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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 23, 1954
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Our Daily i Bread till Sliced Thin by The Editor I L-. AI»». H. Washburn. Economic Position of Widows in 20th Century Civilization , 11 there is* any one test as to how 1 civilized a nation may be it is thu tegree of security felt by a lone ..voman after her mate dies. And by this test America must be a pretty civilized place. For I read in' a press release from Metropolitan Life Insurance company that "nine out of every ten widows live' cither in their own homes or in those of relatives." ' The insurance company's paper is an important sociological comment on tne American scene in the I middle of the 20th Century. I am hiving you the full text as released from New York March 12. Quote: Widows in the United States now I number about 7,500,000, and the (total has been increasing by 100,000 a year, according to the JS2"tr f^ TMI 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 —NO. 133 Star el MoM C*n*olr<tat«l «t HOPS, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MARCH 43, 1«4 100,000 a year accoring e j d in Metropolitan Life Insurance Com- ^ Q one House Group to Tighten on Gl Benefit Claims WASHINGTON, M — The House Appropriations Committee today called for a tightening up In veterans' benefit payments, saying irregularities have been found in the Washington, D. C. area. The General Accounting Office checked 1,000 cases in the Washington regional office, the committee said and turned upperrors that [ pany's statisticians. , The indications arc that the yearly growth will be even greater ;n the future, and that by 1900 there r onay be as many as 8,500,000 Widows in the country. Of the present total of widows, more than one half are C5 or older, of $21, . in one year .. In one case, the committee reported payment was made to a claiman t despite the fact that the Veterans' Administration .had nol definitely established that he had served in the armed forces. In other cases, the beneficiaries •'. — ':.,".",""" —• "TiT ~ ~ ~~r, AK tA received payments without taking Ora^ablVone^te^tVare^under the retired examinations, or were age 45. Widows comprise about one fourth of all women at ages 55 to 04, nearly one half of those at 65 to 74, and not far from three fourths of those at ages 75 and over. Other facts relating to widowhood 'in the United States, based on the .950 Census figures, were reported >y the statisticians, as follows: Nine out of every ten widows live either in their own homes or in those of relatives. Of the remaining tenth, some 385,000 — or 5.7 compensated beyond the date when payments should have ceased. In at least one case, "evidence indi eating the possible existence o,. fraud" was not considered the committee said. Not all the errors were agains the government. The survej showed underpayments to veterans amounting to about $6,600. The General Accounting Offici said the survey showed "an apa thy on the part of personnel t< a case, ingness combined with a Will to prematurely resolve doubts in favor the veteran." . Bacause of the tremendpu amount of money involved th committee said, "a coniprehen ive review of papers in the Jfile s urgently needed." Jllt£ lUUlll, OWJiic uuu,vww *** *" • - ; . .. j. i per cent - were living as lodgers fully investigate all facts o or as resident employes, an addi- a case, combm tional 2.5 per cent resided in'hotels and the like, and 2.2 per cent were in institutions, including homes for the aged. widows past the prime of are in the labor forcu. In 1950 fully one third of those at ages 55 to 64, and more than one-tenth of those at ages 65 to 74 were gainfully employed. ."While some , of these women may • have been working from choice," the statisticians 'Observe, "many of them undoubtedly did so because of economic necessity. Although some were able to sup- gbrt themselves, a great many were at least in part,-on the "assistance of children .and.- other relatives, and on public and private funds." Local Teachers To Help Nashville Church School # .* Three Children's Division'Teach- ers from First Methodist Church, Hope, will serve on the teaching Staff in a Daily Vacation. Schoo' Institute to be held at Nashville Thursday, March 25, with registration at 9:30 p. m. Mrs. J. W. Perkins, junior coordinator, will teach junior work; Mrs. J. Ross Moore, kindergartei No. 1, will lead the kindergarten ...teachers, and Miss Evelyn Briant fthree year nursery superintendent will conduct a study of nursery work. Other Instructors will be:Mrs, J W. Rushing, Emmet, who Will dis cuss day camping, and Miss Doro thy Kelley, DeQueen, who will di reel the primary teachers. Al Children's Division Teachers o the Hope District are invited to at tend. NO PLANS — Actress June Haver and actor Fred McMurray arriving in Hollywood from a South American trip said they "have no plans to get married." Statement was Wade ,In reply to rumor they .