Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 23, 1954
Page 2
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;» t A jy^ H Q P I, A ft K A N 8 A S fl: ; toi $.* £ •w»^«» *• • *yf **f .*MWW IK b4kvi ..jteW W «JSW»i bbarii *»?%«•»{* >»-* t • *ttBwUK£& STftiSMy gbojl'and choice '•**• ••"••*•» Slow* sSftielo- v > 6tt!ers"l9.'0d-20.0i) s^utiy^.hijeheif, to>"»M» to? flhrt time' •**' ifeW'ldifctttiltty to *f< --heavy , r , Mice and Ight^mtxM^d. ''3 ..>^JHo^re'.3(t Says' 83.50. > ; ^&b)^hj»;> 1 fc£- , this .affjii-^j:' HTiJ. L'.tt .1- iS drought affected areas 'off selling In new crop ftiofrtlisv h Late afternoon prices were 25 to 75 cents a bale lower than the previous cl6Sc. May 34.46, July 34.59 and Oct. 34.0.1 Soaking Hit Arkansas Tuesday, March •; POULTHY AND PRODUCE CttlCAGOf &arch 23T '/ft —Live poultry steadyj receipts 622 coops P.O.§, paySiij* ptioes unchanged trt fcetu , higher heavy hens 2-28 '! HertS, fB«19j fryers or broil ers S82e old roosters 1618 dttik- liiigs .utter steady rcceits 1,641, 967; wholesa le btiylttg" prices nil- changed 93 score AA 64.25 02 A 64 90 6 02 09 C 58.25 cars 00 B,-62.& 89 C 58. steady, receipts 16,287; Wholesale buying prices un- shanged V. . S. large 39.-40.5 J. Si mediums 36.5 U, S. standards 36.5; current receipts 30 hecks nnddirtie fl 34.5. jwjer „ toddy 0 '!-.. '''atid ^'hedging trade 'de^ :'' Sports il "A** i* s t Jp^ ! M,^ '• JPftu.S'^.iJl ', - •*4ptisi£?Jv}»0, M®W: "••MWg^peace, fcanjiiJkaudulenl use of spo ,cash,bond,- . parking, Ci- For- PROVISIONS dash' wheat: None, Corn: No. 1 yellow •<'!.88 $ No, 2 1.6658'/2; No 3 1.6514 No. 4 1.53%-54 sample grade 'r.4,0%.51. goats: No. l heavy rrtixe dS0 No. 1 heavy white 8l!.j., Soybeans none. Barfe^'" nominal: Malting 1 2002 teed' 02.r.H, Field seed per 10,0 Ib nominal: White clover 10.50- U.OO; red top 57.00-58.00 alsike I7.50l8.gO timothy 12.50-13.50; red clover 27.0028' ( 00.i. NEWYOft K STOCKS . NEW YORK, March 23 UK — Air- Cjaftts were sharply ahead today in an otherwiseylower stock market. 'The list lieadod lowprr in the late afternoon after a day largely spent in; narrow movements in either direction.' ', •' ' ; 'Losses','cxtendodt o around, a point Ip key areas while gairs vjentao 'between l and 2 poihty, 'largeJjr jlnth c ail-craft section. ;' Business was moderate at an es- t'mated 1,800,000 shares. .Gurtiss-Wright sent the aircraft division off. to 'arunning start with atv,o,pening of 2^,000 shards up I/B at JO, a new high. It was yo-stor " [y's, mo«st active issue. V pther major division kept I wi{h, theaircrafts ,,but during t n«>-,dBy) sonpe good plus signs wore sh.o.wpiby.thp tubers, merchandis* es^' electv'cal eqiu'pments, •"Cppppr^. rmen * ••„ '."/ * Criticized $&& 8ras|t Company ?'»P [ No haul ilVii j^^^ J "-«v p " •• " " v ^*" TT7 |Hf&f3$QQ; <J«?Sh bond, "^•^"itfeirCo-J^^J^ng and ^Jp^njtpf-jhto lease if an^MEFk** PSO' ner- ,' '< Forfeited m$jm^*W'V*to M'^f^' ^' '"• • v • MlfRWUlW % hire ^jjimjcrrity, (Forfeited or hire , Forfeited t'.tft.\p'p;,e,r?ie a-truck for *w I TOKYO (/P) — Japan's ' biggest newspaper today criticizedAmeri- oa p, treatment of -23- fishermen burned by radioactive ashes from q setiret'U. S, H-bomb test March 1 -and urged U. §.'doctor to give assurance s ithe 3 "are not guinea ffS,"( ', TheToky.o newspaper Asahi urged the-United states to reveal ^o Japanese physicians themate- rlal s uaedjn the b/ast, but said: . "Presumably the United States doesn't want v to disclose military s;ecrets."