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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 24, 1954
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oily <-,« jr\ y C Sliced Thin by The Editor .Alex. H. Washburn if They Worn* to Travel Le't 'em Pny Their Own Way Too many civithm Americans rua- ing all over the- w<<r.kl on the gov- .•jjilncnt'K payroll and leHin:>; other •JrMiple -how }o live isn't the sort of thing to endear us to foreign nations. Eesid.s. it's an expensive; segment of that overseas budget! \viiicii ot.:.'' t-i.-:e.; !uuv ID maintain.; No .doubt m.i:iy ' of our citizens who are o\ p| -rsci:.? without benefit of uiiil'iii'm aciualiy do a day's | work, but lliis a!.ai pl->ces America I al a i.!i3ail\';!vii5;:,.j. Ljuavu'e in mosU of tiie Icj.-nis whore oar military and; f 'r ba;;es are siUiated the imported; »'ilii.;ii Americans are. the way! the foreigners :' which tirjir own Just niuC-'iilly wiAttttft Arkansas. . occasional showers* sterrtis this aft&frtbOft, Thursday Wartne? InTS tonight in the flofth, tions. 3TH 'YEAR: VOL. 55 —- NO. 134 S»ot of Hop* 18*9, Prt«i 1917 Consolidated Jan. It, 1*29 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDf, MARCH 24, 1954 A*. Hut \NA Opal | ;:-,-:.- the si' :il hay cut i ican civi.'im jther ti-ou.-.," inn them \viln nauvo help. .: it, Juing jut)* .Nrilc cuu;:! use-, hov.-cvxr, iuo Tiini^triitiun has ,I. I'm.;;.: to dale: u.-.aiu'.i of AmOr- • it shipped lu'ino . :.oidie;'M. j-e,'J,ie- ce yesterday ou ailj (.'r-'r.vu-t'/.-n and was •i.'iHv of iv,-:j other v.; from tin; S13.5.000! ;i. c o)s of Unv-ire. >.(> l\vO yiars in prison. day in a Luii 'in-tor Hende '"lie repn,-ie i alone, i^ur: hi Midland:; ;:•< national;; wr. re number nf erKs. ana in toll the. ;;to/y Mon-' "i.-ja cii'ipalcli from tii.Vi at one air base '.•IK.d, in tue 7JriJ;;h c-ii;.m. 4,000 'U. S. repined by an eyaai uritijh lyputs, file cu^uiik';;. TJIC saving in sjalai'i:,',:; alone amounts to H; ., A similar upheaval is rr on the continent, where Frenchmen ;;;i.i 1.!.!()!) German:; have replaced lihh-pric-ed Amcr- ' 'l can't hnajyino a solitary objection from the A.'i'iU'ii.'Mi taxpayer, who usual!;,- i'c-cis that if you want to :;ee the w.'/rid and aren't in uniform you ought to pay your own way. southwest Ar- c.v.-n of D:pr;;.:;| ivrv; clu--0!'' I'l /U''.u'4. !'Vi2 when I (':;(• :_:!];jit.";:e \\'c>", discovered. | Mir:.:. Si'.nin.'.rt^n. Uic assistant | (visMor, '.vr;? 'indicted, air.nr; with| rlnv.-.ir-'; F. Wo!;tb;'oo!;, vice prcsi-j dt-n'.. by a federal :?rand jury. Ciar;?.e s :' u b ;; cnuon'. 1 '-,' . • Were drojipou and a roconcl jury in- riifVxl i'i<> pair and Seals, a 'deer mure than 40 state] •:re filed against the Bxh i'Trs. S'lmington and West-j •ho is too ill to be tried i al t'.v: ci:"ront tV.-lc; i r;l court ses- sjo:!, have maintained tnvou?;h IS won!\;--3 f? loyal britUin;.: thr-y were inniMVint t>f ar.y \vron.'.;doin,'; in the Mrn. Sininsion and Seals were convicted lart Fri.la.v in thc-cash- NO APPOINTMENT — Sen. Karl Mundt (R-S. D.), right, and Sen. John McClelian (D-Ark.) told press conference Monday they r.till had appointed no one to serve as chief counsel for senate In- v---stigating suljcommlttee which will Investigate fued between sen. McCarthy and Army Secy. Stevens. — NEA Telephoto More Human, Less Aboyt Pay LITTLE ROCK OPI — The Weather Bureau hero is.sued Human nature beinfi what it is, iin?i of a chec!: for S4.350.80 \yrittcn you knew lur a ci :>f iju: 1 , nty that the j by Seals when hi i rseas estab-1 aip.ounted- to only Ijai'ik depotii S!.'