Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1912
Page 2
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^TJMt^tand «Yery year let tln-m Then It would 1>(> .^jJki ron. tnuat ngroe, 'tk^^ibtflih, the surly and Ilir^- tftke a \leep inllrest in vrpil- .dtng troosseaux. . rfUii bachelors all would be ited, of sad hearts would bo >Uted. wind with the irMspers of love would be freighted, life's WlIdemesB siK-eci with the —r breath of the rose. tjier oiHeR ask and who could resist her?' Wfattt heart Is so chill Who'd have the will say. "I would rather have you for a Slsterr* 1 give her the mltlen when once he had.kissed her? , r-lt she blushed as she looked Wf*'*" ^ whispered that you were the one earthly prize lat^ll womeh would want were ilicy wjuaHyVlse— n'd- <|iilckly say "yes" to litr— . wouldn't you, Mr. 7 , L»EnToL nee. let me whisper a secn-t Hint's -:--tru*; _ - TIs one that may vex The whole of your sex; |n't wait for her words or your si- lenice youll ruel ~do the asking whon she eiv<>s the cue! . —Agnos Dallam. 1. Adam Barnhart, of (he country iwest of lolo. is seriously III of . ^ + * + Ir. >e ]n ]|«n. Pknnes V and SIS. • + + PRESCRIPTIONS V Our prices for filling prescriptions are low-^ our care and skill cost you nothing. The purest, freshest and most expensive drugs the world affoi-ds are used in our prescription department, BURRELL'S a Tho Itcxall Store West Side of the Square aWvering and assured their visitor or their InUMitlons and regrets. * • I.pap \>ar, says \V. Y. Morgan, of the Hutchinson News, who has gone into i'R origin, {ilans and spt<*iflca- I,w»«s. is a lime of cdchratiug. for the women folics. If they look at things that way. It is the quadrennial celebration of a higlj old tinie when the women did the heaviest In courting and the men stood for It. Leap year got its start at thi' time of Cleopatra, wif** of C J. Caesar. Shj proposed to Crosjir on a darlt and stormy night and he let her. Shf nevor really got to be liiti wife, but plio was an exceedingly close friend to the Caesar family. It is said (hat i( was qulto the Monte Ne Ark.. Jan. 16.—The only woman nmil carrier in Aikaii.^as likos her job. In foul weather or fair slie ilrivi-.^ over lif.- rural nuiti'. varying but a few minutes in Iter scheduled time. She Is .Mrs. .1. \V. liowiiiin- ul Monte Ne. Until January Gth she had a rival for lionius in .Miss Agnes Cordingly of Van Diiren. Mls.s Cordingly lias reslgmd. how.'ver. leaving (li» Held to the possession ol Mrs. Uuwiiiim. iliss fi-idlngly bad i-arned (lit- mail since Ajiril. r.iu4. In three iiinndis Mrs. Downuni has not missed a trip, and a ff^w wt-eUs ago she covered her route In a snowstorm. When n-mliiiled DC IIK- severity of the weather, i^he replied: "Oh. tills Isr.t bail. I like It." becoralngness of the "Spring-Maid" I ner will not lour AIlui couiiiy until colls, a girl replied, "Yes, it looks all rlf-'ht 1 guess. It is awfully lo do. too. I can sle p a half liour IOIIL'- fiid for young girls to choose their •" morning now than I could! men for a good many yivirs after Cleo [ piitra used that method to snare Mr. C.iesar. Things going rather slow around spring. •:• V •:• -Ur. MIrt, t»-:r<ipHth. Tel 487, SSS. wlien 1 wore a rat and pulTs." * •> <• The Music club which Is Inokiiis; forwaid to Ifs juinual artlsfs coii- the throne, some tltne later, Cleop,ilra I cert In (he Grand Thea(re, will ask UBI Cor* Klein ' entertained her ti\so used the leap v:;ar privilege ahi -'ng club yesterday afternoon. Miss had made by proposing lo Marc An! of Hie high school facult.v. who, fon.v. It'a true, all