Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 28, 1949 · Page 24
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1949
Page 24
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2 Sept. 27, 1949 Kuan City Globe-Gaietle, M»«»n City, I*. Russians Are Building V-2 Rocket Bases Frankfurt, Germany, (U,R)—Reports that the Russians are building a network of V-2 rocket launching bases pointed at strategic points in western Europe have been confirmed, American and British intelligence sources said Monday. • These reports said the sites for the V-bombs, which were showered ori England during the war, were backed up with radar installations designed to keep the guided missiles . on their courses. A detailed report on the soviet .installations was brought out of Russia by a German expert in the field who was shipped to Russia with other German technicians in 1946 but who managed to escape to the west recently. The V-bomb expert, whose name cannot be disclosed, was forced to work for 3 years, on soviet scientific projects, including the "soviet central institute for V-bomb development" in Moscow. He' was identified as a former scientist at the . German V-2 Bleicherode works in Thuringia. He said "plans for both fixed and mobile bases have been worked out in detail and stationary bases of 1 and 3 batteries have been installed all over east, Europe." DIES OF BURNS Bemiclji, M i 11 n., (#>)— P h i 1 i p Finestead, 50, one of 5 Granger, Iowa, men. burned in an oil stove explosion Sunday, died early Tuesday. Lutheran hospital attendants, who withheld word of the death until relatives had been notified, said the other 4 men remained in fair condition. Washington, (IP) —Swift agreement in a senate-house commit- ee on a $1,314,010,000 overseas arms program sped along Tuesday one U. S. answer to Russia's A-bomb claims. The news of an atomic blast in Russia served to speed agreement among the lawmakers that friend- y nations must be strengthened against the threat of communism. A senate-house conference late Monday sidetracked a house economy move and agreed, in 3 hours, on the higher cost program voted earlier by the senate. The discarded house figure was $869,415,000, or $444,595,000 less than •"ihe agreed-upon senate figure. The conferees worked on final small points Tuesday. This will clear the way for final congres- RUST DIRT e SCAlt it 0* For p«ak performance and «f fldency th» cooling-system of your car n«*dt thfe protection — from over-Keating, rapid i wear of cylinder waHi, loss of, compression. We are experts' In the use of Ihe new, scientific) Brady cleaning method—i fjoaraiih>»d satisfactory 1 ; AL tic DICKS SUPER SERVICE 103 South Penn. Phone 222 House-Senate Group Agrees on Foreign Arms Plan Will Not G/Ve sional action, first by the house and the senate. Chairman Connally (D.-Texas) of the senate foreign relations committee told reporters the Russian atomic reports "have given the arms program new strength." Republican Senators Bridges of New Hampshire and Knowland of California agreed. Usually, conferees appointed to settle senate - house differences reach agreement by an in-between compromise. In this case the house members dropped any pretense of fighting for the lower figure. And as the authorization bill now stands it contains: $1,000,000,000 for the North Atlantic pact nations; $211,370,000 for Greece and Turkey; $27,640,000 for Iran, Korea and the Philippines; $75,000,000 which may be spent by the president—as he sees fit— in the China area;' Permission to ship $450,000,000 of surplus arms. House members,insisted on only relatively minor changes in the arms plan voted by the senate. Briefly, the program would authorize the bulk of arms aid for western Europe and make $125,000,000 available immediately to get the aid program underway. This money would come from the reconstruction finance corporation. The remainder of the cash and contract authority would be provided by 'appropriation. The aid for western Europe is divided $500,000,000 in cash and $500,000,- 000 in authority to enter contracts. Only $100,000,000 in cash could be spent immediately. The remainder would become available only after President Truman approves defense recommendations made by the Atlantic pact military committee. The senate insisted on putting this string on the spending to tie the program more closely to the operations of the North Atlantic security council and ths defense committee. Tlva house members gave ground too, in accepting aid for the China area. The house had voted nothing for China. The conference action does not bind either house to accept the bill. Most lawmakers, however, had little doubt about the bill getting quick approval. More Facts on Russian Bomb Editors Warn Tax Group on Censorship Des Moines, (JP) — A warning against "censorship" in the state tax commission was given Tuesday in a letter by editors or publishers of 30 Iowa daily newspapers. „ The letter to Warren Wells, chairman of the state tax commission asked the 3-man board to reconsider and withdraw a set of rules adopted by the commission recently. The rules would limit news information from the tax commission offices to that approved in written form by the commis« sion. - Dangerous Precedent ' In the letter the editors said they do not question the commission's motives, but they went on to point but that "a device which would permit a small group of men to withhold public information from the citizens who sup- MACES DR. D. E. BOYENGA, O.D. Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted All of Dr. Maces' Records Still on File. New Location: 8 So. Delaware Phone 577 port our state government is a dangerous precedent." Most of the daily "newspapers in the state were represented in the protest. "If reporters are refused access to all information, except that which you and your 2 colleagues agree to release, it cannot be denied that censorship exists," the statement points -out. No Such Policy "Even our national department of defense, which deals with vital security matters, nas no such restrictive policy as this. "We respectfully request you to reconsider this action and withdraw this order." Editors signing the letter included Paul Bumbarger of the Charles City Press and Earl Hall of the Mason City Globe-Gazette. Tokyo Rose Trial in Hands of Jury San Francisco, (U.R)—The .Tokyo Rose treason trial went to a jury of 6 men and 6 women Monday. If the jury brings in a' verdict of guilty, Mrs. D 1 Aquino could draw a minimum prison term of 5 years and a $10,000 fine or she could be sentenced to die. Since the prosecution made no demand for the extreme penalty, imposition of the death sentence was considered unlikely. Slavs Ousted From Hungary Budapest, Hungary, (ff) — The Hungarian 'government Monday night ordered 10 members of the Yugoslav legation to leave the country within 24 hours. The order was contained in a sharply worded note from the Hungarian foreign ministry to the Yugoslav legation Monday night. It stated that the recent trial of Laszlo Raik, former Hungarian foreign minister and No. 2 communist in this country, had proved completely that leading persons of Yugoslavia's present government took part in a plot which was aimed to overthrow the Hungarian people's republic, the killing of leading Hungarian statesmen and restoration of capitalism and fascism as instigators and organizers." The Yugoslav legation officials ordered out included First Counselor Dusan Sakota, Second Secretary Slavko Zecevic and Military Attache Kilibarda Mahajlo. The other 7 were secretaries and clerical personnel. 15 DP'S TO IOWA Washington, (IP)— The International Refugee organization announced that 15 of the 892 displaced persons due to arrive in Fly's wings vibrate 330 times a New York Monday are to locate second. in Iowa. 3 Bandits Hold Up Pawnshop in Iowa City Iowa City, (/P)—Three young bandits held up the'Reliable Loan Co. .here shortly after 1 p. m. Monday. They escaped with a small arsenal of guns and ammunition and about $175 hi cash. Forrest F. Meye- 37, proprietor of the downtown business, said the 3 were in the establishment only about 8 minutes. He said that he .was in the rear of the pawnshop, talking with a customer. The 3 bandits, appearing to be other customers, walked in the front door and waited near counters there. The bandits forced Meyer to give them 4 revolvers and 2 30-30 caliber rifles, ammunition for the guns, $100 from the shop's funds, and $75 from his pocket. London, (U.R)—The government Tuesday rejected Winston Churchill's request for further information on Russian progress in the atomic field. Prime Minister Clement Attlee, standing pat on the official announcement last Friday, told the house of commons that he did not believe further disclosure would be "in the public interest." Winston Churchill, leader of the conservative opposition, touched off the brief comment on soviet atom developments at the outset of the special session. Attlee appealed to Russia^again to agree on the international atomic inspection, and he rejected a suggestion that Russia may have outstripped America on the atom bomb by saying he did not think that matter " really arose." "We believe," Attlee told the house, "there should be international control of atomic energy. Great progress would be made if the soviet government would agree to international inspection." Parliament reconvened to debate the devaluation of the pound. Both Attlee and Churchill were cheered as they took their seats in the house. Huge crowds gathered outside the house of parliament. The labor government was facing its gravest