Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, J ANUARY 13, 1912. WitRM WEATHER BEHRSWHEUT PASSINC l)¥ (OLD WAVE I^ILL SI'Ain SHIJ'-MEXTS AO'AIX. Tl.r l!oc anil ">Vi(li II rnltio M:irkrt Is >Vcnk •rniilfiirj • Ilinvn- uiird. ("ili'ia''', .!• rc'i'oi;i!.-. \v! . .;i lii -M::y y.'-^'' i'lrjS :<::r.. t.'i - .\ .-.•'•Ml. <J !Y. s'i< ;]:. 1.",.—Willi wi'allipr ill . ;: irty tii. lor'y iIvRrc'S luii ii:',ys iiL -o and Willi !:i ]iiI sjicct of liirnor .'int fl. Tim ojicninK •ii :i (|iKU tor clown. 1o fill lo ^fi ^'j. • l.i": .Inly •U'ji'ci •.>:<; I PEMOiliATS PLAS CAMPAIG>. .IiiJy 44 -4; Sfiit. May ?l<;.2T'j; j CiiiiMC" l .ncslork. •. CATTI.I-: ro- j i : .MMV;. III'CV.'S $4.7r.^i S.TiO; j :;]•.•' ;V. J:!..".!''!, ."; cows' lUHlJ-"—i:< , ; •!;;.- 'It; .^i (nv !o five fill s Idivir. $.'s." •/i;."."i; iiiixoil r.-i ! - St. I.dili^ (.'r;iiil. ]..•::;-. ;:: - \VHi;.\T. •lo.~o. M;;v .Iii'y ririjx—M:,y"(;: 44':;. STILL TROUBLE FOR ECXLER HELD FOR- TRIAL IN FEDERAL COURT AT FT. SCOTT. rhaived Vl'ith Rolngr ImpIIrntcd In the Povtofflre Roblipry at Uenetii, Allen Countj. Wa'JiiinKto'l. .r.:n. L).—Tlio uatlicrinp of tlio IJoiiiocratlc lejiders in their comwdtec to rU-terminc the location of n- Nation:!! Convoiition and oth.-r details of the i.ary proRrani for lie iyi2 campaign Rave a press representative nd some of the most talked of ii^en in America today. Among those who took < ;1 ;(. 1. >' \ • i;; - \Vjli:AT. ro- ('-i. '.\ wlv .-vi iiT'.c-liani;- . N.i. 2 hard ir. Ma<U lia .-i" !--!ia\i(i tile inv.Flachc wliich for many yor.r.s lias dignttied his uppor No. 2 M:iy $1 ' ' '• ' - . • ':• 1" ; .ii:iy I '.i :' •. rn;;\ -I";;.: ;n^.i.r ;i;:'f < . r. N.i 2 i:. N". No. \-' iiT: Ni. :;. M; C t i. 11. -r-; .l;;:y ^ 11 'i'!>"- - l'a"!i;''r:.Ml. .". •, • •.".]: ..Nil. - ii .iM "d li'VK- :•".":;(• ji. I- \.:>l<\ •II vV- si.-a,;y. c:...;. • fi "-l: rh"'. iiv.i'.vi.- Sr.'ij ..-May •:n.t;;y $21 araicst .ndrifi bi'lwccn li.-re and Carly!i> ycsiiM -day which dismayed him at lirst. bui finally, by backing up ills ir>arliln<. and making a scries of foot ball rusl'.cs, iic nianaRcd to ploucli ills way tliroii.::li. Thf i:a(ii<' ladies w. re ctniilovfd by Dr. O. 1,. IJariinK- lionso yesterday when he ran Into a drift of lar^i' diliicnsioas between lol.i and I'i(|iia. Autolsts s:'y llie foot ball rush m''iliod is tiie best yet dis- cDNereil to pri 'Veiit Beltiiif; stranded in the snow. I5(»V.S COyKKHKXK KOinil.I). low. r. '! aud I'liiC' . : i 0: CKv l.i\cvl'ick. .t.i:;. •.•.'..--i.-ATTl.V: re:• v. N..:!•.< .'-•ti ov-^ .*ri.L'." ii'/.:- $2 >' '.';i:ry ^:.::^-;';2^: bulls ; . < $4.:;' ^: ~-.i>". 4M • : [iTiaily to ."c $>M'."'.'e,.4': ]iaekers .':ecn:ii.' (il THE25IH HLMEETIRG CJIFATKST MrnAL IN.SIKAMK ((>. 0> EAIMII .«I:T TIKSDAY. Dirrrlors Klertrd, Itii>incss Kevh'wcd >ind (iMiiiiiciitciI Ijion. I'.-.js JMday Well VfJended il liener.ii Success. ..s' (c .nr .ience of tlie Ki^Iit I of .ii;e loea! Mm and ill iuio:: F.i.v.aril :.;o-.eanat b. t;an , la.-' i.i'.i.i a. ''••'.iu oclot k with a snii-'• Mdiv- ";f!;-^V;e'"'',tran''"'° ^"^ ""^^^^ «f (McPherson Oidnlon. .lanuary '<. 1912.) Last TupFday tlie Annual Meeting of llie Farmers Alliance Insurance Cunipany was held ia the Fraternal Aid Hall with a pood attendance, 'liiere were peopi/iiere from various jiarts of the state to assist in the elec- nsular entl!usia.~in thai usually ac- HAI) STU .HArHS PLT IN OHDEIt. Ill.If^'es(IMn, Dfsiicpslfl, Gnu nnd Other Stontiifh IHstrpNH YunklicB. Ka!i>!> liM i'mdiire. K:.n.-ns City. .Ian. 1;; —r.rXTKR— ]:::<:<—!•:. .:ln!> ru. i boy.