Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 13, 1912
Page 1
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 69. Sueeiir r to the lola Dally Register, the lola Ua >i> Record and the lola Dally Index TOLA, KAS., JAN. 13, 1912 -SATURDAY EVENING. _ Dally Register, Eitabllched 1B97. Weekly Register, Eitabllshed 1867. SIX PAGES ] I NEW SUPPiy OF CIS III SID THE WKATIIEIL I FdriTiist for Knnsiiii; (Jpiirrally fair tonicht iiMil Siiiidiiy; Hnrnwr IOIIIKM; , riiliJrr Suiidn}. Data rpcorded at U. S. Wontlier Uii- rcan office: i Tiiiiiirratiirc: IliKliPst yostrrday al :', ii. 111.. — i; lowest today at 1 a .m., —r.i: il'fif-ipnry In teiiiiifrature yes- OKLAHOMA FIELDS AT i:M .A ;>^IMS ,;; P08AL IF DEAL «iU:s T»KrtT (.ll.,- pr^ri, iation for 24 hours rndSng 7 .• ^n. ni. loi!:iy. n; deficiency in prccipita- ii-n .-iin^i- .lan-.iary l>i .<;:{ incli. ;i. 1)1. loilay t< T recluccd to sea 0FRCIIlLSIIIIEINGfliiFtfiEKS [|,.'/'S'.'.7;»;;;:;lS :< 'ii .'ill.44 iiioiii.s. PIPELINE OFFHEliS AND ( HM- XISSIONERS MEKTINJ; TODAY. Two Proi»oslt!ons arv lifiiir ("<>n<iJd. *red. But It Is U»U« v.'d mi AjTrii' rai-nt will 1 )1" Krirlird. Xegotiations for .T :i;'-v :;;ii>iily of gas for Ida are on ;.ft "rnoo!i Jind at three o'clock it was said ihiii tluT*- was a fair iirosiicct ili .ii ili" di'al would be nrranRod and ilin contrac' signed bcfor.^ siv o'lloik. Tli«> ?as is to come from the litKs (>f ili'' I'ortl.ind Pipeline company. \\ho.«- mains reach down into tln> famous fii>Ids of Oklahoma and wlio liavp iliousands of acres of iindov «^0|)id n-rritory in proven gas regions. Mayor HolllnK'T ami t' Smith havo bicn trifttinj; wiili ilu' company for tho fast F M d:iyn with n VIPW to makin); an .•;:!r,:iK- eouB contract. Commis-slninT i^ynn Is confined lo hlH llo 'ri< Ui'lli illix..' and at prosH hour tlu- M .iy.j;- ami t 'Kiii missloncr Smith dnnr ;ti tli iniiiiis- sioner's hnmi- in a mo'c .r rar in hold i B conforcncf' over the slmaiinn. The h'-Fliaiion In biiyin;; mon- i :ar would B'n'm to be antazltiK lo ciii- whi has not all (he farl.s .K Iiaiii]. It (. understood lhat tin' conimlssioiiiTs are holdint; out for a deal wlieriby the gas piirehajed hy the ciiy will meflFured by mc!<r aiid vM for at a spLM-lfird rate. The ^omiiaiiy. Imw- cver. IB represenled a.s d'-elariim ihiit it win not Ecll gas on nirter hiit 'it Mill turn all the gas lola can use into 'ho mains, e.i\o the ciry rn-dii" for wt!atev"r gas it supplies, and accept a percentase of the receipts pai '.l in at the c:ty clerk 's offlce. The details are net known but the forvt ^olni; Is reputed ip be e=crntially the jirop- bsitions wMch divide the city and the pipeline comjuiny. The co 'iiTuis- sJonere, however, rcaliye ihr> praviiy of the gas situation. There has no? been enough gas in sonn- jjaris of ih: city during, this cold wave to oven furnish pressure cnouph to ipniie. In other parts of the ciiy where she pr <-s sufie has been of suf!:eient \o!iinie i.: he of some use, it has .-.o' b'-' :i s '.roiit enough for hcatinp liuri^esfs .-itul loa! and wood burners haw- b."n i)ia(fii in usfi ^by the ccnsunier.s. Realizing that sci-.i 'iliiiifr nnisi bi. done, the commissicn wants to do the best thing. ilia! is they an puzzled to know. Th -.y (.o not know whether the people wi!! assail then; if they make a r-nr.iraei for gas nor wheihir it vill bo a wise- one. The one fact they ar.- eiriain of is that. lola wants cas and wants it eagerly. The probal .iiity is ili .it ih' consumer wiH ovorlock any minor faults lhat may jcciir ii ilie commission provides a supply. After consultini; • Commissioner G C. Glynn, tho .Mayor and Commissioner Smith will drive to tiie olhres c the Portland Pijieline company ir. the Xorthrup building v.ln re another conference «'!ll be Inld. An earnest endeavor. Mayor Bollin;:er io!d a r<- porter this afternoon will hr n'ade ro reach some kind of an a;:rifiiieiii that will be fair le b"'.li the cVy and ih' compnny and -i cniitr:iei ' sinned quickly so tJi.i? th.