right, that .Mare a claaamate 6t Miss KMn at «a6 hanging around quite a bit these iburn was a guest of the club. : days, when C. .T. was out of town or ' * • + . spending his afternoon at the Coun- At Home club will meet Tliurs- < try club and made It easy for Cleo' afternoon with Mrs. W. S. Hi.xler. p(,(ra to spring If on him. .So she * Bafct.'Broadway street , proposed and all history knows how [she hung onto Antony's words and .0, L. COT. OealtsL | hnw she hung onto her fortune. He 'made short shift of tho allowanc married in answer Caesar had given Cleopatra and hli ah advertisement, are, as a rule. | exiravaganco was the cause of a lot for an engagement with Miss North, wlin heri' with Theobaldl. thi- violinist. last spring. .MIsa .Vortli was really the star of tho concert, though previously Thcobulill was given almost all the attention anil advertising The hostesses were awfully dis- oppolnled in the violii)i.<i. and so were the guests, but every hotly lik'd Miss .North so well thai ili< was a ran I Mr. :iiul Mrs. John Calloway, living ' eli 'Veii mill's wesi of town announce til'" bir-ih of a daughi.-r. •:• * Mrs. (!eorj;e 'I'roniholil and .Mr. Tioinlmld's nl.^ter, .Mrs. Millln, of Chicago eaine in froin Chanute this afternoon lo vl.^ii Mr. iiiid Mr.s. H. IJ. St-veiison aiul Dr. and -Mrs. V. C. Win. treat after all. •!• "Vail'batched; for anybody |lt.wil|'idTe.rtiBe for a wife Is a I'ool. anyoae ^ho answers the adver- Ot Ja a fool. So there you are. r Doolittle. . c:- ' * + * najri'Sparr. of Washington, n. Rrin^iwjVe-today to visit his I, .lit'.'and-Mrs. C V. nay. 714 ,BtTeet. Mr. Sparr will go from >.-tO IMnTer. Bowdea. Period DecoratAr. C. T. U. had an Instructive yesterday afteriionn at their i Ol) Eafct Jackson street. .The rfOr the day was "Heredity and D^."'Papers on Tarious subjecyts. .-thik liead were read by Mrs. M. I 8c^f:iiibaf. .Miss Reap, Mrs. Ragle 1 j|riL Vartier. It is customary for ilitltililii to occur on Friday but Jfliesr&hg was postooned until Mon ' atf Uie>oom8 could not be hcitted. week.- V 1.:-.- * • .. i..;., lie A. T. L. I. club will beenter- totaorrow afternoon at the /of MW: E. p. Slack. 220 South ad street J.iry Ti. HalL Osteopath . JN and Ml. , + + • '.'Jj'd society qt^' the Baptist rTrtllbe entertained Thursday at the home of Reverend ifra. Sb^pard. Teachers in the X actapbr will have a busines? 1 atithe parsonage Wednesday Bl^; ait biJr ^s^six o'clock JiT^^lesserare not.HJ(he only one? »~»r«!being'liiconvcnlenced by th< Mtcitiief and frozeh-up houses. : long ago a woman who visited In " r town #118 served with a dln- r-jof 'lULnL' and;canned beans when 1-cspected to have an •tC^'ajpnSad. Thene was no gn." V wltli^ tlra water pipes were ' <u>d tibe. family stood around »^ Watch -i »K «I'"may -tni8t ;your watch to v^til'tUt confidence that it "rSWttdW ^xmly expert care— •'are skilled watch Dur materials as fine orfglnally used—THE 18 OTARJINTEED. of bills coming due on the first of the month -Antony later wr-nt to the bad and made a show by sticking himself bitween the ribs with his saber. Ke never recovered. Clcoiiatra then tricii the leap year ddlige on Augustus, who looked like he wante'l her, too. She was a fine looker in those da.vs and hud alt the town felloes asking her for dauces and running up bills at the perfumers and florists, and she created quite a lot of consternation. But she was firOly un against some pretty tough Inck and Jier idea in crying the lean year business on Augustus was to fix thlnj:s so she could come clean. It wouldn't work that time and to get out of It without spoiling her reputation