Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 5
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THi? IQCS ITAILY REGISTERrSATURBAY EVENING, JANUARY 13. 1912. FELIX AND FINK—It was a Case of Mistaken Identity, and now Felix Neds the Doctor. FCLIX THAT PIANO TUNER IS OUT OP TOWN. SO YOU |6CT A SET OF TOOLS AND MAKt SOME MONEY WHIIE HE'S G>ONE ! , / WAIT * WANT V TO SES COME IN THE HOUSE A MINUTE. WANTS—ALL KINDS. ' WANTKD —I .AUni-: ROOM ANM) ! tio.'iril. room «iili ilnsct l>y coiiiili.-. WANTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan of $800 on a new eight room bouse on paved street, close in, east front. Want it for tbre« years and am willing to pay good interest. The Peterson Land Co. WOMKN — S K L I. C .rARANTKKl") liDSi-; Tii piT i-L'Mi pnilli; iiuiUi- $10 I Cloi'f' In. Stiiti' 1)1 iri". Ail(!n!.'',s K .'11,1 iliiily: lull or iiurl t'liiir; lic(;iiuifl-s iiucsiiKiii.'. sri{0.\(; K.Nir. i )o.\ i<ij!t W.St riiiladeliililu, I'll. I lU'Kl.sior OffJte. WANTED—SKWINO TO DO; 421 N. Oak. WANTED—RAG CAHI'KTS AND rugs to weave. Call and s^o samplts of work; 912 N. Chestnut street. WANTED—TO I!UY C A h V IC S. Phone 91-22. W.4MKD—ELDEKLY LADY Oil (drl for gencRiI house work. No ivusli- Ing und ironlnc. Box 107, loliu WANTED—GOOD LAND. WELL Improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more if worth th« money asked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. Meshew & Company, Tulsa, Okla. WANTED—TO RENT .'. ROOM modern tiousc. Address Rox 3u2. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 461. WANTED—THE WOULD TO Know Ihcy can get fri'^li butUTiiiIlk :iiid iii':irir-i-y bulter from Harris Dnis. Walcli for wagon. l "i 'iu('d; Itii) brarinf: trprs; 3 railroads witlilii lU iiiilfs; .station r .O feet from iiiriior tjinii; K. E. D. ;riiral tt-Icpliono Win tr;iilc fur rcix! Ic.sldn residence or 1)u.^ln< .^.s propi-rty, lola. Price $7(jno. MortKnKO JltlMO :t yrars UViV;. Write owner. I.oik liox 2.'.-', Cliotopa. Kans. • von SALE—A COt)D SIX YEAR old liorsr; s-oiind and pentle. Plione LOCAL HEPRESE.VTATIVE WA.\- fii. No canvassing or sullcitlug re- <iulrcd. Good income as^sured. Ad- dross National Co-Oi)eratIve Realty Co. V H23 Marden Building, WaslilnK- ton. 1). C. WANTED AT ONCE—YOCNG LADY WANTED—HIGH CLASS MAN TO ; desirous of making good wants posl- pi-ll tree.s, shrubs, roses, vines, berry tion at once as clt-rk in store. Write luir^hos, bulbs etc. Good wages—PtTiu Ellen JI. Doring, Gas, Kans. | ancnt. E.xcluslvc territory. Brown I Drothers Nurseries Rochester, New •• — I York. \VANTED—MIDDLE AGED WOM- an for lifjht house work; 41t; .V. Tliini. S. \V. Bird. WANTEIV-TWO LADY SOLICI-, neat in appearance, for work In lola. Easy seller, big commissions. Sign & Advertising Co., 209 S. Jefferson. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. ICO acres north central Oklahoma; 9r> cultivated, meadow, pasture; all i04. Re.sii:ence 701 E. Lincoln. Primmer. FOR SALE—MY COUNTRY HOME wi'.si of Ho.spltal. 17',-j acres ground, li rootii lioii.s*'; the finist barn in Alien county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked iip goo'l. an ideal place to live, lioason for selling, am located in the West where 1 have business interests. This place will make a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooke'n, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE-^:',9 ACRES OP NO. 1 .bottom land within 1 mile of lobi. at 'a bargain price; %:M> liown, balain" on tcriii to suit i)'r. Allen County Realty t:o., Evans Uldg, lola. J. W. FOUTY ACRES AT BARGAIN, tf.iaiter wcrU Kiucaid; all kinds fruit; o.