mundis ir i.<. [leedily effective. .1. U. Mundis Co. Thp library board will hold its regular monthly meeting tonight at the library. The only important meeting to come before the board will be the matter of comfortably heating the library during the severe cold spells. The hi-ating plant in operation has prov<-d inadequate during Ibe recent cold snup. —Mr. Poultryman? If you are not t;»ttln>: egg.*:, don't blame the chickens. Ili-'li iheui along by feeding Conkey's Ijtyinp Tonlr. .Morris & Howard has it. and Dress Boots In white" buckskin, black and tan velvet, gun metal and suede- all the new features in up-to-date footwear— high arch short vamp and hi toe. 15, 16 and 17 buttons. A strong line of Ladies' $1.50 and $2 Shoes. Mrs. Carl Roberts who has been seriously ill at the hospital for several days Is r^ortcfl to be much improved. I GETS THE aOOp.bUT OP ROOOi^ By Martha MeCullMli wtlilAmt. Eating aerrea a donble'purpoie— tba KlTlBr of pleanire,''the keeping up of strength. IlI-cdbkM "fotfd reduces both to a minin»m-4enBS-tta»' prav«Tbr:.-! rGod aanda meat and tba devil- 'Sends.' «ooka." Possibly • his Satanic majesty .now and again nods. It must l^re been in such a sbmno- Ivax. Interval th^ ke let MT Soyer'b 'system of paper -1>8|r cooking get by him. For nnqnaiUbitaUy U is In the way of reddcing JU-coolda«; - at least one-half. Thei^by it will help to feed fat all the fiattons of Ihe'^tarth. > The use of cooking is Co change the nature of. food substances, .making them at once better tasting and more digestible. Heat woiics. by. developing flavors and transforming substances. . Its most important offlce is, however, to break down flber, animal and vegetable, to such a degree as to render it easily digestible. If it is Beiiiuiine^lVndg^t at the; :^fjj:^ :ures '"^^^ •IT' THEY TALK, SING !AND DANCE! The Theatre Actually Reproduced! The Greatest Jfarrel of the .tge iu Xotlon Pictures t You can't help but laugh—^you can't afford to iniss it This Xuy Be Your First and Last Chance to Krer See or Hear Anytlilng Li!io It Secured at Large Extra Expiense—For 3 Days Only SPECIAL. MATINEE EACH AFTERNOON- COMPLETE CHANGE OF PROG RAM PAILY Prices of Admission....;. ^Chil^ren 5c; i^dults^ J to do this it must be properly appIlM. »p. A. J. Fultoii returned last night 72,^1 jg \a say, gently,' regnlarly. from Kansas City where lie was called on Qcrautit.of the dangerous Illness of hlB< brother, Ur. Andrew Fulton. He reports his brother considerably Improved. was the flV'st time Mr. Splcer'was ever In the New Court House. That gives you an idea of Just about how much of a traveler and a loafer Duane Splcer is. —Here Is a remedy that will cure your cold. Why waste time and money experimenting when you can get a preparation that has won a worldwide reputation by Us cures of this disease and can always be depended upon? It Is known everywhere as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and Is a medicine of real merit For sale by all dealers. A Register reporter ask<?d the man who lins the best blue grass lawn in town how he got it "I sowed grass seed on the snow every ilmo It snowed all winter." Which Is merely a reminder that as soon as this snow begins *o melt a little it would be u mtglitt good Idea to sprinkle |i with grass soed. Simple food, well cooked. Is tlia foundation of happiness—attd paper bag cooking means good cooking. " It follows naturally tiiat tiie paper bag is Especially useful ia pceparing food for delicate person^, and gi'ow- Ing children. Here follow some dishes that havis helpied build -tip weak and wasted people. That they will be likewise good for children, especially delicate ones, admits of I no doubt Pigeon Roast—Take a sqnab. a squab-chicken as small as possible, or a quail, dress it whole,; stuff lightly with toasted bread crumbs, adding a raisin or two, or shreds of teirt apple. Season very lightly Inside jbe- fore stuffing. Rub a little more salt outside, but only a little. Rub also with soft butter, not melted, and dredge very lightly with flour. Then — i wrap in bacon, sliced as thin as pos- \ir. and Mrs. Arch Brown came In sible, and put into a buttered bag this afternoon from Ottawa for a with a half teaspoonful of water. Seal visit of several days with relatives. , and cook in a hot