Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 27, 1949 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 6
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Sept. 26, 1949 Mftion City GIobe-G»i«Ue, M»«on City, I*. I Try and Stop Me CHAPTER FORTY Some time later Chris spoke. "Why don't you come to bed, Terry? You're only wearing yourself out, walking up and down, or sitting there by the window. You will catch cold." "I'm trying to think." "Tomorrow will do. It's almost tomorrow now. Besides, what is there to. think? We'll pull out as soon as we can. This interlude is pau — finished." She said vaguely, "My head -By BENNETT CERF- aches a little. I think there's some aspirin in the bathroom. I forgot to bring any—" She 'went into the bathroom, which was big, rather bare, very old-fashioned, and served also as a dressing room. The shower was in one corner- sometimes it functioned, Sometimes jiot. On one side of the room there was a big Window| on the other a dressing table with a medicine cabinet over it. She swung the mirror door open and found the aspirin bottle. There was no need to pull on the - single light. The room was full - of moonlight. She shut the cab" inet door, looked idly into the - mirror and stood, still looking •* transfixed. The mirror reflected H .the moon in its silver entirety. 1 « The moon rode high, it was round - and full and tiny, floating on the - surface of the mirror a bright, re~ mote world. If she picked up the ~ handmirror and held" it before her » she would hold this moon in her • two hands, another world, a world " of brilliant cold, of silvered death, - of unbearable beauty and re- fleeted, twice reflected light. ~ "Terry? Are you all right?'' ~ "Yes, of course. I'll be right .. there, Chris." •• She returned the bottle to the 1 shelf. It was not really her head " that ached. It was her mind and » her spirit. It was not a matter " which concerned her palliation of ,'* drugs. She looked at the moon again. •- Another world. So many worlds, "" she thought. Terry went back to the bed'.. room, took off her robe, and slid >• her feet from the straw 'slippers. She was cold suddenly, she shook * with it. She got into the big old * bed of carved koa and lay down - beside Phris, her head against his shoulder. "We have each other," she said faintly, "and yet—" "Haven't iwe always, since the When it was still very early, Chris asked, "Are you awake, Terry?" "Yes." "Have you been for long?" "All night, a 100 years. Chris, it's no good." "What isn't?" "Whatever it is you've thought and planned. It won't be the same when we go back. Roger will go back too, and lie will tell the story over and over. To save his face. He'll tell it his way. By then he'll know about you too." "If I know Jack," said Chris, "he won't have to learn it in chance conversation, in a bar, on a beach, in a plane. Did you see Jack's expression when I spoke of Lilia?" "You shouldn't have." "I wasn't thinking about what I should or should not do." "Chris, listen to me. We can't go back to packing and unpacking suitcases in other people's houses. Did I ever tell you about Jennifer and Bert Cranson?" "No, and why should you at this juncture?" "I'd forgotten them," she said, 'until recently. I knew them in ;0ndon, Helen and I met them on house party. After a while I earned about them. Bert had an nherited, not very impressive, itle. Jennifer had money, which she lost. They had just a tiny income. Bert took a job now and then, selling shares or getting new members of, say, a golf club. He was rather stupid, but pleasant. He could shoot and ride, play tennis and golf, and of course bridge. Sometimes he and Jen met Americans and introduced