!9. Seals li.shr.ient c.;iriii;i Y.'orkl War II and | claim; in the year:; oince includeu a In'rge \ iiiin h jflinouiit of ace-'.i;:?.-; fat — helijinj? "•rVilian IViei'i' 1 .; ;.i;e the v.'orlu at the taxpayers' cxpt-nsc. Today the .sif.'.aiiun is • being re- examiiK-d cr;U'.:,?.!Jy, and it's the best move ll:o has made since fcieconiin,^ President. You c-au'l. itop Americr.ns from thin kin:- they are crusaders, and you can't slop th-j-m from going overseas v/itli their message — unless they iirt.po.vj to U'avcl' at govor:in;ctii expense. Thou you can ,.^j|j.o)j them — u'lci y.ju' should. ""'\Vc are m:::c:i;y cur couuiry more j than a trifle ndieujoi:;.;. assuming | to tell evei'\' oihi.-'r n««4,ioti lio'.v cross its T's and uoi it.s.I's. Kunivjc'.lcrv. ansurodlfrom ,- do,-i-,):-i!. -wat-; siiCiicv:nt to i along !•!.-• eliock: ihs former assis-i east of Ardmorc ca.'-.hior said the check Continued on I-nae Two TI.S. the following severe weather 'bulletin at 1:45 p.m. "A few tornadoes arc possible m. to midnight (CSTi line 50 miles north- Okla., to 20 miler and of By ALTON L. BUAKESLEE CLEVELAND, (ffl — A ' physician who was once an ordained minister today criticized rioclors "who feel that God made them, and everybody else just happened " Dr. Robert M. Myers of Kansas Mo., made the remark in Pa urging doctors to "become more human' north of FayetteviUe, Ark., extending 100 miles northwest the line 'nL- '••: t j 3* •' ' • 200'Vevsotis 'i>.'irlicipVtD in , voti'u; r:n tiie fl':\ver arrant;ementE to l ye.storU':..v in flov/er festival upt-n- .. . j jn;-{ the Sprint; season in Hope. A generation _ago a \.-iUy. English- j Garden CiuDS ;iild Home Demon Os slru ij oa eiubs throughout the coun: ' ly j,i accr j 17 beaut, fill flowor ;;r- 1 .", !n . ;t!] , 1; , n j f . ; n as r ,-. ;l ny businesses . to tin:, popular votes man, Oscar V/i.'de, burned us with his sarcastic u/asi — "To America, whose oldest tradition • i:> her Youlh." I thrc.ULilvi'jt the to\vn. Wo do some jobs better than any | Accorclin., people on earth. But native caution j j-eceived. the Melrose Home Dem- ;;hou!d warn ut: that there are some! oiiftrati-:)-. 1 . C'li-.b arrangement, which filler jobs we know alvnost nothing ; v .-a:; lccat:.".l at the Kall-McNcill Tot about. The art uf intornmioiial' to T.xn Shop won first place in the diplomacy, for instance. first division. This ii a lime to keep our mili- | The DoAnu Card; 11 .'. Club arrange- tary su't;n.'4, tnd. call civiliu'nj I mont, 'located at the.Hoiiu Furni- of Uiii-.ing, : ture Corrrjany, won first place in fi.'ini-i the fsco/:'d division. ! The three lucky voters winning '£.").(!'.) ea ;h ere!] were Mis. Ivan jl'-riS'it, Mouie 2, Hope, Mrs. Lelan ! Warm lie'.;, 51(5 South su'c;ny, home. Ci\'iiia:i:; do a arc ext.