oven twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the size. —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market Phone 818. ^ Jerry Bedwell is today moving Into i the resldenre at 40!i South Jefferson ' avenue und says thnl In u day or two he will b<! at home to friends. — I IJr. J. S. Sutnllffe was notified by telegram this morning that he is grandfather to a son born last night to Mr. and Mrs. John SulclifTc of Oakland, Cttllfornla. Mrs. Herman Pancoast underwent a severe operation this morning at the sanitarium fof cancer. She Is reported to have withstood the operation as well as could be expected. —Adrian Newens Thursday night at .M. E. church —Sneezing moping fowls have Roup. Cure them quickly with Conkey's Roup Remedy. Get it on a "money-back" guarantee at Morris &. Howard. Mrs. Dwigfat LaGrang her home in Prank^ Isit wlft her son. Dr. d -wJte. rhas returned 111., after a ?T. l.aGrange -If yonr children are subjec icks of->croap; -watchfor th rmiiUnB,:lt«)«r8eneas . Bive Ch "IB'S Codgb'^Bemedy ^ soon ^A-liedometl hoarse «od the be warded off • For sale ers. "»p»' tJ)-- —I have opened uji what is known us the old Star llarn an West street ami win '.ui! .1 S.ile nad Feed Burn and eNpect to have public auction »u|p.s every Soturilay and will hold my first sale on January 20, Saturday afternoon. Will have for sale that day , twaftity head of horses and mules, so if j you want to buy or .sell. It will pay Til" Allrn County Medical Society jou to attend these sales.—G. C. Con•• • • '' ... ••- aline. Charles Bishop auctioneer. . The board of Inisfeos of the .Methodist chureh met this afternoon In the Allen County Slate Hank with .Mr. Swi-arfn of Kansas ICty und 1). C. Morrow of ilh^ I'nlted Iron Works and discussed th »-mHtter of installing an oil lieaiing plant. —Adrian Newens Thursilay night. at M. v.. church Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ihrig who have b?en here vlaiting his parents. Mr and Mrs. W. J. Ihrig have returned to their home in Boise Idaho. The funeral of Arch Walter."?, who dici] suddenly yesterday morning nf heart failuie at the Sanltarulm will be held tomorrnw afternoon ot 1:30 fruui the Baptist ciiurvih. Intennenf will be In the lola cemetery. The aquab-chlcken may require tbir- ty-flve minutes. j ^hredded Wheat and Tomatoes.— Four upon each shredded wheat biscuit required a teaspoonful of melted butter. • Lay the buttered biscuit in a well-buttered bag and' pile upon them thick slices - of peeled tomar toes, well seasoned with sugar, salt, black and red pepper. Seal and cook for ten minutes. Serve on hot plates. A pleasing variant for children is to use Instead of tomatoes, bananas peeled, cut in cubes, .covered with sugar and lemon juice, and cooked for eight minutes. This can be served with cream. (Copyright, 1911, by the Asaociated Literary Press.) $1 Liberty Ldiiterns 75c We are overstocked on this high gridJiold blast Lantern and will make this price for thisrfeeek only £|righam Hardware Co. 4 HER DINING ROOM FURNITURE How the Kind-Hearted and Gifted Rosa Bonhaur Helped a i Young Wife. will hold its regular monthly meeting tomorrow night at the rest room in the court house. A paper by Dr. F. H. Martin will constitute the only mat ter of Interest outside of the routine business. —,Mr. Snodgras<;. tuner and repairer of pianos and organs, expects to return to lola the first of next week. Oider.^ for this work can be sent to Mr. J. B. Bonner. 423 South St phone 210. C. E. .N'ewton left this afternoon for a business visit to I.4iwrence, Kansas City and Chicago. He will be gone several days. Mr. D. D. Spicer of Geneva was In lola the other day and had business In White and Howard Jones went; the office of the • Probate Judge. Kansas City yesterday, where they j rwh.-.t that business was, of course, iU vlalt_-wlth friMJds for several'is nobod>-'s business). Several of his i— .. • • I friends were there, and in the Are you following the adventures of "Felix and Fink" on the "Want ad." l>agp of the Register? If you are not .vou are missing at least one good Tele- laugh every day. Those pictures cost this office good money, and the management feels as If It la cheated if .vou don't get your share of the fun In them. Fred Horton went to Independence last night on business and will go from there to points in Oklahoma. 