Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 24, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1954
Page 2
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HOFE STAR, Iteii. ta Jtttf* tare** i Week, itially foi iff Jli *«JBi, like to" first Ihalie in -the Looks Like The Star's Circulation Dept. Has Gone and Caught Itself a Proof-Read* iOPt, ARKANSAS Wednesday, Moteh S4, 1*54 >Ves f , Ijetfh' to. Bbfe Sail say this Is or hearse, ait j It #ould give P mart ,- of the/aulhoHiy he haa in'-the >hot«& 4 ' said dhfe, '! HBtoM&i rtse tHj> pry, IS tt&44to33teith£r of IIS doubt about- that. Well, ' ^Bv-iiiwii, i/ie, wfiUWltl shte have pdftit tfcft iftfcfr UHrTtaN- - m touse Believe me, I'd make •jbeiiny, rind" —his r . .., - on P,* tOO,»| lal i thrjfty,, Jitilbands figured oiild tftfvfe 'inbhey >anrt- have |jjo $p«fhS>on'-themselves by ft their] wives a,fixed wage. on? fcl- <Tnty because 'they v to 'doing it, My e' .works so hours 1 bet.fhfrt K, I>madc txie', < 6ai'a, and tfuhch, n 'It , 'wouia r dhow she $le ^ifll Jfre'ek, i 70">iSur-B s k/hc ' i, 'tit/thing up -gin 'film- dent Eisenhower months ago ex- ressed hope the main issue in November's congressiona 1 elections Would not be fear of Communists rifillrating the government but the program of his administration. So far' this year his Republican her' 10 TioUrs 'acWnliy <bij sthe Job-"her bed "rind board —Star 'photo The Star's mall subscription solicitor, C. M. (Pod) Rogers, Jr., does a bit of trading on the side while traveling around 'southwest Arkansas In the newspaper's Ford pickup truck. The other day he 'tame In with a gdat, which the newspaper staff, honoring an old, time gag, promptly named "Proof Reader." Managing Editor Paul H. Jones said, "We can sure Use htm" — but Pod Rooers protested, "Not until I barbecue him first." We asked Pod whether It was a papa goat or a mamma goat and Pod said, '-He's all man." We advised Pod that some of his town neighbors were bleating about the presence of the goat and Pod replied, "That means I'll just have to barbecue him early." Framing of the newspaper name 'on the side 'of the truck wasn't accidental on the part of this photoqrapher. However, credit for the sign coes to Jack Simpson's Hope Sign company. »in': lin ||SfliK>lflniVjiej',-Next thing -^" ? - t -'1,;want; doub'e /pay 'ytwp.weeJis vaca- $sp$}<l' ^ith tjie, TOatrlmbmal pay • compelled to so MARKETS , -"could • -retire her ' - the Asked St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. Wl—"Hogs'6,300; active mostly 25 35 .higher choice 1 fl-230 Ib 26.75 27,'00 largely '20.8527.00 after 'first round 240-270 Ib 25.3526.75; mostly 20,00 up few 270300 Ib 25.50 2,6,00 150-170 Ib 15;75-0;75; - sows 400 4b down 24.2575 heavier BOWS 23.2524.00. v '4st<?rdey, flftei" seven hours* de- a ",tion, \ s^conalury convicted 'JSJmingtpn. 'jforgery an dem• ' > t ''her ^hoine ' and of Cattle 3jOOf> calves 700; steers /fully steady to strong choice s'teers 21.7523.00 commercial and ••we'll * never Sood 18,50'21.0Q (good and choice itr,y~ heifers and mixed yearlings 19.00- 'are '21.50; cows opened slow few util ity 'and Commercial cows steady at -11.50-14.00 canners and cutters 9.00-11.50 bulls and vealrrs tin changed; Utility and -commercial bulls IS.OOlt'.OO cutter bulls 11.0012,50 good and choice vealers 21.0025.00 few prime 27,00; commercial and low good vealers 15.00-20.00. Sheep 500 lambs fully 25 high- or most choice and prime wooled lambs 20.00-25; small lots up ward to 20.50 sales included load mixed pelts a,t 26.25' few good and choice 25.00-28.00 pg,rt loa d utility and good 24,00; only odds and 'ends below 24.00 some choice to prime No. 1 skins 24 00 small lot 83 Ib spring lambs 27.00 aged t sheep steady- cull to good slaugh ter ewes 5.00-7.00. ;,embezz 'customer? to a.'$3,000 5d she 'bor- $6QQ" ?< of 'her the improve- Brook—In a bed» r ...-». . ,1 . . . ., I, her •Se'als and Tthoy will 1- * jury that beyond all rea- Jury yesterday. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW LORK, March 24 W — Stocks gave ground today in a rather moderate manner with spots of resistance to the decline appearing In scattered areas. The decline was apparent from the slart and carried into the ear- Jy afternoon, -Gains and losses With few exceptions were below a point with the emphasis on the losing side of the line. P'Hw'T llwlet &# 4 P«5 ' *M* One North Little Ball", p. m :,1M8 < «>,: «t -fitosw Sigh $&%& W> s ! S?l!ool Tweaday ft " Pl,,the p| the In the ings light and generally' -short fo today's heavy demand. Some grow ei>s reported holding, rading a tive at top of price range. -Price at the farm, 24 hours ended a II 1 a. m. today, broilers or fryer all weights, 2>/2 to 3 pounds, 20 22 cents. Mostly 22. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS ' CHICAGO, March 24 W —Graim went through a series of up and down 'gyrations on the Board o Trade today* ending with a mix lure of gains and losses. Soybeans turned in -the best ,por formance, rallying toward the fin ish after having slumpnd severa cents during the 'morning. Corn also firmed late -in the day, helpec by news West Germany had re ceived.-a federal operations admin is'tration grant of two million dol lars to buy American corn. Wheat closed V4 -lower to y $22.2g 1 /<>, y $1.54-$1.54, corn '4 oats un liigher.Ma higher.Ma changed to • rye 3 cents Way 1.10-$1. 7 cents higher, May $3.66%$3.67. Cash wheat: No. 3 reel 2.20 'higher. T4ay 75(/T')'/ 2 lower to \' 2 higher, and .soybeans 1 No. No. 3 yellow yard 2.20,!A. Corn: 2 'yellow 1.5614; No. 3 1,53 No. 4 1.54 .55% No 5 1.5J sample grade 1'.48$4-S1W)'. Oa'ts No. 1 heavy white 80>/;j-81; No. 79 sample grade 77%. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal :Me.ltin « 1.2062 feed 92-1.14. Field seed per 100 Jb•-nominal: - White • clover 10.50. 11,00; red top 57,0058.00 alaike 17.5018.50 timothy 12.50-13.50 'red 'clover 27.00-28,00 NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK, March 24 W -Cotton futures displayed an easier tone in opening dealings today and then rallied moderately on ivade buying and short covering, Selling of new crop months was predicated on forecast for rain In the Southwest. However, traders noted that the predicpitation in tbat drought area has been light so far, here was some further switching from nearby May to later mouths kat? afternoon prices were 5 1o 3Q cents a bale igher than the previous close. May 34.4^ July 34,56 and Oct. 33,98, POUt-TRY ANDPRODUCE CHICAGO, March 24 OF) — Live poultry steady; receipts 682 POOPS f,o.b. paying prices unchanged heavy l^ens 24-26 light hens 1819 fryers or broiler* 2326; uld roosters 1618 ducklings none, ;BntUep unfeUted rsceits 1,050,746 wholesale buying prices unchanged to I cent Jow«r; 93 score AA 84-35 1>2 A 64 »0 P 82 89 C 57.35 cars 90 B ?&; 89 C 8?. . ^«s Heady; receipts 20.28? wholesale buying prices unchanged V. 9, large 994P-5 U. S. mettiums 30.5 U. S. stewards §8,5; current recejp'is 39 check; and dirties Top Radio Programs ' NEW YORK W) — Selected pro- gramsi tonight: NBC — 7:30 Great •Glldersleeve 8:30 Big Story; 9;SO Keys To The Capital. CBS — 7 FBI •drama 8 Crime Pbotog 9 The Lewises-.on Stage. A$C — 8 Hollywood Airport; 9:35 Lenten Concert. MBS — 7:30 iPeter Lorro 8:80 Family Theater. KCMC Television Thursday March 2Sth 2:15 Test Pattern Hodse Podge Woman With A Past CBS The Secret Storm CBS On Your Account NBC 4:00 Happy Home Show 4:30 Your-Texas-Industry 4:45 Cowboy Corral - "Texas Terror" 0:00 Kit Carson 6:30 Edwards & News CBS Evening Roundup Groucho Marx NEC Pour Star Pleyhpuse CBS Where's Raymond ABC Ford Theatre NBC Badge 714 Place the Face CBS 10:00 po You Know Why J0:05 New? Final 10:08 Features Theatre * ''Boys of the City" 11; 10 Sign'Off 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 Aged Comden TeocherDie* Unemploymen Continued from Page On referred to March as a key ninth for planning government act unemployment continued to ri The President was asked j/hc ther, in view of conti ing increases in unemployment, the administration is projecting new policy at this time. -Mr. Eisenhower explained (hat March is normally the montl for a seasonal business upturn. B is difficult to measure this ; ar, he sp.id, because of the latene of Easter -and the resultant -del^ in spring buying. Because of this delay in the -mal spring upturn, the Pres ent said he assumes ,the rise in u im- ployment will continue until i ril. From what has developee al daily economic conferences a] th,e White 'House, he said, the pnly thing he is sure of is that nojhinj has developed to call for a slarr bane emergency program to be aj plied ; atthis moment. 'The President said that, on.tf,o other hand, many economic aids already are in operation. He par-K^conTe is uncertain, tjcularly mentioned easier credit! The Senate and availability of money. The Commerce Department sai in its March "survey of curren business" tihat the "gradual ea; ing" of the economy, which start ed last July, continued in the earl; part of this year. Durable goods industries ah| mining were reported the -hard*, !)it. Durable goods are such thin^ hit. Durable goods are such thinj! as autos, refrigerators and tcjt vision sets. I On the brighter side, the culture Department estimated Not a Single Idea of Ike's Plan Enacted By JAMtS MARLOW WASHINGTON, UP! — PYesi- Senate Open Continued from Page One get