- •« '•The fishermen's 1 boat was caught in'a two-hour shower of ashes from 1(he massive explosion in the BJ- ,kjni test area, '' Scientists ,and doctors of the U. S. atom Bomb , Casualty Commis- 4fon (ABCC) at Hiroshima—American arid Japanese—have entered the pase. ' > V'The ABCC is an organ to con.- duct research but not to treat -a- tierifs-, 1 ' th,e Asahj said. "Dr. John Morton and his stsff should treat the patients this, timp not pnly to make a finq report to America but to 'give the patients assu'rancps they are not guinea pigs." Dr. Masa,u Tsuzuki, qhlef physi- qian for the fisherman, said: "We have/ gained practically all data necessary for treating the pa- Dr. Tsuzuki said scientists had determined some of the elements present in the ash, but said they sJJH could not say the specivic type of device used, , He said his patients are not in 4wgey of dea^h at present but "we ojn't toll what H. will be ultimate- Fou^h Candidate fpr Judge's Seat ,-y^—r. ROCK OR — A fourth candidate fqr Prosecuting attorney of tne Second Judicial Circuit filed tpday for a place on next sum- m flf S^raHo wi mrv ballot, Ho enter the "race " "for r being vacated py H. G. 3?o,rtlow w fls Hub Metbyln of Terry J,. Sliell of Jones^ fl°- r Q, BalpJ\ |j. jSHsQ^Qi- Qcgcola *m 4 Pi-ank ^w}lgj- OV e pf J< i?» r e|^y hpy^ already fjled JflU. ' ' * he prpsepu. tq r«n for cjrpuit iudgo. In, the district are greene, Cyagheed, R^insett, Cross Prittenden and Cloy. V», T A in a hospital - ettpr she l£e .tft^glW $y the A9«oe[dt*d PHees General fains came to Arkansas yfe'Sterday and today for the sec ond time i« a vlreefc— endiftg a Month of rainless days. The U. S. Weather Bureau forecast more sh'o\vers and thunderstorms for today, and t tomorrow, The bureau said that until last Thursday, whet* '<rain<> fell in most parts of Arkansas,', te^ state hadn't received a general faift' since Feb. 19. • ' ., . ..-I! ; . The heaviest ttilV Wring the 24 hour period eridin'g ; a fi:30a.rn.to day was a i'oo-lihbhtafe— -.8& of an Jflch. Other totals •jncttlded: Ozark, 85; Subiaco, .83; 'Alicia, 70 D.ai-da- tielle, 05 and T=UacW ; Rock,'' .86. Only the southern ''j&rtion of the state reported little of'nor rain dur- In g the period. ••'.•' Temperatures 'durjfig the 'period generally were hi tMe mid 40s or higher. East Germany to Expand Its Army BONN, Germany (#) Eias£ Germany's Communist regime "Has drafted a plan to expand its army into a crack field force of: 12 di- visioha io'taiing' 26o!0d6 men: • this year, West German securlty ; V officers said today. ' i/ '_'•' ^To push through this expansion, he Communists hive completed -t a\v to draft all men aboVei 'the nge of 18, these'officdrs saidf ad9- rig that registration has started. ;The East- German- army, ilciiown as .the Kaserniarte VolksgBli'iioi KVP), now; numbers seyeh;'divi-. ibfls totaling 110,000 men blgah- zed into air, : naval and security ormations attached to the ground orces. These Spvieti-trained soldiers are completely militarized and have undergone infantry training since 1949. They are separate from the 100.000 man Volkspolizei (people's police). tfhder lahs for the Europeah army" one West Germany official .000,000 rrien for the six-nation one unform forte. 