\ccll<Mil v..Iter and location; good soil, liouse and barn. Write or call. FiiiUk DocKlicrty, Kincaid. FOR SA I .E—P U R E MAMMOTH Bronze turkey toms. Phone 997-12. FOR EXCHANGE—22-ACRE SCH- urban home, near town in Coffey county. This Is extra fine. Wani lola proporiy worth from $3 000 to $r.,000. Call on The Allen County Investment Co., 213 S. Washington Ave. lola, Kans. FOR SALE—SOME BROOD SO\VS and male hog; good stock and cheap for quick sale. First house south Electric power house. JJ. K. Black. FOR SALE—A GOOD MILCH COW at a bargain. Call at 1205 N. Buckeye. FOR SALE—TWO SECOND HAND coal beating stoves. Diamond Barber shop. FOR SALE—80 ACRE IMPROVED farm, by. owner. Box 7S. J. W. Stevens, Humboldt. FOR SALE—FIVE W^IITB OR- pington pullets and one cockeril. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. 10(1 ACRES OF IMPROVED LAND In .southern Missouri and good Iarj;<- fuur room hotise In lola to exchangi' for land near lola. Trade witii owner. Address 1024 .\. llottonwood lola. FOR SALE—NU-MBER ONE HEDGI': posts. H .I'ndcrhill, Geneva, Kans. ^STOAYIED^QR^TOLE^ STRAYED—SORREL MARE. BALL face, blind in one eye .weight livio lbs., heavy set, about 10 years old. Call 7U7, lola. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—A FIVE ROOM BRICK boui;e. Phone 778. FOR RENT—-MY ROCK CREEK farm. Inquire of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. THE DUrS NEWS AT UHARPE ELAINE T(»LLE I'AI.VFCLLY Kir! NOT FATALLY IIURNED. i Harry Uofy Will Emratre in the Kcal Estate Bu>iuess >Vith Father. Hi- IRA B. —' IFRANTZ CECISTERED OPTOMETKIST Humboldc, Kas. Alnran, altornoon of Jan. 10 andj all day the 17th. I-allariie. Jan. ISth and 19th. Her liands b«»co!iiing cold wliile in the mi(i:^l of an .-njoyalde game a.l by herK»^lf TiHi;-.-day afTcinoon. KlaiC'' the bf-autiful little dausliter of Mr. and .Mrs. .lolin ToJle of .'.uij N. Main street, setjiped to the Heznor stove to get warm. Shf venH-urcii loo near the stove and as a result her dres- caught fire. The faajily was in tii'- kitchen at the titn.^ and l!.e blaze IKHI Rained nuite a headway when Mr. Toile heard the child's rrIi-'.=; and cauie to the re.«cue:. He jerk, d .'^onie (lolhe-^ from a .stand and wr;ipiied around E'alnp. In so doing ilie bin/." was cv: tingulshed but preksing the burnlm; clothing to the child" side inflicted a number of painful burn.=. none of which the attendln.g physician thinks will result seriously. It could have been much worse. Rev. S. L. Chase will go to Opoli.-,, next week to assist Rev. John Ashley formerly of this place, but pastor of the church there. In conducting a series of revival meetings. Mrs. H. P. Doty spent yesterday with her mother in Moran. Harry P. Doty, who recently sold his news stand to Mr. Curry has decided to make I^a Harpe his home and enter into the real estate business wit:his father, J. E. Doty. They will have office rooms in the Suie Bank building. Owing to the bad weather and it bring almost impossible to heat the Met i odist church, the address which wa.- 1 to be made by M. A. Wolfe of Knsa-;; City, was not given last niglit. Thi- ' was to have been the last talk of the J series of addresses under the auspices of the Men and Religion Forward Movement. The inclement weather throughout the weiek has kept a number from hearing the excellent talks. Misses Anna and Sibyl Jones of Elsmore are visiting their sister, Mrs. J. \V. Holt, this week. A number of members of the L;i Harpe and lola I. O. O. F. Encampment went to Chanute last nislit as guests of the encaminuent there. O;- iicers were installed after which a big banquet furnished the amusemeni. \Villiam Jones went to Fariington. Kas. this week to enjoy a two weck^,' visit with his parents. Charlie Nelson, of Elsuiore. was a business visitor here yesterday. The La Hari)e coal dealers can receive a car of coal and It lasts on!;.long enough for about four men lo shovel it into wagons. Yesterday a car load arrived and at one lime tf rigs Vivre lined up awaiting tliei; turn. There is plenty of gas In 1.:! Harpe now but.. .