Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 2
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The Manager of tho ynw York ufon- deilrca the RcKlatcr lo .>:iiii<- ilny havc ten ladlpa' cants whlc-h tli<y will glV6 tree to np«jdy jufopli-. Tin- Ural onet who cull will RI-I tin-in. * * * —Dr. TflrU Onteopnib, Tel 4(»7. tS& + <• + The annual parjy of iJi>' Snrrjuin r'ub, c«lffhrntfnit ilu> anniversary nf ' Itt organization, will he tii<< (lr»i WMk III Ki'bruiiry. Tlio cluti WUH nv- ganlscd In 19UG nml i-iicli y>':ir (li <<ri' baa bei»n aomr dpllKliifiil Hodiil ivint aa a blrtbdny pnriy. iltiHlianilM of ili" tnemberi« will be i-nnrialiu'il HIIH year loIlowinR a ruaiom of spvtTul year'a atandlng. The party wfll d- given at the home of Mr. mid Mrs. \V. a. KautTman. Tho pntert.ilnmont Is in ebarge of the hostess, Mrs. L. H. Wiahard and Mrs. Churk-s F. Scott. * + * Shields' orchestra will pivc a dano- next Tuesday night in Masonic hall. * + + —Last call on Reversible Coats. Any Reversible Coat in stock for Monday only, choice Values up to $2.".— New York Store. ' -r- * • The installation of ofliiprs of tli'* Eaetern Star which was to have or- cnrred Monday nlRht will be post- pahed becaaae of the iJInesB or 'lie Worthy Matron, Mrs. J. n. Kirk. This maming Mrs. Kirk was slightly ini- prbred but it will ho sovrral days h-- fore ibe .will he able to leave hrr room. The chapter was expecting to have thjb Matron of the Grand Chapter of KansBB here to inspect thi» ritual work but today she was asked to post pose her visit. Mrs. Kirk was to havp been her hostess. -> <' •> —Fifteen per cent discount on all Comforts.—Xew York Store. + * * Mrs. J. G. Stadler pnfcrtained the meinberB of her card club and other guesU to the number of twenty-four yekterday afternoon. Following canls theh» waa a luncheon. The Ruest prito went to Mrs. C. A. nurck and the club prize to Mrs. J. H. Al'xaii- der; Each was B IVCU a s<i of liatul- decorated salt dips. * •> —Br. VeXmm. Vhnnes S2 and StS. * • * llr, and Mrs. G. H.-JJcTvor of iv;i v«f, Colorado, nro ONII.I'II d in iml: • to.Wilt Mrs. Reaver's sl«;. r. V.r-.. K. Wignor. Tln'V Imv,. vi.-iilnt; r. ' atlfu in Yates Center. -s-DB. 0. L. ro\. OrnlliL •^ <Because of tlx- dlflicul-y in th«i church yestcrd.'iy i\u I'n sla i-'i Ian choir nft lust nii-ju a! ili. i:iin. • of Dr. and Mrs Hii.-i lnr. • • Reverend'anil Mrs. Mnnm.rv nf iv- CnrtBtiffD church. h:ivi> rii>iv.(i v.o-i' froai Reverend and .Afrs IJ.I.L:>II;I:. . f YMea Center to th- ifT .-ci tli.u t! GhHttian parsonage w .is totally di- atrbyed by fire a fow (l;i,vs aao. Tl' flr« started from a def.c;ivr flui\ Tl.^ faihliy Were not injured and the :i furniture was saved. Thi> family hat viahed Reverend and Mrs. Moomau here oa aeveral ocrasion.s. most n cent ly daring the revival at the audiiori- unL A Twenty per cent discnunt on al' WOOL BLANKETS from I3.9S to $ir pair.—New York Store. * * * With good. Ice on the rivers ar ' creeks skatij]? is a popular amusf- metit Parties go to Rock (ft-eek anf' every day and evening and many wl.r have always lived in Kansas are taking a rare opportunity to learn t< •kate. TUa afternoon a large part\ of BChool folk went to the iiark to akate.. •> •!