Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1954
Page 6
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M frM, 1 1 A * , * d M , A t K At f ueiday, Mafeh iscoit NEWS "*..'_ "Vtaftiiiday CIUH s' <Jt uife'-Wednesday Brl " gfttfertained on ,Wed &dh by Mrgj Saxon fcer herne on East Elm . arrangcrnenls ot jon- ,_ Mier spring flowers, de- li'WS l-6'orns, corb ptteo was won by R. Mobei-g and the cut MttSf H. H. McKenife. Jjfe salad course was tfie conclusion of the llaih Mays, Mrs. Frank Gil- jfTMrs. Mbbc'rg wore guests. "•^ present- Included Mrs, hurls, Mrs, Guss McCas- Alleh Gee Sr. Mrs. Ba- jf-a&d Mrs. McKenxiu. publey :'s Birthday , rkfeilpy,. daughter ot Mr. and I'iHarfy Keeley, was hostess to """& net friends at her home on iday>'afternoon in celebration CriHth..Birthday anniversary, '"g'/the afternoon the guests Sage, Barbara Moberg, Ma, ^otthtiU, Mary and Martha iit/ r Wyonda Call and Tina Bol' - eryed the birthday cake v t was a gilt from Mrs. lage/and punch by Mrs. Er- idlton 3f., from a table cen- ttfllh an arrangement of jort- \fid japonica. •'Kceley was the recipient of dovehr gifts. fey. Allegro Assi e Lusingado. Fantastic Dances — Shaslako- wich. Allegretto, Andantino — Miss Golden, Silent Moon — Vaughan Williams A Memory — Rudolph Ganz. rfiss Scott. Shadow Dante -- Mae Dorvell diss Golden. felegy — John Duke. Hie Sleep That flit's oh Baby's :yes — John A. Garpcnler. Why Do I Love You — Jcronc <err by Miss Scott, Imorovisation and- Melody —• Jrovvn. Prelude •*- Grcshwin, by Miss Golden, The dining room was effectively ecorated with jonquils, which raced the buffet and centered the able from which dainty delicacies ere served with Mrs. Golden residing at the silver service. The able, overlaid with an exquisite mported linen filet lace and em- roidered cloth was softly Illumi- a ted by slender white waxen ta- ers that glowed from four silver Ticket Sales rww, n.6r Circus j>{»n'c<ii,''ycket salt's were started el^'ftr, the Edgar B. Buck nimal/Circus to be held -at Vitja County Fair Grounds ohday'Jiar'cti 20, with two sho- -•''-• '-'ifao^and night. ifcjs&eing'Sponsored by .jj'tf *\\tiounty > Recreation Z& vim 'fund's derived from *•' • --- 1 -' going , tojwarcl Uie ;««„,», :V t 'a ' 'swimming pool (fttda^Cotuity, >-, •'""-•" ii: - committee-is in_^_. -,_.--be sales is that it ''lar&or 1 percentage of the gate jff'.ifohi Rickets sold before tf'as.'v ; g|^to i may f . be, 'purchased at "geSsVBbswell Department, _ Store,, Fore Depar- ithjiie , Drug Store, and ptfoWfand,-.'Admission price •'\5t6MV-,for adults and 00 ^ren If years' 'and Un- tstover 12 will be ad S2'0D& u cent ticket at the Men jnontfily Men's '"nd'fpr.ograrn , Church was hi?14 on Wed- BS-i-— a '{ t' he c hurch with the Pres uppei' the devot- rtallc^as' given by O. W, Wat< laN^ol^p/ogram -chairman, iiT'&^s-iJihg guost spe'akcr for !j "Dr-'Harrison Hale, ^chemjstry department [f Stale College, -Mag lawnis, Lyrm Jlarrell, C. W |Snd ( and^, George Teat ser- ittie*;rneiw cdmmlUco. >, Club fflWestSJCte Home Demonstra- SHitfrnet on March 17th jn the jlw 'president, Mrs. Harry gyM.'.'iVV'ho i presided over tjn. pwjC H present, jJAybyorial vvps given with a fta -'Sp'ripture from John 15. •^asUed by Mrs. Joe Moore, ^T-eda^hite gave an interest- Je-irom the Readers Di- ififdh "HO* Tp Do Your Own 'tag," - :oje'ct v of planting shrubs «,,,er.S wnt was discussed at «»|it-moeUhg has boen complet- »j»ftd l th r py"*ha.ve been planted ^.gjea'cti gj^e'of the drive way to jylajV grpunds. "•nrnes were, enjoyed during the iflihciurVith Mrs, Clifford Fer,Mrs. George Teat wln- refreshmenls were ser- UB meeting adjourned to . 21 with Mrs. Ted Car f? Group • - ""•*} ^pn'thly meoUng of Hie Spiri- •-' rf -"Mp ot tlie First Metho- vas held on WednCh 3g -in the home of Mrs ; with 13 n^embers and a ^frs, t-ucy Shfer, of Stutt irosent,' /fcfje Kinney opened the nice 1 it^prayw' and presented the g$ ^'^Utjindant Living." Mrs r> ' 'also closed the "meetint Mrs. 0, G, Hirs ^ne for the annual Cues ling,of th* PrescotVM"" on March 17th p}|e White was co-hos g r roorr* and den wer decw?»ted with ai ol'^ortquils. A candela ^{Jrning white candle r <wi4lw piano. Mm, Dudley Gor nd i^elcpmed th "iaed Mrs. Ji, E candle holders tied with fern and yellow ribbon tHat flAhked the corners of the jbnqtlils and fern ccn-. terplece iarraniiSd in a silver basket carrying out the White ahd yellow color theme. Mrs. C. H. Moore assisted in dlhlng rotift courtesies. Mrs. Warner Womack and Mr. Clark Woraack of Murfre^Sbof 0 were the Thursday guests <Jf Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kceley. Mrs. J. C. Steeaf has recent guest of Mrs. T. S. in Magnolia, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W>osl6y of Malvcrn were the gufcsts. Sunday of Mr. and 1 Mrs, AUcrt,;,^,'Sr. Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Heslerly were Thursday visitors in Ttxarkana. Jim Nelson, Charlie Dews, and Mllford Daniel attended ; a, stata wide rally for men of the Prcsby- tc^ian Church at the Hotel Marion In Little Rock Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Buchanan had as their Thursday guests, Mr. ahd Mrs. V. I. Wortham of Gurdon. Jim Dill has returned to I^ash- vllle, Tcnn. where he is a student at vanderbilt University after a visit with his parents, Col. and Mrs. L. C. Dill. A2/C Billy J. Harris of Sheppard Air Fored Base ( Wichita Falls, Texas, has been the guest of his parents ,Mr. and Mrs. Will Harris, Mrs. Johnny Vlttitow,and Vickie have returned to Lewisville, after a visit with Mrs. C. A. Grantt. Miss Virginia Johnson has resumed her Studies at Henderson State Teacher's College, Arkadolphia after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson. Dorado. Mrs. Metlie Robinson and little grand daughter. Jennie, who has been her guest motored to Camden Wednesday where they were met by Jennie parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Robinson. Mrs. R. P. Hamby visited relatives in Fulton Wednesday. Mrs, J. S. Bancum returned to Her home in HayncSvilie, La., on Wednesday after a visit with her brother, Dr. J. D. Cornish and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haltom Jr. She was accompanied by Mrs. Haltom, Car oline and Miss Carrie Thprburn. Mrs. Bcmis Marshultz and Cathy of St. Louis, Mo. are the guests of her father J. R. Bcmis and Mrs. Bcmis. Mrs. Brozie Haynie and Mrs. Gordon Danncr were the Tuesday guests of Mrs. Ruby Stewart in El Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Pemberton have had as their recent guests, Mr. and Mrs. Pemberton McRae and children of Little Rock. Mrs. Battle Bemis of St. Louis is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bcmis and Mr. and Mrs. Case Chap pelle. Bryan Womack of Willisvillc was a Thursday visitors in Prescolt. Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Bailey Jr. and son, Mike of Malvern were the weekend guests of his mother, Mrs. Joe A. Bailey, and sister, Miss Fran ces Bailey. First free public library in the United States was established at Peterborough, N. H. April 9, 1833, and was supported by town funds. Boyle Continued from Page One voltes of children. They complain of strange pains and are comforted when their elders tell them,. "Oh, they're just growing pains. You're getting bigger evory day." One minute a child stands in a dopey- eyed trance, as though he had a head full of adenoids. The next minute he is racing up the street like a maddened colt, running for no other reason except there is something stirring within him that won't let him keep still. Little Boys get out their bean- shooters and set out to ambush the first robin, which annoys the robin as he is busy with housekeeping problems and has no time for little boys. Little girls get out forgotten dolls and begin to croon to them. •Rheumatic twinges lowly flee the bones , ot old folks, and they lose the envy of better-off neighbors Who spent the winter in Florida. "Pneumoni a weather," they say wisely, when the first rains turn the landscape sudden . In the suburbs a husband opens his front door to get the morning paper and and sees two baby rabbits scampering across the lawn. He grins, steps out to look at thclPJ"^^" big fat yaw-w-ww-wn Work is for horses and tractors* feels like peeling off his for a swim in cor* lawn and growls,, "Oh, no, not crabgrass already " In a nearby pond Papa Frog and Mama Frog are conducting &n amphibious romance. Soon the pond will be full of little tadpoles, all anxious, for some unknown reason, , to grow up and be big frogs and boss of the puddle. In the heart of every tree and bush a whisper grouts down to the roots and out to each branch. Suddenly the sleepy buds begin to break open like popcorn, and the brownwood s swim in a green mist, a deepening surf of leaves. Everything in nature all at once is busting its buttons, trying to grow as tall as the sun. Al night the moon and stars seem nearer and brighter, as if a reJestiaj housewife had newly dipped them in silver polish. Life has a dreamy quelity for the race of man. The bank teller ripples a stack of 100 bil's in his hands and wonders what it is like in Tahita. The blood is a crying bugle in the veins, and the stern voice ot duty is drawned out by a way with Miss Jones far, away the file clerk. Or maybe her grandmot\jp Don't know What's wrong with everybody. But if V**?