-inpt ironi ac'.ual ing, and probally ccnsiiiuie the bia;; e - sl - menace we have to contend with ovcrsi-'us. You know v.'hut to e:ci;ect ct tna , ^^-- ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^, sK'"™ American ever know, \K»*\ W* S< ^- K™. Troy Green- rt'ifv'hat to CK:.;ee'. of a fellow Americun ' ; -' J - IJ --"->-' ••"• By ...JOE WASHINGON I/Pi—The Senate dealins! with patients ritka! Yet Jce Says ByDAXji N MOORE AVASHlffON, (UP) — Presi- lent Eislower said today that .memplbjjfenl has not reached a join", \yjil a slam-bang emergency fcddrlprngram is necessary. The 'Psidcnt made these re marks.:a|is weekly news conference sMy after the Commerce Departing published a report showing jjit business is still on slight' ijvngrade. Mr. .E$nhower said the continuing ine.fse in unemployment is admitted!'dangerous. But he added that ias not reached the point where,;':'. 6- federal government lould^tli? emergency action. An aifgency program at this time, 'flf president said, might dampqnjjc chances of an orderly busincsaplurn later in the spring. The sEipident's statements weie evoked y a reminder from a newsmajthat on'.Feb. 17'he had ^oiinued on P?ee Two ' >•+ AT "',£>* it?M k » i ' *&£ McCarthy Shouldn't Allowed to Take Pa in Hearing, Ike Hi . . _. •' --I „ i. III.I--1- •—••-— i i" i m in'•'••'• * 11* •*"•*( K • K • Can Detect Three Killers in Early Stage By FRAK CAREY BOSTON WI—Boston scientists 'LI'nife ROCK, (UP) — Robert „ . Holl\»fl of Smackover today be o-sptc.allv piosppctivt motneis |nmi tjj first candidate to file foi Consul.® for the Arkansas Demo- ciatic Jumary elections. H«Uiger filed his corrupt prac to the An if "in Ac.i dcmy o f Gonenl Piactice, Di Myeis have devised methods of detecting and diagnosing in o relatively early stage three of the commonest killer —cancer ot the brain breast and uterine cervix, the tip of the womb. The resuHs or tills rcsp.arch were disclose;! today to n group of science writers touring leading research canters under Ihe guidance «T the Am'irican Cancor Society. A Tufts Mecical School scientist, Dr. William H. Fishman, has ound a -simple, cheap si'l r.ipH vay of detecting not only well- established cancers of tin.- uterine cervix in Pcst-menopci iial women nit also cin n ei"5 of ruTfWHUt ;ize and even prccsnacvous • '?pn ditions. While his method,missed a litUe less than 20 per cent of proven cancers, it biought to lifjht many canccious and preranccious con ditions which might have been missed by , conventional methods he said. ' HendrixBand to Play Here March 29 CONWAY (Special to the Hope Slar ) __ The Htfrtdrix College Varsity Band, widtr the directWn of Dr. Ashley R. Coffman, will present a pi ogram at the Hope High School, Monday, March 29. It will be the band's third appearance in its annual spring tour, hich this year will take them UJ, O T l'~l J.J.V^VJJfri 1 - 1 - J-* *>-•*-* 1110 v, *y.«. * **i^ « i**"^ 'I have a veiy dcdn^to convjc-, liceijedge to make the race in tion that the piote^ional docloiMbe *^Uh District against Oren ^_i__, ._ i „„«! ^n^^rti^ i-, T-T niic^f ivii TinrnHn. the incumben in e e-ted in his picl ctbook slc'ad of the patient, and thinkm? only of rctuing as soon as moie to stnt 1 01 fuithei ble does, fai the cause of m»dicint than all the ponticions who ever lived." Tear is the mpst cmtwran com takes up today a bill."to slash ex- ise taxs by almost a billion dollars yearly, with the administra tion facing a fight to prevent further cuts in revenue. Both Sen. Millikin (R-Colo), floor manager for the measure, an <3 Majority Loader Knpwland (RCalif) predicted the bill .would go through wthout any substantal change. But, unlike the House, the Senate considers tax legislation under procedure that pei-mts amendments to be offered freely. Thus undustries which would get no tax reliefe in the excise measure as presented to the House, by its Ways and Means Committee Waf.liingUin will have there first newopportun- ily to seek cuts in the Senate. 