Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 18, 1962 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1962
Page 4
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r editorials Page 4 Gordon I'lly Thursday, October 18, 1962 New Nafions and the U,N. PORMER PRESIDENT Herbert Hoover's propos•*• al for the creation of a council of free, anticommunist nations, which he made at the dedication of the Hoover Library, certainly points in a needed direction. This council, Mr. Hoover emphasized, would supplement, inft replace, the United Nations. It would be able to act, in the cause of world pence and order, when the UN was impotent. UN impotence, on occasion after occasion, has resulted from the intransigeance of the Soviet bloc. Now there is another totally unprecedented element to compound the problem. It is found in the creation of new African nation after new African nation. The extent of the problem can be realized from something written by Associated Press reporter Wes Gallagher: ". . . some states, like Burundi, are compo^ed of hostile tribes in a small barren land boasting one-half mile of paved road — one full vote in the United Nations. Africa has 200 million' people speaking more than 900 different languages and dialect?. divided by scores of religions as diverse as Christianity and idol worship ..." These new nations are largely illiterate, and are almost totally lacking in the technicians and professionals the life of a modern state demands. It will take incredible sums of money and, probably, scores of years before they approach civilization as we understand that word. Yet each, in the UN, has a vote equal to that of the oldest and most advanced nation, and each is being wooed zealously by the Communists. If we and the West are to make our full power felt in this chaotic and unpredictable world, there is a real need for a Free World organization along the lines that Mr. Hoover has suggested. Wish We Hod Said Preoccupation Force News The El Dorado Times What a weltor of news there is in the world at th e moment! Within recent days, our newspapers have been filled with the stories of co!d war over Cuba, civil war in Argentina, a plane crash and even a more dramatic rescue effort, all the stirrin? developments of the clash between federal and state authority in Mississippi, disastrous floods in Spain, the closing events of the congressional session, election yarns as a national campaign grinds into its last month, storms, strikes, disasters., the immence of Walter Schirra and his six orbit flight, thp play-off games for the championship of the National baseball league — this, that and something else, world without end. There must be more news in the world today than ever before — and the mass of it, with the efficiency and facilities rf communication and publication agencies combine to give it bnttcr reporting than ever before. There's so much of it, in fact, that the ordinary reader becomes confused as one segment of it .succeeds another in regular issues of the newspapers. In the good rid davs, sensations occurred only at intervals: today thev are spread before us almost every hour. It's a smart man or woman who can keep up with current events and ascribe to each one of the dazzling string the importance it deserves. TRUE LIFE dental commercial: "Look, Mom, one of my' cavities fell out," said the eight-year-old as he handed us a filling. * -A- * RIGHT AFTER the fight, there was a writer who considered collaborating with Sonny Listen on a book to be called "Somebody up There Loathes Me." * -A- * "WET PAINTINGS will not be accepted. Only those that are thoroughly dry may be entered." This was a rule in a recent, area art exhibit. It leads one to suspect that artists, too, are guilty of leaving things to the last minute — like painting a landscape on the way to the art show. * * * A NldHT CLASS for expectant mothers in Topeka has a sympathetic instructor. She'»s a registered nurse with the public health department, and she's expecting her first