final action on the bill by Friday, the measures then will have to go to conference with the House to iron out differences. The sales tax changes would take effect a week from tomorrow. Attendents will be made in the Senate to knock out the excse cuts in the bill as well as to add new reductions. But the major challenge appears three amendments administration to come from sponsored by lousehold appliances including re- 'rlgerators, dish washers and ers, dryers, dsh washers and toasters; and cut the tax on tole vision and radio sets and phone- graphs from 10 to 5 per cent. Congress has hit a snail's pace)Sen. Douglas (D-lll) whch would approving that program. Not a cut the automobile excise tax from single malor item in Eisenhower's) 10 to 7 per cent eliminate the 10 irogram has been enacted into per cent levy on a wide range of law yet. Other Congresses have dawdled !n the early months of the year, jicked up speed later an dgot a lot -of lawmaking done before going home. Some didn't. Maybe this jne will chalk up solid achievements before quitting. If it doesn't,', then the November issue, for want of something better, may have to bo Corn- muhisis in Government, which is what Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis.) also nonths aeo predicted it would be. Or it could be Congress' failure to give Eisenhower that legislation ho asked for. There have been publicly expressed complaints that- the general interest in McCarthy's fight with Army officials has distracted public attention from vital work of iongress 1 and may have distracted the lawmakers too, But McCarthy and his problems as best can occupy only a very small piece of Congress' time. If Congress hasn't ace o m plish- cd much so far it can't be blamed on McCqrthy., The lawmakers want to clear out of here by July or August so they can go home to campaign for re-election. All 435 House seats are at ; stake in November, and 35 of the Senate's 96 seats. That gives Congress about four to five months to get down to cases and make a reality of the program on which Eisenhower says the voters should judge the worth of his Republican administration. The Senaate used'-.up about five weeks of its time debating the con s.titutional amendments —before re jecting them—of Sen. Bricker (R- Ohio) and George (D-Ga). The amendments would have restricted the President's power to make executive agreements with other nations and in some cases limited the scope of treaties, approved by the Senate. The House has approved the administration's program to cut al most \y 2 biJiion dollars in taxes foi many individuals and businesses But the Senate" hasn't voted, and weeks.-- Even then the ;tc day that farmers got l l fe 'per cehl more for crops.-and livestock thjj marketed last month than they d\c Ihe same time a year ago. , TKc total —$l,930,000 r 060—represented ja seasonal drop from January, hoV Beefcake Is Form of Male Cheesecake 'By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOD approved the St Lawrence 'seaway—a project unit ing the United States and Canada in developing the waterway, plus waterpower—but the House hasn' acted. Last year the House approved statehood for Hawaii. But the Sen ate has tacked together statehoor for Hawaii and Alaska. If it an proves this double statehood bill which it may not, then the Hous*3 ied voice and read plays aloud a least an hour every day." "I took any picture that came along. One of them was shot in 11 days, another in 14. One was supposed to be. made in seven, but we went back for retakes so many time that it added up to 20. Iff too ba d they didn't shoot tha much in the first place it migh have ended up a good picture — except that the story was bad.' Tab's first big chance c'omes in Warners'' "Battle Cry," taker from the best-selling novel of Ma rinc Corps Life. If he proves sue- cessful, the studie can .pick up .his eption for a term contract. Ask School for Retarded Children LITLE ROCK W) — Arkansas social workers today called frtr rstablishment of a school for r<;- .arded children, who now are confined along with adult mental pp. ients in the State Hospital. The . Arkansas Conference on Social Work adopted a resolution urging the General Asemmbly to appropriate funds to' set up the institution. A study of conditions at the state's reformatories for Negro ooys and white and Negro girls also was asked in a resolution, which took note of tne recent robe at the school for white boys. will have to approve statehood for Alaska. More delay. Outcome: uncertain. And Eisenhower hasn't asked statehood now for Alaska. There has been no final legila- tion in either House on Eisenhower's program for revising the Taft^ Hartley