Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1954
Page 3
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March 23, 1954 HOM it ARKANSAl SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between I A. M. And 4 P. M. ilendar ilesday March 23 stame night will be held at Hope Country Club on Tues« night, March 23. Thursday, March 25, at 1:30 in the home of Mrs. Garrett Story with Mrs. Talbot Feild,' Jr. as co-hostess. Mrs. Thomas Cannon will bring the program on "Italian Mu- he Garland P. T. A. will meet .Tuesday, March 23. at 7:30 p. in the school cafeteria. Fathers a mothers of the children are [ed to attend this important busi- is meting. There will be super- Bed play for children. n Tuesday night, March 23, at 5 the members of the Cosmopo- ah Club will meet in the home of s.Hamillon L. Hanegan. Asso- te hostesses will be Mrs. R. E. ekson, Mrs. Lamar Cox and Mrs. ''' Tence Martin. M5 flrs. Cecil O'Stcen will be hos- s to the Kathleen Mallory Circle ic First Baptist Church on Tues„ night, March 23, at 7:30 in her be at 210 East 13th street. Wednesday March 24 |The Lilac Garden Club will meet ednesday, March 24, at 2:30 in e home o£ Mrs. Kelly Bryant on lUth Main, with Mrs. O. C. Sutin acting as hostess. Thursday, March 25 j A Cub Scout meeting will be held at seven o'clock at Garland School fin the night of March 25. Ml!s. Roy Anderson and Mrs. Lex ilelms, Jr., will be hostesses at the rlope Country Club Luncheon- aridge to be held on Thursday, ffarch 25, at 12:30. This will be an nvitational luncheon - bridge. Saturday March 27 The Hope Country Club Dance will be held from nine til twelve on Saturday night. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Bill Routon and Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr. Monday March 29 The Wesleyan Service Guild of the Methodist Church will have a ot luck supper on Monday even ng, March 29th in the home of Mrs. Elmer Brown on East Fifth street. (Vt this meeting, Mrs. H. E. Patteron, misionary study secretary foi he Woman's Society, will conduct he first half of the study of Jeremiah. . i Miscellaneous Shower Given In Honor Of Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Ray Hollis were honored with a miscellaneous hower on Saturday night, Marcl 20, in the home of Mr. and Mrs Selvyn Hollis of Patmos, parents of the-groom. Mrs, Barney Powell and Mrs. Twymon Hollis were hos- esses. They were assisted by Miss Patsy Hollis. Miss Hollis and Jerry Gabriel directed tha games with prizes being given to the bride and Jimmy Glyn Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis were the recipients of many useful gifts. Refreshments were served to thirty guests. p Members and boosters of the Bod- fcaw Improvement Club will have a meeting at seven o'clock on Thurs day night. March 25, The meeting will be preceded by a pot luck sup er at'the high school, A film on "Driving and Driving Safety" wil shown by two state troopers. A (this time driver's license, will, bu _)iven to those who passed the tes given last week. - The Friday Music Club will mee Donations to Hem Red Cross Male Chorus tfr Sing in Hope Contributions to the American Red Cross: Hope Colored Previously reported $3,094.88, Mrs. A. B. Pleas $1.00, Rev. B. W. Carter $1.00, Miss Estell Mitchell $1.00, Mrs. M. Z. Glien $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Coleman $1.00, Joseph Coteman $1.00, Mrs; Paren- thia Bowles $1.00, George Lollis $1.00, Rev. F. K. Powell $1.00, Johji Coleman $1.00, -Mr. and Mrs. Theo Johnson $2.00, Mrs. Edessu Mack $50, Mrs. Pearl Jackson $.15, Mrs. Louise Gamble $.10, Mrs. Pearl Verge $1.00, Mrs. Agnes Hardeman $1.00, Mrs. Willie Hardeman $.25, Total $3,109.88. Daughter Freed in Father's Slaying NORTH LITTLE ROCK, UPI A ruling of "justifiable homicide" was returned this, .weekend in the fatal shooting of a 36-year-old Nort h Little Rock-paint salesman. Deputy Prosecutor Frank Holt said no charges would be filed against (he victim's 16-year-o 1 d daughter whom he quoted as saying she killed her father when he threatened the mother. Dr. Howard A. Disongh returned the "justifiable" tuling in the death of G. Dewey Dees. Holt said the daughter, Mary Male Chorus of the Central Baptist Seminary, Kansas City,, Kansas hettei known as the "Singing Preachers" will appear In a Sacred ('concert «t Firs? Baptist Church