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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, January 16, 1912
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THE lOLA VOI^UME XV. NO. 71. Succtttrr to the lola Dally ReQltter, th« 4 iQla Oati> Racord and th« lola Daily Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 16, 1&12—TUESDAY EVENING. Dally ^R«fllat«r. KttabKtlMd 1IS7.1 Waekly R« laglstar, •atabllahwl 1N7. . •A.•v^ DB IlILf FINE POINT OP LAW INVOLVED IN CASK IN DISTRICT COIBT, SIIEfllFFS SJILE WAS ILLE6IIL PLAINTIFF ALLEGES LEVY FOK HAl^NES LAW MADE IT SO. J. E. TTfrt BrgiiiK ArOo nfo ttccoTcr Tract imirli was Sold for Taset> September I, 1908. J. E. Wert has begun an net Ion in the district court •which, if he is sustained, will affect the litle to all pfoperty oti which a levjr was made undw the Barnes High School law, and which were sold for taxes. Charles L. Wilson and Frank Sand vripn are made defendants to the action. Sanderson claims to hold a tax deed to the land which Mr. Wert as- »«ft8 Is his property.. The land was mold for taxes by the Sheriff, Seplom- 6er 1, 190S, Sanderson securing the tract at the sale by iiaylnR the sum due the county. In the tax, however, wliirh amount- 4i to about $7, thero is an Item of 40 cierits levied under the narnos hish •chool law. It is this tirm which Mr. Hwnt. asserts is illPKiV^ because of the (•Ct that the law under ivliioh the •fihool levy was made was not Ic'gnlly in force in this county. He asks the C6urt to set aside the tax deed and btild ft null and void Ixcuuse of this alleged illegal taxation. K DOrBl .E.nE .\DKK FKID.VV. - THE ITEATHER. > cast for Kansas: tiencrallx fair t .f .t and Wednesday I warmer to- I ; colder Wednesday. 5 ta recorded at U. S. Weather Bu. office. ^" cmperature: Highest yesterday at > I. m., 13; lowest, this morning at 4 m. 4; deficiency in temperature ;Sterday 21 degrees; deficiency since l-anuary l .st 273 degrees. Precipitation for 24 -hours ending 7 a. m, today, 0; deficiency In precipitation since January Ist .16 inch. Relative humiditj' 7 a. m. today 77 per cent; barometer reduced to sea level 30.14 Inches. Sunrise today 7:37 a. m.; sunset .".:2S p. m. TO BE $50,000,000 ME«6ER CEMENT FIBLICITIOX .M.IY HAVE INSIDE INFOHMA'IflON. liTiine OF A ISLE m R.ULKOAIl OFFICI.VL HUQNED TO DE.ITH IN HIS CAR. JWS eSEJII CITY BURNED S0,000 I'EltRONS RENDERED HOMELESS BY THE FIRE. \ I'roniinent -.Memphlsi .>Ian Shot to I' TII II I —.»nd .«o the Triiptc Story Runs Day by Day. "ET TU," MARY! \ •• 1 Cement & En^IncerinR News Has Ideas That the Merger Is Likely to Oo Ttarongli. OIrI«' Team to Meet .Moran Prforr Ihe Boys' Team Meets Baldwin. The basket tiali fans of the city— S id-kfaefe are many now—will be eased to learn that the basket ball event at the auditojit|m Friday niphf ill 10 be a double-header. Beforp the big game bcUreen.thp tMiputlH the Ida high sch(fel and the Baldim high school, ttic girls' teams oT- the M*ran anB Tola schools will eomp^te' for; hbftors. _ In a game played at Moraii' abmft timo ago the MoT«n ^lirls ad- iiiihiBt^%l..a-eSUlilng dMeat to the lolft attfegliMoB ibut the .locals have been, jmictlcing tBlrbfnlly .and now b'alifeT^ Iney can make a.better showing. : A caffl received this morning from lafralne Cantrell the star forward of the lola team states that be will be upkbib to be here for Friday nighfs game Irlth Baldwin. Rltchey will probably be put in his place. BRO<fi EVEN ON CHICKEN SHOW. Assoeiatlon Already Planning for a Big Show Next Season. Notwithstanding the fact that the intensely cold wenther greatly rut down the attendance at the Allen County Poultry Show, which occurred last week. Secretary C. J. Peterson reports, that the number that did attend, together with the large number Ot entries, will enable the Association to ootne out even. Xotwllhstanding the bad fortune nf the association this year the show will be held again next year; and aceordlnp to members of Hit) Aatociation. if will be bicger and better than ever. Tlie chances are that the show next ytar will not bo held in January. FFKBBAL OF JUDD C.VKPEMEB. Junior ClflKs of the Hlcli .Srbnol .