'The Communists are dropping the camouflage of their new varmy," one West Germany official said. "They no longer call their military forces 'people's police' but straightforward 'national forces.' Their ranks have been changed from police to military t&rms. A private is a private now and not a policerr/Sn." ••'•• West German officials gave this additional-Information: '••••< The East German .grovuido force is organized into two'army groups of some 40,000 men each. A third army group is now being organized. They are fully motorized. Each army group has Soviet-made tanks at its disposal, including the Marine Mission Is Completed iWO J1MA (A") — American Marines today "recaptured" -historic Mt. SuHbachi as air, sea and land force's practiced, the tinited States Pacific Sunday punch, Gen. John C. Hull, U. N. Far East commander, stood atop the rocky summit as Marines clambered up during the second day of "Operation Flag Hoist" —< the biggest amphib- ous maneuver in the West Pacific since World War 11. An estimated 32,000 "friend- big Joseph Stalin 2^ ' ": An estimated 1,000 tanks are reported available to the East Gferrnans. The Communist force ias some 1,400 heavy field guns, ranging from anti-tank weapons to ieavy howitzers. All weapons and equipment arc supplied by the Russian army. ly" and "aggressor" troops and sailors are taking part in the exercise on volcanic Iwo Jima. which first fell to the Marines nine years ago. The exercise turned up a grisly reminder of the World War II battle when a Marine officer chargc-cl with clearing assault areas reported finding an estimated 2,000 dead Japanese soldiers in two raves. The officer, Maj. Roland M. Daly of Spokane, Wash., said some of the bodies were partially preserved by strbng sulphur fumes. THe caves,, in the northern area of the island where the Japanese made their last stand, were sealed off by blasting. You can remove asparagus from the can without breaking the tips if you open the can from the bottom. VMWn ForYourCMId -in size, flavor, flavor, accurate dosage. Try it! • JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING NEW Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise Rates. • Ages — Birth to 100 Years. • No Medical Examination Required. • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy. Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 DOUBLE SPE *•/ r C double ypM^sovings when you shop at Piggly with every dime sptent—And Wednesday is Double S&fifcGrqen Stamps-with all purchases of $2.50 or More. —- . **• •» * •, ?7'j i ' " f • ' "~",^^ -you get S&H Green Stamp Day-you get double ..._..'. f i«; '---.I;„•<„, . FLOUR ripVif V m\: 1Q Lb. i. , j," -v 'j<^; , .TT- PASCO FROZEf^ORANGE MACARONI or SPAGHETTI 60z. Can RAISIN BRAN BAMA STRAWBERRY ERVES RTENING lOOz. Pkg. WILSON'S DOG FOOD I 1 Lb. Can ) AUNT ELLEN'S I 9 Oz. Pkg. DEL DIXI LIMA BE A 300 Can WILSON'S CHOPPED B f . . '16; 3 12Oz. PETER,PAN PEANUT | HORMEL CANNED MEATS CHILI HORMfi.;', ffA 1 Lb. 35c 43c SAGE ^* 21c WITH BEANS PLAIN 1 Lb. BEANS Can PINTY 0£EF ^^ > 9R ™' 314 Of, Can Can 49c STOKEIY'S FINEST FOODS STQKil,Y'S HONEY POD wT fciJF | fe l ^r 303 Can STpKLEY'S CREAM STYLE GOLDEN CORN STOKILY'S SAUCE STOKILY'S YittOW CLING 303 Can 303 Can 303 Can 19c W|^W ^jpr ^WP BUTT 18 Or. Glass PINTO 4 Lb. Bag B i A N S 49c

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