- el 'y may ib<- heneflt of JII'.•^^•a^••d ;'ri'.><s !ire at once. "Some are nskin;; iis to <l 'al wlili the Knnsaii .\'aliiral and erl'ie!/ini: U8 lipcaiise w.- do not " s ^ii.l ti eo'mnl. Bioner this .afternoon. "1 lii 'iik it 1.- unfair to dn this. The Kansas .Vatur- al cannot deli'.« r ^-as* to th.- ciiiis it ^^ now serving I do nfjt know v.ha, :(•la could e.\i"e( If M • e.-ai ri-:u-h terms the l ''ortland pe(;iii. seem to have the best offering in the way of ;i gas supply. I hoiH- w.. will b,' abl" to make a contract with them." The contn -ct with the Portland Pipeline com; any v,ould probably iu' rolve a few taanc -s in r ;;|rs and distribution but these chai -.pes would probably no! come until next win-er. It would be hasty to FII . ciilate on tiie action of the comniissioners until tii< result of thi- conference tiiis afr -r- noon is announced. The teri.i-: b- ins discnssed today are confidential until some sor' ct a decision as to what ia best is an .vouncod. The last \7ord from the conference being held in the offices, of the piii- line compau;-- brought the news that a temporary arrangement had been effected whereby the city's mains will be connected with the comi-any's lines 2t once. Wsrk will be commenced ai once and it is hoped lo have the new snpply flowing into the < ity 's mams by tomorro • morning. T.'iis is hni a temporary avrangement, howc \er, and is to obtain only pcndrr-.:.; the signing of a contract.. Sanrlse today T:;'.s a. in.; .".::;4 p. ni. sunset eeiCK PLAKT TO REBUILD r>i»> (O .MI"..\V I'HKI'AKIX; iT> PLANS A.N» M'l;; IKM ATIONS. Viinoiincciiicnt 'Iliat I'liiii Wiitilil MI Jichuilt, Olticiallj .ll .sdi- Tiidjij, (a.iM-.'> .Much (iratiiici:ti «i !i. I ^'ll was ftiven out auilioiitatively thi.- morning that the I luun IJiicK Com- paiiy ri!iui!d the power and ma- ehiiif buuiii;.j;i- oi' its p.ant about tin, miles la.t oi ttie ci y. uliicli were desiroyeil by liio cany last Suudu) iiioniiiig./l lie company is now ligui iiiK oil ulfius and speclicatioiis to be gill ilie rebuilding JIIAI as ^oun ns i. i.s coiivelluiitly poiiSlble. .VltbuuKl- work on the plan.s has just begun, i, i.s .>.ial>il thai the new bulidiligti wlli ne praeii. ally llie ^aiiLe in size niiu D '.ii.T IM iu'.ilars a:. ;lio>e \.liuli won ,1. ? I • 11.. 1 i!. v'.ii; oiciipy (he >;il:ie Hite, I I- coii.ii i.eti'd udjoliiliiti I ,li.'Il olll. 1'. 1 lie lie.i.i that Ihe [.'nloii bllck pluli I.s lo leliiiild Is cerialiily good ui>\\» r;\iT >iiici' lis I 'Ktaliii.slimi'iii hen; th> jdaiil li::.s been one of the leading In I ie.-i (1 lol:i, and it Is stated-oii vi-iid :.i!l..)rriy that It Is the tml} aril U ;< .ni'. in l^.lIl^^as tliat illd no .loHe liii .!: ill r .ill on tiev'Olint of till i ;i 'iii| ilepressioii. 1"hi ;il:iiii .i;;.is i iniiloymeiil to about liit.\ :i.(ii. ni;iil.v all of v.boiu are resl- lieiils ui' tills city. J he IJi.r ;.t the brick idant started •.iiiy yu!id;:y morning iroia an un- lii.owii cause, and spread rapidly, ii a vi r.> sl.ort time entirely deslroyinj the jiowi;- and machine building. Th" drier.- and kiiiis were undamaged. Tie OSS io the em'ijiany was about $.'.0.- "I", iv!':; h v.-.i'j ji.-.rtially covered b. .iif.a.c'i. :-.!uiM :niin!; t.) SI! "'it'. AS IT LOOKS Oi. nii'iMCA >Mv i:i !(;\ TKOI'- I.LLS i\ KLPl'lSLlt AN PAHTV. FBUfi OF SIX \im FOLLK IN THE SPORT WORLD. PAIM V IMS U:;L'\ .SP.A'niUKD IIV INTJiKlOH EXI'LO.SKiX. riic H <iO .*'Cvclt Hooni an luNuruen: [l!'