baby. d. h. "WORRY" was a topic for discussion by both women and children in this town recently. About the time the Women's Worry C'linic was on, younesters in a local kindergarten were diopussinpr worry fit was brought up by the song, "Mo find my Teddy Bear have no worries have no care.") "WORRY," defined a five-year-old to the satis- fur! ion of the entire class, "is what you do when you think you're just about to get some troubles." FIRST GRADER in our block finally achieved what apparently has seemed to him to be the acme of academic honors. He got to stay after school to finish his work, hn announced proudly, upon his late homecoming one afternoon last week. In the Upper Room Greater love hath 'no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13.) PR A YEK: 0 Thou Father of us all, as Thou didst pour Tlii/ love, into Tlii/ Sou Jesus Christ, so pour Th// love into our IK mis. //<//, us to shoic forth that lore -where n-e lice — to the many in need, and to the muni/ n-ho do not yet htiow the loce of Jesus Christ In ///« -name we pray. Amen. — of which McNamara Simultaneously, Ike was boss, Drew Pearson Reports European Exiles, Implicated In Genocide, Protected Here WASHINGTON — Two men thrown alive over precipices. The Secretary of Defense McNam- implicated in the murder of Jews deputy mayor of Mostar, Balic, ara mac ie a speech the other and Orthodox Serbs during the a Moslem, said out loud — he night Qn paradoxes . But he left war have figured in the Califor- would do better to keep quiet and ou( . several One was that while nia election due to the fact that not say such things — that at he wag pra j sin . D D . Eisenhow- they have been given political Ljubinj in one day seven hundred er D D Eisenhower was pan- protection in the United States. Schismatics were thrown into a m .' ng ' the- <. clique of Y oung, so- No. 2 is Nicolae Malaxa, the pit called brilliant men .. around big Roumanian mdustralist, now "From Mastar and from Capl- , p „ living at 1158 Fifth Ave., New jina six railway truckloads of . ' ' York, who, according to German women, girls and children under . . war documents placed in the eighteen were taken to Surmnaci. , „ congressional record by Rep, They were all made to get out. ' , ' ,^73* foTnoTer '•"""'"" John Shelley, D., Calif., financed They were taken into the moun- ^ lonaW e grab for power. . . . the Roumanian iron guard in its tains and mothers and children another parodox: while J- F. K. horrible mass murder of Roum- alike were thrown over a preci- was out in Minnesota campaign- anian Jews. pice. In this way they were ing against the Republican ticket, Richard M. Nixon, while a son- killed. including Rep. Walter Judd ator, worked to keep Malaxa in "In the parish of Klpeci seven J.F.D.'s Secretary of State Dean the 'united States, according to hundred Schismatics from the Rti?k wrote a letter praising the Shelley, after Malaxa had hired surrounding villages were killed, same Walter Judd . . . Paradox Nixon's former law parner, It would take too long to give No. 3: McNamara chose the an- Thoma s Bewley, and his first you any more figures. In Mostar nual George Marshall dinner to political backer, Herman L. Per- itself hundreds and hundreds of prasie Eisenhower as the wisest ry. Shelley introduced documents Schismatics have been bound and choice Marshall ever made, not to prove his point while Rep. Wil- taken out of the town and slaugh- knowing that Eisenhower refused liam Ryan, D., N.Y., read a state- ttred like animals." to defend his old chief .Marshall ment by Rep. Emanuel Celler, So WTote the Catholic Bishop when he was attacked as a D., N.Y., that Nixon, as a senator of Mostar to his superior Arch- traitor by Sen. William Jenner of had pushed a private bill for the bishop Stepinae regarding the Indiana and the late Sen. Joe relief of Malaxa. terrib-i atrocities which took McCarthy of Wisconsin . . . Final Rep. Frank Kowalski, D., Conn place under the man who now paradox: McNamara while prais- Rep. Cecil King, D., Calif., and lives happily