\. M. Jones, of Liberty .Mo, wi.^ in town yesterday. The high .school baski-t ball l.o\:-' will meet the Yale.s Ceuter boy.s iier. next Friday night. Mrs. Del Donald, of loin, will'vlsi- her parents. .Mr. and Mrs. Cliarl. .Douglas, over Sunday C. W. Graen Is reported some bel­ ter today. John Vaughn shijiped six cars of hay to Kansas City yesterday. Philip Cobleniz and C. H. Hackney went to Kansas City yesterday on a :short bu<:Iness trip. Thomsa Cary. of Herrlngton, was a bu-ine -s visitor here yesterday. Christian Church: Sunday Sci.ool a; 1 • a. 111. I'n adiing both morning aail .vening by the pa.stor. Chrisiiau Endeavor ti:3u p. m.—V. 1-. Goodrich. I'ii.-tor. Methodist Eiii.^cojial C'.'.:. '.•: S S. at '.< i'> :i. 111. EpworthLe;'.,. • p. 111. J'n-.iching at 11 a. in. and 7;;:IJ i). 111. The coiiiiiiunion service, postponed lal Suriilay on aecotiut of llie will he held next Sunday morn- lag. '1 111' iMniu;; service will be in coiine(iiiin with the .Men and Religion l-'orward .Mo\emeiit. I're-i.> i> ChiUeli: Sunday School 9:4ri a. in. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:;;ii p. Ill Chri.-iian Endeavor ii::w i>. m. Sulijec; for morning illscourse: "The L.aven la the Meal."—George II. Clyiaer, Pastor. (; C l!:i;l:er. of north of town. Is reported on the sick list. Yesterday's News. (The following items sent in yesterday laiieii to connect): .•\t tlie jiiii: insiallatiun Wednesday evening the toilowing off icers-were installed by M. W. A. and the Royal Neighbors: .M. W. A.: Consul D .R. Porter; Adviser.'George Ford; Hanker, J. W. IJcC'annon; Clerk J. N. t'iark; Escort. .1. A. SectJemeyer; Watcliman L. H. Richardson; Sentry, S. Tebi-aut; T:ustee, J. C. Curry. Royal .Neighbors: Oracle, Mrs. John fonover; V. Oracle, .Mrs. George Ford; Recorder, Edna Hunch; Chancellor, Mrs. Thomas Leiglity; Receiver .Mrs. Lee .Means; .Marshal, Jlrs. William .Vewinan; Outside Sentinel, .Mr.s. .J. W. IJcCannon; inside Sentinel, Ktliel -Maxey. .M:s. William .Newman came near meeting witii a serious accident Wednesday evening while returning home from lodge. .Mr .and Mrs. Newman were on the crossing at the intersection of Main and Second street.s wlien Miii. .Newman slipped and fell bruising her .side and wrenching her back <iulte severely. She will be unable to do her liousehold duties justice for a few days. J. S. Chambers wa.s hauling a load of liogs yesterday to market and on .Main striet the team became fright- eni'd and when making a sliarp turn, fi|'I>ed over tiie wagon drojijiing the \\ity,i gently to the ground. ' .None of the hogs were Injured, so .Mr. Chambers proceed.d to drive them to the pen. He will be out only a few dollars to iiave his wagon repaired. T. E. Harbison, of Leanna, visited Mr a :it! Mr.-. S. .M. Martin here yesler- ••' lie was on his way to Drexell. .Mo <iu aiioiint of llie Illness ot his lliDtinr. .Mr- Reiilah .MyiTs went to .Muran y. sii nlay for a slio:t visit before rc- tiirnUiK to iier home In BarllesvlUe. f". E .Lee who has lii-en 111 for some time Is ri'porled some better. Ilervey Uhoad.s. the llarite boy «lio is now in Calgary. Alberta, Canada wi!!(s that III- has a good jiosl- tion In a garage. The lowest It has been there this winter was 32 degrees below zero, but tin's Is not regarded very severe by the people there. Cril Caldwell of Moran, was a busl ness visitor here yesterday. Joe Vandan and family arrived here yesterday from Lake Forrest, 111- . j incis. to make their home on what is j 1 known as liie Anderson farm north of '•own. Mr. Vandan has purchased.the plate. .1. C r.urris has returned from a .