'The Senate leadership hopues to Continued on Page Two strutting His distant J:-r,-,d. civilian »Lul!l' in I TV :'m . .. bv Collier Tire '"and Bal- ETV the Ke-.np- Club l;eid K:; ni;Ju at Cit.v ; * Junior Divi.iio;i stead Kiflo and I-' initial n;i. •jU'.y i. hail wiih a yroup oi iilty youth and inn-en!:-;. Thirty-nine- elected ofl'icei pHcalion .for a civ Nuiional Ilii'Je AKO Oflic:.'rs elect in! "Butch" Graiiau:, iery Shop. The retail n.oi';.-hants committee of the H ;po Chainber.of Commerce feel t;?.at the aciivities and the en- lire day V.T.S a hu;ji- success, and s'c !-y bi: i.-ert'iy the rnerehanls ex- I pressed llioir lli:;nUs to the garden i clubs, h-niio dci'nons'.ration clubs, j t.n.i to '.ho v.-.lei's !">«• their splendid j cooperation and participation on i thi:- (,'.;i;a.-'ior., ^V)n:l^:: l :^ ma.v ;'.\.-iiii'Is at trie Cor.mivr.'o office. Ivlanv i.if the '.vorkini! -club mern- !>ei'.; and obyi-i^-ei 1 :; havu already sii3;:c:;t(''d th.nt (his be made an annual atiiiiir, aio:i.'_; with suggehlions •for inukini; it bipao;- and better. Tiie eniire March Promotion pick up their ^ioe Chamber of ;-e Ciitirk-s res., John Y. Fro::;., and Lhavie Helms, Coii'iniitiiH: of the iri(H-(.:hants, v.-ho ai'e y.'tiki 1 Kelly, chairman. Jack Lone, IU ;iry Ha\ne;;, S. 1«. Droach, •T*»"Aii adult advi 1 .01 conuiO.se.i i; 1 .' Carl .iU'iLcn't: instructor, Fred Grecian" 1 ., AVeiiJcnbei .vf^.')', Jcrome W. C. GL'uti'.V, Le:-: Hi Alvi'.i \Villio 'wai: anprovod. I A inoi.'jl;er:;hip Ico of .'iU cents per I inuiiiber wu:; approve dar.fi April j 1st was set at a cUue IV.r a moctin;;' with -the adult advisory comniitlee in order to set .up prescribe,', ni^htr, '''.<•• firin;; orders to rucoivi: •;;roup \viil befi'in actual range .:!.• ii',nru:.iii,;tclj upon re, ;;;;pro\al oi' ila charter from \vish to esperinl- ir.i-niU-.'-eily than::' ivl•.'.= . IT. F.. Luck, Pre;;i- .-hie.!i' cU'Tii of l : ie Hope Federation Gar- Koyce den Clubs, and Mrs. Charles V/.vlie, JXu'lie., Jr., | County i-fom.e Ueinonsl.raiion Agent, •j;;. Jr. aiici| I' 1 '!.' iboi:' splendid help in the arts ' v.'ith tlif; individual iiK.'i'eliauls for this flower lor can do much to relieve it. Dr. Myers said. "See "Nora Brown' as a complete individual instead of seeing her only a's a machine which shall i soon give birth to a baby." ' Economic fear "is also one ot the complications uf pregnancy. I foel the patient has the rifjht to know almost exactly to the dollar what the baby is going to cost. I would far rather hear my patients say, "Is that all you are going to charge me' instead of, 'My, doctor, I can't afford all that" Dr. Myers said, "if we have.any reason to exist as the' 'American Academy of General Practice, I believe it is 'primcrily to .bring the very best medical c'ire at Ihe very lowest possible, cost to the most number of H uii<53f El Dorado, the incumben who hs announced but not filed foi jeeection. • .'• . • .