• * —Ftfteen per cent d/fcount on BU -Wool Underwear for Women and Children.—Xew York Store. * + + The two Roj-al Kelpbbor lodges 3C5 aaa 1281 will meet with the M. W. A. lodge Monday niRht and officers of thr three orders will be Installev Aff<r the ritual work supper and a social evening will entertain the membiri!. * • •> The Episropnl church will not ln' heated aulBci^ntly tomorrow for oc- eiipAncy oo the Sunday scliool and •errlcM will be h»ld nt the rectory. 107-North Walnut street. All are invited to attend. * <• + —Laat call on riiiffon HroadrlotliM; vil^Iuti up to I 2. T :> yurd. To clean out 89e ytrd.—Now Vnrk Store. + + + Kew York's 4m hnvr taken up a new rorm of amusenent. headed by Mra, Elite Prpnch Vnnderbllt. .Mm. Ogdea MillB and Mrs. Ri-Klnalrt Van- derbllt A aerlec of danres tire b<- Rcxall Liver Salts ! .1 ; iiiiu pill upon llie inarKet. Tills pri'pnrntinn eontniim the n.-iliiral niedicinnl prllieipleM re- ri 'iTi 'd to, fiiinliincd with other ilii'iiili-iU In mich 11 way RM to prodiic"' n vU-nnnitt uiid ngrre- n!il<', I IfervcMMiii. »nl!iie-lnxn- tlvf liTtiie. ItN ai'tlon W gentle; |( n <'V4 -r (;rlpi-<i; It cHiirics tlior- O!I K! I clean.Min;; of the whole In- ii'stlniil tract without dlsiiKn'e- alili- tawte or nausea, ltd effort Is not ini'iely to relieve consfl- /i.'iiiori hilt as weil to bring those lii'mlli-lal lesultn that follow u|i(ni the normal ellinlnntlon from the body of waste jiro- iIiK'is. It Irf therefore Indicated in rheumatic, gouty and febrile trouble!:, us well as in heartburn, dizziness due to indlges- iif)n, cHrtain kidney affections, and In the treafinerit of many forms of skin diseas'j. BURRELL'S STOKE The Rexall Store ins given at Sherry's this winter, hi t\i'^ na!uri> of fancy dress affairs. A few weeks ago the "(JuJikor Girl" costumes were used. On Thursday niphi Elsie Fergusoirs play, "The First Kn- dy in the Land." furnished the subject for the costumes, Mrs. I':isie Freni'.b Vanderbilt appearing in tlK- costume that Miss Ferguson wears i:i the second act of "The First Lady i;' the Land." .Mrs. Ogden Mills had for her dress a copy of the gown worn by the Hrltish .Minister's wife in t'lc piay. The men wpre garbed as Aarc. Burr, James Madison, Thomas JelTe.- Eon and IJeau Pinckney. TlIK HKST IMiOOF. ThUKiiay, Jan. 18 SeaMiu':! FIRST (;t»VKH.>im OF AHlZilX.l loia rillzens Cannot Douht II. Doan's Kidney I'llls were iise,i- Ibey eiireil. The (itory wav. inlJ to tola resilient •. 'J )j))e )!;)!, .>iln- •.ijlben.'il the evjdrlinv lias proven tlie eiiiv permani>ni. 'I I'.e •.i'>tliiii>ny is linnn; te.'^limouy Tin piMof i-nnviueilig. it can be ln\e.siij:iiie(l by lola reh!- tli;i!.S Ci'l.v L'lil .\. I'.il.lieye . ni:i. K .; •In I'.iiil I i i ::rii I'Kiir !i(;i!lb llj:i> I liail abiiiil );i,•II up (it e.- !.i ( IK ; <i/ri'(l. )•••. .-..vM' >. :ir^ I JMil bi'.-n irvir.i; MI; .s III .ii. iiK'.'- Ill liiiJ relb 1 but I. •iriit> \'• re r .iNiii ci-^-ii..! .My li:i' vi y wi :.U .