Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 10, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1943
Page 4
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SIDE GLANCES Wanted to Buy TWO RA&1Q TUBES. 12-S-A-7 AND 35-2-5. Also one baby stiraUec, Call Sgt. Neil at 565-W, 10-6tpd. FOR ALL FINDS OF REPAIR work, tnwn mowers nud gas stoves. Cull T. B. Fen wick «Oscar), phone l&Q-J lO-fitpd. os sicorid tlws matt** ot the at Hop*. Arkonsos, und.r th« Art faf March 3, 1897. •-%*,» ' CAP)—Mean* Associated (N£/y--Means Newspaper EnterprlMi Asstv SitbscttptkMi Rat« (Always Payable In A(tvon<:«£ By city earje*. p« w** ISc; Hwmafead, Nevada, Howard. Miller and Lafayett* wunties, *3.SO per year; else- *h*f». $6,50. M.mb« o* Tb« , Auocialwi Press is exclusively entitled to JhTuM far ^publication of all news d s- pcrtch« credited to n or not o«h«rwi» c7«ltt«d in this paper, and also the local news published herein PASSENGERS TO DALLAS, LEAV- Ing by auto Saturday after 5 p.m. Call: 854 alter 6 p.m. 10-Upd. Taken Up National Advertlilns Repreienrotlve— Arkanxu Dalilw, In*-: Memphis* Tenn.. SterickBuildlngTChicciao 400 North MicV Icon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison A^: Detroit: Mich., 2842 VV. Grand BK-d.; Oklahoma Citv. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New. Orleans, 722 Union St.. - BAY HORSE;. ABOUT 850 LBS Owner may call at Police Sta tion. 9-3tch Chorqei on Tributes, Etc.: Chorqes will be mad* for all. tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning, the departed: Commercial newspapers hold to this in the-news columns to protect their "ram o deluoe of space-taking me- The Star^isclaims responsibility the safe-Keeping pc. ietu<n of any unsolicited mortsecipts. • ; Classified Ada 'niuat b« In offlcenJay befor* publication. Alt Wont Ads- cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c- word, minimum 30c Six times—5e word, minimum TSc Three times—I'/ie word, minimum SOe One month—IBcword, mlnmlum.52.7O Rotes are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." Heroic Work of Russians Take Big Toll Moscow, June 9 — (/P)— Dramatic acts of heroism have been performed night alter night by Red Army pilo.ts" who have roared into, the milky "white night" above Gorki to protect that vital munitions center from German raids, dispatches from that thrice-bombed city said today. The' dispatches, describing the third raid in five nights on the production plants" 250 miles east of Moscow^ said seven, enemy bombers were shot down and that dwellings had: been damaged. (The Moscow dispatch did not say when the last raid was made, but German broadcasts recorded in London said the big "Molotoff" tank factory there was last raided Monday night. Aerial reconnaissance had shown the factory "almost completely destroyed," and Monday night's raid completed the destruction, said the broadcast.) Long - range Russian bombers retaliated immediately for th3 Gorki attacks,'smashing at enemy RED CHOW? AND G 0 C K E R airdromes northwest of Bryansk Spaniel .puppies;'; Dogs boarded where German planes, ammuni- by dayvVweek or^.month. Padgitts tion dumps and supplies were re- Kennels!; . ' 2Q-lmpd [ ported destroyed. Land fighting along For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES for the children, delivered complete with- clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. : . 3tf front was confined to feeler stabs and softening - up blows from heavy artillery as the- opposing air forces continued to drive home blows expected to pave the way for the start of the 1943 offensives. (The German high command asserted today Russian forces had suffered heavy losses' in the lower ENGLISH -WHITE LEGHORN I Kuban during the past fortnight pullets, 3Vi months old. Pedi- and indicated that fiecce Soviet greed-blood tested; 75c each. See Uttacks were continuing there. S. M. Pankey, Emmett, Ark. (Its communique-, broadcast from 9-3tpd. Berlin, and recorded by the Assoc- [iated Press, said; that in addition o heavy leases -in men, the Rus- ONE 6>6-FT. GENERAL ELEC trie refrigerator in A-l condition. One 1934 V-8 Coach, motor, body, and tires OK, Phone 508-J. , 8-3tpd. FORD PICK-UP * 1937 MODEL, 4 A-l tires. $375. : See Mr. Wilson, , Victory Pool Room. 9-6tpd. 