and serenely near ing Eisenhower, also praised others showed that Malaxa had Long Beach, Calif., with Con- most of the military principles worked closely witih the Nazis, gressman Utt of Southern Calif- Ike scrapped as President . . . then With the Communists, and ornia trying to make him an Maybe McNamara ought to get a had come to the United States American citizen. new speechwriter. Hat Boyle Says: under the auspices of a Com munist government of Roumania. Yet Malaxa is living happily in New York. War criminal No. 2 is Andrea Artukovic, the Himmler of Yugoslavia, who has been officially charged with the murder of 60,000 Jews and 600,000 Serbs during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. NEW YORK (AP). -All women 11-year husband: "Why will she Artukovic is now living near are puzzling, but somo women are believe something I've been tell- Long Beach, Calif., enjoying the more puzzling than others. ing her for years only when she These are called wives. A man generally feels he knows a girl until he marries her. It is Wives More Puzzling Than Other Women protection of American laws, even though the Supreme Court of the United States ruled him eligible for deportation. hears it from someone else?" Artukovic also has had friendly 21-year husband: "Why does she the"n she begins to grow mysteri- still talk so much? What is there ous, confusing and unpredictable, left for her to say?" Just what is this el ve quality 25-year husband: "Why is she protectors in the United Stater, about wives that sometimes en- so completely sure that she is al- especially Rep. James B. Utt, chants, sometimes annoys, and al- ways completely right?" the extreme right-wing R fi nub- ways befuddles their husbands? Mean from Santa Ana, Calif. Representative Utt is ;, ..ian 35-year husband: "Why i s it she To be specific, I asked 3? hus- never admits she made a mis- bands to give a one-sentence re take?" who has filled the congressional ply to this question' "Wha, is ths 14-year husband: "What I don't record with diatribes against the thing you find hardest to under- understand about her is why she United Nations, has introduced stand about your wife?" don't understand me. I've been a bill requiring th United States Well, the husb-.uds had» been in around long enough." to withdraw from the UN, has bondage from periods varying One husband had an odd coin- authored another bill to sell 'Jie from four months to 33 years, and plaint: "Why does she trust me so postal service '.o private owners, their answers showed a wide, But the crowning act of Utt's wide range. irresponsibility was to introduce The four-month husband ex- a bill giving U.S. citizenship to pressed surprise that his bride ex. years." a man branded as the Adolf Eidi- p ec t s him to agree with her views Now you know what it is that mann of Yugoslavia. At the Eich- on everything from the outcome husbands find hardest to under- mann trial in Tel Aviv, Alexand- O f m ovi'e s to the personalities of stand about wives. It all boils er Arnon, a Jewish leader from people and the expenses-of fur- down to one thing: Most wives act Croatia, named Artukovic as nishirw an anartmpnr. like women—onlv more so! Eichmann's chief henchman for the mass murders in Yugoslavia. Artukovic was minister of interior for the Nazi state of Croatia, a state which tried to force Jews and Orthodox Serbs to adopt nishing an apartment. Chastened by experience, the 39- year veteran in marital harness wondered only, "Why won't my wife pay my club dues like other wives do?" Gallantry is by no means dead much when I tell her I'm going to spend a night out with th e boys? We've only been married 28 Glad to see the boys and girls in the Postoffice are getting a raise, and I don't mind (he 5c stamp to mail a letter. But I do object to that small raise in junk mail rates. My mail this a.m. consisted of 10 pieces; nine pieces of junk, 3rd. or 4th. class mail and I piece of 1st. class mail. Guess what it was? It was an insufficient check; but Uncle Sam got 4c for