Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY RJEGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 15,1912. FELIX AND FINK—Life in the Boxing Academy is not always a Bed of Roses WlLU HAVE SOMEJ SPORT V/ITH J EGBERT^/ WELL WHO 'S \ THE FIRST .VICTIM ?/ WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan ot $S0O on a new eight room bouse on paved street, close In, east front Want it for three years and am willing to pay good Interest. The Peterson Land Co. WANTED—SEWING TO DO; 421 N. Oak. WANTED—TO BUY CALVES. Phone 91-22. WANTED—TO RENT 5 ROO.M modern house. Address Box 302. WANTED—RAG CARPETS AND rugs to weave. Call and see samples | otiuifk; 912 N. Chestnut street. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH bii7.z Raw. Phone 461. WANTED—GOOD LAND, WELL -Improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more if worth the money asked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. Meshew & Company, Tulsa. Okla. WANTED—TWO IJVDY SOLICI- to:s, npat in appearance, for work In lola. Easy spller, bis commissions. Kansas Sign & Advertising Co.. 209 S. .Jefferson. WANTED—.MIDDLE AGED WOM- an for light house work; 41C N. Third. S. W. Bird. WANTED AT ONCE— YOrNG LADY desirous of making pood wants position at once as clerk in store. Write Ellen M. Doring, Gas, Kans. \V.\NTED—BOARDERS AND ROOM ers; ^ooil rooms; modern house. Pl:one 206. WANTED AT ONCE—WHITE WO- m;in as dish waslier. Pennsylvania hotel. WOMEN — S E L L GUARANTEED ho«e; 70 per cent profit; make $10 daily; full or jiart titiio; beginners investigate. STRONG KNIT, box 402y West Philadeliihia, Pa. nM>TtD—CLEAX WHITE R.VUS. Will pay 3 cents a ponnd. Keglstcr offfce. fenced; ino bearing trees; 3 ratlroads within 11,2 miles; station 50 feet from corner farm; R. F. D. :rui-al teleplione Will trade for good inside residence or business property, lola. Price $7000. Mortgage $1600 3 years 6 %'c. Write ow'ner. Lock Bo.x 255, Chetopa. Kans. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. TO TRADE. ICO acres north central Oklahoma; 95 ciiltivalod, meadow, pasture: all l.nC.\L REPRESENTATIVE WAN- iil No ciinvassing or soliciting required. (iDOd inrome assured. Address National Co-Operative Realty Co. V 1423 Mardon Buildiup. Washington. D. C. EOR SALE—TWO CHOICE PURE blood Mammoth Bronze Turkey Toms. ,\lso some Barred Rock Cockerels. A. n. Morrison, lola Route 2. FOR SALE OR EXCHA.NGF:— Stevrns 22-caliber rifle; 10 guape slioti;iin: box of tools. Address M 140, c;ire Register. FOR SALE—A GOOD SIX YEAR old horse; sound and gentle. Phone 104. Residence 704 E Lincoln. J. W. Primmer. FORTY ^VCUES AT BARGAIN, quarter west Kincaid; all kinds fruit; excellent water and location; good soil, house and barn. Write or call. Frank IX)ugherty, Kincaid. FOR SALE—P U R E MAMMOTH Bronze turkey toms. Phone 91)7-12. FOR SALE—SOME BROOD SOWS and male bog; good stock and cheap for quick sale. First house south Electric power house. JJ. K. Black. FOR SAl^—MY COUNTRY HOME west of Hospital, 17\fc acres ground, 6 room house, the finest barn in Allen county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked up good, an Ideal place to live. Reason for selling, am located in the West where I have business interests. This place will tnake a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR EXCHANGE—22-ACRE SUB- tirban home, near town In Coffey county. This Is extra finfe. Want lola properly worth from $3 000 to $5,000. Call on The Allen County Investment Co., 213 S. Washington Ave. lola. Kans. FOR SALE—39 ACRES OF NO. 1 bottom land within 1 mile of lola. at a bargain price; $500 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evans Bldg, lola. 100 ACRES OF IMPROVED LAND in southern Missouri and good large fuur room house In lola to exchange for land near lola. Trade with owner Address 1024 N. Cottonwood lola. FOR SALE—TWO SECOND HAND coal heating stoves. Diamond Barber shop. FOR SALE—80 ACRE IMPROVED farm, by owner. Box 7S. J. W. Stevens. Humboldt. FOR SALE—A GOOD MILCH COW at a bargain. Call at 1205 N. Buckeye. FOR SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- pington pullets and one cockerll. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. FOR SALE—NUMBER ONE HEDGE post.^. H .Underhlll, Geneva, Kans. FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN. MY two story modern residence, 219 N. Cottonwood. Reasons for selling. !i-avius' c'ty. Terms or cash. A. E. Balllet. STRAYED OR STOLEN. STRAYED—SORREL MARIO. BALL face, blmd In one eye .weight lOtM) lb.'?., heavy set. iiboul 10 years old. C :ill 707, lola. FOR RENT—FOR RENT THE DAY'S NEWS AILAHARPE .W OLD fi.VS WK1.L. -VVTKB TWO VK\KS. rO .MLS TO LIFE. >'umerons Personal and >'ens Xotes From Our Thriu'nsr Little .Xefgh- hor on the Kast. IRA B. FRANTZ BEGISTEKED OPTOXETBIST Humboldt, Kas. .'.loran, afternoon of Jan. 16 and all day the 17th. l.aHarpe, Jan. ISth and 19th. LA UAHVK. .Ian. i:..—Friday nipbt about twi-he oiloik t!u' t-iuzens in fhe neiphhorliond of the 2('<.' block on South Jeffer.son streei. were awakened by a sound reserablinK that of a snort ing railroad ensrine. The sound t-on- tinued and In- an investication, and to their astonishment, the noice came from an old ^'as well abandaned by the smelters about two years ago. The pressure was very high which accounts for its bursting the large drum. Contrary to the custom of most of the smelters the east works left the oa.sinp in the well and during the past year a heavy jiressure of gas i accumulated. Men were put to work ; yesterday morning and at four o'clock j the well was turned in the main line ' to the works. An exi>erienced man 1 was asked if this was an uncommon j occurrence, who replied: "No, it isn't if the Kansas fields can be compared with the fields in Indiana. This has occurred in Indiana numerous times. The pressure was not quite so strong as the original well but a good flow n^ulted for a number of years 1 think there would be numerous cases of Wills bursting loose in this ;• .I 'ltry three or four years after abar.ilon- mini. if ijie casing should be Icii in ;L.' well.' —K. S. H.Tlni M. 11.. Oculist. .vliss Hazi! Keod elaborately enter- Uunoii t'le 1-adies" Sewiug club Satur ii;;y afternoon at the Hines home on S< uth .Main street. An impromptu ])'. ngrani was rendered after which dainty refreshments were served. .1. K. Dixson of Siotesbury. Mo., will be the guist of Mr. and .Mrs. Will Boyer for a few weeks. Mr. Dixon say.s it was eiiriiiten below zero in Stotes- biirg Thursday. .Miss l.yiia .Murray, of lola, W.TS the ini.-st of .Mrs. .1. W. Holt last week. .[. K. Piikell. of Caflin. Kas. was in town on business with Holt and son Saturday. Dr. F. S. Hahn went to Kansas City Saturdity uifernoon. called tliere on ac.-oimt of the illness of liis son Charles. .Mrs. Halm and son have been visitini; her parents there for the past few weeks. PUBLIC SALE I nill sell at Pnhlir Sule on nhut U known as (he old J. S. Ball fanii, 4 miles north and H mile )s «>t of IOIR, OM SiuXv Street riiiid, iiud 1 mile suatli iiBd 1^ miles west of I'arlyle, on Wednesday, January 17, 1912 B^iriliiiiD!; at 10 o'clock, a. the follow ini; desrrllied firoprrO: 3 HEAD liUBSES. 1 .i-year-oid mare, safe in foal. wt. 1100 lbs.; 1 10-year old mare, safe In foal wt. lo'ii) lbs.; 1 11-ycar-old borse, wt. 13u0 lbs. II HE.iD f.VTTLE. 