25% Reduction on all MENS AND BOYS' SWEATER COATS! * 11 f r FM JHIRTEEN DAYS MORE - See Monday's Register for Details Out Our Stock of Portieres, Couch and Table Covers We need the room—we must have It—therefore the prices are theu-yery lowest ever sold on this ir>i ^lSs8 ^pfinerchandise. You can buy orin paira 100 Portiers at ..; 98c each Originally priced $4.50 to $6.50 a pair. (These curtains will keep the cold out) i PAPER BAG COOKED DI8HEB FOR ^. , , , „ I • INVALIDS AND CHILDREN. The body of Mrn. .Marie Ida PIrler of west of Ibe river, who died yestor- _ iji.u„i„ aaw«r ri,«# «f Rriutk .i day morulng. win be shipped tonior- Nicholas 8oyer, Chef of BnoM row evening to Jersey City. .N. J.. for Club, London. buHal. The remains will be accom- Sweetbread Mackenzie.—Blanch and panieil hy lier sim. Alfred PIcler. Mrs. trim a good-sized sweetbread, make GKs KeRuth, of Cuney, n ilaughter of a little mirepoir of vegetables, paying Mrs. Pl-^lor. has hrcn liere during her attention to the color of the vege- mother's lUneKs. | tables, and seeing that they do not .i '• brown. Cut the sweetbread across t the center, but do not halve* it. Pound one ounce of pistachios atid lay them In' the slit of the sweetbread. Cover the sweetbread with the prepared vegetables and place in a well-bnt- tei-ed bag. Cook In a slow oven for thirty minutes. Dish the sweetbread, place the ijther ingredients in a flne sieve and lightly .press the gravy through, on to the sweetbread. Chicken Quenelles.—Take . the breast of one fowl, add a pint of white aauce, and a piece of butter the size of a walnut. Pound,well, mix In one egg, pass through a hair sieve. Place in a basin, add a quarter pint of cream and stir welL Form into small quenelles with a spoon, place in . buttered bag, lay carefully on the ' broiler, and cook for six minutes )n a'hot oven. Chicken and RIee Tea.—Chop np half a raw chicken, wash a tablespoonful of rice in cold water, and mix with tlie chicken. Wash a teaspoonful of pearl barley, and add with a qnartier- piht. al cold water. Pot all together Into a small paper hag, and cook forty to forty-five minutes la a slow oten. Filletted Poultry for Invalids^ llince fine a carrot, turhip and onion, add a little minced ham. a pinch of sugar and salt, and lay at the bottom of a smaU well-buttered bag. Slice the breast of a fowl^-cooked—lay the slices upon, the prepared vegeubles, I which were cooked before mincing, sprinkle with oi^ butter, seal and cook six-minutes-ia a slow oven. Dish the fillets, pat the vegeUbles ! In a sieve and press the gravy from tHem over the flUeU., Beef .Tea.—Pat oae pound of beef steak in k paper ba^'seal it, and cools for twelve mintttei in a moderate oven. Qpen the liag on a dish and yoil wih find natural gravy about the ' meat Cut up the st«sk, press out , all ]ulea. trom Jt, strain, season to tMta, and serve at once in a hot cup. Itir chicken tea. cut up half a freah fowl, break the .bones with a chopper, put in bag with, two' tablespoonfnia cold water, seal and oook' forty-five njihutas In a alow oven. jPtraln Into a'Imt cup, season and serve. (Copyright, 1911. by Stnrgls ft Walton Company.) 5 Table Covers were $1.98.. .50c 6 Table Co Vers, were $2.50.. .69c 15 Couch OovM^ were $2.98 .98c *We are not brothers for nothing," Rosa Bonheur once wrote in Jesting affection to her brother Isidore; and In truth the wonderful, quaint, boyish little womian. with her bright eyes, cropped curls and'breesy ways.- was almost more a brotherly chum than a sister to the "Dodore" whom she so dearly loved. Much of the time on h^ country estate. In her studio and among her animals, wild and tame, she wore the masculine costume wliich her manner of life required, to w^r which she hadr-with one other woman, a famous explorer and arcbe- ologlst—received express permisidoa frdm the French government. Tet this very mannish little person was far frcm unwomaaTy In Iter" sympathies; and her 'latest biography cords a pretty Incident related by ber friend; Joseph Verdier, the laadacape painter. "One evening she was diaing- with me aud some friends. Among th«* friends was a young lady recently married, who gave us an account of the furnishing of ber house. AH the rooms were famished except the dining room; for this last her.