Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, J ANUARY 13/1912. THE SEGISXER PUBL18UUG CO. Bnt«rad at the lola Postottlce as Second- Claaa Matter. Advertlaloff iUtes Mude Known on AppU- Ctttloii. lOLA DAILY REGISTER for following men rather than mcas- Tlw lota Dally Record ana -•>« loi. Oaiiy ures. for having a dozen little pollt- ^ndex. jpal groups rather than two great political parties. It is an example of the sort of government we will have In this country when the "recall" has reached its perfect development and the wish of the "reformers" that party ties may no longer have any binding forpo has reached fruition. If a "siiiniiiir.ltpr" had betn nomlpnt rd in the Second District and In the Seventh iind had run on n stnilsht Ufpubli(:in plntfonn and lind be/n dcfcati'il. the KiiiisaH City Sin.-' nail other IiiKurgr -nt nc«hjiiipers nould have Ji;id no doubt whatever,; and i<ou !<l Jicl liave bren slow about ouy iiiK so, that the result wiia due to th( fact that till' pi'ople v.lll not stand for a "standpatter." Hwt with th< clrcumstanres reversed they haven 't a word to say. How ni.iiiy iiin<'s will "Insurpcnt" <:indldati>« on "Insurgent" platforms hav to he Iicatrn before it %U\ dawu nn •.•.unutindy tliat the people will n-.;; s-'.iitd for "Insurgents?" SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ' By Carrier In lola, Ga* City, Lanyon- Vllta^ Conereto, LaHarpe and Battett: One Week 10 cents One Month 4« cent» On* Tear 15 .00 BY M/kiL: One Tear, Inside couiiiy t... 12 .00 On* Tear, outside countv 13 .00 TELEPHONES: BiulneM Office Boeiety Reporter Job aiM Btnder>- De|>l •»1 Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper CItv of Batiett. Official Paper of Allen County. 4* SCBIPirRE. 4. Job o:17-U. Behold happy is the man whom God corrccteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening cf .he Almighty: For he maketh sore and bindeth up: he woundeth and his hands make whole. He shall deliver thee in six trouble? yea, in seven there sliall no evil touch thee. In famine he shall redeem three from death: and in war from the power o fthe sword. Thou Shalt be hid from the scourge • of the tongue: neither shalt thou be afraid of destruction when it cometh. At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of the beasts of the earth. \ . For thou shalt be in league with Uie stones of the field: and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with thee. And thou shalt know that thy tabernacle shall be in peace and thou shalt visit thy habitation and shalt not sin. A GROrP OF I.MI'ORT.V>T DEflS- lO.VS. On Tuesday last the Supreme Court of the United States handed down n series of decisions in interstate commerce cases that are of far reaching Importance. For the most part their Issues hinged on the authority of the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the extent to which that body ^vas upheld comes very near making l( supreme In'matters relating to traffic between the States. It was held, for example, that shippers who believe themselves suffering civil injuries from the railroads must take their trrierance first to the Interstate Commerce Commission before rushing into the courts. It was held also tltat In the matter of reasonable rate making the authority of the Commission was paramount, it being declared that the Federal District court of Minnesota had erred In preventing the enforcement of the Commission's reduced rates on lumber from the Pacific coast, Oregon and Montana points to St. Paul, Omaha and Chicago. This case liad been fought harder, perhaps, than any other for the Commission had issued an order •which practically eradicated all the increase in rates proposed by the railroads