\!"e I:i tlio Scarth f .ir ;:iy. liuJy ( II ileal Tui't. 1(i;ieka, Kas.. .l-'u. i:',. — Variof^ ;enilen:en have i.'rietly and airily es- .".jcd tlif- of e.vidaining the catas- .ropiie v.l-ich bendl the HepublUan .arty in the Seveiilh diitrict. .Not one ;f them touched tlie soie at Ihe poin. It whic 'a the pu.s i.s conllned. To switch the simile, the lii publican par- y of Kansas Is a sliaitercd rock- 'jlown to fragmeiit.s by an interli;r explosion. It no longer has elt^.cr <ir- ..;unlr.atian or cohe-iveners. Ii is i. •ollectlon of 'disii'emberid pariicle.- down hiiher and thither by llie WiUd. •if Indlgiiatiun, vlndlctlveneKS and iiia lee. Kvery Individual member i^ 'Kore" at something or soiuebody. iIl^ -o'.e aiibltlun I.s lo "sxial.' soiiie- liiiii:. "riieii; are aa mtiiiy Itepiibii- •:iiiH :is ever. The lleiiiociats luuiin i •lo larger force lhaii Ihey luu.-ilerei! .'our years ago. Hut the theory tlur lii-re (.ho'.ild be no mich thing a.s par­ ly lines has been so perslsli'Htl.v Irllb'd Into Hii- voters of Kansas dur iiig the jinsi four yenrs tb.M will iiental reservation!-, as lo 111- Ii-tler hey have !n tl-.eir i .:ad de'-ir'- In "an •yen" ai ided ihi : i.!;U cf the doc riiie. Th" vrlter. a Id ji .iM'e.'li '.ill r-n to the pri:r..' rii '.4 ne-.t s,:it' i -.i>r with a briek in his pocii t. II 'is canilidali's are defeated iii the pn •lary he will thro\Y tlie brick at I'l' Voveiiiber election. .And hi .iy' .it"!:!)!!! s that of .-i niajority of the-jvo'er.s ii :oth th:' regular an<l insiirgi-nt fac ons. Willi the exception 'of tl.osi v.ho h.ive soniclliing at stake in !h< ••-'niirK election, pvery vorer witl' vhnm the wri'.T ha,s talked within tie v .5t fhrp'; month;-! has frankly ad- "ifoJ that to be liis attitude. IS ASpranTED By m BETOKE SIX PAUOLES. Who Sheriff Will Arrc»f DftVndir.s Sttnm Lrnicr.ej. Six paroled offenders, at merry through the leniency of the several court officers who dealt wliii their eaaes, failed to report as reijuired on the first day of thU term of court and oothlng has bepn heard from them up to date. As a result Judge Foust re- vokiBd the paroles and romniKiaenis hare been given ili» jflierl.T for the sl.v I persou concerned. William (iinr. Futher of .Mrs. Kllii IVtlv. ihc Victim. .Mr.s. ;-:!.'n Pe3y was c.iM-d to n-ne- diei. Kansas, last night b> a telegrair which sl 'i' received about six o'cioci announcing the death of her father William (!<::r. who resides on a farn U'ar UencdiM. as tlie result ot asi!hy> iation by Tho message stated Mia' Mr. C.-nr was found deai! in br? at his home, the doors and windowi of the room heins clos:'d, and the gat in a 3tov..' bein.c: turned on full. .Mr (".ear was siMy-tiiiyears of age and •s sMivived by ilirei- sons, and on< daughler, Mrs. I'efly. WILL llVVi: TOritNA.MENT HERE. t'rcHmiiiarv Toiirnanient to Be Kelt' Here— 22 Haskrt Hall Tennis. IMniipal .1. II. Sawlell. of the loli :ii .:;h .M-! ool tills morning wrote tc !'l ^I .^^o;• .Inhn K. r .arnhlll of thi I'a'.hi hi^'li .•^r-hoel. district d'r'cior foi Ihe t-econd congressional district o' II ,. S:at.' Haskethall .-V.sjociatlon, ac- eeiitlnfi Ills .'-cig^iesrldrito make /(dn thi iiiectini: place on Kcbriiary 2:!rd ani' :;iih. Oi" the twrniy-lwo biit 'kPt bill • ••la - In 11.'• notlK'rn half of the <ll.>i- trlel. these teams lo li<dd a preliminary (ont'St to d'^lile which of then i:o to I-iwreni'e next March xi !.-.v out in Ihe tournament there foi lie i-tate higli s^chnol championship Tlie l-tter from f'rofes.-or HarnliU makinK tiie sugi;psi|jn was received •evcra! days .".g ;i. and althomch ewty Mtlier circcmstance appeared to bi fav.iraiile to the holding of I 'lie pre lireliminary here. Io !a having a wonderful five and unprecpdenied enthu- .-iasm r.rcva'Iitifi here In regard to thf i-'ame. yet there was sriiip doubt as tc whet'.jir or not tiie ,\uditorium ant V. .M. C .A. court.-- could b? t^rcu'-ed or t!.e drvs desired. Tills matter has 'II -U ii''\\n\ and a* ?!"• letter receiver frnni I'rolessor Harnhill implies thai an acrejitance by lola of his proposition wi'l assure the tournaraenl beln^ iieli' here, the letter scnr by Principa- -";<w:e'i tilts mo.