-ni'l li.e b Wir i; c'. ilili-lise lia'.lis In ibirl aerii iiy llll.••y^;.^ .My feel and limbs oft>>;i lee.ii' •• '•riilly suiillen and I bad di"- ieul 'N in. ;i:i!-s;n^ liie kiiluey seer- foil.--. Till.- f-itler .syniiitoii: .'ed n;e lu 'elievc that I bad kidney trouble nv.l 'H a friend"!-- I 'dvlee. ! beg;<n usi;--: loan'!; Kidney I'i!!F in a short tiii.- fell better and I steadily improv 1 :!Hil I was cured. On .Kintiiiry ;" PUT. I gafe M stalenicnt for pub'i- •itinn ncoir.ii'endinc Doan's Kidm Miv- npi! sinee tben my opinion i'' this preparation has not chang'd i iccaslonally take a few do .<:es. fi'.n' :— hat my kidneys are thus kept in :. lormal condition." For sale by all dealers. Price • "oster-Milbiirn Co. nuffiln. N". Y ole agents foi- the T'nited Slates. Remember the name—noan's—nnd ake no other. GEORGE .HUNT (bivi iniir (;ein>;e \V. Hunt li;!^ 'In ieilioi ii! lii'llli^ llle fir.-! <'\e,..nive i Ibe 1. t-lale 111 .\ri/iili:i. lie >vil !':ki- I III- null I 'l' iilllee in a few sm».vi> TKAM vs. .VK(JI;>TIM:. 'eMiiiiI llf«h Self Mil Hiislwl liall reari '•• i'la.v \rs:eiillne 'I'uo (iiinii'.-^. coon RO.VllS tO>VEMIO\. t Is in He Held »st Week in EUT- poria—All Invited. .\i-:hiir Me 'calf. a meinbev of tli -•••nil .leliool basket ball lean;, received a ioller yesterday frm llu \i-^;i'nliiv. '\ans. bi.cb seliool ba^ki ball ii nil: :i.-)»iim fy.- gaitie.s Jv l;i played on any dales in tlie near iv- nre the fir.-;; In tlii?- cily a!;d tlie rt-c ; iinil Argen;;!.-. ''"I'.'- bry..; of ti- I'.•;'.'il ii;iin will write a letter of ai- c-e|>ta!:i'c-. ;'-'.d .mu.iiwill be p!:iv- iil ae:-oriiir.:.j lo the sug.ce.-iions o!- fi-vd by .Vrginline. T!ii luia hif-'h i:ehiuir.>; second ba?ki. bali team is a very fa.'t one. this hav- bpen demon.<rrar» d In Severn' i games with the first team, which had lo lio it- inc.'! Lriilianl -AL-rk to win ;r.i-! iben c;iir.r out ahead by but a few The letter from Argt-niine was doubt less written in response to a worldwide challenpc t.r. any 13.">-pound team reo-ntly foi mulated by the lola b.oy.«-, and published in the Kansas City Journal. The mayors of all citie?. officer? r,;' ommfi'cial cluh.=. pood roads as-r;-;a- :or.< an<} nmnir.dhUp clubs are .ip- lointed deles-'ate.;; to tbe Kansas St.i.e 'liiod ltcn(is Convfntinn lo be held in •r:mpor:a next Wednesday and Thur." lay, January 1" and IS, and all the.'c are urged to be present at the session.:. It is desired that the goo: roads movement shall be given new Impetus in Kansas- a? a repult of tii's mceijn;;. Kvpiy gniid roaii.s ailvocare in the .-tnte Isi ur.:;ed to attend i!ie iitiventliin II. Ci. .lAMKS. :'r''-Jilint KaiiJ^us S'.nie (iood linail- .\M-ei-!jit!i>n GRADUATE OPTICIAN! J; M Syes lested; glasses fitted as tew ai 11.00. —Persons trnubled witli pnrtlnl p»- ralynU are often very niurli beneflled liv in.'i.'.i'iijclnj; (lie nfferleil pnrl.i ilicroiiglily wi.en applying f'liiiuilie". biln'f. Liniment. Tbln liniment nlmi r.-lieVes rlieuiiinilc pains. For rule by all dealers. Tht Coc''5 r.. '.he Fcatt. An J-:ic-;i» ./ 'I .( '.\'elNhW/J» dl.-!