-had-'eloped while attending film festivals south of the border. — NEA Telephoto FBI Warns of Infiltration of Atom Weapons WASHINGTON, (UP) — The FBI has urged police officers through out the nation to .be on the alert jfor attempts by enemy saboteurs to sneak midget atomic weapons into the coiintry, it was learned to- jday. ^ • The FBI itself declined to com" ment on the letter. But informed i sourses said it was not prompted ;r by any new fear that potential {enemy agents were believed to be •fabout to try to smuggle atomic bombs or other weapons into the country for sabotage purposes. Informed sources said any ato . Imic device smuggled into this '{rountry would probably be small enough to be carried on the person. ... ". . .Be especially alert," the warning said, "regarding any article that is extremely heavy for its size." ••'•-.•The alert said that any atomic Minstrel Features Plenty of Local Talent The second nair of the 'Ttlwanls Ministrel" to be staged here on Thursday and Friday nights, March 25 and'26, will also feature many local artists including: "Waltz Clog," and "School Days featuring Rebecca Waller, Susan Waller, Jan Hunter, Katherine Windsor Tap and Acrobatic School of Dance; Guitar and Piano numbers by' Eva Reynerson and Winfred Huckabee. Songs\ by Mrs. Hope Ogran and Homer'.-Jones; solo by Dr. Emmet Thompson, "Pass the Jam Sam" y Betty Cox and Kenneth Guilliam nd many songs by the entire chor- s. f Demos to Win Fight for Chavez By JOHN KAWPS WASHINGTON .MB device must contain uranium -.pr of which .weigh a half times as Plutonium, both about one and much as lead. Scenting Latin Nation^ Agree on Fate oi victory;"--. ; Senate Democrats today brushed aside a Republcan offer to water down the political effect of a' resolution to oust Sen. Chavez (D-NM) from the seat hennas held since 1935. Party lines held firm yesterday as the Senate began debating a resolution to cancer out the/ 1952 New Mexico senatorial election in which Chzvez defeated.- Republican Patrick J. Hurley,-.. a former sec r - • :; '"••" ' - ' about• 5,000 Pet Stalin Theory i May Be Discarded By EDDY GIUMORE LONDON, (Kt <— Official criticism of Prof. Triofim D. Ljrgenko jn a report circulating throughout the Sovct Union today raises the question whether the Malehkov government is about to plow under one Of Stalin's petheories. This theory, propunded by Lyse: k, emphasizes the importance of environment in plant life and just about everything else. Lysenko declared acquired characteristics could be passed on to the next generation, Stalin liked this because it supported his idea that -an environment of proper indoctrination could mold all people into loyal Com. monists. By CARLOS R. ESCUPERO^ CARACAS, Benezuela, W) — The 10th Inter-American Conference paused in its lengthy discussions of Economic, problems today to learn ,he outcome of the five-year dispute over Latin America's most :amaus political refugee—V i c t o r Raul Haya de la Torre of Peru. Peru, who would like to try-him as a criminal, and Colombia, in whose Lima embassy he has been sheltered since January 1949, agreed on his future yesterday in talks at Bogota. Colombian Foreign Minister Evaristo Sourdis planned to announce their decision to the conference today. Unofficial reports from Bogota said the two nations had agreed to turn Haya de la Torre over to either the Chilean or Uruguayan embassies in Lima and that Peru then would let him leave Lima for exile in one o£ those countries. Haya, 59-year-old leader of Peru's outlawed Apra party, tooii refuge in the Colombia Embassy after an unsuccessful revolution in 1948. The Peruvian government refused to give him safe conduct put of the country, contending he was a common criminal, Colombia refused to give him up, classifying him as a political refugee en- ttiled t othe asylum Latin-American countries traditionally extend to those on the outs politically with their home governmens. Haya has r;etafy of war, by yotes tA ,The issue vote late "todfcy.' Th e resolution is . based;-on the findings of a Republican vrhajority of the Senate elections ^subcommittee that there were so many-voting irregularities