-; adjjuriied to tiio First M. K. • r:;-;reh". vliere an add'^s.s was pivi-n 1 on "I'ersonal Kvangeiism" by C. C ; I.orii. .iiso of City. If what yon Just ate f« souring on your stomach or lies like a lump of lead, refubfnR to digept, or you belch Kas nnd eructate sour, undigested food, or have a feeling of dizziness. !ie:-.i Ibiirn. fullsiess, nausea, bad taste in mouth and stomach headache— this i.-; indigestion. .\ full case of Tape's Diapcpsin costs only ."I'l cenf.s and will thoroughly cure your out-of-order stomach, and leave snlTicfcnt about the house In case soaip one else in tiie family may suffer from slumach trouble or indigestion. .•\ :1: y();:r ).liarmacist to show you the for:i;iila plainly printed on these ."i')-cent cjsps. then you will understand wliy dyspeptic trouble of all kind.'; must KO. and why Diapepsln aiv.i-ys ,r'"IIeves scir, out-of-order ston.adis or indigestion in five mln- iiies. I>iapii>sin is harmless and It tins ytar was more prononuced than I cc.ntp.ins power suinclent to digest ana j prepare for as.sirrliatlon into the blood manifested at the meeting' j^'.l^'.ary if Use UaiiroadvJ'- M- ^- i companies an annual meeting of an : at .Vgtntine. Kans. At J: l\'Kld . „,n of such proportions. The ? meeting iced than Company i ^h^'f^od-vcitl 'ear;" lecUon of j„ Uie.lable VP Tnnve- .... . . . . I .ad a:;d .S;!c|{(r, ].'r^U. .Ian, i;;.—!..'3il. fina. $4.•ii • i' : . i;. r. fi:;a. Ji..4->';';.4:^. T;.!.; i-.orning tae i>oys at ;". it. i'iiurcii, and a ioeal Loys" i;.r'.iiicnt i.r liie Men and Uvli ;iou -.isual. Tile .Mliaccp In.^uranco ;:;.s di ;i,on.-it rated beyond a que ;i iloi:!)'/ what tiic co-ojierative move :;.( ni can Co. The company's risks are < .i,v,-.:rd Movement was Uefiniteiy o.-j ^-or-fined to the State of Kansas but j ' u , int^stinpo are c'ean and K:;ai,;ed. ti;e following oificers being I.j,,,,^ j, s^-arcely a nook or corner of ' '"^'^s"'**"' ^'^^ <=-«^° eleeK.l: i:'i;:er L:iv.-yer, president; Li^yion of Laliaipo. vice-: .j,;^.,. There wtre nuUe a iiumoer oi ,o„sness or constipation. I entiiusiastic speeche.s delivered at the .^^jj, ^.j,,. ,„an^. niapepsin : mi c'Ui.q: an damong the .speakers were ^^anks, as some people will call . , '"'•'i P-^-Congre£sman Ridgley „ v,,, ... ..:u »,e cranky about u.siof. o. .-on... Tcn^th wa.. tnaulg- „f 2nd District, lion. S. 11. Allen ;i,7;'',„,"nu^j" preparation. eji-.Iudge o] the Supreme Court of I ,(,„ jf ^ou ever trv a little for Indl- turkey htn. and young j f ^;„,3 ^1,-V,V .;rn,i i„ toys' work IV^vf" ! ^esUon "or gastritis or any other sto- eoiiimittef for f-.uther action. I.oial >!::rUet'i. if'ie'lnc'- .v.i'''":'-;:(.n.- iiirnrslied daily 1 y (L'';i:i Ci^iin;;^.-! n Co.) l-;:]!;:—i:^ t.-nt< ):i;r d ;:'-n. l-i .li.Ti'.Y—11-n.--: sjirinns l^r-; (il:! curl;- ; youns COikr tic; ilueks r- 12-: old toms lie 1! • T T (•: I'—!' a! 'K ; n.'^^ *. o I 'K i'",;.-ijn quotations fiirni.-Iied daily by S. 1' Kay i : r.r.- .por bii^'.. 1. !..r ion. I ; 1', r iusili-I. ;!;e state vicp- p;-.siaer,t; i^'irii .McEwen. secretary; ' P'::!nk Tiionipson. .'.ssistaiit .<n(r.>iary. i i'>:lov. ing election of oilier.-;, a i .Us I ed in e:>r.t•'•rIli^,^ tl:^' (ir^;aIli/.atiou .jf a I bovs' iJilile cla i. and tlic mallei- v.-ns ; vnrki be.-ildes. It makes e with a healthy appciife; b'l!. what will please you fio.