-nicg seem.'? to havt definitely decided t.'iai on February and Stt'.i, Friday and S.-.turday, tyv (-niy-two basket ball teams yvir comr -ete here for a c 'uance to go ti Lawrence. This las bf-ca a prEsl season fo: l ;a ;-ket ha,'! In Io !a liio high schoo team bt-ing of unprecrdenicd excel- I'lie-?. h .iviriu' to its credit a ."String of e 'cven '.ictoiies over the cream of thf hish school teams of Kansas and Missouri .an dthls, together with tin widesun ad enthusiasm which liar b^c-n aroused, assuring a packed -tlroag of spectators at every game, tirki - it seem only fitting that lola sho-aid be honored with the tournament. February ::nrd and 24i'i will Lr great day.s for tiie basket ball fan;:— an deverylody I-. a basket ball fan In lina nowadays. ?i\ years of constant agitation sI- enrs of bickerirg and l-.ackcai vrig ave |irodu.-"-d the s'fur>t;on yv'iir' 'infronts Kr-nsas IJepiiblieans. Th' -••surKeti's. ihr^ir -/eal fai.neil ii'o iio- itica! faralieism by Il;e K nsas Cit=tar and the insiirtrent lenders, lool lion every regular Republican eithe- s a crook or an i.cnoraiiius. On tlii. •'her hand. t\w regular.s are ugly 'I'len. ijvi'-os!' rnd anxious only ti et even v-ith tl.'e newsii.Tt 'Prs .in<' n.en that h^yf defamed them. Nel her faction will stick to the ticket i ••ie othe- facloa wins in the nrimar Ha'f of tl'P insurgents who bavi o'ed in the Topeka Capital's ]«resl iential primary have frankV' sail- hey would not vote for Taft if h- -vere nominated. On tlie other hand •very regular in sight has a pile o' 'ornicks In front of him as hich nf is head. There is ctill snnie talk of '^armony but it is foolish talk. Thr •"pling in Is not political. I' 's personal and fhero w-tll he no har- •iiony In ihe pnrf.<- unlll the men re M'onslble for nresenf conditions arr •timlpnied. The little matter to b' •itlended lo next ."iimiiier and fali • ill be an elimlnntlon contest, not ai election. COLDEST EVER Id NEW YBRK \I so '. FOOT «»F SNtlW |.> Vl|«;|\. L\ A>D Hinillt (OLD. llie .Mtiialioii Is .Much Kelteied Ou'i I'iiis .sccliiin. Though Slill .ScTiTc Fnuui^ii. If th" Sliili'i)S-rurIls F .-r.ntorlal con I'St wtTC oili of the way there woiilc" ')(• a fair chnnci; lor t!ie Kepii'.llcan! 0 get together. Ilul the Henalorla' •aii'palgn will keep all of ^Ihe bl; '•rne«H iiiid anlmosiiy engenilereil ii \an ::>s diir'ng the pas; .-Ix year: li\e :;nd kicking. .\:!d neithiM' mai" as i .iore than an oul .-^ide chance iliibi,.i ii.i.s no chance at all. If in 1 r.uminated at the priiiMry be wi: c l)ia!''U at the .November election a.- irely as oay Is held. If t.'urils; the primary XV.A ciianco will be i. .U.I' 'u. tier than l!;..t of .Siiibbs onij •JT t '.ie reason that per.-onal feelln^ gainst hitn is less acuie than it i.' ;;ai ;.st ^;Li :bi;s. Curlib in a bettc: -live si'reador than Slii':>bs and hi i .-i.s fewer personal enemies. Iiut Cur- IS s chance i.-- so Eir.all as lo be al- uost negligible. ' Whatever the resul n" the senatorial campaign thero w:l If no possibility of harmony in th- .'epublican party so loiig as Governoi StublE is an active factor in it. Hi as i::.d the misfortune to make mon litter persona! e .'iem 'e .s than any ol !i r man who has been in public lift :i t! is stale and the only interest housands of Republican voter.s havi 1 th.-' i>oIitical game is to "get" him "his situation has been apjiarent, to very student of Kansas politics for wo ye.nrs. so why glnss it over with •ilk about liErmony. Miss Gussle Shomerus, daughter of -Mr. and Mrs. D.^Shomerus, who was thought to be dying .vesterday IH reported lo bo somewhat Improved today. .