Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 19, 1962 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1962
Page 7
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Tax Cut Seen as Economic Aid By SAM .DAWSON ' AP business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - Worried If you've got the idea that almost all economists are afraid to guess, or if they do venture a fore- reading an even greater number of predictions that don't really predict anything at all? an't see anything ahead but 1 trouble, take cheer. A handful of economists for business finns are taking strong Young Hobby Club Wood Tapping Fun, Makes Good Hobby By CAPPY DIC> Woodpeckers have a lot of n hammering away at wood all day. You, too, if you try it, v, 11 find that wood lapping is fun. By making a hobby of it, you can produce articles that are not only attractive, but useful as well. Effects You Can Get formerly PRAIRIE GAS & EQUIP. brtiunt FORCED AIR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS 5 YEARS TO PAY CUSTOM SHEETMETAL WORK Ducts, Elbows, Fittings Gravel Stop Rain Gutter, Metalbestos Flue Pipe, Furnace Filters, Grilles, Registers, Complete stock Minneapolis-Honeywell . Thermostats & Furnace Controls. For Prompt Service or Free Estimate Call... BR 6-5550 I09N. 8 Soft wood, such ns pine, is the best kind to use. For practice, make any ;ind of design in the wood. Later yov can make a small wood box and decorate it to become a container for postage stamps or trinkets, or you can make a set of bookends from two blocks of wood. The tools required include some nails — big ones and little ones — and a screw driver. By tapping the nails gently into the surface ot the wood, you can cover it with small dots (Figiu-e 1). By tapping the corner of the screw driver blade into the wood, you can produce little dents as in Figure 2. By tapping the entire edg e of the screw driver blade squarely into the wood, you can produce a basket-weave pattern as in Figure 3. To select a design, turn to your picture books. Choose something that will be easy to repVo- duce — the outline of a bird, for example, or of a dog, oat or horse. If you prefer, simply use your initials. Trace the' outline of the design on the wood. Then, using the nails or the screw driver, tap indentations all around the design. When you have covered all the area, leaving the design smooth [and untouched, wax the wood or varnish it. This will cause the design to be shiny, whereas the depressed area whefe did the tapping will remain somewhat dull, contrasting with the design. TOMORROW: Directions for Making • Funny Yas-Yts Bird I Change of 'Kiss' Pace For Political Candidate NEW YORK (AP)—When politician kisses baby, that's not news, but "Baby Doll" Carroll Baker made some news on a street corner by bussing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert M. Morgerithfiu on the cheek. Miss Baker, who starred in the movie "Baby Doll" and is now appearing in a Broadway show, planted the kiss at the suggestion of someone in the crowd that gathered around Morgenthau as the candidate campaigned on foot in midtown Manhattan Wednesday. stands >ne way or the other. And a few are saying right out that 1063 should be a good year for the economy as a whole! Th6 thing they are counting oft most is a tax cut. And the ones who feel the strongest that 1963 will be a good year are those wlto see tax cuts really giving the economy a big boost. On* economist going all out in rejecting the standard practice of stressing uncertainty as the only sure thifttr on the horizon is Dr. Gordon <W, McKlnley, vice presi-' dent of F. W. Dodge Corp., compiler of statistics on the construction industry. Business will turn up by the second quarter of 1963, Mckinley says, and rise rapidly until the end of the year. Why? Because he expects the new Congress to move quickly to cut taxes across the board and later thoroughly revise the tax structure. McKlnley holds that tax cuts will mean a qu&k upsurge of Page Garden Tlty Midway, a vital naval air station despite its' 1.9-square-mlle size, is the home of some 280,000 albatrosses. . r We also sell a funny-looking car. We sell a car that looks like a bestle. And a station wagon that looks like a bus. But we (and all our fellow VW dealers) think of them a little differently. We think both VWs