\t. tended the ;.SerTlr4 >ji in a Body. ' The funeral of .ludd Carpenter, who died Snnday morning, was held thi.^ aXtcmoon at 2:20 o'clock from the Christian churrh, Keverend O. C. Moomaw, and Reverend John Price of- tictatlBg. In'erbient was in the lola cemetery. Many of the students of tile high school attended the funeral ajid the junior class of which the deceased was a member, attended the ser Tjc (»,ln a brd.v. The attendance at . tke ftmeral wa.s large, and many beau- tifnl tloral offerings were received. Pnoeral of Miss Schomerns. -Tile funera' of Miss Gus?ie Schomerus. who died yesterday morning, win be held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the home 201 North Flrat ptreet. Interment will be in Higtatand cemetery. Sonren WEATHER AGAIN. Above Tem^enrtiire This ri> to 38 AftemffOB, Thia afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the mercliry reached the almost summer temperature of 38 degrees above zero, and the snow which has been lying on the ;:round since the first of the year begun to dwindle perceptibly. The .temperature has raised thlrty- foor degrees since this morning at (oor o'clock, when the mercury stood St ]uat lour degrees above zero. DUNCAN IS ACTING P. 1. Jl«iffe D. B. D. Sraeltser Left Today rer Florida. .. Justice Jama* P. Duncan is acting Polibe Judge. Judge D. B. D. Smeltzer left this afternoon i^th a party of Kaaaaai for St. Augustine Florida. He will be absent about t«ro weeks. Cases arialBC in the municipal court will, therefore, be beard by Justice Doacan. The current Issue of the Cement and Kngineering News published in Chicago, a cement periodical which is In close touch with cement matters and men, prints the following Interesting story of the proposed merger of Portland cement plants at Kansas City: The headquarters of the cement merger, with a capital stock of $S0,- 000,00(1, will be In Kan«a» City If the [ilan to merge the twenty indei>endent plants west of the Mississippi river Fucceeds. The deal probably will go tlirough In tlie next few days. At a meeting In the Hotel Bnltimore representatives of all except one of the twenty plants agreetl on a plan for organization. It was agreed that if tlie plants are to merge they shall go Inm one corporation by the end of thit month or not at all. The owner? of tl 'e .'^toel industries in tl !e Kn.^t are said to he Interested in the i)'ian. The American Appraisal Company nf .Milwaukee has finished ipprai'-ins: the different plants in MI F- .-ourl. Kj'n.'jas and Oklahoma that are •-o he absorbed. The owners of stock In the icdependent companies are t" •aire ."ill pc- cent in stock and 50 per eent in 6 p?r cent bonds of the new company. Such securities will be pro rated according to the value of the pirints af appraised by the Milwanket company. The charter of the new- company is to be drawn to comply with the anti-trust laws. <Ur the .Afi.<oclateJ I»res.s) St. Ixjuis, Jan. 16.—Gerty U Stew- irt. agricultural agent of the Cotton Jelt Railroad, was burned to death n his private car in a wreck in wiilch the trains of three railroads collided tlils morning at Kelso, iWo. The accident occurred in the yards dt the west end of the Thebes bridge across the .Missis.slppl. The yards are used Jointly by all the roads crossing the bridge. The Cotton Belt passen- v;er train was waiting for the f^bicago fc Kasiern Illinois freight train to c :ros8 the bridge when an Iron Moun- ain frelglit train, northbound, crashed into It friini tlie rear, telescoping It in'o tlie Chicago & Ka.stern