crisis, and was staking its life on a vote of confidence based on the devaluation of the pound and related aspects of the socialist program. Meeting Here Tuesday The U. S. air force reserve will meet Tuesday at 8 p. m., at the army training center, 1809 S. Federal. All reserve air force personnel are requested to be at this reorganization meeting. The 5- ppint program of the volunteer air reserve training units will be explained in detail. M./Sgt. M. E. Wills of Des Moiries will be present to answer any questions. Points may be earned for retirement and promotion by attending the meetings. All reserve air force personnel in the area have been requested . to attend and bring anyone interested. John T. Scopes was arrested and convicted for teaching Evolution at Dayton, Ohio. Forest City Boy Is Dead of Polio Des Moines, (U.R)—Bernard Wolf, 8, Forest City, died in a hospital here Tuesday of polio. Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lesley B. Wolf, was admitted to the hospital Sept. 22. The newly born oyster or larvae is so small it can barely be seen by the naked human eye. SEE and HEAR OZSEZianti JOBIVSOIV'9 FIREBALL •very Thursday on Television WAen better automobiles are buff* BUMC& will build them Guess losinff sleep over this one? V OR years, folks have talked about the three" in the car business* For a generation these have been the same three cars, unchallenged for position simply because they were lowest priced. Jjut take a look at the beauty pictured here and ask yourself: How would you like to sell against it, with its wealth of Buick features? How would you like to compete with it when it wears a price tag any new-car buyer can reach, gives you straight- eight performance for less than many sixes? JLruth is, this one sets a lot of standards that are going to * be hard to match. This styling is certainly something to start other designers tossing in their sleep. r*M ta HENRV J. TAYLOR, ABC Ntlwori, «v«ry Monday availing. 'low-priced This handy size —'a dream in traffic, yet generous in interior room—is a "must" for cars yet to come. The lift of high-pressure Fireball power—the level-going comfort of the Buick ride —the luxury of Dynaflow Drive, here optional at modest extra cost —all these are wanted things others just can't overlobk. TEN-STRIKE: Only Batch SPECIAL has all these Features! TRAFFIC-HANDY SIZE • MORE ROOM FOR THE MONEY • DYNAFLOW DR/VE optional at extra cost • JET=UKE S7YUHG • NON- LOCKING BUMPER-GUARD GRILLES- HIGH-PRESSURE FIREBALL STRAIGHT-EIGHT ENGINE • COIl SPRINGING ALL AROUND • LOW-PRESSURE TIRES ON SAFETY-RIDE RIMS • GREATER VISIBILITY f ORE AND AFT* SELF-LOCKING LUGGAGE UDS • STEADY- RIDING TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE • THREE SMART MODELS WITH BODY BY FISHER oo why not do the obvious thing and go see the car that's causing sleepless nights in Detroit? Study its smartness, test its room and comfort, try its handling, note the precise figures of its delivered prices. You can do all that on a single trip to your Buick dealer's —and make your selection of a wide choice of equipment and colors at the same time. YOU* KEY TO GRf ATE* VAiUE/ Bt RUM-OLSON CO Beckwith Hearing Resumed Tuesday Grundy Center, (U.R)—The postponed hearing on a change oii venue for the trial of Edward (Buddy) Beckwith, 27, for a mutilation slaying, Tuesday went back to court again. The hearing was postponed Monday while Beckwith was taken to Independence mental hospital for a mental examination. The Morrison man is charged with slaying Mrs. Irma Jean Stahlhut, 22, last June in a tavern she and her husband operated. Beckwith's attorneys seek the change of venue on the grounds Beckwith cannot get a fair trial in Grundy county because of sentiment of residents. Edward R. Murrow . . . (6:45) Keep up with the world news through the factual reports and critical analysis of radio's top newscaster. Mystery Theater ... (7 p. m.) Inspector Hearthstone investigates the case of the "Girl Who Laughed at Murder." Wrong Jerry . . . (7:30 p. m.) A racketeer makes a threatening phone call 1 to the wrong Jerry and "Mr. and Mrs. North" are again involved in murder. Hit The Jackpot .... (9 p. m.) Two new exciting prizes are added to the giant jack • pot on the rapid fire quiz show. Last Chance . . . (10:45 a. m.) Be sure to hear the Bob Clausen show for the details on the General Electric "Which and Why Contest.',' .This week is the last cha'nce to enter and win one of the many grand prizes. • Aged Resident of Luverne Dies Luverne—H. C. Allen, 89; died at his home here Monday after a long illness. . . , . Survivors include his widow, a daughter, Mrs. Marguerite Smith, Minneapolis, and 2 grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at the Methodist church in Luverne. Daily Schedule For KGLO +. KGLO-FM On