Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 13, 1912. 8 / 6reat Clearance of All Winter Ms Every Coat, Suit, Skirt, Furs and Millinery will go regardless of the cost price—in many instances less than cost price. UMES' TAILORMADE SUITS Every Suit a great bargain. One lot of Suits carried over from last season—values up to $35.00; sizes 16, 34, 36, 38—take youj 45 choice, only 15 Nobby Suits — this season's styles—take your choice at Half the Marked Price $15 Suits $7.50 $25 Suits $12.50 $20 Suits.$10.00 ?;30 Sr .its $14.95 NOBBY NEW SKIRTS. Nobby New Skirts in l»lack, tan, brown and grey; vahies up to $8.50 choice .- .$5.00 LADIES' WARM WINTER COATS $7.50 Coats $4.75 $10.00 Coats $6.50 $12.50 Coats $7.50 $15.00 Coats $10.00 $17.50 Coats $11.50 $20.00 Coats $12.50 $27.50 Seal Plush Coats ...$19.75 Greatest reduction in Chikh-en's Coats of the season. Every one of our Pretty Hats at half their marked price. Everything goes. WARM BLANKETS AND COMFORTS Greatly Reduced. 50c Double Blanket for single b^d, priced at 42c $1.00 Double Blanket, good size 83c $2.00 Double Blanket, large. .$1.69 $2.25 Double Blanket, large. .$1.85 $3.00 Double Blanket, wool finish, priced at $2.45 $6.50 Double Blanket, all wool- large size $5.25 $7.50 Double Blanket, all wool- large size .$5.75 HEAVY OUTINGS and TBWIlS FLANNELS Splendid selection at clearance prices. cop.xTrLnfE. Jan. 12.—.Mr. Emerson loaded a car J of hay in Colony Thursday. Mr. H. U. Brouillette make a busi ness frill to Geneva Thursday afternoon. Mr. II. J. Hay hauled a load of kafflr corn .seed to Xorthcott one day last weok. Mr.s. Brouillette and Mr.<>. Wilson and daughtpr of Topeka spent Wed nesday of last week with Mrs. H. Hay. Our mail carrier was accompanied by a friend from Oklahoma while dis tribnting the mail Thursday. Harry Hay called on E. Boseman [Thursday last. Mr. Brouillette drove over to Col |ony Friday, Mr. and .Mrs. Crocker spent Alonday I afternoon with their daughter. Harry Hay was a caller at the Har I bison liome Monday. Mrs. C. 'I. Hay, Mrs. Broulllett aUo Mrs. Wilson and daughter, spent one day the first of the week with Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hay. We regret to lose from our neish twrbood Mrs. WiLson and family and Mrs. Hamilton and family. Neverthe less we wish tliem success in iheii new homes. Mrs. H. .1. Hay and daughter spen I Monday afternoon at the Crocke I home. Mr. I.ockhart and family have lice sufferinK froiu severe colds for th* past wetk. Not a very good attendance a school on account of the severw wea iher and bad roads. .Mr. Powell called at E. D. Broull lleftes one day the first of the week P^RSONAiS / 1^ Mairr is confined to his liome • mild attack of appendicitis. Money. B. M- Caoiilnghara. •. and Mrs. G. W. Adams rt'tuni d afternoon from a visit with nla- in Chanute. l>r. Lney M. Hnll, Osteopath. fWepboBe ISO and 6«L ' ^'^ilra. A. PegK will go to Clianuti- lo- I .4^Cht tor a visit with her son, llus- J^jHi Pegg and wife. - Everything going up except Mon- J^M Meals—20c. K. H. Laa is confine*! to liis hoiii'' today with a severe attack of rlii u- matism. ^ —Those Big 20c Meals. Monty'.s Cafe. Secretary E. V. IU -.ttv of tlx- Y. M. C. A. Is confined to his lionu- loilny With a severe attack ot ihi- nrlMii- will be to your Interest to bu.N rnr nourand Feed of H. K:nuuianu. soft 8. Jefferson. Phone 259. The funeral of G. 1). .\«'l(;lib;irK.