them to important people, for a price; or Jen took the women to a dressmaker or furrier or jeweler, and Bert took the men to his tailor and haberdasher. They earned commissions of course. Jen had great tact—I remember a very offensive man at that house party and how well she handled him—and the older women like Bert. I suppose wherever they visited they had the most undesirable room in the house and that the servants despised them. Sometimes they stayed with children, while the parents traveled, and they were always ready to fill in or help out —garden parties, funerals, weddings, debuts—half the thank-you LIK& THAT SUIT ' HAVE //V yO(Jf* first?" He smoothed her hair back from her forehead. "I love you Terry," he said. "I love you. I don't think that they believe it." "Of course, they believe it — about my loving you, at any rate Who could see you and not believe? Anyway, does it matter what anyone believes?" "Yes, in a way.' I can't explain •why." . It mattered to her. It made al the difference:. .There must b< some way to make it clear it everyone that they had loved each other from the beginning, for that much must remain untouched, and whole and decent. ^ Chris said, "We'll get away as soon as possible. After that, we'll HHHE portly comedian, Jackie Gleason, entered a clothing store •»- near Radio City and told the clerk, "I like that suit you have in the right corner of your window." The clerk replied insolently, "And who are you not to like it?" "I was considering boffing him on the. nose," said Gleason when he reported the incident, "but he kind of won my heart by addjng hastily, "Don't get sore, Mr. Gleason. I recognized you from your pictures, and was just trying to be funny. A kid about one-tenth your size once beat me up for pulling the same line on him. I remember as if it was yesterday. In fact, it was yesterday!" * • * * <* Radio expert John Horn says the continuing popularity of several stale and long-familiar comedy programs reminds him of the political spell-binder who gave this frank explanation for his success: "First I tells 'em what I'm gonna tell 'em. Then I tells 'em. Then I tells 'em what I told 'em." Copyright, 1919, ty Bennett Cert. Distributed by King Featurea Syndieau. SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J, SCOTT 5r(A.RK is ONE. -iVfE. of ^ARK -frtArf KEEP HtVER. -io WOR.W AwB( FAliE.-fEE.fK. wKtl ONE. -loo-fK is LoSf OR BROKE.H OFF AHO1KER. CHE. . RISES UP -Ib 'fAXE- tfS PLA.CE.. : manage." "How?" Her heart grew quiet •with caution. "You won't like this, I expect. But once on the mainland'," we can I sell the jewelry. It will bring - quite a lot, even with fluctuating - values." She thought, quite a lot; enough - to live on for a long time if they - were careful. When had Chris - ever wanted to live carefully? " You could do a number of things with the money the pearls would - bring, and the green-eyed emerald ~ —you could, perhaps, buy a small house and a share in a small business. She could not imagine Chris in t that house or that business. She said, "We'll talk about it in the morning. Let's go to sleep now, Chris." He slept after a little while, but she lay wakeful. The moon rode - her downward course to her set' ting, the night was dark as grief, people in their little set received were written by Jen; she wrote a pretty hand . . ." "I don't believe any of this, Terry. Are you drawing a moral?" "It's true, and, yes, I'm trying to. When I met the Cransons they were in their late thirties. What's happened to them, besides growing older and more frightened? People didn't give big house parties during the war; they don't now. I remember, someone saying that their only hope of