and making the women talk, 'she^ let an asp bite her in the lung, took cold and died. * + * Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Oeaver of Denver, who have been visiting Mrs. Beaver's sister. Mrs. P. A. Wagner, loft 'tMs"'morning for Florida. They expect' to' And a location somewhere in the state and make their home tnere. * + • Mrs. J. B. Adyelotte cam^ In from Fort Scott this morning to visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Canatsey c- <• * . I^is Xorthrup left this morning for I-nwrence and the I'niversliy after a short visit at homo. + • • Dr. and .Mrs. Heylmun will ijlvp a card party Friday night for their five- hundred club. y * • • XThe new cottage on south Colborn street, which is to be the home of Dr. W. S. Hendricks and Miss Alice Hendricks, Is comjiletcd and xkdr furniture Is being moved Into it today./ ^ * * * . Miss Edith Urrnhart of Falls City Oregon Is here for a visit with relatives In lola and vlclnltv. + + * The Sorosis club will meet tomorrow afternoon at the residence of Mrs. S. S. Hilscher. The program will be: Roll Call—Menu Suggestions. Paper—"The Development of Cooking." "The Relative Nutritive Value of Food Stuffs."—Mrs. H. C. Ford. "Choosing Foods W.ich Go Together,"—Mrs. L. H. Wishard. Discussion—"Dinner at Noon or Dinner at-.\ight," Leader, Mrs. L. W. May berry. The annual election of oflicers will occur. * * • Mr. Ira Calvert of Malta. Ohio, is here for a visit with bis brother Jacob Calvert, of East Lincoln street. The visiting Mr. Calvert is delighted witb lola and It's residents and will Ij ^rlag his family here In April to re- aidSr He will engage in business here but has not fully decided what the business will be. + • * There are more wnyg than one to reckon the effect of styles In halr- dresslng. Complimented, u^on the Ciitiits- :>t ilin .Shii Ids orchestra dance In .Masetile liall lust iiight were .Mr. and .Mr.s. Jne Itinndi. Mr. and evening .M 'f. F. H. i-'inneil, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. I Ki'nkli"usi r. Mr. and Mrs. Charl '.'S I.O- gan, Mr. and Mrs. .Mar.sli, .Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. D. 1'. .Vorthrnp and Misises Marion Miss Lillian Northrup have been stav- i '^f"^ ^'^''s'^ •'"yc"^ Virginia ing with Mr. and Mrs. liarve Howard; '>->:K''" -Norihrup. Hazel for a week, the cold wealh.r liavine 1 I^ri^ke f.raee 1 Iiompson, - McKwen. frozen water pipes in their resideuc,-. L-^l'^sra I.ouis Nortiiru|i. Hen Wltten- A •:• Jj. • y\j< nr. Joe .Murphy. John Lovoca. Dr. Mrs. Keys of the \V. C. T. V. h:ts j f}}!''^ Tewell. Mr. Drake and E. received word from the fi'M si-cre-; Gillian, fary to the effect that Mrs. Adda Zi-h- I •-• " •> ner will not be nble to give her suiT-( Mr. :'nil Mrs. J. D. Hlldebrandt, of rage lecture in lola until Miircli. It Konh Washington av?nue. gave ;i was expected that she would' be in )iarty last night for Miss Agnes Caid- thls part of Kansas laU' in January wiW and .Mr. James Willhims of Hal- but it has been necessary to chanae sti::d. who are here visiting relatives, dates and itinerary so that .Mrs. Zeh- The. leap year spirit prevailed li: of EiOT SuitiM antf Stock Values exceed anything we have ever given. We still have a! large number of Coats, Suits and Furs to dispose of, and in order to make a clean sweep of them we have gone through the whole stock and made reductions that are remarkable—even for a clearance sale. Every garment has a new reduction upon it today. $10 too COATS at . . Values up to $20. An assortment of stylish Coats that is remarkable for the price offered in this lot. The