in the Northwest In 190S. After a long consideration of the attack upon the Commission's order. Justice Lamar concluded that the court could not say the order was made because of the effect on ad- Tances on the lumber industry, as suggested by the railroads, nor that there was no evidence to support the commission's rates. The court laid down the principle that railroad dividends were not to be a sole basis for judging the reasonableness of rates, but tha< conditions as a whole were to be taken into consideration. Much attention was attracted to Justice McKenna's opinions annulling the North Carolina law, which required railroads to receive goods tor interstate transportation, whether they had published rat <'8 for the proposed shipments or not. Justice .McKenna referred to the Interstate commerce laws which forbade railroads to "engage" In transportation of goods until they had a fixed published rate. "If the carrier obeys the state law lie incurs the penalty of the federal law," the Justice said, "if "he obeys the federal law he incurs the penalty of the state law. Manifestly one authority must be paramount, and •when it speaks the other must be sl- lenL" ile silenced the state law, thus settling a long and acrimonious dispute and forever marking the legislative field touching the acceptance of Snoods by railroads for interstate shipment as Federal territory. (ountry v.-•• -o I'.';M V .'.•••e^:-cl hy 'Wall i:':: • t - f I'-.lon ! lif : w... Hi..; .lame v.a-; .•'.i:r,;'.p.r..i .1 b'^ husineKs. They !i .-v |)i';i ilie li,.^.^ cr liif rhinccsri any other IwKnrtJ .nr-d IttJa! beast.«- uf Africa would get h;:n in );\T huntin;: trip. !!'•' tliflr hatred of him t ;;en wa.- riilM'.s iilay to thtir hatred and fcir i >r Presiilfnt Taft. T!:o cnc Uiinf; tiiat they never can forgive in i're -'i- dent Taft is his steady ami unflinchini: enforceir.ent of the Slierinan Law, -^u enforcement now frequently. a<'cnni- panied hy criminal indiCnircts^."— Kansas City Star. And ypt the Star Is for Uoosovelt and it is against Taft, «a the pretext that Taft is a "reactionary" and a friend of "the interests." Why do^s r.ot the Star give its real reason for opposing Taft? , The Register quite agrees with the Parsons Sun that the Result in tlie Seventh District was a Republican and not a "Standimt" or "Insurgent" dc^*nt. We haven't a pnrllck? of doubt that the leaders of both factions supported Judge .Martin in ab-solute good faith. He was defeated because for the iiast three years the State leaders of one faction of the party have bv.'on teaching the people that the Republican party in the past has been wrong ! in legislation, leadi-rship and principles. It is these attacks by Republicans, not upon 'other Republicans, but upon the Republican i)ar(y, that Is responsible for tht- defeat In the Seventh. The Register wishes to say, in answer to many complaints of irregular delivery of the paper from subscrib- rrs at Kincaid and Bayard, that the .^^uIt is not in this oJfice. The papers for those offices are put on the evening .Missouri Paci/ic train regularly. iirt they ought to be in Bayard and >.!iidred and Kincaid the next morning. The railway mail service is being asked the reason why they are rot, and we hope to have the trouble 1 vmedied. present of such articles we would have made a desperate effort to swallow our pride and accept ihe gift. Boo-0-0! It was cold! It is all right to talk about de luxe railroad trains, but Henry Allen goes to the real heart of the mutter when he remarks that the only way to travel de luxe is to have somebody else fool the billp. The Indiana man who "iliousht this W!ia a free country ;iiid thai a njun litd a right to 8 |..uil. I )l8 