-r. of South State street, who diiJ de&ly yeeterday afti-rnoon of licart failure, will bo urranK<d for upon tin arrival of a son from WasliluKion \^li(> ia now enroute here. —Fred Bewden, Period Decorator, ntae 786. Hits Zoe Atdiison, who has 1J'< n kere for the past several wteks v;.s- Jting with her parents. Colonel and Mrs. J. B. Atchison, returned tin's :if- temoon to Coffey county to resume ker work of lecturing for the Y Society. «' —Sealshipt Oysters, best on the market. City Meat Market Phone 81S. Did you notice that little adver- tlBement In yesterday's Register about the new dairy? Well, it brought the man who put it in 22—count them 22 —4>ew customers. Can you think of «ny other way he could have got that many new patrons at less cost of time and money? ' —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans, In- anrance. Abstracts. D, D. Wclker, who has been visiting relatives in Bingham Lake. Minn, for the past several weeks, returned borne yesterday. He was accompanied by his brother J. M. Welker, wife aad son of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Caniida, who will visit with him for •ome Ume • Mr. and Mrs. Welker, who are used to even much lower t«n .peratures than the record breaking cold here, find that they suffer much more from the low temperature here •ban they do in Canada. The cold |«:more disagreeable hereon account of tlie fact that the air contains more moiature. TO CUBE A CoTu IV OXE DAT —Take Laxative Bromo Quinine TftbletK. Drngglsta refund money if It falls to cure. E, W. Grove'a slgna- tura ii on each box. 26e. LOST—TWO YALK kKYS BIC- tweea Register office and postofflee. nader please return to the Register otrice. The oiirnlni: art in Joseph 'St. tJiiites' stupendous musical comedy success—"HIUtUtT FVK.S~—with fecil l.ciiii and Florence Hiilltrouk and Company of seventy-tive musfnil comedy artists—at the (.'rand Tbraire, January ISlli, Mr. .1. T. Tredway, of La Harpe, was ek-e:ed Trea.'=iirer of the Kansas State Hoarii of Asrriculture at the annual nicetinir in Topeka yesterday. It wa.s a we'l deserved honor, as .Mr. Tredway l::is for many years been an effective and \aliial le iiiemlier of the Board. —Thoiee County nutter at City .Meat .Market. Plume i'lS. Tlilrteeii depriM's—below of course —that was the lowest mark reached by I hi- mercury loilay at 1 a. ni. Ai 2 o'elock yerifenl.iy afternoon the temperature was .I aliove btit fell steadily from that lime on. At seven this murilltIK 7 decrees below were reg- Isti'red Today It liaK risen rapidly, helns i:i above at two o'clock. Today the jiredlctinn Is colder which means that the temperaturt» must fall ten di-i:reis lielow its r'-Klstratlon nt sev- i-n o'clock tills evening. —.Mr. Snodgrass, tuner and repairer of pianos and organs, expects to re- lurn to loia the first of ne.xt week. Orders for this work can be sent to .Mr. .r. n. Bonner. 423 South St. Telephone 210. The Register has received a letter from a very appreciative former patient of St. .lohn's hospital. The writ- -BKKJHT EYKS" TO BE IIEKE. lliir Musical Comedy Is Clean and Catchy, Topoka Journal Jiuys. Joseph M. Gaites 'latest, and best musleai production, "IJrlgijt I';yes," will be the offering at the (irand theater ne.\t Tuesday evening, Januao' It comes to lola with tiie highest cndor.sement of the press all along the line. Of the performance In Topeka The State Journal says; " "llrlglit Eyes' was seen—and heard —at the (Jrand last night by a large audience which shows that Topeka people have musical comedy. Tltii play liai« many novel and uniijue features. The costumes worn in .New York from the Pilgrim fathers to the jiresent time.w demonstrated by the chorus in the second act the sky-line of .New York City the airship and cloud effecls all lend to the attraction of the piece. The story is clean and the comedy and singing brought out by the stars won much applause." From this comment it Is quite evident that lola is to have a real^ly big musical production and one of tlie ifort that can be secured only once in a while. IMtESS UE.MHnt.M l<M{ .HE.\. FriKhiful I'ulur IVInds —blow with terrUlc force at the fn north and play havoc with tlie sklr camdng red rough or soro chappc hands and lips, that need Bucklea .Arnica Salve to heal them. It maki the skin soft and smooth. Unrivale f<ir cold-sores, also burns, bolls, sore ulcers, cuts, bruises and piles. Onl 2.'>c at nil druggists, E.\ST LIBEHTY. Jan. 11.