- putlux ill \vlin><' xi.iiiiiy wad the lii'st living, the \\ •Nbmiv sild. "Tiiere is Kueb ii'jb'e li i;.-^ •, i>e; in.i; I:i Wales that I hiivi- li!i'i«;i .-,i,i,-,,. :i d .'a-n cooks eni- pKiyi-d ill u.;.' V. 1. ii'ii:;: dianer.'' "Aye." ei >! tiie l-:ngllshman, •ftiiir « •: ,• i.iery uiua toasted hiN ir.vii .• • - ".:uit. Fole^'x Ilanej and Tiir Compound. —is a reliable family medicine. , Give it to your children, and take » j yourself when you feel a cold coming' on. It checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prevents bronchitis and pneumoala. J. D. Mundis Co. Delineator ..<i Butterick Fashion Books Ftr FEBRUARY now on sale at our pattern counters. RAMSAYS Your Kodak | Pictures need special treatment these winter months. Bring them to us and you will get the best results. DOSmtllTHEBIUIDFaN rifr of ParHonti lloi Uniqaof Ordlouite (• Kupport OrfanlHiUM., The Parsons concert band hos recently found itself in the ssjne situa tion that frequently confronts the lola j organization—needing money. The i city commission of Parsons was asked • for aid. Financial conditions were : Fuch that no direct appropriation cniild bo made, but an ordinance providing tba; one-half of the dog tax collected annually should go to the band. Tile receipts from the la^es on dogs In Parsons amounts to .°om<'i !iing ove tlOiM) iier year, so the band will re ceelve at least |.">00. TIIK CIIHKEX SHOW KNDS. riu' }',!} Shnn n .Surccxs fnmi .>!aHy Vii-niKiinls llesplte ihe Cold. Today in ihe lam <iav of I lie, .<lle t/oiiiity Poultry .\s. Ill iaiior.'n s'lnnd ai'.niMl .,biMV and aiHio :r,!i tin- ex- (remely l;'i-|enii III in-:it|ier b IS reklilt- "il In the Miiendiinc" beliiu vi ry Kiimll I 'll- exhibit wiiK ii • ii '-cesii nlberwl-e :;ll tile fowbi on ili .pbi;.' being of iiii iHiial/y <|Niil /ty. (i.'iil ilu- ihii 'icIriK nliir .,t line-Ill. rd larg. r lliaii ilt;( nf l:i »i| year. Tbe iiinili 'raf III): temper :'turt! nr Ihl.s afleninnn. In;;, tlier with •h" regiilii- c <iiilln;:eni nf lariiiers in town on S'.itiiidny. CTII'III HI.? aiftid ;inre to be |.-oniew!li'.l bi-tl.r Ibis after noon. The I 'xlilbl will be npen III tl piibllc after sepper this eve:-iiig. : ;hn r>>iiu )val of t!ie <-(Hip.; vjll v.ui b. I 'lh until about !1 neln:-!,-. Mlbm;;, there are iv.-o !iundr''i1 biid- _nii din I'lay at llie show, aiel Mie ''t 'oni i i -oinfortably fiJleil willi eoi?].- .".ii i.i ri'ceived make It a'tiMst eerlain lb MiP displny n -i >i:ld b.ive been a '"'•Bl larger wi 'b gornl «r :iib. r. .\ r;;ii: I er of vnry rmi' bird.".- fr ;i.r I ,< F'--ti . 'be show and tbere an- a ri 'inb:".- ( 'Micy birds for sale. (JKT KnAl- iu.-i{n.\i!(;i:s. 'Ihrre Pariili"! PrlM'iiers .MaJe liitiid Hilh the Courts. Three prisniiers who were ;it liberi;. 01 parole were granted final iii-e !'.aigi !:y .Judge <).--r :ir Koiis! in (.';•• di-;i;l ..uirt this ariernniiii. "le i. •• ; were .lolia' Shyler couvietei! ut •.-iul.-il i<i:i ol" tbe luohibilory biv. : i-.i-.d K-' 'h- Maiden ind .Mbert 0 'i> er. ii TI - !-;ed if V 'olatinir Hie slate K; I!M.