wife If lie ^>jintcd to," will liavi! n lmndr>d days In Jail to meditate on tin- sort of despotism he really lives under. Forty yoiirs ago ysterduy, according to the files cf the Fort Scoti .Monitor, Irf-wis Walker & Co., purchased the tola Register from G. M. Overstreet. The Ottawa Herald is of the opinion that if .Mr. Groundhog didn't dig his 'iviug room preay deep last summer here won't be any groundhog day next spring. Mr. Bryan may want a nen:oera'i<' candidate for I'r>'sid<'nt who is '•thoroughly progressive;" bet a candidate who can win would be progress! enough for the party generally. Mr. Camfgie doesn't like the r.ion ey system of ihe Vnited States; and still he has done rcasonabl.v well uii der it. f•a-.l-^:^•^^•^•)^<a"M ••i'•H .V S.VTniD.VY SEliMOX The French cabinet, which was formed last July, went to pieces yes- tetdaf, having^ lasted really longer th«ip any "Government" in France Ii^ endured for several years. The constant turmoil, the perpetual uncertainty and unrest growing out of The Parsons Sun "stands with uncovered head in the presence of the ,.oIitical sagacity of Walter Roscoe .Stubbs,"—said political sagacity being evidenced by the Governor's dec- aration in favor of Roosevelt for ('resident. Has it occurred to the Sun hat nearly anybody who puis in a 'arge part of his time watching the ••••oather vane can tell which way th<' wind' is blowing? Cf course Governor Wilson had lioihlng personal against Colonel Bry;:n in 1907; he only wished he migh! 1..' knocked out because of his pes- liferously radical views. But now the tJov'-rnor has seen a grfut light anJ those radlrnl views do not distiirb him in the P-ast. His conversion to ilryan was about as sudden and sig- 1 irieaiil ns his conversion 10 the lii- .'.!:;tlvi, n-fi renduni and recall. George Shents, of Columbus, Ohio. •.v.Ts serving his third term in jail for chicken stealing. He was pardoncC lis/ week on the condition that In marry the widow of his brother, who cled recently leaving a wife and seven children destitute. lie will have to work harder than ever at v.hal S '.ems to have bcon his favorite occupation if he is to support that family. Wliat an unreasonable man Governor Osborn of Michigan must be, to jump onto LaFoIiette for not tacklint, the Brewery trust while he was "reforming" Wisconsin. Doesn't Governor Osborn know that no man can get anywhere in politics in Wisconsin unless he is persona grata to the business "that made Milwaukee famous?" We never owne^ a fur cap or a fur these frequent changes of the gov-; overcoat and never worried much ertunent authority, is the penalty , about it; h -Jt we confess if somebody France psys for "Independent" voting.^had offered yesterday to make us aj And, Jesuo was called to the marriage.—John 2:2. Tomorrow, according to the Churcl alendar, is the second Sunday after Eiiijihany. The word Kiiiphany Is from the Greek and means "inaiiifes- atlon or showing forth" and so according to Ihe ^jlorlnus system of the church's year It brings befirc us to- l;iy In Ihe second chapter of St. .lohn's gosi)eI the glorious nianlfesta- lon of the Divinity of Jesus Christ in Ills first miracle, or as the revised ersion translates II.—sign—in turning water into wine at the marriage feast of Cana of Galilee. It is hardly necessary to re])cat the .=tory of how our Lord's mother was a guest at a wedding to which Jesus nnd his disciples were also invited. Wine became scarce and the blessed virgin Mary came to our Lord with the nev.