Illinois iVelght train aliead. Stewart's car ivas at tlie rear end of the passenger train. It telescoiied a I'uIIuian car In front of II. So far as has Iteen learn- .M). DO jmsj'engers in the Pullman ^•(!re serioii.sly hurt. The engine of he Iron Mountain train plowed Into he spe'-iiil car and tire from its fur- ;aee igvitrd the ear. fm HIS WEDDING PRESET] 0 >Hkii Sivc[»( Iij Fire. C.'j'k.M Japar. .Ian. it;—A score of iie.; iTdke out tl is iiwrning and wept away the soiuhern part of the -^Ity. The flames ate jbo bnm- 'loo buildings rajiidiy. .Nearly G.OOfl •omc3 were dep-voyed. :!0.000 persons •vcrc rendered homeless. NEWS ITEM^ongress has been held up by a strike of stenographers. r.R. NOT TIILKIlie PIPE DREIIMS rOM FOOL P6LITU'.*L REPORTS AROI'SE THK COLONEL'S IRE. The FIft of Father to Son Recorded This .tfternoon. Peter H. Reistroffer and liride, of Gn'.i'en Valley came to lola today to receive liieir wedding present from teh hands of tlie groom's father John Reistroffer. iObo of the Golden Valley neighborhood. The gift was a lieed te eighty r.c'.es of fertile Allen county land located in the Golden Valley community. The transfer of the land from father to fo;i na.« made in the office of John \V. l.a-:> register of deeds, this afternoon. NEWE.\S HERE THIRSDAY. .\drinn M. Newens Lecture the Third Number of lola Lyceum Course. Adrian M. Newens the staff critic for the Redpath Lyceum Bureau ii- to appear here Thursday night as the third nun,her of the lola I.,yceum Courg''. ' .Mr Newens po.«sp.<iscs instinctively, and has cultivated by close study, a knowledge of llie needs of the Lyceum. It means much to the ly- reum patrons to know that some competent critic is Klving much time, energy, and attentive study to censorini: and building up concert companies and pri)f.ram.<; and roakeing more sue issful already successful talent. A Fnion Snnday School Meeting. .Airs. Hobarf. one of the workers In connection with the State Sunday School Association is to be in loia Saturday afternoon to hold the flrsi of a si'iifn of conferences with thr Sunday school workers of ihe churches of (his city. These conferences wiJ. be hold one month apart. The meet ing nf'.vt Saturday will be held in th< Relormed church at 3 o'clock. All the Sunday school workers are requested to be present. Mrs. Hobart s an exnert in Sunday school work inA she has had long experience. She is also a charming lady. She will b« of great help to those who wiil lister to her instructions. Dr. W. H. Potter retnrned today from Chanute where he has been attending the annual meeting of the Kansas Dentists Association. Or. Lucas, of Parsons was elected president, and the next meeting o fthe association will be held at Pittsburg. A very interestin session was held at Chanute there being a number of very lnt>tractiv<?: papers and addresses by leaders in the profession. Th^ case ct the" state vs. W. E. Maley, charged with attacking John Heider will' a bammer and inflicting a se ;ioii6 fnjiiiy will probaijly be the next case taken up /or trial In the district lourt The question as to whether the lo­ la high school basket ball team Is tc take the state championship this yeai will be considerably cleared up In the near future. How the locals compare with Baldwin will be settled here Friday night. Some light will also be afforded by the game here a week from Friday .night with rence, which last year won the state championship. Trnufssee Ifprchant Shot. Memphis. Tenn.. Jan. IG—.lohn T 'erfenstetn. manager cf the whole•le department store 9f ii local coal •nmiiany. w.?s shot to death bore to"ay t-y \\'. T. .\ver>-. formerly a rea! dilate Aea'er. Arrt-y said he acte«I -n ••?lf defense. .teportcrs Who Try to tlet Him to** I>i^c •ss FooI{)>b Rumors Handed Short Answers. IMPORTANT MINERS' MEETIXti. rhirteen 3Ien Will Frniue Demand of Three Hiiudred Thousand I'pon Their Employers. (Jly the .