***™* w° nder doc, don't give us any w° ner drug to cure it. It's a wonderful disease, this lotus virus, and best medicine of the year the NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans for! all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make monthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 We challenge your car to knock! CITIES SERVICE ANNOUNCES THEkWO ,,MU ^HP ene To Contain All W America's ^ Gasolene the Exclusive Cities Service Anti-Carbon Feature! THE GASOLENE SENSATION OF 1954 is NEW 5-D PREMIUM-THE WORLD'S FIRST S-DIMEN, SIGNAL GASOLENE! Introduced a few months ago on the Atlantic seaboard, New 5-D Premium is now being acclaimed everywhere. It combines in one premium gasolene every one of tl>e country's top gasolene features and, most importantly, NEW 5-D PREMIUM is THE FIRST GASOLENE fO ACTUALLY REDUCE HARMFUL CARBON DEPOSITS ON VITAL ENGINE PARTS!...THE WORLD'S FIRST ANTI-CARBON'GASOLENE. Anti-Carbon, E*tra-High Octane, Anti-Rust, Anti-Stalling, and with today's newest Upper-Cylinder Lubricanr... New 5-D does more for the modern automobile engine than any gasolene has ever been able to do before. It increases power and mileage by actually ihtrpducing added oxygen into the combustion chamber for more complete burning of every drop of gasolene; Its upper-cylinder lubricant helps keep top rings free and clear to cut down oil consumption. New 5-D eliminates costly rust throughout the entire fuel system anKtops stalling that is caused by carburetor icing. It keeps engines cleaner, cuts down repair bills and provides the longest, toll-powered engine life in automotive history. SOME GASOLENES HAVE NONE OF THESE FEATURES, SOME GASOLENES HAVE SOME, ONLY ClTIES ,Sji>jgvicE! NEW 5-D PREMIVM HAS THEM ALL! * CITIES SERVICE These Features Shwim Why Cities Service New 5>D Premium Provides The Longest FullPwered Engine rr , THB WORLD'S FIRST ANTJ»CARUPN GASOLENE ». < the first gasolene to reduce ' harmful carbon inside your car's engine! J,t actually introduces more oxygen injo your c»r's corflbu?tion chamber... added P^y^en that provide more compete burning pf every drop ol *?5ol«nc, Less w;istc mutter. Less carton! This K.'W "added pxygen" feature . rXTHA-HIGH OCTANE Npt just w$ s(U" e oW high octane, but Extra* lijg.li Octant-an octane so high that Cities jjjjrvic* makes this daring challenge: wii C^AL^pNGE VOUR CAR TO KNOCK WITH Fj^tra-High Octane and its exclusive Anti- ,C4rl)on feature, New S-D is one of the cieateit Vjui-kiwfc gasolenes ever ' ' In fctual tests/New 5-D Premium was proved to protect the entire fuel system against rust. This is an important feature in old and new cars alike- It means that rust that normally foims, in a gas tank and f« u 's up fuel lines and delicate c.irbuietoi mechanisms is ILIMINATIU. You have a betjey riuininj; cai, u better protected engine. ANTI-STALLING New 5~D Premium eliminates annoying stalling caused by carburetor icing. When ice forms on the carburetor valve, it jams that throttle valve shut and your gasolene supply is cut oft. With New 5-D Piemium, THAT ICING CAJS.NQT *HAITI:N. Yoiir f«el supply is Koitytant, yom' ipngine k smooth tunning. (ivm «- c Y i I ^ o e R t o B R ( c A HT Unlike old-fashioneil uppec-c>''iindcr lubricants, the Nc\y '$-]') Tjppei>Cylinder LulrJ» cant contains an and-«li<it:<t that pr?ve>if< the lubricant from oxidizing (carbon) or. vital engine parts. It lubricates, a* New 5-D pow» crs your carl No niddcrn 'engine can'^flprj} to be without the help of Nc\v 5-D'j ai3*t iiiudctu Uppei-Cylincler Lubricant! NO OTHER GASOLENE CONTAINS ALL THESE PREMIUM FEATURES vfAF , IP i! iiMil? .*mM^mmm& m * m w »ir ^ni-*™ i * * y._._*r_ ^ — : —_^. m iiiiMmimii^^ f *-\ v>n

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