- K:ic'' •>f.t':-e tbree hi»ii bad !:ride i-.ind ivil'' H-e court I'Uil i-eieDn-il i-i delai! will ;-e riinditions nf bis ii-nnlo. Ci si'tfLssiii, !:\M\ i !0::i5i ;!':v. iilii'oruiii ISiiruiari. Ccl \\\:\\ willi lev 'ri(iiis:!Hd INillars. ll:\- lie- ,\».--.i.-:;itt*il l'r»--s.-<i Xew[nii He:ieli. Cal.. JMI . i:;.—ittir bii IV KIT- i-f Ibe .'^t lie l!ai:;c .N'ev, I cvi Ho.f-'i ied,-:y and iib'.iiir'.i verjil li'-i.T. ;.r.d -inlbirs. Tbey .-il:Mv nil,..] l!:i: pii^mrne safe. !!i< 'IldiVK.; rtere \^ i-;'i-i;e,l. Tlie nil'iier. •.•aiii'il Mil- .1 niiiiiiii".; revolver liglil illi cii..- Fred M. «i TI):;B ^. »'-as li ti (••r<'etilie,'il. "III.. .s';i(i(!-il,-iy :s{i,riirt(: liy Ibe lb :ii|i if lii.- wlf.-'.s faib T. J. T Cnlliei-. .Mrs. Srriii:i;s b;is b--- n in (1.11 I '.'ii III ir-r Miii.i' tiim-. .M;niii;.-i- l.>-\'..n. m ibe lliiind. i- an luillly fill- He- i-I:ile;;i.'iii ib:it no pb'y •ler iii'i'i .i:-e;l ;it ibi- ilraiid Tlii :il-; 111 II r.dill I- liiubl Ib.iii l.-i;;r 'lis'il • ii:l. liniv i|li;l:iliillnK He fail tbii il was lnlpll^^!bll• in coinfnrlr.bly beat ie Ibe play. "Tlie Serv.-e: i': be lloiiie." \.,i,i very v.ell )irndii<-e'" Tbe ne\i iirmlin •|nn. ' I'.rigbt l-;yes " which 1 .1 lo be here iicxi Tliiin-d.'iy night, is the largest and most elubor- •11" play Hint will be seen hire Ibi-' •i.-ir b.'ivinir .i m^t of mi people .\TT.\( lis THE Kri.ES. ycoa. NO GOOD Gibson's Studio 110 X. Washington. Hokers of Photos That Pleue. Cliicagt.. lau. i:;.—AnacklMR the resint tooiball code as contradictory and written by iiieli twenty years be- lilnd t:.o iliiie--. Frank W. Caviinaugb, head coach of ilie Ilartinniitli eleven, Mirows rlip gauntlet square In the j fp.ce of Walter Camp, fniiinus ruins' i?xpcrt. "What football need.s at tbe present time more than anything el-ie." said Cavanaiigli. "is not additions to the riilts. but a revision of those under which the game is being played. The code never has been intelligently revised since it tirct was ;E .5ued in «pite of the dra.sllc changes which have taken place in the game; tself. There is not a rule in the I book which is not contradieted. and there are rules in force which are i dead letters." | Trinity Xethodbt Chnrrlt. Provision has been made for making the church comfortable on Sunday. Let everybody come ont to Sunday School and other regular services. C. F. JOHNSON, Pastor. riri^t Church of Christ Srlentist. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Church services ni 11 a. in. Sub- jo.-t: "Sacramint." TeFllmoninl meeting Wed. at .< p. m. Services nre held In the church building corner Kast and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the cliur;.h is open from 3 to 4 p. m. eaeb week day. A cordial invilallon l-- extended tlie piililie lo attend flie services and viist tlie n-adlng roont. Prenliyierhin Cliiirrli. J-'IrsI Church: Rev. S. S. llllKcber the pastor, will preach In the morning and Mr. Wolfe of Kansas City Kan;., In tbe evening. Sabbath Sdionl al !•:•!•"• a. m. and C. K. iiieel- Ing ni ii:;'.i) p. m. Il is believed Hint the church will be comfortable In spite of the extreme cold. I ittle Puilder.';' Chapel: Mrs. K. X: .iones. Huiierfntendent. Hoys .School at 2 p. Ml. Rrgular School at .'