materials are Reversible Cloths, Fancy Mixtures, Black Broadcloths, Polo Cloth, Serges-—those that have been for the best bargains of,the sale will be placed with these, at $10 FURS GREATLY REDUCED We have taken our entire Fiir stock and have reduced prices to the lowest ever placed on Furs of reliability. You can not afford to miss buying a Fur Set at the prices quoted. A few specimen values follow: $3.00 Black Muffs, now $1.75 $3.00 Black Collars, now $1.75 $8.50 Mink Muffs, now. $4.95 $8.50 to $10 Mink Collars $5.00 $15 Grey Sets, now $7.98 $22 White Wolf Set for $12.50 $40 Jap Mink Set for $22.00 .75 That were formerly $18 to $20. . Positively the most wonderful values you have ever seen at the price. Attractive styles, made of excellent materials, such as Serge, Cheviots;''Fancy Mixtures in every new color and black. Most of them lined with Peau de cygne, some with guaranteed sateen. Beyond question the best Suits ever offered at ^lU.ld AU Waists Must Go Practically every Waist in stock is on sale at great reductions. \ $3.00 Messsaline Waists I 'educed to $1.98 $2.50 Taffeta Silk Waists for $1:89 $5 and $7.50 Silk Waists. .$3.50 $1.50 white linen Tailored Waists $1.00 IJEKE.MIJS .\MKHH A\ riTI.K. !>mes, which were followed by supper. Guests at tha party were: .Miss Iva Michael, Miss Jessie Riley, Miss Edith Witt, Miss Ceclle Black, Miss Susie Smith, Miss Pearl McKenzie, .tiinj Gladys Marinont. Miss Mabel Marmont, ' Miss Jessie Hlldebrandt. ^lessrs Orval Smith Everett Land, Chrrles Overmeyer, Mart McKenzie. Karl McKlnney, Roy Eshbaugh, Arthur Eastwood and Jake Blllbe. All spent, a very delightful evening and refreshments were served at a late hour. I BIT OF A SCOTCH PUZZLE Because Scotch Policeman Is Not Policeman on Sutiday Leaves Question Unsettled. WHY ACTKK.SSES \EVEK OHOW OLD iTheatricn' Worit'.) Ncthing concf^rning the profession .^ppins more puzzling lo the dear old public than the perpetual yoii^h of our feminine members. How cl .in we hf -ar remark.^ like, 'Wiiy. I sav.- her a.s JnlieL forty yecr-r tiio anl slie doesn't look a yjar nh '-.-r nuw:" Of couise allowanci is uiadf Tor n.alrcnp- but>thcR iliey Fee ji cTf tl'i v.age at close range. .'?ify need anotlic e.\p!a- nannn. How strange women gpn^n/iy haven't learned the teriet of ke ^iilr.;.; ihe face young.' How sfmiiir a mat'er io get an ounce of merco*ized wax at the drug store, apply U liki.- co'd cream, and in the morning wa»h 1; off! We know how this gradually .Impercei)- tlbly absorbs old cuticle, keeping the complexicn nrwand fresh, free from fine lines knlh^wncis or over-:*dntss. We know too ti.aJ this m-'t :o:l/ed wax Is the reason acrrrs.trs dr.n"; moth patclie?, liver sp.'...<, iiini|.;f» and th(! like. Why don't our xist* r; <:n the other side of the frot 'iFhts Iiarn the reason and profit by it? When is a policeman not a poUe»> mail? This is a question that has seriously agitated the Scotch players appearing In "Bunty" at the Comedy theater, New York, since they received a letter from a distinguished resident Scotchman. In the letter he objected to the uae of the word "policeman" In "Bunty," and suggested that "baiUa" or "sherir' be used instead. "Policemen," he. insisted, woald never be heard In Scotland. Scotch policemen. In certain communities, do not work on the Sabbath. There Is no such thing as a Sunday policeman In Scotland, but upon any extraordinary occasion, the Scotch, players contend, any self-respecting policeman, if called upon, would do Us duty. win Jaxone, who plays the part of tho policeman, insists that, i although he has had no personal. experience