*«>ii».-ial >-(l l »re .n!>) Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. W.—^Thir- een delegate?, representing three lundred thousand organized coal mln- •rs. met here today in one of the most .iiiiortajit ronfereni'es in the history if the American coal Industry, the went3-tlifrd annual convention of the "nited Mine Workers of America, and will formulate de^nands to be made jy the miners when their representa- ;lves meet the mine owners to nego- iate new wage contracts to go Into fffct April flist next, in both the bi- uminous and anehrac/te fields. Ru- iiors of di.sscnsion over the report of he credentials cotiimlttec were heard .vhen the convention opened. IS OUT OF JHIl icrsalile Uruum See-* K«d of Trouble With Oilicers. Frank Silimidt, who wa.s married est< rday afternoon to his flancee. viiss l.tora Cuintiiings. wua released roiii tlie county jill today and the •ase against him has been disn'issed jy County Attorney Taylor. There vas no longer anything upon which o bafe a pro.^ecut.on when the Cum- iiing.> family withdrew their objec- ion.s to the marriage and when the fiancee became reconciled to the re- iit^i-i atc'l liridt uroom. Schmidt join- d his bride today and, the oiHeers ope, will live happy ev^r .-.fterward. The first e.-splanation of Schmidt's lueer conduct in telephoning the tows of his alleged death, then dis- ippearing a few hours before the ime ."ci for the wedding ceremony A'as Biyen ni:t today. •Schmidt told Miss Cumuings." said in ollicer this aft.'inocm. "ihat just >efore the wedding hjur, hi.s parnats. »-ho are wealthy, arrived in the clf.v. le said they told him that he should not marry a girl who was not a :atholic. uiion pain of. being disinherited. Schmidt said be at first decided to spurn Miss Cummlngs, who s not of the Catholic filth, and save limself the wrath of 'n.= parents and he fortune as well, i-in-r on as he ;ave his action more thought, he concluded that the girl he loved was •vorfh niorc to him fan a'i the mon- ?y in tae world anj • e at ouce determined to return to lola." This explanation evldent'-v made ?ood with Miss Cummlngs. and Schmidt, having explained that he had 10 wife as was first rsported. suc- •:eeded in wiping out n maxo ol iny:->- •erles that bad perplexed tls fiancee. (Ry thff Associated Pr «s8) New York. Jan. 16.^—Colonel Theotore Roosevelt declared today that he A -as 'not dlscuBs ^g pipe dreams" on jetng uskcd. about a report from In- lianapoiis (hat he was favored by the Steel Interests for the pVasideptial aominatlon. "That is a depth of tomfoolery Co which I cannot go.'" tic said. •Jlave you read Idr. Carnegie's tes^ 'imony hei'oro t'uc Houso commlttce?" he was asked. •i did not know he had testified,* Co'onel Roosevelt replied smilingly. "We bear from Washington" said 1 reporter, "that Postmaster General Hitchcock said today that governnieni ownership of the telegraph lines If favored by Mr. Taft." "Do you?" asked the Colonel he turned away. Jicury LnBourbcr Is Dead. Florence. Italy Jan. 16.— Henry iJiBouchre. editor of London Truth, died at bis villa here today. VtM\ recently he was one of the im^t prominent Independent politlcmns in Kagland. He was a member of Parliament about half a century ago. but always declined to take office in any cabinet. WIllEO TRE DOCTOR HIS HEIIO :>Mrter Thinks There Is a Bullet in It In the Reason He Wants If. as NOTHING AT ALL TO SAY. Preacher .\rcu<^d of Murdering Yonng Girl Will Make No .Statement IRy the Anwclntcd Pres-i) Knoxvllle. Tenn.. Jan. J6.