-s, and then were set six water pots with water and they were filled up to the brim. When this- was done Jesus immediately commanded the servants to carry them to the governor of the feast and when he had tasted it he pronounced it the best wine of the table not knowing when it had come from, complaining that it was the usua: custom to use tlie best wirie first. St. John closes his account by saying that "This beginning of miracles (R. V. Signs) did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth His glory." There are a good many interesting aspects to this social event in which our Lord took such a prominent part one of which F desire to bring before my readers. In looking at this our Ixird's first Eign of His glorious power. It is a v.elcome fact that most—perhaps— of His wondrous works speak of His sympathy with human sorrow—Th- healing of the blind, the lame, tft- leiiers, those stricken with fever and other diseases, all these speak of •I'hrist's sympathy. even the poor womar. who stood before .lesus accused by the Jews of adultery he rrme in touch wlili th,^ very worst, if not thy worst of sms, y<t he looked tipon her sorrowful form as she stood with downcast eyes before Him and His whole soul of Io»e, i.ily and sym- jiathy w(>nt out to In r as he bid her in His tender voice, "Go and sin no more." ' O, who can fathom the dejtt'.it (.f his tender love?. So different was ills inatmrnt of that poor soul than the custom of her day demanded— so different to our average practice today. Men and women will you not practice somewhat the spirit of Jesus Christ in your attitude to your fallen brothers and sisters? It Is not necessary or right to condone sin but, O for a little more of human kindness which would give a helping hand to the unfortunate and utter those hopeful words, "I love you, go and sin no more." ?ro doubt most of my readers are acquainted with those words of George Eliot: "More helpful than all wisdom is one draught of simple human pity that v.'lll not forsake us. ' But let us go on to the fuller slgnifl- bance of "this beginning of signs" .•:: the feast at C.ina of Galilee. The scene before us of that happy party celebrating the nuptials of the young married people speaks more touchingly and tenderly and also do not mistake it, most emphatically of our Lord's sympathy of human joys. Christianity is essentially a religion of Joy in spite of the fact that many folk today believe it is sinful'lo s.n\U- on Sundays and even though the Puritans did tluir uttermost by their aus-'j tere and hard customs to ring every last drop of human pleasure and joy from t!ii!r followers, thus making the joyful niess:.:.:e of the angels a mockery to manUii'.d, thank God today wi have a liigl'.er vision than thai, 'i'he churcij^r fdhalily tcore liiaii any other iiisiliiii.'ciii lia.s li;;!l )t.« share n! fa- njitlc*. but till- churcli cf tlie l.UIng God li:i:' and will outline such base and foolish ccnceptlons of ili<' t;it >r- loiis truths of Christianity and in i'is own good lime the true balance will be obtained. .No indeed. Christ did not conic shunning the joy of human lifp. but lie sunctifi"d it by claiming to be. aye. by being indeed, the very source of ii. There.''are by His prcJcnce at this niarri.sgc fi'.i.«;i. to ivhicli he was Invited, oil- i.,or.l i;;.ve His sanction -tnil blesijr,: to a'i innocent social en- joyr;ent-j and fun. All thin'.:s belong to tin Ch.'isLian ; < be e;:joyed. He is absoUitely free ;o i:-.;'.'!!-. i:i ;uiy yjiort. plca-urc. fun or e-:l ;--i ;ititKie!il, iirovided, however, it is not ejiiirary to his Chriitiai: calling rnd duty. If \y do r.ot enjoy tliis lif.- we dishonor God. wlio endowed us wiih life .tnd t'.U' beautiful world in v.iiicli v .^e 'i-..^ .Snn'e CJiri.