-"iK-.t trip in Beaumont and Wichita. Tlie annual meeting of the stockholder? of the Odd Fellows and Masonic building will be held In the hall next Monday aTternoon. O'.vin:.^ to the high wind yes1erd:<y t 'le janitors v.ere unable to heat tin; seiKic! buH.iing.-; and i ^hortly after tl ;e !'. o-nii;:; (It voiionals the schools Were disiuisM-d. A. -N. i;;insoni made a business tiiii to .M("v:i:v yesterday. Tom .Newton who received a badly _ ^ si.raliiid ankle one day last week, :s j b.Vitiiig i.s^ii'ot "to a r.'suU of tailing from a ladder was ' alile to resuyn- his work at the Ea.-l .-unit, rs last night. A!;. V the iii-:alIaiion Wednesday nigi.t tlie Woodmen and Royal .Neigh- 1)1.IS piaeiiii'd their drill, jirepara- tory fiu- till' big supper the? 17tli. Ii;'iiry St.-iubrook of near Bayanl spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. I'.'riy Zent/. .Sam Theoliald and son, Jesse, re- tirni.'d yesterday from near Strawn, Kas.v near wliicli place Mr. Theobald rent! d a farm and will move his family there next week. P. E. Twiiieman, of Moran, was a business caller here yesterday. BOY BEATEN BY eRUTALFJllHER (.AS CITY nEEPLY IX'EN .SED BY ULS 1MILMA> ACriO>. Iiicleniciit Weather Interfered With .Many Social (•atherliigs und Other Seetiugs L A Hero in n Lii;hthouse. —For years J. S. Donahue, So. Haven, .Midi., a civil war caiitain as a lighi- keejier, averted awful wrecks, but a queer fact is, he might b.ave been a wreck, himself, if Electric Hitters had not prevented. "They cur-i tons, 1st Cock, On, Mrs. S. B. Agee do you think should be done with a father who punished his four- I." II y.-ar old son so severely that wlieii li.' ran to a neighbor's house it Was hard to distinguish who he was on :iecount of so much blood on his f:!ee'.' Siieli a man lives in this city but the poor boy who received the be seen on the s 'r.'et.--. He ilcd to his sister's homo in lola and Is afraid to return home. The neighbor lady whose house furn- isii. d llie boy shelter, just before he started to lola says his whole body Is badly bruised and that she thought his nose was broken. He was so anxious to li'avi- town that In- woulil not av.aii 111.' arrival of a physician to <.\:!tii ;i:e his wounds. The father may esiaiie tills time but the good Gas Ciiy people will not stand for a rejietiiion of such an act. .V ei:i :'.i -n.s melting will bo held .Mi .ir.i.iy e\.iiing in the city hall for ihe purpose of completing the fund to carry through the meter lest case. All citizens are urged to att.-ril S. p.. .Xgeo, Jesse Osborn. D. \». Shufonl aii.l J. F, Eastwood of this city who made entries at the poultry show in loh'. are on the list of prize winners. The following are prizes awarded to G:is Cityans: Buff Orping FOR RENT—EIGHT ROOM, MOD- ern house; .">16 S. Walnut. Inquire .Mrs. Chastain. LAXD FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in Allen County. For "a pasture it can't be beat—everlasting water—or it all can be mown. Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also hai'e CO acres improved land close to lola that I can sell at a bargain. Terms rea.sonable. C. 0. BOLLIX.'ER ed me of kidney trouble and chills, he writes, "after I had taken other so-called cures for years, without ben- elit and they also Improved my sight. .Now, at seventy, ! am feeling line." For dyspepsia, indigestion, all stomach, liver and kidney troubles, they're without equal. Try them. Only 50c at all druggists. DIAMO.MK Jan. 11.