-husband cduld not yet give her the money, and she was compelled to hold her lltUe receptions in her sleeping room. "After dinner Rota asked me for a large sheet ot drawing paper, and while we were talking she sketched a delightful hnnting scene, which sh« signed with her fnll name. Thfn, ufr dar cov^r of a general conrersatlon o^ mlislc, while tea was being served, she approached the young wife, ao^ >ald t6 her:, I " 'Take this .picture to Tedesco oti your return to Paris and he will gtvt you at least 1,S00 francs for it Will buy such books as— Prince of Inidia Silver Horde Modem Chronicles Calling of Dan Mathews Court of Boyville Music Master »: Sky Pilot Or any of almost lOOQi new and- old books that are good enough to run into more than one edition, EVANS BROS. The Booksellers. Lamps, Flat Irons, Percolators, Chafers, Dry Cells and Electrical Goods of Every Description A Hero In a Llghtboose.^ —For years J. S. Donahue, SA. Haviin, Mlch.„ a civil war'captdHt'as-a light- Then you will be able to furnish your bouse keeper, averted awfuli wrecks. dining room.' "—Youth's Companion. IT WAS ON THE WATCHMAN Thought Belated Husband Needed Drink After Test Handed Out By Wife. The new sight watchman tiptoed cautiously over the grass, and diving forward, caught the little man by the coat tail and Jerked him down to a seat on the lawn. "Come along, mo fdlne feller." he said. "It's up the river for yours. No housebreak^' goes on my beat" Oh, let me alone!" exclaimed the little man peevishly. "I'm not housebreaking. This is my own house, and rin- trying to get lo. Hind your OWB business." 'Likely story," grunted the 'watchman; "enterin* yer own-house be the windy at one o'clock in th' momtn*. Tel that to the.Judge." "I ten yon it is my bouse. Ky wlf«. locked me out, and I was trying to get in this way when you interfered. The front door Is bolted. There's the key, if you want to try. Or you go and but a queer fact is. be might have bean a wreck, himself. If Electric Bitters had not prevented. "They cu>ed me of kidney trouble and ehlllSi" he writes, "after I had taken other so-called cures fpr.Keats, withotit bei^ est and they also improved my sljflffl Now, at seventy, 1 am feeling' fine.** For dyspepsia, indigestion, all stomach, liver and kidney troubles, they're without equal. Try them. Only 50c at all druggists. SURE, THfi GAS IS OJT. A Ronior That. Sew Supply.Was Off Excited Uie City.' . PglOPRmornke J-pothertC- cin K .-epor*. that the Portland Pipe Line Company had shiit off~ the gas wtt spread through the downtown diatriet at noon today. Many telephoned The Register to ask if It was true. Some were burning the coal.and^ood thtat they had ordered when the Mvtfrli cold M ;,ve y-'as upon us and had not again conu'?cted their stoves with the scrvi'te pipes. Others said their pres sure seemed to vary some and they were worried for fear the new Supply was off. 'That the ras had not been cut off abd that such action wa« not contem-. plated was the statement of city officials. ring the front door bell and see what < "The temporary agree'tif^ we made happens " 1 '* '° effect," said Mayor BoUln- hoS"ofCrev \red '^?o:fy ^d " Sat"l»S hold of his prey, walked slowly and ngtjfigj quietly np to the front door, then sud- j ,,^8 officials could not be reaoh deWygav*the bell a vicious ring. A ed but It was said by perrons In topch second ifloor window opened with a with them that the city would not suf- •aap. I fer for gas In MY ediergency. The William," said a voice so chilly that continuation of inc benefits of th* the watchman shivered down his back- temporary irrreement rests, of ooi»rB#, bone, "oaa you say 'six thousand cU «»n"n'»ipaers Who must >^»M^A7Ji,\^liwL^^i!:lJA ""^ ^'"^ .tpother conferenoA with the hundred and sixty-six separate rJ ^t^^ntaUves of the company and sign formal contract. litea sclBtillattng sparks slowly with respect to sibilancer " The watchman, still grasping . the shuddering William, made his way noisalessiy to tha gate, then whispered to the little man: "8ay, come down to th^ comer and ret a drink to warm you up after that. I gueaa it's on me!" hdiaallklll'mll eqali > MISSOURI VALLEY SANIITARIUII. - A -

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