-ii:.;-.; ilo nothing but sit down and sing, "Tliero is a blessed Ho'.ne" etc., and oiher beautiful hynins :.ljoi:t Heaven and if the call was civin them inimediat-'-Ir to jirc- Iiare for the next world they would be the first to cry out for a few more DM0I©I©I©I€i©IOIOIi)M^^^ LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND L AXD to the starved, thirsty, ship-wrecked sailor is v.hat Land in The'Lower Rio (Irnnue Valley of Texas is to the worn o'tit. tired and disheartened .N'drthern Fari.-ier, when drouth, wet weather or frost leaves ruitluirg to s'nmv ioi- season's bard work. Then come with JJS on mir.'^p."cLal Train to .Mission, Texa.^;. :'nd let lis sho.v you tills I.aud in the. Loner Rio lirunde Valley. Where crop fiillures lire unknown. Whore you can cut Alfalfa s lo 10 limes each year, one ton per :>cie to tlie ciittiiig. Where there arc 12 grow.n^ lecmhs each year. Where there are no cold winter months; bn' sninnier aiway.';. Where rriiiis, Vegetables and Melons will net ymi I'l-oiu $2>iii to SleO jier acre. Where they will pay you froi '.i $l."> to $2."« n iil |)er ncre for l'"ariu Laii<l. Where yo!i <an grow two to t.'iree croi:s each ye .tr on tlic same jiiece of groiitiil. . Where ((1 acres of this Lind irrigated v.ith llie sllf wale.- of rlic It.'o Grunde river will Iirudnce more than lU"' acre.s liere; take care of llil;; in acres tlin'e year.s :itiil it will take care of ymirself and family during life-tiiii". Where the cool dry Gulf Lreeze mingling with the pure inouiitain air from the .Mitre and Saddle .Mountuir.s in Old .Mixico. iiiuken iui ideal climate that will make your weak litng'; Ktiong and cure <.it ;irrh and asti;iiia. Where we have ll;c best Irrigating Sy .^teni in tlie world af .il give water right. Wo can show yoti and prove the above to your salist'aclioii. II' you vvill unly go with us. Xc\t trip .laniiary !»;. I'.tl::. Call 011 or write J. K. Makefieltl, Humboldt, Kas. Knight Land ('<)„ M.iran, Kas. J, Jones, Lallanie, Kansas. J. W. .Warker, lol.i, lians;i.<i. STAR LAND COMPANY 201 WEST MMII ST. (When wri'.";i.;^ mention tiiis iin ;icr.) KA.VS.IS CITV, .110. LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND J- J> -J. .V -T. .f. .-J. ^ ^» .> .> 4r , 4-i •4r KSTiIEK >L CL.IKK'S .2 -1 X ('OLL-.TI.\. .3. •u.i. uhX-.}, u.1. J,.y„u I )..?.e7- -V ^ .* -h- .* ^ -1. -> -> baie judge's cflice. — I never tried it. I [ • ••So'iiewhr;*e it is always suniuierl" I heard the children sii .i;. Out oil the sad, gray earlh there lay no pror7 !isn' of the Sprin;;. y":!rs of this awful world. Xever for- Only a sti.iging mUt of snow came 'j^H iny friends that Heaven begins whirling through the air iiere and we are here to make this p,p.^g ^vpre sombre brown. and all the hedge-rows bare. world more beautiful and lives more hapiiy by our being in it. Aeain. Christ would teach us that the Chrislian'-s duty is not to con- 1 And where may summer always be? .1 (1 !i;e I'eriingiil conf iliiit va;;- ity is not altogeiher a feminine weakj?} iii occasionally there is a man v.'.io dyes ills mustache! denin and avoid the enjoyments and t)ie social affairs of this life but ratii- er to enter them, carrying with us tin hallowing and purifying s'.lri of on/ I.crd and Master. Let.our rule be se to enter Into sociely tluit Clirisf.- pnsence with us may always bi- wel- cinie. Any (compromise Is dishonesty to Him. I firmly believe that If Christians, Mianilesied nion; of the joy of their! Il.-.If bitterly I turned Within the room wh<'r<', In a grate, a saucy wood-liri> burned. '>li, Hhi -re ilio .«e frai;r;iiit (ields, and will re tile diartii of iiniler skies? •rii:il land wiicreon llie f;r ;:.-iniis li :iiid of Slllilllier ever lies? The Wood, lire nincUed at me and tlirew iis shadov.s at your feel. religion In their daily life and con- ^nd all at once the fpiict room grev.