Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 20, 1976 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 7
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Battle for the Consumer's Dollar Resumes NEW YORK (AP)-As personal income rises and inflation subsides — although . remaining high and threatening to worsen again within the year -7 the battle for the consumer's dollar resumes. . During the recession this competition receded,almost out of sight. Gloom fed on gloom; What good.would it do to advertise and promote if the consumer wasn't .in a position to buy? And so it went, down into the maelstrom. .There is a more vibrant spirit appearing now, and it is evident on Main'Street and Wall Street,, in the classified ads, in housing promotions, in vacation plans, in the corporate forecasts'for profits. Although, the typical urban family of four now needs $15,500 a year to maintain a mod- erate standard of living. $1,200 mare than a year ago, some families at least have a few dollars to spend on other than necessities. But underlying these obvious indications of how Americans are spending or. planning to spend their money is another stratum of character that never changes. It is restrained, conservative and still concerned with basic security.; , . : ' Three examples of this trait are provided in these announcements: "—Not since the end of. World War II in 1945 have Americans bought more Series E Savings bonds during any ttfree-month period, said the Department of 'Treasury. The .quarter referred to was the first one of 1976: ••••'.' :".:' In that period, total sales of E and H bp^ds amounted to times Herald, Carroll, la. Tuetday, April 20, 1976 $1.98, billion. Although redemptions also were high, sales exceeded cash-ins by $214 million, and brought the total outstanding to nearly $69 billion. : , . George Stinson, chairman of National Steel Corp. and chairman ..of the U.S. Industrial Payroll. Savings Committee, -attributes much of the support .to bi-. centennial-related patriotism. But there seems to be a more basic reason too, a reasbrunvolved with financial security. It would seem that people invest for their own financial reasons rather than the over-all good of society, . —Fringe benefits, as they are called, are hardly the fringe of the payroll anymore. Every worker realizes that remuneration in services is as good or even better than being paid in cash. Dental insurance, says the Conference Board, has now become the fastest-growing employe'benefit in U-.S. industry. Nineteen per cent of 1.600 companies surveyed have such plans, compared with only half that in 1972. ' —Although most workers are covered by Social Security, and many also have pension benefits associated with t h e i r place of employment, more and more . Americans are taking nothing 'for granted. There are many variations in how pension benefits are built, they know, and there are just as many variations in how the money can be distributed. One of the more popular pension fact booklets available was published recently by the institute of Life Insurance. 277 Park Aven., New York 10017, and is being offered free — single copies — by writing to that address. If you can't send you, send ^^^•ihet Red Cross. The Good Neighbor. A RuWic Service ol TNs Newspaper i The Advertising Council COOP ATTENTION MR. FARMER! The New Carroll Co-op Anhydrous Ammonia Plant Is Now in Operation And Accepting Orders! We Have Six Applicators Available For Your Use CALL US, TODAY For The Best Deal in the County 792-9705 - Carroll Mine It With A Classified! TOPMOST PHARMACY TOPMOST PHARMACIES Shower of Specials LOOK FOR YOUR TOPMOST PHARMACY LISTED BELOW Friendly service-special attention to prescription needs. 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