in the 1952 election it would be impossible to pick the legal winner. Sen. Hennings CD- Mo), the subcommittee's one-man minority, has vigorously dissented from this opinion. • Both of the metals can be coated with plastics or other metals to disguise their appearance and can be-machined into any shape. Other necessary parts for .any atomic device, the .alert said, were either a gun-barrel type device or a high explosive. The FBI warning pointed out thai it would be impossible to describe exactly what a foreign atomic bomb would look. like. It pointed out that the necessary materials could be carried together in a device ready for explosion j>r separately, to be assembled later Informed ' sources said- ths "alert," sent out on Jan. 1, ,wa: in line with the FBI's practice o periodically alerting police agencie to the dangers of enemy agent 1 ac tivities in smuggling materials; intr 'Htfwever, these sourcessai 'd-thi alert was sounded in letters t police, administrators in yirtuallj all parts of the country and no just to those in key ports wer smuggling attempts might be a smuggling ttuejijuia 111*51111 we w»* .- -~ - • ticipated They said the letter pro their closing arguments yesterday, p - - '- contended, that she is being made a "scapegoat" to save face for Junior Rifle Club to Be Organized lived as a virtual prisoner in the embassy ever since. Tornado Warning in Louisiana, Texas NEW ORLEANS i/P) — The U.S. Weather Bureau issued the following severe weather bulletin today at 8:50 a, m. "There is a possibility of a tor- There will be a meeting tonight at-the courtroom of the City : Hall at 7 p. m. for the purpose, of organizing a Junior Divisipp of the Hernpstead Rifle and jPistol Club, Officers will be elected and ; necessary details will be completed in order to qualify the Club for affiliation with 'the NRA..-..',' All boys and girls twelve through eighteen years of age who would like to engage in the sport of rifle shooting and) become proficient and safe in the use and care of firearms are urged to attend this meeting.. The NRA makes possible for many nice awards for Junior Riflemen. Parents are invited to attend and learn more about advantages of early training in the safe way of handling firearms. Boys and girls attending tonight's meeting will becorn echavter members of this Junior Rifle Club. th. AHoelot*d Pr*H ft A*H»I> *«'»««.5 A. Mrt NM Clrtl. » Mrt. tnJUn «*pt. Wi W ALIBI — Plero Plcolonl, rightV son 6f ltaiy k « fcoreilfln! Mln* Ister. was id testify Monday In Rome's scanda|.Of.tKe.«6r)tury which stemmed from death of Wllma Nontesl last ApW Pl«ol*nf, "••**"• — . ..„._,. J __ _ ~«*lM*tAM**t Ut> A+Mmlk UlithK*4fc*il_ IK Second Verdict in Bank Case Expected Today TEXARKANA W) — The federal court'jury considering two charges against ;Mrs. Opal Simington in the !185,000 shortage at the Bank of 3ierks recessed at 11:30 a.m . today without reaching a decision. The 1 jury which has studied the cas e for six and a half hours, was ;o resume its deliberation at 12:30 'this afternoon. Mrs. .Simington, former assistant cashier', at the defunct bank is charged with embezzlement and Eorgerjfi She already nas been convicted ,yf one charge ot embezzlement /but sentence hasn't been passedj'i' ' Convicted with Mrs. Simington in her) first trial hero last week was H,; C. Seals, Glyear-old farmer from Empire, Ark. They/I were found guilty in the cashing of a check for $4,350.80 by Seals ajtr'a time when the man«had only $4:49 in his account. 'Only(Mrs. Simington was tried 1 4ie<isatS9Bd time. However, Thomas, as F. Westbrobk, 75-year-old form-* er vice president and cashier of the bank also has been charged in the shortage but is too ill tp stand trial. Mrs. Simington's attorneys, in whoias•«denwinwd 4 DOCn UOnUUIlucw «o « ,,,M,*«*«IW, ffj »»«..n, .•.*....——. said by friends to have an alibi In the person of actress Valll, left, who starred In Hollywood a f " --* Telephoto. murderer by other wlthnesses. Is person of actress Allda few years ago. *- NEA- California Kidnapers to Trial SAN , FRANCISCO (UP) — Two men went on ^trial today on charges they kidnaped real estate broker Leonard MoskoVitz, and inflicted bodily harm .on him — a charge that could bring the death sentence under California's "Little Lindbergh law." The defendants were Harolc Jackson 51, alleged "mastermind" of the kidnap plot, and Joe Lear, 43. Both were once private inves tigators. , ,. ' Moskovitz 36 was abducted Jan. 16. He told police he was held captive in a rerited house unti Jackson and Lefcr t were captured on the night of Jan. ,018, OKis