\s ;.rp '.lcti;d in the?;- letters th'e« vcol'.s ago. the insurgent chiefiainf ;nve dumped LaFollctte for noose••It. The attempt is being mado to •repte the impression that there is a nontaneous uprising i". behalf of the "olonel. As a lua 'ter of fact, the de- nand for the ro'onel is confined sole— 'I the InsurKPnt ehief'ains. Po : - as the writers ohBcrvatlon has •iii-nded, ro potiticba of prominence and not a single newsniper thnl had •irevlously been for Taft lias fallen In •vith the Poospveli boom. The TJoose- velt boom In Kansas U th« excliislvr iiroperty of the n>en w 'lo bnve P" ••lone been for poybodv to heat Taft A few of th<» nfRcphold »?rf« who were friendly to Taft, but whose political 1,'l.v ijif ,\«MieKit.'il I-res.-i) ChiciK;;. Jan. li.— Mu-r almost iwc .veek. oi li.e coldest yvuather e.xperi- •i.c-d ill, ihe leiii|)eratiire ot iht ...iddie Lake region and tin' Norih- '•••-t iii-a-Iu.ily rising today. Thi •oi'i wa\e is pas ; ng on cu.-itward ana :o ih.' .--'.uuh. Hi'.i, aci-ording to lb. •'ua! W'-ather b'^ircui, ihe respile ii .1 be siiort. .\iio!!:er cold wave in be ie>^ed ue forming in th.! Uritisii ».oriii "V ".:i ami by .vionilay, after Iwi lavs i.l Uiodi rated temperatures, th. tiagi'.g -.vinds will be back. Thf •.•oiiiiii.i,' cold spell i.iay not be so se- .ero iis Ihe one which is p .7sslng, it s said, but It will not fall far shori r it. I'i-.e tei.:iierature here at nini ) e'ock lo.lay d-'uiied lo live above. • 111 the Canadian a tem- '•err.ttire cf from but f<>ur to twelvi 'lelow prevailed. Trains which bavi ii "'n running behind schedule foi many days are gradually apprcacii •ng thei;- normal rate of speed. ^Icstcni Kausis .Mill Klockcd. Topeka. Ka^.. .Ian. lU.—The rail- roaus are sliil figiiliiig for jiassagi lifoiigh Westerit Ivaasa.s. Thu Sanlii i ''e has been open-'d lo Diid^e l?ily bin >vesl of liial jioiiii t!ie lii; - :s blockei! I..V drift.s in .-x'jin' places lliiily feel .ligli and only rotary sno-.v pUnvs an lleCiie. >'uo\\l ,<i ,llld p.i.-^seiig..-r.-< a, liodg" Ci;y have been brougllt OUl. .N 'o pronilge Is held out at tlie g-nera". dlii-i'.i llial III - Hack can be eb-ared by iiig'iit. Till- Itoek Isli'Tid riporiv that the line today soiiih.veHt froii. ileriiiKton will be open by night. Tli' r.ick it: Miil blocki.-d between Uulch im.ou and I'rall and also hiilweei. I 'ra't and .Mi-ad. 'I IK* I 'uion I'.icilh- '.1 having less tro.ibb' and will be •iinniJ'.g irtiliis Iliioiigh le-ioic nlgii! (•"•.i(!t!ion> Hi'Oer (Jell! iiillj. I'ai:-::.- t ily. .la. I. - A rise .if i.-n • > iv.'::i.y deiiicis today i ;ri 'ally alli- ia'id Miffering in the Souliiwest. !ei(ii d"grees b.low ' recorded here. Train si rvl.-e is greatly Improved tlioiigb Ktill d.sorganl/ed. The branch ItneD to l.-^ol.iied comniiinltles in Western Kansas are beii.i.g cieared .-apldly. Warmer wcatlier i.^ predlci- ;'d tonight and loiimrrow. S Year Herord Krokcn In \. V. .N'pyv York. .Ian. 13.--Tliis is tlie -oldest day N'ew York has exp 'M -ienc- I 'd in eight years. I-'rom five above here at midnight Ihe mercury cliinb- ^d steadily down until ai tJiSu a. lu. :t was :! below aero. Ilcavv Snon In Old Virginia. Winchester Va.. .Ian. 13.—-N'orthern Virginia is under a foot of snow. The ilicri'i-.omtder showed 1."? below today. GERMAN ELECTION RE5UL1S DEFIMTE HETrH>.S LACKIXJ HI TIIE KEICILSTAt;. Hut Indictttlons arc That Soclallsi- lime (Coined .Hon- Than Any Other of the Partle.i. POBliCITr HELPS IN OHLLJS i'nninil of .lloninitili^ Ei'i'ecdially As- .si>(ed liy (iiwair (»ut .\CHS oi It. (B.v tlie A-tniielnieil fr.-ssi Hailas. Te'cas.. .Ian. i:;.—The .good effect of jiublicity aimed at control oi i;e si >ini »l iiieningitis outbreak here became apparent today. The local papers have for days published all ti'i "acts obtainable about m- niugiti.-;. Thi. has developed a public seutiiiioni. tie •>hysicians sa..'. vchicii eomjiels the enforcement of the quarantine anr mrkes concealment of the disease ne:-;t lo impo.'^sibli. -At the headiiiiarter.'- ."