{ ii. m. Young I'eople's Meeting at 6:30 p. ni. Hasseti Chapel: W. H. Means. Superintendent. Sabbath School at 2:3ii p. m. Gold Waather Bargains KEEP WARM I Note the Reductions in Our Clearing Sale 20^:; off on all Wool Blankets from $3.98 to .Sia 10',; off on all Cotton J]Jankcts—.S1.25 to $4.50 Vi'/i off on all Comforts 15'; off on all Wool IJiidiTwear from 81.50 to $5 10'.; off on all Winter lliuU'rvvear—SI to U.oO NEW YORK STORE Fir«ii Ilnptist Chnrrli. Suni.-.i.v School !i:4'< a. m. Supf. Fred Ilowden. Sermon 11 a. m. Theme: "Church Aclivitle.s" n. Y. P. r. C:30 p. m. President, Mr. Herbert Radgley. Leader, Ray Sliepard. , An address Iiy Col Golden of Kan- sax City at 7:31) p. m. All'cordially invited. Wanted: One hundred men in the Haraca class; meets same hour of Sundav School. Make us a visit young nan. 0. W. SMRPARD, Pastor. I'niied nrethrpn Chnrrli. S.inday School 9:4."i a. m. -Morning-sermon 11 a. m. V-n and Religion evangelistic meet r..,' for men only, 3 p. m. conducted by .M. A. Wolfe, of Kansas City. ("bristian Kndcavor, Senior and liinior. 0 :31) p. m. Kvening ?ermon 7:30 p. m. The house will be warm regardle.^-s nf t!ie weather. \ cordial invitation s extended to the iiublie to attend iir services. We may or may not inve one of the Kansas City specialists to occupy the pulpit morning nr evening, or both; cannot say at this iiue. 1. 11. PKATIIKR Pastor. I KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon ua. We ar« in our UiHariie offices EVERY THlIilSDAV. Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to 12 Evenings 7 to 8 St. TimolhyN Eplxropul Cburcli. Tbe second .Siindiiy after Kpljibany. Collcel for Hie day. "Almigbty and M'rlasting Ood, who dost govern all ;ilng.« In heaven and earth: mercllully le-ir llie suiipllcation of ' .y penpl", and gran! us Hiy pence all the days nf •111- life; Hirongh Jesus Christ, our .u:-d. Ameii." Services tomorrow will be: .Sunday School 3:4.7 a. .Miiiiiing prayer 11 u. ni. IVi'.ise .Viile.—Owing to tlie unccr- .nlnty of a warm chuich the-school ; n ilservlce will be held at the rcc- ! nry, l'i»7 .\. Walnut street which will If. wnriii and comfortable for the ser- Ices of the day. • All Invited to a;end. CARI.. W. NAU, Rector..' TIIOS. n. nOWH:,S, President ,1. F. .SCOTT, Cosbler Ai^en County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS KSTAKLISIIED A QUARTER OF A CE.>TCHY. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus !540,000.00 Deposits .$550,000.00 I>TJ-:HE.ST P.M'D O.\ TIWK VLVOsns S.M'ETV DEPOSIT nOXES FOn BEST Chrlitinn Churrh. Wor.^hip and commtznion as iisuiil. Fuel .>.:iffiricnt and building will be warm. First \. M. E. Church. r:r::-::li:i: u'. M a. by Dr. J. S. ; Hi!--. C!ns.= me'.uing at 12:2'' ii. m. I .Sunriay £,-;iool ai.2:t."i p. in. .-Ml-- 'orvb-^f; b.-riii: ef/revival, j Prayer li.rrliiic a. 7;:'ii ;!. r.i. led by I'.nry Si^epbr.;d. Prep.v-;!ing at .S:2i' p. m. by pastor. •Jbjr'j,: Head Itaby Sacezed Seva T:,-.;p.." Ci-iiie. Oi .