an assured future was to attach themselves td a rich, disagreeable old woman, make themselves indispensable, however kicked around, and pray she'd die and leave them something." Chris sat up, thumped his pillows into position and reached for the cigarets on the marble-topped table beside him. He lit one and the sweet, acrid smoke drifted past and Terry's stomach turned over. "That's not a very pretty picture,' 1 he said. "I suppose you didn't intend it to be?" She said, "I saw it only in broad outline. What had it to do with me then? Now I can fill in the outline." "All right," he said evenly, "what do you want to do? You call the shots." ."Chris, let me say this first and just once more. It was never any fun. I tried to believe it was at first. I never quite succeeded." "So?" He was conscious of anger, of fear, and of hurt. They had been together, wasn't that, in itself, fun? More than fun, wonderful and sufficient? He looked down at her as she lay there, her Wi(y DOES IMPORT -TEA. WAS-fES FROM CKlKA. . KA.NUF \CfURE. OF CA.FFE1HE.. CjlRLS of -fta KA^A HILLS IK ASS MA CARRY WM"£R FROVl SPRW^S. -To VtlLA^ES iH / lOHq BAMBOO VESSELS WKIOJ//1 SERVE AS JARS- ~i>/lAfl BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN GREAT CAESAR,^-I'VE BEEN SHOUTING DOWN HERE LIKE A VEGETABLE HAWKEP- /• • • -ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE HERE IN PUFFLE TOWERS, DELIA? UNTIL NOW, YES/•-••BUT IN AN HOUR I'LL DO A ROCKET TAKE-OFF ON AAY VACATION/ <>:."• MRS. PUFFLE 15 AWAY VISITING HER SISTER. •••• T "-- PINKY LEFT LAST WEEK-v.- AND. I SAID I'D STAY AND WATCH THE HOUSE UNTIL YOU TERMITES CAME BACK INTO THE WOODWORK/ G ^Xju'RE SOLE BOSS NOW, JUDGE/ DAILY CROSSWORD the night faded, as fade, the sky was grief must gray and brushed with gold, awaiting the upsweep of rose and carmine, the black hair loose on the pillow, her face very pale in the dim light. In a few moments the room would be flooded with the golden warmth and then perhaps she would not * • -. * AT A J ClUVl 1,11 til MV.JL llCaiJiJ tJi iv. v»w «,«*.»-* »• w hot, fierce spears of the sun. And look as - f some time during the birds spoke quietly, one to the night she had'drowned in dark- other.- 2. Rascal 3. Little island 4. Observe 5. A. detachable lock (To Be Continued) CammelEars. ZealfyGood A'OAH NtlMSfOlU. Howard b. Stark Co., DEAR AIOAH=OO FOOP BAl-l-. RAl-PH F- (OSTLER VA/ANAM AKERS, PEA1A1 A, WINOS ROTATE" THE 1 CROPS -- OF vsre^os f ACROSS 1. Firm and brittle 6. Fish 10. Book of Old Testament 11. Apple center 6. Shuffle 12. Eyed T- A multitude 8. Constellation 9. Reduce in rank 14. Relieves 13. Custom 15. A hint 16. Low story under a roof 18. Sun god 19. A weight (Egypt.) 20. Simpleton 21. Fuel 22. Perform 23. Diminish. as color 24. Fail to pass 27. Contends with 28. Disease of plants 29. Network 30. Simian 31. Chum 32. Thrice fmus.) 3. Note in the scale 36. Wise man 37. Constellation 38. Perform 40. Clayey 42. Bacchanal's cry 43. Appearing as if eaten 44. Cutting tools 45. More normal DOWN 1. Wedge of wood 24. Draw up 25. Plants of bean family 26. Employ 27. A Dutch island (Malay Arch.) 29. Wit 31. Crowns of heads 32. Claw 33. Rub out 17. Cereal grain 34. More 21. Aperture infrequent 22. Emmet 36. Flat- 23. Watch bottomed pocket boat Saturday'! Answer 39. Topaz humming- 1 bird 41. Openings (Anat.) 28 42. 44 26 22 •51 27 45 21 I'VE GOTTA CUTOLT THAT SECOND CUP OF COFFEE IN FLEEING, "SEAANVrCH" IS SUDDENLY 5WAL- IOVJED WTWK A fACUN CAVERN ON A GRANGE • A HUGE, ROCK DOOR DROPS •ABCNE, A GREAT, GLOWING -~ ' BALL DESCENDS WTO A MOL- CANICCONE — A Cryptogram Quotation UZD HKIKL UK Y DKYL-OLJF NSKO QJL DSKG, D S K FZLK. KHQLYHTSXNKO O K Y O— U L J J C N. Saturday's Cryptoquote: SLUMBERS SWEET THY MERCY SEND US, HOLY DREAMS AND HOPES ATTEND US— WHATELY. Distributed by King Feature* Syndicate •» AMD THE SliU RISES AS USUM. UPOMAROCKV BWT.OKTHE , FOLLOW ME,MI55 O'HAREi! •MAMAWI5HE5T05EE YOU IN THE PARLOR! ttE!DO_yOU^5E''LimE/, FSHE DID, P.