with Scotch policemen, he has bad a social acquaintance with many of them, and that the word "policeman" is the only description of these men he has ever heard. Also Graham Moffat, the author, has a)BO used the word "policeman" In •the acjors' lines. "When we were boys we all had a. good deal to do with a policeman." says George Ingleton, the stage mat>- ager. • However, the point made by the writer of the letter Is not settled, because a Scotch policeman Is not a pp; llcemsn on Sunday. Must Be Very Good. Jenny — Papa, cook must be very good. Papa-Why. my dear? Jenny— Uecanse In my le.ssou last Sunday it said that the wicked shall not live out half their day.><. and cook says she has lived out all her life. The Ottawa howling team will be here tomorrow night to play a series of thirty frames on the Record Alleys with the Record bowling team. The Ottawa team was recently defeated by the locals In a series of'games. New York City, Jan. IC—Miss Sibyl Marston, the L^land Stanford Unl -'Acte directiy and peculiarly verslty girl who Uispmed the fencing championship of the world with Bar- onthebloOO; purifieS, Cnnches oness De Meyer, fakes a rap at American women for their lack of grit and i. j MuifaKvoc ^ anri in thi^ nerve In entering the realm of various athletic sports. To a reporter she. re^^f***^ 5' *"r~ said Just before the bout: Tm a bit disgusted with American women. It way DUIiClS Up tnC WnOie S>s is such a poor showing of American grit aiid nerve that boly one of us tctn. Take it. Get. it today should challenge the Barones.s. who appears to have lots of peraons on herl .jn nsnal Ilqnld Corm or in chocolat' side. There seems to be a great belief la her powers. Oh, goodness,' coated tableU caUed •wnMltaM* huy^' Ld Just like to show 'em, though!" Don't Forget to Exercise. Xo man of affairs, however impor tant. or overdriven, can ever be toQ busy to take time for exercise, unless he w^ishes to apply fo;; his long vacation a decade or two earlier than is mecessaiV. The place where the mummy cX. the Egyptians should be carried round at regular intervals, with a reminder that be has bsen dead for 10.000 years. Is not'at feasts, but in our business offices, workshops, counting houses and studios. There is where men are really killing themselves. Instead of In their sports, their luxuries, or even In their vices. Commercially alave-drlvlng your body and Vrain may sometimes be a neceasity, but the unbiased biologist of the,, twentieth century Is beginning to suspect, that the praises of indiia- try. like those of a sacrlflce. are sung most loudly and insistently by those In church or state who hope to profit by it—Jn others!—Woods Hutchinaon, in Exercise and Health. .—CholceOounty Butter at City Meat Market Phone Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'cloc^, and Saturday afternoon. ADMISSION Ercning 10c ^tes. 1|S<S. AftemooBB 5e ^tea lOe Wichita has bought back from Po-' eblo the base ball franchise which It lost a year or so ago. This may "not' Interest you, but it doesn't cost yoii anything and you might as well Imow I or oaio civr or TOUBO, • Lccis couk-ir. i .•'•..?'E^ J"5?«» oaOi tlu* he L UM Ann o( F.- J. CaSar. * Co, ^ partner ol inifitit.f la tfmaid. and that'taMSia wuTBar'the avE acvsREo DOLURS tr^lek tut n*n of CAUUU that eannot De cnrad Iqr tke see j „ . • FRAXK J. GHEKKK. V Svoni to Iwtore me and autiacrl&ed la mv mjjui- 8 >lf fth oar o» ©•'•mDer .^rSrS^ A. w: OlfAJSpin ^ ' iratiJnr'Pnailk HaU'a Oatairb Cnnt M taken iDtanallv "ai^' - •ntna. Sead lar,.ia(lmoaiala. dee; -

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