4 good milk cows giving milk, will be fresh in spring; 4 good heifer rilves, three good steer calves. Three >I these calves I have been fattening. 6 H£.\D HOOS. I fine Poland China sow, will have tgs by day of sale. I think; 7 fat h>«s weighing :iOO lbs. and up. These ae Poland China. Some are good gilts. FABJI I-VPLEME.yr.S. good farm wagon, 1 light dray w %iD, 1 carriage. 1 mowing machine. 1 •wo-section harrow. 1 cultivator— sprii? trip. 1 riding plow, i walking plov, lister and drill. 1 double shovel. MISCELL.INEOIS. 11 tor. chickens; 1 Sharpless sep- arattr, nearly new; I Incubator (Old Tiusty; churns; 1 grindstone; 1 set h<avy blocks and tackle; 25 gal. cider vinegar: lOij qts canned fruit; 20 bu. turnips; 80 bu. Red River Ohio potatoes; 2 sets work harness; 1 set set single harness; 1 sled; 5 bushels pc p corn. FEED. 375 bu. corn; 10 bu. seed corn; aLout 10 tons millet and cow pea hay; 120 shocks of shredded corn fodder in barn; also some com fodder in. shock; 35 shocks Kaffir corn; some Kalfir corn in head. HUrSEHULD GOODS. 1 range, 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 dining table. 1 sofa. 1 sewing machine, 1 wardrobe. 3 iron beds, springs and mattresses. 1 dresser, 1 writing desk. 1 organ, nearly new; 3 stand tables, 3 cupboards, 1 refrigerator, 4 rockers 8 dining chairs. 3 9x12 rugs, 1 carpet. 1 linoleum. 10x12, some dishes and cooking vessels. Other articles too numerous to mention. lEKSTS OF S.VLE— All sums of $10 and under, cash in hand. AH sums over *» a credit of 12 months will be given, purchaser giving note with appro^ security, bearing Interest from date If paid when due. If not paid *en due to draw 107' from date of sale. 4^ discount for cash on credit ales. No property removed until settled for. Bankable note required. COL., BISHOP. Jlactioaeer. 6. JL PHLUS, Ctert. fc—T -Viin UJNCB ON CBOONDa.._ WALltR S. JONES .Mrs. John Wasson and daughter left Saturday night for Muncie. Indiana. I to Join .Mr. Wasson and make their l;omp. .Mrs. Jones shipped her household goods Saturday to West Horo .Mo. wiierr- s!i(^ expects to go the middle of this Week. Harry Jolly went to City Saturday to seek employment. Jre Iturger. L. E. Burtch and J. W. SiLinirler attended the big bantjueti given by the Encampment of the I. 0. O. F. lodpe in Chanute Friday night. C. L. Wilson and C. E. Pennington r:'.cii sl-.ii >;H >(l a car of hogs to Kansas i City today. Mrs. H.ulah Myers after a pleasant! week with irionds liere. returned to ! !<;irtle>\ine yestenlay. Grover Myers i :i< coiupanied her and will seek work j at the smelters there. j Robert Webb, of Wichita, was in i rou II Saturday on a short business ' trip. i N. H. Harrell, after a short visit 1 with Uis father, W. N. Harrell, re- } turned Saturday to ills home near Ku- | reka. C. II Hackney and Philip Coblentz have returned from a business trip in I Kansas City. R. E. Marling. of Moran. visited friends here Friday and Saturday. i Owing to a severe case of grip Bert^ Shaul was unable to i)erform his duties in tl'.e barber shop Saturday. CASE OF DIPflTHERM AT GAS .V >0T1IER riTrZE>.S' .MEKTIXt; TO HE HELD THIS EVE.M.MJ. Personal >'otes Report the Goiai; and I'omincs and Doings of (<as City People. NOT SALTS. tUL OR PILLS BIT C.VSCJBETS \o Odds llnw SIrk Your Stomach:! Hon Hard Your Ilend .lehes or i How Billons—Cnsrarels Make You Feel (treat. You men and women who somehow can't get feeling right—who have an i •jlmost dally headache, coated Tongue 'o\il taste and foul breath, dizziness, -an't sleep, are blllou.^ nenou.'i and li'set. bothered with a sick, gassy dis- ' irdnrpjl stomach, or have backache \nd feel all worn out. .