•' ',! Hollijgcr mailed his pledge to Selyiidy of State C. G. Hall. «/ Wi Lookadoo of Arkandelphia (Stslte Sen. Jack Clark of Tex- pna have indicated 'that they fht make, the race. ..';•'• " _% fourth'.'Congressirihal'tidislric.t, made up of 17 counties in South Southwest Arkansas. and gave to the city lor a i - f L b and Pony league baseball „*"? ""!' HQ nnnaii sire/ Used to Pay Off Baseball Park Proceeds derived from the llth annual -Kiwanis Mir.istrel will be used to pay on the indebtedness of K-Park which the organization purchased and gave to the city for a Little field. Funds from previous ministrels and other club undertakings were used to help set up the Parks and Recreation Commission's 1953 program. Prior to 1953 funds had been the principal source of support for the Hope Youth Center, now under jurisdiction of the P&R Commission. President Norman Moore of the Local club, Director Emmett Thompson and other Kiwanians urge the public to attend this year's minlstref not only to see a fine show but to help the recreational program. WASHINGTON (UP) — The cost of living declined slightly last month, the government • reported etioh of V ASHINGTON, I/P) — Completion of; \vo multi-purpose projects to $72,090,000 for the White Ri. „. Valley in Arkansas was roe- oir nencled by the Chief of Army En'Sneers yesterday. However, Maj. Gen. S. D. Stur gis Jr., ruled out construction of iliite other White River projects u; (this time, Bi a revised report Sturgis rec- 'rtmc-ndcd construction of Beaver Riservoir on the White River at a st of $44,960,000 and the $27,136, OCl addition of power to. the al- rcfidy authorized Giver's Ferry ood Control Reservoir on the Red H f; R Planes Strike at Coolies Helping Reels HANOI, Indochina (UP)—Fre'nc pilots struck today at a suppl 4ram'o£.430,QOO coolies and hundred of-truclo crawling-Eolith fronv-jh Chinese border with tons of ammi njtion and food for starving Com munist besiegers of Dien Bio Phu. *W l Bright sunny weather permi ted the airmen to bomb and straf the traffic on the road which elim inates a tot al of 300 miles o twisting trails and paths over th Thai mountains. It was on this new and bus hungle thoroughfare that the Frenc filers killed 1,200 Viet Mihn troop over the weekend. The Frenoh were flying a rour the clock in an all-out attempt ' prevent the bulk of supplies froi •caching the hungry forces crafty Communist Gen. Vo Nguye Giap. ! tod a? . Statistics reported that its consumer price index fell two-tenths of one pel- cent between Mid-January and mitlFebruary, out tins the index at 115 per cent of average 1947-49 pri- preci.'i the N. Courif 1 a T the legal amount of iutuxicat- show occasion. VO 1 s Its Hysbonds Who y Like to Put Soiory — « ' bet ladies" at I suspect most ot Siu-uld house- .them are written by nasty old bus- By HAL BOYLE T-JKW YOTiK, (.Vi - vives he paid a . vaU.ry foi 1 their! bands 's MiiuJeipul court ne\vs, ?•<•"• '-''A in the home j The reason for my suspicion is published Tuesday, listed J. S.'. This vivoblen hasooppod up! ^in-,i-.lr>. I made an informal poll on (Bully* C'onway :'..•;' forfeitiiu.;' a S25 periodically on the American scene this topic No'wife I talked to really cash bo-id f.n chargo of possessing tvor o>m-i> women won co/ial wanle d to be paid a salary for • -* • .... ..:.,. ... ..,. ..