look just like what they are. The VW Sedan carries 4 people. The station wagon carries 8 (bag and baggage). The wagon also handles a staggering amount of [us! stuff. (It has 17.0 cubic feet of space, compared to about 105 in conventional wagons.) Both VWs have air-cooled rear engines. (No water or anti-freeze needed; terrific traction on ice and snow.I- Both park in practically the same space. (The wagon is only 9 inches longer than the sedan.) Both defy obsolescence. (Nobody knows what year Volkswagen you drive. Except you.) And both have restored a sense of proportion 4o the size of cars. I he VW Sedan is a pretty familiar sight, so not too many people laugh at it any more. But the VW wagon io still good for a few chuckles. Suggestion: havs'soma fun yourself. Come and take either or both for a ride Rowley Motors. Inc. 800 Wyatt Earp HUnter 3-7131 , Dodge City, Kansas , 19A2 consumer spending and of business outlays for future growth. This would guarantee 1963 the umph that 1962 has lacked. McKlnley doesn't Irld with those who think much of the money accruing" to individuals and corpora- I tion s from lower tax rates wouM | simply go into increased savings | accounts or into paring of debts. "The vigor with which the economy will respond to the reduction in taxes is likely to astound m," he says. Not does he believe there are any basic maladjustments today that make a recession inevitable. He cites the fairly modest size of inventories, the absences of any wild consumer credit boom, the soundness of financial institutions, the adequate supply of business credit. MEAN VOOE£\ C-OINSTOSENDTHE SAME FORM LETTER 6UHY NOT?THOS£ 6WS 6ET SO MUCH MAIL THE 1 / £ANt (OS&BU/ TELL THE I BET THEY DON T THE LETTERS THE/M£ELVES.' HOW COULD TH6V?/ TXE TROUBLE WITH ^ , (5 vou DON'T UNDERSTAND STEVE CANYON, LEGALS (First Published in th« Onrdon Cltv Telegram October Bth, 1962; Last Pllbllshod October 39th. 1962); IN THE PHOBATE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS In The Matter Of T1i« E s t a t n of HAROLD W CARLSON. Deceased NOTIC33 OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX NO. 3982 To the Creditors, Heirs'. Dovlsaea end Legatees of Harold W. Carlson, deceased, and all others concerned: You a^id each of you will take notice that on the 3rd day of October, 1962, Fno I. Carlson, was appointed Executrix of the Will of Harold W. Carlson, deceased, and duly qualified as such Executrix and Letters Testamentary were issued to her on October 3. 3962, by tlm Probate Court of Flnney County, Kansas. All pnrtles Interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. All crpdltors are notified to exhibit their demands apoliwt the said estate within nine months from the date of Hie first tmbHcatlon of this notice as provided by law, and If their demands are not thus exhibited they shall be forever barrdd. FAB I. CARLSON Executrix oil the Will of Harold W. Carlson, Deceased. STEWART & STEWART Lexlticrton. Nebraska GLYPH P. DANIEL , Garden Cltv, KansAs Attorneys for Executrix LCGALS (Published In The Garden City Tele- warn Oct. 19. 1962) I. Jane Collins, the undemlsmed county clerk of Flnnev County, do hereby certify the fotlowbifr named oeraons for the respsctlve as Indicated below to a olnce on the official ballot at the General EVectlon to be held November 8, 1962. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the retrutar polling plac«s In each t>reeinct. to-wlt: OF KANSAS ' , NATIONAL ANT> STATK TICKUT For UNITED STATES SENATOR, (ReeuUtr) term Fra^k Carlson, Onncordlfl. Republican: George E. KHnfi, McPherHon, Prohibition: K.L. (Ken) Smith, Wloh- Ha, D«mocsrt. For UNITTCD STATES SENATOR, (Unexpired) term Paul L. Avlward, BUeworth, Demo. crat: C.E. Cowen, Overlaid Park, Prohibition: James B. Pearson, Prairie VIUos 1 ^. R«uubllcan. For CONOHF.SSMAH. Iflt DISTRICT J. FToyd Breeding:, Rolla, Democrat; Bob Dole. Rusinell, Republican. Fo'- QOVERNOR Jdm Anderson, Jr., Olathe. Republican; Vearl A. Bacon, McPherson. Prohibition: Dale E. Saffsls, Garden City. Dflttiont'at. For LtEUTENANT GOVERNOR Harold H. Oha&e. Salina. Republican; Joseph W. Henkle. Sr., Great Bend. Demncrflt: Sam Walker, Junction filtv, Prohibition. For SECRETARY OF STATE Andy Gray, RIchlatid. Democrit: Marie Hadln, Leonardvllle, Prohibi- tion: Paul R. Shannhnn, Snlina Republican. Foi- STATE