-t. is ti;a: you will feel that your intestines a; I fresh, and vou will not need to rein winch ihey do not carry ,, , laxativer. or liver pills for bll- iiumber of ' Apparently, the way to reformation is not to be made so smooth fur Albert EcMer as the youth's friends were hoping. Jt was thought that when Eckler was paroled from the state reformatory at Hutchinson and returned to lola, he would be given a chance to lead a useful life and enjoy bis freedom. It was also believed that the action of the officers In de- llvering,the young man to the officers of the Federal court at Ft. Scott was a mere formality directed by the bondsmen in order to secure their release from responsibility . The charge of robbing a postoffice had been dismissed, according to a report which reached here. It appears .howerer, that all these reports and deductions were erroneous. Kckler was taken to Ft. Scott a few days ago by Sheriff Kerr and delivered to the officers of the Federal court . Instead of being taken into court and notified that the charge against him bad been dismissed, Eckler was taken to jail and according to the Ft. Scott Tribune, his trial will be held at the ne.\t term of court The Tribune says: -Albert Eckler, who was Implicated with his brother, Thomas Eckler, Charles Creason and others about a year ago in a number of robberies commlttedP over this and adjoining counties, is again in the Bourbon county jail, this time as a federal prisoner after having been sur rendered by his bondsmen, who feared that he might escape if allowed his liberty, and not appear here for trial before the Federal court on the charge of robbing the postoffice at Geneva, for which he is held. Though only a boy now, Eckler was a' busy one in the criminal line for a few months, and was only recently paroled from the reformatory at Hwtchinf-on whore he had been sent from this county for robbing the Missouri Pacific depot at Redfleld. Eckler will be tried hero at the May term of the Federal court. The Eckler gang conimlttrd numerous robberies during the few months they were at large, and were wanted by both the federal government and the Rtat. They were taken into custody today by tlie government authorities and later released on bond and the state then prosecuted, sending one of the brothers to the state penitentiary and Albert, the one returned here yes terday, to the reformatory. It was thojigUt that the youngest of the brotii era was influenced in his acts of outlawry b¥ his older brother, and when he-becan».a model prisoner at Hutch Inson be soon attracted the attention of the officials of the institution, with j the result that he was recently paroled. He then returned to lola. The bond under which he had been held on the federal offense continued In efl^ect, though he was in the reformatory, and his bondsmen remained liable for his appearance liere for trial before Judge Pollock, so It wa.s decided by them to surrender him to the Federal authorities, which was done yeseterday. Sheriff Kerr, of Allen county, brought the youth to this city turning him over to C. B. White, clerk of the Federal court. The Lamp That Saves Th® Ey«s 2'ie. •r b'lsliel. inei'iinp tills iiiOMiiii:? was in of K. i.. ri\an. of Kansas City, wiio ga.-f a '.'•••<•• -ri siiiit; opi-ning ad- idiess dcalii.^' v.ltii tlie lelatlon of y <e .iiig 'v..>-ii to r'!.;;lo!;. Tl:' io!:; boys who w.-rr d.leKai.-s in !;.•• recent eiplit day ei 'imiaiKn i :i Kansas City read :..)i...- V. i-y intere.ititig p»;ieri5 at ^•'•"'•'^' irfct Judge of the McPherson-Reno . ^ ^ misery •f'''' I Harvey District, all of whom spoke to ' " '"'''''^>the point and wore well received. President 1. F. Talbott's annual ad- drp>s was well arranged and well delivered and was (luUe a feature of the m.^ Tlie Secretary and Treasurer made- tlieir annual reports which sl:ows In detail the yiar's business. Hon. .las. H. Gns.