\re you keeping clean inside wltli Cascarets. or merely forcing a passageway every few days with .salts, cathartic pills or castor oil? This is important Cascarets work while yon sleep: cleanse and regulate the stomach, remove the sour, undigested and fermenting food and foal gases; take the excess bile from the liver and carry out of the ystem all the decomposed waste matter and poison In the Intestines and bowels. A Cascaret tonight will straighten you out by morning—a 10-cent box from any drug store will keep your entire family feeling good for months Don't forget the children. They love Ca.=carets because they taste good—do good—never gilpe or sicken. —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market. Phone 818. Hoi SpHmgm, Ark* Round Trip Tickets, loto to Hot Spriosa. Ark., with ntun limit of three months from datr of sale, with atop-over prlTilesaa going and tetum on aala every day In the j^r, for S18.60 The ooa way tare la I1S.M. E. E. MUNGER. (JAS CITY, .Ian. 15.—The first case o! diphtheria this winter was reported Saturday afternoon. Glen Wood. \i ho is now at the home of his grand- l*.ircnts, .Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hackney, w.ts taken ill the first of last week with the croup which gradually de- \eIoi >ed in diphtheria. The home was ijnarantined Saturday evening. —Flannel and Corduroy Shirts on siiecial sale at the Model this week. .Mrs. .Arthur .A. Kinman with household goods, left yeseterday for Collinsville to Join Mr. Kinman and make tiieir home. They have many friends here who dislike to see them go but nevertheless wish them success and haIllline.^s In their new home. The citizens will hold another meeting this evening in the city hall. The main object of the meeting is to raise a necessary fund for the conducting of the test meter case. Other subjects that might will be fully discussed. .Mrs. Jesse Rof>erts returned Saturday from point.s in Illinois, where she has enjoyed the past three weeks. .Mr.-i. Roberts was In a small wreck Just this side of St. Louis, but very fortunately she escaped uninjured. .Mis. W. E. Hlome pleasantly entertained the Embroidery Club Friday af- ti -rnoon at her home on North Daily street. After the work light refreshments Were served and an enjoyable iflernoon rei >ortcd. Mr. and Mrs. C .E. Burns of Parker. Kas.. spent yesterday with Mrs. Burn's mother, Mr.s. R. 'w. .^tantin. Df West Gas. Mrs. Eugene Laughlln has returned to BartlesvlUe afte^ a pleasant few weeks with her mother and sister here. Louis Carter of Cripple Creek Colo, is vlsiUng his brother-in-law, A. T. Belcher, of South Gas. He will go to Jerico Mo., today to visit his old home before 1 returning west. Mrs. J. B. McKInley and Mr. J. V. .McKinley, of Burlington arrived yesterday from Parsons to enjoy the week with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Lottie Kinman. Robert Webb, of "WichlU, was trans acting business here Saturday. Mr. George Gates, who worked with -Mr. Arbuckle while in Mexico, arrived Saturday to his home in lola, after six months' service in the oil and gas fields. Mr. Gates is nndeclded whether to return to that country. Mrs. S B. Agee received the sad news Saturday stating that her brother-in-law, Pred Brown, of Nevada Mo., was dangerously ill in the Missouri Pacific hospital in Kansas City. If the weather permits, •Willie Taylor will.go to Golden, Mo., this week and drive baclc four horses for Mr. H. D. Hurt, north of town. J. B. Mar^ of Bronson, writes his parents that he lost some stock and a number of chickens daring the sixteen below xero weather. , ' Mr. and Mrs. Claud Hurlock are the proud parents of a son, bom 