labor relations law on widening and improving social security or extending reciprocal trade or Eisenhower's housing and farm programs. He had proposed early this year, after much work by his administration in the fall so he'd be ready when the lawmaker got back these things among others: Taft-Hartley— m amendments; farm—revisions aimed at klexible price supports social security — bringing 10 million more Americans under it and increasing the benefits health—many details involving national health improvement, including support for private health insurance plans; housing—building 35,000 public housing units a year plus slum clearance and improvement loans on existing homes. IQUTOFSDOiSl Fidpctinir. nose-picking and n tormenting rectal itch are often tell- tule signs of Pin-Woi-ms ... ugly parasites that meaical experts say infest one out of every three persona examined. Entire families may be victims and not know it. To get rid of Pin-Worms, these pests must not only be killed, but killed in the large intestine where they Jive and multiply. That's exactly what Jayne's P-TV tablets do . . . and here's how they do it: First —a scientific coating carries the tablets into the bowels before they dissolve. Then —Jayne's modern, medically-approved ingredient goes right to work— kills Pin-\^orms quickly and easily. Don't take chances with this dangerous, highly contagious condition. Get genuine Jayne's P-W Vermifuge... small, easy-to-take tablets.,. special sizes for children and adults. Perfected by Dr. D. Jayne & Son, specialists in worm remedies for 100 years. Tab Hunte) was in a characteristic condition! mostly bare. When I saw the bobbysox idol; )e was doing a scene with Dorol hy Malone in "Battle Cry." Sh(| was in a bathing suit, he in a pain if trunks. "Honest—thjs •is juat dent." he explained. '<!n an acci- most of he picture I have my clothes 'On'" Hunter, 22, is the latest young man to profit from what Holly* vood calls beefcake, a 'form of publicity buildup that has helped end Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, lock Hudson and others to star- om. It is the male counterpart of heesecake, Young Tab is finally making the fade after o ne of the most un sual careers in recent Hollywood imes. He became a celebrity with- ut having a studio contract. Virtually all the young heart>eats get the advantage of a build- p by the combined forces of a tudlo publicity department. Tab s 'the exception, ''People ask me who my press gent is," he says. "I have never ad one." His fame started when he was hosen to play jthe bare-chested ero of "Island of Pesire" with -.inda Darnell three years ago. reen as an actor, his performance was somewhat less than terling. While the studios failed o flood him with offers, the fan 10 CHICKS FRIE WITH PURCHASE OF 25 IBS. PURINA CHICK STARTENA CHICK SPECIAL magazine readers, swopned o,yer Mm, Jgr tHyef years, the lafts kbpt >is career eUve although he played ' ' -thit •t\\- or Tuirtff • ci\cc 25 CHICKS FREE WITH PURCHASE OF SO LBS. PURINA CHICK STARTENA This offer is good for any edwlt all day on SATURDAY, MARCH 27 Bring yo«r own box, These ure Hy;Unf cockerels and moke tine FEEDERS SUPPLY CO "Thi $t«£ Wtfh th« <?hs*fc?rbearjf Jjlgif 3rd find l-p.wi«iana phon? 74175 3rd and VevMana : ~,"' """ Jisiii 7«il75 PLANNING TO BUILD' • • • r get it faster... for less... with a BUTLER steel building You can get floor space fast, for factory, warehouse or store, with a Butler steel building! Adaptable Butler design is easily suited to large or small, simple or complex building layouts. Low-cost erection and mass-production savings give you up to 47 percent more usable floor space for th.e same money. Fire-safe Butler buildings with galvanized or aluminum covering require little upkeep. You can get clear-span widths up to 70 feet, in many lengths. See us before you build. Our service includes everything from foundation to insulation. in 3® DAYS or less... with a BUTLER steel building Your cash register will play a profitable tune mpnths sooner if you build the Butler way. One of these preengineered steel buildings goes up fast because all parts have been formed and punched for a precision fit in a modern factory. Erection costs are surprisingly low! By combining wood, masonry, and plate glass with the regular galvanized or aluminum covering, you can easily individualize your Butler building. Clear-span interiors are well lighted-100 percent usable! Insurance rates are low. And there's a size to suit your needs. LIGHTNING-SAFE WIND SAFE FIRE SAFE LWILEK ,FOR ; BUTLER: FURTHER INFORMATION WRITI OR CAM, JACK NANCE Texprkono, Texas P, 0, Box

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