- vors^tIon,'that thry are so anxious to slraimeiy live and sweet sing about on Sundays at church, tli'' ^'-'iUi suninnT 's And ros ".j world at large would be near:'r ac- bloomed in hapny memories. c.Mitinj* Jesns Christ ;i ,nd His gosjiel 'n your dear face; and nov>- I knov.- oday. Henry Ward Ueeclicr wlio al- where sum!n<-r alw .-.ys is! ways has something good once said: •.loy ic more divine than sorrow; foi .\riL'e!ine comnnii 's tr.-ely ;uid with joy is Hri ad and sorrow is .Medicine." ') I;:ck of Millnisiasni ui:on the Therefore, my humble message to derve of adybody that cad wride suj We!l, Wt're pleased most to jiii'ces that lino man has come out from '''''j brush and openly aeknowlodjied mas-• culine frailty of this type. Occasion- ' :!lly. too. there is the man with a fondness for scented soap; a mati v.iio is fastidious about the manicuring Q!' lis nails; a man who never jiasses :> j ^ ptor<' wiiidov.- without looking at liiii!-{fj .sfif; a man who it sounds s:i;i;f!^- :/••^Tirs::a222aiJ?3C!3aaB!2303^^ For that Cough or Cold Try KAKOLA TOLU, TAR AND WILD CHERRY 25c and 50c Tw-cnty years have proved it to be equal to any, at about half the price. It Is Safe! ^11 & d i SliOS. jii.--:. nil's! li" 'eniiered with f !i: run;., i >j;r( i:i!ly since the confessii) i j ;'br >\i- (luoted lias been so o) rlily I made. Inia!;iiie a woman CDIIII ssin.,'j .-<iii-li an enormity as dying '.•••v liaii-.' Old Time Druggists t: he jipople of lola today is this: Follow our Lord's blessed example, le* everything ue done to the clory e" tod; coroii 'er tl;;? before entering iii- o any ('j.ublful pl.-nsure or nndertak- ng. Tinier into tlie joys and ])leas •res of life? Yrs, but be sure tlie; mve their proper place and let ever; hing be done in tlie Mglit of Truth. Purity and Coodness as set forth b> !i" life of Jesus Christ our I^rd. CARL W. XAIT Rector of Kjiiscojial Cliurcb hi^'s aboud snbber whed id's all we ad do to keeb warb id thiz beastly ;:rd of a roob." Between barks, sh" •IS also enlightened me as to why so :'aiiy people have colds this time of •ar. If they'd bnathe through their roses more "and talk through their noutlis les.-i «hen they're out in the ipen air, they'd be ii:::iiune from any iianner, shape or form of cold. Da:-:geroys. -Maid-.'^liail I du-i the bric-.n-bmc; mum'/ Mi;.:.-e.v:--.\„t tcd:;y. Xora. I don't tliiiik we c;,ii .•ilTir.l ir. iBEEiOCTOB'" AeBFOBECZE u A Remarkable and Convincing Statement of the Success of Cjitlcura Soap and Ointment in tl:c I rsat- mentofthe Fain, Itching and Burning of Eczcirn The trouble with .\ngoline's imagination is that it's frost-bitten. I can 'ook at the electric fan which stand.< 'n sad and sheeted dignity in one eor- ler of this "barn of a room" and re- wiembcr wlion the great howl of this •jfl'-ce was not for more heat but for ess. I recall the time in the not too iistant past when we implored tlit- 'ariKor, with tears in our eyes, nut o turn on more heat but to_^see if liv •oi:!dn't put a little more life into Ihe •leptric fan. .\'ot one of iis but would 'lave grovi Ibd in th.'' dust at bis feet f he bad iiroiluceil soin,' of this sani" •old air We are now b'i;ging him on ur beiidcd km es to shut out and •ep from us. rm.MKi) p\K\(;i{\!'ii.'^. !'";(>ni the l'iiica!;() .\'ews. A wiiinan uaiii.< pmieciion .biit fa- •. i .rs free speech. .'ilariiare .-enar.'iles a bjirhelor !'nii i i, lot of lllil>;n;is. 'I'iie.e is a uiiiind l"a!er. bin ifs nn :; uii iis a wrinl<li' n Mjnvr;-, '.'••>):',• i- I).-;;: r .''e:- iim.-t jieoide than '>:(':•' \ 1 ;urle are fnr v.iuk. .\'i). A'anv.o. it !>n't (li:':^cnlt \'cr a v.n :>.:in 111 a Me ;e! — i;();ii;r. I'm'-rly ii;ay lie r.o ('i;-u:;•. e Sa' :' •;i!;i - a li.i lo I'r^iz:MX- a rich iii ;in. .. li;!:e Oiit.