ab ductors demanded $500,000" ransom at first) buf'later lowered their de mand to $300,000, Arkansas' largest, 1 heaters will closo< beeausd it scarcit y of a theater typd ,i tur." . bably went out on the recommen dation of the national security council which has overall supervi sion of the defense of the-nation. Johns Hopkins University report^ ed/ meanwhhile,,. that' hydrogen bomb exploded over Washington could result in as many as 52,000 casaulties in a community five to 12 miles from the capital unless adequate precautions were taken. "But with an adequate warning system and adequate . shelter areag," the school's operations re search office said,, "the number of deaths and casualties would begin to approach zero." federal investigators. They made a similar charge at Mrs. Simington's :first trial. , Mrs: 3 Simington is accused of taking 1,400 from the bank to pay for improvements made on her home at Dicrks, and also of forging the name of Mrs. Emrna Kesson to a check for $3,000. Sh e denies both charges. British Seize i» & W S Big Theatre Closes iiriT Little Rock 1 '* , r LITTLE ROCK,»t of . , , , „ The Arkansas'^ Amljsemejjt sLCoi; announced, last }ni&h.(; -th&t-,1;hefAf« tansas Theater ir> downtown tie Rook will close following late showing, of "From^'Herp.,. Eternity" Saturday' jtfght.^ _v,* * "Prior to the furnishing -of rlhl Capitol Theatre for ..iCinfclna/Sqop only two lirstrun houses ope in , Little Bock," ? said ' th6 pany Jn a, statement ' ' three began lULCU ' IWCttJ-aiP Mogul* OliVWWIg <AA* run films, uuput a teirlficXJrairff the supply ,of. be with the adVent ynost of theHop their annual ,riur leases, Vl cdnceniratini and not quantl The rmA nado occurring from Bay town, along Tex,, the to line Lake Charles, La., between 9 a. m. and 1 p. m." Arkansas Weather For March 23-27;(#!-• Arkansas:Temperature s . average near normal. Norinal minima 40-57. Normal Maxima 60-73 Colder weekend. Precipitation mod erate to locally fteafty . Show ersthroug h Friday, MAKE HASTE Js an old Roman saying that's worth thinking about when ypu're driving your car to* a y' Make Jiaste slowly with that 100- horsepower chariot, 6IT Springtime When Everybody Acts Strange... Its Nothing That Medicine Can Cure Deportation of Dick Haymes Is Ordered WASHINGTON, March 23 (INS) —The Justice Department announc- d today that crooner Dick Haymes las been ordered deported to his lative Argentina. Attorney General Herbert Brow- iell, Jr,, said the order was is- ued after a hearing, and goes into ffect in 10 days unless the actor inger files an appeal. On the eve of the decision, layrnes, who is in New York, said hrough his attorney, David Marcus, that if the government dft- cides to deport him he will "fight his thing to the limit." Haymes was arrested for depor ation last Aug. 6 on grounds that ic asked to be excused from mili- ary service during World War II as an alien and a citizen^of Ar- [entina. The Justice Department said this made him excludable from the country—and therefore subject to deportation. It said he reentered the U. S, from Hawaii illegally af ;er a visit to Rita Hay worth, now By HAU BOYUE NEW YORK tfl Don't know what's wrong with everybody Could it be spring You take the dog for a walk, and Jje turns the leash. around and bites at The pigeons start jaywalking in the streets, doing love rumbas with each other and thumbing their wings to th?ir beaka at taxu »bs, A Knife-edged wind blows the last clinker of winter in your eye, and while you are grumpjly pawing it out a warm sun pats you on shoulder and says, "There, there. Feel better" Everybody seems sjeepy an4 ab' seqt minde^. At tlje office $he tplls th; ' * '.'When" High i,n the skyscrapers the swivel chair jockeys muse over what would happen if th^y threw a spitball at their secretary, They have a secret yearning to open the window and sail paper airplanes down on head? The cop on the , t>e.at strangers along , . and suddenly finds hirnseU dream ing of the d'ays w^ft'W'W^ go barefoot, He Ipoj^ 49 w n at shoes, as. if he had tylWja m#w to pull them-olf. » -•' In tenement wlndflW? ' wlnte qujlts are hvwg|^;|Stt>P 3fr e i Housewive? leai\ oW'',fl$ C ^W * each otb^r, "My^Js, n^r'^hfluse j H«w . .ap'iwa* .Ww.".*!