•or control of Ihe oiitbreak. diagnn- ;ng physicians are receivin.g immedi :i"e iioiik'o (if anythi.-g remotely re sembling miuingitis. The result b 'hat each case is caiipir. in its earliest stages and tilaced V.-bere it cannT -pread infection. Several theatrical lompaiih's wbic' •A-ere to tour Texas in th - near f-ifii • I'ave ci'melled their I'Ugagcment.";— due lo the small attendance at th - •itri's lately because iihyrielans have advised avoldanci? of piMiIie gatherings. IHy till' .-Vssuciit'il t'rrss) r .erlin, Jan. Vi. —UnolRcial retur .. I of till' result cf the jiolling of eli c j tior.s to the'Reichstag have been i.-1 ceivff! fro::' all coiistiTueticies. 1, i owing to discrepancies In the tabulations, it is still diH;c;ilt to make a:i; lelinite prediction of the conip'exio; •f th.' new Tteichstag. Ti-.^ie are : hundred eighty-nine cor.slit'.iencies i which .1 second ballot will be neci -• sary. The Socialists have run ui) tie iuiiiber of their elected ii.eir.hfrs ti sixty-foiir and rre concerned in o:j lundred twenty-two second hallo's, rhey need only to hold their own in 'he reballofs in order to return to ti" i'eichstag as strong numerically as):<•:• wiri' in IMi:;. PRYIMi I>TO PA( KKHS KOOKS. .:jr.;:r.o.; are bound up in iiext year't eieclio;is, IOOK V. H!I i;:iiu- wjiiii lin ..ULi. .1.1",. cani!i>!ai-;. Il is a UiUtlur Df se.l-iireicr\aii.).i « in tln-u. am. .;0bcJ> blames Uieiu I'u,^ i'. Uoo.-eveil ^iToliiin'.y ii i.;Lcii slioiig.-r in iCani-iis -han •:aft. Iiut 'l;itt;; po.-:itlvc s::.•:!.-;ii. Ai Kar..«as ha;- lint in any way aHV..liil by tlic iioii.^ev.'il i.;oi;ai;:ii:.:a. t-o Ijr as t".;e wiuer tan gathei ;ro;ii leaimg i..'\v.-pap:jrs priuti.d the -ijunlry o-,er. ihi- IkOoiL-veU activity i.- -oniisid aliuo.u whoil. lo lue insurg- .M h::.les -ive.-t cf llie Missi.-sippl. Chci-e .-e'.ii.s to le v-iy little Koose- .elt talk In li.i' itat'S that really :ioi:'it:.'.t-' the cai.uidate lor the '..residency. Which ii.-ans tliat Hooseyei, •>vil| not be a candidate before the ronvet.iion. The lioosevplt atlilude -IS it !. understood by tho.-e yvho havi 'jeen in tom-li -.vith him. Is tli:<t hi •vi'l take it If is a sponta:.ious deuiand. but the indications ar.> no; 'or a si outaii. 0 -..S demand and KOOM-- vei-i will not n.ake a fight. Candid.iie Uillard Is making progress cr.d It i.-, i':e opinion of a goi;.-: nany of ihi- politicians that he will i Chief Irroiintant f»r .MorrU & ('n„ On the Stand Tddiiv. (Ily th" As'i.u "iit.-il I 'T.-.-.) Chicago. .1.-111. 1.'!.-—Surrounded by idles of books .-ind r/'cord'i. M. A. Tininon'i, i-hlef acconnlani for ,\for- ris ,t Company the witness ••tand todny In Ihe I'ai-kers' trial. Timmons contiiiiied his testimony r carding derails of the ;iccounting system used, describing c:'.<li bock and I numeral in."; lb.- a<-couiits keiit in if. Srecial C'ouns''l Sheanan f|u.-stloii''d TimmoV:.- at l.^fgtb in an er'.-'rt to trace an ifni coverins 'h." si.b' of by products through' the diffi-r-iu books. LEPEK IIO.*<PITAL mWSiSV.. >rassaehn>iet(s Leper Cnlony .Mu'le Ilft|iplp>s hy Fire Todav. i I 'v 'ho .4 «s.'^:.-'i'T'-.-ji Point .Tudith. R. I.. .T.-;n. 13.—A rnes- =age today from the '..-iri le^s st.Tticn on Penlkesp Island, used as the .Mass- nchusefts T-epor co'ony. sia'ed that th" buildings on the i.^i.-md v.-rre be- inc destroyed hy fire and asking for aid. The yvireless opfrator on the island is trying to coniinun!c;'.:i« with one of the revenue cu'ier.^. I'enikese Isl.ind lies ins'de of Buzzard's Bay. TIIK MOW FHEXH CABINET. it Villi Me Ori-'anizi'd l>y 3L Poinrai-i at Pr('sideu('>i L 'l !;ne'>t. I riv t!i'- .Assiii'Iali .1 rr.-s-Ji Paris, .fan. 1.1.—M. Poincare wli'. v.Ts tendered the premiership yester- !ay. .••nnoiinced to President Fallicn.'' iid.-iy bis acceptance of th.e invitatii-r 'n ffirm a new iiiiiilstry. T'-e passing of Pieniier Cail'ati- r-alls rortb bariliy a v.ord of rerr-- •veil fiOiii those r.e'.vsiiapers wbic! ' Ifh.'