-..,. from I performing her housa-hold chores. But, 'uipnsmgjy, many husbands .tin : -il of working decline, the this ti Ie said the addition of power cilitias at Water Valley and Lone >ck and cons,truction of Gilbert im "are no justified at this ig liquor and beer. This is incorrect. Mi Conway's I ri!;ht:;-- thero. "A trial was continued until next week, jfor liei- jirocerios and an .occasion- _,,j error was a typographical mix- up in records and the Star is tyippy to make this correction. , AL fY f !IE.bKED STOCK!)Dl H, J- >t Swedish thump, o'uti ill crumb ol' raise," 'writes an '•ir.dj'iaant lady" in a lotlor to the f-dil.-.ir. "J'U'.r- husband gets cash \ v i \> n 'lotiU'ii t hi nay hie " »l ltd , toi ' ter, was brcuyiit by lower for food, transportaticiu. tp'cvision sets and radios, tickets, and a number of olhei goods and services. The decline was not cntnudi 1o affect the wages of SI .000.000 i.ul workers whose pay is tied to the price index, BLS Commissioner Ewnn Cla-u"' noted the "widespread" nature of the February pi'ico declines. He said "the general business situation' undoubtedly is afi'ectiiK the price situation." Cla?;ue indicated ho thinks tlu.e may bo a further decline in the cost of living this month. He suid, however, that prices arc "still stable" and there is "no in- ciicalion" that the bottom is go- ins to drop out. OF 4(1 cities surveyed, S9 icpori ccl lower average food price-. Three Rescued From Water Tank —Three painl- fioip the cil> , „„„,... „„„ „„„„„ „., Write; tan.k'here this m<unmp after 'wife wape" can be divider! they were overcome apparently by Sunday jcerilerville's monthly singing ser- \jce will be held Sunday, March 28, starting at 2 p. m. The service PUL ' J " ij open to the public. irough southwest Arkansas. rectlx 6h l -that be pu..,....-;—, cr6ss-ekai^ina|16ni^ tion.of'a^spltrbe committee" *-&«*" ina^!(i«,uiu. «vhiMww»> ship 1 C 6vad x es(ia^f:th« ity fqr, d&rr3?in'g " ^^ practice? 'that ;r participate ta.t jwn casCsr *4' v irig with'/xep'orYerS'lj dent was asked!-j '.^t A. R. Cpffrtian ,. The Hope program,, which' begins at 8 p. m., will include.numbqrs by^ Rossini, Bizet, Straus^, Wagner, Tschlakowsky, and Sousar Purposely designed for a wide variety of yV music, the prpgifaita. , "something lor everyone," accord- in -gto the Director-.»v-Included will be several novelty numbers. t ,. ,' "Trombofte Troubn4PttW t ^wlD be pi-escnted by a trombone j(juartet. consisting oi Ruth McKissoft of Yellville, Morris Cummings Of COn- way, Dorothy Bicketts of Bauxite Continued on Page Two *7 wvi.ii *-'»'**"»*ei*'i k T:*'iii*" \Th~e,V%el}a|ii|i; tifc'A4Wn$& ,UcU|w^W* M flat)y tha't'ta" a- party fij^ Auditors Check Pine Bluff Firms LITTLE ROCK UP) —State Revenue Department auditors ci.ocked 734 Pine Bluff firms last week for violations of state sales tax laws and recommended further audits of 202 of the businesses. Tlin auditors said 30 Pine BlufC merchants were operating without sales tax permits. More detailed audits also were recommended for 314 of D64 Fort Smith businesses checked on a surprise business-to-business survey last \voek. Forty of the Fort Smith firms were opeiating without a sales tax permits, said the re ports. INJURIES FATAL FORT SMITH W) — Sixty-thiee- year-old Edward Smith of Fort Snath died in a hospital here yes terday of injuries received in a car-truck wreck Thursday. netu- WoJdron thouphl it a great ..,.. . Tiie women who opposed a weeU- AL ers were rescued into two closes, and theii summarized as follows; i'D - l ut i 1 d 1 u> ;'iont pi nit 1 1. High-Minded—-"No amount mm> nionc-y coul?j compensate views paint lumps, while woiism side the tank. in- Emma Morton Davis It'b anothei yeai i^ Kmma Morton Davis Thui»doy. her 104th. Bom in slaveiy on March 23, 185C on the fa m o fl;er former maptoi Fhjah Ferguson p£ of ...