'MAN-S BICYCLE. PRACTICALLY * new."^ Electric horn and lights. DeLuxe model. Call 768. 9-3tpd. CREAM SEPARATOR. DeLAVAL , make. Self oiled. See Owen M. ', Clingan, 801 South Main. 9-6tpd. JERSEY MILK COW WITH FIVE- week old calf; giving four gallons " of milk a day. See J. E. Wilson, Fulton, Arkansas. 10-Upd. 1935 CHEVROLET. ,FOUR GOOD tires. .Cheap. See Monroe Smith ' Washington, 'Route 1, one mile off Hope and Columbus road on Guernsey-Washington road. 10-6tpd. ONE 'GENERAL ELECTRIC Attic Fan. Phone 259 for installed •estimate, Harry W. Shiver, Plumbing. 10-3tch. For Rent MODERN FRONT BEDROOM with private bath and entrance. One block from town. Telephone 553.W. . , ; .. i; 8-3tch. FOUR ROOMS, ?3 PER WEEK. , Cool and shady place. Separate • place. Just off old Fulton High• way, Mrs. W. A. Price. 8-3tp. Wanted to Rent THREE : OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnished apartment. Conveniently located. Duplex preferred, Phone- 708 before 1 p. m. Saturday, 12-3tdh. Heip Wonted SETTLED WHITE WOMAN TO help with house work and care for aged person in home of three adults. Good home and wages. Write P. O. Box 405, Hope, Ark , 8-3tch sians lost 100 tanks and 350 craft. (It said the Russians attempted :o land forces behind the German lines yesterday, but that Nazi planes sank 47 Soviet landing boats off the east coast of the Sea of Azov, (Neither the midnight nor midday Soviet communiques, which were recorded at London by the Soviet Monitor from Moscow broadcasts, mentioned fighting, there.) Another report of successful Soviet aerial battles came from the Leningrad front. A group of German JU-7a's and HE-lU's attacked in broad daylight, said front line dispatches, but Soviet pilots met the attack and shot down 22 Nazi planes. Hold Everything , $-10 I com. i»«» " it* aenvici. me. T. u. uto. u. ». fa. off "WaTJSTup13 "floors?"I „„ _^-, was a mechanized war!" OUT OUR WAY ALL, RIGHT, WISE GUVS -* SO 1 TOOK THE. SHORT CUT VOL) TWO WENT OUT OF VOUR WAV TO TELL. ME ABOUT/ THE BRANCH >. v ...... v HOPS STAR, HOPS, Unexpected Greeting Wash Tubbs By Golbroith i RSCKON i LEAVE . ERB, MAJOR, BUT WE'LL CAPTAIM J STILL BE WORKING / AWt> -' '— J SOMETHING flOMOER HOW THOSE NAZIS. 60T HERE JUICKLVf NORWEGIAN PARATROOPS OVER WORWAV "Beauty's Only Skin Deep!'' HEAR. FOOT-oTEPS il^J/l By Walt Disney OI*H.__1_j>*3_ HT_Plfc* afcHVIWt, I»U. 1. m. _titjU._V._g. rn i. yrr. ^ • ... 'That's just it—Bill puts all women ou a pedestal! He'd be as easy for some foreign dame to 'catch as he was " " for me!" A Super Drip! Donald Duck VSWINSLES? > c:i\PP.c5OM. ONES MOW GOTTA GET MEW FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young Unfinished Business 1 WISH PEOPLE -011' AROUNP WERE A 7 WOUL5 LEARN <&: ,,-. WUO LEFT TMATSTEP-LAPPEC? UP HERE ? AWAVWMEM TWEV'RE THRU wrrw THEM "I see Doc's run out of p.as afiain!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies MOON" AND By Fred Horrro A Wise Womqn FETCH-UN FOO \\JATER OTCH HOR.5 •YQU NOVO YOU ALK-U.A HORSE. E.NSE PO-KO,' ME PLENTC WORRIED- HL S N GONE TOO LONG — SET TIMES.' BEES ARE HELPING IN THE WAR EFFORT/ THEIR HONEY HELPS CONSERVE SUGAR, AND BEESWAX IS USED TO COAT SHELLS AND PLANES, By V. T, Hamlii Down to the Chassis t HE'LL NOT CCOSS ^NVBODV ^ NOT US. ANVVVKV...VVE} THERE IS NO SUCH THING FOB /V5PELL, 1 BETCHN! LOOKS UKE. OUR. QF HITCHING AS A CHESHIRE CAT/ ANSWER: Right. It exists only in legend and" story OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople WELL 6WO, A NICE Vlt.. . TRIP/ -<~- SPtf, VOL) 1 RE. UP SOUP, J <^Ss RLJST HEUCOPTEP^Al HERE "*" 5L1P °I SJ ,'MOT pLoM&e Y> AI^D MVEVO THE: veowE OLD CLOTHES NOT FLUNtet ; / MINW _ ^ ^^^ cof ^^. MV V>JORD,FATHER..' FOR. BEEM A>& <« IMSTANCE By Merrill Blos$ei| Take Your Choice Freckles on<» Hi? Friends YOU -so FWISH IT/ I'LL GIVE YOU SEVEN DAYS TO FIN.D OUT WHAT RIO HAPPEN IN THAT BUlLDINe on WILLOW ROAD/ THIRTY PAYS IAQR& WAS MURDERED? By J. R. Williams

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