-*ih, repreKeniatlve Get some Pape's niapepuln now. this minute, and forever rid yourself of stor.iaeli trouble nnd Indigestion. Al Ids Iftl.h ( liiire'i S.'rviees? non't '"'lloif „|- Sedgwick eounlles. I.S THi: PEACH CROP DA.WAGEDt HiirtirnHnnilMK F«ll to Ajrrep on Tun )>era(ure That Kills Pparh Trren. The fall of the mercury yesterday morning to IR degrees below zero, make.-t the ((uestlon of whether or not tiic peach crop Is damaged, a very pertinent one. Inquiry among hortl- etilturlsts liti.s disclosed the fact that tliere Is a difference of opinion as to tlie ilegrco of cold re<iulred to kill Children naturally never think of possible itroin on ihdr e3resif ;ht when poping over a fosdoaliBg book. It u up to you to ;ee they do not ruin their young eyes thcte long evenings by reading tinder a poor light. The Rayo Lamp is an mrjrance ac <'>>:ist eye troubles, alike for young aiid old. The Rayo is a low-priced lamp, bat it is constructed on the .wund«st scienbfic princ4 >les, and there is net a belter lamp made al any ptic«. It is easy on the eye because its Kghl'is so soft and whie and widely diffused. And a Rayo Lamp never fb'ckers. Easily I'lshtn] witliout rcmoviBg tliailu or cVuifiney; ca<y to clean aod rewidu Solid Wu* tkoughoul, vnxix luuuitoinc nickel ccish; also in nany otbe,' styles aod finisliei. Aii yaur <iej!cr la iktv yoa hii tine of Riya timrt: or write for ctncripiiTe czrculir Io icy If Tocy at the Standard Oil Company (Inccrptinited) Keep tlie C Stop up the cracks around the doors and windows with weather strips. Door Bottoms 30 cents each. Side Stripping 2 cents per foc-t. BMSBAM BMtDWARE COMFMV [ mm 86E Gray Hair !s First 'olrn of Ago. Harmless Remedy Restores to Natural Color, yOO, last week 41.300, rame year ."iS.S'iO . Tiie mark .Monday 2". to -10 cent week'a ruling prices and has hcen well maintained all week till today. l-a:ulis sold at ST.ID .ind J7.1.'. yesterday, ewes .-.t $-i.2.">, year.;ini:!i a; JC .IMI, and w-etliers worth $1.7:5.. These ' are tlie Iili;!iest prl<'es of the winter j and in t!ie ca.-.o of larahs. .-ilioi'.t T." ; ei.nts higher than a year ago nt this tliiic. Tiif! market Is tinevtnly iow.-'r i toriny, hilt dealers .--ay good jirirrs iire ' going to l.e paid riglit along iiriie!-, .-uiiplles l.(r.-;!ne ixecsslve. wliich is ' not coanted on. .1. A. UlCKAHT j .Ma:ket Correspondent. | f) IiT isn't til.- 'M :ly IK.ia V.Iio iu,-..% 11 iii.| ;lL"e. In llic l,lj-i:ifs-.< v.ini ; ill" -ynauir iii::n" i.s ;ijv.-.!ys llie ciir- uli-i I iil;s liii- pliiins. It is an :.^e of "i;;-.v new talent." e!.-., nad the PILES CURED AT tiOME BY NE1,V ABSOHPTION METHOD. If yoi) .".'irrcr f.-'jin lili•e'ili'i.'. Itchiri»r. , ., M:ii .l or jirotrii<lli;>: riie.». .•(•-•ntl m.? your j l!i'>i';;hr. tiddrcss. iiml 1 will I'll .vou iiow to ri:r«' I i,;.! iiiua is p.-i .-^sed iiy in th<' r.ic-p. vourself at home l:y thi- mw :ih»Tiit:im j Ono of the first signs i:r ••niiiiiic ire-Jtinrnt: .nnd rrAl ulso .send of ItilB lioaitr tiv.itr.ii-iit fnv t<ir tri-il. wfth :rfi -)Mioes froTji your fv.-ii locality H re- «;u«;bt?d. Tmoiediwte n-lii-f wiikS ii«TnTJii- M-.t ccra ufF.urtt. S<-nd ri.> moi;'.*'. but i(D oth^r.i ef tills orr<T. IVr.'te Tc <«ay to Un. il. .Siiiiiir .era. Hnx P. B.mtL Hend. In.I. No. 1 <OnMKMi.S ALl.i;\ COr.VTY. Saline The Danger of La Grlpp« —Is Its fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure your la grippe coughs take Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. R. E. Fisher Washington. Kas., days: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ened pneumonia. A friend advised' Foley's Honey and Tar Compound and I got relief after taking the first few doses. I took three bottles and toj la grippe was cured." Get the genuine, in the yellow package. J. D. Hun- di» Co. ."