-rto were his n.o-,t fi'llhful siri- 'lorlers. This Is Indicative of tho sta • if peblic mind v.hlcli gener.illv linbl hat M Caillaux leaves llie olUce dis :|-fdlted. IlKiirrS WILL HE PKOTECTED. SANTA TRAIN WKECKFO. .trrldenl Npar Dodee Ininres Sprrral Ilnt None Fatally. fPv III" .A-ineiiiti-.l I'M-*"' nr-at Bend. Kns., Jan. 13.—The westbound Atchison. Toneka & S.inta Fe prssenier train '<n. r>. yvns wrecked near Dodge City last night according to repor's received here today, heat George Ho'lges In the primary, j The tr::ln coHoded wiih a fr. ight on William Allen White Is one of il.ose|fhe .siding. Four persons were in- who adi:i,t.s that Blllard is a danger-! jured but none it is b.-lieved seriou.-- ous iiien-ice to tiie IlodgPs aiiibi!ion ] ly. White put It this way to iiie not long ngo, point. Hl8 SInte Department Will .SM- That no lnln<'tli-i' \* Done In Pernlu. I i:v III.' A -i ..i .-l ;n. .1 l»r"SH) Washington. .Ian. 13.—The State Di'iiartment has cabled American .Vin- isti-r Uiissell, at Teheran, for a report on the status of lb..- American trea?- ury emiil.'iyes of I'err-ia, and is now .•iw.i'ling his reply. It is apparctil that the Amerlc.'iiis are unwilling tr continue In the employ of the Peral.-:n tovtrnmeni if Ihey are required to serve under M. Monard who Is taking charge of Persian finances. Minis!, r Kiissell will try to protect the mm in iheir rishts. Representative Sulcer had a talk with Secretary Knox on tho subject today. TIKK DEHIDE.S THE '•VlfTOIlT,^ Dcclaros Hod Sea Paltle Could >'of Ilnvc npcn of any .Hnment. iMv "1- A=i.!ei;-t- il I'r"Si«l London, Jan. 13.—All Bey. a prom- :neni memb r cf the Turkish Xavy League, today derided the Italian claim to a .=reat victory in the Red Sea. "The only Turkish boats in th- vi- ciniiy," iie said, "displaced betwcfn fifty and one hundred tons. Som-- of ihe .m are small wooden vessels which are only kept there to prevent the .Vrabs from gun running." CLAi Ai FOLK FR A LIVELY TILT OVER TIXE AAD PLACE OF COXVESTIOX. BOTH WILL FIGHT FOII SUITE THFIK FRIENDS ABOUT EQUALLY DIVIIED ON COM.WITTEE. If Will Ro Knock'Down and Drag Out Over in lllssourl from >'ow on. I ny thp AssnclatPd Frees) St. Louis: Jan. 13.— The Democratic State Convention to name National Convention delegates will be held at .loplln, .Missc.;;ri. February 20th. This wi-.s d.cided here today by the Demo- irafic Stale Committee after a sharp tight between the Clark and Folk fori-cs. The time for the conventic^B is cotisideied a victory by the Clark adherents. The Folk men fought for I later ronvenllon date. The Folk admirers claimed a victory- when tho committee named Joplln as the place for holding the convention. PMmarleB lor the eieciloii of ilelegateg to the State I'onventlon will he hold at Bt UmlR and Kansns City February 12. Delegatea from the counties will be •i,o.M-n iiy jiiliiiary elections or by .ii:iss con'.eiiiions In the townshipB on F.'briiary 10. Judges and clerkB at the primaries are to be divided equally beiweun lepreKuntntlvcs of Clark and Fidk. The rivalry between the friends of v'birk and l-'olk broke out in the State Committee meeting, which was continued from yesterday when the tenta- Ive date of K'bruary 7th was set for he State Convention. The final ae­ on is cons-'dered a compromise. Each faction announced that it will try to ibtain a majority of delegates to the .•;ne Convention and obtain the en- lorsement of its candidate for the Presidential nomination. DROWNED IN yOLL RACE. Swift and Terrible Termination oLa' Lawless .7oy Ride. ri-ty thi- A.-iseelHt^l .Press) Trenion, \. J.. Jan. 13.