delivering it and it weighed very little . . . but it was a small check, only for $3.00. For the 7 pieces of junk mail Uncle Sam got 23c for delivering them and they weighed 12 ounces. Now we have to carry them to the trash barrel for free. I am in favor of a 5c stamp on everything. P.S. Many have asked me how I came out in my golf match last we-sk. I did just what I said I was going to do. I clipped a few of Johnie Hawk's feathers and won. I am teaching those young fellows to respect old age, at least on the golf course. (jarden City Toletfram Published Dally Except Sunday and Five Holidays Yearly by "Hie Tele- eram Publishing Company at 177 Kaat Chestnut TELEPHONET HBJ-8ZSJ thp Roman Tathnlir- faith Itnt uaiiaiury is uy no inuaiis ueau mn Brown I....... I.. Edltot • Kom 3f> >^nonc taitn. mil in , usband s ven married from "»"'•> s "'» h Adverting Manager IIM.MOP Al*tlll>/il71r» 1-lV C&CC CH? \fnnf ' IIUOIJQ J1\4O t MC V Cll , lIlRilJCU Alt/Ill __^-_ —... .—, ™ _ .— -- - i Uliuei Altllttovic, excesses went vniopri nrnfnund Member ol the AwocUted Press to such extremes that the Catho- ^ , s lo li ' > volce , a prorounu The Agsodated Prea3 u entitled ex li,. r.Wo,, rouniinri gratitude They were humbly sur- clunlvely to th« use for reproduction l,c cle .eoked. "I had hoped," wrote liish- op of Mostar to Archbishop Step- on Nov. 7, 1941, "that large numbers of schismatics (non- Catholics) would enter the Catholic church. But the Slozcrniks and Logornikfi (Croatian Nazi officials) have abused their pos- tiun . . . The results have been horrifying. Himiun beings have. been hunted down an<i caught like animals; they have been slaughtered; they have bee« i'ied them in the first ...lace and, in the second place, had remained married t:> them after finding out their faults. Said the 37-year husband: ''I .still can't understan_ t why she tries to break her neck trying to please me—so help me!" 2:j-year husband: "Wlr<t I don't understand is how my wife has managed to stay so dumb. She still thinks everything in life is cute.." and dispatched. All rights of publlcat- also reserved. Terms ol Subscription By carrier a month In Garden City, $1.55. payable t 0 carrier In advance. By carrier In other cities v/hert service Is available. 30c per week. By mail to other addresses In Pinner. Lane. Scott. Wichita, Greeley, Ham,,'ton. Kearay. Grunt, llaskell and <!ruy counties, $7.50 per year; elsewhere $15.00 per year. Second class ixwtage paid at uarden TRY THESE Fudge Cookie Favorites DEVIL'S FOOD ......... 49e PENQUINS ............. 49c MILKOLET GRAHAMS . . . 49e FUDGE STICKS ......... 39c motor earrler service is required to have publication-day delivery by mail In cities that have carrier «errlc«. local c»rrl«i apply. £ 29c 59 LB. Gardiner's ICE CREAM Half Gallon 65< Welch's GRAPE JELLY SAVE lOc Jar 20-oz. Jar 29 Kraft Salad Dressing MIRACLE WHIP 49. Qt. Jar Save On HERSHEY'S COCOA Box 29 Richtex Shortening 3 & 59c CANDY! Regular Price — 49e ORANGE SLICES GUM DROPS SPICE DROPS 3 BAGS s i. oo Buy 3 Pkgs. — Save 47c Tills Week 1^-Lb. Bag 39 Don't Forget Our LEATHER GLOVES Biggest Stock in Kansas to choose from! uce White SPUDS 10u» 19c Vine Ripe TOMATOES Long Slicers CUKES Giant Bell PEPPERS Only Red or Blue GRAPES Cello Bag . CARROTS 2,., s 19c Lb. Always Tender Fresh PORK LIVER u25c Tender _ CHUCK ROAST... .*. 49c Tasty ARM ROAST » 59c Economical RIB STEAK u.75c Home Made SAUSAGE Lb. 39c Gold Medal FLOUR 10 ibs95c Santa Fe OLEO 3 ibs49c Save 26c — Safflower OIL 24 Save lOc Woodbury Bath Size TOILET SOAP 2 ... 22c Save lOc — Santa Fe Hamburger Dill PICKLES 9.29c ALL KINDS OF Hunting Licenses, Duck Stamps — Upland • Game Bird Stamps at Stoner No. 1 SNACKS - BEER - ETC.! We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities! BOTH STONERS are Participants in CASH DAY Be in our store Every Wednesday—2:30 p.m. "SONNIE" TONER "HO" No. 2 S We Brought Uptown Food Priced to Suburban Garden City STONER NO. 1 OPEN 7 o.m to '0 p.m. 7 days a week

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