—The weatlier is very co' and good Indications of another b. snow storm. l»-ist Monday evening a young gor tieman of Horseshoe Bend ap))eure at the school house with his sleip about the time school was out to tak I some of the pupils sleigh riding. Aboi fifteen were In the sleigh and a sho distance east ot the school house I drove into the ditch and upset hi precious cargo. .Miss Christy, tl teacher, was one of the party. Fc tunately, no one was hurt. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Burtnett retun ed from tlielr Topeka visit la Thursday. Several of the Libertyiies were lo. visitors last Tuesday. G.' \V. Burtnett went to Piqua r bu.^inei-s last Wednesday. We notice that Harry Colley of li la was out to the farm last U'e( nesday. There was a good attendance Sunday School last Sunday and aftc Sunday School Hev. Mrs. Bowms pre.iched from the 24th Chapter < .\cts. 27 and :.'Sth verses. A scries i is being held at Salem, an Jeep interest is being manifested Lllie people. People in this vicinity do not ha\ ^ the gas. but when they get the woo -•••|they are sure of a fire. Curd of Thanks. ,, , ^ ,, , . I ^^'e de.sire to thank our friends for PI- tells of the excellent care S'ven ' tj,,.ir kindness and sympathy shown us •v.nile he suffered with a fever. How-; durinjr our sad bereavement of the ever, the le'ter is not signed and^ fol- of our dear wife and mother— lowmg Its usual rules The Register ^vm. II. Donnell Wliioughby Donnell, cannot i.ubiish it. . j carnetta Donnell. —Choice County Butter at City Meat .Market, Phone S18, The fire company was called to CIC South Fourth street at seven o'clock last night to extinguish a iblaze wiiich started in t chimney. There was but little damage and but a moment's work for the department. Mr, and Mrs. Oscar Heath, of the country six miles southwest, are the parents o fa boy, bom last night. Loraine Cantreil went to Kansas City last night for a visit with his parents and may remain In that city permanently. Cantreil Is a star forward on the high school team and this means that the team will be crippled in the game with Baldwin next Friday night and the team may possibly be forced to put in a new for- war permanently. Rltchey or Foust are good for the place but neither have had the experience which Can­ treil enjoys. The school board has received a numbir of apiiliratlons for tho position of manual training teiich<-r at (he high Hclloul, vaeated by the reeent re 'dguHilon of II. E. TOWHII, and a new teacher for the place will be decided upon next Monday night. &lr. Tewell will fill (he irasition until next Friday which will end the present term of school. E.lil\L .SIFFH.IGE CO.WEMIOX. .SecoHd District Siiffruu'ists Will Meet in Lawrence Januurj- lUtli. The president of the Second Congressional District of the K. E. S. A, has called a convention to be held at Lawrence on January I9ih. The object of the convention is to get the olTicers of the several counties together to perfect plans for work in tlie coming campaign. All county presidents and heads of departments are urged to attend. Reports of work done thus far will be read, .\ business meeting w -ill be held at 2:3*1 p. m. on the IlUh- There will be a public meeting in the evening. Interesting speakers are expected. There will be a business meeting on the UH )rninK of the' 2<'th. A committee on entertainmenrt been appointed to see that all visitors are coinfortalily entertained. Mrs. Margaret Hill MeCnrter. of Topeka, will be one of the spenkerB. .MtornevB Wallace Anderi-on and Chris Hitter will leave Monday for Joplln on hui«ines« In connection with (lie cane of the .Slae verxua E. B .E-stlll, cliarg'd wlih obtaining money under fnlfe prttences, the trial of which comes up here In fh<> district court next week. Entlll is the tnaii who It Is alleged traded some imaglDary land In Arkansas for the Our Way restaurant on West street about a year ago. 9 •t>«u<ai«C '«3«*^ A (ilrl's Wild Jftdnlglit Kfde. —To warn people of a fearful foret tire iti tiie Cat.skllls a young girl rod hor.'ieback at midnight and saved man livi-:. Her deed was glorious bi lives often saved by Dr. King' .V»'W Discovery In curing lung troi bio, coughs, and colds, which migl have ended In consumption or pnei: moulu. "It cured me of a dreadfi oough and lung dl.sense," writes \\ It. Patterson, Wellington, Texa.s, "at ter four in our fumlly had died wit eoiisiimpiion. and 1 gained 87 jiounds Nothing so sure and safe for n' throat nnd lung troubles. Price fifi and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guai :iiitee-l by all druggists. v B.W.IHD \Sl> O.S.VOE. Jan. 11.