£™?«J *% '•I IT I MI55 OHARE- • MRS. WORTH 15 • —. — — i I r vn L. UM L^I i..^. n . _-. i tl * i j*\i jj \s nr-\r\w r»i(w» »*ur\* i\ ts PELLAGRA" HEARD WHAT BR | D GET 15 WORRIEp,TOO!- ; 5HE|A TO BEOi.iRNEWHOU5E«OTHER! WE SAID ABOUT HER AND/ ABO UT TO BE U<NOW5 MOTHER AND / !< // .. HELP HER6E.T UNPACKED AND , THEOLDDRA60N? ^"THROWN TOTHE)pAU6HTER HAVE (b, SETTLED--THEN DELIVER THIS-• CROCODILES!/c ^RJ?.^ £^.7 D y m \ THIS DISGUSTINGOELLECT TO CUTGIA55 WITH! *®L, t *Kvx,u^, LISTEN, DOUBLE-DIP, YOU DON'T LOOK TO ME AS IF \OUVE BEEN OBSERVING OUR FOOTBALL TRAIN INS RULES; DON7? NO. 1 YOU'RE STILL GAINING WEIGHT; HAVE You CUT DOWN ON THE SIZE OF SOUR THREE MEALS A / SURE' DAY ? _^_—-—- -) THING, MU6GS.' ...AND YOU'VE STOPPED EATING BETWEEN . MEALS? ABSOLUTELY/ BUT I THINK THAT WAY THE TROUBLE... ^...BECAUSE I FEEL TWICE1 AS HUNGRY WHEN I WAKE UP FOR MY MIDNIGHT SNACKS.'.' V*?- Cop*. . tt|]ht* r«en-cl I'VE STILL GOT A TRICK UP MY SLHEVE. TME TIME WAS COME TO PLAY IT. ^M^Jlni IH*»i ~^f j n * * '^ *~^^ m * if. w ^»»-w•»/ — - • GOOD AND I HSAD HIM QFF= YOU , LOLJDSO \MEN:NAB'HIM8BFOQE HE-CAN ?S*:r-;/-7 HE RUMS! HEAD ME. GREAT SCOTT/ THE COPS! OUT — OPT^EV/AY, SIS, OUT OP THE WAY/ I IT WAS FILED ABOUT THREE VEAES AGO, EH, D(2. ...AND WHAT DID YOU SAY, THt NAME WAS AGAIN' ? WESCOTT/. ..THE \ ESTATE OF HENRY WESCOTT/ REASb. I'M IN A HURRY i DIDN'T YOU STOP JUDITH WHEN YOU SAW HEE GOING OUT JN THE CANOE WITH STEFAN, MRS. WESCOTT? I CXDN t THINK MUCH > Tft.'<E ME BACK, OF IT UNTIL I REALIZED ' STEFAN.' MOTHER HOW FAR OUT THEV WERE/ WILL DE WORRIED.'^ ...THEN I PERSUADED JERRY TO GO AFTER THEM .' '/OUR STEPMOTHER WON'T BE WORRIED, , MY DEAS JUDITH / SHE WOWS I'LL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOU / fc* 9 -2 A GOSH ALL HEMLOCK YOU S/5 COUSIN CLEM ISIMTHE' BROOK?// / -% r «•$ SURE/ EX, AkID I BET HE'LL NEVER /TRY TO KISS ME . AGMU! t: *%..*»> 4!b(j£pK/THERE ^ Ci^SS^VI/ DELICIA/ HEISH'T.^ IW HERE ^' NOW/. w ^\k _•*-! SOMETIMES I THIWKI ORTER ,,. LEARU TO , ffepLSWI^A AL? :20tv^__ ^--X *#&>?5tr M m "^ -=: am,^^f/^ < »*S4 Jgfl •SOTTHE^ SHOVEL.' HIT THE BEACH.'THE BURKO TREASURE HUNT IB ON ,{'• AND EVEfZ/BOO/S ON THSIfc OWN.' ^/ AfHAT MAKES> YOU THE . ' 'QUEEM OF SPADES.' trrs 60, A N§ /A _=^-^ WP HEfiE'S OUR. IEASL MAP.'/ HOLD THE FLASHLIGHT. CAPTAIN WAS A MERRY LETS 6ET A CjANLJew." --*£} ** I-IWNI^—"-: .„ v w*-*-^ « riKrw-r - TSAYS- "-'HEAD £%XSTEPS NOBTH^J OLD SOULi'-HE EAST TO THE OLD f^Jm^SL WHATY? NO ^ BUQIEO ALL HIS t - r ^- — — 1-- •• iMHr-r^l^^ r^f-r»-\i IOC * yf *-^.. ^*. ... A a.j~> LISHr-.J-r" , HOUSE.! DETDUPS? f '.'--•— ^! fl rv eoto IN A BIG, DEEP HOLE ^_ -w^, M m ISNT - 'Af"TH\S , -y°^l urreRLV • Brxi rr*n h in »n 'HANKS TO , fOKtSIOHT, FINAL EVIDENCE IN THE S//VI5 SYNTHETICS IS RSAPV /A/ CAIRO / 8UTTHC CRIMINAL, SIMS ALIAS SNGEP, IS STILL AT LARGE ANP RSAPY TO COLLECT M u ».».i.o». AN P WHERE IS 1 THIS AAAN VOU VMISH US-TO RHSWT NOW, HE'S PfZOBASLV TRVINCr TO OVSH AN INSURANCE CLAIM ON HIS OWN DEATH AT SOME CAIBO BANK, V» • &*!?• %:\": T am ^. ,^^f~T^ (<^ WE HAVE A WAV 0= APJUST1NG THA^ EPFENPI .'.' ^, .« -- ,i»\ 50 VOUR BKQTHEK ABEL 5IMS DIED IN 1 , A LASOKATORV EXPLOSION AFTER YOU| HAD S.TAETED ON A WORLD TOUR AND i-YOU ARE THE SOLE BENEPICIARY OF HIS INSURANCE ? AND VCXJ'D UKS^. US TO NECOCIATE VOWR CLAIM,,,* THE PHONE/ PA5C50N M5 =*, % ^. -.FOREIGN '• •£«KANC-£ • pert. cgfV A

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