*• Several Dixie Democrats to Block Tax Cut WASHINGTON, Iff) — A Southern Democratic senator said today sev» eral of his Dixie colleagues are planning to. back the Eisenhower administration in its drive to block a further ncome tax cut this session. This senator, who asked that his name rjot be used he was surprised at growing sentiment amon^ Southern Democrats against th<? plan to raise personql exemptions and thus cuttaxes. Senate Democratic leaders have been saying they expect to lose not more than one or two votes oh the exemption issue. They obviously did not expect the He support of Sen. Byrd (DVa), already hasi come out vigorously against further tax cuts at a time' when a multi-billion dollar deficit is in prospect both this year and next, Republican senators have been its wife. Haymes married the film star Jamaica Raid KINGSTON, Jamaica, (#1 — Brl ( tain cranked up an anti-Red drive in a .third Caribbean colony today after seizing document in lightening raids on two leftwlng' centers in this West Indies island capital. Following crackdowns on alleged pro-Cornmunists In 'British Guiana and British Honduras on the America n continental mainland, author ities yesterday swooped down here on the homo of Jamaican labor leader Ferdinand Christofer, Smith, assistant secretary of the Communist-dominated World Federation of Trade Unions 'and on the of ficcs of the left-wing People's Edu cational Organization, JettWiiliqms Dies In Dallas Hospital Jett Williams,* aged 65, well known Hope and T<?xarkana businessman, died Tuesday morning in a Dallas, Texas Hospital, The body will be returned to Hope tonight by a Herndon-Cornellus Funeral Home ambulance, Funeral arrangement? are incomplete, Bridge Club to Be Organized The Parks and Recreation Commission has called a duplicate bridge conference for 7:30 o'clock Wednesday night at Youth Center, puring the recent tournament many persons expressed interest in forming a duplicate bridge club- The purpose of the meeting is to organize the club and all interest- '•no' Rock, 'made ... f .. T ... T ~,, r ^,~, vision in their" statement! ' „ However, -'--'-- "-*•'«••-*•* A4.VSVY V V y* I V*Vfc*«»*4J.' a ,V* f W "^ Vj t sas continues" a steady^ curtailment of operations by'- the ' company since this city got - Us fifst/teli 1 " sion station W/g ninths ago.v/ Previously, ,Arkansas*..-^A>tnuse* ment shutdown the.Prosfiect^T.heJt ater, a neighborhood liouSe^ 4tha| specialized. In "cultural 1 - 1 ^- 'Jilrns, and cut operations of thesLee^'sil other neighborhood' theater, to; one feature showing nightly. - f,; ' , ODM Fires; " QneUyoity Suspect" A, '',: , fti . < WASHINGTON, (ffl —.The "I ly'sensitive" Office otDpffase bilization, engaged in secret > printing for possible, W8? 1»^ ture says it has fired qne inaj questionable loyalty. PiWB,^an.1 John P. Young, exeputtva ofl told a House appropriations committee Jn ^estimo."" -» public today that, the ,„„_., employe was ''"a, security -was, , which a question of loyalty .was, in; volved. ' ' , r ',,-'", Young added the qmploye, ,/was, not a Communist Party member but said, "We don't fertoW^whethe^ he is a Communist," ',, * In similar budget hearings, General Servlc^ Adml" 1 """ said Its security program „..,., resulted inseparation o|, a, , J numbers collector, fighters » , sexual deviates, but riq Cyjnv nists, ' >.''>*', GSA., the {(ovornnient housek^ Jng agency repprte4 ^^ 1W its 27,60? empjpyed we.rq fjreg quit under the security pro|rsm. last year and that JQ-!0^359%? ppe last Sept. 24 after the deportation proceedings were well under way. Since then they have been married from coast to coast by 'Internal Revenue agents and bill collectors. Cub Scout Pock Meet Thursday ^Ixe j^ojjthjy Cub c meeting will be pigh,t at 7 p rfli school auditorium' - - ' ' theme the - conceding the Senate outcome on the exemption battle will be close. But they too expect to hold most of their votes in line. The senate lineup includes 48 Democrats to 47 for the GOP plus anindependent , Sen. Morse (Ore.) In the Hpuse, the Democrats lost their fight for a $100 boost in exemptions last week by only six votes, 3102Q4. Such an increase would have meant a $2,400,000,000 tax cut. Masons to Confer Degree Tonight Whitfleld Masonic Lodge No. 23? wiU confey a Master's Pegree tonight at 7j30 at the Lodge Hall. AW lN.ga(U*V W4w W*V*V M**>» *«** »««»-'^i-T T-^T- T w -,— - «- -'ed persons are urged to attend, volyed some question All Around the Town T _ _. _ -- • i' < i ' i BY <f% .•>*. The C pf C President, Trout of Benton, two senior High girls and two slementpry teachers, Misses Pauline and Corine Morris pf Hope will appear pn a TV program at 8:30 Thursday night Qvev Pine Bluff 8t»ijon, , Cppk te the secpnd »^ for sh?ri(lttP actually We h}s $300 fee with %Cen^ral Committee sepretary, , • , asfer, are a big banquet, ley the inemb r er ol pop f>t,Mf- for 4ij

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