AUDITOR Rolland Fisher. Topeka. Prohibition: Clay E. Hodrick, Newton, Republican. For STATE TREASURER Nathan Deyotintf. Manhattan. Pro. hlbitton; A.J, Konnody, Wichita, Democrat; Walter H. Perry, Topeka, Republican. For ATTORNEY GENERAL Jules V. Doty, Ottawa, Democrat; William M. Ferguson, Wellington, Republican. For STATE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Ada Hincbaugh. Junction City. Prohibition ;•> A.F. Throekmorton, Wichita, Republican; Howard D Woodworth, Stark, Democrat. For COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE George Pierce, Wichita, Democrat; Frank Sullivan,. Lawrence, Republican. For STATE PRINTER Jean M, Nolbargor, Tongnnoxle, Republican. DISTRICT TICKET For JUDGE OF THE DISTRICf COURT, 32nd DISTRICT Roland II. Tilte, Garden City, Republican. For STATE REPRESENTATIVE, llfith DISTRICT J.M. Concannon, Garden City, Democrat: Georffo W. Meeker, Garden City, Republican. COUNTY TICKET For COJJNTY CLERK J'sxie Collins, Garden City, Democrat. For COUNTY-TREASURER Donna Bradford, Garden City, Democrat. For REGISTER OF DEEDS Ixioila Henderson, Garden City, Democrat. For COUNTY ATTORNEY Harrison Smith, Garden City, Republican. For PROBATE JUDGE M.C. £chrader, Garden City, Republican. For SHERIFF Wondle Meier, Garden City, Democrat. For CORONER Frank D. F,lch,horn, M.D., Garden City, Republican. For SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION RUth S. Towles, GardrSi City, Re. oubllcnn. For CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT Mae Purdy, Gard«n City, Democrat. For COMMISSIONER, 1st DISTRICT H.L. Harms, Garden City, Renubllcan: F. Arthur Stone, Garden City, Democrat, TOWNSHir TICKKT GARDEN OITY TOWNSHIP For TRUSTEE Clyde Sheaks, Garden City, Republican. For TREASURER Henry Olfrsaklng, Gardeji City, Republican. For CLERK H.P. Wlngat, Garden City, Democrat, CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffet ia 31 44- ai 1-2. 35 32.- I3 •3.3 3 30 •27 HORIZONTAL 1. consumes 5. couch 9. candlenut tree 12. victorious 14. breach 15. applaud 16. farm buildings 18. metal 19. withdraw an otln JO. the choice part 23. train attendant 34. deserve 25. tumults 36. from !8. excavate 29. Glaus 30. twilight 31. overhead railway (abbr.) 3J. particles 33. woody plant 34. transported 38, foremost 37. perceptions 38. weight 39. verdant 40. Western state 44. lyric poem 48. punished 47. s-shaped curve 48. auditory organs 48. deceased VERTICAL 1. Oretk letter "2. part of circle 3. twitching 4. Mohammedan ruler 5. weave 6. electrical unit 7. note in scale 8. Canadian province Answer to yesterday's puazle. Aictift tlm* ol tolatlon: J5 rnlnnto. (C IMa, Klne Features Syud.. Inc.) OBYFTOQUIFS 10-19 9. concur 10. tropical trees 11. church part 13.injure 17. insects 19. origins 20. yield 21. terminals 22. unit of energy • 23. longed 25. prices 27. pedal extremities 29. stillness 30. sin 32. ponder 33. tinged 35. Mountains 36. spring 37. plumlike fruit 38. throw 40. deface 41. blackbird 42. born 43. attach 46. exclama- iiiation FLY IFLYRAI YKILYDA T R I 1 J DKT POTORROD ALDIOD. Y«t«rdfty'» Cryptoquip: COUNTERFEIT CHECK FAILS BECAUSE 01^ ALERT BANK CASHIKR. I AM NOT* ACCUSTOM TO SAY TO A MAN-KISS WITH ME'.' I'M SURE OPTHAT,CON- NUTS I ITS COMMERCIAL. JOB, OFF ITS COURSE... I AM THINKINd WHAT I WOULD DO 70 THOSE WRK3HT BROTHERS IF I HAD THEM HERE, TH/5 MINUT6S/ TO KISS WITH MY OR Mi?. THE MATTfift, CONSUEU) 1 WHAT /MUST I TO TO, HAUCON CANYON ? I THOUGHT r WAS'OFF U/VMTS' TO . FAMILY.' CISCO KID. MICKEY MOUSE Y SUE A\AG>E US ALL MINNIE IS VBKV THKIFTV...SME WASTES A -, THINOJ BLONDIE i WON'T THLL. YOU ir vou SHOUT AT ME LIKE THAT IT GOT SO STRONG i COULDN'T STAND THE SMELL OF IT ANY LONGER,SO 1 THREVW IT OUT NOW,SEE.THERe--V/H6N YOU ASK ME NICELY, VOU GET A ANSWER BEETLE BAILEY /IT MAKES ME MAP 4 TO SEE MOC7CHER •< TAKE ADVANTAGE PF ' ZERO'S GOOD MATURE.' SNUFFY SMITH BYE,BVE, HONEY POT PAW SHORE DID 'ENJOY HIS BREAKFUSS THIS MORNIN', JUGHAID IF HE HflDNTi HE SHORE WOULD • HOW DO V£ KNOW HE LIKED IT? HE NEVER SAID ARY A WORD POGO 6V6N If We HAP •tHt f IRE PfcPARTMEHT COUIP HANPI.E, W6 HAV6 ANV MONiV TO - PAVfcM COUNlW£lf PUCE fAMPd'''fH6V WfffMffff JUfiT WHAT TH6 fiXt. fOR»< MM MO SCBAfCH 10 ?OR PRK THAT VOU WOULDN'T WICKEP FAIRV THE RYATTS HA/E IT WORKED CUT FIME - -

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