—John Byorley met with very • painful accident one day laf wc.ek. He was cutting hedge and : thorn struck him in the eye. It wa feared at first he would lose his ey- but it is getting along nicely now. The Woodmen lodge met Tuesda: at a called meeting and Initiated thre- new members and voted on three oth ers. Those that they initiated wen Mr. Will Kennedy. Robert Brown an< Roy Cook, and those they voted" oi were Mr. Tebo, Willie and John Hldfer The meetings at North Falrviev which are held by the letter Da; Saints are still In progress in splt< of the cold weather. They have ver; good crowds but no converts so far Mrs. John Porter and son Clyd Washington, .Jan. IZ. —The eccentric Dr. .Ma<y Walker, the famous advocate of mens doiliiug for women, were visiting relatives near Lone Elnr is hero endeavorinL' to interest Presi- the latter part of the week. ^ ,,.,„ T ,.n ,„ „„. ,„ ..rviSn ^/a-rsr.":*"" foruis. i,lie called on the President ghelby Cutbirth is helping Rober today, but gave no interview rela- Demastus load his car of hay. five to the result of her visit. Roy Norri»k stayed In Moran Fri Her latest campaign is a dress re- day night and attended the baske form tor men wiiieh contemplates do- ball games at LaHarpe between L- Ing away witli the collar button. Dr. Harpe and Moran teams. Walker maintains tiiat it is the col- Miss-Jessie Daugberty and Mis lar button wliich has for many years Queenle Best spent Wednesday nlgt caused much of tlie nervousness and at H. Xorrlck's. irritability of many men, the pressure Clarence Mauck and family sper on the sidnal column bringing about the day Tuesday with Harry Geye * * + (copyright 1910^ by Rev, T. S. Linteott, D. O.) •{. laterflational Sunday School Questions *•>•<••>••>•>*• • <" '> -> •:• •> <• •:• •> •'j. •:• •:• •:• • • •:• :• > •:• > •:• :•:• :• -:• > :• •> •;• :• > > Lesson for Junnar}- 11, 1912. Lute l:.'>;-S(l. • THE BIRTH OF JOHX THE B .lPTlSr. GOIJ>EN TEXT—Blessed be the Lord God oi Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his people. Luke l :t ;s. (I) Verse .">7—What effect did it have upon Elisaluth when she found out that sho was to become a mother'.' (21 Why have all Christhin wives who are about to become mothers, reason to rejoice and be" inspired, as wa.s the mother of John the Baptist? (3) Verse oS—If our iiearts do not rejoice with tlioso who are rejoicing,' what does that suggest? (4) What special reason had these good peoiilc to rejoice at the birth of Elisabeth's babe? (a) Vi'rt>e .'>9—When should the relisious cJuraffou of a child commence, and huw should it he uccouiplislicdi -(Tlib Ls nup of the qarstlons that may be a.iswcred lu ^rltlug by nieni- bcrs of the cinlj.) 16) Is there any public way today which we may profitaldy adopt in dedicating a child to God. which in any way answers to circumcision? (7) Vrses 60-63—What should be our d.ief consideration in naming a child? (8) Why did they name this child John? (9) AVould it be folly or wisdom for us in the .se days, to expect an angel to tell us the name to give to an infant? Why? (10) Why did they all marvel so much when the name of John was given to this babe? (II) Verse 64—What were the circumstances in connection with Zucharias losing his speech? (12) To what extent, if any, does doubt take away the s]>eech of a good man today? (13) Can you mention an old testament character who because of doubt about bis power of speech, caused God to be angry with him? (H) Verses C.VfiG—Wliat did Zacharias probably discourse aiioiit. to create such fear'in the coiiiiiiunlty? il -'i) Why do sinners (remble wliiai the gospel is preached with power iUU Verse (M—What is tlie dilTorence between a man filled with the Holy Spirit and iin ordinary man? (17I Are all persons wlio are tilled with Ihe Holy Spirit prophets? (IX) Verses (iS -74—What was the theme of ZaeliarlUH in his projitietlo discourHc? ll'.n What jiart of tlie tilings he fon -tolil actually camo to pass? i2ti) Would you say that all the things that .lolm foretold would have happened. If (he Jews harl acii'jiied .lesus, and why? t'.'l) Verse "*>—.