-iile a.~si.-;;,ii'.-e iiiis;h'. .•.vi> i.';iprn-, ed ; (.••i;e .'eif-ijiade men. Hilt if a man t'links he knows ail '.i:'.; is •.V(i:;!i Vn'r-vini;. he doesn't. — If yonr children are subject to at(if en.up, watcli for the llfBt . ai ;i ;(.ui, lioar-eius.s . Give Chamber;...n .- (Diiica l.iiuedy as soon as th« lid heeiiine.s iieai'.io and the attack ii ly he V. indiii off . I'"or sale by all li.iiii.'r.-. fH:;LK(T«0\S OK A BACIIELOI?. Frini the Xew York IVess. Tlie siicce.-s ;l;at a man admires i- ills own. T]:ori-'f ni> !:.w against jiicking a ..:;in'.- prc-ket if it's in a i'.orse trade. Tlie rea>;!n a bay looks so luacii •'V.:' Lis .'.ithrr is I;'.-; jroing to be so iin! i-l.y for IUKI ! is life. , Tlie on'.y tin;e :u:.r(ibes n:-ake it dan- i ..fiinis for a to kis.- a girl is wl:e'! '.er fati'.e;- -rKciies them at ii. ' The moi-' nuini y jir.e.-, into weddin'r { -.lis f< .T y uci; •. : .i .e i'.r mor.-'i ,i.-e 1 .1 :. 'C be fVir t,u:ii to iiav • j , • ( I tc j\iv the b'.i.- ii<' the gro- i and b.iti ! CHOI!' ENF.S LH'i;. .3 ^ ••I, i::- i:n<V prai !• M I.'.'- I iJl.i ; .. l:i il. . 1 li;.il ! M .n iliH.ii.a.- ;.l 1 • I a >•l.r it .. ;ii i n., r::y t.iot. I Ii;.<! Ci.d ulf c <: i ..- all lo i;.) av,ii!. WiV :i ;. i)i;a,- I .-'ir:.!:.! •! i.'iy a:.l.lB i:i;ie diii.-r.i.t t:.;ii:;, iit'.i- Of iia altcritien lo ii, v.!;.! y M;-. a::J> a frT:.ill ipot sli .;-.V' 1 v.-'-A ciy I'': :i:iKli-. I WOlliHi ::...! ( I.- .1 iln- to.-. Jli; ruiJ it v.a.-i iH ,-.11 .1 1. 1 .1- il.i-.- J. bun • t.'iiiii till! aiikli; ! Ii'iiil tl;'j sii: ni i!,.,t(.:i aiiil alMjut uri :e li h'tit;. 'll.o Mii.dl rriw to ulKXit i;- si.-.-: o( -uii _n;.i,lf. anl till' I I '/i Piii .-l.r*-:.'! t'-> ll.e kiire. 'iii-- <l.h -.>r^ rr-.iT r-iulil hi^l.t:.- holii I'l tt- ;c.l,li;. T1.U whole fool i-ii v..-ti.T a:i t.u ti.::;; "My hn.-!i.inil r.n-l ir.y soas wi-:? up ni;;:it nnil lUy wl.wlitii; fteni or .e riKini to -an- oi.';.- ia I'.ir lii^f > >•< I'i-i-i^ r'.'.n • r.;;. I. I Vio; 111 >it for ;.)ii .:i Lt a t::i.- i.i .';oi.: <,1 .^^^:lia^.- !::.:/•; fi r o .i;.'.- nJ:. "j;.,- V..... .--o i ••• : I Bii.:.j •. c-.i .'.y, ia fact, 1 wou! 1 iiiy ri -:i l:;n::i' « ;i time. 0;;o •'. y a '-ii i.-I ni i;,-rjf; ii 1 to i't' nv. li' f. lit ^!i-' 11 u: —' ;. i : ; :•'•:{ I . tl; Cu-.. i-. :r^.; ,;• .; '.: i j tf: I I i: . .. •. I i. .- >. <: !•!..: Li . i:; . 1 lii • • , 1.; .!:..• I i 1. •-• ('•• i'>•••'•'• •<:•..• • .. I •' ••:••< .1 ,. .7 •. : -^vo.: M: • i-.^ • I. lii I : •. i I!,'.,';!.: • . ,: f..', j7,. 1 i.,'l 't.^ t • > I , ;i. I. l._i 1 I '..if' •.:, •;:(. J v.';! . • <t,;• ii.-xt I'iri' :. . ; i!. a: i a I foot ! V.!..,- in iht' V.-}- 1;. liinii.-.;' ••• '• • hll-i V.:.': ; , tl. 1. i- ill .-a i •..-:) ; foi • : . - 1, .. il.i ..,.» -..: ,- !.!• 1 Vi... .,11. .•:<.';:i-- |.,f i"to;' 1 -(1 !. . .-'••-•p \ .d ti.i •:- Jturj ei ii.-. lii .v li r .'i,' j»; , 7a-i,. /M c-'.i-jn "-it. Ivo 'iii, .'-'i liiri-i.rii .Sii;;> i 'iio <-:ii'-,fi ;i.-- .-. I'lreiv .„i:-: ri..- \.:!\:\. :.• . . }„, <jr t'iitui. ("orii., l "i :. Hii,I...i. i .ir ii . , , amtiu of 3--;>. bojk ilic ttia. | "an (luieily elope to the nearest pro- Hut lliese cli"erfiil observations f;ill IS wal.r on a di :t -k's b.ick with Anline, Tliey leave her lUiinipressed, 'ptlmism is all right in its way, but, ii;e oiber good things, it has lis time inii place. Whenever I aiiproadi niv oiil's -•sister blithely, with gay and sjirigiitly reintirks about the weather -and s!ie in the dutches of the liard- st cold slie has had this year—the atmosphere suddenly becomes <'harg- sHl with battle, murder and- sudden leath. So [ have to call my poetic fanei'^s in out of th > cold, and change the rend of my would-be uiilifting re- j a.irks to comments on the ostenia- , 1 ;;oiis disjilay at funefiris anil wed- . i iii?.