„,,„ ami (.ilK'H inmul ol D>"> a»H WP ! > I' 1 ? 11 ou»i»l hp>e t^- i(f\ o twoclnj itato v^wt. pt <I f i boat tlfC/ d\\ iv, httul «i ti«-|wil( toi th<> labor, love, and tender ., ,L,i i n» in t)K- PU'JUC cii»t MIC; lavishes upon her family •it >fvi l no'A' \>hjt I MIS- The debt her busban^ owes. IM.F ut iSicsc ktlrrs i MibRoctlls rpu')lu(^l, nql, linawlpl,'" „ tlrrs J MibBoct ig n by "mcjUgnsntJ The names of the men were not learned. The Pine Bluff Fire Department was called to help brjng W\e ojat of ^t^j ton, children and ay of ptglv a son, Shiilta Payis p| Washington; Shw lias Ji,ve4 hw hfe er e, and Columbus' Church Women to Hold State Convention Mrs. H. H. Tucker, President United Church Women of 'Arkansas, will preside at the Ninth'An nttal Convention to be held in the First Presbyterian Church of El Dorado, Arkansas, March 29-30. Mrs. T. S. Lovett of Grady, program Chairman for the'convention gives 2:00 p. m. March 29th, as the time Registration will begin, followed by a Board Meetng from 2:00 to 4:30 p. m. Dinner will be served in, the First Christian Church at 0:30 p. m. with, Mrs Frank Russell of El Dorado in charge of Arrangements. Mrs. Jrsse Bader, of New York", Nat ional Board Member, will be gues| speaker at the dinner. ' The Convention will observe I CommuniQn Meditation from 9?QO to 9:30 a. m. March 30th in the First Presbyterian Church, witl the opening session of the day a 9:43 a, in, The theme of the Con vention is, "Christ Calls to Mis sion and Unity," with Mr?. Bad.er serving as discussion, leader. Miss Myrtle Chavles, pf Hen,drix College, who is serving as Chajr man of the National Publication "The Church Woman," vy,iU be in charge of the program at the lun cheon to be held in the First Metho dist Church from 12:30 to 1:30 Tuesday. no tnent, \( . >ut feels, if cross ? 'exa? Ail Around the Town By The 8t*r Staff asjced to ' " ,, tJK i <--jvs,.;'KB-«g5spr«:rt Fin$'Rf$W . , v ». Wto . / fit' H&&i mi Stamps; i- JT—FT" pj^ (,Thursday,, Cornelhi " SJlvey. <* Gemeie,* Bob Shivers uished into this of- ice late Tuesday telling about o big icadache and he wasn't kM^ng . . . icems United Exposition Shows 0,200 pound elephant "Babe" has an aching tooth which has paused ler jftw to swell and she won't let icr ownci near the molar ... the .how is ichedulud to open its spring any day now and Babe is and Mrs, White, a feature attraction ... the item vas put on the Associated Press wuo and it made the trunk line which, sent it pll over the United States ... as yet no suggestions have come in on how to putt th,Q tooth or how to ease the pain anybody want the job? The Star has leselvod a ' lelease from The Hope p Hope, Kansas , , . seeroa a concerning a Hope man -was to the Kansas city by the for^ gree ion,?!*,,,,,,, ' J%$ «»«•; p.e it , /.$ Kansas Hope, ac,eo«Ung tp Mg claims thai ' city ; , the Firsf Home of the another line on the add, Gen,<? Smith, Hotel W93b<$m'':m$ 4.*'. *A f s in ' ,

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