7ester=- day. arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred .McKean yesterday. FOR RENT— A FIVE ROOM BRICK house. Phone 778. rOLD BREAKS \S FEW HOLKS. Siijs Qnluinip Isn't Erteetive :n tlie Cun- of Colds and tJrlppo. It is a positive fact that a dose of Papes Cold Compound taken every two hours until three consecutive doses are taken will cure grippe or l>rpak up the most severe cold, either in the head, chest, back stomach or limbs. You distinctly feel the cold breaking and all the disagreeable grippe symptoms leaving after the very first dose, it promptly ends the most miserable headache, head and nose stuffed up feverlshness. sneezing sore throat running of the nose, mucous catarrhal discharges, soreness, sifiiness and rheumatic twinges. Papes Cold Compound is the result of three years' research at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars t:r.:! contains no quinine which we have FOR RENT—MY ROCK CREEK farm. Inquire of Dr. "W. S. Hendricks. FOR RENT—EIGHT ROO.M, MOD- ern house; 516 S. Walnut. Inquire Mrs. Chastain. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—WATCH, BETWEEN U. B. church and skating rink. Initial O. E. T. Reward. Phone 90 or Register. LOST—TWO YALE KEYS BE- tween Register office and postoffice. Finder please return to the Register (ifficp. MONEY TO LOAN—WE HA"VB A client who has $1800 private money to loan on Allen county land. If you is nor ef- i want this, come quick. The Peterson conclusively demonstrated „ fective in the treatment of colds or.-Abstract Co. grippe. ' Take this harmless Compound as directed, with the knowledge that LAYD FOB SALE! there is no othr medicine made- anywhere else in the world, which jvil! ^ ^^ave for sale, the cheapest 160 cure your cold or end grippe misery j a^^s of grass land in Alleti County, as promptlv and without any other as- I ^or a pasture it can't be heat—ever- sistance or bad after-effects as a 25- cent package of Pape's Cold Cora- pound which any druggist in the world can supply. PILES CUBED nr SIX TO 14 DAYS. —Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any | case of Itching, Blind. Fleeding or Protrudlna Piles In 6 to 14 daya 60c lasting water—or it all can be mown. Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also have 60 acres improved land close to lola that I can sell at a bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. BOLLl.NGEB EXCURSION January Ifith. Cheap rates and delightful trip to Southern Texas on the Star Ijind Co.'s special train. Secure .vour reservations early See ad in this issue. —C. J. Peterson: surance. Abstracts. Farm Ixjans In- FOR^ALE.! .V) HEAD HORSES oni XTLES I have just shipped in 25 head fjom Coffey Co.—some weaning mare mule colts, some yearling mare mules. One pair of mules five and six yeara old, weight 2500 lbs. One pair of mares six and seven years old, weight 2500 lbs. Several other mules in the bunch. They are all well broke. Several head of horses and mares, all young and good farm stock, some single drivers, city broke. Anyone wanting to buy, seU or exchange, see me at once at iota Horse and Male Marke^ 1 block west Santa.. Fe I JfOTICE. •^'e have an excursion on the 16th of this month to our Florida lands. Also an excursion on the to our Sacramento Valley. r :iIifo:-r:a, lands. Call and make a.ra; •-'•n'.ents to go. CH.\I!I.ES & POTTEB lolii, Kansas. FOB SALE, ALFALFA FARM Kinsman County, Kuns. ICO acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair improvements; 100 acres alfalfa land; only about 12 feet to i water . It's a bargain at $50 per acre • Mortgage $2000 67';.