\ru all those wlio ueeei)t .lesus aide to live "in holiness and righteousness all the days of tlielr lives? (22) Verses 70-S()—What was the character of .folin the Baptist, and what were the results of iiis work? I.KSSO.X FOR SPNDAY. JA.N. 21. 1912.—"The Birth of Jesus,"—Luke 2:1-20,. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • <• • • • • • • PLE.\S.V>T VALtEY. Jan. l:;.—If there is anything in •old winter weather insuring a goo<! •orn crop, we will surely get a real lumper this year. Mr. and Mrs. Hollingsworth and )onald have returned from a week's isit with relatives and friends at May Center, Hans. Jeff HoUingsworth took some of his riends sleigh riding Sunday. Mrs. Bird, of lo'a, and Chas. Smith Isited Sunday at Cullers. Wm. Bird, who has been very sick. • as well enough to go to lola Monlay for a visit with his family. Ben Grieves was trading in Gas ;ity Monday. Jeff HoUingsworth was hauling coal 'rom Laliariie Monday. The gas lines on the .Vnderson anch have been frozen up the past ew days. The Pleasant Valley phone line was lown for awhile this week, but is -.11 right again. Iva Smart, teacher at 'Waverly. jpent Sunday with relatives here. Charles Robinson was trading in ola Tuesday. Fred Epley finished shredding corn he past week. T. J. Anderson is loading hay at he Portland switch. Charles Robin.son has men at v.-ork retting up summer wood. Mrs. Bird and Mrs. Scott were in ola Wednesday shopping. Joe Sears will this week move from he Davis farm liere to lola where e has work In the lola Portland. James t!uller was calling at the Jrievea home Thursday. Ye Kciibe delivered cream to Iqla Vednesd.ty imt If we get forgiveness ir making that trip we will (iroiiilse ot to leave home again until varm veather. lid not drop so low. but the east and west roads were blocked all over the ;;ountry and daring nearly 54 years' .•esidence in Kansas 1 will be safe In saying that twenty winters of that time have gone down as fat- as 10 degrees below zero, and I am quite sure that if you would interview the ice men that put up Ice on the river they would tell you that they have seen it 18 inches thick. I.just diipp these thoughts as my memory serves me at the present time. B. F. Clark. "Cores In Every Case." ' —Mr. Jas. McCaffery, Mgr. of the Schlltz Hotel, Omaha. Neb., recommends Foley's Honey and" Tar Com- podnd, because it cures in every case. "I have used it myself and t have recommended it to many others who ha\e since told me of its great curative power in diseases of the throat and lungs." For all coughs and colds it is speedily effective. J. D. Mymdls , It is speedily effective. J. D. Mundls Co. The Spirit of Winter The Spirit .of Winter is with us, making its presence known In many different ways—sometimes by cheery sunshine and glistening snows and sometimes by driving winds and blind ing storms. To many people it seems to cake a delight in making bad things for rheumatism twists harder, twingea. sharper, catarrh becomes more aiinoying, and the many symptoms of scrofula are developed and aggravated. There Is not much poetry in this, but tliere Is truth, and It Is a wonder that more people.don't get rid. of these ailments. The medicine that cures* fliem—Hoods' Sarsaparllla—1« en.'lly obtained and there Is abundant jiroof that its cures are radical and liermnnent. Foirr Kidney rill.