the Radio Beam TUESDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—7:00 Carnegie Hall; 7:30 Town Meeting; 8:30 Views of the News; 8:45 We Care; 0:30 It's In the Family; 0:45 Let Freedom Tuesday P.M. Accents on Music Clear Lake Show, Clear Lake Merchants . Curt Massey and Martha Tillon, Milei Laboratories. CBS Time Was • News, P. G. & E. (Mlnshall) Sports Camera (Siter) Clnb IS, Campbell's Soap, CBS Edward R. Murrow, Campbell'! Soup, CBS : Mystery Theater, Sterling Drag Co., CBS''/ ; ... Mr. and Mrs. North, Colgate, CBS Barnyard Follies, CHS Life With Luigl, CBS Hit the .Jackpot, Chrysler, CBS . Henry Busse's Orchestra, CBS News, First National Bank (Mlnshall) Something Old—Something New Moonlight Memoirs News, CBS Hugo Malln Orchestra Bob Chester Orchestra, CBS CBS—(t:30 Club 15; 6:45 News, Edward R. Marrow: 7:00 Myitery Theater; 7:30 Mr. and Mr«. North; 8:00 We the People; 8:30 It Pays to Be Ignorant; 0:00 Hit the Jackpot; 9:30 Carmen Cavallaro. MBS—7:00 Gregory Hood; 7:30 Official Detective; 8:00 John Steel, Adventurer; 8:30 Mysterious Traveler; 9:00 Korn's-a-Krackin;' 9:30 Mutual Newsreet; 9:45 Concert Notebook. NBC—7:00 Cavalcade of America; 7:30 Me and Jane; 8:00 Bob Hope; 8:30 Fibber McGee and Molly; 9:00 Blr Town; 9:30 People Are Funny. KICM 316 Ho. Federal Avenue Phone 287 ON YOUR DIAL Tuesday P.M. 4:00 Baseball Scores 4:05 News 4:10 Your Home Town 4:30 "1490" Club 5:00 Straight Arrow 5:30 Captain midnight 6:00 Fulton Lewis 6:15 News G:80 B and B Temperature Quiz fl:35 Gems of Melody 0:45 Sports Hl-Llles 7:00 Reflections In Melody 7:30 Gabriel Henttcr 7:45 Melody Time 7:55 Bill Henry 8:00 John Stcelc, Adventurer 8:30 Mysterious Traveler 9:00 News Commentator 9:15 Mutual Newsreel 9:30 Dance Orchestra 0:45 Dance Orchestra 10:00 News 10:15 "1490" Club 10:30 "1490" club 10:55 News 11:00 "1490" Club 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday A.M. 0:00 Jerry Smith Show 6:30 Farm Frolic Time 6:40 New* 6:45 Farm Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:15 Reveille Rhythm 7:45 Sports Scores 7:50 Reveille Rhythms 8:00 Newi 8:15 Tell Your Neighbor 8:30 Your Home Town 8:HO B and B Temperature Quiz 9:35 Mid-Morning Melodies 0:45 The Temptones 10:00 Boyer'* Billboard 10:15 Your Marriage 10:30 Against the Storm 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks 11:15 Colonial Funeral Home 11:30 Waltz Time 11:45 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag Wednesday P.M. 12:00 New* 32:55 Veterans News Revue 12:30 Radio Farm Journal 1:00 Queen For n Day 1:30 Listen Ludles 1:45 Musical Moods 2:00 Kannwhn Melodies 2:15 Grain Reporter 1:30 Major League Baseball Gam* 4:flO naicbali Scores 4:05 News 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 11:00 11:05 11:30 12:00 News, CBS Wednesday A.M. 5:00 Sign On 5:32 Morning Rouser 6:00 News . ; 6:05 Morning Rouser 6:30 Farm Reporter, S t-a t e Brant Creameries, Ino. (Randolph) 6:45 News, Carroll Sales (Mlnshall) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup, Zenor Motor C». 7:15 Oh the Farm, Allls-Chalmers Co. 7:30 News {Kew) 7:S5 Fun at Breakfast, • Sweetheart Bread 7:40 Sports Scoreboard 7:45 Top of the Morning 8:00 Keep Time With Damons 8:15 Holsum Headlines, Holsum Bread (Hilton) 8:30 Yesterday's Music, Cool Spring; Canning Co. . 8:4fi Blng Sings. Mason City Globe-Gazette 9:00 Today'in Osape, Osage Merchant! 0:30 Bible Broadcast, Radio Chapel 0:45 Kitchen Club, Perfex 10:60 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker * Sons (Kew) , 10:IS "Tater" Quiz, Hiland 1 Potato Chips 10:45 Bob Clausen Show, General Electric Dealers 11:00 Wendy Warren, General Foods, CBS 11:15 Betsy Ross Serenade, Pfaff Baking; Company . 11:30 Helen Trent, American Homo Products 11:45 Our Gal Sunday, American Horn* Products Wednesday P.M. 12:00 Markets, Nntrena 12:05 The Man On the Street, Pritchard Motor Co. 12:15 Noon Roundup, Curries 12:30 News, Lyons Laundry (Hilton) 12:45 Farm and Home Topic Time, SI. Paul Livestock Co. 1:00 The Second Mrs. Burton, General Foods, CBS 1:15 Home Town News (Pa!en) 1:30 This Is Nora Drake, The Ton! Co., CBS 1:45 Mystery Melody Game 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Chesterfield CIgarets, CBS 2:30 Aunt Jenny, Lever Bros., CBS 2:45 Hilltop House, Miles Laboratories, CBS 3:00 News, Holsnm Bread 3:05 The Friendly Philosopher 3:15 The Bob Clausen Show 4:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Gold Seal Wax. CBS 4:15 Arthur Godfrey Time, Nabisco, CBS 4:30 Arthur Godfrey Time, Lee Phar- macal, CBS 4:45 KGLO Forum 4:55 Baseball scores KSMN 1000 WATTS 1010 DIAL Your First Choice in Daytime Listening Pleasure From 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7:00 A. M. Musical TNT Presented BT MASON CITY NASH CO. Mon. - Wed. - Frl.

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