—Rev. W. D. McFarland. the United Presbyterian mountain missionary, declined^today to make any statement concerning the charges against him in Pittsburgh. Pa. in connection with dentl- 'rom an Illegal operation of Kisle Oodds Coe. his former stenographer. fir. McFarland is in Green County. Ofilcers left for there today and expect to return with him in custody. DONT KNOW WH.IT TO BELIEVE. The Buehler Girl Tells So Many Stories She Has Police Confused. Two out-of-to»-n doctors wanted fo get to Fort Bcott yesterday afternoon •arly and Mr. fiiw-ber of the Palace Garage drove them over In a car. making the trip in two hours and a half and only meeting one dlfllculty. t snowdrift which had t<i be shoveled away. Barber reached .home without nilthap. (By the A«soclated'Prms) .New York. Jah. 16.—Violet Buehler, the run-away Chicago girl eagerly awaited today the arrival of her foster mother, .Mrs. Herman Buehler, who life Chicago this morning. The girl has told so many .conflicting stories that Superintendent Walsh, of the Children's Society is unable to learn definitely whether any one persuaded her to'run away or not. Walsh says he will take action if the girl left home by persuasion. The Buehler girl says she is in love with Jack Clone a waiter, and wants to marry him. J^TILL MILLING THE BOOKS. The Chicago Packers Trial Seems to Be Largely a Matter ef Bookkeeping. (By the AHsncI »ted Press) Chicago, Jan. 16.—Counsel for the government continued their examination of the books of Morris & Co., during the progress of the Chicago packers' trial today. Dozens of additonal books were turned over to representatives of the government at the beginning of the session. Shipment books showing the sales of dressed beef by Morris & Co.. covering the period from IflOg to 1910 were exhibited to the jury. Cnlu Mnst Behaye. (I^ the Associated Presa.l Washington, Jan. 16.—The State Department has served notice on President Gomez that the United States will intervene In Cuba if further attempts are made by the Veteran organisa­ tion to nullify the law prohibiting the Interference of the military In political affair* In Cuba. (By the A-woclntcd Pr-an) Middlesboro. Ky.. Jan. IC.—Representatives of Dr. Blair, of Apache. Ok., are traveling through the mountains of East Kentucky today to Wliitesburg where they will claim the head from the corpse of Smith Pouch, promised twonty-five years ago. as payment for Dr. Blair's services in saving Fouch's life. Fouch was shot in the eye. Dr. Blair performed a hazardous operation and discovered, he says, that Fouch was able to per- 'orm the normal functions with a bullet in a lobe of bis br^n^ After Fouch's apparent recovery, he iaid he could not pay the doctor, but offered to will the physician his head. The doctor accepted and when Fouch died a couple of days ago he left a note asking that Dr. Blair be reniiod.- ed of the bequest. A medical stud- ?nt will reach Pouch's Whitesburg Iioiise tonight. Fouch's kinsman say they will permit the decapitation of •he corpse.- Dr. Blair wants to prove that Fouch lived twenty-five years with a bullet In bis brain. INDICTED BANKER DIES. T. F. McClure Drops Dead in Federal Building at Cincinnati This Morning. «By the Anxoeimrd FTmMi Cincinnati. C. Jan. 16.—Thomas F. McClure, president of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company which was closed by state examiners recently, dropped dead in the Federal building lere today. McClure was indicted, charged with receiving deposits knowing the bank to be Insolvent. BOYCE GOING TO TEXAS. Disregarding the Advice of Friends He Is Going Bark to His Old Home. (By the A.osoet.ilert Press) Winnipeg, Jan. 16.—It is reported today that A. G. Boyce, junior, is on bis way to Tsxas. Boyce, it Is alleged, recently eloped with Mrs. J. S. Snead of Amarillo, to Winnipeg. Boyce was urgently advised not to return to Tex- Saturday Snead killed A. G. Boyce, senior. ANOTHER MIRDER CONFESSION. Missouri Woman and Paramonr Admit Ktllfng Woman'.'* Hosbaiid. (By the Associated Press) St. Louis, Jan. 16.