•lilts of a driM', IMII tli.y are not the only oil's -.vlio liavi' li. en stranded in tiio snow. 1 >T. U. O. Christian got strand' d in ilie coinifry last nisht aliout si\ miles southwest and being ::!on>' ai'd \.lic)lly unable to extricate 111'' ear, he was forced to go to a farm house nearby and jr^t a team of mules to pull the ear ovi-r tiie drift. Karly ystortlay morning Dr. IT. I.,. Hendricks ran iiiio a drift west of the city, and being unabl<' to extricate the machine. In- was oblisfd to walk to his di stiiiaiion. Itr. P. S. Mitchell ran up .Mr. Wulf' This afternoon tlu> boys' conference bcrs of the .Men and juimi.m i assm-iitim am fiirthpr .ard .Movement .^^^^eing ..Id at the : a„->^^^ ^ „\,„'H"^H.hp'Ins capital is$l.-.l.C66. The total a union meetini: „f' JCLOUO (.Oi> distributed among 37,000 a union '"y" "> policy holders. The total resources are i /ii.V-.nVor lover V.un.MO and the liabilities of the jteiij.i.)n i-»r-, covered by work- num r. 1!. Church. ptos from Lallarpe attended the The total num- boys' conference toaay: • ^^--^ liVhtnin^ .nn,l tho trvtnl TlllTntior ter. Clarence Keister. ^\alter Chase,, and Hay Wado. —Peaisliipt Oysters, best on the market. City .Meat Market Phone 818. We Give Away Absolutely Free of Cost The People's Commoa Sense Medical Adviser, in Plain Enilisb, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. D., Chief Coosultint Pbysioian to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur* jical Institute at Buffalo, a btook of 1008 lar^ pajes and over 700 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any ooe *endia< 21 one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing aa /jr, or, in French Ooth binding for 31 stamps. Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book were sold in dotli l)indin£ at regular price of SI.SO. Afterwards, one and a half millioa copies were given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready ior mailing. Better send NOW, before all are gone. Address Wouj>'s DiS> K.NSAsr MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, R . V. Pierce, M. V., Preudeat, Buflido, N. Y. DK. PIERCE'S FATORITE PRESCRIPTION THE ONE REMEDY for wotnnn'a peculiar aHmcata ^ood «aoBfh th«t ita oiakcrs mx^ not afraid to print on iU oubide wrapper h» ererj ingredient. No Secrets—No Deception. THE ONE REMEDY for womrn which oontalna no aloofcol nod no linbit-formifi^ dni^ Hade froot native medietnal forest roott of »r«0 eatsibliched cnntire rati*, r -a- ..^il^A,•-^...;•V.• nd lightning and the total number by wind", tornado and cyclone was 350. The amount paid out for losses and expenses was $194,000. The company docs busines in S-'J counties in the state and has ."iriO solicitors. After hearing the Secretary's report and the various speeches of the members the meeting preceded to elect six directors .five of whom serve for three years while the 6th fills an un­ expired term. The following old directors were re-elected: H. W. Ruble, B. F. .McGill, J. W. Layborne, .Tulian 11. Brown. W. .1. Brown, Sam Eaton was elected to fill the vacancy C .I used I.y. the death of N". \V. Bridgens. Tiie directors met and organized by electing the following officers: I. F. Talbctt President; V. Goodsheller, Vice-Pretidcat; C. F. Mingen- back Secrttary; B. F. McGill, Treasurer. See J. C. KKIM, 41S South street, lola. Fiione 1316. culturlsts that a temperature of 18 degrees below zero would be necessary to kill jieach trees but along the Pacific coast It Is the general theory that a peach tree can stand as low as 20 degrees below. In Ohio, the low temjierature limit is placed at 14 degrees below, while