—W. L. Lacy has returned from Paola, Kas., where he was <:ii;ed by the illness of one of his daughters. The friends of Roy Perkins^ glad to see him back again from Ka-. ty. Texas. The young people did not have any League meeting Sunday evening o:i account of Uie weather. J. N. Vickers Is shipping hay from Lone Elm this week. The social which was to have b';e.; held in the Diamond school hou.-,- "i Wednesday evening was postpon-d until Thursday evening. January IS. G. W. Smith Is teaching school a f.'w days In Mildred this v.-.">k in the absence of one of the teaihi rs. Mrs. J. N. Vickers had quite a imii.- fiil accident, a corn stalk peniraiiiig one of ln-r eyes. It Is thought to be iiiiidi Imiuoveil ;>i this writing. —Here l.s a remedy that will care your cold. Why waste (Imp and money e.vri-rlmentlng when you can get a prepavatfcn that ha.'i won a worldwide reiiiitatinn by its cur*-? of this d!.-easrt and can always b(> depemled upon? It Is known everywhere a."! Chamherlain'.s Cough Rempdy, and Is a medicine of real merit. For sale by all dealers. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kres.s Bldg. Ofrice rooms 22 to 24. 2;id cock. 8f.»i, .Tesse Osborn, Gas. Pullets, :;nd, S9, Mrs. S. B. Agre; ?.rd .S:i. Mrs. S. B. Agee; 4th, SS Mrs. .S. B. Agcp. Black Langshans, 2nd cock, SS J. F. Eastwood; 3rd, cock Sfi'-l. Eastwood. IsJ cockerel, 91, East wood; - 2ad cockerel, 90 W. W. Shuford. Mrs. L. A. DeNeen was the guest of Mr.i. Isabellt! Aten of l^iHarpe yesterday. Mrs. Mary Eidiim atid f;r;;,:;h- lerii, Thelma and Conaa Ei'li'ig visited her daughter. Mrs. Laura Knepp In Moran this week. Gr.-indmother Boyer, of Rose Hill is gradually Improving from Injuries re- ceiv<>d In a fall last week. Tlip followiiic IK a portion of the F'^mi-annual rhetorical program rendered in the high school yesterday afternoon. The r<'ni:.!nlng numbers on the program will be given Monday morning at Chapel hour: Dialogue, fHe Tried to T.-ll His Wife," Mayine Meyers anil .Marie. Essay, "Sevente<-nth Century Life," Beiilali Ixiwer. Declamation, "Curing i Cold,' ion Ha I tenon. Essay "Growing Old," Fred Post. Declamation, BessI*^ Torbett. Essay "t^u.-en Victoria" Mable Rhea Violin Solo, "Irish Gema," Frank Agei>. D-cIamation, "School Days," Ilo I.ower. Ill <-l!iiiialion, "Breaking the .\ew.>i," Sina Boyd. Es.iay, "Itiventlona," Earl Eastwood D'llamaiion, "Thi- ObllKing Little Sister." Margaret Koll. Declamation, "School Girls' Trials" Ethel Agee. Ov iTiB to the Inclement weather the tea which to have been given on Thursday evening by the I-adles of the Christian church was postponed until one evening next week. It will be held at the home of Mrs. J. Kauffman. 3IethodIst Church. > Sunday school 10 a. m. There will be no services in the morning as the pastor will preach at Piqua. The evening services will be at the usual hour. All are cordially invited. There will be no services at the Christian church tomorrow on account of the extreme cold weather. , R;ilph Howard cut a large gash in his upiior lip yesterday morning while performing his duties as lircinau at the Prime Western Works No. 1. He was entering the regulator house and ran into a gas pipe. He was comiiel- led to return to his home in lola and will probably he ori from Work a 1 w days. Roy Hendricks is spending Saturday and Sunday with his parents in t Ptirsons. I Miss Rosa Corns was the gueai of! Miss Lois Bennett In lola last ev. a- I Ing. Tliev attended the play "The S r i vant in the Hoiise.- Vesferdii.v's News. The following news s.'iil In y. day failed to connect. Owing to the Inclenieni wc'ln-r tle.