Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1974
Page 8
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Eight (ARK.) STAR -. .•••«•• Mitchell approved political intelligence plan, Magruder tells court Wednesday, October 30, 1974 More snow in Arizona Snow warnings continued for WASHINGTON (AP) - Former Nixon campaign aide Jeb Stuart Magruder has told the Watergate cover-up trial that John N. Mitchell approved the political intelligence plan that resulted in ^ttie - Watergate break-in. > M> : '.'./,' '.' , • Tcstifying-'-tdesday as, -the, third prose^liqjn^'Ijyi.tness, Magruder quot^|Mitfe|fell as saying, "Let's MMlffiem the $250,000 and secirwtiat they come up with." Later, according to Magruder, Mitchell was shown the results of the first break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters and expressed dissatisfaction. A second break-in was attempted June 17, 1972, but the burglars were caught. Mitchell, who was attorney general during the first term of former President Richard M. Nixon, is one of five men charged with conspiring to block the investigation of the Watergate break-in. The other defendants are former White House aides H.R. Maldeman and John D. Ehrlich- Sherif f is ordered to repay county | CAMDEN, Ark. (AP) —Sheriff Jerry McMahen of Ouachita County was ordered Tuesday by Circuit Court Judge Melvin Mayfield to reimburse the county $75, but Mayfield did not hold the sheriff in contempt of court. Mayfield had ordered McMahen to appear in court to defend himself against a charge of contempt of court. In the order, Mayfield had charged McMahen with "willfully disobeying an order to summons persons to serve as petit jurors in circuit court." A Jury trial was scheduled for Oct. 21 and McMahen was given six days to summon jurors. Only 10 jurors appeared for the trial. Mayfield said the $75 would cover the fee the county had to pay the jurors that showed up for the trial. McMahen told Mayfield Tuesday that .he had given the list of prospective jurors to his dispatcher and that the dispatcher was working on the list when McMahen left for the weekend on Oct. 18. McMahen said he learned the morning of Oct. 21 that an insufficient number of jurors had been contacted. Mayfield said he accepted McMahen's explanation of the event and that he was satisfied the order to call jurors had not been willfully disobeyed. Mayfield said at least 18 jurors should have been present. McMahen said his office notified 14 jurors. Mayfield said he expected no more such incidents because he had no more jury cases until January and the new sheriff would be in office by that time. The judge told McMahen he should "get the people in his office organized." Jurists salary bill submitted to legislators LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The Legislative Council was asked Tuesday to recommend salary increases over the next two years ranging from $4,100 to $9,900 for the state's judges and prosecutors. A bill prepared by the state Judicial Department and submitted to the council would raise retirement benefits of judges to half the amount of their salaries at retirement. Circuit court judges and chancellors, who now receive $25,000 a year, want $27,500 in fiscal 1976 and $29,150 in fiscal 1977. Prosecutors are classified according to the size of the judicial district they serve. Salaries range from $22,472 in the 6th Judicial District, which covers F.iaski and Perry counties. It is the only district where outside law practice is prohibited for the prosecutor. Prosecutors in seven medium-sized districts are paid li'J.lOl. In 11 smaller districts, u. osecutors make $17.416. Pros. Atty. Lee A. Munson of LittleRocksaid the prosecutors wanted the classification law changed to create only two classes. man, former Assistant Atty. Gen. Robert C. Mardian and Kenneth W. Parkinson, cone- time attorney for the Nixon reelection committee. Magruder, who was deputy director of the Nixon campaign committee, told how Mitchell, who headed the committee until July 1, 1972, twice rejected 0. Gordon Liddy's proposals for political intelligence plans that called for break-ins, wiretapping, kidnaping Of demonstration leaders and using prostitutes to compromise Democrats. He described Mitchell's reaction to Liddy's initial $1 million proposal as "ver negative." Liddy came back with a $500,000 plan and, once again, Mitchell rejected it, ''-:"•'*<. But, according to Magruder, Mitchell approved the.pkn after it was scaled down to $250,000. Democratic headquarters in the Watergate office building were entered on Memorial Day weekend 1972. Documents were photographed and bugs planted on telephones. A few dAys later, Magruder said, "I received two packages from Mr. Liddy ... Each package contained synopses of telephone conversations at Democratic National Committee headquarters and photographs of documents." He took them home and read them "and I realized they were of little value." Liddy was summoned to Mitchell's office, said Magruder, and the material was shown to the former attorney general. Mitchell was "dissatisfied with the product Liddy was producing from wiretaps and photographs," Magruder said. By The Associated Press Heavy snow warnings stayed in effect for mountain area of the Southwest today and travelers were warned of dense fog from the upper Great Lakes to the Missouri Valley. Residents of Flagstaff, Ariz., pulled out their shovels after two more inches of show fell Tuesday night, bringing the ground cover to five inches. parts of New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. 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