< —always give satisfaction because hey always do the work. J .T. Khel- lut, Bremen, Ga., says: "I have used T'oley Kidney Pills with great satis- action and found more relief from heir use than from any other kidney nedlcine and I've tried almost all cinds. I can cheerfully recommend hem to all sufferers for kidney and ladder trouble." J. D. Mundis Co. this result. Loss of Appetite is loss of vitality, vigor or tone, and I' often a forerunner of prostrullnff Uls- eusc. It Is serious and especially so tc people that must keep up and doln^ oi l?ei behindhand. The bent medlclno to take for it U the Krcat constitutional remedy Hood's Sarsaparllla Which purlflca nnd enriches the blooc and build* up the whole system. on It today in liquid form o iiocoiuted lubleta called •uraataba. and family. .Mrs. Pearl McCellan and son Mar ion.were transacting business In lol the last of the week. Frank Dozler and Ike T)ecke chose up vidf-a with nine men on • side and participated In a rabbit hue during the past week. The loslo' side, which was Ike Decker's, has V serve an oyster supper to the othe .side nnd their families. tliM) Per Plate —wuH jiuld at a bantiuet to Ilonr.' Clay. In .Vew York; In 1842.' Might} cosily for those with stomach troubb or IndlgcKttnn. Today people everywhere use Dr. King's New Life FIII'^ for these troubles as well as liver kidney and liowel disorder.?. Easy safe, sure. Only 2Gc at all druggts^ EXTERPRLSE. Jan, 10.—H. O. Hayes and E. L. larnhart made a business trip to loia Tuesday. Mr. Isaac Beaty loaded a car load if hay at Plijua week. Mr. Southard and family, Mrs. Ciark >iid daughter, Helen, went to church it Uberty Sunday in a sled. John Cloud is hauling wood from 'horseshoe Bend. Miss Mary Sullivan and Mr. Pete •Carl went to lola In an automobile Wednesday and were married by Faher McGuire of the Catholic church. They expect to take a short honey- noon trip and then locate on, the lace known as the Beaty place, where fr. Sullit-an now lives, Mr. Sullivaa xpects to move on the Barr place, icated by Mr. Xoah Holt. We wish 'Tr. and Mrs. Karl a long and happy life. Mr. Willie Karl left for his home^ n Missouri Wednesday, after attend- ng the wedding of his brother, Pete <arl. ! Mr. John Preston %vns. out on the, vest side Wednesday and remained at, Irs, Joins' over night. There was no Sumiay school at Pi- -ua on account of the storm. Allen Cnstator culled on B, F, CHrk md wife while nut hunting Tuerid-iy, ' We see by the late RcRlster (haf nany people think this the eo'dest veather we h-ive had In years, but nc- •ording to my recollection thirteen •ears ago. snow fell about Oetober 17, •nd during the winter the thnrmonr-' •»er registered 2!) degreos below zero. [ Vine ypprs ago about the same, with 'HOW drlftlnir from nljoiit 2 to 4 leep, and eight years ago the mercury "»r*TX or oiiif. o. .• er iM.icno., ( ynASK 1. <lll:vr.v ::inkf!I o»ih that he tl HOlce OU -tiHT of t.'if i;r:-i ii( V. J. CiiKVtr * CO., dalnf i««lii<!M tl the city i-( Tnlwlo. County and HUt* tiJorrtaJil. miiJ ll«t wnt fln.i will ray Uie mm o« •)XE nVSVm.n liOI.LAHS for cMh and ever n»- ot CATAia:i ihui cionoi at cured by Uii ine ol 'lAU.-a CATAKUll ci ^. H«am to boforr me nnt! milurribeU In mf pregeDe» •ill* kOi a»y ot D ''toiijer. A. li.. isa*' . —1 A. W. aLEAaOK. { ^A>. f SaiKKX PCBUa nall-a Catarrh Cnre v, '.Am tntcmally 'and act* directly upon th- o-'j'iil ami la -jcouK surface* aC tM «vstcm. Send lur n-?ii :n "il .%L-<. Irw. r. J. rHUSKY ± CO. ToiKto. t. Sold by all DriKl- li T.'^. TaHc Usil-s FOE;.-- 'IS Jor ecti«-~«'<?o. I 50 HOKSB^ijB . I have just shipped in 85 beaft from Coffey Co.—some wean~ ing mare mule colts, some' yearling mare mules. One pair of mules Ave and six years old,^ weight 2500 lbs. One pair o( mares six and seven years oId> weight i .'iOO lbs. Several other mules in the bunch. They arS all well broke. Several head ot horses and luuies, all young and good farm stock, some slQ- gle drivers, city broke. Anyuuu wanting to buy, sell or exchauKe, see mu nl once at' lola Horse and Mule Market 1 block west Santa Fa J. C. Botcber PJi «M RN

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