> funeral of .Mr. C. E.'I'.ates waj-, ii.dd i from the home hero and iiiternu'iit in the Gas City cemetery instead <if at: Walnut, Kas., as was at lirst d'- clded upon. Rev. R. M. Cullison of the Methodist church olliclated. The W. C. T. U. is holding the first meeting of the year at the home of Mrs. E. T. Lieuranco on North McRae street this afternoon. The meeting is a ".Mothers' Jlceting" for the purpose j of Influencing a stronger religious life in the homes. Walter Adams of north of town had the misfortune yesferday of losing one of his fine horses. The animal was I kicked by another horse and so severely injured that it had to be k;ll «-a. While returning home on a delivery wagon Wednesday evening 1'. C. Elliott decided to walk In orde.- to keep warm. As he jumped from He- wagon his overcoat became entar/bd ' - - in the wheel throwing him under th« j wagon. One of the wheels ran over i —Charle.'? Durham, Lovington . 111., the ankle of his right foot but for- | has succeeded in finding a positive t'lnalely no bones were broken. lU: is i cure for bed wetting. "-My little boy limping slichlly today as a result ofi the bed every night clear thro' the accident. | on the floor. 1 inert several kinds of Otis Taylor a graduate of the local j kidney medicine aud 1 was In the drug high school writ, s that ho is now In | store looking for someluing different the employ of the Santa Fe at Denver i to help him when 1 heard of Foley and is exper-tiiig .soon lo be^ giv.-n a { Kidney Pills. Ater he had taken them station at Grix;nland, Colorado. ' two daj-s we could see a change and Mrs. C. E. Bales of Ilartlesville is ' when he had taken two thirds ot a visiting J. .\. Bales and family this bottle he was cured. That is about week. She says this is the lirst snow • six weeks ago and he has not wet in she has seen this winter. I bed since." J. D. Mundis Co. Guy Roberts, jr.. Is out of school on The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, p:iy taxes for non-resIdent,s, and do a general real estate business. . We represent three of -he best loan comi .aTii-.- :: • r i- ness In Kansas, - ii ;i share of the lo.-.n : • - i g;uarantee as v:.;-. j. .; •• d quick service :ia t.::: i.. . , : ..y- where. The Allen Ccxr/.y T' .i ?> Co. K. L. l!:-v:.;-..:a. y. r. OFFICES T:V.\; ? r.: '.•c. ;I>:.A 'rv'>U .SA!.:,! 3 room tiuus-i and ncro of ::'.Miiid on car l.iie; ':!'.•:!) MIC''-,'.;- •t room iio'..-'! .-ir;.l r; • : loi-atiuti; $7i".' iiioi 11:'.:-,. ; ; i. 2 i-ofini li 'iwsi! I I 1, ,•:(•:'. :;, location; i e; .: . : . .>.... 'l'!).':-.> pi -jp' I li.- 1 ;ii" n;i (.-I r water lliii! and i',.i.< line. [.m. and cliicki'ii piojio.-.ition.i. .Moi payments will be allowed, leil tradij/ considered. Fruit In .'cj, small fnilt in above places. FOR KENT. 7 room modern hnise close in; s room modern lioiiso close in. room hoiwe. close in not moder Whitaker ic. Donncll. . 1, -.una ;.aa >0 .'.•ill', ;;r .i.ii iiihly no and SIS. rn, $6 MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVB A client who has $1800 private money to [oan on Allen county land. If you wSht this, come quick. The Peters(« Abstract Co. * MOVET TO LB\yi ' Will lend on houaehold rr>;^Cs ytusoa. OTSBUB, oewinc • tklJUK], dlamonSQ «nd jevc^rv •* J. W. COFfBl • 11« IforOi Streel a $ S-6 « 5 « 5 3? 5 e « * 5 « a *»• lioyal Typewriter Agency Controls Ezclusive Sale of th» Boyal Sfandiird Typewriter In Allen County E. B. BBHWD ?, ig'eot No-thrup Building lola, Kans. • Typewriter Repairs and Supplies * a g gi g -5 5 $ -Egs-jsgss-esa a XITICE. V.'e have an excursion on the of thl-s month to our Florida lands. Also an excursion on the l.'