— Two men r.nd three women were drowned early nday when an automobile ran onto tl|9 covering an artificial stream Of water used by a power plant on' the-' liut^kir.s of the city. The men were, fo-.vhfid were Donald Leed, son of former Supreme Court Justice Alfred f.ted. and Chester A. Vancleef. The names of the women are unknown. Frederick Foster, the third man In he party, member of a prominent Trenton family, escaped drowning but 3 .'•f .ffering fr:im exposure. The liree men met tl.e three women here night anI 'vcnt to a road bouBe. evera! miles north. On their return, le thermometer brin.g below zero, the \ op of the automabile w^s up and the ide and front curtains were buttoned, he mrmbers of the party, bundiledi np 1 furs, had r.o chance to escape hen the machine, bowling homeward It a fast pace, suddenly left a short ^ urn in the road and plunged onto he ice covering the mill race. lir.MAN BHITE'.S CUNNING CRIXE ntires Victim to Lonely Prairie irftb PlauMlhlo ExcuscK. fHv Ihe As'i.ji-liitpd l'r«m«) Denver, Jan. 13.—A posse is learch Ing tho outlj'Ing district north of here for a negro who attacked MIBB Efle ii/.lett, a school teacher, agedtwen- -slx, on the prairie Inst nights The egro called up a local employment gency by tidi-phone and represented niself to be .i Mr. Allen who wanted governess. Miss Hazlett was sent to the supposed position. The negro > her at the car and said he was the servant sent to escort her to the At len home. He led her across the open rairle. attacked her and choked hec into insensibility. Regaining con- iousness she made her way to a iirby ranch. THE LATE.ST NEWS FROM XARS. ICK SINKS ARKANSAS STEA.MER.! The tJreat Cnnnl lla"» Doubled In Sire ' In Six Weeks. fBv thp Asaocliited Preen^ Flagstaff, Ariz., Jan. 13.—Obserra- ions at Lowell observatory show that the Martian canal Titan has doubled since six weeks ago. The canal rnnB nearly straight north from the Galf Titans across the planet Thli doubling of certain Martian canals-at ' certain seasons is one of the proofs held to support the theory that canals are of artificial construction. LI PREPARING TO ABDICATE. lo liie iiouKPS amui:ion ly. l this way to iiip wiiter '• o. Hlllard Is a raliying^r The county commissioners have au- i-andidacy is picturesriu*' ;ii .r -i- li; • of a new sm of ai*d will appear to many, ilodgci !'.. i stoves for th" coiirvty .'all and Jailor lb"..' Ptwl a lino fnllow but bis candl-j Morrison Is inslnlling them. The In- fjacy larks the pcrsonalliy which irnfep nf rhf i.ill will be kept comfort ,<::at of Riilaid U c\at\ 'nblo even in the coldest weather whh JAY E. UOl':'!::. the new system of heutiog. ."ilanrhn Pr !nrP!< ReuUze That the Dy- naMy Is Near Its/End. fBv 'hp A <:-i[M .-latpd Press) Peking Jan. 13.—A prolonged meet ing of the principal meinbers of the irovemment t'lis afternoon arranged i details fr-r the abdicaUon of the .Vcrldrnt Prohalilv Without Precedent throne. Owing to growing disorders in That Latiludc. in the provinces, the Manchu princes T •. , "ii" -J':;"--' .or the imperial clan and the Manchu I.mlp Rock. Ark. Jan. 13 -Enroi.te, o^i^iais and soldiers agree tharthla from Mariannti, Arkansas, to Helena, ihs steamer .•'-.ttie Johnson. strucS heavy ice in l.-'ke Lrnguille and sank in twpni.v-fivc feet of water today. Two passengers were drowned. Fourteen others who w:-re rescued v.'on '-""v frozen and In a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Bell were called • .^ r>f,pn.-r> thin flflcrnoon bv a 7 •age announcing that Kirs. ji-_...iT 13 dangerously HI. Bell's is the cn'y course open to the thrtine. Nine Hundred Xarines In CUnc I I'.j- the AssocIatPd Preeal WashliKton, Jan. 13.—Besides . the fnrcp now enroute, nine hundred men of the United Staes Marine corps. It was, are now In China, despatched there from the Philippines 'n small numbers, since last October. The United Staes as early as wa.<i moving quietly iii preparation for any eventuality in China.

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