in Michigan it Is thought that 10 degrees below will destroy the peach crop. This diversity of opinion makes certainty In regard to the local crop impossible, but it is geierally agreed that there is some probability that the peach crop has been damaged and that a lower temperature would no doubt entirely destroy it. The minimum temperature for last year, 8 degrees below zero, caused very little damage to peaches of which there was a good crop last sum mer, notwiti'sranding the prediction of some tiiat there wouldn't be a peach on the trees. Sixteen below is considerably different, however, and fruit raisers are fearful. ++++*++++++++++*+ • » » WEEKLY LITESTOCK REVIEW * + + **•:• + + + + • + y« * + * + + + * Kansas City Ctock Yards, Jan. 12. —Cattle received here this week 3."i 000, last week 33 SOU, same week lust year 44 000. Except for a set back of 10 to 15 cents Tuesday, cattle have sold higher every day this week. Outside of TuestJay the run has been light every day ui^d bty(.i!> had to bid lively to get enough cattle to make much of a showing. Reported blizrards and low temperatures caused a I'.'ar of fcinall receipts ahead, because of in- abil'.tv of railroads to handle business 021 lime, aM cf which fended to make the stcft here sell well, and quickly. Qt-ite a n iiuher of steers have sold at $7.3o to $7.85 this week, tiie Jater the top for the week, and light warmed up,steers have sold at $.i.90 to $6.75. Oil Mill cattle have been coming in large numbers and they have sold at the highest prices of the winter |5.25 to 16.20, steers weighing over 1000 pounds at $5.60 and u])- wards. Hay fed steers from Colorado sold at $6.00 yesterday, weighing 1043 pounds. Some fleshy feeders sold this week at $5.85 to $6.35, stockers at $4 .00 to $5.60. neaiers are at sea as to what to expect next week, but It is believed that if the'railroads can handle them there will be a liberal Couni?- Would Ej:iH!:itt lloads Move. ^ T!:e fame of .-'vni^u ecanty as the I original rood roads ef.'iinty o.'" :lie state is fpreadinir. The Saliua .1- .irnal oi yesterday had the fo:ii;'v;r:-' editorial co.Tinient: ] Alien county ha. 5 a r;;r.(! nf $30,000 ' to be u "Pd ia building ro -k roads. Such' an exanijile is one that '-'-.aM be followed to advantage in i-7n!:ne ennnty; and the expenditure of tliat ant.i'int or money in scientificaliy imiiroviug 'he iiighways that trav.-:rse I'le county; would b"?*R great factor in the iiro.-iie;--' Ity of every section of if. liock roa.Is I are not a necessity in t^Is county at; present but a road, fund judiciously ex- j pended in making good dirt highways' • hat could be traveled with eas-^ twelve months ont of the year could be renewed several times annually in the saving It would effect for the taxpayers who use the highways for any purpose, whatever. ic ago lo 1 tli<- appesranee of gray hair^ When yotj ! ;^.-e them, act proiupllj'. Wyeth'R Bag* i aiiii Snipliiir llnir Ke:iiedy will correct iliis ii\i:n. wliii h so iif -ra 'le.-eires people intrt liiinking that nco is really upon I :!:eii!. It is a weli-liri'iwn f .iet that isi);.- r.'i.l Su'.-, hur will darken t!:i. hair. I '.\'yi-:-i';; •'^.ip,-> and Siil-diiir coniiiines . lln-^i- oi.i -liaie r-ir.edlfs with oth.'^-j GCKMI v.liivli remi>-.-e dsndrTrff iiuii '^..•'••••ji'o tl'.' pif.wth of the liair. 'i 'ii.- m.ia'ii'aptiirers of ihi -i remcdj" liii.ri/..- ;!!»- (iruL'^ri-^ts fi sell it iind«.* -e i!;rt tile iiKia.y v.-lil he re-.:-i'-.i if it r.;ils !<» do exactly as rep- ^.-..r-.l. I' -n't Irot: f;M before your lime. Oe» i.^.ttl' 1,1 Vt'vt Ill 's Sii",? nni] Siirphii.- .lay. i !Ti 1 V.--.- -.vbr.t .