.th to our Sacramento Valley. California, land;;. Call and make anangrracnts to go. C1IAIILE.S k POTTEB lohi, Kiintiui. FOR SALE, ALFALFA FAK.U Kiiigniun County, Kans. ICu acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair improvements; 100 acres alfalfa land; only about 12 feel "to water . It's a bargain at $r.0 per acre Mortgage $2000 iV 'r, due In 4 years. Can exchange equity for good lola property at its cash value. lOLA I.uVND CO.MPANY. Farm and Ciy Loans ¥A>'SAS AM) OKLAnOMA Low Gate; Annual or Seml-Annnnl Inletest—Privilege to Pay In Full Reduced Kutes on Fire Insurance! R.M.Ciinningham Old C«;:rl ll .inse lUdtr. TOIK , Kas. »r. C, H. Buss 9 DES'nST 3 w Boom yo. 1, Xorthrnp Bide. * w Extraction without pain by the • f use of Nitrons Oxide Oes • a Phone— Off ic« 533; Re^. 858 » * 3r s * 3f -Jr s » s s « » « $ a e « Hav« Your Piano Tuned by u • Experienced Tuner—One Llr- lag In your honj« tovn • ^, T. 0. CA5AT«BT • Pl-ino Tuner And Uspntrtr • Roberts Music Co. Phone 4« ... •WW. a ui^UQ 1*1 ^ F. L. II. LEAVELL, M. O. Specialties- Diseases of the ChM> Disease? of Chlldnrn Phones— Office 147; Rev I-;. IOL.V STATE BANK BLDG 0 P • * Se»l Estate and Lhe^t.«-. * ALXTiOAEEU * SatlBfactiou gutLianteed .Wire u. phono at my exptUiMe for aat «k B. B. CLARK, fstet CcQter Over Com. bu* • * * "f * * • • -^5- * * * + + • • ^ account of a severe attack of the grip. t'arJ Day, furnace foreman at Prime Western .No. 1 is suffering With an attack of rlieuraafisiii. William l»a;is Mar-I Is acting as substitute. A number from here have taken their fine chickens lo the poultry show in lola. Practically all of tho passenger trains are lato on account of the severe storm. .Miss Gr;.c<> Shawver relumed to her home ii; Klncald yesterday after a vi.olt with her sltticr Miss Sophia Shawver. John Boyer and Leslie Shipley who att»iided the funeral of ^f^s. Hatlle Shl'iley. who died Tm-.sday at Eldorado Springs, returned homo last night. When you want a reliable medicine for a cough or cold take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It can always be depended upon and is pleasant and safe to take. For sato by all dealers. Zicni crti His Models. When in Veai.'c Ziem. I'le i .rti -t. uiiV- Ing that the iiatiie •..•'un-ii ili .-lil .e.l Iiesiiii; 'li .rar; I.jed a sine. .Mid Stocked it with M'i;.-el ; :\iul che;:;. j .w- elry. Wldie hi-: ;i:.iil l .:!r '_'^!iiied with the cilsli .aie: . X.a -ii!. lii'liJe;) a way I'l the bael: ol" 'PS -.1;. n .ade sl.elcli.>;, not cari:;;: what hi- -imk was sohl for lirovldeil on'-, ih.- ;ia.;-.;iii:;,' over it occupied pleal.; iif -^SeaUhlpl Oysters, be.-t on the m.irkct, City .Meat Market. Phono SIS. PHIU.IP HEIGELI r . 110-4 Sciuth St. . . H.1BXE8S AM) SADDELBi . (lenenil Repairing, All Kindi •^l. * 4 •;• •:• •:• •:• * •> •> M05ET TO LOAN •> oa all kinds of heusehold goods •> or jewelry—anything of value •> Bigua Pawn Shop. Bast Side •> Square. OSiee in Fruit Store •> All transactions strictly confl- • dential. CANCER I t KnH toaanrran l >a curi*.| jrUh <iot o Hartcl'-nl oprmtl«n • •r liurtilna i.l;iatrt. . M« lain .oixMiifauy treat, .t t.n!...*..... for the |«.t twonty ..-art. Oh. urtui IwlV.. fttuxMilfal ... _ ... — ,_jtlwohly ..-art h<.n..-liUt, wvlt'«.-«iali 'P0 .1 MnlUirinoi. llRhrlr.'..;.- ..<i .r{.T •.ntl.'dll. t 'rit'Os rttutiaabls. VStiU, flu MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARiyM, ATCBUON, ILASSAS !r %• %• -r !« S •£ Si ifc £ S * Office lies. « r> Phone 1 *55. I'lione' ISG -T. « -S DIt. J. O. WVLKEIL ^3 * Kress IJldg. 3 * Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffmnn *5 ^S Special attention to Obstetrics 3* * and Diseasse of Children. A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accura.te luformatloa of ull records relating to the property described therein. A complete and aocurato Abstract is the basis ot a good deed. There are no better ,\b- •trncts than those prepared by THE PETERSOX ABSTRACT CO. rhone »7 Old Court Uoase IMg.

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