Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1974
Page 6
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Page Six SIDE GLANCES HOPE (ARK.) STAR By GILL FOX US Pi! Oft IO-30 "Sorry, Lady ... that's the way I operate. I work a strip and then rest a strip!" OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN WELL. .X SO AM I/ VOUVE OWEP ME ) <SUAP \ *5 FOK. OVEE AMOKITH.SO LJ 70 HEAR ) VOU CAW HAKJP OVER TH' BUCK VDL) IT' r-7 KEPT; AW GO BACH TO THE BAWK FOR 4 MOPE.' AM' FROM MOW ON VOU'LL SHOW ME VOUR SAVIWGS BOOK BEFORE I LEWP M3U A PIME.' MR.. JASOW PAIP ME 1 BUCK6 HE OWEP ME.AAA--I PUT 3 110 TH' BAWK AN' THAT BOOSTS AAV SAVINGS TD 45fa.' HEROES ARE MAPE-NOT BORN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE ANVONE WKO , THINKS THE RES I LISTENEP TO THE NEWS, TOO! THE POPCORN MACHINE BLEW A FUSE AT THE MOVIE. 1 PIP WU HEAR ABOUT THE EXPL05ION P0WNT0WN ? IT WAS. PROBABLY TrlE NIGHT -SCHOOL! FUNNY ABOUT SOMEONE 601NG TO CKN 6ET PLACE TO LIVE; 6IVE Y^U A 6Rr\PUAT|ON IN K VEA>R OR PUNCHES. BUT MARTHA It's Round Answer to Previous Puzzle IOIDIRIA! PUSH GORDON Wednesday, October 30, 1974 By DAN BARRY ACROSS 1 Egg-shaped 5 Necklace part 9 Sphere 12 Murder (Latin) 13 Com fort 14 Falsehood 15 Like a ball 17 Masculine nickname UPeerGynt's mother 19 Disgust exclamation 20 Angry 22 Pub drink 23 Time past 24 Raise spirits 27 Moral 31 Unadulterated 32 Triturate (ab.) 33 Labor group (ab.) 34 Chemical suffix 35 Kind of green plum 36 Pierce with knife 37 Wire fasteners 39 Not those 40 Hurried 41 Southern general 42 Large round fruit 45 Adjective suffix 46 Snow (Scot.) 49 Individual 50 Finished 53 Poem 54 Bombasts 55 Withered 56 Negative word 57 Ancient Attica township CARNIVAL 58 Greek love god DOWN 1 Greek mountain 2 Important personslab.) 3 Pain 4 New Guinea seaport 5 Sandy color 6 Every 1 Masculine name 8 Pleasure 9Spanish jar 10 Melee 11 Beautiful (Latin) 16 Regulation 21 KingfFr.) 22 Dined 23 Even score (2 wds.) 24Rooffinials 25 Torch (Scot) 26 Space 27 Energy units 28 Quote 29 Word of sorrow 30 Ear part 32 Taken (poet.) 35 Took a quick look 36 Pronoun 38 In favor of 39 Relate 41 Moral slip 42 Source of night light 43 Within (comb, form) 44 English land division 45 Moslem priest 46 One who (suffix) 47 Roman emperor 48 Summer drinks 51 Spanish cheer 52 Compass point COME NOW/OAIUS YsUffEiy /OUR AU IS A MERE / FA | R 'OOP' HUMANA J CM HANPLE HIM- EVEN WITHOUT THIS' WHY PON'T YOU SET INTO THE ARENA WITH FLASH?/ MURPERER/ «/ PEAR- YOU SHALL SHARE THE ENTERTAINMENT M/tTM MP/ THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER © 1974 byNEA. Inc. T M flej US Pal Oil ,.,IT'S NOTHING \THAriS SOOD UNUSUAL..,THE \ FOR,A COMPUTER CAN THERE VkORKITOUT I HAD ME POR USf y WORRIED OH, SHUT UP, OSCAR / UH...NOT NECESSARHX NOTHING-' THEM, „ IMASE FROM THEIR i -, i DES ieNArED TIME- ZONE,THAT'S ALL/ CAPTAIN EASY THI£ TIME--TH& IUKKIM6 VAMPIRE FI6URE DOESM'T GET By CROOKS & LAWRENCE WOTTA VA T THEKE'$ A MEAN "/F"? J SIMPLE WAV TO VAN PUVER MUiSrA KEVIVEP AMD CUMBEP OUT OF CA&KET WHILE YOU WEKB PHONIWS INSPECTOR CHUMLEVi KI6HTI..IP REALLV SHAD-- 'Coffee ... tea... milk ... aspirin ... overnight kits?" One of the best things to take for a cold is a friend's advice — take it and forget it. A miser is a doughnut. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG /TirnV Anyone who dips his beak in the sauce before driving has accident assurance. Add to your dictionary of collective nouns: A shadow of detectives. WELL., AT LEAST SHE'S OR6AMIZEO- —I GUESS 7, IT'S A SYSTEM THAT HAS TAKEN! ME MANY YEARS TO DEVELOP AND I KEEP THE COFFEE IN THE FLOUR JAR AND THE FLOUR IN THE RICE JAR BECAUSE THE TEA IS INI THE COFFEE JAR T" WHY IS THESUGAR EEK & MEEK By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALLI A A i£AF OF JUC, OF 6U//UE: VOO BESIDE SCWEDAY MY KIDS WILL. /©KMB/WHAT COVOUDO, DADDY... <t> H74 tt KtA. IOC.. T M H«l U 5 P»l l ...WHEMOTHS? KIDS' DADDIES 00 TOTHE OFFICER" AND I'LL HAVE TO SAY... " I HANKS AROUND IN THE SKY WfTHAMLkSLY BALLOON NAMED GQSWD. 10 -3O FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS AT 1.A4T, , Wft'fU X CAM *** IT NOM/...A Sl MfllTE-UP IM «• • A 5PJ26AD IM ON THE ULLIVAN WHY, PRAV TELL, ARE VOU DROPPING {ORDBRSj MV CLASSES, /W«. BURNS YES, SIR, I'VE HAD DOCTOR'S V TROUBLE SLEEPING ORDERS? >v AT SO HE ADVISED ME TO STOP NAPPING DURING THE DAY.' 3UGSBUNNY C'MON, FUDOSY, OPEN UP/ I KNOW YEK IM THERE/ HMMM. TH' CXX)K'S OPEN/ By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL THUMP YEK FEET TWICE IF WANT A &KUSH / PRBCILLA'S POP ByALVERMEER '}.»» :Vff£f- THAT MUCH? TO FIX A <3AS LINE? LOOK,. Mf?. A SAS UIM5 IS A y PIECE OF COPPER J PIPE, RKSMT? .— x SO WHEN I FIX A'-N GAS LINE I'M SORT ) OP DOIN<S WWAT r^ PLUMBERS DO. ) ,, i -^ f—. C H74 > KA. Inc. Ty. ^» ...AND YOU KNOW HOW OUTRAGEOUS THEIR PRICES

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