•:a =n 'rirov --:rient il i inai.e hi li...- :.i<j ..-;Lr.;r;ri.' i.f yoiir Snuci.-il Agent—S. R. Burreil the 1 Ia.''*? I It II' Sfct ^itHngfv, Ark* Round Trip Tickett, lola M Hot Sprinci, Ark., vttk r«Hn llirilt of tkre* mmrnta* tnm «•» nf G«le, wlik Bto-«v*r yrfvflaaw going and return en Mia «r«i |t day In the ywr, for •lt.«<» The one way fare ia lll.U E. E. MUNGER. Phone ir,0. Vo. PNC. itraof ,^ PUBLI ALE K.nving derided to tjuit the dairy brisiness nnd going to mere away will sell at public sale my entire herd of choice dairy cows at tjie Uenrilie ranch, locait-d 1 mile uorlli und'<2 in.'.'c of Io!u, on Tuesday, January 16, 1912 Beginning at 10 o 'rlock a. ni„ the followiug described property: 5!) HEAD OF C.VTTLE. 23 head of choice milk cows, seme are fresh and others will be fresii soon. 7 head of 2-year-old heifers, some will be fresii in spring. 1 thorr o'jghbred Durham bull, pedigreed. This herd has been carefully chosen 1 IIL.VI) OF.HOP.SES. 1 large black 6-year-oId horn, , V.e i-Tl'.t l.'.OO; 1 bay horse. 4 years old V.-. i.;ht abo'Jt 1000; 1 horse colt, com. in«; 2 years oid; 1 horse mule, com- i ii'g .j years old. ai.SCL-LI..V>EOlS. ^ . 1 nearly :;ew milk wagon and milk can.", bottles and everything that goea run. The market will stand up under '''^ *^^'''>' ^'""'•"'^•''s as I have been, with a dair.v. One thoroughbred Poa pretty good run. as some buyers had the bn.sines.^ for 14 years, and this land C hina boar, pedigreed. About i9» —The Missouri Pacific will have on sale January IStb, 14th and loth round trip tickets to Denver, Colo., for .\ationaI Western Stock show at $23.35, with usual stop over privileges, Iis<it on return to Januarr Slat Phone 160. E^E. Hunger. Agent —Choice CooBty Butter at City Meat Ifarket 'PhpneSU. The prediction of the Weather Bureau for rising temperature this afternoon was verified, the mercury ris ing from a minimum of 16 below this morning to 5 degrees above at two o'clock this afternoon—a rise of 21 degrees. In the summer fall and spring months a prediction of rising or falling temperature means a rise or fall of at least tix degrees, but in winter such predictions mean a change of at least ten degrees, which must occur in order to verify the forecast —G, J. Peterson: Farm Loans. In- auranee, Ahatncta. . . i.s as choice a bunch of cows as you i l.'.i'licis r.t corn and some feed. Other will find anywhere. iinielvs ti)o ii;i:i:erous to mention. paid when due to draw 10^.' from date of sale. S'i discount for cash On credit sales . No property removed until settled for. Bankable note required. to go hungry this week. Eastern kil- i lers are in the market for large orders, which is a veo"^ strong feature. la.\'Teer6t^00 ,^\mri \eTlas?>S TEItrd.S OK S.VLE-All sums of JIO .ma under ^cash in hand. All sum. .59 100. Except for one or tWo low over $10 a cftdi: lA 12 i.-otths will le giveu, purchaser giving note witk days, it has been an up market this r p^ppp^ypj srciriiy. bearing C'c interest from date J paid when due. If not week closing today with a gain of .'• • cents, top $6.42^. bulk of sales $6.10 to $6.40. Packers aeem to b« glad to take the liberal supply, as the expectation of reduced runs ahead is having Its influence. Average weight last week was' 170 pounds, a big drop from the preceding week, and lower than that item has been any w6ek this winter, which ia saying a great deal. Plga i ••-• ' i ' ' s' » ''%»f .i ?w ^%r. thi* y,^ (V TeU your Wants to 20,000 People tiiro^b The Registei? rOL. r. H. BISHOP, -luctloneer. J. H. C.VMPBELL, Clerk. J. L. Adamson LUNCH ON GROUNDS.

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