of Hope. Friday, March,26, at 7-30 B m The 32-member chorus Is directed by Dr. Robert V. Unmack?' The men come from 12 states, including Arkansas and. two are from Osaka, Japan and Copenhagen, Denmark. The public is Invited to the concert and there Is no ad- mtMinn A voluntary offering to help defray expenses of the tour, will be taken, It wa/announced by the Rev. S. A. Whitlow, pastor of the local church. ';• ' • DOROTHY DIX Home Too Small consideration, but apparently he has no desire't« express" affection I, on the otfter hfthd, -feel a great heed for affecU6H; niy parents died when.l was small, .aftcUl-nev- er knew family life 5 . Should 1 give up trying td change Hlni artid just consider- marriage frOrti a mfetef- ial angle? UndemoHitratlve Hutband Answer: this is no time to throw up you* hands and call iiults; quite obviously* It's ytt«r job to ihstit hap- plness into your marriage. Your husband Is not a demonstrative person, so you probably will never get from him a,full measure of affection. Nagging, of course, was the worst aproach you could use; how try a bit of feminine finesse. 3e the gentle aggressor in the matter ot caresses; make the daily parting and greeting kisses a routine followed by all .the family and bit by bit you'll encourage affection from your mate. His home life may have been lacking in tenderness to the point where he grew up naturally reserved. As a family f folks may have been cold by nature; this inherited trait caft never be completely overcome, but a patient program of re-education could give him a new settse of values. You certainly have every proof in the world that your husband loves you except for this lack of expression which can be overcome to some degree, at least. Rather than -hope- lessness.'.follewing Ms.'standards 'In this regar£,"begin to,set your Own., because of this conflict, tied rat 31) a girt to -#fcct. vigorously objected, but- — very happy. Afft-i obfiieflftd „_, my mother ih her comittaM ApJ to date fellow* of the she doesn't Dear Miss Dix: I've been married 11 years and have two little girls, I've kept my appearance, Paisley 4-H Club Mer.ls Mrs. L. B. Wylie and Mr. Oliver, Adams 4-H Club leaders, met with the Paisley 4-H Club on Monday afternoon, March 22, at 2:30 in the school auditorium. The meeting was called to order by the president, Betty Beard. Nina Faye Sherman, who is the song captain, then led the group in singing. "The Arkansas Traveler". Minutes of the two previous meetings were read by the secretary, HURRY LAST DAY Ann Sprague. A review on "The Meaning of the 4-H Club Emblem" was given by Betty Beard. The vice-president then led the group ^in repeating the club pledge . Following the, business meeting, the group adjourned into separate sessions. The girls, who remained in the auditorium, were shown a film on "Baking Pans." The boys, accompanied by Mr. Adams, adjourned to the fifth,grade room, where they were presented folders on 4-H Dairy Cattle and how to raise them. Tom Dees, told him she picked up her father's pistol after he grabbed her mother by the hair with both hands. Weigh the same .as when/I.was married, but with all this I've never gotten affection from my husband. I used to rtag him occasionally about it, but now I'm becoming convinced that he doesn't love me. He's a good husband as far as providing, fidelity, sobriety and Ahswer: When parents afce as us reaKohable as Is your mbtfrtr; I think yotittg peopl& are justified ih striking out on thfcit own. ¥<Mt JhO- ther's real purpose seeftiS-W tie a desire to keep Her cftildreft'at hoffi& and this nationalities-atifcie Is just a cover-up. Ou Of inti—:»~~" eSfldldatfe, ^ CHarteeftoHft,;; Dfear Mis» Dfx: My visited us recently and* everything in the platie-i-tHe child ren, furniture, decofationSf'Stfet M house is well kept, and definite!? not deserving of-his remarks thihk my husband this'tir-b should have put hlfn ftt ills '' but my spouse's reac'tlohVafi tha a guest can do no wrohg. Who ii right? , ' S.'tf Answer: Your husband is tfichf cally correct, but if ceftalrily weui< be difficult fb be gracious under these circumstances. f Wty hjst visit and •" > <( , Dear' Miss DixJ ( ,rm i2t .yeats 'old «nd seldom gq out on a, da^e.The chief reason Js my mothers dis?