-due in 4 years, 'can exchange equity for good lola property at Its cash value. lOLA LAND COMPANY. —L The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County'Farms. Wo also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay faxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate busiuers. We represent three of the best loan cooipanies dolts ousii- nesa In Kansas! and solicit a share of the loan busine 3. isnri guarantee as che.ip rates nr .a quick service as c.iu be b.iil jr y- where. . jA The AHtn Cctinfy Realty Co. B. L, ThompNon, .Msr, OFFICES ^.VA:.Z BLDO IOI^ FOR SALE: 3 room house aiid acre of ground on car line; $000 iiiorti,-:ii ;e. Si'OO. 4 room hous.e and IVi acres, same location; $700 mortgage; $350. 2 room house' and 1^ acres, same ioeatioui.i 1850- mortgage: $75. These properties are all on car line, water llhe'add gas line. Fine garden and chicTien pi-opositions. Monthly payments . will be allowed, but no trade considered. Pruit trees, and small fruit in above places. FOR RE>T. 7 room modern house close In; $18. 8 room m«Wern close in, $20. 5 room honse, close in not modern. $6 Wbltitker Jc DonncIL yBflFK.^siO!y u. mBErroBT * MUITET TO lOsAIfl f > WUI tend on l^onBehold woH» • vlaaot, ttrtana. aewlns M. • Boyal Typewriter Aftency « 'r& Controls Exclusive Sale ot th« 9 Boyal Standard Typewrite* A •E In Allen County • E. n. Bussing, Ageat • 3: No'thrup Building lola, Kanai • $ Typewriter Bepairs and SnppUea • $999 •S £$99 «<S >9»999999»99 « Dr. C. M. Buss • » DEXTIST 9 * Room Jfo. 1, Northmp BMg. 9 S Extraction without pain by th« • * use of Nitrous Oxide Gaa • S Phone—Office 553; Res 151 • •ES'£S$$9%%S99S9 9«9« 3? WHY JrOTI • S Have Your Piano Tnned Dy aa • •5 Experienced Tuner—©n» LIT • 3? Ing in your home town • $ T. 0- CAJiATSET • •S Piano Tnner and Rapalrei * ? Roberts Music Go.'Phone 4J1 • 3-SafS3 ?-5SS*SS«SS»«9» « • 9 F. L. B. LEAYELL, X. B. • 9 Speclames— i 9 Diseases of the CbaaL C 9 Jliaeases of QhiUMii. • 9 Fkones—Office li7; B «s. 147. • 9 IOLA STATE BANK BUW • 9 • ^ • 999999999S99999»»» * • * + + -J- * * * + • V • + • • « * « * Beal EsUte and UitaUtk « * • AJB (a901i £|{B • ^ Sati8 {a<:U9QS}anuiteed.WIxa,or a ^ phone at my exDeose for dataa 4 * IL B.'dK &J^ • •f talM <%iter <eVer Com. BuJt « * • PHILLIP HEIUELl 110% South St HABSESS A>D SADDELBT Geseral Bepolrlng, AU Klnda Farm anti City Loans KANSAS AXD OKLAHOMA Low Bate; Annnal or Seml-Annnal Interest—PriTflege to Pay In FnU Rednced Bates on Fire Insurance! R.M.Cunninghain Old Court Honse Bldg. lola, Kas. • • •> MOXEY TO L0A5 • ^ on all kinds ot household gooda 4 • or Jewelry—anything of value. • •> Bigua Pawn Shop, East Side .4 • Square. Office in Fruit Store. • * All transactions strictly oonfl- • * denUaL • O • 99999999999999999 9 Office Beg. a 9 Phone 185. Phone I85-Y. 9 9 DB. J. G. WALKEE. 9 9 Kress Dldg. 9 9 Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffman S 9 Special attention to Obstetrica 9 9 and Disease of Children. 9 99999999999999999 Punishment. Neighbor—II ow nice and clean yon are; Peperll I suppose graadmanuna Is coming to see yon today! "Oh, no; but I've been nunghty, and I'm always washed for punish­ ment"—Fliegende Blatter. - -r-It will be to your interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klaamaiw. 306 3, JliKeraoa. Phone 259. A D£P£\D.iBLE ABSTBACT Is one which containa accurate information of all records relating to the property deserihed therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is the basts of a good deed. There are ae better Ab- atracta than those prepared by THE FETBBSOIf IBSTBiCT CO. Fhoiw 97 Old Conrt Haas* BId» —Sealship< Oysters, best on the Buurltet. City Meat V^et Phono SIS,

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