—Mrs. Martin Hunning and Joseph Seldel have both confessed that Seidel killed Martin Hunning who fell a victim of a shot fired throtish the window of his home while he stood at the telephone the night of Decemlier 9th, at HlUsboro. Yardaman Elected Senator. <By thr Assoeiated Pressl Jackson. Miss., Jan. 16.—Balloting separately the two houses of the Mississippi legislature today named J. K. Vardaman to succeed United States Senator Leroy Percy, whose term expires in March 1913. In Joint session tomorrow the election will be ratified. Vardaman defeated Mr. Percy In last summer's primaries. Harrestcr Tmat Appeals. 'Bv the AmnciatMl Pn^ni Washington, Jan. 16.—The International Harvester company filed today in the anpreme court an appeal from the action of the Miiacuri supreme court ousting it from the itate. RUSSIIt REFDSES TO SEHLE WON'T PAY CLAIM OF STAND,\B:J OIL FOB CAPTURED CARGO. The Ship Was Seised as Contraband of War Dnring the Japanese War. . (By the AssoeiaUid Press) London, Jan. 16.—The Russian gov- arnment has finally and definitely refused to compensate the Manchester & jalford' Shipping Company, the owners of the British steamer Oidhamia, and the Standard Oil Company, tite consignees of the cargo of Chat vesr tel. which was seized during the Rusio-Japanese war while on her way to \iapan with a cargo of distilled. nap- tha, whic^-^s^Ia had declared to re contraband. The StEUidard OIT Conif .•iany demanded compensation to the imount of $.^00,000. Sir Edward Grey now points on' that, failing the establlsbmebt of an ntematlonal prize court, there are no means of redress in cases,in which tlie decisions of national prize courts are unsatisfactory. BIG KANSAS CITY CONVENTIO.N. Two Thousand Delegates Attend the .Meeting of the Implement Dealers' (Tty the Associated IVes.i') Kansas City- Mo., Jan. 16.—Practically everyjtate west of the Mississippi was repr^^ted today at the opening of the W^ih-n RetafriniTHMHRlL anA eVhicle Dealers convention. Two thousand delegates attended the opening session. WRECK KILLS ONE ON A. & V. IHE 1 THE CHINESE imuji/wnnf ^k HAS ABDICATED THE THBOXB. TREUSTOF||i BOMB WAS THBOTyfr THISXdBN- ING Al- PREMIER TUAK SHI' KS.- Two Soldiers Were Killed atidl^l^hll Other Persons Are ExpSei^d-to/ Die. ' , , San FranclBce, Jta, RtateiTSM^e pScl a ^g ^on was pabllflied '^i tddiiy I D PeUhff.' , (8 T .«»Associfttsd vmni;: Sbl Kai's damage while. il |;.«i>/| his way to the Imperidt '0Olrtr^t( momitig and which liilld tifb^»\i' ' lnjar^d^«;^r«a^en other pet or tt(^(^ufi ||^are expeoUt^ i ibefi^'^^O'^inpted-to tJl|«! Kara .ilfe boVei to eicdiir'' with the crowdR which >,ti streets at th time, .ther^ ever, captured and W6re tA house in-the vlcrnttr.'. executioner was At otic8 ] with his aeslstantR Is hbi sentinel In troQt df the t ^n would-be' asshisins ir| He will remain on dut/ tht receives orders from the.J Ihotltles, who It is exjtiecti mand that the mefa be es^^cUt mediately. ' . Yuan. Shi Kai'B wouVd-bd .lillAi wereAtahjUnc on the sidtt'iK^Iki^ the I p^en^'B cArriage aff " Wh^'thtf teblcle was abdat, fro^ them one 6t tiiein t^eW.A* bomb in its direcUcjf. .but waa ao-bad that th« mtald egpfi twenty feet from the camase/ vehicle- rattled and shook froiq .stafcl^ of tba^xplosisD, bbt T*s «'4^( .Kai e^capeid unscathed and 8i|l ^$iff() wfat'to be- greatly perturj^.^ .';V>:^. ABOUT THSOUCntt^itH iJOtAlk Conmlttee iBTestteUtiOW the tnttii W w Mere WitdiMM^ Examine Few Sereral Others Were Severel/ Hurt and Baggage Car Was Burned. tny the AHsoclated Press) New Orleans, La.. Jan. 16.—An express messenger was killed severs! passenger were hurt and a baggage car w^ burned after the derailment this morning of train number one on the Alabama and Vlcksburg railroad, near Meridian Miss. HISTORIC HOTEL BURNS DOWN. Boston Lose.* Revere House Made Fa. mong by Daniel Webster. (By th« Aa^octatM Trmal Boston, Mass., Jan. 16.