- appr,oval\o'f the few,."boys ^have dated. There are ohly.two oi-ithree nationalities IthiC she*approves of, and if aMjoyJhaVarty other $ 'batik grourid.its thuhibs-,ddwn Wta. hirn. My 'brother .'«iarrle4r_ la :te *fg ff* H332 . r,.:1Jf^.L't&:>.MJfi mint, , ? »4fc!«HgXAmfy>4tt«*As. ,^ VAV4 ~^ HV ^ Feature Times: 2:00 - 3:47 - 5:34 - 7:28 - 9:15 ' Silent as Gunsmoke.. .with a Surly Dog at His Side!, ... They called him "Hondo' .with GERALDINE PAGE j DIMENSION ^WARHERCOIOR NEWS & CARTOON^'SPRINGTIME FOR THOMAS" Wednesday ~ Thursday Are Caught In the Boiling Fenzy of a Prison Riot! You sweat out every second, feel every jolting shock, tremble with the naked emotions of men stripped of decency! FILMED ON THE SPOT IN A MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON! It Happened Here... It Gould Happen to You Mrs. Guerin Presents Final Session In Study Of Jeremiall WSCS Circle 5 of the First Meth- dist Church met Monday, March 2, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of fls. Fred Glantoii with Mrs. Dex- er Bailey and Mrs. Fred Johnson s co-hostesses. Attractive arrangements of beau- iful spring flowers were placed tiroughout the lovely Glanton tome. The meeting opened with the ,'roup singing, "Jesus Calls Us." olio wed by prayer ;JJ3Urinff the-bus- ness session presided over by the chairman, Mrs. Claude Tillery, resorts were heard and it was decid- ;d to have a "Secret Pal" meeting he night of April 5, at the home of, Mrs. Tillery. At this meeting all members will guess who their secret pal has been for the month, of Vlarch and will make a- contribution for the gifts received from .heir pal. This money will be spent 'or WSCS Life Memberships within ,he circle. It was ; voted to give a Lenten Offering of $5.00 and it was announced that the church would be hosts to the' Hendrix .College Band which will play at Hope High school Monday, March 29, at 8, p. m. The inspirational devotional poem was given by Mrs. G. T. Cannon. Mrs. Lloyd Guerin, leader of the final session of the study "Jeremiah the Prophet" presented a most impressive skit on the "Call of Jeremiah," with Mesdames C. Dana Gibson Jr., William Routor>,, Wayne Russell, and Lloyd Guerin serving .as the characters. This was followed by outstanding remarks concerning Jeremiah by Mrs. Sam Strong. The group, working in pairs, completed the Jeremiah Crossword puzzle wjth devotional books entitled, "The Very Thought of Thee" given to the'win- ners,' Mrs. Pauline Tyner arid-Mrs. William Routon. The meeting closed with the circle benediction. The hostesses served delicious lime sherbert, pastel colored cookies, and mints to forty one, including one new member, Mrs. Sam Huckabee and one guest, Miss Bvenda Hammi Coming and Going Mrs. Irvin Huckabee and Lloyd Walker of Houston, are visiting in he home of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell, Mrs. C. C. Collins, Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr. and Mrs. Martin Green pent Monday afternoon shopping ri Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Hutchings and son, Tommy of Marshall, Tex., spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier and daughter, Toy. r i TO YOU AMHY INSUR6P? ? ? x • (Check your insurance with present dpy values) ' See . . . ROY ANDERSON & CO. New 130-H.P. Y-BLOCK V-8 NEW 115-H.P. I-BIOCK SIX It has a new deep-block Y-de*ign, Like the new V-8, it's of overh.adr ' ' "and low- valve, high-compression,;.Ipw-M?' a friction friction efficiency Tor longer enpino UWH w°»i«". r..~ ••-. T.y^ ••-.•. life .,. smoother, quieter operqtlon l-design gives you smooth, q«i*.t ... greater economy, . power... and long engine life! - PLUS FIVE OPTIONAL DRIVER 1 'ASSISTS' xidUsive OAUIUOAr.t> . ^.^-^r^f^'-^r^.ii-^fg^ m*°. ^- « •AJjj S dru«r ain»t> arc amiable in Ford at extra colt. , , , Now more than ever STANDARD for If B AMERICAN RQ$P Bobby Phippin and Bob McPherson left this morning for Fayetteville, where they will spend a few days, Mr. and Mrs. Parker Laughlin and children, Stanley, Jackie and Gail, visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Davis, The Laughlins are residents of Albuquer que, New Mexico,. Mr. and Mrs. A, ,£. {4eRowell an'ij children, Carolyn and Bonnie, and Mr. and Mrs. A. 1*. "McpQwell «md Gary, all of Fovt Worth, spent the weefcerjd with, their pajentf, and Mrs. J. S. »Ic'$Qwell sister, Mrs. Mr, Collier.

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