-j:i.e. i;rsat in-i e;-ffi :.• hi n:.' .":;).':.'.'.••.-.ind therp I ri' s'." • •.•.vi-:---'::r.- ar 1 e!.:'".l or ten | nnxiv: re- u.'cr rarnesHy piayir.:; f!:r rrli.Bi-jn.']'- '-ordlal- in\it.U iT m..-. O'.i T.a;? and help us in this fis'.it :;ga:n- , .iii. iV .V. 'v'ltjOLJi Pastor. lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock .?25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. HOHVILLE, Pres. W. .S. KAUFMAX, 2nd Tlce Pw». J. II. CAMPBELL, Cashier. A. W. BECK, Ylce-Prcs, F. 0. BE>SO.\, Asst CufHIer S.VFETY DEPOSrr BOXES FOR REXT. i .n. E. ! huri-. Tiieve "' be rn ri-rvf-"".; af ti'lO First J!. t:-i r .iii-.-i '.i icir.'irrow. It ill lit' JM I I- .-'i:'. !o "rear H-.e church. Ki:V. .1. H. PRICE Pastor. Kefornu'd rhnrcli. If t:;.> \vcM:l:.'r ••i';;r«; to moder- f until "•!T:ii.y I'M nin.:; v.-..' vi!l hold all oil'- 11 nr! r i <•'.•".•: Siind:;y .-" 'i : I'l :'.".'-!i !i:i; :i; " -i i.i <". I-:. .M.'i .in;; ::t i':r. i p. m. Pr.v: ::iirj r .i; 'In .7:;!ii p. m. We liav V. (,iid In lirip beat tlie iire;i but If the men—-;- .-lays nt rn, it v.nilbl be iliffliult 10 he.1l Ihe I 'ooiii ciimfortalily nnu we will not TBE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, Ji,iX8A8 OYER FORTY YEARS OF COXSERVATIVE BAXHIXG IX IQLA Depository for the United S.'ntes, State of Kansas, and Allen Coustr OFFICERS: L. L. NORTHRUP, President D. P. NORTHRUP, 2nd V-Pres. F. A. NORTHRUP, Vice-President MELVIN FRO.N'K, Cashier. R. J. COFFEY, Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Depo^it.s >;nictj- Deposit Boxea for Bent YOUR BUSIXESS SOLICITED. attempt It. There wHI be services at the V. li. Ci'iurc/i, h;reno«n aOemoon and evening. WM. SIIIM.TS. Pastor. EXTRA SPECIAL Values in HEATING STOVES. Best and only complete stock in Allen County. Get your house warm and see how good it seems. —Mrs. A. II. TnboB of Crider, Mo., had been troubli;d with sick headncbe for about five yenra, when she began taking Chamberlain's Toblet». She Imn liiken two bnttIcK of Hiein nnd fhey have cured her.. Sick headnclia U caused by n diKordered stomiH -li for which these tablets are especially Intended. Try them, get well and slay well. Sold bv nil doolers. Drfnl^intj Cup». The i!-rir'-r if ;-;i,..;i..n from drink- in:.- ' i;;.- e . | i-,..-!/-^- .-i^'n i,o,i prnb:!''';- ' I —Do not allow your kidney and bladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine. Take Foley Kidney Pills. They give quick results and stop Irregularities with suriiris- ing promptness. J. V. Mundis & Co. I Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. AIMIISSIO.V Eicninu* liir Skntci Ifte AftcrnoonH Ac Skatei lOe - '.1. every 100 por- •I the smallest —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans. Insurance, Abstracts. PNEnift left me with a frightful coneh tmd virv weak. I hud spells when Iconld hardly breathe or speak for 10 to 80 minutes. My doctor could not help me, but I was compietely cared by DR. KING'S New Oiscovery Mra, J. E. Cox, Joliet. In;' 50c AND $1.00 AT ALL DRUGGISTS;

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