— Win which early today destroyed Ofh Revere House, the historic hoatMClr which had hoijsed hundreds of celebrities from Daniel Webster to the Brazilian Emperor caused a hundred thousand /dollars in damage. Flee Children Burned to Death. i8y tn- A3S<iRfiite4 Pre«ii Prentice, Wis., J'an. 16.—Five children, two boys and three girls, of John Deering ranging from one to thirteen years of age, were burned to death today when the Deering home, two miles from here, burned to the ground. The Y. M. C. A. athletics, a Y. M. C. A. basket ball team, recently challenged, through the Kansas City -Tonrp^, any 135-pound team in the world, and they have received juat two replies. One was from Argentine Kansas, with which the lola boys arranged for two games, the other ws received this morning from the Fort Scott Y. M. C. A. team. The lola five will arrange for two games with the Fort Scott boys, one here and one In Fort Scott. Both games wUI be played soon. These are invoicing day* and many of the merchants are.d^p'fn the very wearisome work of listing everything 1 the store from a paper of pins to the most expensive article carried. Not until after the invoice Is completed and comparisons made with the •tock on hand at the beginning of the year can the merchant tell what hia business has netted him during the year. 'By the Aaa>olat«d PnM} Washington, Jan. 18.— The Hdttie Sugar Trust" inreetlgatlnK ^mlnit- tee today decided to sbiit oft «n fdr- ther public hearings except td W. ii.' Bass, a Santo Doming^;, planTeV, (tie Wisconsin Beet Sugar Reflner* the Hawaiian Sugar Plantations. 1%e independent refinera'protested agaiiiit this decision. ^• This sudden limitation .of heanags was made in executive seaajon and when the committee resumed in ptitK lie session Chairman Hardi *lok.'aa- nounced that no m&te testimony with : the tariff question involved wdttld be taken. A score of wltnoia^ were waiting to be heard. ITli* recmrd has been.fUlei With Btaiementa which the ii ^teMBdefit sugar refiners are prepotM f t> e0B- tradict. Are we to get that op. ortttn- ity?" asked C. C. Hamlin, re^d fnting the Colorado Independent-iBtM ^kta.- "We will not hear anythiiijr ekcept that which. I have ouUlneai** aniwar- ed Hr, Hwdwlck. ^ , THAT DYNAMITING CUMll^^iiDT. Committee Looking lute Urii .^liriMfh. lin ..Explosion Tl^i^f^•. Indlanap6Iis. Ind., Jan, lC -41hrM exploalohs in Wisconsin aUb|Mi .td a part of a widespread eMlUUriidyi were investigated by tht^'FMilnll grand jury toddy. Two mfeH'Of .Pbitt age. WlBccnaiBf said to be r<iUUVta lOrtle MoUanigal. were l»iAabiM| Iconnection with the dynaddtl^^ft Itita portation of explosives froid Ghleaga to points in WiBconsin. -HiefexplM^ ions were at' Oreen Bay, SdtMrkit julit Milwatfkee., On hia way tt» dd thblsil* waukee Job. wjiich resaltM.uii -dlmi- age to an unloading bridge :u(d"a steamer near, ttie dock- 'ttcMaafMl said he carried four Quarta <^ aUrf- glycerine '^n a .iiiit case InnifiblMff and found aix quarta awaUlyy-glB^gl ' Milwaukee. ' : tiMpB ACQUITTED A OTILTf \ Ft. Scott JAry BeUe ^ed the PMwttr Was Too Severe, Fort ScoU, Kas., Jan. 15.—A jnir in district court here voted today jko disagree in th trial of a nun acouseA' of a felony. After agreeing to report a final disagreement the ilnrors tooir a vote through curiosity, to detenjri&o bow many believed' the man galUr- The opinion was unanimous that he was guilty. - In explaining this action after b^nf .^aeharged. members ot the Jury mild they refused to consent Uv a vertUct ot guilty becanse the penalty wa» too severe. The Jurors made no secret of. tliBir vote of guilty and the matter will'be reported tO Judge Cannon by the ooiin- ty this evenlacr. T. B. Shannon purchased the Warren Bott stock of electrical aappliea and plans to develope a department of electricity In bis store.

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