^ I don't know bow I happened . |j 'o upon such a liaiipy subj ct. It ^ vas just whiit .-Vngeline imided to . iiake lier forget the weather :nid lb" •old in Ii -r head. She says th:'.t it's II ri?lit for people to make all lb'» ^isviay t;ii>y please at a funentl. b;- •aus.'? a funeral's something yoii liave o have; but a wedding's different. \ wedding is merely a matter of hoiee and if you don't want it to go f? .vi h ;'0!0!) and glory and cut glass 'Lilly Children I'ie of Croup Every Ye:ir Rei'orc a INK-IOC Can 15e Siiiiimoned. | Pareii'« cf ihiidreij .^boiibl be pre-i //'v^^—X jiared :il all ti;:ies for a sp:i.-ni < | ':^y&wH^C/V eroiip. Keep in th" h(iii>e a leiiiedy >Ii;. •••.ill .•• iii.-'aii! ;clicf and ke.'j) tl: > •ii-Hil from I 'l'iiv.i.^ itiitii the I'.rriv; ' •if the physif iaii. f;e! a luitrle of l!V().\'i:i lodi' .i; .1 in easi' of :;n a'tsnk of cioii'i I'liiM- -.'II droji^ ill!" a Kitchi-n bov. 1 if biiililig wa'tT. Ilolil the child's lieal o.ef III., hdivl so lliai it can l>rea;'i l!'e .siiol'iiiiK. peiietriillng v :iMiir th: r .iris.-s In 111 • lin-aiUiiiii' send for i phy.-irian, 'i'lits tn-atii-eM h.-is saved th" !!.' (if iiij'P.y ch Idreii and is :\ i..i'eiii'l i" i that a'l i)aie:;;s shii;ild pniiiiptlv t:iK IIVO.Mf-.T is .M.Id by C. .[!. S;. -iicer t^'o. and driiKKists everywiieii- and i- Ki! iranteed fur cimip. catanli. ti - i'ii and br 1 i;!;!»\.SO\, i; (iiMi 'e iiuiiiMiel accom- I ..i.,!" I ly hii; .,i-iir .Mrs. Kd Cum' •• ::,-:i . i ei-i .-iii d ]in:!:e from iMcCook,' • ••. .!ii;.ci,,> a s -veral week's .: , li!. I .'liil r.-'.-. . Liii.ij-i i'-: :-:i ;:s. «i i:ear .Majella, 1 . i ; '. I- ill; y iifti-r a lOi -.g .illness. He ! i;-.: ;.;i -.l biidily resjieeted . • : ; ' i' lii ii eciiiiiiiiiiJty. where he ha4 '.>»si. tii' a n'itiiher of years. y\y~. ci.aib.s I .ove, Sr., left Satur- y liii- poi :;rs in Florida, where she . ,i .p'n'i llie remainder of the wln- ! •;• n.oiHhs. i;;:tii Tiii.p. of Fort Scott is spend-' • !; t:.> we'^k end with relatives In , •: vii ^i .n. ll 'iiva! meetings which, were In .iie.iriess at tlie .Methodist church, I! )sed -Monday evening on account of : ere being no ga:s at the church. The' : '•.•lii .gs will reopen again as soon' • • till' weather moderates. .\!i £s .Misiide HiiKS is here from .'Iriniaca for a month's visit with her •arer .is. , ^ ' Mrs. .1. .f. Ktewart. of Bronson, and. ii'piiier. ?.irs. Witlett, of Canada, . "re visiiing relatives In Forf Scott . •' is week. • % l.Niyd Orbison and wife .jirrjved 'i;..e froii! I'ansons a few dtiys ago., v. Orbison has been there for the isi i ^evernl weeks having his eyes ii'iiied by a siiecialist. 8s}. ths Original and fienalna • 'H ^ .1 - Li .S -a '.i L f G K'$ m MILK at :< C T':s ?occl-drink for All Agos. Vr!:'m::-,Iiiva'iij,End Growing chi!dren»^ li'c • \ utri' ion.iip 'luilding the wholebody. : i,;;o:at ;3 thi;ni !rsing mother and theogecL jrh r.:'-':. miil'cd ^roin, m powder fort^, ^ q-.:»ak kcch prepared m a nuinitt. ;:ke no substitute. AskforHORUCK'l }s>t M«(y BffiSk Trust 5« 3^iieSi Mark 'Bt Prices For HIDES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S .] NK YARD Phone 314 111! china ! nd silver and linen, you THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO., lOL.r.S riJOiJt ( E -WAHKLT every day—always raiiiig b^.'.st prices for POULTRYi Itl'TTK-'L KGO-S i:nd Mil'ES. Ca'l us u;. Pboi-.e ?.TC. We are always glad tp talk to yo;. 'rhat's wh -.t .\e ;:.e 1 er-> for. (S !!C ','es>ors to lola I'rudute Co.) Phone S7C West of Saut ;i Fe Tracks lola, KauM

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